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Blows air through everything. If I need more room the second and last row go down.

When I purchased this vehicle it didn't have motor mount on them or it sounded a little funny but beside that it was a babe. After 7 days went by the car started to mess up really bad and it turned out to be my transmission. So I tried to get my money back even with warranty and the owner told me to get a lawyer. Still he ripped me off back have fasting a job when putting the motor mounts in the vehicle. It took them 6 months to get my title to the SUV. I would never again go to cash car kings or send anyone to them at all. Till this day I am trying to fix the damages and trying to repair what could be fixed.

- Ashley G

A crossover vehicle that drives like a luxury car.

I love my car mostly because even though it is a crossover vehicle, it is on a car chassis and drives like a car not a truck. When I test drove it the thing that struck me most was how good the brakes were without pulling to left or right. I have had the car for 70, 000 miles and it is been very good except for the sensors seem to malfunction a lot, and some of the body trim could be better it is coming loose in places. But otherwise I still really enjoy driving this vehicle and think it was good value.

- Kathy K

Drives more like a luxury car.

This vehicle has been very reliable mechanically, and in the 10 years I have owned it I have had to do very few repairs. The one problem it has is some of the body trim is coming off which is allowed water to leak inside. Unfortunately my insurance will not cover this. Vehicle drives very well and that is one reason I purchased it in the first place. Even though it is a crossover vehicle, it drives like a luxury car.

- Kathy K

Nice family car that fits all six of us!!

My vehicle belonged to my father at first I bought it from him! He maintained very well and has very few probs. It looks pretty great still but just has a little rust around the Edges above the tires from the rain. It has been a very good family car since I have a fam of 6 we all can fit in this car! I love it so far haven't had any problems with it since you got the car in 2016.

- Jennifer S

It is on a car chassis so it drives like a luxury car.

I bought my Pacifica with 18, 000 miles on it, only slightly used about a year old. I love the way it drove, even though it is large like an SUV or van it drove like a car rather than a truck. The brakes were amazing. Since that time there have been a few issues with faulty sensors and some body parts feeling but overall it has been a great car and I love to drive it.

- Kathy D

The ins and outs of my Chrysler Pacifica.

My van has no ac and bad brakes and tires. My van is a six seaters has all wheel drive and power steering. It has a GPS by the gas and speed area. Leather seats heated seats for 4 of six people in the car. Has a DVD, CD and radio. Mine is silver but it can come in many colors and different styles. Its gets called different names. I say it's a crossover style van.

- Tamara K

Space for sure, reliable, easy to work on., easy to operate,

Problems with the computer and issues with the key fob. Very comfy lots of space for the kids. Easy to drive and park, great for long trips with the family. I wish the stock stereo had an aux option. I love the seats way of moving up and down and I love the console in the back. When in the back seat you feel like you are in the front there is so much room.

- Adrian H

That it gets me from point A to point B without any issues. It's long lasting without a lot of issues.

I enjoy the fact that I have enough room for the family, but at the same time can haul gear around. I do not like the gas mileage that I get, 15 overall is not a great amount. The seats are comfortable and they allow for heat in the winter as needed. I did have an aftermarket remote start for both the summer and winter installed and I enjoy that.

- Bill H

Very smooth driving/riding with many convenient features.

This vehicle has many "extras". These include heated leather interior, electric seat adjustments, rear heat and air conditioning, just to name a few. This vehicle also has third row seating. Both the middle row and third row seats fold down for additional cargo space. The car also has automatic hatch opening and closing (my favorite feature).

- Janet D

2007 Chrysler Pacifica touring edition.

I bought this vehicle used. It has a big gas tank. It just wants to be driven. It is comfortable. It is the touring edition. It has dual temperature controls. It also has heated leather seats. Sun roof and fits up to seven passengers. I enjoy this car very much. It is also equipped with all-wheel drive, which is a plus when you live in pa.

- Elizabeth M

It is a dependable, family-friendly car. It's good on gas.

I bought it used, but it's the best vehicle I've ever had. It has a few dents from a previous owner. I love the power it has, it's fast and zippy. It's pretty decent on gas. It's smaller and compact, but big enough for my family of 6. I mostly dislike the little things that are wrong with it due to a previous owner, otherwise I love it.

- Jessica M

One of the most beautiful, comfortable, and fuel efficient cars I've ever owned.

