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A reliable, comfortable SUV that is easy to get in and out of for anyone.

The car is easy to get in and out of for an SUV. It is a comfortable ride and comfortable inside. I have had very few repair issues over the 13 years I have had it so it is very reliable. It is a bit of a gas guzzler though. At the time of purchase, I got most of the options available with the exception of the TV so it is well loaded. I have only recently experienced the sealant peeling on the paint job so it is probably time to get it painted. It has good dual ac and heating, a nice radio with a multi-disc CD player. There are air/heat vents in the second row so the people in back can also enjoy the heat/air. There is a 3rd row that folds down. I never use those seats so it has a nice large rear for things like shopping. It also has a programmable garage door opener, sunroof and power hatch.

- Debbie C

Safe and roomie! So big it can fit a single bed in it.

The Pacifica has been the best vehicle I have known . I have had two of them. First one was my parents first. I had taken a beating by the time I owned it. I can say it is a very spacious car can fit a single mattress in it. I like that there are plugs for the phones in the back as well as front and middle. The seats are very comfortable I wrecked the first one, the guy that hit me had a f250 I was turning left, when he hit, he pushed me into the medium, all airbags came out. I feel safe in the van! There is one thing that the van has, the sensors are messed up, the check engine light was on with both Pacificas its says p420 on the diagnostic. But it's a sensor issue.

- Rachel S

I would never buy another Pacifica

It has major electrical problems, it locks itself out of nowhere, the alarm goes off all the time and the key won't shut it off, I have had to walk out of work many times to start the car to shut the alarm off, it also has transmission issues, it will jerk real hard out of nowhere, It overheats, I have replaced the thermostat twice in a month, it is a comfortable car and rides nice when it runs, but it not at all reliable at all, no mechanic can fix the electrical issue. I like the video player for my granddaughter. When the back windows are rolled down it is like being in a tunnel, it is loud and uncomfortable. Worst vehicle I have ever owned.

- Tina R

Spacious and entertaining.

I purchased my pacifica for my growing family. It is very comfortable for the 5 of us. I love the captain seats in the middle. We also love the 6 disc DVD player. Makes long rides enjoyable for the kids. I also love how I can lay down all the seats in the back and convert it into a flatbed. The two captain seats are very easy to put down and back up again. It's convenient. Having an automatic open and close button for the back door is so nice! Especially with my hands full. The only problems I have encountered are the DVDs getting jammed and my strut needing fixed thanks to a pothole. Very good car.

- Alicia T

Decent vehicle with a few bugs

The Chrysler Pacifica is very nice for travel. It has lots of room with 3rd row seating, DVD player, and heated seats. But it also has many flaws. 1. Seats rip easily 2. The sensor in gas tank messed up and you couldn't go under half a tank without it ringing it was out of gas. 3. The wiring to the automatic seat setting became corroded and wouldn't let the seat move into place. Which caused the ignition switch to not lock. Which left the power running, which in turned messed up the alternator. Within that time frame the water pump went out along with radiator. So lots of issues.

- Tiffany P

It is a good sturdy car and very reliable.

My vehicle is very reliable and has caused me very little inconvenience through the years. The height of the vehicle is perfect for someone who has problems getting in or out of low vehicles. The gas mileage is rather bad a 16 mpg. It is very comfortable for long road trips. The front bumper fell off, I am not sure how that happened, I was driving on interstate and the wind caught it and pulled it right off, it must have been loose. The drivers door lock broke and would scream every time I locked or unlocked the car. I take care of my car and it takes care of me!

- Kenya H

The pacifica is a great car that has lasted us a long time! Its big!

This car has held up for years! She is falling apart now, but that is due to lack of love and age. We have a lot of issues with the radiator cracking and leaking. The windows do not work now. One of the cylinders is not working. But like I said we didn't care for it to well. It has been a wonderful car up until it is gotten run down. The air no longer works and leaks stuff inside the floor of the passenger side when you try to cut it on. It is a old car but has done wonders for our family over the years!!

- Samantha G

It does really good on gas and it has lots of room for a medium to large sized family with the optional third row seating.

I love my car. It has enough room for my family plus plenty of room in the back for groceries, outdoor equipment, etc. The only thing I don't like about it is I've been having problems with my gas tank/sensor/gauge. If it goes under half a tank I have to get gas immediately otherwise the gauge will drop to empty, even though there is still gas in it, and my car will act like it's out of gas and shut off. If I put a couple of gallons in it it will raise back up to over half a tank and register correctly.

