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The most trustworthy car I've ever owned. Over 317,000 miles on it, and still going strong.

I've had my PT Cruiser for 5 years now. When I bought it (used), I had to replace the cam sensor within the first couple of months. I started to regret my purchase. People told me "PT Cruisers are junk." Now, 5 years later, I almost brag about my car! It's not pretty. It's rusty. But, it now has 317,000+ miles on it. I've driven that car all over the United States, and in Canada. The one and only time it ever let me down was when the ignition broke at about 298,000 miles. I got it fixed the same day, and the car has never broken down since. I did have the water pump and timing belt replaced at 250,000 miles. That's something that should be a routine maintenance thing. I get oil changes every 5,000 miles. I maintain the car, and it treats me well. I still trust my PT Cruiser to travel anywhere I want to go. Bottom line, if you maintain it properly, it will treat you well.

- Heather B

My pts just keep running and running.

My pts (I have two) are nimble, maneuverable, relatively economical, and comfortable. Over the last 15 years I have spent about $4000 on maintenance on the two cars. I am a mechanic, so I do the majority of the work myself. I have replaced the front brake pads about six times on each car, rotors three times each, and one car needed new calipers after a dozen years. One car needed cooling system work at about the six year mark, both have had air conditioning maintenance at a specialist. My only disappointments have been the lack of effective rear brake adjusters and only getting 25 mpg, which is significantly less that late model cars.

- Tom M

2003 PT Cruiser: touring edition.

I love the way this car drives. I feel like I am in control when driving this vehicle. I really enjoy the armrests that are by the driver and passenger seat. There is a ton of room in the trunk area with seats that fold down for even more room which makes it easy to transport large items. The only problem I have with the vehicle is that if there are any problems with the car, it can be very difficult to fix. Most of the time it is required to remove a ton of parts before you can reach the problem to begin with.

- Laney H

I think this vehicle is wonderful with it's roominess, cute ness of the red with its shape, comfort level, and sunroof.

I think the pt cruiser is a wonderful car, I have the touring edition which means it is roomier inside (big plus) I got my car used and it had some trouble with the motor mounts, and the trunk hydraulic rams went out. I heard that pt cruisers at around 100,000 also have their timing belts go out. It is a reliant car though with GREAT gas mileage. total recommended and it has a sunroof (big yay). oh and the seats go up and down, and it's red in and out with great, soft seats.

- Tabitha N

The pt cruiser is an economy vehicle.

It is a small car but it is stylish. It performs good for its age. It is the second pt cruiser I have bought. It is not good for the winter snow in the Midwest because it is low to the ground. It has lots of room from the trunk to the back seat. I can lay down the back seat a carry lots of items. The performance of the steering wheel is good if the tires are new. When the tires wear down the pt cruiser is hard to steer.

- Penny M

Small red 2003 Chrysler PT with tinted windows.

My vehicle is a Red little 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser and I have had it for 3 years now. When I bought my vehicle it had only one previous owner and was very well taken care of. It has given me some problems this year but nothing too expensive or too complicated. Most issues have been small ones and easy to fix. It is a 5 seater and surprisingly very spacious and comfortable. I would definitely recommend it to others!

- Kristy R

2003 PT Cruiser 202,011 fair condition. Could use a little work. Still drives.

2003 PT Cruiser. Has minimum Michigan rust, still runs and drives very well. Could use some new tires, the ones on their are a little over worn out. There is 202,011 miles on it. This car could also use some break work, and does not have a/c. But what it does have it power locks working CD player, and power windows. Interior is fair with the cleanliness. Not a bad car just not want I want anymore.

- Emily S

The car is a perfect size to easily get in and out of.

My PT Cruiser is very roomy, folding back seats that lay flat for moving things as big as a chair or things that size. . Is easy very easy to get in and out of. The car can drive quickly with the turbo so if needed to get out of the way of something. Down side is the it does not get great mileage. Especially using the turbo. We love the moon roof. All in all its been a good car.

