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White 2009 Chrysler pt cruiser touring edition.

Drives really slow, has no get up and go at all, has 155, 000 miles, vibrates really bad the entire time your behind the wheel from the time you crank it up, there is a loud popping noise coming from the front passenger wheel, there is a continuous clicking nice like a loose wire in my steering wheel, my alarm will just randomly go off at times and I have no button to stop the blaring, you have to be extremely careful not to drag every time you hit a bump, the driver side mirror is shattered, something is always going bad with this car, the only cool thing about this car is that the back seats come completely out and it is actually rather easy and quick.

- Toni B

Analog clock in the PT Cruiser.

This car gets me from place to place. However it is not a good winter car and living in northern Minnesota that's important. The windows are hard to defrost. The car also is shaped like a wind sail and is easily manipulated on the road by the wind. For being a small car I feel like there's a lot of space. The backseat is uncomfortable I am told. But I enjoy the driver's seat. Also who puts an analog clock in a car?

- Brook Z

Again the seats can be lowered or even removed.

The cam sensor had to be replaced twice. And one other censer has had to be replaced. Other than that it has been reliable. There is not a lot of get up and go. How ever I do not really need it. I love the Bluetooth and the ease to get into the car. I love that I can put the back seats down or even remove them if I need. I like that there is not a big blind spot. I love the color. Surf blue.

- Irene B

PT Cruisers tend to get a bad rap for whatever reason, but it actually is a pretty reliable and good car, especially compared to others out there.

I have always wanted a PT Cruiser and my current car is my second Cruiser. It gets decent gas mileage and actually has a quite a bit of space, which is useful since I tend to move regularly. I did learn within the last year or so that the design of the car makes checking under the hood/around the engine difficult, and I have been having tire issues with it, but overall I love my car.

- Dana P

I absolutely love that even though my car is small, it is still spacious.

The car sits really low to the ground so the front bumper will catch from time to time. Also after 100, 000 miles, the car does not always accelerate like it should. I have had to make repairs to the wheel bearings twice. The termostat of the car has only gone out once and the check engine light has only come on twice in the 4 years I have had this car.

- Desi D

The p. T cruiser is a cute car but a bruiser to drive.

This car has been a problem since the first month we bought it. The tire rod has snapped. The lights in the car have needed replaced multiple times, I wish someone would have told me the car was discontinued for technical issues. Size wise its roomy but compact. I live in the city and can park it almost anywhere.

- Tiffany M

It has great interior and great size for a small family.

At first the starter and clutch weren't working but we got them finished and it works like a charm, it is got great interior and enough room for amount of people and it is easy on gas and it is easy to drive and gets us where we need to go plus and it is great in size we love it hopefully it do not break down.

- Alexander S

PT Cruisers are decent cars that will get you from point A to point B. That's about it

I bought my car because my previous car needed to be replaced and the price on this car was right. I don't like the color (white). I'm not crazy about the design. The engine is small and doesn't pick up well. It's not the most reliable car either. I can't wait til I get to replace it with something new.

- Lauren D

They run rougher than other cars but they do have their benefits.

PT Cruisers just do not seem to run as good as other vehicles. They kind of run rough and it seems like I need to get it fixed more often than previous vehicle. I really like how large it is. You can fit a surprising amount of stuff in a PT Cruiser, really almost as much as you could in a SUV.

- Loretta O

A small but roomy car with lots of electrical problem.

It wasn't the perfect size for living in the city. Small but yet roomy inside. With that said I have had to put it in the shop so many times. The starter, the lights away blow, and the door will not open with the windows down. I would definitely research thoroughly before make that purchase.

- Tiffany M

Smooth ride, drives like a truck.

I love my car, and I wish it was still being made. I have the 2009 touring edition. It is such a smooth riding car, but I wish the wheel turned a little harder. It drives like a Dodge truck, but that is all I know! It is a great car, and I will probably run it until it falls apart!

- Molly M

My pt cruiser is gangster.

This is my second pt cruiser, the first one had electrical problems, but I wanted another one, because of the roominess. It will sit 5. It sits a little higher up, which I like. I also like that the steering wheel will adjust up, pretty high, which gives you more leg room.

- Beth O

Love car! You will love riding and driving!

I have had no problems mechanically. Very cozy, nice ride, right size, good on gas very reliable and always know no engine problems. No on road so I like sanding our. Good on long road trips. Adjustable seas good since I am small rear window wiper great in rain!

- Donna P

the heater works. and the blinkers.

The child safety locks do not work, never have, the car overheats if I run the air conditioner at stop lights, it randomly decides to die while i'm driving and i have to restart. It also randomly also decides to start wobbling and sputtering while driving.

- Jamie C

My dream car is the best ride ever. I have a model of the car and I cherish.

My vehicle is the best on gas on mileage and we have plenty of trunk space and room in the car. I love the color of the vehicle. The tires are great on tread. The price was right. And the maintenance. This is the best car and it's just right for my family.

