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Glitchy key fobs but smooth ride.

Trustworthy car with good mileage. Key fobs do not work when parked in busy lots. In order to unlock the car when key fob isn't working, I have to jiggle the key in the lock until the locks fully go up. Surprisingly good in snow, but except snow & ice tend build up behind front tires causing turns to be difficult. My car does not like to immediately go when there is snow, so stops are difficult no matter the surface or angle. Low riding pt cruisers are not recommended for snow as they become a mini plow (not a good plow), and any deep pot hole or steep turn will scrape the front bumper. Cruiser is an easy drive with crisp stereo and nice leather heated seats.

- Mac T

My PT Cruiser details on the vehicle I actually really like.

This vehicle is not the best I have owned but it is by far not the worst either. It is like half truck half car. You can carry items too big for a car. It is pretty big inside. Also the engine is peppy for a v6. You sit real low to the ground like a car instead of like a truck. I am the second owner of this vehicle and I have had to replace the timing belt. Only happened on my way home from work. No indications for a warning, just pop and no power. Would not move anywhere. Had to have the flat bed come pick it up due to being so low to the ground. Plus the tire size is extremely harder to find.

- Joni D

That it's gets me around and it may not look good as they're but it will do.

I like because it gets me to A to B and it's not so bad the seats or ok not tore up and good on gas and i can go to the store which is around the corner and other little places that's not far. and dislikes or i can't go far or it might break down and the pumper is falling off have to tape it up all the time are it will fall off and the windshield solution has a leak so i have to clean the windows myself the wipers are broke need new ones actually need a whole new car but what can i do whether have it as long as i can instead of catching the bus or train.

- octavia A

Pt: a larger size, 6 cylinder and better in gas mileage pt - wow!

It has been a comfortable car to drive and ride in. However it is not as good on gas (city or highway) as was claimed. It has kept so long because I have had general maintenance performed regularly. Major replacements such as air conditioning are costly. Because of the area of the country that I live in rust is inevitable. For a 4 cylinder vehicle it has surprisingly lasted this long. Of couple of suggestions: put an adjustable arm rest on the passenger side. Use a different type of handle to open the hatch in the back - my rusted off.

- Pat M

My very reliable PT Cruiser.

I have had my PT Cruiser since 2001. It has been a great, reliable car. Three years ago, I had to put a new radiator in, which was the only repair it had ever required. Last month was the 2nd trip to the mechanic in 18 years. The cooling system needed work and some worn out parts replaced, hoses, mounts, etc. Either I have been lucky, or it is just a great car. And I am a very unlucky person, so it must be the car. Highly recommend PT Cruisers.

- Lyn B

I have had little to no problems with my PT cruiser. It has many qualities that are great and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I absolutely love my cruiser! The only problem I've had is the key not wanting to turn all way back after turning the vehicle off. I have to play with the button on the shifter to get the key out sometimes, but so far not a lot. What I love most is e sportiness of my cruiser, how comfortable it is and I have an armrest on the driver's seat on the right side! I would absolutely recommend a Chrysler PT Cruiser anyone!

- Katy L

Unique look and style. Easy to park and maneuver.

Car has issues with rear suspension. Cooling system issues as well. Instrument panel is awkward. I received this car as a gift. I would not purchase this car. Electrical problems with the power windows and headlights and fog lights. I would not recommend this car to anybody I cared about. Plus side is that it is easy to make repairs on. Decent mileage. Car has a unique look and is a plus.

- Keith A

For a car, there is good head and leg room for tall people to be comfortable.

I love the style and color of my car. I love that there is more head room and a bit more legroom than a typical car so my tall husband is not uncomfortable in my car. No real dislikes other than, since I purchased it used, it doesn't have power locks. And although I love how my car looks, I still can't get used to parking straight with the back end being wider than the front.

- Elle P

An average car that suits some of my specific needs better than most.

At 160k miles, my car is still pretty reliable - I also have some physical disabilities and this car is better than anything else I've tried for seat comfort and also being able to load stuff in and out without injuring myself. Don't like the turning radius or the fairly crappy mileage. Also I really need a car with modern safety features, which obviously this doesn't have.

- Elizabeth B

Short life on batteries, good gas mileage, stiff ride.