- Jane L

Some issues my family has with the car.

Timing belt, alternator belt both snapped. Had to replace water pump, ac has not worked in 5 years, tire has flown off car due to snapped lug nuts. The steering wheel has melted, the windows get stuck, and the radio antenna doesn't pick up good stations, mostly static. When raining the belts burn, and the brake pads start burning. Car has overheated multiple times and it sucks.

- Nina L

Smooth riding vehicle. I have never had any major problems with my car.

My car saves on gas. It is a good running car. I haven't had no major problems with it. If everything is kept up to date on this vehicle everything will be fine. I use to use my car from driving to and from work. It is a smooth running car. Now I use my car for running errands. I also have a lot of space in my car to recycle. It is real roomy on the inside.

- Vicky P

The hatch and the fold down or removable seats making hauling anything a breeze.

I have owned this car 13 years. Except for routine maintenance I have had to replace the ignition and service the air conditioning. The car is easy to get in and out of. I transport small children and handicapped persons on a regular basis and this rig is perfect for that. I have been extremely satisfied with my purchase. That is why I'm still driving it.

- Beth R

Excellent gas mileage. 30 miles to the gallon.

I find that my PT Cruiser runs great for a 2003. The only issue I have with it is that I have to check the antifreeze or else it has issues. The interior is very nice. I love it for when it's just me. However it is to small for when I have more than 2 people in the car. I also love that it has heated seats. This is a very reliable car.

- Susan M

I really love the moon roof and tinted windows.

My car is very reliable and good on gas. I had a garage door and the roof in my garage collapse on it, so it has a few dings. It is the perfect size and comfort for me. Love the disc player. This is my second cat that I have bought used and paid off and kept. I used to lease a car every 3 years but owning it with no car payments is nice.

- Peggy P

The summary of the PT Cruiser.

It is a great vehicle reliable, has power, great on gas, runs great, love the heated seats, not sure that I like the placement of the knob for the windows it is on the dash, like the extra room on doors, like the shelf in the back hatch, not really fond of the cup holders, love the turbo it gives that extra you need to pass someone.

- Heather T

Stylish Versatile car for anyone.

A real work horse with a roomy interior. Reliable all year round transportation plenty of hauling space classy look on the outside as well stylish without looking like a novelty car. Comfortable seats with warmers like some luxury cars sound system a plus as well love the sunroof and keep it propped up most of the time.

- Richie D

PT Cruiser great idea before it is time.

My PT Cruiser is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. The only problem is that the year I bought the car they did not have provisions for cruise control. Which is strange for a car with cruiser in its name. I have not had any mechanical problems although the engine check light has come on and gone off by it is self.

- Tom E

Bring back the pt cruiser.

Great car for local driving. Fun to drive. . . Easy to park, despite a small turning radius. Has been very dependable. . Only problem was some oxidation of paint. After driving it for 16 years, it's time for a new car. , but alas pt's are not longer in production. If they were, I'd purchase another one in a flash.

- Cynthia H

A interesting detail is that this car is the oldest one I own and runs the best.

I love this car, even though it is old. It is just the right size. It sits up like a SUV which makes getting in and out easy, it is very snappy for its age and also great on gas. Also plenty of storage room. We have had no trouble with this car, runs great. It had 60000 miles when we bought it three years ago.

- Kelly R

My 2nd car that I have ever gotten.

It has good gas mileage. I feel comfortable driving it all the time. It only feels weird when I try with the air conditioning on because the previous used to work on the car and messed it up. It does not get too hot or too cold inside the car. I can fit other people in the car if necessary.

- Chelsea C

The interior is very classic.

The PT Cruiser performs well. I have always heard more negative comments than positive with this make and model, but have been pleasantly surprised. It is a sleek, timeless, and reliable vehicle that will not only get you from point A to point B, but have you riding in style while doing so!

- Elizabeth F

It is a very reliable car.

