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Its spare tank saves my life that goes almost 30 miles

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Base

It has lots of luxury features. It has heating in 4 of the seats and Can carry 5 passengers (3 row seats). The back door (baggage door) can be opened with remote or with a button over the first seats. After I leave the car, if it is dark outside or about to be dark, it keeps lights on almost 1 minute to help you find your way or open your house door. It is automatic gear. Its brakes are very comfortable (a new driver can get used to it very easily), it can accelerate quickly. I love it's (I don't know what it is called) extra gas tank. I forgot to fill the tank a couple of times when the main tank is completely empty. I drove almost 40 miles. So, I don't panic if my tank seems empty. The car has some wooden parts (ornaments) inside of the doors that look beautiful. The side mirrors can be moved with automatically ( electric system). If there is a problem like deflated tire or any motor problem, a light appears on dashboard. I can change mile to km on dashboard. It has CD player and radio but I connect my smartphone to the system and listen anything I want, its speakers are wonderful. I feel I am at concert hall when I listen to music. Its seats are adjustable with a button on the doors (electric buttons). I can change its height and tilt too. I love my car.

- Casey E

Good reliable and reliable

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Base

We purchased our car after my van broke down and we needed a car fast. We have had our Pacifica for over three years now and it has been good. It seats all four of our kids comfortably. It has been a good reliable car. We bought ours used and have not had any problems with it. We really like the fact that we can control the temperature separately for both me and my husband, that way he does not freeze me out. We do wish that the trunk space was bigger. I have to do most of the grocery shopping on my own or without part of my family with me. It makes it difficult to do any major grocery shopping with our four kids all in the car since we can only fit such a small amount in the trunk and nothing too bulky or the door can not shut. Overall our purchase was a good one. We would purchase another one to be used as a second vehicle in a heartbeat. We are adding to our family so our Pacifica will not be very useful since it only seats 6 and we are about to increase our family size to 7.

- Chelsea R

Chrysler Pacifica review. Console storage space is deep.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

My 2006 Pacifica lost its sunroof on the highway. Turns out there was a recall. There are bad blind spots while driving and trying to merge and pass. The cloth seats faded and are broken. The driver’s seat has broken down so badly that I can see the gears under the seat. The plastic frame of the seat is cracked. The door handle fell off on the driver’s side. The dash does not light up well. It is a very dark dash. I do like the fold down seats in the very back of the car. It makes it easier to load groceries. There is almost no foot room in the very back seats. Children can be comfortable, but adults cannot. I have already had to replace the catalytic converter, and battery.

- Amy L

Great car love the older design. Station wagon on steroids

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring

Seats 6 comfortably. It's medium sized but all seats fold down to carry a lot of stuff. It's like a station wagon on steroids and I love the design of the older models. Nice ride and we have maintained it and it has been dependable. Only problem was motor mounts throughout the years we have had to replace 3 of the 4. We drive on the road this is not a 4 wheel drive so it stays only on the road this has been the only issue and the mounts must have been a faulty product after replaced no problem except general wear and tear. We have 223,000+ miles on the car.

- Alexandra P

Best family vehicle to get hands down.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

My Chrysler is awesome it is great for my family stylish and comfortable I can fit my family of 7 perfectly and if I need I can fold the sets down for the convince of loading large items or a big trip to the grocery store it drives greet and handles well. I love my cruise control and my steering wheel controls the radio which makes it easier to drive and safely listen to music all and all the Pacifica is a amazing vehicle to have for your family if you are looking for a family car that can do to all.

- Allison B

It's a huge SUV but does not feel huge once you are inside. Easy to drive, reliable.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I love the size of my vehicle, third row seating and easy to get in and out. However, it costs on average $50. 00 every 4 days to fill up on gas. I have had very few and minimal problems with it. i.e. Headlights needing to be changed, blinker not working, etc. It has held up wonderfully for myself and my husband and for a bigger family it really is ideal and a car that I trust for my 7 month old and 3 year old to ride in and be safe.

- Stephanie M

Love this vehicle! Best vehicle I've owned so far!

