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Why I love my PT Cruiser and its challenges.

I love the look, the roomy cab, and large head room of the PT Cruiser. The seat sits higher off the ground, making 8t easier to get in and out for someone, like myself, who has arthritis. The rear windshield wiper makes seeing out the rear window. The trunk is larger than it appears. The shelf is removable and can be attached in the trunk to make a usable table, for picnicking or tailgating. There is additional storage under the front passenger seat. I keep an atlas in the pocket on the back of the driver's seat. I have enjoyed my PT Cruiser since 2007. My problems with the PT Cruiser are a bit costly. For some, unknown reason the brake pads and rotor need to be replaced every 1 to 2 years. They can be affected by the position of your car when parking. If it is on an incline, it is at greater risk of brake damage. In the last 5 years I have been spending good money after bad, on repairs. My car is 14 years old. I have. 94, 000 miles on it. Sensors,, and electrical issues have started. My cruise control no longer works, making travel more challenging. I have an indicator light that burns out bulbs as soon as they are installed. My check engine light comes on after having it serviced for a problem. The PT Cruiser is not a car to plan on having longer than 10 years. I can no longer keep up repairs. I am on a fixed income and it is too costly to maintain. Had I known this prior to buying it, I would have chosen a different car.

- Sheila S

PT Cruiser was great! Sun roof for the summer and heated seats for winter!

My PT Cruiser has been a pleasant experience for the most part. I love the heated seats for the cold Wisconsin winters we have. The car also drove well this past winter with new tires. The car heats up fast and the remote start was fun while it lasted. I have grown to love this car but there were also a lot of issues in the short time I have had it. I used the remote start a few times only for the remote to die and the car have some sort of electrical issue causing the alarm to go off and the car not respond to the key at all. I have also had to have some work done on it super recently as the gas tank straps were rusted all the way through and my gas tank almost fell off my car! A few months ago I also had work done on my muffler as the metal holding it on the car broke off, causing it to also fall off. I have enjoyed this car besides the money I have had to put in. It is such a fun car to drive it reminds me of a golf cart. There is lots of space in the back and even more when you lay the back seats down! All in all I do not think I would purchase this car again but I have enjoyed driving it close to 12 hours a week for the past year and a half.

- Kayla A

04’ Chrysler PT Cruiser has many mechanical issues.

My 2004 PT Cruiser has unfortunately had many mechanical issues. Water pump, timing belt, cam sensor, the ac went out, there have been many issues with this car. So many that I cannot even remember what all I have had fixed. Nor do I remember how much money that I have put into fixing it. Also, it is a tough car to work repairs on due to how small the hood is and how everything is compacted inside. The plus of the car is that it gets pretty good gas mileage. I love the look and I love the interior. I have always liked Chrysler and I really want to love my PT Cruiser but unfortunately there have been so many mechanical issues with it that I am not even sure how much longer I will keep this car because I do not feel it is worth continuing to put money into fixing it as it seems to always break down in some way.

- Kimberly P

It is a silvery lavender color with black convertible top and it has a retro look to both the body and the interior.

I have had a 2007 PT Cruiser since 2008, and it's needed very little repairs in the ten years I've had it. It's true, you have to keep up on the maintenance. I use reliable shops and the dealer who sold me the car, so they have the history of it. Maintenance is the key with any auto. All will eventually stop if you don't keep up the maintenance. I take mine in to the same two shops, or the dealer, every autumn to make sure I will have no problems over the winter. Sometimes, the shop catches a mistake THEY did, like changing the battery without changing the bad cable. I hold onto my repair receipts so I can keep a history overall of the repairs and replaced parts. Overall, my car is great and should last for many years.

- amy r

A reliable family vehicle with good gas mileage and minimal mechanical issues.

Great gas mileage, surprising amount of storage in the hatch, never had to do any major repairs yet aside from maintenance. One problem I have noticed is the ignition can become loose, causing the interior lights to dim. I have heard that it PT Cruiser are known for electrical problems, but aside from the ignition issue I haven't noticed anything. The seats are comfortable. I like the set up on the dash where it has window controls, etc.