I have had no problems with my car. It is very reliable and comfortable to drive. It does not have the things the newer cars have, like the GPS, cameras, although I did have a backup camera put in. There is not a lot of room in the front but it is a very good car. I recommend it to anyone.

- Sherry S

It has its problems, but it's still a terrific car.

I love the roominess of this car, and it gets excellent gas mileage. Unfortunately the electronics are starting to fail - no AC, no radio. It's also starting to get rust spots I can't treat. I'd love to get a newer model for my next car... and hoping that will be at least a year away.

- Jennifer R

Small, but you can make room to carry cargo if needed.

This vehicle has been fairly reliable and I have over 200,000 miles on it. It does go through bearings and other repairs on a regular basis. I do like that fact that it can carry passengers in comfort, but I can take out seats to accommodate items that I need to transport as well.

- Gloria B

My vehicle is a very reliable and gas-saving form of transportation.

My vehicle is very reliable. I love my vehicle, but there are a couple problems. A new o2 sensor needs installed, needs a new muffler, and the fuse box has issues that are causing the radio not to work. Other than that, it is great on gas and is a very smooth ride. I love my car.

- Heather J

The interesting point is the smooth ride for such a small car.

I love my cruiser it is been reliable and the cost for maintenance is very low. My only big cost has been a power steering pump. Which went out a couple of months after I bought it. The seats are comfortable and driving it is a dream. It brakes beautifully and driving it is easy.

- Paul B

A complex relationship: love my car/hate my car.

Very hard to get serviced--the engine is a very tight fit! Currently, the ac is not serviceable. Model is notorious for electrical issues, and personal experience has shown that it really hates subzero temps--get a tank heater if you want to take it north of the mason Dixon line.

- Monica A

Pt cruiser: lots of problems but good enough for first car.

Some problems include not so great gas mileage, problems with the air conditioner in an Oklahoma/ Texas summer, problems with heater in winter, parts are hard to find and when they can be found are often super expensive. The radio is good. Bulbs for turn signals run out quickly.

- Brittany B

Pt cruiser 2003. Great for smaller family.

No problems at the moment. Very comfortable seating. Most reliable car I have had. Lots of fun for kids and pets. Great on gas. Love the color. Husband replaced old parts about a year ago. Car has run without problems for a year now. Would recommend for young to teenage girl.

- Eliza L

Great car purchase in 2003.

I bought my vehicle brand new in 2003 and have not had any major problems. I have only to replace the radiator. Gas mileage is good, very reliable. I get regular oil changes, place brake pads when needed. Overall, great car in great condition and intend to keep her forever.

- Gwen T

Oldie but goodie and gets me where I need to go.

Like any older cars, needs more attention to making it run ok. Tune ups I think are really important to making the car run ok. And oil changes are most important. I have noticed as time passes it can sputter and it seems more so in the morning hours when the engine is cold.

- Becky C

Chrysler has done it again. The window in the hatchback are large enough.

My pt. cruiser is just what I need. It is great on mileage, its a compact car but with plenty room to carry things like groceries or even work supplies in the hatch back. Not to forget how the seats lay down for camping equipment or beach fun. The body is nice clean and.

- Penny L

It is not meant to be driven very past. I have nearly rolled it on a few occasions.

I feel that this vehicle has been very reliable for me. Currently it is having trans issues but that's normal for a car that age. I feel it is unique because of its style and its wood paneling. I like the console based window switches.And it is a very comfortable car.

- Griffin F

It is got massive amounts of room to haul things.

My car is roomy and gets great gas mileage, not the greatest looking car it is got dings and quite frankly it is getting a little loud. As my granddaughter says it needs a working cold air button but that is what windows are for and at least we got heat this winter.

- Marcy M

I feel safe driving and riding in it We have had no major issues or repairs. Gas mileage is good.

The size is good because we are older with no kids still at home. Though a small car it has ample space for our needs. Automatic transmission is nice, I hate a stick shift. No complaints but it is older and I worry a bit that that may mean trouble could pop up.

