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All the power, with the style of an executive.

I have had no performance or reliability issues with my current Chrysler. For features it offers the power, sound, and feel of the 5.7 hemi but caters to those that want room and comfort. Sometimes the power can get hold of the rear wheels which leads to oversteering, but this can be avoided by being lighter on the pedal. Mileage is better than expected with a v8, which generally hovers between 20-25 mpg. I'm not a huge fan of the MDS system, as it makes an odd sound when it activates, but for mileage reasons, I can look past that. Being a mopar, parts can get pricey, but other than wear parts, I have never needed to replace any other components. Due to the Hemi, sourcing parts is very easy, as the hemi community and aftermarket is very good, as well as the support and information forums.

- Joseph K

To never turn off auto tracking.

I am very fond of my car, it is the only style of car that I want to drive. This far I have had no problems but I have only had it for about 10, 000 miles. It was bought with 14000 already on it so it only ready 24000 currently. I had the same car as an earlier model prior to this one. So that should tell you how much I like these cars. I am a bigger guy, and I prefer cars over trucks and I have plenty of room, even when my 4 kids and wife is in the car.

- Tyson R

Great vehicle with no complaints.

I love my 2014 Chrysler 300 model. This is my second Chrysler 300 I have owned. Great family car as far as safety, performance and reliability. This car has anti-lock brakes, airbags located throughout the vehicle. It comfortable fits 4 adults, 5 if you really need to. As far as features, this car has a GPS installed, CD changer/player with satellite radio capabilities, cruise control, rear camera for backing up assistance, heated electric seats.

- Christina L

Beautiful and Smooth Ride

I really enjoy this vehicle because it is really comfortable on the inside. The seats are comfortable and the interior is very sleek looking. I also enjoy this vehicle because it offers such a smooth ride! Many of my passengers have commented on how smooth the ride is. The gas mileage is great. It also helps that the outside is beautiful as well! I haven't had any real issues with the vehicle. I have had to just maintain it as expected.

- Marisol M

The automobile is simply a automobile that is a joy to own,

My car is one of the best I ever owned, it has all the extras you can put on a automobile. Power steering, power brakes, you cannot start the car unless you have your foot on the brake pedal. The automobile has helper to stop the automobile. The comfort and ride his just great. I would measure it up with the more expensive automobiles. The car has style and has a beauty that many of the newer automobiles does not have.

- Joseph T

Dream car rides like a boat.

So far no problems car runs excellent. The performance is amazing it drives like a boat. This car is extremely reliable. Does not breakdown. It is extremely comfy it has leather heated seat. Also a lot of legroom. It has GPS. Bluetooth and heated outside mirrors. It is also keyless and it has CD and sd car also 4 ports of usb. It also has a very spacious trunk & the interior has wooden frame.

- Idalia B

The Chrysler 300, a car that is fun to drive.

This is the second 300 that I have owned. I drove the first one for ten years before trading for the one I drive now. There were no problems with the first one I drove, I just wanted a new car. I guess if I had any gripes about either vehicle it would be that the cab is kind of noisy due to tire noise on some types of highway. Other than that, I have never had a problem with either vehicle.

- Pat K

Shaking, front end when driving above 50.

My car, Chrysler 300c is a wonderful car with heated and cooled front seats and cup holders, heated back seats for the kids. I have had a few issues with it- there is a constant shaking in the front end and the sunscreen in the back window clicks now we never touch the visor, and as for the shake, well apparently all AWD in these cars need axle replaced at a certain mileage.

- Sheryl S

The 300 really should be a 1000 - much better than expected.

It is the quietest car I have ever driven, it seems to hold the new car scent even today 4 years later. Heated seats in the winter is a plus and the GPS will come in handy when I decide to run away to Florida. Its fuel economy is good for this size of car. Like that it is keyless and as long as you have the key when you walk up to the truck it pops open, very nice features.

- Judith J

Why I think everyone should drive a Chrysler 300.

The smoothest ride I have ever had, the seats are comfortable, it has a lot of room throughout the whole vehicle, it handles great, and has so much power. The sound system is fantastic for a base model I then had an amp with two 12 inch sub speakers added, the car was able to bump so loudly. The car has that classy Bentley look to it. But it's affordable.

- Jason L

Terrible vehicle.. not at all happy and will never purchase another Chrysler.

Not at all happy with my 2014 Chrysler 300. It has broken down on me multiple times. Transmission issues, the transmission seems to not want to catch well, like it's slightly slipping.. I am good with explaining issues concerning vehicles however I do know that I wish I had of never purchased this car! And never again will I purchase another Chrysler!