- Laura S

The Pacifica looks and drives better then your boring minivan.

The Pacifica is a very comfortable car lots of leg room and ceiling room. The car gets great gas mileage at 19 mpg and that is in the city. It's a cross between an SUV and a station wagon its has a sleek design and very sophisticated look to it. The Pacifica we have has over 200, 000 miles and still going strong does not burn any oil. The previous owner had the transmission replaced the heads redone. I would recommend this car for a small family for it has the 3rd seat that can be taken out if needed.

- Fina G

My CHRYSLER Pacifica Touring.

I like the vehicle even though I bought it used, I have had so many problems with it that I put close to $15,000.00 on repairing the transmission and the motor and etc. At the beginning it was ok of a vehicle but as time passed it has been more of an expenditure and a headache. Even though mine came equipped with electronic seats, heated seats, CD to play music and what I have on this Chrysler Pacifica is a cassette player THAT I love dearly because it works better than the radio and the CD player.


Great car for long distance driving, very comfortable.

This car is very comfortable. The heated seats are my favorite feature in the winter. I recently put new tires on the car, and it has been running really well. It is a 2005 and only has 125, 000 miles on it. The only problem I have with this vehicle, is that the engine light is always on. I have taken it to many mechanics, including Chrysler, and no one can figure out why the light is on. Other than that, it is very comfortable and I love driving across country in this car!

- Crystal D

Great mom SUV, drives great, has great features and is not a minivan!

Pacifica is older model but love it. Very roomy with 3rd row. Seats 7 comfortably. Back seats lay down flat for lots of cargo space. Has a TV which is nice. Being an older model with 160k miles, it has some steering problems, tires rattle and key fob broke. Ordered a new key fob but haven't found anyone that will cut it. Cannot lock the car because the fob does not work. Gets me to and from work, have not had any major engine problems.

- Niki F

It holds a lot of people and or cargo which helps on road trips or big shopping trips:)

I like the how it fits 6 people & or plenty of cargo, It's great for big shopping trips or traveling in comfort. It has a great stereo system & is fun to open up the sunroof on a beautiful summer night & crank up the tunes. I like how both sets of rear seats fold down for long cargo or to kick back in the back for a fireworks show or a drive in movie. I don't like the vents & how hard it is to adjust the air or heat to hit you.

- ta b

It�s a cross between a SUV and a minivan.

As far as my car goes it's comfortable and spacious. Thus far I have encountered quite a few problems with it though the steering and suspension is going out I've had problems with various parts in the vehicle as well. But with all the problems it still drives we'll and gets me where I need to go. Lastly for most of the stuff that I've had to get fix hasn't cost me too much except for the steering and suspension.

- L M

Worst vehicle ever driven: buyer beware.

So many problems. The main one is the fuel tank: does not fill up properly, does not indicate accurate amount in tank, so the gauge will jump. If the gauge hits zero, the vehicle stalls. . Also, the radiator: the hose is too long, so if the gas is pressed heavily, there's a chance it will overheat. If that happens, the hose will pop off, or the vehicle will stall, and will not come back on until the engine cools.

- Sarah E

Great vehicle for traveling.

The pacifica is a reliable vehicle. The gas mileage is not as good as I would like. It is comfortable. I have been on a few long trips and it is comfortable. It has a DVD player and CD player as well as a cassette player, am/FM radio. I wish it had Bluetooth but I know it is older. Third row seating and very roomy inside. It has a tilt steering wheel and electric drivers side seat and electric mirrors.

- Rebecca C

Third row seats in this vehicle.

This vehicle is a good vehicle for a family of 6, the trunk space is minimal though. Mine is not all wheel drive although they do make them, I wish mine was. Gas mileage could be better. I do like the vehicle, its compact and easy to maneuver. The captain seats in the second row are nice. I wish the 3rd row had 3 seats instead of 2. The 3rd row goes down to make the rear straight, I really like that.

- Katie T

I love the versatility of the vehicle.

Gas mileage is not the best. It is great for Michigan winters with its all wheel drive. It handles well in snow, ice, rain, and dry weather. The ability to fold the 2nd and third row down to move things it great. It can seat up to 7 people. I love the sun roof. If it's raining don't have the windows down unless you get shields for the windows. The rain will leak through without them.

