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Great vehicle for large families!

I love my 2009 Chrysler aspen limited. It is very spacious and perfect for our family of six. There are captain seat and a full console in the middle row. There are eight cup holders in the vehicle. The third row has three seats and allows you to fold down one seat or two seats for storage and comfort. The trim on this vehicle makes it feel very luxurious. The hemi engine gives it a lot of zip and allows you to accelerate quickly. This is all around a great vehicle with many high points.

- Phillip M

My car is a very safe vehicle to drive, with built in comfort and support for driver and passengers.

I like that my suv has folding seats since we are a family of five, but mostly only travel as four. I can fold the seats down for more cargo room when I don't need the extra seating. I also like the gps and four wheel drive it makes me feel safe. I like all but front window, when going around sharp corners I have a huge blind spot due to window shape that I did not have in other suv. Thankfully to correct that I just lean slightly to side, but still a slight inconvenience.

- sue d

It is a monster, that holds many people or holds a lot of stuff.

This vehicle is a monster!! Not for those trying to save on fuel, but it is perfect for those that need to transport people (up to 7), or stuff!! Seats fold down for a lot of home depot runs!! It has a rear facing camera. And actually rides like a car. Very roomy on the inside. It is a great road trip vehicle, because of the amount of people, or things that it can hold. Also has a DVD player for those sitting in back that may get board! It has cup holders galore!!

- Susanne M

The aspen is unique! It is eye catching. High end looks at a reasonable price.

In love the look of the aspen! The third row seat is great but a little difficult to get to and not much leg room. The heated seats are great in the winter time and the sunroof is great for the summer time. The heating and air conditioning systems do not work as well as I expected for a Chrysler product. The engine is great! Lots of power but not lots of noise. I wish they still made the aspen. It is the perfect cross between a minivan and an SUV.

- Jenna P

Little storage space and a lot of problems for such an amazing vehicle.

This car has not been made in a long time but when we bought it used it already had issues. The catalytic converter is going out of it, gas cap does not fit properly, miles are high, and very little storage space if you actually have more than 4 people in it. Otherwise this is a really amazing vehicle. The seats are comfortable, it has warming seats, auto start with the key fob, DVD player, auto seats, I mean it has all the bells and whistles.

- Tia Y

2009 Chrysler aspen, it is a very Versatile vehicle.

I love this vehicle. Drives like a car, but is big enough to hold 7 people comfortably. You sit higher up in this vehicle, so you can see around you. Also, is very big, so makes you feel safe. It has a built in DVD player, so is perfect for passengers to stay occupied while riding. Perfect for kids. The back seats fold down, so it is great for carrying cargo, groceries, or whatever.

- Susanne J

Dodge aspen review ac CD DVD player all wheel drive 4.7 liter automatic.

It is very spacious and roomy rides very nice all wheel drive plenty of power and good fuel mileage 4.7 liter engine runs great and smooth ride down highway good resale value nice dependability and plenty of options nice radio satellite radio OnStar CD player DVD player power windows power door locks sunroof air conditioning third row seating full size spare.

- William G

Love the automatic tailgate.

Love the performance and look of this vehicle. The inside is very classy looking with the tan and wood grain features. Drives extremely smooth and never have had any mechanical issues other than routine maintenance. The sound system is crystal clear and never any static.

- Megan B

Chrysler aspen smooth drive!

Our aspen has 125, 000 miles on it and we have put little into it. We just had to get a new alternator. The suspension has always been horrible and the windows are a little noisy but other than that it is a nice car. I love the way it drives the steering is very smooth.

- Nicole C

Never thought it would be that great!

380276801 have not had any real problems, bought it used with 197,000 miles. Kids love it have room to move around, recline second row seats and watch a movie. Speaker and stereo system are amazing in sound. Only down feature is it 4 wheel drive and it eats the gas.

- Heather W

it looks very good and stylish but mechanical issues will always come up with the head gasket issues

no matter how good your preventative maintenance is on this vehicle chrysler and Dodge products the head gasket will always break or something goes out the transmission in my case the head gasket went out on this vehicle and it will cost me $2000 to fix that

- Joe A

Very comfortable to ride in and also very dependable.

I like that its large enough to be comfortable riding long distances. Easy enough for my disabled daughter to get into. Seats go down for more room in the back. I do wish the back was a little bigger.

- Dana W

The car has a great engine in it.

I like the space of the vehicle, but I don't like the situation of the windshield. For shorter people that need to be closer to the dash it causes bad blind spots on the outer part of the windshield.

- CJ r

It is reliability and comfort.

This vehicle is reliable. It is not a gas hog, gets pretty good mileage. The seats are extremely comfortable, adjustable, and heated. It drives very nicely and contains a 'hemi'.

- Lisa B

It's a trusty well running vehicle for a large family.

It's large. Seats 8 people. I feel safe and secure in it. It runs well and is comfortable. It has a backup camera and satellite radio.

- ali P

E85 fuel is not readily available since gas prices have gone done. Fuel economy could be better.

Its a load vehicle. Quality is about 70%. I have had to replace to many interior parts and electronics. Mechanically vehicle is sound

- Drew W

It carries a lot of people.

It is big and sits up high! Makes me feel safe. Very easy to drive. I can carry a lot of people, so it is a nice traveling vehicle.

- Susie M

Stow and go seating is amazing!.

It has plenty of room for camping gear. Very comfortable seats. 4?4 capable and it has big tires. And it has a sunroof.

- Sara L

It is very nice and drives smooth.

I love the way my car drives and looks, I do not like the size or how much gas it uses. I would like something smaller.

- Jennifer Q

Great reliable car with very little issues

Fun car. Easy to drive. Given to me by my parents. Engine runs great. Only a couple issues with starter and ac.

- James H

There is a big blind spot.

I like that I can get all 5 of my grandbabies car seats in it with room to spare. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Anna B

It's old and has lots of miles. Clean but still runs well

Runs well. Still nice and neat. 65,000 miles and planning on getting new vehicle. Need to change oil.

- Joe H

It's quite functional and offers easy access to all areas.

It has a good feeling about it while driving as for stability but it does suffer from blind spots.

- Maurice E

It drives safe and smoothly.

I like that it's big and makes me feel safe and it drives smoothly

- Gia T

I really love this SUV. It has a lot more room than other SUVs we looked at including rear storage space. It rides extremely smooth and comfortably seats 8 people.

This car is the smoothest ride I have ever experienced.

- Brynn K

wonderful new music system

great and gets me where i need to go and looks great

- lena B