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Base

I really love this vehicle- smooth ride, comfortable seating, good amount of cup holders & lights, love the gear shift on the floor & not steering column, the seat adjustments are perfect for my height & size since I'm on the short side - it fits a family of 5 great! My only complaint is there is no temperature gauge which is frustrating when you want to make sure your car is not overheating while sitting in traffic.

- Kathy M

It fits our lifestyle and we feel safe.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It is a very sturdy, reliable vehicle. Looks great, too. We haul lots of things in it when we go to auctions. We have a third seat as well so can fit the family. Both back seats fold down flat providing lots of cargo space. The Pacifica is heavy and handles snow well. It was designed by Mercedes and has extra safety features built in. The only thing I can think of as a negative is that there are rear corner blind spots.

- Jane H

Strong start, weak finish.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring

It has plenty of room. Third row seats are easily converted when needed to haul items. It seems the engine light is constantly on. The perform service light is continually on. The drive is no longer smooth like it was in the beginning. I have been told by repair shops to sell it because it is common for my cars year to have computer problems and repairs are needed more often.

- Amber E

The good and the bad and the ugly

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring

The vehicle drives well and handles well. The entertainment systems is fantastic. The main problem is electrical wiring issues. These issues affect the headlights, running/parking lights and turn signal. The vehicle has an automatic hatch that is no longer working. Mechanically it seems to be ok but there is an issue with the power steering using fluid/ leaking.

- Brian E

It cost to much money. Struggles to gain speed and hates going uphill.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I personally do not like the look of vans, so it is nice to have the space of a van without the look of one. Other likes- the all wheel drive and all 4 back seats fold down when we need extra room. Dislikes- the second row of seats has a console between them. I would of liked a type of bench seat there instead, so we could fit another person in.

- Miranda A

Most comfortable driver's seat.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

The Pacifica I drive has been reliable and performed consistently for 12 years now. We bought the base model because the back seat was bench style for our large dogs. Other models had a console in the middle of the back seat which would not work for our dogs. The driver and passenger seat have nice lumbar support. Storage is spacious.

- Donna H

Chrysler-a working musicians go-to!

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler meets my needs almost perfectly! I am a working musician, and it can hold my guitars, amps and p. A. With ease! Mine has 230, 000 miles on it, so that says a lot about its durability. I am a big guy (6'6" 270 lbs) and it gives me plenty of leg and head room-which are big considerations for me when choosing a vehicle.

- Joey H

Chrysler Pacifica has been a great vehicle for me and my family of 5.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

My Chrysler Pacifica 2006 has been a really good vehicle. It still runs well even after 100, 000 miles. The only problems that I am having is in the front right wheel connection. The engine is still running well. I love the way the car sounds when it speeds up. And I also love the option that it can be used as a stick shift.

- Anita C

Quality and luxury for the right price.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Base

My vehicle is very reliable and have been told that it is very easy to work on and if I have to order parts for it they are affordable and easy to find. It handles very well, has take off power, and is very comfortable to drive. Its low maintenance with the right amount of luxury, comfort, and quality for the right price.

- Mandy B

My three boys refer to my car as 'my mom racer'.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Base

I enjoy my vehicle, but it is a used vehicle and I don't know how to reset the Bluetooth system to use the hands free system that's installed by the previous owner. Also, because it is an older car it doesn't connect to cells to use music apps. I do enjoy the ease in which I can open the trunk and the space in the back.

- Nicole A

Some good, some bad, take a couple of test drives.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Blind spots because of window posts. Gas mileage is not all that great. Roomy interior. Nice extras like heated seats, stow away seats. The car is wider than most so you have to be aware of that when motoring or turning. Also the muffler system is close to the ground, take speed bumps and driveways on the diagonal.

- Lisa D

Plan on staying with this brand and make.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Limited

Amazing little car. Combination between a car and van. Will fit between 6 and 7. Bucket seats or bench seat in back. Third row seating. Not much trunk space unless you purchase a new model. Drives great, fun little car. Not a ton of money to fix if anything goes wrong. Very reliable. Lots of compliments, very safe.

