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Great looking, great driving vehicle - but beware mechanical failures.

It is an older car, when purchased it was used. The ac did not work. I have had to replace the tires twice, the undercarriage needed repairs, a spark plug needs replacing, my timing belt snapped maybe a year ago (2017). However, when the car is not in need of repairs, it runs wonderfully. The seats are comfortable, it feels close to the ground and handles well on the road even in wet weather. Ice is a problem, but that may just be me. The windows being controlled on the center console is odd to get used to. Not a fan of the analog clock on the console either, but it looks nice. Has an AUX cable jack for listening to music through other devices which is really nice. Heat works wonders! The trunk is spacious. Mileage is perfect for someone who commutes maybe 30 minutes a day, has excellent highway mileage for sure. I love my PT Cruiser despite the several problems I have had with it, but if I could trade up I would.

- Kaitlyn R

Straightforward, reliable, and oh so adorable!

It has been a wonderful first car. I did my driver's ed in it, and it has taken me everywhere from the rocky mountains to the California coast. It has excellent mountain handling but an awful turn radius. It's very straightforward and easy to drive, a fairly reliable engine, and reasonable highway fuel economy. I am taking it in for repairs this week because my check engine light came on, but the thing has 150, 000 miles on it and has served me well. I recently took it camping and slept in the back seat comfortably. As a little kid, it was my dream car because I love its cute color and quirky shape, and, let's be real, I still stand by that. I highly recommend it as a first car for your teenager or college student.

- Jay K

I believe that the pt. cruiser has the same axel as a van or utility vehicle.

My car is cute, and very comfortable to drive. But being a Chrysler, it also has a lot of sensors, and they have a habit of dying when you least expect it. But it is also simple to operate. There are no computer screens in the dashboard or things of that nature. My car is eleven years old, and the air conditioning still works very well. The radio has a jack to attach my cell phone, so that I can listen to iTunes or cell phone stations; this comes in handy, since I live out in the desert where there are few radio stations. I love the look of it, and I did long before I actually bought one. I was sad when I found out that Chrysler had stopped manufacturing them. This model car was actually built in Mexico.

- Wendy M

Why I Love My PT-Cruiser Vehicle

I really think my car is reliable. It never really has failed me and it has stayed in pretty good condition. The car has four cylinders so gas lasts a long time, but it is pricey to fill the tank. One thing I really like about my car is how much room it has as well. It looks small on the outside but on the inside it's actually super spacious and comfortable. I also really like that it has a back windshield wiper because the other cars in my household do not. Also, because the car is small there are no big blind spots. What I don't like about my car specially is that the suspension wore out a little fast but I got that fixed easily by a mechanic.

- Melanie M

Pt cruiser a great car for anyone and everyone.

I did not purchase this car myself it was given to me by my mother when she could no longer drive. It is a very dependable and solidly built car. Recently it was helpful during a move the seats go down in back and there is plenty of cargo space. The gas mileage is pretty good for its size. I feel safe driving it with my grandbaby secure in her car seat in back there are good belt hookups for her seat. The seats are extremely comfortable for driving and for passenger space. Although I didn't choose it myself I am very happy with the car and know of other drivers who say the same. If given the choice I would purchase this model car.

- Donna C

My PT cruiser is black, has a sleek look to it with a beautiful gray interior.

My PT Cruiser runs fairly well for it's age. It's a 2007. I have had some problems with it, such as it needed a new radiator and had to change the battery and replace the brakes and rotors. The heat/air conditioning needed fixing. The door lock and window needed to be fixed, and the horn doesn't work. I also wish it was four wheel drive. I have enjoyed the vehicle however. It rides really well and is fun to drive. It's a beautiful car. I love the design of it, it's small but it has all you really need. I love the little sunroof it has. It really is a great car, especially for one person or for a small family.

- Laura K

I love my blueberry (pt cruiser)!

