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Perfect Vehicle For Single Driver

I really do love my PT Cruiser but it has given me some troubles over my eight years of having it. In the beginning, it was amazing. Everything worked perfectly and the vehicle was completely reliable. Despite doing my best to maintain it, the vehicle has started to have some issues as it gets older, which is to be expected in a vehicle that is 16 years old. The seats are quite comfortable and the back seat is much larger than anticipated. The trunk space is fantastic for a vehicle of its size and you can lay the back seats down in order to create even more space.

- Autumn M

Bring back PT Cruisers! They're reliable, comfortable, and easy to drive!

This review is regarding a 2002 PT Cruiser. I have found it to be a very reliable vehicle. I am disappointed that this car is no longer available for purchase. It drives smoothly, has a lot of room for transporting luggage and other items as well. It drives nicely in snowy and slippery weather. Five adults can ride comfortably in it. The only problem that I have experienced with this vehicle is that it does not get very good gas mileage. Other than that, I have been very satisfied with this car, and I wish Chrysler would consider bringing it back again.

- Norma V

Lovin' my PT Cruiser till death do us part.

The PT Cruiser handles well, it is easy to get in and out of and for a small car has amazing capacity. It rides nicely and the rear seat is very comfortable. It handles well in snow and rain and once I got used to the suspension being different it became really fun to drive. The only thing that I am not crazy about is the gas mileage. Coming from a Honda Accord with 30 mpg to the 20 mpg I get was hard to get used to. Other than that, I love my PT Cruiser and plan to drive it till one of us drops.

- Julianne S

A PT Cruiser is a reliable vehicle.

This vehicle has been a reliable vehicle for many years. I have performed routine maintenance on it such as regular oil changes, checked tire air pressure weekly, and ensured all fluid levels were correct. I have not had any mechanical problems with it. The interior is extremely roomy. The cargo area is large, and the back seats fold down creating even more storage space. It has the storage space of a van or small truck but has the drivability of a car.

- Samuel G

Easily fits a couple kids and haul things but has issues

The car is not too bad, you sit up higher than most vehicles which is nice. The trunk area has lots of room for storage and the seats fold up making it easier to haul large items. The vehicle is horrible in the rain, snow, ice easily fishtailing in any of these conditions. Also it's hard to turn off correctly as if you do not get the key in the right position, there are no indicators where to stop at, the battery will drain and you can't start the car.

- Amanda B

The PT Cruiser: comfortable but dated.

I do not know much about cars, but my PT Cruiser is nice. I got it cheaply second hand, and I see a billion others on the road with me. It is a comfortable car; although it looks small, it is actually spacious enough for two or three people to ride around in, which is really all I need. The features of it are a bit outdated, like the tape insert, but luckily I use a plug-in tape that goes straight into my phone, and the radio sounds alright.

- Courtney D

2002 PT Cruiser: A Ugly Good One

It's a pretty nice car. It gets me where I want to go and the gas mileage isn't too bad. Unfortunately I don't know a ton about cars, but I will say that I feel most of my repairs come from the previous owner not taking care of it. Therefore, overall it's a nice car. It's got tons of room inside and the storage in the back is nice. I do hate that it doesn't have a place for me to store my spare tire but that's just me being picky.

- Amanda R

My pt cruiser experiences.

I got it used so knew it came with some issues. It does not have great pickup, which I have experienced with other chryslers. Gas mileage is decent, considering the age. I find visibility in this model really tough, particularly for reversing. The interior has a surprising amount of space & with options of lowering one or both of the rear seats. . It just seems to always have small things going wrong.

- Christine H

DO NOT BUY A PT CRUISER! You will regret it and it will drain your wallet.

It falls apart. Too small for normal humans and the cockpit is strangely shaped with a wide console at the knees where room is most needed. Engine is horribly difficult to work on or even to reach the battery or radiator to do normal maintenance. Mechanics HATE this car because of the lack of space to work. Muffler had fallen off. Sensors have minds of their own Hatch doesn't stay open.

- Dee S

Take a tour with me, in my pt cruiser.

The touring edition of the pt cruiser has a very sleek interior. I enjoy the comfort of my seats as well as the space. The legroom is pretty amazing. At first glance, you notice the curves on the body. One of the best features and my favorite, is the gas mileage. Whether I am on the open road or driving in the city. I can expect great gas mileage and that is a feature I can rely on.