- Kim S

Second row seating is heated.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Check engine light comes on frequently when there is really nothing wrong. Dependable vehicle, plenty of room inside. Love the heated seats in first and second row and dual climate controls for first and second row as well. Gas mileage is decent. Could have a little more get up and go when the gas pedal is pushed.

- Tanya B

Do not buy the piece of junk

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring

Had issues with it shutting off while driving with no notice. Every time I fix the sensor the check engine light says is bad another one pops up. It seems like it has never ending problems. The last sensor I changed it popped up another one and now the car idles rough. Wish I would have never bought this vehicle

- Daphne G

Rock out with the soccer, football, and hockey moms with all the space!

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

This car is really a family car! The truck is very large to handle all the baggage for long trips and vacations. The back seat has enough space that the kids don't have to play the "I'm not touching you" game. With the car being lower to the ground you get pretty good gas and is a safer ride in the snow.

- Andrea M

Frustrating gas tank but roomy.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It has a sale bag has tank which causes a lot of problems and requires frequent trips to the gas station as one side of the tank does not pump properly. Outs extremely frustrating and an expensive fix. It has a lot of room inside and we love the space in between all of the seats in the back.

- Christine H

Child safety cruise control tilt wheel radio controls on steering wheel.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Very reliable and comfortable. a lot of room and plenty of seating. Good on gas. Great car for long travels comfortable like sitting in your own home. Seats fold down for more storage space. a lot of holding areas. Long travels great on gas. Child safety locks are great if you have children.

- Doris D

Great car and the perks of the vehicle .

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Base

I love my vehicle. It is reliable. I had my car for a couple years now and still love it. Wouldn't trade it in . It's a great family car. Some has three rows that can for big families. Mine is a good size for my kids and two dogs. Everyone fits without being on top of each other .

- Frank cruz C

Love the car but not the problems.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring

It started out a great car, great on gas and plenty of room but it just kept having problem after problem and I fix one thing and another thing goes down, I have researched and it seems pretty common to have so many problems out of that make of vehicle it is really frustrating.

- Heather J

The one most important thing about my car is you have to keep at least a half tank of gas in it. Letting the tank go to less than half seriously damages the car.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I like that it's very spacious. I like that it has a lot of trunk room because I love to shop. I don't like that it breaks down so easily. I also don't like that it's a 2-row seater and that the 2nd row seats don't come down. That makes it very difficult to do things at times.

- Marquetta T

Comfortable vehicle and spacious.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

The third row seating is great. I have had a lot of maintenance issues with this vehicle. It is a very comfortable car to ride in, perfect for a family car. Do not buy the older models a lot of issues like I said. I like that the second row of seats are separate (not bucket).

- Sarah D

Wonderful efficient vehicle.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Even with it being a 2006 it is a really great SUV. It is comfortable, drives well, and rarely has any issues. The one problem it does have is that warning lights stay on that shouldn't. Like the low oil or low liquids lights. Other than that it is a really terrific vehicle.

- Heather L

It has less than 200,000 miles and it keeps going.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring

It has an oil leak and just had to have the cv joint, tire rods replaced, and brakes done. I love the adjustable pedals and seats. It is a very family friendly car. It is very comfortable to sit in and drive. It runs like a gem and purrs like a kitten since the last repairs.

- Allison P

Comfortable seat warmers. Dependable in the snow and perfect surround sound

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Limited

The seat heaters, the fact that you can either drive the car automatic or stick. I can drive on top of snow with my 4 wheel drive. The engine is in perfect condition, it's dependable. Child proof locks in the back. My Chrysler came with a DVD player, perfect surround sound

- Eula L

Frequent ongoing issues with this car that seem to be common with this vehicle

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring

Frequently have to replace headlights. Several electronically powered features fail to work. Gas gauge does not work properly. Accelerator sticks and unable to press. Check engine light frequently illuminates without cause. Many things frequently do not work in this car.

- Steph P

Love this chrysler only thing with me is my doors

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It's a great family car wish the automatic slide doors could go back to regular close doors. Always having to wait for them to open properly and then when the mechanism starts to mess up there goes a paycheck but that's my only complaint everything else is amazing.