Pt cruisers are not exactly popular, but I love my car! It is very reliable--I bought it used in 2014 with around 36,000 miles. In the five years I have owned it, I have had very few issues with it. It is easy to drive, which was a great help to me as a new driver. I love the unique look of the car--it helps it stand out. I wish it had more comfortable seats (they're very stiff) and a smaller turn radius (it turns like a boat), but I still love it! I would definitely recommend a pt cruiser to someone who is looking for a reliable used car on a limited budget.

- Emily M

Small vehicle with a large personality.

The one major problem with this vehicle is the timing belt issue that cost me a pretty penny to fix. I was unaware that it is recommended you have the timing belt serviced after 80,000 miles on this vehicle. Other than that, I have had no other major issues. I actually rather love this car. Especially the convertible option. I would recommend this vehicle to other drivers for sure. It is good on gas and the AC still works. The stock audio is surprisingly astounding. Overall, I would rate it an 8 out of 10.

- Casey J

So for a summary my vehicle is a pt cruiser wagon with some small issues.

It is a great car but I have had my problems with it. Most if the issues are my fault mostly. The tires are my latest problem I have bought 2 tires in 3 weeks. Also it is hard to gain speed with jerking from the motor and will not / cannot go over 60-65 mph. It is reliable and dependable. It might be the most dependable car that I have had even with all the problems I am having with my car it is never left me stranded or had a big enough issue that left me without a car. So I am grateful for that. ..

- Amanda J

Overall it is just a mode of transportation to get from point A to point B.

PT Cruisers are known for having problems which I did not know prior to buying. It has transmission issues, ignition coil needs replacing, oil leaks, thermostat blew twice, radiator fan stopped working at one point. Oil pressure is also an issue and puts me in some dangerous situations when turning out on a highway and I cant accelerate fast enough to get out of the way. I know 2 other people with PT Cruisers and they have had most of the same issues with their cars as well.

- Carlie J

How can one keep a car the longest?

My PT Cruiser is a Slightly deep red on the outside with black interior on the inside and gray accents. I have had regular maintenance every 4-6 months for air, filter, and the rest. When anything needed to be replaced I make time to go in and have it worked on. Sometimes , I've had to have body work done so the car was taken to a repair shop for its own safety issues. Tires were replaced last year all new. I'm keeping the car! It's great!

- Cheryl W

My PT Cruiser is a great, fun car to drive, and has minimal issues.

My PT Cruiser is a pretty great vehicle. I haven't experienced too many problems with it. The main complaint I have about it is that it's difficult for mechanics to figure out what's wrong with it if it's something related to the car's "computer" system, which is mostly where the problems I've experienced have occurred. Other than that, it's a comfortable car to ride in and drive. It drives smoothly and it's fairly quiet.

- Stephanie W

What I like about my 2007 PT Cruiser. Best thing I like is the comfortable ride.

It is very comfortable to drive and it is very reliable. It is roomy. It has good acceleration. It has a sunroof. It gets decent gas mileage. It is equipped with a satellite/am/FM stereo with CD player. It has good sounding speakers. The back seats fold down or they can be removed to transport a dryer or small appliances. It is equipped with rear window defogger along with a wiper. The passenger windows are tinted.

- Mark W

2007 turquoise PT Cruiser.

Very reliable car with very little issues mechanically. Mine is about 11 years old with 155, 000 miles and drives like it is brand new still. Check engine light comes on whenever gas cap is not screwed on all the way which can be annoying sometimes. Air pressure tire light comes on often too. Both are minor problems if you are able to discern them as being small fixes but it is hard to know otherwise.

- Bailey B

Since I'm from the old school days, it's definitely stylish.

I bought the vehicle pre-owned and it had approximately 44,000 miles on it. Right not to this day I have a little of 111,000 miles. Other than minor repairs, oil change, tune up, tires, etc... the only what I would say major issue came years later when I needed my right axle replaced and my A/C compressor repaired, it's been given me no major type problems. I'm not ready to give it up.

- Clifton I

Style & practical: PT Cruisers are the best and most unique car.

I love the comfort of this car as well as the style. There's lots of trunk room and backseat space without it being an SUV. It is also got a sense a style everyone comments on with the look of the gearshift and analog clock. As for performance and reliability, I have had a lot of issues. The car always needs repairs. But I have had it five years and bought it used so it is still holding up!