- Angela T

Chrysler PT Cruiser Detroit's hidden gem

I love everything about this car it has power seats windows moonroof and heated seats The gas mileage is great and is a very reliable car. Everything is inexpensive if/ when replacement parts are needed. 4 adults are seated comfortably in the leather trimmed seats. For the driver all of the switches and knobs are easily accessible truly a pleasure to drive economical but luxurious

- Bette W

If it isn't a total creampuff, it'll be problem after problem! With PT Cruiser there seems to be no middle ground.

I dislike how just about everything on the dashboard is turned around from almost every other car I've ever had, Japanese or American-made, & I especially dislike how unreliable this car has been...sitting out of commission far more often than it has been road worthy. One thing I love is how solid it feels.Definitely doesn't feel like a ball of tin foil like many newer cars !

- Maureen B

This is what a Junkyard car is.

Honestly the car is junk. The color of it is gray but it is rusting off. When you pump gas you have to hold it a certain way or it will not pump right. Plus It has no radio the starter fuse blows every time you put one in. Plus there is something that's causing my car to go up any inclined. It's loud. The idle is bad. Air don't work. Needs go to junk yard.

- LeAnn B

2002 model year, still with under 86,000 miles! Runs,drives and rides like a dream! I love this car! I would recommend a PT Cruiser very highly!

This vehicle is one of my favorite cars I have ever had! It's a gold color with gray interior, I really like that color combination. We purchased this vehicle used, a 2002 , with less than 85,000 miles on it, and had been very well taken care of. It was like buying a new car. I have no complaints about this vehicle, very happy with it.

- Cindy D

I like my car & the way it drives the color and the interior.

I enjoy driving around & traveling in it, I like the body style the color & the interior I like the gas mileage, the way it handles on the freeway and on the streets I like the stereo the speakers system the hatch back the air conditioner the heating system the power that the motor puts out the 5 speed trans the steering is easy to handle.

- Thomas M

This car is a death trap.

This is a very uncomfortable car to drive and the mileage is terrible. It is a small car and I have a fear that if I ever get into an accident the car will just scrunch up like an accordion. It also has problems every day and overheats. The power steering in my car has gone out 3 times since I got it back in November of 2018.

- Sam H

Amazing car that is great on gas and has an awesome sunroof.

I bought my car when I was 16 years old and have had it ever since. My car is reliable, good on gas and I love the sunroof. Also the other good part about it is the heated leather seats. The heated seats are perfect for those cold days. Although the leather seats are not my friend when it is hot out. The seat burns my butt.

- Tiffany M

Just personal experiences from driving a PT Cruiser. 2002

Not a reliable car imo. Mine is a 2002 and It's very underpowered. My family has put more money into it trying to fix it than what we originally bought it for. The car doesn't drive bad, however from personal experiences I would definitely not recommend getting this car for anyone. At least any model older than 2009

- J M

The unique shape and aerodynamic design.

I have a wonderful 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser. It's a beautiful, deep maroon in color with soft all grey velour interior. It has spacious seating for 5 and has just enough trunk space for all our cruisin time needs. And with 30 mpg highway and 25 mpg in town, buying gas doesn't break my wallet or stop the cruise.

- Nicole C

Sits like a truck, the seats are not low.

The Pt Cruiser seats like a truck. I really like that, it's very comfortable. Honestly it was not my first choice in a vehicle. But after purchasing, I really do like it. It's not a get up a go vehicle, which I don't like. I like my vehicle to get up and go. It's a great car for just running around town.

- Lisa E

I bought both my vehicles PT Cruiser and Ram 1500 and have been trouble free.

Both my Ram 1500 pickup and my Chrysler PT Cruiser have done well for me for the past 10 years I don't really have had real big problems with them just standard things like timing belt and oil changes and tires but I am planning to buy a new vehicle next year and it will be a Chrysler or Dodge product.

- Theodore N

It�s a nice small starting car

Comfort is a problem for tall people. I really like how it's smooth it goes on the road. There's really no problems but it's a small car. I am 5'5 and I sometime struggle with leg room. It's a nice car for someone starting or a small person but if you are a tall person then look for a larger vehicle

- Aldo E

It's really good on gas, roomy and a great family care low maintenance.