- Kalyn B

Great, comfortable, family vehicle.

The most I love about my pacifica is the third row seating, heated seats, and the DVD player. Great vehicle if you have kids. The only problem I have encountered is a speed sensor. The gas mileage is not the greatest. Tires are a weird size, so they are expensive. I have had to replace the liftgate pistons. It now works fine. The back sometimes leaks if it rains real hard.

- Heather P

It's a Pacifica and it has no highlights or interesting details.

My vehicle has very few problems and its performance is great. The Pacifica is very reliable. The comfort and numerous other fantastic features this vehicle offers makes it a great family vehicle. Its stylish looks makes it a perfect vehicle for a young man to impress his girl friend, it is also roomy enough for the owner to entertain several friends on a special outing.

- William F

2005 Chrysler pacifica: great for any family.

The performance of the vehicle is pretty standard for a 2005 vehicle. It features a navigation system that works well and is helpful. The leather seats are nice and comes with both heated seats for the driver and passenger. If you keep up on the maintenance, then the car will last a long time. It has a good body and the three row seating is great for any family.

- Jay W

Spacious, seats 6 and foldable rows.

I am a owner of a 05' pacifica Chrysler. My only issue is that I am having out of my vehicle is my ac. Other than that my pacifica is very reliable. I wish it had a aux cord port. It is very comfortable and spacious seats 6 people and if you want to you can lay the very back row down for more room and you can also lay down the middle row for more space as well.

- James N

I love this vehicle - drives and feels like a car yet has room for lots of stuff.

I just love this vehicle. I feel very safe and secure in it. I enjoy driving it's so comfortable with the leather buckets seats, the sun roof. I like the fact that it can seat six people comfortably but then I can always put down the 4 bucket seats to [place cargo in it I must say that I haven't really had any major problems only the normal wear and tear.

- Donna G

The most important thing others should know about the Chrysler Pacifica is that it is a reliable and dependable vehicle.

What I like about my vehicle is that it is very spacious as well as dependable. I bought the vehicle used and thankfully I got an excellent deal on this car. I don't like that it take a lot of gas, but it is not bad on gas it is just that I tend to do a lot of driving. I have had my car for almost 7 years and overall I have been very satisfied.

- Stephanie W

Good car with low gas mileage

Overall good vehicle. So far no problems. The reason for the 3 rating is because I bought it used. I've had it for about 6 months now and so far so good. I'm seeing as long as you have the oil changed whenever you reach that 3000 mile mark, you are as good as gold. The pickup on the highways are good. One small issue though. It is a gas guzzler.

- Laron P

2005 Chrysler Pacifica SUV minivan

I love it. It's a mix between a minivan\SUV. Standard stereo with a DVD player hook up. Automatic windows and locks. Dual heat\air control front and back. Folding back passenger seat with third row seating. I haven't really had any issues except for timely occurrences of replacing parts here for natural wear and tear with regular maintenance.

- Melissa N

05 Chrysler pacifica-3rd row seats-daily driver-very dependable car.

2005 Chrysler Pacifica, 215,000 miles. 3Rd row seats. Runs and drives good. Engine and transmission good. It could use maintenance on radiator as is overheats at times. Checking coolant often helps. Also needs new heater blower motor. Over all, still a very dependable car. With maintenance and upkeep, it still has some life to get out of it.

- Marisa A

Chrysler pacifica.. Very easy to drive.

It is a great car. Rides great. Has sunroof.. Great on long trips. Never had any problems. Has strong engine. Great family car. Good on gas great on long distance trips. Kids sleep well in it. Has great heating and air. Love the CD player.. The only problem is the DVD player is too close to the sunroof. So if not closed right it mess up it.

- Barbara H

It is amazing. The all wheel drive is great. It handles well and has a DVD player in it.

I love the fact that my car has all wheel drive. It's amazing in the winter and I live where I get a lot of snow. I also like the fact that it has an automatic liftgate, makes it easier to load groceries. I also like that the back seat can be down to have more storage room for stuff, or can be up to be used as more seating when I need it.

- Alisha C

It's a car and it runs me from point A to B.