- Sage M

Major overheating problems.

Has major overheating problems. Is out of service now. Expensive to work on. Computer systems do not work hard to diagnose. I have had many problems with this car and as a single woman I can not afford to have it fixed and Chrysler has poor customer service. . You can change thermostat. Radiator. Fuel cap fans and still expect it not to work. These cars also have a poor trade in value.

- Cathy S

Do NOT BUY IT! this car design was decommissioned for a reason. It was poorly made.

I bought the car used, and as I have had it I have come to see that it was poorly designed. The car seats are far too elevated and the windshield is placed too low; in order to see properly the drive has to be shorter than 5ft or have the seat inclined more 45 degrees back. The car's engine was not made to last and I have had to replace multiple parts just to keep it running.

- Veronica D

Pt Cruiser 07 review - love it

Decent on gas and easy to maintain. I have never had any problems with the engine or the vehicle's ability to run well. A complaint would be that it tends to struggle at faster speeds although as it's over 10 years old this is not surprising. The best part about my Pt Cruiser is how easy it turns and fits into spaces. Very easy for urban parking, travel, etc.

- Brady T

Versatile, spacious and reliable vehicle.

I like the way it drives, hatchback is especially useful when shopping or transporting things, rear seats remove for extra space when needed, love the shelf in the back and extra power jack. Some electrical issues (moonroof switch fails often). Seat control panel came loose and will not fit back in its place anymore. But it is reliable and comfortable.

- Ellen E

This PT Cruiser Convertible provides a pleasurable driving experience.

I really enjoy driving this vehicle! The size is compact yet large enough to carry my rather large size drum, (musical instrument). I purchased it used, it's a 2007 and it had only 102,00 miles at the time of purchase, yet it is in excellent condition. I am really enjoying the convertible roof, it just adds to the joy of driving this vehicle!

- Kat R

Lovely, economic, and convenient car.

I love that my pt. cruiser is small and easy to park. It is short in length therefore its easy to make sudden or small turns. It is also my favorite color which is blue. It is great on gas and very cute simple 5 seat car. I also like the arm rest that is in the middle because it can be adjusted and extended. Overall it is a great car.

- Nancy L

I do love the auxiliary option for the radio so you can listen to personal music

I love the gas mileage on my car however the AC goes in and out ALL the time. There's always something wrong with it even after getting it worked on. When it works it is great for road trips and spacious too. If you have a small single family it's great in size. A family of 5 however, wouldn't be comfortable in this type of car.

- Melanie S

Golden pt dream cruiser limited edition.

While accelerating the car does get a little loud. The muffler has been redone. It's a limited edition pt cruiser that's gold in color with heated seats. Breaks nicely. Has a stereo system in the back. Comfortable seating. Broke down once and had to get pulled by another car. Once overheated but haven't had any problems since.

- Sam O

Disappointing gas mileage and constant small and annoying repairs

Overall I love my vehicle but I have been disappointed by the gas mileage. Also there have lots of little things that require repair..mostly minor but the cost has been close to $2000 a year such as wheel bearings, catalytic converter, shocks, even control knobs on the council stick or even lock up, and air condition charging.

- Rudy S

Why I love my PT Cruiser.

The engine of the PT Cruiser is quite complex, when a part needs to be replaced, it tends to be complicated to get to. The parts are reasonably priced, and easy to find at any parts store. The PT Cruiser also has great gas mileage, is very roomy and seats can easily be released to gain even more room to move larger things.

- Roberts L

Style - this models stands out from all the other cars when you look at it.

I bought my PT Cruiser brand new in 2007 because I loved the model from the first time I saw it. It currently has 169,000 miles driven. Lately I am having a lot of overheating issues and the mechanics can't seem to find the problem. I think it is time to get a new car but I don't have the money or resources to do it.

- Doris M

Reliability: I have to start my car about every three day.

I had my engine blow up which cause me to replace the battery, alternator, hoses, and radiator. The computer for the car froze up therefore having to disconnect the radio and inside light which is an inconvenience. The electrical system was messed after 3 months. I will not recommend or buy a chrysler again. Thanks.

