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Aubrey. A good road trip vehicle can also be sleeping quarters or storage!

My Pacifica is fondly called Aubree or my "momma mobile". She is built very well the all wheel drive is great for living in the hill country, you can get through rocky or rough terrain and she has performed well in rain, on Icy roads and in foggy weather she has never let me down. Her frame is very strong she hit a deer and it left a minor dent on the bumper. My children were in the car and because of how sound the framework of the car is there was no way of knowing we had hit the deer, adding to my surprise my children slept soundly through the whole thing! I love my vehicle and the freedom it gives me. I am able to put the seats down and carry timber and other building supplies in the back without any problems. The car seats 6 people and there's a small space in the back for groceries and other items. In the back it also houses the console to update your Pacifica's navigation system. I have found the navigation system in my 2004 to be lacking. We are often guided to the wrong place with the current navigation system so it is not in use. Aubrey does how all leather seating she has power seats for the front but they are manual in the back. The driver seat is comfortable and I have made many long trips in this vehicle it is decent on gas when you are on the highway but in town it will eat gas. The passenger seats I find to be very uncomfortable you feel every turn and bump more than you do in the driver's seat. This Pacifica has a CD player, ac, and several charging stations for your electronics, and the mirrors adapt to light so you can say goodbye to those people who shine their bright while you are trying to drive.

- Veronica H

My car has a very roomy backseat but also has engine problems.

I have had to put a lot of work into the car, I have got 3 broken motor mounts, I need a new upstream and downstream o2 sensor, but it made a 2000 mile cross country trip that I didn't expect it to, but the day after I finished the trip I tried to drive it and something is wrong with the front driver wheel, I think it is something to do with the axle and bearings. I have had the fuel pump replaced it cost me $1000, but it only gets about 10 miles to the gallon so a full talk will only get you about 160 miles. I just changed the spark plugs which I thought would help with the gas mileage but it did not. My key fob battery or the car battery just died as it will not unlock with the key anymore.

- Melanie K

Pros and cons of a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica.

My Chrysler Pacifica is awesome but it does have rust issues. It can also sometimes really burn gas. The back seats can be cramped and uncomfortable depending on the size of passengers. This vehicle is great for large families, but can be a pain to get small children in and out of. Also installing car seats can be a pain in the butt with this make and model. I have no complaints as far as the interior or design of the vehicle. The sunroof is an awesome feature that I appreciate but a panoramic sunroof will be even nicer. I do believe this vehicle is well worth the investment. I would definitely recommend Chrysler Pacifica family friends even perfect strangers.

- Lindsey B

Great but with many faults

It has a very comfortable ride and plenty of interior space and luxury but I have come to learn of its many faults. It has numerous electrical issues including the front blinker that has been giving me problems since I purchased the vehicle and there has never been a working cruise control. And more recently there is something wrong with the ignition where when you turn the vehicle off it acts as if there is no power coming from the battery. I have had it taken in but to no luck.

- Dakota A

Chrysler pacifica is the way to go. You will not go wrong with this SUV.

My vehicle has been the best. Great performance. I haven't had any major repairs. Just regular maintenance. I did have to get extension repair and radiator repair. I like how roomy my vehicle is. I do have the DVD player, and CD player, third row which is awesome to have. The only thing I do not like is my automobile get bad gas mileage. It is reliable. It get me everywhere I need to go. If I could afford a new Chrysler pacifica I would not hesitate get one.

- Ira T

A good family car, great for travels.

My vehicle is used, with 2 previous owners than myself. The fuel pumps can go bad if the car is kept outside in rough winters like the ones in Michigan. I have good mileage and it's a very spacious vehicle for my growing family and myself. The leather seat make for easy clean up from my two year old and his messes and the sun roof adds a nice touch during the summer when we want the windows down but without much of a crosswind in the car.

- Mary L

Has a ton of room and great sound system.

This has a lot of room for either transporting people or hauling items in the back with the seats that lay down it is almost like having a truck bed. I wish that the front had more space for me to put my purse, and that it would be a little more convenient to buckle up without putting up the arm rest. I love that is has a set up for DVD and CD player also for being a stock system has a nice stereo sound. It drives well.

