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2007 Chrysler Aspen: Great Comfort/ Gas Guzzler

My 2007 Aspen has been a great vehicle to own. I was initially impressed with the amount of space in the vehicle. It has many luxury features such as third row seating, heated seats for driver, passenger, and middle row seating, a DVD player with wireless headphones for the middle row and I can also play the movie through the car speakers for a surround sound effect. My 2007 Aspen also has a six disc CD player and the capability for satellite radio. The only real issue I have with my 2007 Aspen is the fact that it's a bit of a gas guzzler, I live fifteen minutes away from work and fifty dollars a week gets me to and from work all week and that's it, meaning I need to fill up at least twice per week to account for grocery runs and visits to see relatives, etc.

- Alexis L

It is a used car that runs like a new car!

I absolutely love my aspen! I do not know why they discontinued a great truck. My truck is an ‘07 & I have had it for almost four years now. Performance wise, it runs great. Over the years I have had to replace normal wear & tear that you face with everyday vehicles. I have two rows & it seats 7 comfortably, while I still have some grocery room in the back. My truck also came with a DVD & screen for the back passengers. I have an ‘07 that looks more like an 2018! We have been all over on numerous road trips & have experienced zero problems! For a used truck, this was the best purchase I have made. They should honestly consider coming out with more.

- Qui J

Bring back the Chrysler Aspen... It is the best thing since sliced bread!

I have never loved a vehicle more than I do our Aspen! I can't help but wonder why this vehicle is no longer in production. I think Chrysler should consider putting this one back on the assembly line. It is so comfortable, spacious and easy on the eye. Ours came with built in navigation, a TV for the kids and is a V8 Hemi. I would say the only downfall is the gas mileage but that is to be expected with a V8, however the gas mileage isn't horrible. We get about 15-16 mpg city and our previous vehicle only got 14 and it was a small truck! I plan on keeping this vehicle until we can't drive it anymore.

- Monica V

The aspen is a sharp vehicle.

I'll start out with problems or issues. The pressure indicating light seems to always come on, it is very sensitive. The pressure indicator sensor went bad as well. Also the leather seat on the drivers side has been fixed multiple times due to cracking. The good things though outweigh the bad. The power of the hemi is awesome! It is spoiled me for anything else in the future. The look of the aspen is very sharp as well. Mine is black with chrome. So sweet. I would definitely purchase this vehicle again if they were still making it.

- Natalie A

Must be careful of front blind spots as well as the back blind spots.

Beautiful interior and exterior. Rides like a Cadillac when 18 inch wheels are on. Rides rough with 24 inch wheels on it. Seats eight and has six cup holders. Fully loaded with electric windows, doors, and seats. All back seats lay down all the way to make lots of storage space and great for camping. Has ski racks on the top. It has 4.7 engine. Works well with 87 unleaded gas and holds 22 gallons. Fabric seats. Air conditioning and heater and lights are self controlled separately from front and one situated in the back.

- Pat P

I feel that my vehicle is safe. I believe it will save my life or keep the injuries to a minimum should I have a wreck.

The drivers seat is the most comfortable drivers seat out of all the vehicles I have owned. The fact that eight people ride is a plus. It has just the right amount of cargo space. The center console is spacious. I use the navigation system often. The only thing I can think of that I don't like is; when someone is riding in the front passenger seat, I don't have room for my purse with me up front. I end up putting it in the back seat.

- Rebecca W

Awesome seats. Equipped with third row seating for convenience.

Lots of room, 3rd row seat is optional to use or leave down for storage. It drives and rides very good. Great for a medium size family. It gets good gas mileage for the size of the vehicle. Voted one of the safest SUV in 2007, very durable and tough. It has lots to offer any buyer. All electric. . Seats mirrors windows locks and it also has a modern look to it.

- Ryan C

Durable SUV the size do count.

The vehicle is Great for my family size and it also have 3 rows. Very reliable and comfortable. The vehicle use up gas fast, I think it's 14 miles a gallon. This is the only thing I do not like about the vehicle. During floods the vehicle is very durable and capable of driving through large amounts of water. It's also great on dirt roads to.

- eric G

The auto tint mirrors are a big plus when driving on the highway at night.

The Chrysler aspen has the best turning radius of any vehicle I have ever driven. The heated seats are a big plus and the auto tint mirrors are great at night. The hemi performs quite well. Gas mileage is pretty good but could be a little better. The down side is the blind spots. There are a few. Overall, I am happy with this automobile.

- Anne M

2007 aspen. Great all terrain car.

I love my car, it is great in the snow and rain, even a little off-road. It is a smooth drive. Has a DVD player and TV in the back seat to occupy the kiddos. 3 rows of seats. 4 wheel drive. All leather interior. The only problem I had was I broke my door. But that was due to wind and nothing with the vehicle itself.

- Annie O

The best roomy SUV I have ever owned.

I love the space with third row seating it is great for ball season. The bad thing is we had to replace one side of the heads and now need to replace other side. The comfort is great because of how roomy it is and the performance is great! I do not ever want to get rid of it!

- Amanda M

Spacious three row SUV with automatic start engine option and heated seats.

Convenient automatic start engine and pop rear options, heated seats and 3 rows of seating. Spare tire under vehicle with all of the tools connected to vehicle. Backup camera and sensor warning sound. CD player and download music. Seats let down all the way to fit long items.

- Molly P

Enjoyable vehicle, worth purchasing.

I love my aspen! Ours is a 8-seater, perfect for us. Plenty of room for people, but not enough trunk space for shopping unless I put the back seat down. That is rather annoying. I love the look of the SUV. It is reliable. Ours is able to take e85 gas as well as regular gas.

- Rachael W

Aspen: a great family car with many awesome features!!

