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Editor's Overview

Chrysler has positioned the 2013 300 sedan as a luxury competitor capable of taking on Lexus, Cadillac and even Audi. With a choice of powerful V6 and V8 engines, state-of-the-art technology, a lavish interior and the option of all-wheel drive, the 300 makes a tempting choice for luxury buyers shopping the $30,000 to $50,000 price range.

You'll Like The 2013 Chrysler 300 If...

If you love the driving performance provided by a rear-drive sedan, yet you also need room for five people, great fuel economy and a sophisticated set of electronic information and entertainment systems, the 2013 Chrysler 300 should prove most satisfying.

You May Not Like The 2013 Chrysler 300 If...

There is a price to pay for the 300's opulent interior and upgraded navigation, audio and performance options. You can likely find a V6-powered, front-wheel-drive competitor from Ford, Toyota or Hyundai that offers similar performance, fuel economy and technology for much less money.

What's New

For 2013, the base Chrysler 300 receives standard leather seating, an 8.4-inch voice-controlled touchscreen radio and heated front seats. The 300S gains a 300-horsepower upgrade. A limited-run Glacier Edition includes AWD and unique design appointments, while the SRT8 gets an improved adaptive dampening suspension and standard launch control.

Interior Features

Compared to the last-generation 300, the 2013 sedan's interior is the difference between an army-surplus cot and a goose-down feather bed. Gone are the drab gray plastics and hard surfaces, replaced by warm tones, padded armrests and console and a dazzling array of back-lit instrumentation. If you like thick-rimmed steering wheels, you'll be happy to find in the Chrysler 300 one of the world's thickest. The flagship 300C Luxury Series models are even more luxurious, offering such items as a leather-stitched dash cap, two-tone leather seating and heated and cooling 12-way power seats.

Exterior Features

The familiar silhouette of the original 300 is still easily recognizable on the Chrysler 300 for 2013, but there is a softer, more mature feel to the design. Intricate details, such as the vertical crease in the rear tail lamps, the chrome air-intake surrounds and LED daytime running lamps speak to the Chrysler 300's luxury status. The 300 SRT8 makes no such claim, displaying a more monochrome exterior with low ground effects and 7-spoke lightweight forged-aluminum wheels. But even the base 300 gets the star treatment, with attractive paint and chrome trim, 17-inch wheels and a host of available upgrades.

Driving Impressions

It's hard to argue against the 2013 Chrysler 300, which offers a choice of a potent V6 or V8 engine, a responsive suspension and steering setup and the option of AWD. Our test of the 300C equipped with the 3.6-liter V6 and 8-speed transmission revealed a car capable of delivering Lexus-like quiet and comfort on the highway, while feeling more like an Infiniti sedan in the curves. We did find the 8-speed's shifter a bit imprecise, especially when trying to select reverse, but the transmission itself delivers seamless shifts and excellent fuel economy. If, however, you seek a sedan on par with the best from BMW or Audi, look to the powerful 300 SRT8. Its 470-horsepower HEMI V8 can rocket it from zero to 60 mph in under 5 seconds and achieve a top speed of 175 mph. You'll sacrifice some ride comfort and quiet, but the trade-off for the SRT8's blistering performance is something most enthusiasts can accept.

Pricing Notes

The very well-equipped 2013 Chrysler 300 has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of around $31,000. Add lots of options and you can eventually make your way up to about $50,000 for a fully-loaded 300C AWD. The SRT8 starts around $49,000. To make your best deal, be sure to check our Fair Purchase Price, which shows what other in your area are paying for the 300. The 2013 Chrysler 300's value proposition is strong on price and product, but takes a bit of a hit when considering resale values. However, Chrysler often has a number of incentives and rebates that can significantly reduce the actual transaction price, so be sure to check what is being offered. As for resale value, we expect the 2013 Chrysler 300 to hold average 5-year projected values, falling well below the Toyota Avalon and Hyundai Genesis, but nearly on par with the Ford Taurus and Buick LaCrosse.

Notable Equipment

For 2013, the entry-priced Chrysler 300 sedan represents a lot of car for the money. Standard equipment includes keyless entry and start, a big 8.4-inch touchscreen with climate and music controls, Bluetooth phone and streaming audio, USB/iPod/SD card connectivity, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather seating, a 12-way power driver's seat with 4-way power lumbar support, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, cruise control, heated front seats, 17-inch painted aluminum wheels, one-touch up/down windows all around and a full complement of active and passive safety features including side-curtain airbags, driver's-knee airbag, hill-start assist and electronic stability control.