- Rosalind B

Small and compacted perfect for people learning to drive

For it being bought on a random lot it runs extremely well. It's perfect for parking into small spaces at work or Walmart and is very gas efficient. You can save a good amount of money on gas, parts for the car and maintenance at the place you get your car fixed. Perfect for people who are just learning how to drive

- Hannah W

Its good and bad and takes u were u need to be and on time

It's a good car gets me where I need to be send back home. I bought it for my wife but use it all the time for what I need it for. She takes it back and forth to work and takes the kids to school everyday problems so far. I'm hoping to get at least another 6 yrs out of it and then trade it in for something bigger

- Roy C

With this being a smaller looking vehicle there is a lot more space that I imagined in the front seats of the car and a large storage space in the back.

My PT Cruiser has about 21 miles per gallon and enjoys road miles instead of in town. At 120,000 it is now needing a tune up but this is the first engine trouble we have had with it. There is a hum from the back tires when driving but since we mainly use the front seats only we have not looked into fixing this.

- Heather A

It's very good on gas, it great motor.

I like the size.. The seats in front are comfortable.. The mileage is fairly good................... I do not like the back seat... I can not do repairs myself... I like the size of the car... The front seat is comfortable for my legs and back............... I do not like not being able to repair it myself..

- Rosalie I

The pros & Cons of owning a PT cruiser

I like the car but it's just small, and low to the ground, and you control the windows from the front of the car. Besides that the car runs good, a smooth ride as long as you keep up the maintenance, regularly oil changes, keep up with your transmission fluid and it Will definitely save you some gas money.

- Harold L

Pt cruiser. Great car if you're looking for a 4 cylinder

This car is great on gas for the year. It is very comfortable even though it's a bit small it's extremely spacious. I've had it for about 4 years and other the regular maintenance and upkeep I haven't had any major problems. It is not a very powerful car but it still has enough power for normal car usage

- Jorge V

The pt cruiser. The pt stands for personal transport.

The pt cruiser has overheating issues and the battery light comes on sometimes when I am driving and it has a brand new battery in it along with new posts. Other then that is alright. The back seat will come completely out to make room for whatever small stuff you need to move from one place to another.

- Sheryl B

PT Cruiser offers very nice ride & good gas mileage.

Pt rides nicely and has good gas mileage. I have not had any major repairs needed since purchasing vehicle about 7 years ago. Has a wider turn base than I like. Needed 2nd car since bought pt (2011) so we purchased 2009 pt as well. We're considering upgrading & purchasing another pt in next year or so.

- Dd B

Very good running car. Could be a good car for first car.

This is a very nice car to drive. Great on gas and works very nice. I would like it to have more room but other than that I love this car. I feel it safe when I am driving with my family. This car is a small car so it is a gas saver. It is breaks are smooth and never make noise. It has never failed me.

- Melanie L

Praises for the PT Cruiser.

It had a problem with overheating all the time. I have changed the radiator, thermostat, and a couple of hoses. But other than that it runs rather well. It is a gas saver which I love the most. $25 fills the tank up which I love. Anyone looking for a small car. They will love the Chrysler PT Cruiser.

- Marlon R

It is a four cylinder car, but has all the power needed for a small car.

I love everything about this car, it excels in the small car line. It is very good on gas, has ample room for both the driver and the passengers. The back seat folds down for extra trunk room. It seats four comfortably, I would really advise anyone who wants a small car to try out this one first,

- Lula F

Will not start sometimes and will start again days later.

The car will randomly not start sometimes and I get stranded. It is too small. There is no cruise control. It does get good gas mileage tho. And drives well when it starts. It is just not big enough with having 4 kids. If they would fix the problem with not starting then it would be a decent car.

- Julia F

It has great gas mileage, comfortable and retro interior, and a convertible top.

I have issues with the battery quite recently. I also have had a multitude of flat tires, tires being run down fast (when I buy them new), and other issues with the wheels. But I've had it for four years now and it gets me from Point A to Point B, is comfortable, and doesn't waste a lot of gas.