I haven't had many problems with my car. It's really good on gas. Has a very roomy back seat I can easily fit 3 children in car seats in the back seat. The trunk is a little small. . Car drives really smooth great on long trips. It's easy to keep in good running condition and find parts when needed.

- Josie T

Dependable vehicle at an affordable price.

Pt cruiser is a reliable vehicle. It has good gas mileage. Just provide the usual things like proper oil changes and make sure engine coolant is topped up. Only had to do a front end aliment. Reasonable quotes on auto insurance. Also has good gas mileage. Can almost travel a month on a tank of gas.

- Thaddeus E

My pt cruiser I absolutely love it and the amount of room it has.

Vehicle is paid for and gets me from point a to point b, have had issues but the biggest one is no air conditioning otherwise it works and I can haul stuff. Goes decent in the snow and it looks bad but honestly it's perfect for me. My biggest issue seemed to be overheating but a new fan fixed that.

- Marcy L

Dependable and attractive.

Overall a dependable, attractive, easy to drive vehicle. Rides a bit rough but comfortable inside the cabin. Good gas mileage. A tank lasts me well over a week with my regular commutes. Attractive outside. Great speaker sound. Prone to coolant issues but easily controlled if you keep it maintained.

- Morgan M

Love my cruiser it rides very comfortably looks sporty sunroof, sporty wheels.

I have got great service from this car, I have kept the maintenance up and it has given me great service, I have had to buy new tires and a new battery, but I would have to do that on any car so I am happy with this car, I would buy another PT Cruiser if I could find one as good as the one I have.

- Teresa C

2002 PT Cruiser is a decent vehicle.

The driver's seat is nice, as it is more like a chair rather than a bucket seat. It hesitates a bit to start. When you are at an idle, the fan causes the heat/air to cut in and out. Lots of trunk storage. It does not have a very powerful engine, not a lot of get up and go, especially on a hill.

- Brenda I

Good for the money but no frills.

It is cute but it rides rough. It is 4 speed so it does zip around. It gets good gas mileage and is driven to several times a week. I probably wouldn't ever buy a new one since this one rides so rough. I think they were built more for younger people who do not think about the ride or luxury.

- Sonja G

248 c.I.d. 16 valve 2.4 liter Chrysler runs great.

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser. It's 248 c.I.d.16 valve. Dual overhead cams. It was overheating, so I replaced the radiator. Then I soon enough replaced the head gasket which required extensive work and patience of course. Now it runs great. No problems at all. All in all it's a good running car.

- James B

Very spacious vehicle. Seats fold down for more space.

It is a very dependable vehicle. I have had a problem with the bushings going out and making the front end wobble. But it is not that expensive to fix. The window control module has went out. I went to the pick a part and got another module for less than 50$. Fixed the problem right away.

- Kala L

Aging of a 2002 PT Cruiser.

To small for my liking. Night time driving is terrible bigger cars headlights blind you when on coming as you sit at the right height for blinding. After 16 years part start falling off car such as emblems on back hatch, wipers do not work properly and the car starts making weird noises.

- Debbie W

Low maintenance, dependable car.

My car, 2002 Chrysler pt cruiser has been a dependable low maintenance vehicle. I have owned it for 8 years and have only had to do the basic tune ups and services. I have had very little problems with this car. I will say it is not very luxurious and drives similarly to a small truck.

- Joyce R

PT Cruisers are so comfortable as you "cruise" down the road!

I like that the back seats fold down and can be pulled out. The hatchback is important to me because I use a wheelchair and it is much easier to get in and out. It is good on gas. The CD player is wonderful.The seats are the most comfortable I have ever had in a car. No complaints.

- Susan S

Interesting details would b the placement of buttons.

I've been having alot of tire problems but I really like my vehicle, just has some minor issues to fix. The horn doesn't work or the radio and no air conditioning but I have an air compressor to put in it, haven't had very many issues since I bought it, just the tire issue.

- Kathy C

The pt cruiser that never lets me down.

My car has had its problems just like any other car. It ran hot a few times and could never find the reason behind it. The tires keep going flat out of nowhere like almost every week or two. But my car is very reliable. I can count on it to get me anywhere and everywhere.

- Alicia B

Good little go getter. Great gas mileage.