- Jamie B

Reliable for outdoorsy or traveling folks.

This vehicle is reliable and has plenty of room for those folks who travel or are outdoorsy. Its performance and handling is great in snow and wet conditions. This car can last for 250, 000 miles or more very easily as long as routine maintenance is performed. The only critical issue or downside with this car is if the water pump goes bad but routine maintenance should help avoid that.

- Michael J

Chrysler pt cruiser, base model. Versatile design for many uses.

I love a lot about the car. It is very versatile and the seats fold down, including the front passenger seat for easy cargo use. The only thing I have a complaint about is the turning radius. It is not as tight as it should be. Other than that everything else has been absolutely wonderful. I bought it new and have had no problems with the car other than routine maintenance.

- Stephanie N

I didn't choose the car, it was given to me. If I had the choice, I would have picked a less ridiculous car than a PT Cruiser.

It's a decent car. It gets me from point A to point B (most of the time). It's roomy and comfortable inside. The color of the car (red) is nice. The car seems to have a lot of cheap parts though and everything seems to be going wrong with it. It's got more than one part going on it that, when they go, the car will be a total loss. So I'm just waiting on the car to die.

- Tracy M

Small car with great maneuverability lets you zip around town with ease!

My car is a very cute zip around town kind of car. It is very reliable. I have had it for about 2 years now and have only had to do minimal repair such as a new battery and new tires. It is a small car and does not have a lot of oomph but it does drive well. It is a little noisy on the highway. I do love my car though. It has a sunroof and that makes it even more fun,

- Jenny G

Overall this is a great every day car. The trunk has lots of room.

I have had my PT Cruiser for almost two years now and I do not have any major complaints. The interior is rather sleek and modern despite being a 2004 make. The dash is also colored yellow, just like outside of the car. I get around 18 mpg which is not bad for what I paid for the car. It is a reliable car and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Sienna B

My pt - cruiser. Lovely vehicle with unique old fashioned look.

This vehicle gets close to 30 mpg. The car is very reliable and has had only regular maintenance. The interior is quite spacious. The seats are really comfortable, we have had a little one on the back, that feels very safe. The car also handles very well on the road. It would be nice if the car had cruise control, but it does not.

- Maggie J

It drives like a dream despite a few problems with overheating.

We bought our car used a few years ago. It had some problems with overheating a time or two when we first bought it, and a part in the gear shifter stick (automatic) but they were easily fixed. Since those were fixed we have not had any problems at all. Drives great, good gas mileage. I would highly recommend a PT Cruiser.

- Dorothy M

Chrysler pt cruiser perks.

It is pretty purple. Good on gas. Reliable like crazy. No problems whatsoever. Had good mileage on it. The only time I had a problem with the vehicle was until after I got into a accident. After that it kept cutting off as I was driving it. But the issue was very minor after I put it in the shop it worked good as new.

- Ariel C

It is a nice comfy first car.

I really love my pt cruiser it is compact and sits high and comfortable on the road. The only issue is it is had a check engine light on for 2 years but no issues. I have taken it across the us and through all sorts of weather and it is great! Besides the cables being eaten up by road salt it does really well.

- Stephanie B

I have been driving my PT Cruiser for nearly five years now, and it has never let me down.

The car itself is really great. It has wonderful gas mileage, ample room at the front of the car, the back seats are sizeable, and the back of the car is very spacious. The only disagreeable thing about the car is that it is sometimes difficult to work on unless you are very knowledgeable about PT Cruisers.

- Tara H

Comfortable unique styling.

Comfortable and easy to drive. Attractive design and really good gas mileage. It reminds me of English cab. I had a second pt cruiser which I sold because I didn't need a second car anymore. I would buy this again. My mom loved my car so she bought one herself. Just an attractive easy to drive vehicle.