Vehicle handles nicely, but is a stiff ride. I do not think it would be good for long distance traveling. It has decent gas mileage, and with a small fuel tank, you can fill the tank rather cheaply, even with today's gas prices. The vehicle does tend to go through batteries fairly quickly; my local auto parts store says pt cruisers have a high electrical load.

- Helen S

To not buy one because people will make negative comments about it.

I like how it looks like an old car because of how it is styled. I hate that there is so much hate towards it, whenever I am reading something about cars online, there is always so much hate towards the pt cruiser. My main complaint would be, since how old it is, is that a lot of the clear coat is peeling and we will need it to be repainted soon.

- William k

Chrysler PT Cruiser, isn't for everyone. but is still a good car.

We recently had to have the motor replaced after being in an accident, it was expensive but it's a reliable vehicle. Our mechanic would prefer we update our car he doesn't like to work on the PT because he has to charge us so much more for the labor. The car is spacious and has been reliable as long as we keep up on the maintenance.

- Brandie L

There is a sunroof and a really good radio. the inter is in real good shape.all the doors work good for as old it is.

There was some things that were wrong with the car.But it did not take a lot of money to fix it. There is a lot of room in the car and it gets about 30 mils per gal of gas. that is not bad. but you can not hit the gas pedal down too hard or you will not get good gas mils.Make sure that the tires got the right amount of air in them.

- Luann S

That the timing belt went at about 105,000 miles and was quite expensive to fix,

The car is surprisingly spacious and there is a good amount of room for 4 people to fit comfortably. The car has recently had quite a few issues lately that I have had to have fixed. The Timing belt broke and left me on the side of the road and I needed to get towed. Also the muffler has stated to make a loud noise when driving.

- Dan K

Why I really love my pt cruiser.

Some problems because of age of the car, parts are starting to wear out. Very reliable. The only time it wouldn't start was with wind chills at 50 below zero after have sat for a day. Gets good gas mileage. Size of the vehicle is perfect for me. Added some features, back up camera and auto start for my convenience.

- Bonita R

Sleek 17 y/o beast still runs well.

I purchased my car used. I love the fact that it has not only a cassette player, but also a CD player. The moon roof is great. The driver's seat is adjustable height wise and the seats are not fully cloth. The only downfall that I have with my car is that she only gets 19-21 mpg. She costs me $30 for a fill up.

- Sabrina L

It is a steady, dependable vehicle which has given me very few problems.

I always wanted a PT Cruiser because I think they are very unique looking. I have generally been happy with the car. I have had few major problems except for the fact that the car is old now and has a lot of cosmetic problems--rust...broken dash, etc. The muffler is bad and I am hoping to replace the car soon.

- Gayle P

People hate on PT Cruisers a lot, but I've gotten 170k miles out of a car I bought used for $10k, so I'm pretty happy with that.

I have serious back/hip issues, and this car is the only one I've found with a seat that really works for me, and a hatch at a level where I can put things in without injuring myself. Hate the low gas mileage (which I've dealt with by driving much less) - also I really want a car with modern safety features.

- elizabeth P

Very reliable care. Fairly inexpensive.

2001 Chrysler cruiser I own the basic model although it have good mileage, also very spacious for a wagon, oil change and light maintenance is simple and easy although they do have a overheating problem but if you keep up with the maintenance you will avoid that problem. Parts for this car are fairly cheap.

- Arturo C

The appearance of the car is very stylish. It looks like an antique car.

The car is cute, and easy to drive. Small enough to park easily but large enough for my kids and my stuff. It is not good for a long distances drive, . My vehicle has a skylight, and if I open it while I am driving around noon time, it is too bright. But I like it because I can get fresh breeze.

- Kelly K

My car is comfortable, classy and it will carry an 8' board.

My car has a classic look. I love it because it's a traditional size yet I can carry a lot in it. I've never had any serious problems with it, though I'd replace it with a new model if a comparable car were still manufactured. I have no complaints with it other than it has too many miles on it.

- Cindi S

The pt cruiser has great gas mileage.

The car runs really smooth and makes almost no noise. In the pt cruiser I am able to fit a lot of equipment like drums and pianos. I drive it a lot everyday and the gas mileage is really reasonable. I would totally recommend to someone who is looking for a very durable and nice looking car.

- Salomon F

The space that you have for the passengers.