My vehicle is not in the best of performance. Then again what vehicle is really well designed these days? Anyway, there are only 2 things that stand out about my vehicle. 1. The horsepower is great 2. Gas and mileage are almost never an issue. The interior design of a car such as mine is not as high tech as I would like but whatever.

- Nathan S

Dependable ride. Runs like new, heat and air works well, new battery.

Runs good, no real problems just normal wear and tear like tires (which have been replaced), replaced battery, had to have electrical box replaced. No engine problems or transmission problems. Had to have radiator replaced due to being hit by a driver who ran the red light. Body is in good shape, no rust. Radio/CD player works fine,

- Von B

05 Pacifica has held up well but multiple items has failed

Gas mileage is not very good and trim on rim sides are beginning to rust. Power seats are beginning to fail on tilt. Had to replace tie rods on both front tires. If you ever need to change the belt it is very hard to get to and route. Screen on factory radio has went blank. Good thing is DVD player for children and 3rd row seating.

- Doug R

I like that I can seat 7 passengers

I like the feature of being able to control the radio from the wheel. The seats are Comfortable. I like the storage spaces Specially the storage between the front seats. I like that I can set the temperature of the car. The back seats can lay down. The storage space between the two bucket seats in the back. I like having a compass

- Brandy M

It is the most comfortable car.

My y car has been wonderful. I have not had any problems with it all. The only money I have had to put in it is your normal upkeep on a car. The oil changed and tires when needed. It is the most comfortable car I have ever rode in the seats are amazing. The heat and air you can adjust for every seat. I am pleased with everything.

- Johnny M

2005 Chrysler Pacifica :)

Takes awhile to get cool because of large windshield letting the sun beat in. Bought used a year ago and have put almost 30k miles on it. Transmission has started to slip when cold but has never failed us. We have took many trips 500+ miles and nothing but great performance. Take care of your car and it will take care of you :)

- Michael S

Watch out for the windows!

The Pacifica has definitely given me my money's worth as far as longevity. However I have had some issues. The anti-lock brakes do not work and the dashboard is falling apart. All four of the electric windows have had to have the motors replaced. Each one has gotten stuck open and it has been expensive to have them all fixed.

- Stacey K

Pacifica is safe, reliable, comfortable and spacious.

I really love my vehicle because it is comfortable and very roomy. It is also a very safe vehicle because it has a mercedes-benz engineering. Because I have arthritic knees, it is easier for me to get in and out of than a sedan. The cargo space is ample and the back seats can be lowered to give you even more cargo space.

- Mara M

Very nice comfortable interior and ride.

It is all power, very comfortable, easy to get in and out of, all together it is a real pleasure to drive. There is one thing I wish it had and that's a speaker jack on the stereo system. My back bumper came off and I was surprised to see how it is held on. Maybe they could improve on that. All in all I really like my car!

- Terry S

Great first car for new driver.

So far the only thing that I am having issues with is the fuel pump is about to go. Besides that car runs just fine and I have never had any issues. Cosmetically though I do think it is kind of ugly, as people have also asked me if it is a van. All over I would recommend this to be a great first car for a new driver.

- Stefanie G

the way its looks and rides is amazing

there's problems with the wiring and problems with the fuel pumps on these Pacificas but its the best vehicle we have ever owned and I would for sure buy another one. it's great for families and amazing on road trips. We love the way it drives and how comfy it is. it'll stay with us until it just don't move no more.

- David P

It's great highway wagon/SUV.

Love how it hugs the road. It's great on highway. It is a gas guzzler though. It, s old so it needs regular maintenance and oil changes. My back lift gate motor is out, so I have to open it through hole inside of care on the lift gate door. The engine is holding up, but after a few years you must replace hoses.

- Charlie Y

Chrysler Pacifica, a car that's made for a great road trip!

My 2005 Chrysler Pacifica is a very nice car, with lots of room for a comfortable ride, great stereo & a nice look all around. We use this car as our go to car for road trips since it has lots of room & holds lots of stuff with its three rows of seats & multiple configurations on seats that lay down if needed.

- Jib B

2005 Chrysler Pacifica.. all together a great vehicle..

I love it.. no really big problems yet except the passenger back window motor had to be replaced.. it great on gas and gets good mileage.. the air conditioner is super cold and the heat will burn you out of it..lol..it doesn't use a lot of oil or any other fluids.. the down side is it does need a third row..

