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Not your typical minivan!

The Pacifica is roomy and comfortable. When grocery shopping, I bring 6 5 gallon water bottles to fill. They fit perfectly in the back/trunk area. There is a built in vacuum which is convenient for days at the beach, the sand is no longer an issue. All of the back seats fold into the floor with ease, just in case you need to haul a big item. The entire top of the van is a sunroof. If you want to point out a star in the sky- no problem, those little ones in the very back can just look up. No need to have everyone scrambling to the front of the vehicle to use the tiny sunroof over mom and dad. It seats 7. 2 captain chairs for the big kids or Grandma and Grandpa... everyone rides in comfort. Backseat passengers are able to adjust the temperature blowing on them. Front seats at not only heated, they blow cool air for us menopausal women too, it's wonderful! This is by far my favorite vehicle. This is coming from someone that swore she would not ever get another minivan.

- Andrea K

Perfect for families who have some young and older kids.

I love the Pacifica for the amount of storage space that you have in addition to how many passengers it can hold. For a family, these features are critical. Everything else about the vehicle is nice to have, but they are really nice to have! It took us a while to find a new 3rd row vehicle with an overhead/center DVD (which we prefer as opposed to the ones in the driver/copilot headrests, which only the second row can see). We haven't really had any electrical or mechanical issues at this point, which our previous vehicle (the Town and Country) had. Only one recall, which we need to take care of yet, but was communicated promptly and professionally.

- Jason C

The best feature is the ease of sto and go to take the seats down or up

The two main issues I have are as follows: 1) I hate the metal trim around the steering wheel. In the winter it is like touching a freezing ice ring. It doesn't really warm up with the heated steering wheel option either. I always have to wear gloves because of this ring. In the summer it also heats up to a point where it can burn you. This is annoying all the time to me. 2) the automatic turn off of engine when car is at a stop. I hate the delay and I hate having to deal with it. There is a button to turn this feature off but you have to press it each and every time you start your car.

- Julie C

Perfect Vehicle for a big and busy family

Extremely comfortable, easily fits a large family with everyone having access to video and dual zone climate control. So much room, love it so much! No problems, fantastic amount of cargo room for All the groceries. Even fits the huge double stroller for the twins! The stow and go seating lets us decide who can sit alone or next to a sibling, and can pop up easily if we pick up a playdate. Or it can all fold down super easy for an IKEA run. The car yells at you if you're speeding or trying to change lanes and a car is in your blind spot!

- Kim T

Family friendly and sanity saving

We love our car! We have not encountered any issues yet as we have only had it a month. My kids love the entertainment features: dual DVD players equipped with some games. I love the different options for stow and go seating. I have two kids in car seats and a preteen stepson. There is room for everyone and everything! I love being able to control all of the doors and remote start from the fob, it helps wrangle my kids into the car way faster. I love the auto dimmer lights while driving at night and the rain sensing windshield wipers.

- Leanne W

Vehicle gets great gas mileage. Stow and go features nice to haul large items.

I enjoy the vehicle it is a nice family vehicle. I have 6 children so the stow and go seats are really convenient for hauling dressers or bikes for kids. I also get the best gas mileage I have ever got and I ja e owned several other vans throughout my time. The front both driver and passenger side have there own temp control there is also section for back section of vehicle as well.

- Joshua L

Good family car for my kids and their friends!

No issues, nice and comfortable. The seats are soft yet sturdy in the front and second row and there is leg room in all 3 rows. The coloring of the interior is nice and looks expensive. The seats stow away is ice is great for moving or making large appliance purchases at the big box stores. Pretty good gas mileage overall. My kids love it and so do their friends.

- Susan A

It for someone in a wheelchair to get for themselves.

I am a disabled Vet with a wheelchair and the vehicle was made for me to ride in. I have a lot of room and it fits six people comfortably. It can park by itself and everything is in the dashboard. It is a powerful vehicle on the road and I get good gas miles on the road and in the city. Plus I have a DVD player and headphones come with the vehicle.

- Dennis B

The perfect family vehicle!

I love my Pacifica! It's more than roomy and plenty of room for our 3 children. I love the options and mobility when it comes to the seat options. There are so many different high tech features to enjoy! The trunk easily fits out double stroller with room leftover for groceries and more, plus all the extra storage up front and under the floor!

- Olivia G

We love not needing to fill up. This car is perfect for our lifestyle.

No problems with this car. We love it. We can get about 35 miles per charge so we never need gas. Quiet, good acceleration, high end interior. Maintains electric only even for highway driving. Love the panoramic sunroof. Easy to use interface for climate, media, etc. Kids like the entertainment features.

- Cat B

My favorite feature is the button I push to open the sliding doors.

Chrysler pacifica is a great family car is very reliable. These minivans have a trim level that meets every budget and even the lower trims have some really great features, such as keyless entry, remote start and push to start. Our kids love it. I would recommend to anyone with a family.

- Courtney D

Love it! Very spacious! Easy to load and unload.

I've had zero issues with my Pacifica, we have a large family and it's so convenient! Best purchase I've ever made. Seats fold into the starve easily. Automatic doors make for easy loading and unloading. The space is incredible! Very easy to drive. Just like driving a Small car.

- Carrie C

From Atlantic to pacific.

Great car for road trips. I do a lot of travel. Vehicle holds everything for a two month trip and gets you there in style. Everything is includes. With driver assist and adaptive cruise control is almost drives itself. Seats are comfortable and everything is within reach.

- Charles S

Great van! Everything you need for a family.

It rides smoothly and has all the additional features you could want. Such as heated seats and steering wheel and leans support. It also has leather seats and stow and go which is nice for cleaning up and carrying large loads. It also does automatic weekly vehicle checks.

- Nicole A

Great with one problem done of the time.

I love everything about it except for an issue with the computer. It seems to be a known problem and I hope Chrysler for something about it soon. It fits 7 people comfortably, drivers nicely, and had an amazing entertaining package. I also love how much storage it has.

- Linda R

I never wanted to be a van mom but I love having a van and will never go back.

It drives more like a car than a SUV which is what I like. Very comfortable and spacious. I can stow and go with the seats if I need too and get groceries and kids in fast with the automatic button to open all doors. Apple play is great as well for hands free driving.

- Rebecca S

The luxury minivan that is easy to operate.

Quality sound system, comfortable seating, automatic side doors, rear & middle seat smart phone jacks and viewing screens, great gas mileage, cup holders. Large sunroof. Enjoy the rear view camera. Like the rear door that you can open without using your hands.

- Eric W

My Amazing Chrysler Pacifica!

The performance is amazing. It has great acceleration and highway mileage.. It's great on gas and great for the family. The seats are comfortable and the radio, omg I'm in love with my radio. I would definitely recommend to a family of four or six.

- Michelle T

The sliding doors are a must have with children of any age!

I love the sliding doors and the ease it provides for my children and all their school and sports equipment. I also love my vacuum cleaner that is inside the vehicle. It rides beautifully and is good on gas.

- Katie P

Amazing must have for a family of 4 or more. Best decision you'll make

Upgraded from a fold fusion for my kids. Needed more room. Was my Christmas present 2017. We absolutely love our van and cannot wait to take her to Disney

- Shannon M

Best Family Car Every Family Needs

So far no problems, the vehicle is a great drive, lots of room for my tall kids, very reliable, great features love my in car wifi and heated seats.

- Charmaine F

it is a very trustable care

There's no problems with my car the comfort is really nice each seat has its own seat warmers

- Gabrielle B