- Rebekah P

Good car overall. I would probably purchase another just a newer year.

My pacifica is very comfortable to drive power steering could be a little better motor mounts break easily I am always having to have them fixed or replaced. Gas mileage is fair wouldn't mind it being a little bit better but overall it is a good car I got leather interior automatic windows the CD player works great it is got a DVD player that is broken it is got an upgraded stereo system power windows power locks.

- Cheryl D

My faithful Chrysler Pacifica

I've had my 2004 Chrysler Pacifica since 2008.. I love my car... Over all these years, I've only had to replace the radiator, alternator, and battery... This doesn't include topical maintenance for the car. Like brakes, tires, oil change, etc.. This has been the best car I've ever owned..I will be sad when the day comes that I have to get rid of it.

- Molly C

Pacifica 2004 all wheel drive

I like the pacifica I've owned about 4 of them so far only have had minor issues and a few major issues they drive good and there very reliable as long as you maintain it well we take very good care of the vehicle regular oil changes checking the fluids new tires every year or every other year we've done a lot of traveling in our pacifica I love it

- Paul M

Love the third row seating!

This vehicle has the following advantages: heated seats, remote hatch opening, sunroof, 3rd row seating, rear window windshield wiper, and several cup holders. . The drawbacks are the lack of an ashtray or cigarette lighter, it "drinks" power steering fluid, and the door seal on the driver's side has deteriorated and leaks.

- Janet D

To summarize the vehicle would be to say it is energy efficient good on gas,

It has some computer performance issues, because it is a newer made vehicle, where older vehicles are less maintenance, but great overall performance. I prefer driving it with it is comfort, and durability, I think it is worth keeping for a very long time, hopefully many more years as my closest reliable vehicle.

- Patricia H

Tool long for my new garage. Time for a new vehicle.

My car has been very reliable. It now has 206, 000 miles on it. Could be needing transmission repair soon. I am thinking about trading. Also it is quite big for my new tiny garage, so I need a smaller vehicle. It is 17’ long and 6. 5’ wide. I do not have room for my passengers to get out inside the garage.

- Joyce C

The most important thing about my car is dependability.

It is a very good car low maintenance and very dependable the only problem I have had with it was the horn kept blowing one time and we had to disconnect the battery and it also has way to many extras in it that I don't use for instance the GPS thing I don't use to many newer help aides we have now a days.

- Ruth H

The pros and the cons 2004 pacifica AWD.

Transfer case had to be replaced, air compressor needed to be replaced. It is currently making a crazy noise while driving, accelerating or decelerating does not affect the noise. It's comfy and spacious gets mediocre gas mileage. Storage capacity in the trunk is quite nice even when the third row is up.

- Nicole M

Roomy for larger families.

I bought my car used, and it is an older vehicle. I like that it seats 6 comfortably and the back seats fold down to allow for plenty of room for transporting things. However, I am a shorter person so seeing over the dashboard is a bit difficult, and there is a big blind spot because of the side mirrors.

- Pauline M

Sturdy ride, driving during winter season

Very Roomy for passengers I commute with to work. Sturdy ride with height level when adjusting seating for passengers. Gas mileage is usually a good bet when commuting to and from work as well as picking up my co workers. Not much luggage space due to 3rd row seating if applicable

- Tyrone E

this car, really is such a great car

it is very comfortable and the seats are easy to control (front and back). Driving it is very easy and very smooth sailing along with that the steering wheel is also quite easy to navigate on the road. Lastly it is great for long car rides or family vacations to different states.

- alex J

Review for 2004 Chrysler pacifica.

I like the car, but I do not feel that it is the best for the winter time. It is really comfortable, gives good gas mileage. It has heated seats which is a plus in the winter. All the controls are electric. It is very reliable in the summer and also in winter if it does not snow.

- Lady M

Comfortable, quiet and spacious.

The vehicle is 14 years old, my husband and I bought it used. There seems to be an issue with the air conditioning and acceleration sometimes feels sluggish. Seating is very comfortable. The space in the car is awesome. Quiet, comfortable ride. Wish it was better on gas mileage.

- Jessica F

Best feature to fix!! This car has a DVD player sure would like to though !!