- Katherine R

Cruising with the PT Cruiser.

It is a well made vehicle that ride comfortably and is fairly trouble free as far as repairs go and while I wish the gas mileage was better it is still acceptable. It has good acceleration for a four cylinder engine. It handles well in all conditions of weather.

- Gene G

The purple cloud rides again.

The car drives well, has a lot of room, uses too much gas, low maintenance, is a pretty purple, and gets me where I need to go, the hatch back area is well arraigned with 2 shelves that can be moved or removed depending on what you are carrying or not.

- Carla V

Very smooth riding car and very comfortable. Small but roomy.

My radiator we believe needs replaced but it is not running until it is fixed. rain great though, great on gas, very comfortable, it does not have cruise control though. Has three spots throughout car to charge phones one being in trunk part.

- Angie F

It is quite comfortable to ride in. Good head and leg room.

I don't really like how it looks as far as overall shape goes. I do love the fuel mileage and it is dependable. We have not had any super expensive repairs since we have had the car. Finally, the car is quite comfortable with a nice interior.

- Mike M

Take care of the engine and it will get you where you need to go. I have over 270,000 miles on it and still going.

I like the size. I don't like that I can't haul big items.I like that the back seats lay all the way down. I don't care for the window controls placement. A lot of the things quit working: heater in the seat, gas gauge, various sensors....

- Kelly D

It's reliable in addition to having a distinctive style.

I love it and I've kept it a long time because I don't want to give it up. It's cute and reliable and the perfect size for me. My only complaint is that they stopped making them so I can't buy a new one.

- Jen S

They can look at it and know that it is my style.It is a 2003 that I bought new and I have no desire for another type of car.

The only thing I really dislike about it is that it doesn't get as good a gas mileage as I would like. It is very roomy and I love the hatchback. I like having a 4 door vehicle for the convenience too.

- linda b

Smooth riding, fun driving

I just bought it last week so I'm still figuring it out. After having a newer vehicle with all the extras, I'm getting used to this simpler model. So far, it's a comfortable ride and drive.

- Ann R

That it needs a front brake rotor and drivers side outer tie rod end.

I have a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser with a 2. 4 liter engine. The color is cranberry. It has a lot of work done to it so it is road ready. But still needs a front rotor and tie rod end.

- Richard C

great vehicle for the money

This car is a wonderful car and I love it. I've had a few problems with it but none that can't be easily fixed. The gas mileage is very good on it wouldn't change a thing.

- tiphany b

The car drives and handles well it looks sharp, matching any new car out there.

I have approximately 237000 miles on it and it is operating like it was brand new. I have maintained this car religiously through my ownership starting at 77000 miles.

- bob s

It gets pretty good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage. It has good amount of space. It is expensive to repair sometimes and sometimes parts are hard to find. There is not much room to work on it.

- Carl H

They have stopped making this model.

The car has very comfortable seats. It is a hatchback with a lot of room to put things. The older the car gets the more problems occur. The interior is very roomy.

- Steven M

It has fantastic air conditioning.

I like the look but it is hella old, I find the design charming and unique but would like leather features to make it feel nice and new with some updates as well.

- Pa P

About the dangerous blindspot, and the bad gas mileage.

I like the style of the body.and the interior is nice. I dislike the gas mileage and the fact that it has large blind spot which makes it uncomfortable to drive.

- Helen B

The hood underneath can be a struggle, certain parts are buried underneath others.

For the most part, it has been very reliable. The mileage is pretty decent. Also, it is just the right personality that I want to front for me.

- Sean G

It is not the standard, run of the mill car.

The size is just right. It is easy to get in and out of. Has plenty of storage space. Since it is a turbo, it has plenty of get up and go.

- Rohan K

That if you want a small four door car that has enough room for a family of four than it is perfect

I love the size for my family and it meets my needs for our basic needs. What I wish was that finding parts for repairs was less expensive

- Christina T

It's great on gas and has lasted me nearly 5 years. Overall, she is a good car.