- Christy W

2005 Chrysler pacifica comfort, roomy, reliable.

Crossover provides great space, with room for 6 including captains chairs in the second row. Comfort, drives great. Driven this car long distance, sustained many trips on the road. Heated seats. OnStar. Push key for trunk access, no hands feature. Safety closes to avoid injury. Back up sensors. Burns gas.

- Ashley T

The Chrysler Pacifica is a fantastic family vehicle.

One of the negatives is it gets poor gas mileage. However, it's a great reliable vehicle for those with children. There's third row seating and captains seats in the back. It is all wheel drive which is perfect for winter driving. It also has an auto stick so you can have more traction control if needed.

- Rihanna L

Great gas mileage, roomy, good for family of 6 and good features for a not so new car.

I love the size of my car 3rd row seating with good room for a family of 6. Has a air intake leak which is very expensive to fix but not required for the overall car performance. Sadly this is a problem at all cars of that year end up having. Good gas mileage but if the leak was fixed would be fabulous!!

- Collette W

I would buy another Pacifica again!!

I love the second row captains chairs with console, the third row seats, the huge space available to haul stuff. I also like the way my car drives and handles and its been very dependable. I purchased it used (one previous owner) and got a very good deal on it. I would definitely buy a Pacifica again!

- Cindi H

The 'mom' car I was looking for!

I love the space! I currently have 3 car seats and we all have room with no problems! My only adjustment so far is getting used to how big it is. My kids completely love the DVDs that come built in as well! I haven't had any mechanical issues this far. It's exactly the 'mom' car I was looking for.

- Andrea R

2005 Chrysler pacifica limited.

I am not a huge fan for mini vans, and that is exactly what the Chrysler pacifica reminds me of. Not as much room as I thought it would have. The seats do lift up to get to the third row seating but it is more of a hassle than anything. I have had mechanical problems with the car since I got it.

- Kaila P

Comfortable ride with good winter weather Maneuverability.

I bought this used. There was an electrical failure, but it was an inexpensive fix. (<$200) It handles well. I live in Michigan and it is great in the winter weather with controllability. There are blind spots that require extra care for lane changes, etc. I find the seats very comfortable!

- Jane C

I am completely happy with my choice and have never regretted the purchase.

The vehicle was built for safety. It's nickname was the protector during manufacturing. It offers multiple configurations within the vehicle. The second row being captain's chairs is very appealing. It offers all options for sound The only downside, it's fuel efficiency could have been higher.

- Hugh P

The highlights of my vehicle are the tv DVD player the fact I can hook up game.

I honestly do not have any vehicle problems, I love everything about my vehicle, my seat have warm seats, 3rd row seats which makes it convenient for my children, comes with the feature tv and DVD, excellent for road trips the seats are bucket which lets you adjust them at your own comfort.

- Ashley J

Honestly really good and don't even fog

My car has its ups and downs, but in the end the performance is really outstanding. From the motor and what is under the hood is really good with performance. With the lovely paint job my vehicle came with, to the beautiful rims which came from the factory make the car absolutely stunning.

- Lily I

Seat warmers, third row seat seats also folds down very spacious.

Good condition runs good need new battery has new fuel pump new water pump needs new tires soon has third row seats also seats heats up its very spacious good vehicle for families or single mom with multiple kids. It is an automatic rides good on highway everything electric has CD player.

- Shay T

The Chrysler Pacifica in my opinion

I love the Pacifica very little maintenance in 12 years great on gas would buy another one if I had to replace it. The touring model has lots of legroom back seat folding for projects, great family car, comfortable traveling long trips what else can I say it's a great vehicle in my book

- Carolyn M

The Chrysler Pacifica is a great car for families.

Car drives smooth, no mechanical problems with 195, 000 miles. Very roomy. The car has is great for a big family as the car can hold 7 people. The back seats can collapse to give you a lot of trunk space. The car gives you great mileage and has taken me across countries with no issues.

- Liz R

It is ok but it is not perfect.

To many mechanical problems. Going on my third fuel pump. Front transfer case went out. It gets poor gas mileage. I like the 6 passenger seating. I like the DVD. The heated seats have gone out. It drives will on the highway. I really like the power seats and power rear view mirrors.

- William J

Great. Very comfortable and gas mileage is 21 to 25 mph.