I like it. But it has a lot of miles on it. Needs some work & I could use some help with the control arms. Otherwise it is a great car! It is fully loaded & needs some TLC. So far I just taken one step at a time. The best thing about it I love though is the sunroof!!

- Lisa, R

2004 Chrysler pacifica AWD.

The pacifica is known for stripped oil pan bolt, but easily fixable. It is great in the snow. Very comfortable ride. Decent gas mileage for an older SUV. Plenty of space. She's still running great at 175k miles. The only thing it is missing is an aux input on the radio.

- Lizzy H

The Pacifica is ahead of its time. A very good family vehicle.

It has been a very good and dependable vehicle. It gets fair gas and has been very easy to maintain. It is spacious with plenty of gadgets to operate. It is easy to maintain. The engine is easy to service. The tires are very expensive. I love the size, .

- Russell C

Convent drive. Great color. Runs smooth.

I have a lot of issues with the brakes.. Older car tend to rot faster. Run good. Has been very reliable regardless of any and all issues.. Comfortably fits family of 5. Wish it had TVs but does have DVD hook wish it had a sunroof and aux cable connection.

- Shane M

Beautiful reliable vehicle

I have over 250,000 miles on my vehicle it was been very reliable, enough room for my 3 kids and plus some. Heated seats are amazing. Drives perfect. I have no had any major issues with this vehicle. Ac runs perfect. Love the sunroof. 6 disc CD player.

- Stephanie D

The dinosaur I never asked for.

Since the moment we bought that car it has not done very well for us. Every time it changes gears it jolts, every battery we buy for it dies faster than it should, it never shows the correct amount of gas it has, and it's incredibly loud and obnoxious.

- Precious D

Looks new outside, paint is shiny and clean inside.

It is has six seats, very spacious, nice, clean car. It is old with lots of wear and tear, but good family car. Great for kids, camping and trips. It's got modern, adjustable seats driver and passenger sides. Low mileage, excellent maintenance history.

- Jan E

Even though it is an SUV and kinda big it really is not that bad in gas not like most people would think it is.

I love that it has three rows of seats for many passengers to fit. I like that the third and second rows of seats lay down and makes a almost full sized bed to lay on. I love that it has four wheel drive so it's easy to drive when it snows.

- Brittney M

Good car for a growing, busy, family

My Pacifica is a nice vehicle, it has a sunroof I can open for the kids to look through on road trips. It has third row seating with storage and seats that go down on the third and second row. It's a nice family car especially for trips.

- Mary L

5 doors with 3 1/2 by 6 ft cargo space.

Great for hauling more than usual with both back seats folding down for extra cargo space. Gets great gas mileage of about 26-29 miles per gallon. handles well in bad weather. Has a nice sunroof.Lumbar for drivers seat.

- Chris H

It's great for moving a lot of stuff at once

It's doesn't get the best gas mileage but other than that it has tons of room and really assisted in moving from house to house, it has a strong engine and is awd, I love this car and wouldn't trade it for anything

- Austin D

My car, true review from a buyer, and a user.

It works and gets me from point A to B. Though after a few year it seemed all the check engine light turned on and stayed on even after I fixed the problem. From there it was just one tiny thing after the other.

- Victoria W

Perfect family car: taking the family on a camping trip or going to visit other family others!

I like that it is roomy, perfect family vehicle. One of the dislikes about the car is that it drinks a lot of gas! But it's a smooth driving vehicle that doesn't have a lot of mechanical problems.

- Dyneeka W

A little on the small side, but overall a decent vehicle.

CV joints and that general front end area has consistent issues, it's a little small, but decent pickup and power. Overall we like it, but there are some definite improvements that could be made.

- Randy L

Great vehicle! Good buy, reliable

My car is fully loaded great sound system,DVD player, 3rd row seating, very spacious on the inside, bought vehicle used so has some issues but for being used and a older model I love it

- Katrina H

My good old Chevy 04. Dependable and good on gas.

I purchased this car used with 130, 000 miles really cheap but it runs great!! I do not drive much but it made it from Philly to Maryland and back. Very few problems, good on gas.

