2004 Chrysler Crossfire Owner Reviews & Problems


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Sport car, people always confuse it and think it is a brand new car.

Overall great performance vehicle. Reliable and only issues are the basic tune up, oil changes etc. Very comfortable car for long rides, for me I should say. Common issue on this vehicle is alarm battery dying, which makes the car act up. Love this car, as I get thumbs up and heads turn all the time. Always receiving compliments.

- Luis I

A fun convertible! Great to drive, perfect for enjoying a great weather day.

It is a convertible and great for enjoying wonderful weather. Has been very reliable. Heated seats, leather, good sound system and good gas mileage. Also has airbags and automatic door locks. Pretty fast as well. Even though it is a small car, the trunk can hold groceries from a small trip. It is a fun car to drive.

- Melinda B

Sexy, mechanically well built but internally not thought out well. Fun to drive.

Has the worst blind spot of any vehicle I have drive. Wouldn't want my 26 year old driving it simply because of that. The interior is not driver friendly as far as how it is designed. Definitely didn't make the best use of the space. Drives well. Holds onto the road, decent gas mileage.

- Angela K

The greatest car ever, comfortable and fast.

The car drives great, is the most reliable car I have had in a while nothing fancy with the features but everything I need I have. I haven't had any problems or issues with it in the 4yrs. I have had it.

- Diane R

It's a very reliable and sporty car

I had not much issues with it it is a very reliable car. Very comfortable it's got heated seats and I love that , I also like the rear spoiler it makes it look cool .