With the front window slanted and thick trim, that makes it hard to see cars coming. Check engine light stays on, even after the engine is checked. Leaks oil or antifreeze easily. Very comfortable and roomie. Drives fantastic and picks up speed. DVD player is wonderful for children.

- Lisa G

The Chrysler Pacifica touring edition: luxury meets practical.

The Chrysler Pacifica touring edition is a great vehicle for those with children or those who need more room to transport people. Its luxury meets practical. Its reliable and sturdy, come equipped all wheel drive which is a must have if you live in an area with harsh winters.

- Carmen L

Smooth ride and long life.

I love the smooth ride this crossover vehicle provides. I had no issues with the vehicle until it was 10 years old. Since then I have replaced the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors and last year I had the transmission fluid replaced. I would buy this car again without fail.

- Ann C

Its black and white with a very long front 4 doors 4 tiers and plenty of windows.

I am a very big fan of my transportation device. It is very reliable and also styling at the same time. It come with a DVD player to entertain the passengers in the back. Very roomy perfect for big families with kids and dogs. Great traveling car and very wonderful with gas.

- Nancy M

Pacifica. This is ridiculous. I feel like I am in school.

Well, yesterday, my gear shift stopped working. That is the second time in the last couple of months. I was told it is popular with Pacifica's. I wish my air conditioner worked, but I do like how roomy it is, and that the seats are the right height for me to just slide in.

- Denise C

It is a great vehicle to have.

I love my car. I moved my apt and I used my car to move all my furniture including a washer and dryer. I was please at how much I could load up in my car. I also use my car for my business and it is very gas friendly. I would recommend my car to anyone wanting to buy one.

- Julie P

The gas pedal and brake pedal adjust in and out. It has a sunroof. It does not get good fuel mileage.

This car has a lot of problems. I am taking it in next week to replace the third fuel pump in the last 12 months. I have had to replace the front transfer case. The oil dipstick broke off in my hand. I do like the 6 passenger seating and the DVD. I Like the heated seats.

- Bill J

My experience with a Chrysler Pacifica.

I love the comfort of the car. It is very spacious and neat. I love that it has armrests. Only the lights flash, though, whenever the alarm goes off. Not sure if it is supposed to b silent or not. Also 2005 Chrysler Pacifica, at one point, were on recall. No fun.

- Laura T

Great car pacifica for a great price.

Great car overall. Very spacious car. Captain seats in 2nd rows. 3rd row seating. 3rd row seats. Lay down to make very spacious trunk. Hatch is automatic. Great color. Leather interior. Alloy wheels. Automatic seats. Very easy to clean. Tinted windows. DVD player.

- Shannon C

Family vehicle with storage and convenience.

Constant motor mount issue & catalytic converter must be replaced every two to three years. No other problems. Vehicle is for a large family and includes storage room. The vehicle can hold up to seven passengers with no issue. I would purchase this vehicle again.

- Sheba H

The mothership of them all.

No problems very comfortable. Performance is wonderful, fully loaded and well just excellent. Very reliable and great features. Just excellent on the highway. Also have plugins for DVD player along with 6 disc changer. Is very great on gas and moto is wonderful.

- Karen T

Beautiful blue/gray color Runs well Good gas mileage

The Pacifica is a great family car. We are a young family hoping to grow our family soon. The back seats fold down which is awesome for travel or just loading groceries. I did have my AC compressor lock up which put my car out of commission for a while.

- Cassandra B

Great vehicle for families or carpooling!

I like that it is such a big car. It has three rows of seats and has leather interior. Has cruise control and great radio. I do not like that the top of the car makes it move around so bad when it is windy out. Other than that it is a great family car.

- Sharon L

Amazing vehicle�s, I would recommend these vehicle�s, for comfort, safety.

My vehicles are great, even the 2005 still awesome. Roomy, great mileage comfortable, reliable. Power windows, air condition, front wheel drive on one vehicle. Low maintained. Heated seats, heated steering on the 2019. Touch tone phone, backup cameras.

- Jo A

It is a nice versatile car but be cautious of the many blind spots.

I like that it is mid size, not too big but has plenty of seating and some cargo space. I like the versatility of being able to put the back row seats up or down depending on need. I do not like the many blind spots around the vehicle.

- Kim H

It drives really nicely and has been going strong for over 230,000 miles.