- Robin W

Car that is ahead to junkyard.

It runs great. The right tailgate is light loose. The back doors do not automatically lock when use the button on key ring. You can use button on the front doors or do it more manually. The back doors unlock the same way. It has horrible oil leak. It is value at $2,500. It has new sensors.

- Mackenzie H

I love my vehicle and I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.

I have had this car since 2004 and it is been running good for years. It has a few minor problems such as the wiring/electrical but other than that it runs smooth. I would totally recommend this car to anybody because it will last you for years and it is really super comfy and reliable.

- Kevin W

Hoping it does not fall apart.

I got the car second or third hand so it came with a lot of body and mechanical issues. Recently did $1500 worth of work on it. My model is pretty much the most basic- everything is manual except the windows and engine. Gas mileage is ok. Close to 113k miles and still running though.

- Rachel R

It is ok car but a lot of TLC can and need to go into the car.

No long being made and some mechanical issues but good car to get to point a and b. It is a cute car. Soon I might trade it for a truck. But the issues is either the engine or transmission or computer. It does not accelerate properly. It staggers or hesitant when you press the gas.

- Shan S

The touring PT Cruiser plush comfort and style.

Great car always starts and love the heated seats. Also love the sunroof and has fog lights for winter to driving. Adjustable seats for position to short or long bodies. Back seats pull up so you have plenty of room for groceries or long trips. Fits 2 adults and 3 kids comfortably.

- Kitty L

Cooling system problems persist.

Cooling system problems-overheating happens frequently when using the air conditioning, especially going over mountain passes or really warm weather. The cargo space is very accommodating and is convenient to load, with versatility to remove the back seats, however they are heavy.

- Geoff W

Safe cruising in my Chrysler P T Cruiser !

I live my Cruiser. I live in the Mountains and I appreciate the way it handles around highway twists and turns. Its model design I believe keeps it balanced in all kinds of weather. It is so easy to spin on the road especially in the case of Black Ice in wet and or snowy weather.

- Kathleen P

2004 pt cruiser gt is the Dodge neon srt in disguise.

The ride is comfortable as well as the seating. It has a tendency to rust. If you can stay out of the turbo it gets good mileage. There's lots of room for storage in the back. It seems to be pretty much maintenance free. Just change the oil and the timing belt when they are due.

- Dan D

PT Cruiser is a smooth drive.

The key gets stuck a lot, it runs well for the most part but is terrible for the winter and seems like it takes more maintenance than most. But it's a good family car but not enough trunk space. Also it seems as its very easy to tip. But the car itself drives nice and it quiet.

- Allison P

The color is neon blue. All chromed out.

I love my car, I have had it a little over a year. Have had no problems with it. Need to replace tires though. Have driven it out of town 3 or 4 times with no problems. Great on gas and does not use any oil at all. Have my oil changed regularly. It has never let me down at all.

- Vanessa H

The PT Cruiser is a good car.

Car is too small if you have a large family. Very good on gas though. PT Cruiser has a bad reputation of the motor blowing. I have had no issues so far. The comfortability of the car is great unless you have a lot of kids. It is not a family car. It is all in all a great car.

- Sarah O

A fun and sporty car. The top comes down, so I call it my “beach cruiser. ”.

The electric window buttons are on the console instead of each door. Prefer them on the door. This car has a very small back windshield and back windows creating a terrible blind spot and it difficult to reverse out of parking spaces. This car is not so great on gas,

- Joanne R

Gas saver and a lot of room after you fold back seats down.

My car is a gas saver and can use like a van back seats fold down for more room, spare is nicely tucked under car takes no space inside car, I have not had any problems mechanically or other and I bought it used from private owner I have been blessed with this car.

- Maria R

Skulls and flames, baby. Skulls and flames.

So far I have replaced the clutch and the radiator. Other than that it is been a reliable vehicle. I really like the styling and the skulls and flames that came on my vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking for a fun, safe vehicle to drive.

