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Pure luxury at its finest.

I absolutely love my Chrysler 300! We have had it for almost a year now and I am in love. The leather seats are high quality, and I am grateful for the heated seats. The seats get a little warm in the summertime and can be uncomfortable on bare legs, cooled seating would come in handy. The drive is smooth and quiet. The screen is large and touchscreen which is a plus. It would be nice if navigation came setup already, but that along with SiriusXM radio, and other apps are an extra monthly or yearly charge. I love that the it tells you how much pressure is in your tires, instead of just having us assume. We get a monthly email of a review of our car, informing us of anything is wrong with it - huge bonus! I love how the back had its own air vents, that the passengers in the back can control. I love how both the driver seat and passenger seats are power seats, instead of just the driver's seat. I love how the windows can go automatically up and down instead of holding the button. The only thing I do not like about it is it is a very low car, so it is not made for very tall people. The windows are slanted quite a bit creating blind spots. I always struggle getting in the car when I have a bun on my head. Luckily my husband and I are both short, so this car works for us. This definitely a luxurious car and I am very happy with our decision to buy it.

- Tam F

elegant car top of the line technology trendy, smart,well thought out made in USA

It has safety feature like backup camera and sensors on the front and back bumper that measure how close you are to an object. Leather seats. Black woodgrain. Interior lights up an electric blue. It has mopar parts and services. It tos up to 1000 lbs. Excellent leg room. Its remote start or toy can start it from your phone and adjust the ac settings to the climate outside before you get in the car. It has beat speakers and a 12 inch beats subwoofer in the trunk. Wide trunk space. It's a beautiful car inside and out. Its elegant sporty high class and hood at the same time.. this car is for someone who is able to take care of it. If you are in a car club or you like luxury this car is it

- Claudia P

2018 Chrysler 300c, all white

It's a nice comfy car, only problem with my car is the brake light often comes on along with the engine light, there's a few problems with the windows. There was a slight breakage in the seat adjustment but that was fixed immediately and so was the gas cap that happened to be misplaced. To me personally I just don't like the model of the car, but I deal with it anyway, other than that it's a easy drive car its not to bad.

- Peyton P

Prestige look of a black Chrysler 300.

This car drives smoothly; good gas saver, the navigation system is reliable; it is a beautiful black, when it is clean; leg room is enough; the radio system works wonderful; sound system is a plus as well; the camera, when you back up I love because it supports me and keep me out of trouble, free from major and minor accidents; and I love the double sunroof.

- Brenda H

The 300s is very pricey I owe $810 a month.

The performance on my car is perfect it has sport mode so it can reach 0-60 in about 3 seconds. It is very comfortable and it has touch screen radios and everything is at your fingertips. The only problems that I have had with my vehicle is the transmission needs serviced. Other than that it is a very reliable car and it is very safe for children.

- Hanna G

I feel safe on the highway inside this car. Roominess prevents that closed-in feeling.

My 2018 is my second purchase of this model. I love the smooth ride and the responsive handling. My 2013 Chrysler 300 averaged 19 mpg in town and 30 mpg on the highway. The interior is roomy and comfortable. You can change positions comfortably on long trips and enter and exit the car easily. I get a lot of comments on what a beautiful car it is.

- Kerry T

Chrysler 300 hemi is amazing.

The 2018 Chrysler 300 s hemi is extremely fast and reliable extremely comfortable interior with beautiful leather and amazing handling this car is amazing the panoramic sunroof is a great feature as well as the amazing audio from beats is the best the only downside is that it will not let the car go over 130 mph.

- Ta R

Love the safety features and the onstar system. Very high tech.

This vehicle is somewhat new to us so we have not experienced any problems with. It handles great and has many features that we find useful when traveling long distances or traveling new territories. It is very economical and fun to drive. Makes traveling a pleasure now that we are almost to the retirement age.

- Janet K

The vehicle can be Put into three different modes from sport, cruise, and normal

My 2018 Chrysler 300 has had no real issues as I drive constantly everywhere. Only thing I suggest is to add a feature to the touch screen of playing videos through your phone.I feel that will enhance the value of the vehicle as well as being the next competition level in the field of automotive vehicles.

- Damien H

Almost everyone has the Chrysler 300c now so it gets confusing.

The newest model of the Chrysler falls apart easily. The inside of the vehicle is made of cheap material and will break. The car is very comfortable and fast, it's just not reliable after a while. The vehicle fits my kids comfortably in the back seat as well as my dogs. The car does drive very smooth.

- Anastasia S

Good gas mileage, very comfortable family car.

I do not have any problems as of yet and I have owned it for approximately 8 months. It is very comfortable on long trips and in town daily use. The gas mileage is very good it is not expensive to fill up at all. The look is very classy I get compliments on it all the time so overall ratings is a +.

- Cline T

The best car a woman can drive.

Its pretty. I love the way it rides. Also it has a nice speed, it takes the curves well. It has four wheel drive. It has all the new technology, such touch screen, back camera, and USB cord. Also I do not have to buy CDs, I download all my music. I am able to warm my seats up, when it is cold.

- Alexis Jackson J

Ride in comfort and in style. One of the classiest cars of its kind.