I love the third row seating and that you can fold the back seats down and they are flat with the trunk area. My kids love the DVD player. It is my favorite car. I wish that they still made these as SUVs instead of vans now.

- Heather P

All around covetable car nice seat lot of space.

It an ok car. Handles well. Wish it sat a little taller. It was given to me by my parents. Have had it a little less then a year. Been having issue with the battery. If I leave the back gate open too long it kill the battery.

- Ana D

It's a nice car overall especially if you have children!

I like the car but it's just too big for me.It's a nice roomy car.Can seat up to 6 people.I've owned for 3 yrs.& haven't had any major problems except for a starter.It's a nice looking car.Rear door opens closes automatically

- Rosanne T

It is a safe and reliable vehicle, despite its age. It gets me where I need to go.

I like the "bells and whistles" it has, such as heated seats and a sunroof. However, it is getting old and needs some work done on it. I wish I could afford a newer, more reliable vehicle. This works for now, though.

- Mary K

It is a gas hog that breaks down all too frequently.

This vehicle failed inspection at 2 year with less that 15000 miles. This vehicle has stranded me o the road more than once. Gas mileage is 10-11 mpg. It is comfortable and drives well but is of terrible quality.

- Jerry C

Do not pay more than $2, 500 for that year and model.

I love my vehicle because it rides so smoothly. I also love the leather interior and the wood grain. I love that you can push the button to open the trunk. I dislike that the trunk is so small.

- First D

Dependable rockstar of a car

Very roomy and comfortable, it seats 6 adults comfortably, also has all wheel drive which is important in Ohio. It has keyless entry and remote start. I would not trade this car for anything

- Tom C

That it is a good reliable car with good storage capacity.

I like my car. It is getting pretty old, but it still drives like a champ and other than regular maintenance I haven't had to have much done to it. Its comfortable and very easy to drive

- Barbara S

It is a great family vehicle that holds our 5 family members.

It is a smaller vehicle with 3 rows. There is not much storage in the back. It has leather heated seats. It runs well but doesn't have as much acceleration power as my last vehicle.

- Robin S

The Pacifica is a reliable trusting vehicle and has given me minimal problems.

I like that my Pacifica has third row seating, leather seats, sunroof, heated front and back middle seats, and a DVD system. I dislike that it is a 2005 and has 250k miles on it.

- Meagan T

It is a great third row for a growing family!

I haven't had any problems with my Pacifica other than the air motor blower going out! Other than that there has not been any issues! I love the room it gives each section!

- Brandy B

The car is difficult to back up with lack of vision thru back windows.

It's really hard to back up and it is a very wide car. Overall it drives really nice. Has lots of miles on it and has gotten me far. Just hard to be comfortable in it.

- Jenny N

The Pacifica has a lot of room , it can sit 5 comfortably, and enough room for all the coinciding luggage!

I like the room, I do not like the rear window, it has to big of a blind spot. I also don't like that it does not have the "get up and go" when I try to accelerate!

- Aitor A

Very reliable and spacious a great family vehicle.

Very reliable, comfortable and powerful a great family vehicle with plenty of space because of 3rd row seating with heated seats and TV for children on long rides!

- Kayla N

It's very dependable, has lots of room. Rides very good. Great family vehicle.

I like the body style. It drives great. And I get complaints all the time, what a nice car I have. Its black and blacked out with 22 inch chrome rims! I love it!

- Cheryl L

It is very reliable transportation.

Had a major issue with the a/c blower but no issues since replaced. It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever own. Lots of nice extras and super reliable.

- Story H

The back window rolls down.

It is a smooth driving car. It has great handling. I do feel like it does not do that well on major highways. It feels more like a driving around town car.

- Emily H

2005 Chrysler Pacifica a car that's worth every penny

Love it, we bought it with 200,000 miles and they had replaced transmission and the headers. Has lots of legroom and we can sleep in the back if needed

- Fiina G

Comfort and gas mileage. Great passenger car too.

I like the comfort and ease of driving my car. It just needs repair. Transmission needs to be replaced and it doesn't have but about 160,000 miles

- Joyce T

I dislike my Chrysler Pacifica. It ran ok for a little while then the sensors.

A/c is not working, breaks have went out, window crank broke. Multiple sensors have went out. It does not have a lot of room in it for a family.

- Elizabeth F

That it is a very reliable source of transportation.