- Alexis L

That the power window motors go bad after a while, and that the starter also went and had to be replaced but if you don't mind having to eventually repair a few things it's generally very reliable and nice. Also, there is no cruise control so for longer trips that is a bummer.

I like the size, it's easy to carry things around. I clean houses so I need space for vacuums and supplies. You can take the back seats out for more room. I like that it has been reliable to get around. I like the way it looks. I don't like that the power windows have gone bad.

- Elizabeth V

PT cruisers are unique and comfortable.

I really love the comfort of the seats, and that they are not too high or too low. Love the amount of space I get for such a small car. It's cute. AC is broken but it's 12 years old so that's to be expected. Fairly good gas mileage. Car is holding up very well. Can't complain.

- Amber M

A 12 year old convertible with low miles.

I have problems with front end. I have replaced wheel bearings on drivers side 3 times. Also replaced control arms twice. Air conditioning stopped working. Other than all that I like my car because it is good on gas and has low miles. There are a few rusty areas but not bad.

- Marilyn F

Chryslers are reliable, dependable cars for a reasonable price.

I bought my car used. Miles (that's what we named the car) has been very reliable. I've driven to work 25+ miles per day for 4 years! It's never broken down. It's not too bad on gas given its size. But I would like some updated features (i.e. bluetooth, push button start).

- Alicia L

PT Cruiser, inexpensive car but you get what you pay for.

Had it for a litter over a year. Purchased it from a used car dealer with over $100,000 miles on it. Started off running fine however I have experienced some issues since. I've had to replace the battery, put on new brake pads and routers and it runs hot when I am idling.

- Wheeler W

The sadness of overheating

It overheats. I have replaced the water pump, fan, radiator, thermostat, and serpentine belt, but it still overheats and loses coolant. Other than this problem I love the height. I don't have to bend down to get in the car. I love it's sporty feel. So sorry it overheats.

- Denise K

Pt cruiser that I would rather not cruise in.

We bought the car used and we've had the car for a few months now. The sun roof is well-functioning. The seats are comfortable and there's a lot of room. It is an alright looking car. But the brakes have needed to be replaced and the front drivers side window is stuck.

- Serena P

Small cars need a bigger one for family.

It's very nice to drive a little 2 small for a family of 5 wish I would've got something bigger than what I did but it will do until I am able to get money to get another one hoping to get some type of a SUV just need something bigger to where kids aren't cramped up.

- Mara T

It has been extremely dependable since the day I got it.

I love the size of the car, comfortably fits four people. I love how I can park in just about any space. I wish it had better gas mileage. I have also had a problem with the same defective part four times, which is apparently a problem in this model (cam sensor)..

- Ashley W

Cute PT Cruiser- great first car!

I bought it used with about 100,000 miles on it- close to 200,000 miles now and it's still working great (had about 4 years now). Very minor problems, just some lights out, breaks needed fixing and minor wiring issues with the windshield wipers. Perfect first car.

- Ashley F

Worst Chrysler Vehicle? PT CRUISER

This is the worst car I have ever had. Since day one I have had problems with it. Yes, I bought it used but I also put 1,200 dollars worth of auto care into this vehicle just for it not to work ever. Chrysler should've never put this car out. That car is garbage.

- Mai-Lyn L

My car is not what I want but it gets me to where I need to be.

Drives really bad mills a lot does not want to shift in higher gears at times, only one window rolls down the heater is broken. But other than that I am grateful I have car and am not walking anymore. Do not have good material seats which makes it hard to clean.

- Ali M

I love this car, fun to drive, looks cool, and is something i wish they were still making

I really like it. Has enough room to move some items. I think the only complaint i have is Chrysler tend to make funny noises and my auto guy say they all make those kind of noises and every time i take it in for them they can never find out what they are

- Pam M

Back Seats fold down are great.

Higher seats to enter and exit. Sunroof allows for flow of air in car. Back seats fold down for storage needs. Able to fold 1/2 of backseat at a time. Rear wipers are a plus. More leg room needed in backseat. Rear defrost allows for better view.

