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My Sebring is a smaller car. It has some muscle to it.

It is a comfortable car. It handles well, and I enjoy driving it. I have only had electrical issues with it, such as the window will not roll down all the way. It is a minor issue but one I do not enjoy. I have also had issues with the door sensors. All of these things are minor inconveniences. And I feel like I am grateful for my car even with its issues.

- Kimberly N

Black. 4 door. Heated leather seats. Good on gas.

I love my car very reliable and dependable. It fit my family and has little problem like the windshield wipers but other than that it is all and all a good car. But looking to trade for car or SUV. Need something to fit my family more comfortable. But if you want a car good on gas that the car to get.

- Shy-ann S

Very satisfied with overall purchase.

Vehicle has been very reliable since purchase brand new. Comfortable to drive all controls easy to access. Performance of the vehicle has been fine. Powerful enough to accelerate when needed. Repairs have been minimal pertaining to normal to normal usage. Gas mileage reasonable for it is year.

- Steve C

Sebring issues for everyday driving.

Worn struts, cup holder is near the gear shift and just under the dash that I cannot fit a tallboy beer in there when driving. The cup holder is shallow that regular beer cans tilt when turning. The convertible does not work and it is too expensive to get an estimate.

- Petra M

It is still runs good. Cross my fingers.

It is kinda old. But it'll do for now. Had suspension issue over the last two years. The doors need fixing. The interior is falling. Need new tires. Will probably keep this as a second/backup car. When I get a new car hopefully in. 2019.

- Jaime S

It is very safely built car and drives very smoothly

I really like the way my car drives, it is very smooth driving. I don't like the color, but i bought it used so didn't have a choice on the color. I also with it wasn't so low to the ground. The trunk is very large so that's great too.

- Amber D

It's nice to be able to take full advantage of Los Angeles's weather in a convertible, especially considering how spread out the city is.

My car still looks great. It's nice to be able to put the top down when the weather's nice. I wish it weren't quite as long because It's sometimes hard to park.

- Crys T

2001 Sebring convertible review.

My horn stops working my radio stops working sometimes there are annoying glitchy things but it gets me to school and back nicely it rides nicely but it is ok.

- Alexa A

2000 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXI

The vehicle has had numerous issues including fuel system problems, suspension issues, alternator going out, and electrical components malfunctioning.

- Joseph C

It's not the most convenient for long distance travel with having limited space.

I love the gas mileage. It's a smaller more compact vehicle, great for work and a small family. I do wish it had more storage or cup space.

- Shelby J

Old and has lots of miles.

Even though my car is going on 19 years and 192, 000 miles, I love it. Hoping to see 200, 000! Will probably happen on its 20th birthday.

- Holly C

It's a convertible but has a rough ride. It's got leather.

It's a convertible but its older. It needs things done to it. I like the leather and radio. But it drives rough and needs new tires.

- Jennifer F

It is a really good car and I will use it alot

It's a good convertible but after years of wear and tear It leaks from the roof when it is closed. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Tim J

Do not have to worry about it breaking down.

I like the convertible part, the interior & the CD player.. I do not like it rides, the way it is falling apart slowly.

- Juliet Y

It has required very little maintenance.

It has been very reliable through the years. It drives nicely and handles well. Being a convertible, it is loud.

- Bobbi B

I absolutely love my car. It runs amazing and the gas mileage is perfect. I've never had any issues with my car. I cannot complain about anything!

The gas mileage is AMAZING! With the way gas prices are now a great gas car is important.

- Stephanie S

Old car and not that impressive very low profile

Large doors, too low to the ground and convertible roof leaks

- Michael P

runs great. had some issues with the top going up and down and getting stuck, but works after some time. trunk lost the power to hold itself up

doesn't look as cool as i thought it would with the top down

- marcus d

everything- red color- convertible performance reliability

How pretty, sporty and great it is. how long it has lasted

- mary b