I have 160,000 on it. The car runs good. Spencers keep needing to be replaced. My air conditioning does not work. It gets me around town gas mileage is good. It is a good little go getter. The heated seats are a plus on those cold days. I think maintaining them is key.

- Heather P

My car is a great car and is cheap on gas. It gets you to point a to point b.

My 2002 pt cruiser come with a sunroof which at this time does not work fully. It raises up but does not go back. It is good on gas and a great car that has enough room for you and your family. The seat raise down and lower up so it give you more room to haul stuff in.

- Stacy C

Nice little car, with lots of room to haul things.

The car is not great in the winter. I get stuck in my driveway a lot. Winter tires did seem to help. It does have a lot of room if you need to haul something when you fold down the seats. I like that it had a 'shelf' in the back cargo area. Works great for groceries.

- Jill B

I love the hatchback and the room it provides.

I love my little purple monster! For a small car it has tons of room to haul things around. It gets great gas mileage too! It does tend to have issues with the brakes and I've had to replace the pads twice since I've bought it but overall it's been a great little car.

- Jewel R

Great car for gigging musicians.

It is a very reliable car, gets me where I need to go. The 5 speed has great pick up, it is just a little loud for me. I am a musician, so I can fit all the equipment I need in the hatchback with enough space for another person, which is really great for gigging.

- Mitch H

Bring the PT Cruiser back.

A great car for city driving. And freeway. Very comfortable. Love the unique style Wish it was still in production. . . Would buy another one to replace the one I have had for 16 yrs Only drawbacks are - is a wide turning radius. - a few spots of oxidized paint.

- Cynthia H

Hal has thermostat issues.

Hal is a good car, but often needs a new thermostat because he overheats. He needs a new thermostat about 2 times a year, hal needs a new one now as we have to drive with the heat on to draw the heat away from the engine until he can get a new thermostat put in.

- Danielle B

I love my pt cruiser named Hal.

I love my car, it is the best, he is silver with flames and his name is Hal. He runs great, he is very roomy, comfortable with comfortable seats. There is even a table in the back of the car. Hal had a new transmission put in last year now he runs like a dream.

- Danielle B

Pt cruiser - classic style with modern feel.

I absolutely love my 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser. It is the series one dream cruiser in aztec gold. It handles like a dream and has great power for quick acceleration. Easily one of the best cars I have ever owned and I plan on driving it for many years to come.

- David B

It gets really good gas mileage. There is plenty of room to carry small loads.

Overall the vehicle is good. The things I dislike about it is the seats aren't very comfortable, and it doesn't have a cigarette lighter. It does have plenty of room, fold down seats which is great and a CD player along with outlets to charge your cell phone.

- Stacey W

Love my pt cruiser. Very fun car to drive especially with the sunroof open...

I have had very few problems. What you'd expect for a 2002 with 110,000+ miles. Somewhat disappointed with mpg for a 4 cylinder. Other that it is a fun car to drive. Do not know what the other year models are like. For a 2002 it has a lot of nice features...

- Paul B

That it has a unique design.

Good driving car it is old but well kept, like the way it feels when your inside quite cozy lots of room and good space, the one feature I do not like is where the spare tire is kept, I have the cruiser edition so I have special features such as a moonroof.

- Deborah T

Love the purple PT Cruiser, lots of odd random issues.

PT Cruisers have a lot of very strange random issues that are hard or expensive to fix. It is good on gas mileage and feels bigger than it looks. I love the purple color specific to the PT Cruisers though. It would be a great first car for a younger person!

- Courtney S

This car has been a solid reliable car. Old reliable red would be my title.

The cruiser has been a reliable car. There is more storage than appears on the outside. The most problem we have is the air in the tires seem to go down. There is also a big blind spot because of the front seats low and wide space of metal between doors.

- Sandra H

Comfortable and very reliable.

My pt cruiser has been very reliable and gets me from point A to point B. The car itself is very comfortable and large. One big problem the far has is the power steering, it needs to been kept up with by putting in power steering fluid in the car often.

- Ali H

Not my kind of car, but it runs.

I think the gas mileage is horrible for this car. It has comfortable seats and pretty good speakers for music. Fits the whole family, but I would really prefer a bigger car. If you are looking for a first time vehicle I would recommend for sure though.

- Amanda V

Cost to drives you long distance.