- Amber W

There's been a few recalls on the model.

Superb quality of car. With timely maintenance car's lifespan can easily last past 200k. It is very spacious, and the comfort is luxury. Some features include heated seats. Cooled/heated cup holders. Navigation, CD, am/FM radio, interior lights, leather seats, wooden accents. The only negative thing I could say is the car locks with key inside.

- Nina G

Beautiful luxury midsize sports car

I have always enjoyed this car, it drives very smoothly requires little maintenance and feels very big and bossy one on the road, my fuses for my heated seats are off that's the only major complaint I would have but everything else about this car has been super reliable it's perfect for me gas mileage is great and it looks super luxurious

- Kayla R

Its peppy and sporty looking.

It's a sport pig it is peppy its sport looking gets great mileage handles really well love the GPS backup camera expect it to last a long time the only thing that we have noticed is sometimes it doesn't want to switch from heat/air we have to manually shut it down then turn it back on and it works fine we have. Had it 8 months.

- Annie D

It's up to date and very modernized

I like that the interior space is big and comfortable as well as the heated seats and wireless bluetooth connection with your phone. I also like the keyless entry and not having to whip ur keys out in order to access the vehicle. I also like the interior design and modern style to it. I do not dislike anything.

- Erika K

The car’s performance outshines them all.

The car is the best I have ever owned and it is a very comfortable ride. The engine is tops in every day coming and going. Although I go somewhere everyday, it has been faithful in everything I need to do. This car is ideal for speed on my age. Only thing it could improve on is the gas mileage.

- Joseph F

Cherry red Chrysler 300 well loved and garage kept.

I have a cherry red Chrysler 300. Its low maintenance. It is a smooth riding vehicle that is great on gas. I have an awesome mechanic that takes good care of me and my car. He is available most days of the week and does a an awesome job changing oil and making sure my car is well maintained.

- Mary H

This is a really great car!

Buying my Chrysler 300C has been one of the best experiences of my of my life. It is very reliable and it has never given me any problems and I have owned it for most 5 years. I would definitely recommend this car. I would for sure buy this car again. It has definitely met my expectations.

- Cindy M

Runs great, easy to handle, looks good.

Problems I have and probably the only problem is iPod mode sometimes it will not shuffle or it’ll play the wrong song. And it is hard to play Pandora or YouTube on iPod mode I always have to do it via Bluetooth. But other then that it is comfortable haven't had any issues and runs great.

- Jose F

The Chrysler 300 is luxury and average reliability.

The Chrysler 300 is a good luxury style car. It has leather seats and wood inside the car. The car has been okay on maintenance. Electrical issues have been minimum such as rear camera giving out here and there. But overall good car and nice looking. Does also have nice speed and kick.

- Jacqueline B

Chrysler 300 100, 000 miles.

Overall impressed with the car but at about 100, 000 miles everything starts to go wrong. Had to replace the timing belt along with the tire rods. I had never been in an accident and there was leakage from under the hood as well as computer problems when the car initially starts.

- Kyle W

Smooth ride with great audio

It rides smooth, gets about 28 mpg highway, and is very comfortable. It has had many recalls and the AC evaporator core had to be replaced within 4 years but otherwise it has been a great car. I have the Beats sound system and I love that. I also like that it has Bluetooth.

- Lisa B

My car is awesome. Very recommend.

My car is the best, it is really fast. It is easy on gas and I really love it. When it is time to change the oil it is very inexpensive. I have had it for those years and it has been the best vehicle I have ever had. My next vehicle will probably be the same car just newer.

- Madeline G

Chrysler 300 sport is a nice yet sporty car.

I love the look of my car its black on black. The price to get things fixed are pricey because of the type of car. Performance wise its the s so it goes pretty fast and there are no major concerns thus far. I have had to change the brakes and brake pads twice in 2 years.

- Elizabeth S

Roomy and a lot of high tech specs.

There is a lot of space however an SUV is better suited for a family. Gas mileage is great. All features are great. Wish there was navigation. Had an o2 sensor issue within the first month I had the car. No other issues. There are a lot of recalls on the car though.

- Carla M

Overall one of the best cars anyone can have. It runs great, decent on gas.

No problems as of right now. Runs great! It has a hemi and the inside is leather. It really spoils me when I drive. Has a heated steering wheel and vented/heated seats. Overall one of the best cars I could ever have! Love it so much. Wouldn't trade it for the world

- Amie B

Black leather interior is beautiful.