The car is perfect and its boot is big enough to carry enough things. Driving feels safe. It comes with abs and airbags, which is really important to me. It is expensive due to the services you have to do every once in a while but because it is an old car and the parts are harder to find.

- Marcos M

It is a fast, little good fuel efficient car.

I like my PT Cruiser, it is cheaper to fill the tank on that then the truck I use to drive. I have a tire that keeps leaking air, so that is something that I have to keep an eye. But it gets me where I need to go and back. I wish I could afford a newer car, but this one will do for now.

- Susan P

Heated leather seats, sunroof, ac/heating.

Electrical problems, overheating, burning wires. The wire set from the battery to the grounding unit constantly overheat and melt together. The car itself often overheats and the fan has been replaced twice. The battery losses it is charge quickly and has to be replaced fairly often.

- Kimberly T

Best little car in the past 20 years!

It has been a great little car and has more than served it is purpose of a small 'cargo' vehicle. I love the roominess of the entire interior. I love the style of the exterior; it has never been reproduced and does not look like any other models. It is a very dependable car as well.

- Patricia N

I will drive it until the day I die! It will last that long.

I like my Redbook Mobile PT Cruiser for it's old fashioned design first and it's long lasting durability. It is almost 18 years old and still runs like a champ and has very little rust. I just replaced the original muffler 2 months ago. That is how long these Chrysler parts last.

- Michelle M

Why I have loved my PT Cruiser.

It is lasted a very long time. Only in the past 2 years has it begun to show it is age. Sadly they are not making any more PT Cruisers. I have always loved the comfort, the size of the back seat and the physical look of the car. I love the retro look. I also love the open roof top.

- Gabrielle W

2001 silver with sunroof pt cruiser pt cruiser.

A 2001 pt cruiser is silver, runs good, has oil leak, seals are broken in the doors and windows, the car vibrates a lot, the seatbelts malfunction. The vehicle runs well at the moment there is a hundred and eighty-nine thousand miles on it, and it comes with a sunroof that opens.

- Melissa W

Size. Easy to park. Rides easily.

Great car. Ac. Portable top. Great gas mileage and handling. Plenty of space for six passengers. Lots of storage space and lights. Roof top carrier. Power windows. Great gas mileage. Pretty color blue. Great mag wheels. Four door. Seats six easily and with comfort.

- Ed Mac Michael D

Great small economy car that can haul needed supplies in back.

My vehicle runs very good and I just have regular maintenance done on it. Recently had brake pads replaced by my son and he had no problems at all. I am able to purchase online the parts needed to replace the headlights that are getting foggy and I had a broken side mirror.

- Susan A

Pt cruiser - fun, reliable and Versatile.

I am the original owner of this 2001 pt cruiser. I have been very satisfied with it. The maintenance has been low, I love its simplicity, and I love how Versatile the back is. I have removed the back seats, so that I can haul things. It is amazing how much it holds!

- Donna S

Very dependable and plenty of cargo space and a classy little car.

I bought my car new and have had it for 17 years so far. It's got a great cargo area and has hauled a LOT of stuff over the years. It's been a dependable and classy little car and I still have it because I haven't found anything else I'd want to replace it!

- Pat N

Its spacious, yet compact to drive around or park.

The gear shift no longer lights up, so it makes it harder to see what gear I have the car in during the night hours. Sometimes it shifts itself into neutral, so I have to pull over to start the car again. Sometimes putting the car into drive it does not move.

- Edna A

It is set up for towing behind a motorhome.

This car has been my tow vehicle behind my 2000 rd. The biggest issue has been with brakes and is not resolved. I consider it a very reliable car and love the size as it is easy to zip into and out of parking spaces. It does not get the best gas mileage.

- Betty J

Love my PT Cruiser! Recommend highly.

I love my PT Cruiser. It is easy on gas. I have never had a problem with it. I just enjoy driving it. We bought two of them when they first came out and have never regretted our choice. We bought a black one and a silver one. It is comfortable and roomy.

- Joyce S

It looks small but it has room for more than you would think.

I can't complain too much, for I did buy this as a used car; the year is currently 2018. I wish there was an armrest for smaller. passenger & the window controls for the back passengers to reach better. I love the sunroof and the easy adjustable seats.

- Brianna W

Economy size of small SUV with lots of power and controls at fingertips.