- Gary W

I like the different old school features.

I like my pt cruiser. It has it its issues sometimes but you have to address issues as they come up. This is my second one even they don't make them anymore. I wish they still made them because you can't find a lot in the June yard anymore. But I do love my car.

- Candace H

We love our car. Cause there is only 2 of us and it's perfect for us

Had transmission problem. Had to get it fixed cost 2,500. It's cheap on gas. It seats 4 comfortably. Plus room to put your package in the back of car. But other then the transmission problem.We haven't had any other problems with it at all. We really do love it.

- Stacie L

Everyone should know how poor the turning radius is. I owned a Lincoln Continental which had a much better turning radius.

I can transport items and have space for one passenger also or I can have three passengers. I can lay down the back seat to get more room for things. I only get about 24 miles per gallon and the turning radius is very poor.

- james h

It's a good contender if you're looking for something with a good mix of space and gas mileage.

The PT Cruiser has a good amount of cargo space when removing the back seats. The hatch is a great feature for loading items quickly. Changing spark plugs is tedious, needing to remove the intake to access 1-2 of them.

- Jeremy S

The storage space in a pt cruiser is amazing.

The pt cruiser is a very reliable vehicle. The main problems I have had with it are from lack of upkeep by previous owner. It is relatively good on gas and maintenance is not to costly. Overall I love my pt cruiser.

- Kim L

Things that go bump in the night

Car has a tendency to rattle when on bumpy roads. Took it in to the shop and they checked it over and told me nothing was wrong. Checked further and found out this is an issue with this make. Nature of the beast.

- Larry W

Good experience with 04 pt cruiser.

I really enjoy driving the car and the gas mileage is really nice. It drives smoothly but if not forgiving with the clutch. I learned to drive manual in this car and it was a struggle, but overall very rewarding.

- Amber M

the fuses do tend to go out after a while so u have to watch out for those amd sometimes the spark plugs miss fire.

I love my pt cruiser because it is roomy and a four door car. It satisfies a family of three but its not a minivan. I love the sunroof and the heated leather seats. It's been maintained very well over the years.

- Jessica S

A pretty nice car with minor problems that are really just an inconvenience.

The airconditioning is broke. There is a hole in one of the hoses. It does all the time. I've had it checked out but they can't identify the problem. The rear hatch will not stay up without someone holding it.

- Mahaly M

The problems are well known and occur with all model years.

Car is roomy and comfortable to drive. It is pretty responsive, but has constant, obscure mechanical issues requiring multiple trips to mechanic. It is not user friendly, being difficult to work on.

- Gail M

It's reliable and easy to maintain. It is a great vehicle to get you where you need to go in comfortable

The car is very reliable, but also very well maintained. When we bough it (used) there were a few issues like with the front brakes. But overall it's a very comfortable, family friendly vehicle.

- Ashley W

My SUV is wonderful on gas, easy and comfortable to drive.

It is comfortable. I can fit everything in it that I need to when I go grocery shopping I usually buy a lot of stuff with a big family and the trunk is big. I really like the heated seats.

- Amber B

It drives great! Handling is good and steering is good. A/c blows super cold.

The gas mileage could be better since it's only a 4cy. I wish the seats would move up and down like shorter sitting and taller sitting. I don't like the mild shaking it does when in park.

- Carolin C

It's a pretty comfortable car. You can carry just about anything in it.

It's a bit underpowered but I love the way I sit in it. The seat is just the right height and it has two armrests for both the driver and passenger. Mine needs a lot of work right now.

- Cathy C

Do not be desperate to buy a car so fast.

I was really in need of a car so I bought it for dirt cheap it got me to point A to B now it is all broken down and now I know why it was sold so cheap to me now it will not cut on.

- Michael B

They look small, but Have lots of room inside, and can pack lots in them if done right.

It's fun to drive. Reminds me of a 50's car mixed with a modern car. It's cool. Only dislikes is windshield squirters break way to easy and fog light/turn signal breaks easy to.

