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I think it is good for people to know how good the pt cruiser is on gas.

I love the gas mileage and how small, yet spacious and comfortable the pt cruiser is. I can avoid other bad drivers on the road very easily in a pt cruiser. I don't like driving it in the snow however. The pt cruiser sits very low to the ground. I have gotten stuck in the snow before, and even the sand one time (kind of my fault, but a truck would have handled it!). Also tie rod, ball joint, and alignment issues seem to arise more frequently than other vehicles.

- Caitlin K

It is a sleek car, does what I need it to. Trunk space is amazing.

My pt has one ever had one problem and that is the radiator housing breaks and coolant leaks if you hit to many potholes. This becomes a problem when you live somewhere like Ohio. Besides that I haven't had any problems. This car is easy to parallel park and even though the turning radius could be better I haven't run into any real problem with it yet.

- Mora P

Control arms, tires and rims.

I have problems with tires and have had to do a lot of work on them. Tomorrow I am putting 4 tires and rims on it. The cost is difficult to handle. I have babied this car but still never know what will go next. I put 2 tires on it in Dec 2018 but because I couldn't repair everything I ended up destroying them and now have to buy 4 new tires.

- Veronica D

Some minor issues but overall good.

We bought it used so it was already a little worn down but still worked well. Has had some battery issues (we've had to replace it) but otherwise functional and reliable. Very comfortable in my opinion and a good size. I am not usually the one driving it but when I have it is been very nice. Overall pretty good.

- Eve E

The problem I most often have is overheating. The radiator had to be replaced,

This car really sucks. Every few months there's something that needs to be repaired. If I had the money to buy another car I would. The car I most want is a Honda Accord, they are reliable and even when the car is over 200, 000 miles it still runs like new. My next purchase will definitely be a Honda.

- James L

I love the look of the car. It reminds me of cars from the 40's and 50's.

I make it a point to keep up with the manufacturer's preferred maintenance schedule at the dealer where I purchased it. The vehicle has over 200, 000 miles on it and it is still going strong. It may not go as fast as some of the muscle cars out there, but it gets me to and from work every day,

- Sheila N

Pt cruiser built for great gas mileage and owner comfortability!

Smooth ride with low profile tires, over 23 miles to the gallon in town and 30 on highway. Great running air conditioning and soft plush seating in the front and rear. Stadium seating in rear allows max relaxation. Only issues I have encountered are with the transmission.

- Alicia C

Big on the inside, small n the outside.

It is great. It has lots of cargo room. I can haul almost anything in this car. It also has good passenger room. Full sized adults can sit in the back seats. It has 4 doors so it is easy for the back seat passengers to get in and out. But it is small and easy to park.

- Really K

Happy with our PT Cruiser.

No real problems in the 8 years we have owned this car. Good performance, comfortable, reliable so far. The tires do seem to require air more often than they used to. Overall we have been very happy with it and would buy one again if they were still in production.

- Lorelei H

Love that the rear seat folds way down so like a station wagon if needed.

Overheats only complaint. Positive I love driving this car. Its sporty and reliable. Love the cream color. I love this brand car. It's super comfy and leg room all the way around. Husband is 6 foot never rode in back seat until recently and he was comfortable.

- Lisa R

Right size for around town

Good little car, gets me where I need to go, small so fits in parking spaces, not bad on gas, good for grocery shopping and if I need to pick up something large I can remove the back seats and it is like a van.

- Ruby L

It is a small car but holds a lot of cargo

Even though this car is small it holds a lot of gear. The seat fold down, tip forward, or come out and it suits my cargo needs. It is also very unique and that suits me. It is also a nice car to drive

- ReneeS M

This car is great on gas in which it saves me a lot of money

The car is good on gas and compact. It has enough space for me and my family and is useful for getting around. However I have encountered some problems with parking and comfort ability

- Taquasia P

It is much more roomy and comfortable than one would realize!

I love the styling, comfort and reliability. I have had no major mechanical issues since I bought it new in 2010. I am so sorry that Chrysler chose to end the making of the PT Cruiser!

- Roger R

The most important thing to know about the car is the ease of backing. The bumper is right at the back window so it is easy to see.

I dislike the style of the vehicle, it's a little boxy. I do like that I am able to back into spaces with ease. I also like that it is compact.

- Jenna W

Space and comfort a plus for family-oriented drivers, but mileage is not.

It has a nice retro styling. The gas mileage is not very good however. There is much room for storage and travel. It's comfortable too.

- Randall J

It's style is old school.It's a compact car with nice design.

It's not too big so you can easily park. It doesn't waste too much gasoline. I like the car's design. It's a cute functional car.

- Roxana R

The car does not get the best gas mileage.

It's not a bad car but I wish it was a little bit bigger to provide 3rd row seating and the trunk does not always latch.

- Julie H

It has smooth driving and excellent air conditioning.

I like how comfortable the seats are and the foot room in the front seats but do not like how small the trunk space is.

- Jessica R

The ease of getting in and out of the car as well as the comfort of riding in it.

I like the comfort of riding in the car and driving it. I also like the gas mileage it gets. The capacity is great

- karen c

Do not buy it waste of time.

Transmission is shot, tires are balding, the door get stuck, will not shift very well it is not a very good car.

- Sarah E

It's not too small or too big.

I love the car the room in it and the speed of the car and the color..... I do not hate anything about the car.

- Rosalind G

2010 PT Cruiser great on gas

Great running car. Great on gas and very economical. Never have had to replace brakes. Does not use much gas.

- Kathi O

That it kind of sucks. And it smells bad too.

I like that it rids smooth. But it's too small. And it's kind of slow. It also has a slow window reaction.

- Ashanti C

The last year pt cruisers were made is 2010.

It is very comfortable and I like how the steering wheel can be tilted down. It has good performance.

- Shirley B

is very different and since we bored it new we have no problems

very good to drive, good on Gas and is a different style and very compact

- Heidi P

It was a Christmas gift from my hubby, and he knew the color I wanted .

I like the interior of it. The features within . And it has good mileage.

- Stephanie P

It's a American brand, and they make a decent work

cheap made, but it's good enough, good motor

- Andres C