- Sandra E

Avoid Buying a 2004 Pacifica

This vehicle has 6 seats. That's the only positive thing I can think of. It gets horrible gas mileage and always has something that needs to be fixed. Avoid if possible.

- john c

It does have a DVD player in it.

I like the size of my car. It works well for the size on my family. I am not very happy that my radio do not work right now. Also my ac isn't working that great as well.

- Kelly H

Comfortably seats 7 people would recommend buying

I like that it is a SUV with 3rd row seating. It's comfortable and drives good. Only dislike if the SUV is full there isn't a lot of space for groceries and other stuff.

- Jessica S

My car offers a smooth ride.

I like the convenience of having a car. I feel like my car has been steady and reliable for a long time. However, I must admit I wish I could afford a fancier car.

- Ryan D

Chrysler Pacifica. Sturdy SUV.

It is a great car, just has gotten old. It has about 180, 000 miles on it and has been a tough car. Drives great in the snow. Parts can be expensive.

- Amanda R

That it is a good riding car.

I love that is all wheel drive. I don't like that it needs work on it. I love the way it rides but don't like that it don't have much get up and go.

- Jo B

The car is very comfortable.

This car is very nice very comfortable and roomy, never gives me a problem. Plenty of room for food shopping third row seating. Good gas mileage.

- Catherine P

It's a good vehicle but when it starts having problems it's one thing after another

Well i didn't really have too many problems with it does seem to have issues with the fuel pumps going out and this vehicle has two of them

- Jon B

Smaller than it appears. Pretty basic and no trunk space

It is a crossover vehicle. 3 rows seats 6 people. Third row is small and there is no trunk space. It is a tight squeeze for a family of 5.

- Meaghin R

This car is very reliable and family friendly. I would recommend it to my family in friends who have a family.

This car is spacious and room for my family. The ride is smooth. I like that it is not too much technology that I can not keep up with.

- Tiffoney P

all the doors open on the left and the right. It has an alarm system and a rear window blades

Its old and uses way too much gas. It has problems with staring and running. Needs some work but gets me where I need to go

- jackie j

The part always available.

My car decent I don't drive a lot most the time I use public transportation my son use to drive me but he die last year.

- Mohammad H

My thoughts of this crossover

Check engine comes on, bad blind spots, bulbs in the fog lights will blow very fast. The spare tires is hard to get to.

- Tammy L

Lots of room, nice interior, reliable.

No complaints, I bought it used and love it, there are a few things I need to fix like any car but otherwise it's nice.

- Katrina H

It is loaded with luxury and designed by Mercedes, when chrysler merged with mercedes. It is a high performance, beautiful vehicle

I like the built in navigation, the DVD center, the style and power of this vehicle. there is nothing I dislike

- Lindy B

Pacifica on the road keeps you entertained

love the feature a my car has GPS navigation system a built in dvd player okay on gas mileage very dependable

- linda b

It has a lot of miles on it.

I do not like the how poor the gas mileage is for driving around locally. Driving long distances is better.

- Devon H

Great all around besides gas.

Gas hog but nice besides that great to have if you have a bigger family like it fits 6 and is very roomy.

- Tyler D

My vehicle is a crossover that seats 6/7 comfortably. It has a nice body style and is good on highway miles but sucks on city miles.

I Loved my vehicle until the ac stopped blowing in the front and when I looked it up it's a known issue.

- Tanika P

Its a multi passenger vehicle.

2004 Chrysler pacifica the transmission is going out it needs a new battery and 2 of the tires are bald.

- Jeremy J

I like the fold down seats. The newer models have a lot more features.

gear shift has a few problems. there is some rust on it but it is of the age and I live in minnesota.

- melissa t

It offers a smooth ride that you will always enjoy taking.

I like the interior of the car. I like the way it rides. I have no complaints about the car.

- Ryan L

It is a great family car that will last over the years.

Great family car with just the right amount of options. Has held up great over 10 years

- Mandi E

It's big and spacious! Lots of room!

My pacifica is awesome. very spacious. love the 3rd row. holds my kids and dog.

- anya R

My car is reliable as well as stylish and has great features.

My car is large, but great for a family. It is dependable. It is stylish.

- Amanda N