- Linda F

It is fun to drive and is a classy looking auto.

It stable, roomy & easy to drive. Gets good gas mileage. Maintenance has been easy. Lots of storage space. It has a great design and looks great. Turning radius could be better.

- Ted A

It is spacious even though it looks small but there is plenty of room

It is a great car to have very good in gas. It is small but once your inside it is very comfortable & it does have plenty of room some people are surprise when they get in it.

- Mary D

Reliable vehicle and easy to maintain.

It gets fair mileage and has held up very well over the years and have not had but one major problem, the transmission went out at 125000 miles and was not hard to change.

- Joe A

the car is very loud and doesn't like hitting bumps at all

it has 100,000 miles still runs like a champ not the quietest ride at all reminds me of driving a go kart easy to park could use a little more room but still not a bad car

- tara p

i have never had an accident and that everything in the car still works and has a decent sounding sound system.

it is comfortable and for the most part has been a good buy. I wish it had more power, 4 cylinders just aren't enough. it is a nice ride and all functions still operate.

- ed k

My car is has very good gas mileage.

I like that my vehicle is small and good on gas. I dislike that my vehicle is unattractive. I also dislike that my vehicle is not my dream car and it often needs repairs.

- Gabrielle A

As the car reached 75,000 miles, the timing belt needs to be replaced.

My pt cruiser has room to haul lots of thrift store treasures. I have driven this car for 11 years, and it proves to be good basic transportation for me and my family.

- Sandra R

It has a little rust starting to show on the wheel well fenders.

I like the gas mileage "21 mpg" but i don't care for the size of the vehicle because i am a bigger than average person,and it's a little difficult to get in and out...

- Randolph G

very comfort but has poor gas mileage.

It has good power and it feels comfortable. The Turbo is very helpful, but it breaks down after 6 years of driving. The chair in the driver's seat fits me perfectly

- Bryan V

Car runs fine as long as the owner has kept up on the routine maintenance.

The pt. cruiser is reliable for the price. A good beginners car, new driver, or college student. Problems can arise if the water pump goes out. Very expensive fix.

- Michael W

Cruise today and see the USA.

This car is no longer produced. I bought it new. It is not too big and not too small, it is quiet and rides smooth with good comfort. It is a fun car to drive.

- Mike M

It gets great mileage and rides really comfortably.

I didn't have a car for six years. My ex husband gave us the car and it changed our lives. He got a new, awesome job and now we get to go on nice long drives.

- Glenna C

It is a nice car had a few problems.

I like the windows it is very open it also makes noises when it turns. It is a decent car it had a lot of problems with the oil leaking and battery.

- Madison G

Pt cruiser is great on gas and comfortable

Recently bought the car, love that it has a turbo. The O2 sensors need to be replaced. The hatchback is great for shopping and transporting.

- Kimberly C

It is mechanically sound. Drives good.

I love the way it drives but I hate that it is too old to have Bluetooth connectivity. I would also like to have a backup camera as well.

- Steve S

The PT Cruiser is a wonderful car that you will enjoy driving.

I love driving my PT Cruiser. It handles very well and has been mechanically sound so far. I just wish it had Bluetooth connectivity.

- Steve S

It is reliable. It starts in cold weather and when it has not been used for several weeks.

My PT Cruiser is 14 years old, and I have had very few serious problems. If it were still produced, I would purchase another one.

- Dee l

You have to be careful with maintenance with the car because it is prone to rust.

It is a quiet, comfortable and smooth riding car with plenty of power and can under the right conditions get very good mileage.

- Dan K

That it is really gas efficient.

I like my pt. cruiser because it is really spacious. It is also really bad efficient. The sound system is pretty cool, too.

- Sofia C

It is terrible on gas I spend most of my money putting gas into the car.

My car is mostly just outdated. It has so many problems I have to fix something with it every week. It is terrible on gas.