Extremely comfortable seats, the computer has never given me issues, always accurate, I get 15 mpg which is also displayed on the computer, the only issue I've had is that if your key is turned to the auxiliary position on accident- the battery dies within 10-20 minutes unless you start the car, and that's with a brand new battery.

- Harper S

Great multipurpose for couple or people with children.

Performance is great wonderful on highway great car for road trips very comfortable tons of leg room car for all purposes can let down all the seats and move tons of stuff if you have pets they can just ride in the back with no issues can be use as great sleeper if your are camping and forced out of tent due to rain or cold.

- Vicki C

My car is reliable and comfortable.

The car has good pick up. I recently had the suspension worked on. The car drives like a dream now. My grandkids ride in the back. The heater works great. The engine is a 3. 8l. The car has a CD player and a/c. It is whipped with a movie feature that is available. The car has dashboard navigation but not on my vehicle.

- Michael A

One things I like about my vehicle is that everything is electrical.

The vehicle I have which is a 2007 Chrysler pacifica, has been very good to me it runs very well still and I've had it for more than 10 years and still running strong. It is highly comfortable has heated seats, bass boosted sound system, and has a v6 4.0 liter engine. Very reliable on gas and great for the family.

- Francisco M

Over all a good car, highly recommend.

After about 250, 000 miles the water pump and radiator had to be replaced and the starter is starting to go out. But we didn't buy it new either, other than those minor repairs it's been a great car. It drives great, smooth ride, love the power seats, I am only 5'0 so the eats raising in height is amazing for me.

- Shay D

It drive well in the snow.

Knock on wood I really have not had any problems thank the lord it handles well, I had the normal new tires, oil changes I did need new brakes it is a smith ride, handles well in the snow rain and sunshine. Wednesday of next week take it on long rides no problem. I had never had problem on bad road conditions.

- Joyce L

Wonderful compact 3rd row seating without the size of a minivan and still stylish being a young parent

It's a nice dependable car. It's really nice with the 3rd row seating and a smaller vehicle for fuel mileage and without having to get a minivan. Minor things went wrong though sunroof quit working quickly. And my alignment has been messed up a lot for some weird reason I can't figure out wares the tires wierd

- Dustin M

All wheel drive & 7 passengers.

I got this vehicle because it was the best thing for my wife to get in and out of. It is also all wheel drive so it is good in all weather. I like the way it handles and it is very comfortable. It also gets pretty good gas mileage. Not only that but it has a lot of room for my wife’s wheelchair.

- Peter H

Plenty of space for my big family.

It is a pretty good car, cheap to fix very comfortable if you have a big family, my kids love it, just a few problems ever since we got it the engine is strong even though it is 11 years old still runs great. The best part about a Pacifica is that you do not need to worry in the winter time.

- Denisa D

Safe family car. Very safe and reliable.

I love that my car has third row and fits six people. I wish the seats weren't captain seats in the second row, only because I could fit an extra person. The seats are easy to put down and the hatch is big when the seats are down. Costs a lot in gas but worth it to fit my family in it.

- Crystle D

That it has two TVs in it so that the kids can watch movies on a long road trip

I love the van because it's six six people comfortably it also rolled down all for window on top of that it comes with two built-in televisions for the kids which I think is the best part of this vehicle not to mention that all you have to do is press a button for the doors to open

- Shara M

All around amazing car! Would definitely advise it.

Very comfortable. Powerful. Great all wheel drive and great space for the whole family! Front and rear air conditioner and heat. All electronic. All around great car. Larger tire and larger body. A little heavy on gas. So cuts down mileage. About the same as driving a truck.

- Timothy S

The perfect car for a vehicle to have for years great on mileage and road trips.

There is no then bad I could say about this car it runs great sounds great and looks great I would recommend this car to anyone it's good on gas mileage very comfortable for long road trips lots of room for the whole family and pets all around perfect car to own and drive.

- Vanessa H

It is a great family vehicle!

I love that my car is good on gas but I hate that it is so big. Sometimes it is hard to maneuver, but other times it is great. The inside is amazing, I have always dreaded leather seat, especially when it is summertime. This car has none of that, but soft textiles.

- Gabriela J

My Pacifica my family car.

Car runs good has had battery issues and recently replaced the ignition switch, I have 3rd row seats which are nice. Burns oil gets me where I am going have not had to do any other repairs to it except maintenance oil changes and tires comfortably seats family.

