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The 300 c is fun to drive and has great features.

My vehicle is awesome. There are so many standard features on the 300c. I love the remote start especially on cold days. I love the heated and cooled seats, I especially love that on a day where the temperature is below 35 degrees and you do a remote start it will automatically turn on the heated seats. So when you get in your car the seats are already warm. Another feature I love is the touch screen on the dashboard, and also when you use the navigation the directions show up right above the steering wheel. This way it is easy to see the directions. I also love the panoramic roof. So far it has been pretty reliable.

- Sharon M

My car is big, beautiful and comfortable. Great for the open road.

I have had 0 issues. Out of all the cars I have had this one is the most comfortable. It has every feature you can possibly think of at an affordable price. My cup holders have a heat and cool option which is great for road trips and rush hour traffic. I live in Arizona and we all know it gets hot and with leather seats that can be a pain however, my car has cooled seats which cool down the leather in under 2 minutes. The sound system is to die for and sounds amazing! Pretty much this is my dream car! If only I got the v8 instead of the V6 as the car is heavy

- Justin H

Smart ride: comes equipped with several smart controls, GPS tracking, etc..

The Chrysler 300s, 2017 is a extremely roomy vehicle and the plus is that it has a lot of trunk space, the rear seats both fold down for additional room for large items. It is like having a truck in a sedan. The drive is smooth the vehicle handles well. The turn ratio on the vehicle is incredible and great on gas, when on the highway, for the size of the car. Both, the back and front seats are very roomy and can transport five adults comfortably.

- Angela M

It is a very stylish car with all the safety features you could hope for.

I like the style of the car. It has very comfortable seats and legroom for all passengers, front and back. It is very responsive, with enough horsepower to get up to speed quickly. It came with a backup camera that is very useful in ensuring the safety of those around it. Nice stereo with the added ability to play music from other devices as well. I have not found anything I dislike about the car.

- GV W

the highlights of this fear car is speed luxury gas and design

The car is a very nice semi-luxury styles car. The speed in sports mode is nice and the sets are comfy. I'd say if you into sports cars this is definitely the way to go. This car is very good on gas as well. This car provides both peak performance and luxury all-in-one. I would say however, that the back seat aren't that spacious, which bring discomfort on long rides

- fallen A

It is very comfortable and with all the safety features, including rear camera, it is a car you would want your family in.

It has the horsepower that I expect from those type of car. I like the wide screen for touch controls and that every can be controlled from this location. The heated seats makes riding low duration comfortable and the multiple adjustments twice allow for perfect support where you need it. It has amazing leg room not only in the front but in the back seat as well.

- BL H

Luxurious, spacious, dependable, runs great, roomy, fun to drive.

I have owned 3 chrysler 300s. I love the safety, rugged and over the road comfort. It has a lot of. Power and runs great. I haven't had any major problems at all. I really cannot say anything negative about this model. I would buy another and another. Good gas mileage! Interior is very luxurious and everyone that rides in it says they feel like they are in a limo.

- Lill F

It is a rear-wheel drive with an AWD option.

There are technical problems that can only be found and resolved by a computer. The 300's base engine is a 3. 6 liter v6 that puts out 292 horsepower. It is smooth and responsive and moves with relative ease. A smooth-shifting eight speed automatic transmission comes standard as well. A 5. 7 liter hemi v8 engine that produces 363 horsepower is available.

- Shaila L

Affordable vehicle with style that handle the road and gives a smooth ride.

Reliable vehicle, comfortable, smooth ride, luxury vehicle at an affordable price, the 300 sport looks more like the muscle cars, handles the rode well. Had issues with trying to get the car out of neutral since you cannot do it with the shifter. You have to take your console apart to put it into neutral. Did not have a CD player with the stereo system..

- Lynn M

Beautiful Chrysler 300 - velvet red.

I really like my car. Normally, I wish I had purchased something different after a few months of driving. However, I love this car still after a year. It is my 50th birthday present that makes me feel good, look good, & proud. It runs smoothly, music sounds great, breaks are strong at short range, & dealership maintenance is reasonably priced.

- Lesley P

My ride is amazing and comfortable.

Comfortable ride, looks very nice, love the sunroof, has very good mileage, love the design. There is lots of room in the front seats and even the back seats have plenty of room. The truck is very spacious. When on the road, the ride is smooth. The pick up on the speed is awesome. Couldn't ask for a nicer ride.