- Denise N

It doesn't have a smooth ride like a bigger car! Better suspension would be a plus. My air conditioner has a small leak and so far putting dye in it hasn't resulted in finding it.

I like the visibility it offers and the way it handles. I do wish it had a little more room inside, a smoother ride and a little better gas mileage. It's old but still has low mileage and is adequate for my needs at this point.

- Denise L

That I bought it used, and that does not reflect other models of the car.

I got my car used from a family member and thought it was in a good condition. I have found out differently since then. The brakes needed replaced. The window on the drivers side is stuck. The radio does not play CDs.

- Serena P

Compact but the inside is spacious.

The car has issues with the reversing, the air conditioning, gas mileage and overheating. It has to be pushed in reverse if not parked on an incline. You cannot sit in traffic without it overheating.

- Carol P

Placing the car in park. Pull the e-brake!

Issues with park. I have to put in neutral to crank and reverse with parking brake to shut off. Had it fixed for $800 and it only lasted about 6 months then started same issue. Tendency to run hot.

- Melissa V

Very comfortable car to drive and ride in.

I love it, easy to drive, I sit up high even though it looks like its low. I have not had any big problems, new battery probably the biggest problem. That's from normal wear. Gets good gas miles.

- Patricia M

My vehicle is a gold PT Cruiser, Touring Edition. I really like that there's a lot space for your legs in the back seat.

There are too many issues with the wiring of the car. Among numerous other issues that need to fixed too often. When the car wants to drive to its full potential it rides pretty good otherwise.

- Trista H

I like the look of the cruiser and the gas Mileage is pretty good

I like the fact there is room to do small hauling. And is easy for me to take my elderly mother to dr. Easy for her to get in and out. There is plenty of legroom in back seats for passengers

- Joyce I

It is a great car if you need a lot of space to carry your belongings

My car is a bottom of the line model but has all the essentials. It is a manual transmission which I enjoy as well. It is reliable and has only broken down once since I bought it 3 years ago.

- Nick R

It's comfortable to drive and travel in. Our car has taken us all over the country with very few problems.

I like that my vehicle is a good every day driver. I like that it has the space I need for people as well as belongings. There's not much I don't like...except the normal wear and tear.

- Julie C

The storage is the best part about my car. I love it

My Chrysler pt cruiser has a lot of space to tow and store things. It's good on mileage. But it seems like a lot of things have been breaking down on it. Overall it's a nice car to have

- Heather G

It's very important to check fluids regularly.

Easy to drive. Gets good gas mileage. Love the retro styling. Only complaint is that it overheats. Have to make sure it has plenty coolant. Otherwise, it has been a very reliable car.

- Jane P

That it is somewhat small, so it is easy to maneuver.

I am a beginner driver so this is the only car I have driven. It drives well and I am happy with it. I like that the car does not sit low. I do not like to feel too low to the ground.

- Rachel F

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is better for people in the height range of 5' to 5'10"

I love my vehicle. The windshield could be taller, however, as I am tall and have to slouch sometimes in order to see stoplights. The driver seat needs to be able to go lower, too.

- Justin C

Great little car that's a sunshine worshiper's dream!

Love it for the gas mileage and It's a convertible. Not so impressed with the lack of engine power. Could use better shock absorbers. Fun car to drive especially during the summer!

- Richard S

It is a very practical and economical vehicle. As well as very reliable to date.

It is a good general purpose vehicle that allows me to transport items that I would not ordinarily be able to with a traditional car. The styling however is not really my taste.

- Barbara E

Very good mileage and low maintenance

I love the shape of this car, very unique. And the color, red. There is a lot of space inside and other than routine maintenance, I have had no problems with this vehicle.

- Elizabeth M

It's a great economical car. It drives smoothly and it hasn't died on me. It also has ice cold a.c.

I really love my car because it's small, its economical on gas, and it drives smoothly. I haven't really had any bad experiences with it yet. It's takes me everywhere I go.

- Luisana G

That I love it and will buy it again. Even if I have to look all over for it

Took my husband years to get me to drive my car before we bought my car. After my accidents looked for another pt cruiser. That is the only car I will buy as I love them

- Debra H

My Saturn Vue is reliable, we have 128000 miles and going good so far.