I'm lucky to have a car. It gets me from point a to point b. It's good on gas. Runs good. But has cosmetic damage. Needs suspension work, tires and brakes, air doesn't work, could use a better stereo and I really don't have the money for any of that.

- Mike S

Dynamo on the road. Great small family car.

It has good acceleration and comfortably seats 4. I like that I can lay down the 2nd row and plenty of room to transport large items. The only drawback I have is that it does not do well with icy conditions. It tends to slide without really stopping.

- Jessica R

Driving my favorite car is fun.

I really enjoy driving my 2002 PT Cruiser. It is easy for me to get in and out of and my friends say the same thing. The seats are comfortable and I wish they were still making this car. The only thing that could be improved on is the turning radius.

- Sue R

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Overheats when driven longer than 20 minutes even after spending over 1000 dollars in repairs. I love the size and hatchback. Pretty roomy for a little car. I love the moon roof. I wish it had heated seats though and easier access to the spare tire.

- Meghan W

Pt cruiser 2002, used car review.

It is an old car. I bought it used for an extra car. Its 2002 so it is outdated and I have only had it a few months. I do not have any major complaints, but it is an old car. I do not particularly like the body style but needed an extra car.

- Lindy P

It is pretty reliable and has decent gas mileage.

Cheaply made, the watts link goes out fast, makes a lot of noise, electrical issues, it is very comfortable however. The car itself sits low but the seats in the car sit higher up so you don't feel like you are sitting on the ground.

- Alyssa E

PT Cruisers: Reliable, good handling, long lasting.

My vehicle is my best friend. She is reliable and she gets me where I need to go. I like that she's a moderately tall vehicle so I don't feel silly in drive throughs. She does great in snow, which is good because I live in Wisconsin.

- Phoenix c

I think we bought a lemon!

We have had nothing but problems since buying our car. Something is always breaking down, needing to be fixed or replaced. I am really sorry we ever bought this car. But at present we don't have the money to buy a new one.

- Debbie T

I haven't had any problems with the engine.

I like the way it drives. Operates easily. I also like the seats, it's like sitting in a chair. It is easy on gas, the trunk is very handy. You just open the door and it's so easy to set your packages in it.

- Barbara Y

The reasons why people are having so much trouble with these cars are the timing belts. They get bad and it keeps them from running and starting.

Its red and has leather seats and sunroof, power windows. The problems with these cars are the timing belts. I love the trunk it has a lot of room for groceries. The seats are comfortable and it drives good.

- Shelley H

You can be a big person and still fit in the car.

Gets you where you want to go if you keep up on the maintenance. I am currently having problems with my front wheel alignment. Also my ac is not working. But drives good for a car with over 200, 000 miles.

- Christopher F

Very nice cheap car. Good gas mileage. Hardly has any problems.

Reliable car. Gets me from point A to B. Sort of hard to work on. Most mechanics do not want to. I was looking for a new car, bigger for my growing family, but I cannot seem to part with my pt cruiser.

- Lindsey B

After about 100, 000, 00 miles need to have the timing belt checked.

I have not had very much problems with this car the timing belt had to be replaced an worked on the key switch once. It is very good on mileage and has great seats very comfortable also a great radio.

- Bernice D

Most of the things in my car work just fine... the driver's side door has some issues but as for everyone else, it's just old and loud.

Aside from the fact that the car is old, one of the things that bothers me about it is the shape... The car was a hand me down so I couldn't complain but I am NOT a fan of the body style of this car.

- Salina B

Great gas mileage, good trunk space.

Easy on gas meaning gets great gas mileage.. Drives great. Easy to handle on highway or back roads.. Will haul a lot meaning when buying I can get anything from a bag of groceries to a table in it..

- Dale H

This car looks like it would be a good work car but it is terrible.

For being a small car it gets extremely terrible fuel mileage. The turning radius is that of a tour bus. If the rear gate is open and car is running then you'll kill yourself with carbon monoxide.

- Tom W

CD player is broken, so don't bring CDs. I have an auxiliary cord though

Blue PT cruiser. I like it cause it gets me where I need to go and is distinct enough that I can easily spot it in a parking lot. Dislike the low gas mileage and the effect it has on girls.

- Bradley B

It is spacious and reliable at a low cost!

My PT Cruiser has been pretty reliable, there have been a few minor problems but for the lower price it is been great. There's plenty of space, there's 5 seats and a spacious trunk.