Notable Options

In addition to the 363-horsepower V8 engine, all-wheel drive and navigation system a 2013 Chrysler 300C AWD loaded with all the options will include an impressive list of high-tech luxuries: Radar-based adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning systems up front, rear cross-path sensors out back and blind-spot monitoring to help out on the side. In-cabin highlights include heated and cooled cup holders and a 900-watt, 19-speaker harman/kardon audio system.

Favorite Features


The 2013 Chrysler 300 sedan's big 8.4-inch view screen features clear, easy-to-read-and-operate controls for the audio and available navigation. The UConnect Touch infotainment system allows control of an iPod via the steering-wheel remotes or voice activation and features hands-free texting.


Chrysler's 300 sedan for 2013 certainly offers a plethora of tech-based features worth highlighting, but the most memorable first impression is the remarkably quiet cabin and supple ride.

Under the Hood

The 2013 Chrysler 300's 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 is the most powerful base engine in the category. The 300S trim receives a cold-air induction unit and sport-tuned exhaust for an increase of eight horsepower. The 5.7-liter HEMI V8 has just slightly less horsepower than the Ford SHO's twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6, but a substantially larger amount of torque. The SRT8's 6.4-liter monster pumps out 470 horsepower, more than anything in this class. On V6 trims a new 8-speed ZF transmission helps boost fuel economy figures to best in class. The V8-powered 300s retain a 5-speed Auto Stick automatic.

3.6-liter V6 (300, 300C)

292 horsepower @ 6,350 rpm

260 lb-ft of torque @ 4,800 rpm

EPA city/highway fuel economy: 19/31 mpg (RWD), 14/23 mpg (RWD, E85), 18/27 mpg (AWD), 14/20 mpg (AWD, E85)

3.6-liter V6 (300S)

300 horsepower @ 6,350 rpm

264 lb-ft of torque @ 4,800 rpm

EPA city/highway fuel economy: 19/31 mpg (RWD), 14/23 mpg (RWD, E85), 18/27 mpg (AWD), 14/20 mpg (AWD, E85)

5.7-liter V8 (300S, 300C)

363 horsepower @ 5,200 rpm

394 lb-ft of torque @ 4,200 rpm

EPA city/highway fuel economy: 16/25 mpg (RWD), 15/23 mpg (AWD)

6.4-liter V8 (SRT-8)

470 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm

470 lb-ft of torque @ 4,200 rpm

EPA city/highway fuel economy: 14/23 mpg

Editors' Notes

Chrysler's 300 sedan for 2013 continues the Detroit tradition of producing big, rear-wheel-drive (RWD) V8-powered sedans that are all about power, comfort and style. The 300 improves upon this formula by adding all-wheel drive (AWD) and a potent yet fuel-efficient V6 to the mix, as well as a high-performance version, the SRT8. Despite its family-car roots, the 2013 Chrysler 300 handles like a well-heeled German sport sedan, is as smooth and silent as the best Lexus and can be had for thousands less than most premium luxury competitors. Still, the 300 has not abandoned its mission as a true 5-passenger vehicle, offering copious amounts of rear-seat head and legroom. Unfortunately, the trade-off for the 300's roomy back seat is a somewhat small trunk.

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The Chrysler 200 touring is a vehicle you will love to drive.

This is a great family vehicle as the car is spacious and rides very smooth. It can accommodate two child seats easily. The seats are very comfortable. Basic repairs for general maintenance are straightforward and this model is not prone to recurrent breakdowns. It is reliable. The car has overall smooth acceleration though slower than what may be preferred. It is responsive and turns well. It's a great highway car and has cruise control. Heating and cooling settings are easy to use. Visibility out the rear window is smaller due to the shape of the car but the space is adequate. All four windows are automatic and roll all of the way down. Side mirrors have electric controls. The vehicle has a CD player and radio. The stereo system is intuitive and easy to learn. Finger controls are on the steering wheel allowing you to change channel and volume easily. All gauges on the panel are easy to read and additional buttons on the steering wheel allow you to toggle through settings and see car information like miles per gallon, time of trip, and other measures. A beautiful timepiece is affixed on the dashboard. This is a sleek and beautiful car. It does not disappoint. Opt for tinted windows which makes this car look stunning and helps with temperature control. The trunk is spacious, and the back seats can fold down.