It is very reliable and drives smooth. The stereo screen went out the month we got it but radio itself still works. Great speakers and tv. Ac and heat works great along with nice seat heaters. The sun roof is awesome in the summer and makes the car feel even more spacious.

- Kia N

Aspen the truck of my dreams.

It's a good truck it has 298,000 miles on it but the engine is good. It has power seats sunroof power locks 3rd seat and power windows. All the lights work. The seats heat up. The tires are in good condition. It is tan color with 4 doors... It also has a towing package.

- Victor L

An truck type car with a hemi and with a cream color and silver trim

It's good for our family. We can fit a good amount of people in there but it has had the engine catch on fire. We had to get that fixed but other that it's been a pretty reliable car. Some things are falling off inside. The cruise button on the steering wheel pops out

- Chantelle Z

Great performance, poor electronics.

Very reliable car. No major issues have come up despite age. Electronics have been an issue. Backup camera no longer works, DVD player went out completely and have had an issue with a couple power windows. Very comfortable car. Lots of power, use to tow 30 ft camper.

- Carrie N

Fully loaded with all the bells and whistles.

Very spacious, seats 7, has 3rd row seating, DVD player with wireless headphones, 6 disc CD changer. Navigation system built in. Sunroof, running boards, heated seats. Tow package with a v8 hemi. Tires are very expensive for it. Highway 16 mpg. In town 12 mpg.

- Danielle W

Large enough for a family of 4 and a2 seat stroller.

This is a great SUV for families. Seat warmers in the first 4 seats and a DVD player. Large cargo space for strollers and anything large you need to carry. Though I wish it had car seat anchors on all the back seats instead of just the middle back seat.

- Mariah A

Chrysler Aspen, fun for a little while...

Cosmetically I found it appealing. Nice interior, some handy features. But this vehicle constantly needs maintenance, alternator, steering issues, key issues, fob, security chip, etc.... Silly stuff as well like the tire sensors...

- Kristy G

Awful investment, do not purchase as a family vehicle.

It is too small for my family. The engine has blown up and had to be replaced. The back hatch fails to unlock sometimes. The style of tire is hard to find and expensive to replace. The tire also seem to go flat frequently.

- Kymberly B

That It's hard to find these kinds of cars now..

My vehicle is a chrysler aspen one thing i like about it is the blue tooth where i can make calls thru my radio and listen to my mp3 and a dislike It's big enough....A complaint is i wish it was better on gas

- William C

It drives great in any weather conditions and is easy to navigate in traffic.

I dislike the safety handle in my view on the drivers side. I like that is feels big and safe but not too big for heavy traffic areas. I like how the 3rd row seats lay down for large trunk space.

- Tiffany M

My family aspen that we all love and has plenty of room!

I love the third row seating for my family, especially during baseball season. Although we have had trouble with the heads and replaces the one side already and now have to replace the other side.

- Amanda M

It doesn't get good gas mileage.

I love the size of my SUV. I have great hauling ability, awesome storage area and have plenty of room for transporting many people. The only MAJOR drawback is it gets terrible gas mileage.

- Julie l

Heated seats Automatic hatch Heated back seats Lots of room

I absolutely love everything about my suv. I would not change anything. It has heated seats, backup sensors and an automatic hatch. It's not the best on gas mileage but I love it.

- Jennifer P

That the low gas mileage is off set by the sheer comfort of driving or riding it on long trips.

The most comfortable SUV I've ever driven with proven reliability and performance. Room for the entire family and luggage. The only downside is it ge terrible gas mileage.

- Zed B

Comfortable and durable. Safety features give me ease of mind when traveling with my children.

Love the size for a large family. Very comfortable and does great in snow. When problems do occur, however, it can get pretty pricey to fix.

- Jackie N

07 Aspen 5.8Hemi lots of room

My aspen is so comfortable has tons of space all wheel 4 wheel drive holds 7 people. 8 cylinder Hemi 5.8 leather seats heated phone connect tv.

- Joey H

It has a lot of sitting room, however, its not spacious for storage.

I love that it is spacious. We are a family of 6 and we can all fit comfortably in it. I love the drive and all the features it comes with.

- Leanne B

It offers a lot of room for a family with three rows of seating and lot of trunk space.

I love the space it has for my family. It does very well in the snow. I do not like the issues I've had with my tire pressure sensor.

- Meghan B

It's not too bad on gas and has lots of room in it.

It drive good it can hole 9 it has a there rode set it not to bad on gas is big in sad not to bad of a car it can pule a rd.

- Julia M

Great ride with comfortable interior and plenty of room for a small family.

I like its interior and smooth ride. This vehicle has a stylish look for its time but still holds its own after 10 years.

- Ava N

It handles well in winter weather and rain. It does well on trips with gas.

The vehicle drives well, it was bought used as is. We had some sensor issues at first and also a vapor leak issue.

- Trisha L

it gets terrible gas mileage but can hold passengers and cargo and haul heavy loads

looks upscale has terrible gas mileage but lots of room and cargo space. godo speakers low profile tires and rims

- jen h

My SVU the Aspen Great Ride

I would have to say the only problem with the vehicle is that they didn't make that many so parts hard to find

- Alisha C

It is a great car overall.

I love that it is so big and roomy. Very comfortable. The only thing I dislike is the blind spot when driving.

- Diana C

It is a great car and gives us an excellent ride

Great room, good gas mileage, drives great, good handling, wish it had a GPS and a tow hitch

- Thomas H

It is easy to handle. I have 2 tall boys and both fit it in with no problem

It is a suv so I sit higher up GOOD ON GAS mileage PLENTY OF LEGROOM AND TRUNK SPACE

- Kim W