- Anna M

It's a great car with awesome with awesome technology

I love my car. It has great ac and heat, electric locks, sunroof and heated seats. Has front and rear airbags. Has GPS and DVD player and a awesome stereo with great speakers.I never had any problems with it at all.it's great on gas. Has great gas mileage. It is black with red interior. Also has backup camera.

- Heather W

Stylish, family car with all the fun features

The Chrysler 300 is gas efficient. The back seat is roomy enough to fit 3 young kids in car seats three across, making it a great family car while still looking sporty. It has great trunk space for road trips. My favorite features are the heated seats, dual air temp control and the navigation system.

- Kristin S

I love my 2017 Chrysler 300!

I love my 300! It's beautiful inside and out and drives so smoothly! It's extremely comfortable. I've gone on several road trips in it and everyone is comfortable in it and there is ample trunk space. It's also AWD and handles very well in all weather situations. I'm very happy with this car.

- Betsy F

The Chrysler 300 is a great car

The 300 has excellent pickup and drives great. It came with nice features and options. The only issues are the USB doesn't always work and the touch screen has froze up a few times. The dealership replaced the USB, but it still doesn't always work. I would get another 300 and recommend it.

- Paula W

Very stylish, amazing gas mileage, rides comfortable, plenty of room.

Plenty of room, we have two kids and it's perfect. Rides very smooth, best car I've owned. This is my 3rd one, I've just traded for new ones. I recommend heated seats, and leather seats. Gas mileage is why I bought it in the first place! Best gas mileage and still very stylish.

- Kayla T

The 300 allows you to drive in sport mode.

It's a really good car just requires a lot of gas as if your in a SUV. The 300 drives really good and has an ok amount of space. The newer models are kind of expensive you can get a car with the same space for half the price. Overall I still like it, just wouldn't be my first choice.

- Brandon E

Double sunroof very spacious inside and beautiful outside

My cat is awesome I live. It's fully loaded. Had double sunroof. Very spacious rides very comfortably. I have three kids and one in a car seat and they have enough space in the back. My car is black with chrome trim. I love my car it is my baby.. One of the best ones I've ever had.

- Amy T

Bigger than most cars and comfortable.

Overall it's a great reliable car and upkeep is not to expensive either, I love my car. . It is super comfortable and roomy. Only problems I am having right now is the brakes pushing back. I think it has to do with the way I drive more than the performance of the vehicle itself.

- Valerie H

The color of the car was different. It almost looked cement grey.

My lease is for two years. Early on I had quite a bit of dashboard noise. After roughly a year I had squeaking in my sunroof. The look of the vehicle was sleek and well done. The interior was comfortable and the leather held up well. The double sunroof was a great feature.

- Emily R

Stereo system- Bose stereo is awesome in this vehicle.

The car drives very smooth and is quiet and very comfortable. The car drives like a Cadillac. I would suggest the all wheel drive if you are in a state where there is snow. I have had the rear wheel drive before and there is a huge difference when driving in snow.

- Wendy J

It has a nice interior. The tires are new with maximum features.

It drives smoothly, the interior is brand new, new brakes, the windows are tinted, it is freshly put together. It is very reliable to get to in from places. Its black with chrome wheels. The performance is speed steadily. It has over 20,000 miles great first car.

- Jade C

It�s a nice red car. Very clean. And doesn't take much money to put gas in it

It's a very good vehicle. It's has great mileage and does great with gas. I don't have very many problems with the car. Only minor issues like oil change and the brake lights. But other than that it's very good car. And I would highly recommend it for drivers.

- Erin H

An all around wonderful car for you and your entire family.

I absolutely love my Chrysler 300c. It has all wheel drive and a wonderful navigation system. We took a trip to Arkansas last summer and it was the most comfortable car to take on a road trip. It has heated and vented seats. The space is so comfy and roomy.

- Brittany M

Happy so far with my Chrysler car.

I enjoy the car and it is easy on long drives. Everything except one of the dome lights works fine. I have a v^ and wish it were better on gas but it is still less costly than a v8. I do regular maintenance and would recommend to friends and family alike,

- Marco P

Classy, sporty and reliable.

Classy, sporty and reliable. Easy to drive, great sound system and interior systems set up. Seats four comfortably. Great for long distance and city driving. Truck is a little small but that is expected. doesn't seem like the car will age any time soon.

- Jill L

Nothing at all is good for this.