- Chuchi F

Pacifica 2006 - Why I like it.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Limited

It's a smooth ride and the inside feels very luxurious. I bought it because of the 3rd row and the airbags around the whole inside of the interior. It's been amazing what I have been able to haul in this car and it's been a very reliable car and still looks good.

- Chris P

My vehicle gets me where I need when I need and back home.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I am not talking about my problems on here. My information is private. I have nothing bad to say bout my vehicle. It gets me where I need when I need. My family is able to all ride. It is in good shape. I enjoy my vehicle. Do not want to be without it ever again.

- Misty D

Decent family vehicle, runs well

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Overall we have been pleased, we have not had the vehicle too long though. Some issues with seals going out, but somewhat common in an older pre-owned vehicle. We have a family of 6, it fits all of us fine but hard to get the little ones in and out sometimes.

- Tracy T

I'm a Chrysler girl, in a Chrysler world!

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I love the Pacifica. It has been very reliable. It is pretty comfortable for my family of 5. (3 kids and 2 adults) My main complaint is the lack of rear space for groceries/ luggage in the back. Also the paint chips and peels near the rear bumper and lift-gate.

- Latresha M

Great for travel, not for looks.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Base

It is a good car that will get you where you need to be if that is all you are interested in. It is not necessarily a pretty car-can be similar to a minivan. Good car for teenagers and their first car but could not see adults/professionals driving this car.

- Madison C

Very roomy and definitely a family car

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring

Excellent vehicle with lots of room for the family. Third row seating. Heated seats and sunroof. Drives smooth and is very comfortable. With armrest in front seats. The only downfall is my brake lights won't work and have tried several different things

- Tiffaney A

white vehicle third row seats. Seats recline. No built in aux

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Base

Car was sued when I got it. Seems to be a nice traveling car but has a few minor annoying issues. Not very good on gas unless there's a leak somewhere. Rides smoothly over all. I believe If my vehicle was mechanically up to par it would be a good vehicle

- Danae S

Oldie but goodie - and still running well.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

As an older car it is missing certain features I would like but it has been reliable. Could do with a paint job, would like the ac to perform better and the interiors are a bit beaten up. Has given me no major problems except one a couple of years ago.

- Jill W

It's good for gas mileage and comfort and good company.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I like that it rides real smooth and quiet. It has a lot of extra features I really like, heated seats,sunroof. Memory for seat position and mirrors is really nice. It does have a bad blind spot when trying to look behind ,but does have extra mirror.

- Stacy N

If you keep up w/maintenance, it will take you a long way.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I like the amount of space inside the car. We do not feel like we are on top each other. I like the way the seats fold making it very easy for people to climb in or to haul something... I have no dislikes with my vehicle.

- Paula S

Comfortable, nice ride. Large enough for 6 passengers.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I've had no engine problems at 109,990 miles. Inside is very nice and clean. Is big enough in the back to haul things around that I wouldn't be able to do in a car or smaller SUV. Third row of seating is awesome, too.

- Rochelle I

06 Chrysler Pacifica rust

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Bought car brand new and love it. Have had a few issues over the years but nothing major until recently. We have rusting engine cradle. It is super expensive to fix and we only have 160,000 miles on the car.

- Rachel S

Do NOT purchase this vehicle if you are not prepared to put a significant amount of money into it

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I like the space that my vehicle has and the comfort of the ride in it. The issue with my vehicle is that it runs like crap and fixing it is nearly more than the car is worth so now I am stuck with this car

- Melody W

It makes me feel like I am in a luxury car when I am not.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I love my car. It is not only comfortable with all the bells and whistles, it is large enough to haul fairly large items. My only complaint is how difficult it is to see out back windows when backing up.

- Gay C

It's a great family vehicle for a young growing family.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I like the vehicle and don't really have any complaints. It's spacious enough for our family and dogs. The very last seat can fold down giving us plenty of room to haul items or use it to grocery shop.

- Tyler F

Be aware of your surroundings because it is hard to see, especially in the back.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It drives well and is a good size for the family. I do not like the lack of visibility, especially when backing up. There’s also nowhere to put my purse when i have someone in the passenger seat.