- Stephanie G

The amazing chrysler 300. You amazing gift of surprises and comfort.

I actually love my Chrysler 300. It has all the functionality of the v8 model in the v6 which is what I own except the navigation system which I received a credit for it not being factory installed. O yes I forgot it does not have a backup camera. It has 32 computerized sensors that really help like crash sounds when approaching other cars or people quickly and you may not be aware. Sounds when backing up and something/one is approaching. Blind spots mirrors. Interactive steering wheel. Climate control. Leather seats/vented heat & cooled. The best of all for me is auto lights with auto dimmer and auto wipers. Great lighting system. Just too many features to name them all.

- Linda A

Like driving in a living- room on wheels'

The overall feel of the car is wonderful. Since it's a Chrysler they start to have their issues and it gets annoying. On 3 occasions I had to take my car in for a ABS sensor, but they make you pay for it, which I didn't like because obviously this is a manufacturing issue. The car handles lovely for it being a big car, and the drive is as my friends would say 'like driving in a living-room'. I want to see if they come out with a redesign for it before going to another company, because I would rather get a newer version then to go and find something else I like.

- Calvin S

My Arvato's edition 2013 Chrysler 300.

I have owned by 2013 Chrysler 300 for a little over one year. I have not had any mechanical problems. I did have a problem with the navigation not working. Reliability has been great. I put 25k miles in one year. The comfort of the car is pretty good. It is a good full size car with decent acceleration and good reliability. I am also able to get 31 mpg on the highway. The car is not a super car with a fast engine. It is practical and I have a bumper to bumper warranty that expires in 2022.

- Enrique C

My short Chrysler 300 review.

I have had a few electrical shorts in my windows, my cup warmers, and my Bluetooth. Honestly other than the factory recalls I have had no other problems! One of the best cars I have ever owned. Runs good, drives great, and even looks cooler. I love the inside leather seats with butt warmers and a steering wheel heater, it's a lifesaver in the winter! I am so sad they no longer make these cars, because my next vehicle purchase would have been a newer one!

- Miranda C

Fast and agile: road warrior.

The Chrysler 300 is fast, agile, and a blur on the freeway. Mine has 350+k, but still roars. The auto start saves me time in the morning and the gas mileage has been excellent. Even at the high miles, I've still barely put anything into it. The Bluetooth has gone out so I cant connect my phone anymore as well as the seat warmers. Small problems for such a great car. I am planning on putting a new motor in it as the investment is worth it.

- Jeffrey T

Chrysler 300 driver benefits.

It is a high performance vehicle and very responsive. When I first bought it, I squealed the tires a few times accidentally. It gets up and goes really well. It has a black interior and is difficult to keep cool in the summertime. Although it is a 4-door model, my husband says the interior is smaller than his Toyota Avalon. It is very easy to see all around the car as there are very good adjustments you can make to the seats and mirrors.

- Lynda H

It is a wonder to drive.

It is a wonder to drive good on mileage and great to drive great on gas and beautiful to look at so everybody that sees it says that they would love to have one for themselves. I do not know what else to say about this car but that it a great car to drive and I would tell everyone to go out and buy one for them selfs as they would love to drive it and they would look great while doing it.

- Billy Y

I'm not an expert so I'll let my 2013 Chrysler 300 speak for me.

My car was purchased as used. This vehicle has been the most reliable car and great gas mileage. It's very roomy with seats that heat in the winter and it has a smooth ride on long trips.. I love the body with its build and bold look. When clean it's a looker it gets the attention on the road. And because it's been such a good car I will be purchasing a 2018 or 19 in the near future.

- Vivian C

The Chrysler 300 is the best way to go hands down

My vehicle is very roomy. It's great on gas mileage. It drives great and has amazing features. I wouldn't trade it for any other model. Some of the features will tell you if there is any problem with the car. You can't go far without your seatbelt on and the back up camera is amazing. It also helps at night backing up or when I'm in the parking lot at a grocery store..

- Tori W

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