- Roxanne C

It has all the bells and whistles because it is a touring edition.

I love my car. We bought it when it was 10 years old and have little trouble with it. We have been told that the transmission, which is sealed, has a leak, but we have not seen any problems. We had a bent rim but were able to get a replacement from a junkyard.

- Sherry K

Like car over all. Color and gas miles.

Ride good, get fair as miles, like color it have a reliability car, would buy another one. Had no major problem with the car, is very comfort, performance good. The use car price was right, do not fade in color. Car dealer very nice and helper. Fair gas miles.

- Elaine H

Great for families with multiple children.

I really loved this vehicle but it has a lot of mechanical issues. Not sure if it wasn't kept up by previous owner or if it's a manufacturing issue. Very smooth and comfortable ride, heat and air work great. Lots of room and the seats fold down for more room.

- Bonnie P

Pacifica great traveling comfort.

I love the spaciousness of my car and the fact that my car has not needed to many repairs. It is very common as well. I have leather seats that are heated. Satellite radio is great too. It also has a very comfortable ride. I also like the luxury of the model.

- Sue A

Great car. The car has adequate space. Love it.

I purchased this car with 45, 000 miles on it. There has been very little maintenance needed other than the required. This vehicle has been reliable. It has adequate space for my family. If this car was still being made, I would certainty purchase a new one.

- Mary G

Safe, reliable, has enough seating without being a minivan.

Computer went out, brakes have had to be replaced a lot. It is a reliable vehicle. It gets good gas mileage for a full sized SUV. It fits our family size well. I love the back up sensors, it is a safe car. I feel good about driving my infant son in the car.

- Sam G

I love the old style Pacifica.

I have had a few issues with the car, but they have all been easy fixes. I am very pleased with how much space there is in the car. I wish that the new models were not switched to vans because I like that mine had actual doors instead of sliding doors.

- Hannah J

Hatchback allows storing 4 golf bags, which is an important feature for me.

Performance, reliability, comfort, and features of my hatchback are what a vehicle should be, and mine demonstrates these features. Have had only minor repairs since purchasing the vehicle 10 years ago. Only drawback: not particularly good on mileage.

- Susan G

The pick up is really good and you can get up to speed quickly.

It has had a ton of mechanical issues and I've had to have the muffler replaced twice. The third row doesn't have enough space for adequate leg room for small children. This vehicle is comfortable for four but anything over that, is too much.

- Joanna S

It's a nice "in between" car. Not a sedan, not an SUV, not a minivan.

I bought it pre owned. It is a fairly reliable car. I have had it for 8 years now, I had to replace the starter recently and it's had a mild emissions leak for about 3 years. It also didn't have a/c for about 3 years.

- Rebecca R

It has been reliable with minor mechanical issues.

Purchased car with very low mileage. This car has been great, with only minor mechanical problems. It is roomy with good gas mileage also. If Chrysler still produced this vehicle, I would buy a new one.

- Mary G

Again the power steering fluid. I don't think It's a leak.

My car is a very reliable car and so far I have only had one issue and not a major one the power steering fluid keeps running out with a day or two so that's what I am dealing with as of right now.

- Erin C

Only half of the upgrade work. The Dvd player doesn't, as well as the satellite radio

While this car still drives nicely, it tends to break down more and more with age. I know most cars do, but I have driven older cars that handle basic wear and tear better than this one.

- Keriden W

It's a very durable car with lots of acceleration power.

It is a very durable SUV with a powerful engine but sometimes I feel the engine was too powerful for the vehicle itself. I have had multiple problems with engine mounts breaking off .

- steve s

The Pacifica is being remade as a minivan, but the original is actually a crossover suv.

The Chrysler Pacifica is a blend between suv and car and truck. It seats 6 comfortably and has all the touring luxuries including cup holders and av jacks for your electronic devices.

- Heather G

You do not know how to get it out there so I'll just be sure that to be a little.

My vehicle is a great vehicle. It is good for riding around and can hold good amount of people. I do not enjoy the smell of the car. For some odd reason this car has an odd odor.

- Joseph G

It is dependable, and the computer system lets you know as soon as anything wrong.

The pacifica has so many issues with the computer system. Unfortunately Chrysler has not been any help in the whole situation so I cannot stand the quality or customer service.