- Rosemary M

Comfortable seats and has ample room comfortable riding on long trips.

I like the comfortable seats.. I like the old style look.. I like the room nothing really to complain about. Rides good.

- Karen W

It is dependable and large enough to hold 7 people.

I like it because it's small but inside us very comfortable but when I take it you the mechanic its labor is expensive.

- Lisa C

Hybrid - great gas mileage.

Cute car nice color. No power, 4 cylinder. Really need more power the get up hills. It is great for groceries. Though!.

- Susan C

Cute little car with a five-speed that is fun to drive.

I love the look of it and that it is a 5-speed. I don't like that my phone only charges when the engine is running.

- Peggy H

That it is diesel fueled not gasoline.

Car is smaller than think. I wish is was a bit longer. Car runs out of coolant easily. Other that that I like it.

- Debbie M

Plenty of legroom. Easy to drive

Great ride, front end needs work. Lots of room in the back for my wheelchair. It is perfect on the inside and out

- Glenna C

It is 4 wheel drive with lots of room

It is fuel efficient. There is a lot of room with the hatchback. It has cruise control and front wheel drive.

- Linda S

It gets the job done! What more can you ask for?

I like the color. I like that it is reliable. It gets me from point a to point b. I don't like how old it is.

- Katie L

I has good gas mileage. There always seems to be a problem. It's a dang money pit. It is very spacious.

It always needs a lot of work. Everything under the hood is very difficult to get to when the car needs work.

- Crystal L

Excellent and reliable vehicle. Must perform the routine maintenance recommended

Very reliable and great for college student or new driver. Easy to maintain and lots of room for road trips.

- Michael W

It has a very small engine. If you need to do maintenance on it, be prepared to take out a lot of parts.

Air compressor blown, tire arm busted, heavy on the gas, but other than that I think it's a really good car.

- Kammi S

Mechanical failures to come.

Continuous mechanical problems, but still reliable to drive to and from work. Not for long distance trips.

- Eve G

Does not handle rough conditions well.

It has great gas mileage, small but works well, hard to do work on, replacing the battery was pretty hard.

- Brandy G




It's an easy and comfortable car to drive

I like it because it is comfortable to drive. It feels safe. And I haven't had many problems with it

- Lisa s

good on gas,great for all parking spaces,its a four door

it's the right size for me, good on gas handles great and that it was a gift only have to pay ins.

- ann l

it is a basic car but a very nice car. We have found pt cruisers to be dependable.

purchased used. very comfortable. pretty good on gas. it is the second pt cruiser in our family

- joy b

Doesn't break down much at all, very little mechanical trouble since we've owned it.

It is comfortable. I like the space in back for groceries. It's been virtually trouble free.

- Mary Beth M

get a carfax history on it so you know more about it

I like it cause it is red and good to drive, I dislike because it cost so much to repair it

- Gary J

Has an old time feel and is a fun toy to have at an inexpensive price.

The gas mileage is bad, and it has drum braking. I do like the ride and the sunroof option.

- Scott B

I love that the back seats are removable. The car is comfortable to sit in. The car does have an issue with air conditioning when idle, so that's something I dislike.

It is efficient on gas. It's smaller than other cars and can fit in most parking spaces.

- Jazmyn C

Overall, it is a nice car.

It is comfortable and easy to drive. However, it has terrible gas mileage.

- Bryan W

This car sucks it was sold to a lemon car with only having it for three months and paying 5000 for it I found out it has a cracked head gasket

Don't buy a pt cruiser and don't buy a vehicle from don Bassett Moyers

- Nadine B

Dependable vehicle. I have had for several years and has not let me down.

I like dependable car. Don't like ac broke. I love color of the car.

- Donna K

It is my first car that was bought brand new and I added a woody and spoiler to it

I like the distinctive design and that it is higher off the ground

- Julie F

It's great car for the price

no complaints about my vehicle. running well for It's age.

- Shar S