- Ashley F

Safety, great German engine.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Love the looks, the size and roominess. 12 years old and looks great. Great engine and vehicle integrity. But Have had a few mechanical problems including 3 catalytic converters under 100k.

- Susan C

It looks sleek and has good horsepower.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Love all its features. Just has a lot of miles. Wish it got better gas mileage. Honestly, could not ask for the car to be any better. Hauls all of my gear, and is comfortable doing it.

- Jerry H

Comfortable for a passenger.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Blind spots; electronics, console lights went out, seats quit heating after the vehicle was only 4 years old; few engine, motor problems, however interior plastics broke or fell off.

- Chris E

Extremely durable. Has its issues, but really cannot complain.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Vehicle has abs sensor issues. This vehicle has been extremely durable. We have taken numerous trips and it just keeps going and going. We have definitely gotten our money's worth.

- Mark H

There is plenty of extra space for children and groceries.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I like the size of the vehicle, especially since we now have a child. The gas mileage is excellent. Since it's a common vehicle it's easy to find parts if something goes wrong.

- Miranda F

Chrysler didn't put this one together well.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Wiring issues . Have to buy additional wiring harness to hook up custom radio. If radio is unplugged from car the car will not start . a/c goes in and out due to resistor

- Christine W

One important thing others should know is I need my ac fixed.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I love my car it has a good amount of seats for my family, it's a good size not too big not too small I can't really think of anything I dislike I just need the ac fixed!

- Kristin F

It is very versatile. It can virtually serve as both a minivan and a truck.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I like the variety of ways the SUV can be used. It can carry a good amount of cargo or people depending on our needs. I does not get the highest gas mileage, however.

- Alan G

It sometimes takes multiple tries to start the car, just keep trying until it starts.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It is a nice car, but it does have some rust and some mechanical problems. It is almost too small for our family. It did come with a dvd player which is nice.

- Diana S

It's a pretty safe vehicle. I've been in a couple accidents in that vehicle and never have gotten hurt

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I like the way it drives. It's lasted me a long time without too many problems. The thing i don't like is every chrysler I've had start to over heat over time

- Kaleigh R

The seats sometimes get stuck and do not fold back, there's only four seats.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

The interior is very nice and comfy, the adjustable seats are really cool because it is electric. I really like the wood finish inside the car too.

- Sonder K

It is very large so be prepared for that. It can be awkward to park.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It is a huge vehicle. It takes a lot of gas to fill up the tank. The air conditioning dies out very fast. The rear right window doesn't go down.

- lindsy m

It runs great I really like the car I just don't know why the gas cap light.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Gas cap light is always on. Idk why but the car runs great I love it no noise a all the paint is coming off but other than that everything good.

- Kendall K

Very comfortable, sound system is great.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Very comfortable to drive, sits up high when u drive. . . Only thing I do not like is poor gas mileage. . . Never had a problem in 75000 miles.

- Nat C

It's the best vehicle that is made in the Chrysler family.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I absolutely love my Pacifica. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I can't see myself ever wanting to drive a different make of vehicle.

- Connie A

Very roomy and comfortable especially with a third row.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

The only problems I have had so far is the front wheel bearings. The features I have in this car power windows power seat TV and heated seats,

- Ginger M

Sturdy , safe vehicle with lots of room.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Love the look, the room, built like a tank, German engine, good quality. My complaint is that I had to get 3 catalytic converters under 100k.

- Susan F

Feels like a luxury car!!

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I really like this car. In the time that I have owned it, I have not had an mechanical issues. The car drives smoothly and is comfortable.

- Sian G

Overall it has been pretty low on maintenance. If you keep up with oil changes and standard maintenance it is a pretty solid car.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I like that my car is roomy and I can fit my kids and there stuff. I wish it was better in gas and could easily upgrade the music system.

- Christopher M

Nice interior and sunroof. But bad running car then it stopped working.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

The car runs terribly it needs new struts and the power steering went out then the piston on the engine broke. Now the car doesn't drive.