Actually my vehicle is a Saturn Vue but that wasn't an option. i like it very much and have had minimal problems. Not the most comfortable car, but I'm happy with it.

- stacey m

It's ugly it runs very poorly always needs to be maintained and it's not very reliable

Well I guess I would start with the fact that it burns way too much gas the parts on it or very cheap go out very quickly all in all it is very unreliable vehicle

- Thomas J

Minor maintenance, but reliable.

Pretty reliable for having 140000+ miles, since I've had it I've replace the alternator, tires, radiator cap, and brakes. I think it's going to need struts soon.

- Sean F

It's dependable, and comfortable and gets good gas mileage.

No complaints, EXCEPT it does not have Cruise Control, which I really miss. Other than that, it runs great, it's comfortable, and I couldn't be happier with it.

- Judi A

It is good on gas, comfortable to ride in and easy to drive.

My car is just the right size for me to handle. It is comfortable to ride in. One problem I have is that it does not turn short like you think small cars would.

- Linda S

That sunroof is ideal. Open the door and let the breeze flow in. Plenty room.

It has a smooth ride, comfortable seats and gets very good gas mileage. Small outside but roomy inside. It has a sunroof also. Bucket seats and cargo in back.

- Virginia H

An excellent car that I can rely on.

My PT Cruiser is extremely reliable and rarely gives me any problems. It is not fancy or expensive, but it goes above and beyond to fulfill my needs.

- Jonathan W

She a great car to do you're running around.

The PT Cruiser is a good car. . . But she wastes a lot of gas. . . I've not had any problem with it. . . As long as you keep it maintained it's good.

- Julianna I

These cars are easy to tear up.

The vehicle was cheap so of course I would have problems. It runs hot and the horn blows on Its own, even though the horn doesn't work actually.

- Candace D

It looks classy and drives wonderfully.

I like the way it looks. The compact size. Also like how easy it is to drive. So easy to get around in and able to park in small parking space.

- Karen R

It was different,it had different look and style and tried to be a new idea.

It is a car that has held up well over the years, it is a 2007 the gas mileage is not to bad it gets somewhere in the range of 20 to 25 mpg.

- Steve B

Good car bad transmission.

Really good car other than the transmission I had to replace and the engine leaking oil. Has a lot of room and it's a very comfortable car.

- Bobbie C

my car has great gas mileage and very efficient on storage

my car is very good on gas milages - handles well in the snow - compact enough for my size and has ample storage room - paid off completely

- melissa w

Pt cruiser. The most comfortable automobile I have ever owned.

It is comfortable, simple and easy on cost. I drive close to 50 miles each day , so long as you maintain your car it will maintain you.

- Jessica C

The gas mileage. In this economy the gas mileage in this tough times. .

I like the room of my pt. Cruzer. Hate the trunk space. Love the gas mileage. Also the trunk space is small. I really hate that. . .

- Rhonda R

It is fun to drive and has been quite reliable.

I like my car because it has been going strong for 13 years. It has comfortable seating. It has peep like I am driving a race car.

- Linda f

Efficiency in the use of energy.

Easy to drive. Efficient on gas. It is cute. It is a novel vehicle and roomy to take passengers. Easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

- Gail P

Horrible car to drive is you want something reliable.

This vehicle was built off of a weak frame. It is a short term car. Not built to last. All types of engine and electrical issues.

- Izzy A




Sensors are faulty and sometimes miscommunicate with the car.

I am a tall person, so I would like more legroom. The console cramps the legs a little bit inwards towards the steering wheel.

- Jesse Q

It has a lot of minor repairs all the time.

I just don't like the car. I basically got the car cause that was all I could afford a the time I am more on a SUV person.

- Lightfoot I

The seats are hard, but it gets fairly good gas mileage and you can put a lot of stuff in the back.

I like that it is small. I do not like that the seats are hard. I do not like that the mounts keep having to be replaced.

- Juanita N

No issues, drives and looks great.

It breaks a lot. It costs more to fix the car than it did to purchase. It is a pretty color car. It has a lot of space.