- Mckenna A

Chrysler PT Cruiser, surprised me with its styling and economy to drive.

Quirky design, good gas mileage even though it has almost 100,000 miles on it. The 4 cylinder motor isn't turbocharged but it is very peppy. zero to sixty in less than 10 seconds.

- Ron C

It still runs after 200,000 miles.

It has room even for a tall person like me. Only big problem was a transmission failure at 120,000 miles. It gets good gas mileage but I wish a 4 cylinder version was available.

- Bruce W

it has lots of room inside and rides very well. have taken it to wisconsin many times and I live in iowa. 150 miles each way.

this is my first brand new car and it is very reliable. I have had only normal wear parts go bad. would buy another one if they still made them. will keep mine till it dies!!!

- Lori S

It is dependable and safe.

I love the shape, how it handles corners, the overall appeal. What I dislike is the amount of road noise and the fact that there are no vents for passengers in the back seat.

- Prix G

I've heard that the tires have a tendency to have problems; I've actually heard that from more than one other PT Cruiser owner.

I really like my car. It suits me. Something I do dislike though is that it seems to break down a lot. But I guess most cars do, or at least the owners feel like they do.

- Carrie M

Great Except Paint Endurance

I love this car. I have had it for 14 years and have only had to do routine maintenance. My only complaint is the paint job has completely failed in the Arizona Sun.

- Molly M

It is very roomy and drives beautifully

it has a complicated engine but it rides beautifully and has a lot of legroom. Most mechanics do not like working on it. I personally like the look and feel of it

- cindy L

It's better than walking. And it's not terribly expensive to fix and maintain.

I dislike the gas mileage. I dislike that it sits so low to the ground and scrubs a lot. Its old. It cost me way too much money. But it gets me where I need to go.

- Breanna N

The car has quite a bit of space for its size and gets good gas mileage.

It is very cheap on gas and reliable. The car rides smoothly. I have had a few minor issues such as the car was overheating but was able to get that that repaired.

- Ernie H

If I had known I never would have bought it

Cheaply made. Clear Coat has completely disintegrated and repair bills are huge due to no room under hood. Hard to find a battery with more than 1 yr warranty

- Elvira J

This is my car, leave it alone !! Really I enjoy this car. It has room for four "good sizes " adults. and good cargo space.

Has plenty of power for such a small engine. Nice comfy interior, heated seats. This car has heated mirrors also. Good cargo space. and nice ride.

- Larry H

It is great for learning to drive because of the steering.

I like the size and how easy it is to steer. I also like the color. I do not like that it does not get good gas mileage or that the ac is out.

- Kathleen W

Back seats get jammed and you have to take it somewhere to get them taken out.

I love the driver seat and how high up it is. I hate the back seats, they always get jammed. It needs repairs often but I do love driving it.

- Ellie S

It gets pretty good gas mileage. I don't have to worry about filling up all the time.

My biggest issue with my vehicle are the locks. They are manual, and I'd much prefer power locks. But overall I really like my PT Cruiser.

- Melissa C

It is good on gas and drives good when new.

The car has tire problems. Engine problems. It is makes weird noises sometime. And continues to have a brake running sounds from the back.

- Tyler R

It rides smooth, it handles well, I love all the features (CD player, moonroof).

I love my vehicle. I have no complaints about it at all. I would definitely buy a pt. cruiser again and I recommend friends to buy one.

- Dawn C

It cannot be driven currently.

I like the spaciousness. I dislike the broken parts and the fact that it keeps falling apart. I like that is big enough for my family.

- Gretchen H

It is yellow, great gas, it fits 5 comfortably.

It is small. It does not fit my family. I like the head mileage on it. It is a stick, it is hurting my knee. It is not all comparable.

- Chris H

The PT cruiser has a sunroof which adds a sporty feel to the car.

The PT cruiser is a reliable vehicle. However, after 100,000 miles, there have been more problems and parts that need to be replaced.

- Sarah M

It is bigger on the inside than it looks and gets good fuel economy.

It is very comfortable and versatile. I have owned it since 2003 and I have no real complaints. It has almost 135,000 miles on it.

- Eric E

It is inexpensive to own.

I like that it is inexpensive to own, ie: insurance, gas, service. I do not like that it is 16 years old and I would like more room.