- Nicole T

That this car has a lot of mechanical issues. Including the abs system.

I like that it has a third row. I do not like that there is no ac in the third row. I like that it gets 36 mpg on hwy. I do not like that it only gets 18 mpg in town.

- Danna U

Powerful car. Extremely comfortable. Very reliable.

Comfortable and spacious. Lots of power. Great all wheel drive. Front and back vents for the kids. I would definitely recommend this car to anybody that has a family

- Timmy s

Lots of mechanic work needed since I bought it.

I have had to have the transmission worked on twice and the electronic module. I love the vehicle when it runs correctly. Some problems must be fixed by the dealer.

- Renee S

There is no roof rack nor towing package.

It's a good running car. It would be nice if it had a little more space for luggage or even groceries. There's really not much space once you get 6 people in it.

- Jason G

No major problems and has been running strong for many years.

I like the backseat heat and charging options. I like the size of the truck/fold down seats to increase it. I wish it had better gas mileage but it's a good car.

- Jennifer R

People should know that this car gets great gas mileage and has a automatic lift gate on the trunk. It is a great family car.

The Chrysler Pacifica is a great car if you are looking for a vehicle for a family. I have two kids and they have plenty of room. The car is also great on gas.

- teresa j

Good for famines but like most SUV'S not a lot of cargo room when seats are up

I like that there is room for my family of 5. I dislike the cargo room when seats are up. I also dislike that we have had to replace the same part 4 times

- Michelle H

It Looks great runs poorly

Always have problems with overheating..burning oil etc. Great car when it runs well. Its beautiful inside but have to check oil every 1000 miles at least

- Kris D

With all the miles it has it is still in great shape

I have only had this car for 6 months but I love it. It has 180000 miles on it but is still in great shape. Drives well and it the nice car I have ever had

- Brenda D

It will take you where you want to go without any problems.

I love the way it drives. I love the way it burns fuel. I hate the fact that the transmission has to be services at a transmission shop or by the dealer.

- Raymond M

It's a good size small family vehicle.

I like the size and the space, but I do not like not having back up cameras or anything like that, on my particular vehicle my gas gauge does not work!

- Erica H

Transmission goes out your car becomes worthless since it costs too much.

Everything keeps breaking, the transmission, abs, radiator and my abs app went out, wheel bearing too. I hate that, but it is roomy so I do like that.

- Star S

Full up for only 20.00 low a maintenance.

I like the gas mileage and space inside. I do not like how unreliable it has been lately. And I do not like how costly it has been to keep fixing it.

- Samantha C

It dependable and reliable and it is my second Pacifica.

I have had problems with leakage with oil and transmission fluid or brake fluid, but other than that and the fact that I needed new tires, nothing.

- Joyce, L. H

This car has no bells or whistles. Gets you from one place to the other.

Used to be nice���cool dash, somewhat reliable. The rims are destroying my tires, unfortunately. Holds up pretty well though.

- Aaron H

It is in good condition for the year.

It is very comfortable, spacious, and reliable. I dislike that it has begun to get rusty and that there is very limited trunk space.

- Amanda M

The car is comfortable and safe for families with children.

I like the space offered in the interior. I do not like to fuel system as I have had several issues with repairs done to this area.

- Denesha H

The Most "Fine" Chrysler Pacifica

My car is a SUV. It has about 150,000 miles on it and runs fine. I had transmission problems but runs great and is very reliable.

- Alejandro E

2007 Chrysler Pacifica Touring Edition

The car has served my family of 5 well, but there have been ongoing electrical issues which have required multiple repair visits

- Kristin F

This car is very dependable. So far the fixes it has needed have been minor.

We've had some issues with the electrical system. Otherwise it has been a good car. Plenty of room and it is a good family car.

- Jenna W

Family Friendly, comfortable.

Comfortable ride, smooth. Roomy. Visibility is excellent. Easy to get to the very back if you have small children in carseats.

- Paula S

a family car at a affordable price

runs good. really has no problems so far only had 2 months. good on gas. i love my car. it's my favorite color which is blue.

- robin m

Safe, and user friendly. Plenty of room.

Comfortable ride, plenty of room, great looking,.. I feel safe as it is well made and heavy. It's easy.. To drive and park..

- Catherine S

It has heated seats on all seats!