- Rosalind G

PT Cruiser- Tiny But Mighty

Overall I really enjoy my car. It is a good size and is really good on gas. It doesn't have four wheel drive and does not always speed up as quickly as I would like it to especially when driving on highways. Overall though for my first car it's great!

- Tasha M

Automatic, it overheats, ac works sometimes and I think there are computer issue.

It gets me from point a to point b. It overheats all the time, I have to constantly put water and coolant in it to drive. The transmission is almost blown. It sounds like a manual like it is not switching gears.

- Nancy J

The cabin layout is nice. Easy to access controls (radio, cruise, etc. ).

The Chrysler pt. cruiser has great cargo space, but lacks power. My particular model is the base model and has no bells or whistles. I would be happier with this vehicle if it came in a 6 cylinder model.

- James W

The turning radius on the PT Cruiser is not easy. You have to really put effort into it when trying to do a u-turn. Definitely a drawback for our car.

We bought our PT Cruiser when it was only a year old. While I find the car to be roomy for driver and passengers it doesn't quite provide enough storage. It also only gets about 14-16 MPG for gas.

- Ashley A

It is probably the best car you can get and it is well made and put together.

The vehicle runs smoothly it has Bluetooth speakers, where you can play music, and make calls without picking up your phone. This vehicle runs with a hemi-engine and has little issues running.

- Zack M

It is roomy and handles great.

Handles well, plenty of room for all my grandchildren while still the feel of a small vehicle. Good gas mileage. It is a standard transmission so stop-and-go city driving is a pain.

- Dee T

One of the most important things about my car is that it is economical to drive it.

My PT Cruiser is green. And it is an oldie but goody. I like it because it's good with gas mileage. It's a small car but not a tiny car. I also like the trunk space.

- Adrienne P

I love the color of my PT Cruiser.

When I first bought my car, I had a problem with the dash and gas pedal. Every now and then, the dash would lose power and I wouldn't be able to accelerate.

- Simon A

It is really reliable and has an awesome sound system!!

It has been really reliable! It has an awesome sound system. I also really like the fact that it has an alarm system that works well.

- Todd C

very roomy, but not as good on gas as you'd think it should be.

I like that it is very roomy inside to haul things. I dislike that so many things go wrong with it and that it is bad on gas.

- Brian P

Good on gas, and not hard to drive and drives smooth.

At first it had problems now it drives great, interior looks great and drives smooth, good on gas and gets you where you need.

- Alexander S

It drives like a dream. Has both front and rear wipers with rear defroster

I fell in love with the PT Cruiser. It's not too big or too small. Has a hatchback and fold down seats for more carry space

- Jennifer M

They are nice smaller cars. Good for first cars.

Bad in snow and rain, it slides. A lot of mechanical problems with pt.'s cruisers. The air conditioner goes out in most pts.

- Brittany M

Cute car looks nice driving down the road

Well the only problems I've had is with a turbo and I've had to replace that water pump and the heads because they cracked

- Lucinda F

It will beep if you don't close or open the hatch correctly.

I like that the seating is comfortable. The car is spacious. The car does beep sometimes depending how you open the hatch.

- Jocelyn P

That it gets good gas mileage.and there will like all the legroom in the front

I like the gas mileage,I also like all the leg room in the front seat.i don't like the back seat for there are no room.

- Donald B

It gets good gas mileage. And it has lots of lag room in the front 2 seats.

I like the gas mileage. I like the way it looks. I like how it ride. I like the lag rooms like the color of it..

- Donald R

It is a great car, good gas mileage, accelerated quickly. Great braking system.

I like the way it drives. It gets good gas mileage. The tires lose air too often. The interior is falling apart.

- Jan B

Cheap parts. Spacious and reliable.

I love that my car is pretty reliable. I dislike that my car is older and not current with the new technology.

- Nicole C

The maintenance to keep it running is minimal, there are no major issues. Cruise control works easily and well. Gas mileage is wonderful when traveling.

It never has any problems. Runs smoothly, the gas mileage is wonderful, maintenance is easy and affordable.

- Marissa C

It is amazing and a great family car.

I love how it does on gas. I love that it is more spacious than it looks. I don't have any dislikes.

- Cassandra O

Good gas mileage, cheap parts.

Good gas mileage, simple easy upkeep. Dislike how low to the ground it is, and lack of engine power.

- Daniel P

For me it's a comfortable ride because of my health problems.

There is plenty of leg room and it rides comfortably. It's easy to get into and out of.

- Janet W

Maintenance to keep it running. Keep it clean inside and out insurance inspection.

It's fun to drive because it's a manual. It keep breaking down

- Luis C

It's a nice looking cit gets you where you need to go to

Good family car. Great on gas mileage. It's broken-down.

- Craig M

It has a very unique design and has very useful and well designed storage area

like the size, handling, mpg, styling with no complaints