Is a good cars I like the design and everything is great model with new proposal and excellent quality is good for the people maybe is good for old people nothing problem is good for everything model of Chrysler s I recommended for young people me too.

- Spencer R

The dream of full size sedan, Chrysler 300.

It is a great car, very spacious, has hands free navigation, the bass is amazing if your a music lover, the leather is very soft! One great perk about the vehicle is that the gas lasts much longer than people expect because it is a 6 cylinder vehicle.

- Angel F

Good gas mileage. Nice and comfortable.

It is a great car it fast nice and smooth on the road. It is really good with gas mileage. The car fits my family comfortable and it is really good for my kids to relax in. I would recommend this car to someone who would like to buy this Chrysler 300.

- Rick Z

It's options that it has to offer is amazing and is easy to operate.

I love the way Chrysler 300 handles and holds on to the road. It's 9 speed automatic transmission runs smoothly. It's in dash camera makes parking and reverse an ultimate experience. It's Bose sound system is smooth to the ears and is easy to use.

- Lathan S

It is comfortable and roomy whether you are a front seat driver/passenger or a back seat passenger.

I like the way it handles and holds the road. I like the style which is different from many of the other cars. It is a large car and I feel that it offers more protection and safety than a good deal of other cars. Also, has a good sized trunk.

- Annmarie B

The 2017 Chrysler 300 C is a great gas mileage vehicle.

I recently purchased my 2017 Chrysler 300 in August 2018. So far I have enjoyed his vehicle. It is a fully loaded vehicle with leather seats and a huge sunroof. My wife and I love it when we take trips to Arizona 2 to 3 times a year.

- Robert H

The car is very comfortable and would be most enjoyable for long periods of driving.

I like the color and style of the car. It have a good sound system in it that also allows for music to be played off an USB drive and bluetooth connection to my phone. It is very specious for all passengers with plenty of legroom.

- SL H

It is very smooth and easy to drive. Lots of personalization available for seats, mirrors, radio etc.

I have had my vehicle since January. I really like the smooth handling of the car. My only complaint is that I have to really slam the trunk to get it to close. So far, I have had to take it into the shop for 2 recalls.

- Rochelle J

The Chrysler 309 is a smooth, comfortable ride.

The Chrysler 300 rides very smoothly. The acceleration is swift. The seats are comfortable. I've taken it on several hour trips and did not feel that I needed to get out and stretch prior to my arrival.

- Heather B

A great car for the price. I feel very safe driving it and gas Millage is wonderful.

Love that I can accelerate faster getting on the highway for only have a4cylader. I hate the back window because it dies block some viewing while backing up. Do not like it doesn't have GPS or CD player.

- Kim m

don't leave your keys in the trunk.

I like the space and options on my car. It is dependable. I am starting to dislike the door entry method though. I am not finding the touch-handle-to-unlock method to be efficient for me.

- Rebecca S

Gas mileage and performance is great. and it looks really good.

We love the performance and the looks of our 300. Gas mileage on distance trips is at 31.5 ,cannot complain about that. Plus it is loaded with more features than we really need.

- Sandra S

Gas mileage is pretty good.

Touch screen always gives me problems. The sound system sometimes flares up and a loud noise comes out of the speakers for a solid minute and there’s no way of turning it off.

- Jordan S

I leased it for a great price, its comfortable, fast, and is great on gas.

Zero complaints. I had a cadillac cts prior to having the 300S. The 300S is a far better vehicle than the CTS. Im impressed with the way Chrysler designed the 300S.

- Jim J

I didn't cause any dents that are visible.

I enjoy my car. Not too expensive on gas. I enjoy it because it is a lease and every few years I get to chose another car or have the option to lease to buy.

- Nada M

The seats are very uncomfortable.

Really uncomfortable and very loud, I would not recommend getting this car, it's really just is not a good choice. There is a lot better options out there.

- Ian F

A great car but not perfect

The Chrysler 300 is a fast and reliable car. The older models had issues with the gas tank but the model I have is fast. However does take a lot of gas.

- Lexie V

The back up camera is super helpful to new drivers.

I love how digital it is where I can play streaming music. I love the back camera to help me backup and park. I also love the way it drives safe.

- Jessica J

It had many sensors to detect people in Its path when backing up

It is a little larger and has a lot of newer hi tech features and awd. I don't like the many steps I have to take to turn the heated seats on

- Lorraine S

The a/c feels so nice & the car feels luxurious!.