Love the car. Pretty bad gas mileage but that's because its a v8. I love how it runs, the style, nice and clean. Feels luxurious. You can get a hemi on it and not pay as much as you would for a Dodge. Definitely worth it. Mine had beats Audio built in as well.

- Isabel V

It�s a beautiful car with many great features

It's a ok car no real problems, just have constantly but tires. But it's a slick ride when it's clean it's gorgeous. It has uconnect for phone Bluetooth compatibility, also has Sirius radio and navigation. The backup camera is very handy when parallel parking

- Vanessa T

Chrysler vehicle features

The car has all the safety features you can think of. It has Beats by Dre speakers and all the seats are heated/cooled. The cup holders are also heated/cooled. I've only had one issue with this vehicle thus far and that was the battery wouldn't hold a charge

- Aaron S

Heated seats dual climate control.

The car is great I absolutely love it. Never had any problems with it 'rides really good great gas mileage and best of all heated seats 'plus dual climate control, I would highly recommend this vehicle for any one, absolutely my dream vehicle best car ever.

- Melissa A

Chrysler 300 'high tech limited edition' extreme technology throughout.

No problems, performance and reliability excellent, great comfort and features. Extremely fast and easy on gas and looks absolutely great! I am glad I bought two both with low miles. I would encourage anyone to buy one maintaining this vehicle is minimal,

- Cleo H

Good but some issues to be noted.

The car is a nice are very comfortable, is has a appearance of a high end/luxury car. It is not very fuel efficient sometime the one of the headlights will not turn on, the car has been take multiple places to fix the problem but has nothing works for it.

- Annie S

It's a shared vehicle, so two people use it for many things.

I share my vehicle with my husband. He uses it for work, when I drive it to get groceries or other things, I love the vehicle. It is a necessity where we live, as we are in a remote area. I dislike the wear and tear, but that is a given on any vehicle.

- Samantha W

I take excellent care of my car, so please don't bump it and chip the paint, or leave a mess in it for me to clean up. It's a pleasure to own and drive this car, so treat it accordingly.

My 300 is an S Model (Sport) and it's a pleasure to drive. The leather interior, sunroof, all the electronic goodies make is so nice to have. The back up camera is definitely as plus. Plenty of room for family and grandchildren.

- Joyce M

Chrysler 300 base- comfortable and fast.

Very comfortable car. Has good pickup, enjoyable drive. Several minor mechanical issues, oil leak at less than 100k miles. Frequently get compliments on the car. Hope to keep the car long term and that is will be reliable.

- Carol E

That it drives very smoothly and it holds up great in bad weather.

It classy & elegant & rides very smoothly! It is a beautiful color, I get a lot of compliments as I am driving it or when I park it somewhere. It has seat warmers which are great, backup camera which helps with parking.

- Veronica M

It still looks very stylish and has held up well over the years.

It still rides very smoothly on the road. I also like many of the features on the car especially a photo showing what you see when you backup the car. We've had very little mechanical problems with this car as well.

- Sheila L

It gets great gas mileage for Its size.

I like the color of it, the size of it and the gas mileage it gets. The only thing I don't like about it is riding in the back seats. I find the seats lay back too much and I personally find this uncomfortable.

- Mary C

Goes fast, not a ton of space.

I like the heated seats. Wish the seats were air conditioned instead of just vented. Cup holders are not in the best spots, but I love the hot/cool settings for main cupholders. Not a ton of space in back seat.

- Penny R

Smooth ride comfortable and reliable

The only problem is source iPod on radio sometimes won't shuffle, play the right song and hard to listen to other apps like YouTube or pandora. Other then that very reliable comfortable and easy to maintain

- Jose F

It is comfortable and safe. Gas mileage on the car is low and that is extremely important to me.

The reason I like my car is that it is fun to drive and smooth when you drive-in. I like the size of the car. I like the gas mileage of the full-size car. I like that it has heated seats. I like the color.

- Margo S

Maintenance is expensive. When taken care of though will last a long time.

The way it looks. The power and handling of the car. The way the interior looks and feels. My only dislike is I have trouble syncing my iphone to the car when the iphone is plugged in to the car.

- Brett M

It handles like a sports car but the ride is like butter.

Big, quiet, nice powerful smooth ride. Great handling. Beautiful body and interior. I love the combination of old school and high tech interface on dash. Great sound system. I have no complaints.