I love this car! It has a lot of room and it runs great! It has a lot of power too. Mine is a touring and is fully loaded.

- Sherril H

There is lots of space inside!

The Pacifica is great for a mom who does not want a minivan! They have lots of room and the seats are very comfortable.

- Elizabeth H

Its reliable transportation to get from point A to B

It's a good car it gets us where we need to go to all of out destinations around the united states, and other places.

- Nathan B

It has seating for six and with the third row of seats down,the cargo space is huge.

I love the interior design and lay out of my vehicle.I do not like the fact that some of the 'extras"no longer work.

- Scott D

It fits your entire family comfortably so you can travel anywhere

I like that it fits our whole family and we can travel comfortably I like that it has a DVD player and surround sound

- Lisa E

Good space inside and not bad on gas. Good for traveling.

Mechanical work is high but I love the car. I have a third row that can be put away so that is my favorite feature.

- Brittany C

The parts are expensive but it's worth it. The car is medium size, 6 seats all together.

The car runs great, can go far distances, easy on gas, car parts are expensive but it's only cause the kind of car.

- Megan T

It picks up speed quicker than you'd think.

Smooth ride, very roomy. Very nice on the inside. Do not like the large windows. And limited leg room in the back.

- Crystal R

Reliable car with great features

It's very reliable, lots of features. Don't like the braking system, cuts off if I have to do a sudden hard brake.

- Teresa N

Safe affordable car and is good on gas.

Roomy car and love the safety features affordable and insurance is affordable smooth driving and good gas mileage.

- Heather C

Really look into the details before purchasing this make and model.

Worst car ever, it breaks down so easy, so hard to get in the backseats and the parts to the car are so expensive.

- Brittany D

the transmission slips. Lots of room third row seating no air conditioning

lots of room. features. just wish for as little milage as I do have on it, it didn't have all the problems it did

- Amanda g

Best car I have ever had, easy to drive big enough for hauling things

Love my car, only had it for 6 months and it's used but it's very nice drives very nicely and is easy to handle

- Brenda D

Love it is shape and love the smoothness of the ride.

I love my car. It drives very smooth and quiet. Having some problems with abs light and gas tank lid light on.

- Tash W

Very low mileage very good condition.

Very reliable car. As long as regular service is performed no major repairs. Miles per gallon could be better.

- Debbie B

Chrysler makes an excellent cross over Suv

It is great because I can use it to cruise around town in comfort and also it can haul some stuff as well.

- Jeff A

Third row too small for space.

Bad on gas, too small for family of five. Has sunroof. And DVD player, needs better radio or AUX plug.

- Kristin K

Comfort. It also gets much better gas mileage than you might think.

I wish it was a newer model I wish it had less miles on it. I need to fix brakes change oil new tires.

- Joseph D

That it is the best truck ever.

Love the size and seating. Very comfortable for my family. Hopefully I will be able to get a new one.

- Kim R

Chrysler is a very good make. They make good cars that are very reliable.

It is a really good car,reliable and dependable. I like the way it drives. And how roomy it is.

- Mary D

It has all-wheel drive (AWD) which is very awesome in the snow.

It has been very reliable. I don't like that it is old. I wish it has more modern conveniences.

- Vincent W

i love that it is a crossover. i do not like small vehicles. it is very safe and dependable. i like being up higher

they don't make that body style anymore. it has loads of cargo space and can seat 6 passengers

- Laura S

It has been a very reliable car for us. The car has over 100,000 miles on it.

I like that it is a sturdy and reliable vehicle. I don't like the blind spots.

- John B

Third row seating, so plenty of room. I do wish the second row sat 3 people instead of 2.

I do like the car. But the way it's made, it has too many blind spots.

- Elizabeth O

The miles is good everything about it is good.

It's a good vehicle and it drives well very shiny good wheels.

- Elijah D

I buy for comfort more than anything. I also buy these kinds of vehicles because it is easy to get in and out.

I like the style, size, and comfort. I dislike the color.

- Sandra R

I really like my vehicle, except for the quirky problems that it has. It has a battery issue, sometimes, it just does not start. And I have had to replace the battery every year.

Not quality workmanship on this vehicle when it was made

- susan k

is comfortable i like this car and is very security

is a big vehicle but had small space for the passengers

- begona r

The most important thing would be the security that gives you when driving

Un muy opinión it seems a vehicle with many amenities

- Eddie S