It rides smooth. It lets you know when you are not in the road. It's good on gas. Its lets you know when you are about to hit something.

- Tay D

It's the most dependable car I've ever owned. .

Since I've bought my car, not a moments problems. Its dependable and has everything I look for in a car. Nothing I can complain about.

- Jessica A

Overall great performance and great value for the price paid.

Great car. Get surprisingly good mileage on the highway. Like the design and the color I selected. First time buying a FCA car.

- glenn c

Very smooth ride and enjoyable in any weather conditions that may come

I really enjoy my new vehicle. It was a nice ride and I have no issues with it. I love all the new gadgets that come with it

- Carol M

It is interior is cool looking.

Considering the cars does not belong to me but the only issue that come soon to mind would be that it is not starting at all.

- Ben-oni V

That it is good on gas for a sedan.

I own the 300c model. It is got every bell and whistle you could want. It also drives smooth and hugs curves like a jacket.

- Mary N

The room and smoothness of the ride are awesome. The inside is as nice as the outside.

I like how smooth the ride is. I love the look of the car. I love the camera in the dash that lets me see what's behind me.

- Derek H

It's a great car. I know it will last a long time.

No complaints. I like the cameras, all safety features, lane safety, cruise control. Free hand control with cell phone.

- Renee B

Fuel economy is much better than I expected, on the highway I have gotten as high as 32 mpg.

This vehicle is comfortable. It gets great fuel economy for its size. I like the navigation system and it looks great.

- m s

I love this car, it was worth the money.

This car rides real nice I have no complaints, it is real smooth. However it needs tinted windows it would look nicer.

- Christine C

A good solid built vehicle that hugs the road with power to spare.

My car gives all the luxury and enjoyment you would expect from a car. Comfort, safety, as well as good gas mileage.

- gary s

The color on the car is great and the leather on the seats feel nice.

The gas mileage on the car is horrible. I wish it had a sunroof and moonroof and the price could have been better.

- Monica A

Great long lasting family vehicle

no problems, this brand is great. would recommend this vehicle to others. perfect car for a family. Very reliable.

- Nicole H

the ride and comfort inside the vehicle, the gas mileage.

i like the touch screen controls and the seats that are heated and cooled. The engine size. the colors available

- Tim B

We knew it was our car as soon as we saw it.

The 300 is comfortable and fits my family. We bought it after a tree fell on our old car during Hurricane Irma.

- Lorina P

My car is very beautiful and comfortable I like my car.

My vehicle is very comfortable, has good average, sit are comfortable, average are good, it gives best mileage.

- Vicky K

It can fit a lot it can be a family car, it holds up great and can handle little dings and dents

I love the shape of it and the speeds it gets up to also love the spacious interior and the comfort of the car

- Rachel G

That it runs good and had luxury in n out it is the best car even.

I love my Chrysler 300 I swear it the best car I have ever had it is luxury in and out love the new up dates.

- Alejandra A

Chrysler 300 2017 has a would want in a vehicle and more.

Too many options to try and learn about the car. Drives great. But I need to catch up on modern technology.

- Joanne W

It's stylish and is comfortable to ride in.

The style is stylish. The color is white. The comfort and good. It's has great performance and It's smart.

- Debra B

Luxury a car of comfort designed with the driver in mind

I have all way's loved the chrysler 300c heated seats,gps,six cd changer,sunroof,dual air a car of comfort

- Frances A

My amazing 2017 Chrysler 300S!

My car is a luxury car. The interior is absolutely beautiful. It is white leather. My car is amazing.

- Samantha U

It's roomy. All passengers are comfortable, regardless of their height or size.

No complaints at all. It rides very smoothly, steers easily, and is luxurious.

- Alexis M

It's a good drive and easy to control

I like that is a smooth drive I also like the technology in the vehicle

- Vince w

That it get excellent fuel mileage. In the city or on the highway.

I like the room,the ride,, the style. Don't like transmission selector.

- Greg H

It is very comfortable. I love the leather seats. Tons of room inside.

I love the look of my car. It drive great. I also love the color.

- Angela S

I have a Chrysler 300C. It is beautiful and comfortable. All that I wanted!

It is comfortable: Heated/cooled seats, lots of legroom, etc.

- Jodi R

special model and options

the comfort. the style. the color and the exterior styling.

- paul T

Gas mileage is good for full size car

Good comfortable up to date fast cool expensive

- Zachary L

This car is not for tall drivers.

- Janice F