The size, hatchback, fold down/removable rear seats. I dislike that it sits low to ground and the engine compartment is cramped so it is difficult to work on things/change belts (that are all on side) without pulling motor out.

- Misty S

It is a nice, and comfortable car

It is an older car, and starting to have minor defects. When going over bumps it sounds like an old wagon. It has been a very dependable car, and I like it enough that I will keep it, even though we are getting a new car.

- Sean S

Reasons to consider a pt cruiser

Drives well, but not much horsepower. Have had problems with battery and wiring. Radio and CD player has stopped working. Comfortable to drive and be in. Battery very difficult to get to. Good air conditioning.

- Lisa M

Good comfort, design and durability rolled into this one model.

Heated seats are fantastic in the winter as well as the multiple cup holders year round. The radio system gives much joy all our driving miles. ACV is wonderful comfort 365 days per year.

- David S

Is very comfortable and also has space for groceries, luggage, etc.

Love my cruiser. It is easy to drive and is so easy for me to get in and out of since I have mobility problems I have no complaints. Also like that can play CD as well as cassettes.

- Doris P

Pt cruiser- my fun little bullet.

This car is very fun to drive! Although it is compact, you still feel like you are sitting up high and not low to the ground. This car has over 200, 000 miles and still is reliable.

- Erin W

It's old and needs some work to get it into top shape.

It's been reliable over the past five years, but it's getting old. It's definitely time to look for a replacement. It has some issues that need fixing due to lack of proper care.

- Luke J

Very comfortable to drive but engine problems over many years of driving mileage.

Pt cruisers may look appealing but does not have good gas mileage, tends to overheat, have coolant leaking problem, very squeaky noise, locking & unlocking doors can get tricky.

- Tien B

Tracking is a plus when it rains and snows. Exactly headlights,

It's a good running car, 35 to 40 miles gallon gas on highway. Must keep up with maintenance. Having e3 spark plugs installed helps with extra horsepower and gas mileage.

- Annette F

The PT Cruiser is a reliable car and surprisingly enough spacious inside.

I like the size of my vehicle and the style. I don't like the red color but since I bought it used I did not have a choice. it's been a great car for the last 9 years.

- henia b

Great value for the amenities.

I like that it has a sunroof. I also love the hatch back. It's awesome that is has a lot more room then it looks and the seats fold down. I really have no complaints.

- Ashley R

The PT Cruiser is a fun automobile with great style that gets me where I need to go.

I have an original PT Cruiser. At this point, it can't seem to keep an alignment, but it gets me from point A to point B. I also like that it's paid off and reliable.

- Jeffrey B

It not only is great looking car but it is really reliable.

I like how my 2001 pt cruiser looks, I like how it drives and it has great gas mileage. My pt cruiser is a reliable car that has done what we purchased it to do.

- James T

It is heavier than it looks.

Wish there was a center console between the seats and the engine is difficult to work on without taking it out but it is a good car. Still get good gas mileage.

- Kate V

It's the golden bug. If someone wanted it for a project car it would be ok.

I like the size of the car. It's easy to get my wheelchair in and out of. It has also had many problems from the electric going out to muffler to transmission.

- Daryn B

The PT cruiser is no longer in production. If it were I would buy another.

I've had trouble with wheels cracking and or rusting. I have had to replace the rims twice. Computer issues that have caused problems with the transmission.

- Mary D

It is strange!the engine is set up different then most cars so it makes working on the car difficult.

I really like that it gets good gas mileage and that it is small. I wish I had air conditioning in it. But other then that it is a pretty good little car.

- Tim P

The spaciousness of it is probably the most important thing.

Although the pt. cruiser has a funny body style the car is very spacious. Gets great gas mileage and I would consider it a smaller version of an SUV.

- Joe G

The air conditioning is not currently working. Had it fixed but the issue started again

I like that it is a reliable vehicle for the most part. The only part I dislike is that I am currently having issues with my air conditioning.

- Molly Y

Nothing. They overheat all the time. Nothing is good about them.

Too many problems popping up after you fixed it. I beg people not to ever but this vehicle down the road. Leave them at the dealership.

- Scarlet M

The very dependable and reliable Chrysler PT cruiser

The only issue my car currently has is that air condenser has a hole in it. It is easy fix. I love my car it is very reliable.