- Alexis F

I have 3rd row with a DVD player in the middle.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It has a rattling noise when it starts. It has a DVD player in it heated seats. It gets me where I need to go. It also has heated seats.

- Katie M

It's a great size vehicle, but it also has a lot of defects in the engine.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Bought the vehicle more than a year ago, it is been trouble since I purchased it from the dealer luckily I purchased warranty.

- Cynthia C

The 2006 Chrysler Pacifica is a safe and reliable used car.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

My 2006 Chrysler Pacifica has been somewhat reliable. It is comfortable and it is a good size. It meets my family's needs.

- Sheri B

It does often have problems mechanically which is frustrating but it is comfortable and rides well

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It's a pretty good car comfortability wise. It ride very nice and smooth and it has decent features including a dvd player.

- Madawn B

The Chrysler Pacifica is great on gas mileage and looks.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica is a good sized family car with good gas mileage, plenty of room and storage. Great for road trips.

- Rebecca E

This car is very easy to drive.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

All is well for the most part happy camper here, happy camper to stay, all night all day but the paint could be better.

- Kevin A

I love that it is a crossover

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I have not had any major problems just regular maintenance. I was extremely sad when there was a change in the vehicle

- Denise T

Plenty of room, only 83,000 miles on it and the A.C. is going out

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I love my vehicle. The only bad thing is, it only has 83,000 miles on it and I am having difficulties with the A.C.

- Michael P

Touchless tailgate makes me smile!

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

The only problem I have is poor gas Mileage. My Pacifica runs very good, handles well, and is a pleasure to drive.

- Eddie T

200,000 miles and still purrs like a kitten

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Great ride. Only problem was transmission controller had to be replaced. Good gas mileage. Very comfortable ride.

- Curtis V

It serves me well, is roomy and versatile. The hatch allows me to haul items a normal car would not.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It is roomy and comfortable. I can get in and out easily. It has lots of engine power for emergency maneuvers.

- William R

The chrysler pacifica is a Smooth ride

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It's a smooth ride. I've had the car for about a year now, i've changed the tires twice now they tend to slide.

- Tanisha S

Great car but high repair cost

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It drives great. But after having it for 4 years it seems to be breaking down quickly. I got it used in 2014.

- Kathleen B

Comfortable but has some issues.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Gas pressure issue, leaking front passenger seat, but comfortable. It is an average car and gets me places.

- Caitlin R

Its efficiency and performance, to add the comfort and relaxing driving feel

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I like the performance and control, but the dislike would be the electrical and its operational duration

- Daniel B

Great for winter and big families.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Dislike the little space it has for storing trunk wise and I love how comfortable is it. A lot of seats.

- Kimberly D

My automatic lift gate is the ish!

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Poor gas mileage is always an issue with Chrysler Dodge cars. Other than that, no other real issues.

- Eddie T

It is a work horse and it is very special to us and my family

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Good car that's comfortable and reliable. It is very roomy and great for hauling and traveling

- Jason E

That it is not a new vehicle and it needs a little more care than other cars.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I like the seats I think they're comfortable. It is nice to ride in. Good air conditioning

- Zachary N

it's a crossover, good on gas and very reliable car.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

it's not too small not too big. Has plenty of room for passengers and cargo. Good on gas

- mery l

It is reliable and very roomy

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It's wide, it doesn't have built in camera, it doesn't have built in navigation

- Sandy S

It's an automatic drive and shift stick drivability

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Gas guzzler with in town traveling. Good air conditioner. Heated seats. Roomy

- Cinda W

It is a crossover. Very efficient.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It is a crossover. Is well maintained. Rides extremely well. No complaints.

- Anne s

It can carry 6 six people and it's been around my family for about 10 years now.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

It is silver. The brakes are a little rusty. It has 200000 miles on it

- Eliseo G

It's a great vehicle when you have kids lots of space for them and friends

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

I love the style and space . Just fixed several major things on it

- Lindsey H

The car is extremely well built. The car is very quiet. The car is very comfortable. We have taken it on long trips and love it!

2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Its roomy. It's nice looking. Good on gas. Comfortable.

- Mary H