- Amy Y

Reliable, hardly any problems, good size, big trunk

It's a nice size vehicle. Has great steering and runs well. I dislike that I have to take the key to open the trunk.

- liz s

it's easy to drive and does decently in winter weather

The biggest issue is it does not have cruise control and no performance it's only 4 cylinder but it is a convertible

- Richard K

It is a small, compact car with a hatchback.

I like the size of the vehicle. I also like that I can drive it comfortably. It is small, compact and easy to drive

- Melissa W

It's the best car anyone can have.

I like my pt cruiser. My pt cruiser it small fast and efficient. There is nothing i dislike about my pt cruiser

- Siah D

Reliable and Safe Long-term Vehicle

My car is very reliable and I feel very safe in it. Over 150,000 miles and it still runs smooth without issues

- Patricia V

It's fun to drive. Easy on gas. Roomier than it looks.

Love my car. Easy to get around in and has lots of room inside. Hatchback down, can fit anything in the back.

- Veronica S

Modern retro, loveable, nice color.

The vehicle drives good but it has issues with the clutch but overall it runs good and is reliable with gas.

- Michelle M

It has significant blind spots and it is able to change shifts without stepping on the brake

I like the compatibility of my car but I HATE the blind spots it has as well as the interior dash design

- Cetricia R

Good gas mileage good to drive very roomy easy on looks

No problems love it no trouble with brakes engine body good engine good have to wash it soon very dirty

- Erma S

It is safe and reliable, it is very roomy.

I was sold a lemon. I have put more money into repairs than monthly bills. It needs a wheel alignment.

- Michelle H

it's got a lot of room and its run good not major problems with it

like like my pt its ride smooth have not have any not major problems yet i like the room its have

- elizabeth h

It is a good, dependable vehicle that requires only the basic maintenance.

I like the fact that my car is easy to handle. It has a smooth ride and requires minimum maintenance.

- raymond e

Gas is the best part cheap

Awesome gas trustworthy car reliable small fast easy to drive love the look love the feel best car!

- Eric K

It is different than most other cars on the road

I like that it gets good gas mileage. And also it is easy to drive around town It is easy to park

- steve W

It is a very dependable and reliable car and stylish

I like that is very dependable car. I have bought it used. Have not had any major work done on it

- Bill V

Windows...I like big window areas. I feel so much safer

It's easy to drive. I like the big windows. I can see a lot around me..that's important

- donna l

It is fun to drive as it is a convertible and has a retro look about it

I love it as it is unique and a convertible. As it is older it needs a lot of repairs

- Sharon M

Even though it was designed for younger people, the PT Cruiser proved popular with older people. Now, younger people are taking notice.

It get decent mileage. It is fairly reliable. But most importantly, it is paid for.

- Henry h

Enough space for 2 people. I love the hatchback. The gas mileage is great. It's small and easy to maneuver and is good in the snow as well.

The most important thing about my car is there is enough space for a tall person.

- Nicole P

the gas mileage is of the chrysler pt cruiser not great

it is roomy and comfortable. The air does not work. The gas mileage is not great.

- michelle c

It looks like a small car but actually has plenty of legroom.

It's not as big as I'd like. Wish it had a sunroof and heated seats. That's all.

- Mom B

It's a good dependable vehicle. It's good on gas also.

Like the higher stance as I have problems getting in and out of lower vehicle

- Ernie M

Good scoot around car with plenty of room

Good for quick tips around town, not much power. Kind of funny looking

- Tom S

It's very fuel saving and very comfortable I like the color.

I like my car because it's convertible, but dislike it's too small.

- Silvia C

nice car runs fine no problems to date has good space for a trunk

does not need to be serviced too often plus the trunk is spacious

- kelly k

A convertible, enjoyable in good weather, adequate with the top up in bad weather.

Like --- appearance, handling, mileage. dislike --- lack of room

- Earl D

Don't buy lots of issues, tie rods, suspension, rusting

It's cute but not practical....lots of mechanical issues

- Beatrice K

compact with a lot of room.

Gets great gas mileage and fun to drive.

- Helen g