I hate that the engine is so compact. Even the smallest repairs cost a lot because of all that has to be removed to get to the issue.

- Samantha F

It's is great on gas and great for running errands in the city

I love the style and the gas mileage. I also love the price of repairs as they are few. I dislike the fact that it is getting older.

- George D

It's not great on gas mileage.

I like the way it drives. It has good power. Do not like that it is so low to the ground. It catches on low driveways. Or big dips.

- Jane L

That you have to keep an eye on the oil and water levels to make sure it doesn't overheat.

I dislike that the model has a history of problems. I like that it has lots of storage space and still parks like it was smaller.

- Catherine R

It a well made, solid car.

I like the look, styled after an old coupe. It rides well and Handel's well. There is plenty of room. Gas mileage could be better.

- Gene S

It still runs very well, and other than having to fix a few minor things it's been a good car.

Well, I'm sure when it first came out this was a great car. I bought it used in 2016. It's beginning to become a chore to keep up.

- Dillon C

Buying a pt cruiser? Do your homework!

I have had this car since oct. 2011. Age problems have caught up with it, but, when it is running right, it purrs like a kitten.

- Christopher G

PT Cruisers are way too small. Not enough trunk space.

I dislike that the car seems small. I feel crammed in when sitting in the front seat. I have also had a lot of problems with it.

- Lisa H

That really is really good on gas and very comfortable to ride

I like the gas mileage. Like the sound system. Air conditioning unit is not to good. It is reasonable for me get repairs made.

- Grady M

That it doesn't get that great of gas mileage for it to be a lighter weight car.

I like that it is reliable, comfortable to travel in. The color is great. I don't like the gas mileage that I get with it.

- Trish H

Not a lot of giddy-up, but super dependable.

This car has lasted us through a lot. It is still working strong and I don't foresee us having to replace it any time soon.

- Renee S

My vehicle has a turbo engine

My vehicle is one of a kind, there are many vehicles in this town like them, though, but they stopped making them in 2010

- Glenda M

It's low to the ground so you have to be careful about those speed bumps.

The vehicle is dependable and extremely reliable. Getting repair work is extremely affordable. The car is great on fuel.

- Horace N

Repair costs will kill your wallet. Specifically, watch that timing belt.

I regret it. Repair bills have quadrupled the price of the car since I bought it used in 2015. Look for something else.

- Tyler B

It is a fast car for an older Cadillac model.

Love this little car because it has been very good for me as well as good mileage, comfortable, and low maintenance.

- Bonnie G




It's a well made car that is fun to drive

I like the look, a retro look similar to an old coupe. It rides and handles well. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Gene A

It is reliable transportation.

Well I cannot complain. The car is great. I even do not hate the color. The car is not new but it is not that old.

- Fuck G

The milage our car gets, saves us a lot of money. We go out for ice cream with the money we save.

I am able to get into our car without any help. The air conditioner keeps the car cool on the hottest of days!

- Ann B

Routine maintenance has always been done and it gets good gas mileage.

Had it since 2004 (2003 model) with few repair issues over the years. It is paid off. Gets good gas mileage.

- nita s

The car is unusual in the engine compartment but easily adapted to if you do work yourself

I like the Gas Mileage it gets. I really have no dislikes about the vehicle. No complaints about it so far.

- Michael P

Make sure you check under the hood frequently. It can be fine one day and the next you are on the.side of the road.

I like the style of the car. It's very cute. However it was a lot of issues. It overheats quite frequently.

- Mercy B

Runs good & is reliable. Very safe to drive in. Would recommend.

Runs good & is a reliable car to transport my family. Dislike that ball joints have to replaced often.

- Savina C

Different kind of car that I have ever owned.

Fun to drive. Has chrome around the windows. and running boards. Grandsons love to ride in this car.

- Nancy A

Pt-Cruiser is the best car I have owned. It has over 175,000 miles on it and still a great car. It also has heated seats for cold weather and air conditioner for hot weather. CD player, power windows and locks. My PT also has power sunroof and tailgate table that is great for tailgating on football days.