Smooth ride. Lots of headspace. Most issues I read are about the vents stop working or the rear camera being faulty. The car rides smooth. Its push to start so your keys can just sit in purse or in the side of the door. It has a great touch screen, which is one of the bigger screens.

- Cheryl L

The charcoal grey color is phenomenal. And the rims are bronze.

There are no problems to speak of with my Chrysler 300. I got a great deal on the car, it gets great mileage, and is sturdy and fast. I should have bought a Chrysler a long time ago. The panoramic sunroof and the other features included made me really want to buy this car.

- Philip J

A very safe, fun, classy, reliable car!

I love my Chrysler 300, it is a very safe, roomy, reliable car. I have a baby so I feel safe traveling in it. I have the package that has ALL the safety features, it is a VERY safe car! It is very roomy, it is a very classy car. I would definitely get another Chrysler!

- Jaime G

My favorite car that gets me anywhere I want to go.

It is a good car. Ifs have great space. I like the color of it. I like the heated seats, radio. It give good gas mileage. People like the color. Its fast. I like to take it on long trips to south Carolina. It's a good family car. Love the seats. It have OnStar.

- Susan D

Great on gas mileage get 21 miles they say but I get 30 out of mines.

There are good and bass about it but mostly good. I do not have malfunction at all I do not like the fact the back seat on gets hot not cool air like the front. The carplay works when it want. I ran out of gas once and the tank locked on me I didn't like that.

- Tina O

I like the Apple play on my Chrysler 300.

The 2018 Chrysler 300 is an awesome car if you are looking to save gas! It runs very smooth and very cools apps. It has Apple play so you are able to look thru your messages or phone calls directly on your dashboard screen rather than looking on your phone.

- Jacky T

The size of this car is very comfortable and the trunk space is amazing.

The interior of this car is very large and great for families. There are a lot of amenities included. The trunk is very large and helpful when caring for 2 children 6 and under. This is definitely a phenomenal family car.

- Jasmyne H

I think it will easily last another 100,000 miles. It currently has 129,000.

What I love about my car is that it is fast. Also my wheels have good grip, when turning corners.. What I hate about my car is that I do not have a CD player.. Everything in my ca is technology..

- Alexis J

It is a sharp looking vehicle and is very comfortable.

I love my vehicle. It is a comfortable ride. The ride is quiet inside, don't hear a lot of outside noise. There is nothing I dislike and I have no complaints about it.

- Barb H

It is the most comfortable riding family car I have ever been in.

I have nothing negative to say about the Chrysler 300. If I had to choose I would have to dislike the options for navigation and remote start options.

- Kevin T

Sleek and comfortable with a dash of performance.

It's very comfortable and quiet. Has really good pickup for being a 6 cylinder. It handles really well in and out of lanes as well as cornering.

- Jaron D

Others should know that the money I paid for the car was worth it and it's a very reliable car.

I love the back up camera in the radio area. The car is pretty roomy and fits everyone in my family. I really don't have any complaints.

- Allison W

Gotta watch your speed, Feels like your floating slow and you gotta be careful because before you know it your 20 miles over the speed limit. The car is classy yet still has a sporty look. Love my black beauty.

Drives like a dream. All wheel drive, can drive thru snow like a snowmobile. Get up and go sport ride. Classy and sassy just like me.

- Dannielle R

Reasonable price and ease of operation.

I like the comfort and the ease of operation. The car has many safety features that prevent problems. The gas mileage is good.

- Lionel L

How great this vehicle really is. Has smooth shifting, lots of space, very comfortable. Like riding in your living room.

Very luxurious automobile. Chrysler has done a great job on designing this vehicle. Very spacious and comfortable ride.

- dottie v

Great on gas smooth ride nice radio system very roomy

Haven't had the car long but it's been great really good on gas and has a smooth ride would recommend getting this car

- Alex O

It's a safe car I love too driver it I has good pick up

It's a great car It drives good good gas mileage . I love the the power . I has lots of room I would by a other one

- Paul I

Crash test performance is excellent.

My one complaint is the lever to adjust the steering wheel height is very tight and hard to move to desired height.

- Karen O

I feel safe in this vehicle.

I really like the feel of luxury in this touring car. It drives well. I get 38 miles to the gallon on the highway.

- Jean K

I purchased what I wanted and loved. It is a great family car, can be pricey on the gasoline

This is my second purchase really love the size, the roomy comfort of the inside, smooth drive of the vehicle

- Wanda N

Amazing comfort, at a great cost.

Love my vehicle! Have always wanted one. Now I finally have one. So glad I was able to get the 2018 model.

- Jennifer N

Comfort and style of the vehicle

I love the style. Color of car. All of the features. The power of the hemi. The ride is very smooth.

- Vicki W

This is a luxury vehicle. It is spacious and comfortable.

It offers a smooth ride. I like the size and comfort. I have no complaints.

- Heather S

It is a very dependable vehicle that is comfortable and easy to drive

Love the navigation. I like the size of my car. I feel safe in this car.

- Mary M

It has all the latest safety features that make it a good car to drive.

Like the way it handles. It has great Safety features. It rides smooth.

- Don G

I like everything about my car, the style, the comfortability of leg room, performance, durability and safety.

It is a quality car that provides performance along with luxury

- John F

Great comfortable car for the price. The car is stylish.

Love the comfort. Handles great. Good fuel economy.

- Denalyn L