- Joyce R

It's extremely easy to park.

My pt cruiser is great. It's easy on gas. Hardly ever gives me trouble and because its slimmer in the front its very easy to steer.

- Tia C

Does not get great gas mileage.

I love that the seats are more like chairs and less like bucket seats, much easier on my back. I wish it had more "get up and go".

- Brenda I

It is a great little car that runs good.

I like that it is mid sized, has a hatchback, I am up higher than in a regular vehicle.. I wish the seats were a little softer..

- Lee O

I love that it gets over twenty miles per gallon.

It's a great car. It gets very good gas mileage. It's perfect for me and I enjoy driving it on day trips through the country.

- Savannah P

Runs even after 300k miles.

It needs front end work. New tires. But she will drive forever. Has over 300k miles on it been in two wrecks and still going.

- Tanya K

If you have more than 2 kids that need car seats it's not a good car for you.

I dislike that it's a small car for moms with kids, needs more space for car seats but other then that it's a very good car.

- Maria C

The most important thing one should know about my car is that it is reliable and dependable.

I like the way the PT Cruiser looks and performs.It is stylish and handles well.I will miss this car when I buy my new one.

- Rick H

It is reliable with few problems, no major ones

It's cute :) And it's been reliable for me. I ALSO like that there's plenty of room for my kids and cargo, like groceries.

- Kris N

They do not make it any more so parts may be hard to get.

Reliable but getting older and needs repairs, which costs money. Not much power, but smooth ride and pleasant appearance.

- Dawn S

My PT Cruiser has a ton of room inside. It can easily seat family of five no problem.

I have a stick shift and found as the older the car gets bushings in gear shifter needs replacing every six months or so.

- jessica m

Great little compact car ..

It's a nice vehicle 🚗 its really roomy and good on gas ⛽ its not too big or too little it can haul a lot

- kendra r

It is a solid smooth riding.

Good gas mileage and low maintenance are the best things I like about the car. No dislikes. No complaints at this time.

- Thaddeus W

My car the Chrysler pt. Cruiser rides very smooth.

I like how smooth it rides, it is very stylish. The car breaks smooth and accelerates smooth I like the color as well.

- Edward W

That it is very small on the outside but very big on the inside.

Its old, and small. It is a very reliable car though and the color is very cute. It is great on gas and travels far.

- A B

It is a limited edition with amazing heated seats.

It's a limited edition. It's a dream cruiser. It's a very rare car and has excellent heated seats that work wonders.

- Samantha O

It is my car. I love it. It is reliable and affordable and great on gas

It is a great car. I love my car. It is dependable and thousand times more reliable than the other car I owned

- Toni P

I has very low miles for the year model

I bought it used but it was well maintained and had low mileage. It is a very comfortable ride, and looks nice.

- pristina Y

It's works well, it drives well, it's a nice basic car.

None, I have no dislikes. I have no problems. I like everything about my car, it's simple and clean to drive.

- Spencer S

Looks ruff runs great. Pretty good on gas.

It is a very reliable car. I have never been broke down on the side of the road the 5 years I have owned it.

- Nadine M

It gets very good gas mileage.

Car has been very dependable for me since bought last year. Unfortunately I don't sit comfortably in it.

- Andrea D

Great on gas mileage, which is good if you have to travel.

It is good on gas mileage. There is no cruise control, which i dislike. It is more roomy than it looks.

- Shelley M

I have had four other cars hit me and each time I wasn't hurt. So it holds up well in a car accident.

It's good on gas mileage and comfortable to ride in. I hate that the water pump is hard to get too.

- Diane G

This car offers a very comfortable ride.

Love the look and color. Very Spacious Smooth ride Only thing I don't like is It's a gas guzzler.

- Shami C

it's manual transmission and i love it more than automatic. easy to control in curves.

i like comfort for driver and passengers. I don't like road visibility at night - lowlights








Engine repairs are expensive due to the lack of room to work under the hood.

It has plenty of leg and head room. It's easy on gas. It is a smooth running car.

- Wynn H

looks nice with woody sides

just repaired for 1800.00. now it works fine. body in good shape.

- bob h

It is easy and fun to drive, just the right size of car for our family, but would like to see it get better gas mileage.

Our blue Chrysler PT Cruiser is easy and fun to drive

- Shirley J