My car is roomy. My car gets good mileage. My car is reliable. My car has increasing paint blistering on the right rear side by the lower door.

- Debbie S

It is a really nice car. Especially for a family.

To be honest I love everything about this car. But the only complaint I have is that I need more room. My family has grown since I bought it.

- Jessica J

"The Chrysler Pacifica is a great car for long trips with the family".

It is comfortable, drives well & has a 6 person seating capacity with leather interior a great stereo system & is a nice car for long trips.

- Jim B

My car is very comfortable!

I love the flexibility or the seating, and the comfortable ride. I dislike that the hydraulic for the back door lift quit about 5 years ago.

- Beth S

Bad year for that model it sucks.

Burns oil, bad gas mileage it the design is ok but look more like a minivan. Poor quality of materials used, sloppy care to details.

- Joseph L

It does not have auto lights.

Its good, I just need more seats for my own personal needs. It doesn't have auto lights or a aux cord plug which would both be nice.

- Tammy T

This vehicle has lots of room

Interior is very comfortable, lots of room in the back. Have been having problems with the air conditioning and also the headlights

- lisa t

That it has been a great car.

I love how reliable my car has been all these years. I love the amount of space it has. I dislike the way the paint job has aged.

- Cristina F

Nice and clean in out it have lots of room.

It is red it runs ok you would love it. It is go on gas it is a good running car you can take your all your family with you.

- Nikki L

It burns through oil so you have to have the oil check and topped off often.

I like that it has a lot of room and seats for people. I don't like that it burns through oil. I don't like how wide it is.

- Danielle A

It is just as comfortable when taking trips as it is when driving around town.

I love the buttons/controls on the steering wheel. I rides comfortably and seats 7 people easily. I would buy it again.

- Lori T

That it is a great family vehicle.

I like the way it drives so smoothly. But I hate that it wastes too much gas. I have had to fix several things on it.

- Diana C

My car runs good and pulls great. It is also good on gas.

I like that my vehicle is spacious. It's easy on gas and pulls great. I love the heated seats and the way it drives.

- Nicole H

Third row seating! Perfect for a family with older kids

I love that these contain third row seating. Perfect for a family with older kids for back seat. This seats 6 people

- Kate T

They should know that it is reliable, but does take a lotto fill it up.

I like the space, seating, and sunroof, most importantly I like the gas/mile. I do not like the small trunk space.

- East B

Great family car, good on gas very reliable car to take to work, school

Great on gas but when needing tires, most likely you will have to order and most places don't have them on hand

- Mayte A

Has lasted me for almost 14 yrs with little problems.

It is a well built car, perfect size for my family. Have had no problems. Dislike the blind spots it creates.

- Kelly B

No air inside so it is an hot ride.

I like that it drives. I do not like the air not working. I do not like the tires. I do not like the brakes.

- Sammy L

That it is really comfortable to go on long rides in.

It's comfortable, but the trunk door doesn't go up enough when opened, so it's easy to bump your head.

- Amberlie M

This vehicle is very comfortable.

I like the legroom this vehicle has in both the front seats as well as the second and third row seats.

- Matt P

It run well on the highway gets good gas mileage on long trips as well on town.

My vehicle is red with dark interior. Use it every day. I like it because it sets me up high.

- susie d

It is not a good car the water pump went on it and the struts turn the air . It seems like when you fix it something goes wrong with it

It's a good van for a lot of people The gas is not that good Having problems with this model

- James E

Its reliable it rarely gives me any issues at all I would buy another one like it

This is my third Pacifica I love this car it is very reliable it's good on gas and its cute

- Yliana L

It is very cheap on gas I can fill it up at the beginning of the week and not have to fill it up for awhile

I like the size but I don't like that it's so old. It's a pretty color ad well

- Jaquila S

A smooth ride and fun times.

I like how it runs. I dislike the bad gas mileage. I like it's roominess.

- Robert D

Good family car and good on gas

I love it has a lot of power option but It's been in the shop to much

- Cathy C

Not to big, the whole family fits. I dislike that it rains inside sometimes, will get it fixed.

It has a lot of space to carry things, when the seats are down.

- Carina A

that it has new tires on it, took a lot of trips , it seats 6 people comfortably, carries a lot of stuff

It's a great car, love it, but hope to get a newer model soon

- Pam O