Has plenty of space for 5 people. Seats fold down for extra space for moving large items or groceries.

- Sonia P

Its very small and only takes premium gas.

I dislike the car mileage. I also dislike the cosmetic issues it has. I do like how comfortable it is.

- Courtney A

It's fun to drive and gets attention.

Its roomy. It rides smooth. Good on gas. The engine sounds good. It's the best car I have ever owned.

- Debbie G

That it's my car, keep your hands off. Plus nobody else works it but me

Well the first thing is it is hard to work on. Parts are hard to get.Plus they are kind of expensive

- Richard C

Able to get in practically anywhere. Fun to drive

Love the size, ease of driving. Don't like dashboard. Can't see Gage's very well in strong sun.

- Maletaa M

It's paid for and no money is owed. It looks cool.

It gets me where I need to go. It is good on gas. Insurance is cheap because it's an older model.

- Melissa C

It's pretty sturdy, but it does cost more to repair damages on it since the engine is put in weird and it's not an American car.

It's a pretty reliable car. It's got heated seats. It has a sunroof. Gas mileage could be better.

- Sarena P

Don't buy automatic, they break down

Love the looks, easy to maintain, but don't like the blind spot when looking over my shoulder

- Cindy R

It's lightweight, fun to drive and handles very well.

I love the color. Standard shift, so it feels like a sports car. Light and easy to handle.

- JM K

Great gas mileage and perfect for road trips or just around town

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage, and is like driving a smooth shop in call water

- Elizabeth G

Front is very low. Car is no longer made. doesn't have the best fuel mileage.

We have a woody. Love the uniqueness of the car and comfort. Also large cargo capacity.

- Marge M

I have reached 100K mileage and now only use car for errands. It is reliable provided that maintenance and oil changes are done. However, only drawback is 20 mpg and is a relic and left a very big environmental footprint.

Unique and unlike the commoners we see today and it eats gas similar to today's SUV's.

- Steve G

My car is Economical,easy to maneuver,small,and all paid off.

I like that it is smaller, comfortable,decent on gas,and has a sunroof.No complaints

- Karen D

The engine is "cramped" compared to other vehicles. If I buy a battery at one of those auto stores, they will NOT install it because they are "not allowed" to take "apart" the engine to get to the battery, but it's only an air filter which is easy to remove with two clips which I can do myself and they STILL won't install it. To use jumper cables it is a bit different than most cares but NOT difficult. I love that it has "stadium" seating and that the seats sit higher than most cars.

It is no longer be manufactured. Therefore find parts may not be easy at times.

- Patty D

It well made and rides smoothly, get good gas mileage.

It is a comfortable ride and is fairly trouble free from mechanical problems

- Betty G

I like my vehicle because, it gets me to point A to point B. It's good on gas. I dislike it because, it has A lot of issues with it. It always has the engine light and everything else.

It's used and has lots of issues. You'll put A lot of money towards it.

- Elizabeth B

It has good mileage. It has lasted a long time without needing repairs

Not much giddyup, a little slow off the line. Leave yourself some room

- Ana P

It is roomy and you can take the seats out. It runs well. I like the way it looks

They should know that my car is dependable and that I really like it

- Stay M

It drives well and smoothly very comfortable to ride in

I like the gas mileage and roominess I dislike the window controls

- linette v

The motor overheats sometimes.it drives well and has good mileage. Its smaller than i'd like but is comfortable.

It is safe for kids and has good mileage. It needs a new radiator

- Sabrina R

Actually a very good car. Easy to drive and quite roomy inside.

It is a fun vehicle to drive and very dependable. Very roomy too.

- Cheryle M

I don't like the gas mileage and the blind spot, both seem to be unacceptable; if I had realized those two things at purchase it would not have happened. Beyond that I like the style the comfort and the dependability.

The poor gas mileage and the the large blind spot.

- Sue B