- Dawn I

Not to good on gas mileage and did not get the hemi so a little sluggish on acceleration for my taste

Awesome vehicle. Wish it was more in tune with today's technologies. Comfortable interior with lots of room. Leather seats but did not get the seat heaters which in cold country is a must.

- Larry w

It is a good value for the money. Quite luxurious for the price paid.

My Chrysler 300 is very roomy and feels safe. I like the leather interior and heated seats. I don't like the rear tire that keeps losing air and I have to pump air every couple of days.

- Carole M

The car handles well. It takes curves easily. It brakes well. It is so responsive.

The car is a dream. It rides smoothly and quietly. I love It's styling. The only drawback would be that the backup camera is delicate. I do love the backup camera feature.

- Elsie n

With the motor it comes with it gets great gas mileage.

I like the way my car looks and handles. It has a great trunk and fold down seats for hauling large and long items.The car has a lot of power and still gets good gas mileage.

- allen B

She is packing a hemi!!!!

I absolutely love this car. Comfort, performance, reliability are a 10. The only problem I have is it's a gas guzzler. That is my only complaint. My favorite car by far.

- Tarin B

The chrysler 300 has a great driving suspension. You can go over bumps and not feel them.

I love the chrysler, it has style, comfort, great on gas. 4 Door, leather seats and most important air conditioner works great. Its comfortable to drive and very roomy.

- yvonne s

Low trade in value. Price drops drastically as soon as you drive it off the lot.

Love the car inside and out. What I dislike is the trade in value of the vehicle. This vehicle depreciates the fastest I have ever see. Off the lot dropped 15k in value.

- Larry W

It is a beautiful car, both inside and out.

I love the car I bought 13 months ago It fast on the pick up and it has enough room to carry my family. I thought is it burns a little more gas than I thought it would.

- Joseph S

It Looks great. this is my 2nd 300. I will probably buy another one


- greg k

That the vehicle is comfortable to ride in and relatively easy to drive.

It is reasonably good in most ways. The vehicle is comfortable and driving it is relatively straightforward. It does lack a backup camera that our van possesses.

- Olimar V

I had to have the battery replaced twice within a year, I had the alternator replace as well.

I like the look of this car. It is a very nice looking car. I dislike that this car does not have more features for all the money that we have to pay for the car.

- Gladys N

It sometimes bogs down on acceleration from a stop. Perhaps due to the 8 speed transmission.

I like it's handling. I also like it's style. It also gets good gas mileage for a full size sedan. My favorite thing is the luxurious interior.

- mallory F

It is very heavy, but rides smoothly.

The headrest is uncomfortable & the doors are too heavy. It rides nice though. Also should have a digital clock. It is hard to change the time.

- Valerie B

The car is very reliable and the cars design still looks good after a few years

I really like my current vehicle because it has been very reliable and saved me money. This car is very safe and doesn't need much maintenance

- Chris G

My car is a very safe car.

The vehicle is not good on gas and i travel a lot for work. It is a nice looking vehicle and is reliable. Just need something better on gas.

- Greg M

It has heated seats and very comfortable seats. It automatically levels out for better comfort

I like my car because it is comfortable. I drives good and gets good mileage. I got a good discount on it because it was a leftover model.

- Tammy F

That it is a high quality car that has good gas mileage for the size car it is.

I like the smooth quiet ride. I like the climate controls. I like the heated seat. I like the ability to play mp3 files through the radio.

- Steve F

We always feel safe on the road.This car ranks among the safest in the ratings.

our 300 is a great car for a family that only has 1 vehicle. Plenty of cargo area and flexibility, yet very comfortable. No complaints.

- betty b

That it gets very good gas mileage for the size car that it is.

I like the ride, it rides smooth and quiet. I like the interior, very comfortable. I dislike the way the battery is located in the car.

- steve Z

that it is a nice quality vehicle that can be acquired at low cost

i have no issues with the car as of yet other than backup camera going in and out and passenger side rear view mirror doesn't work well

- james w

This is a very reliable car. Very little work is needed to keep this car running smoothly.

This is a great car, it has a wonderful ride, very comfortable. It has a lot of room in it to seat 5 adults. It is very good on gas.

- leroy d

That is easy to drive in heavy traffic because it has automated cruise control that maintains a safe speed behind the car in front

It is 2014 model and has about 40,000 miles on it. We like that it has safety features such as blind spot monitor and backup assist.

- Larry M

Chrysler 300 review 2014 model.

Love it. Roomy, just wish it had a bigger trunk. Love the way it drives and how it looks on the road, especially when it is clean.