- Holly A

It is very easy to drive, it lasted a long time.

Compact, reliable. I have no complaints. It is also very nice to look at. It has been very reliable. It is very easy to drive.

- Deborah G

It is perfect if you take care of it.

I love that I have 245, 000 miles in it and it runs like new I love the look the feel how it drives the sunroof in the summer.

- Brian C

Handling and looks Fully dependable

Great car Goodie age Pretty cool color Outstanding color Great handling and performance Extremely comfortable and pleasant.

- Edward M

Don't buy a seventeen-something year-old vehicle without expecting it to need a lot of work

My vehicle is cute; I like the old-style look it has. It's older note, though, and needs a lot of expensive maintenance.

- Elizabeth G

It's gas economical car. If you have a long way to drive it's a great way to go.

It doesn't fit the family very well. Other than that. It's got great gas mileage. Takes us everywhere we need to go.

- Jerilyn N

It is manual, small, low mileage and red and was cheap.

My car has high mileage and it is at it is best condition. Cruise control does not work, dashboard has a crack on it.

- Anna F

It gets great gas mileage.

I love how far I can travel on little gas. Great gas mileage. I like small cars, easy to park. I dislike small tires.

- Hazel W

Great family car, and is bigger than it looks.

Love the sunroof and the hatchback. Looks small but can transport a lot of things. Been reliable. Good family car.

- Ashley R

The little cruiser that could

It's such a great little car! Dependable and gets great gas mileage. It's quiet and fast and handles like a champ.

- Katie H

Is not worth the money or will cost you to own in the long run

I like it is a 5 speed and has a lot of room, do not like that I've had to speed a lot of money for repairs on it

- Deb P

Everyone should try it out, don't just go by looks, there are more to them than you think.

I like my vehicle. It is the perfect size for my daughter and I. I can even haul my grandchildren around in it.

- staci h

Great handling. Super gas mileage. Reliable.

Great looks. Lots of storage. Plenty of helpful inside useless. Great mileage. Beautiful color. Great handling.

- Ed M

Nothing I don't care what others think about my car~

I like that my car is small and fun to drive, love the sunroof~ I like everything about my car no complaints

- Diana T

Basics features of 2001 PT Cruiser

Power locks, power seats,seat warmers, good gas mileage, Sunroof/Moonroof,Cd Player,2.4L engine,four cylinder

- Brandon D

The PT cruiser is fun to drive, it has enough seating for 5. And is very comfortable

It has radiator overheating issues, that can be very costly to fix. And also have electrical issues as well.

- Robert J

It is clean and it is not a bad vehicle.

It gets me to point A to point B not a bad vehicle and sucks on gas but other then that is it is drivable.

- Chris V

It is not at all easy to work on and things tend to fall apart on it.

I like that I do not have payments on it. I dislike how hard it is to work on and all the issues it has.

- Bailey A

it is fairly economical. It isn't a very large car and is easy to maneuver.

I like that it is good on fuel. I dislike that it needs the water pump replaced about every 4 years.

- Cindy L

Reliable, practical transportation.

It's reliable, has plenty of space for at least some of my family, and it's been a good car.

- Matthew T

i love the size of my car it great for a small family or single person

I love my car the size and color and i love the design it drives ok the gas it great in it.

- erica b

It is the first one I Have bought and i really love it

I really love the car I will be paying it off soon There is nothing I dislike about it

- Jo S

How much I love it. It is getting old but am having a hard time thinking of getting rid of it.

Compact size. Lots of inside room. Looks cute. Easy to fit in the garage.

- Douglas C

Excellent for shopping short commutes, roomy for its size.

Showing its age, reliable transportation, maintenance costs increasing.

- David p

I really like my Pt Cruiser it is really roomy & gets good gas mileage. I think the body style is adorable. It had really been a reliable car.

It's really roomy. The front & the back seats have a lot of room

- Danielle I

It has been a good car for most of the time that I have owned it. It is very old, a little rusty, and has problems with the power steering. I love the cold AC.

It can not be driven above 40 miles per hour. It has a car alarm.

- Tara A

It is very spacious and big

I like the size but dislike that it uses up too much gas

- Cassie L

It's reliable very we'll build grate on gas and last long

Good on gas. Strong engine with power. Some problems

- Brandon C