- Shelly M

The safety of this car is unmatched. Lots of safety features for every passenger.

Chrysler 300 have a sleek, sexy body style. I love the comfort it provides riding. The overall safety of this car is unmatched.

- Angela J

the Engine is powerful and the vehicle handles all road conditions very well.

the car. the automobile is stylish. I like the red color of the car. The car is very comfortable and handles the road very well.

- thomas w

the great chrysler that is just so cheap t o own

never problem with this car. great mileage and great ride. very safe car for this old folk. will buy another in a heartbeat

- rick c

If you don't like electronics this is not the car for you.

This is a beautiful car. It has the new electronics. You can't even touch anything on the dashboard without causing trouble.

- Sue C

It has a hemi engine in it so if you don't use cruise control it is easy to speed without knowing it

I love the beautiful interior and the amount of space. I like the lines of the car. I like the engine performance of the car.

- Larry P

Favorite car I've had in a long time.

Feels and look classy. More than enough power. I have have no problems with it mechanically. Lots of room. I just love it.

- Drake D

Smooth ride highly recommend 2014 Chrysler 300.

I enjoy my 2014 Chrysler 300 as it is very roomy, comfortable and a smooth ride. I have not had any maintenance issues.

- Thomas W

Like the drink coolers in the front seat.

Cup holders not in best locations. Wish there was air conditioned seats instead of vented seats managerial blind spots.

- Penny R

It is beautiful fun to drive and comfortable. For a big car it has some good get up and go.

I love the look of it both interior and exterior. I wish it had its own navigation and synced with my iPhone better.

- Brett M

It gets good gas mileage.

I like the look of the vehicle. I also love the way it drives. It is a very comfortable ride. It also is very roomy.

- Rhonda C

The most important thing others should know is do not touch.

What I like about my car is that it is luxury. Also that its a sports car. Another thing I like is the hemi 5. 7.

- Jose M

It runs for a long time and gets above average gas mileage.

It has the power that I need. The turning is fantastic. It has problems with starting. Has transmission issues.

- Justin P

It saves gas and has so much room inside.

I don't have any complaints about my car. But I do love the room inside the handle of the car and the comfort.

- Arlene M

this car has very big trunk space

my automobile,is stylish has great handling and has great fuel economy. The price was very good and very safe

- tom w

The car is dependable and it looks nice. The care rides good

I like the care because it ride smooth. I like the vehicle because it is Very rooney. I lie the Nice style.

- thelma m

It is an alright car. And it does it is job.

It is an alright car and it does Its jobs. Also it is a good car to drive around the mountains and cities.

- Cullen M

A good-looking Workhorse.

Very reliable and comfortable. Smooth ride, good handling and gas mileage. Would definitely recommend.

- Ted H

Love the heated seats. Comfortable for family trips.

My car is so comfortable. When taking a long trip it is nice to have the heat seats. Great family car.

- Jennifer L

It gets good gas mileage.

Luxury, I like all the upgrades. Not enough legroom. The console is too big takes up too much space.

- Terri C

It sucks up gas like no tomorrow.

It drives good. It has an awesome sunroof. Huge backseat and front seat. The leather seats are nice.

- Heavenly A

It is an outstanding car for looks plus the gas mileage is great and it is very comfortable to drive & ride in.

I love how comfortable it is to ride in. It gets good gas mileage and is a very sleek looking

- virginia E

It bogs down on acceleration at times, due the 8 speed transmission.

I like the style. I also like the interior and handling. I dislike the 8 speed transmission.

- mallory m

It is a smooth ride. It handles nice and is very stylish. I get a lot of complements on my car.

I like the feel of my vehicle on the road. It is a smooth ride. The functions are awesome.

- Angela E

All the room it has in it

I have no complaints. I love the way it drives, and has plenty of room in it.

- Peter C

It's a big sedan and the car drives like a big truck not like a top line luxury model ca

It looks nice inside and out put drives like a big truck, it's to big for me.

- Connie B

Gets great mileage This car is so inexpensive it is just hard to understand

great car and safe. Car is comfortable to ride in. Car is cheap to operate

- rick P

It is the most comfortable, best running car I've ever had.

It is roomy. It drives well. It is comfortable. It is dependable.

- Angela S

The most important thing is that my car is comfortable.

I love my car if I get a new one it will be the same model.

- Joanna R

The one most important thing about my car is it has a lot of room.

The vehicle has a lot of room. It has great gas mileage.

- Kristina c

Heated seats are the greatest

No problems , no questions, or concerns

- Carol B