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I call her candy apple red.

I love my Chrysler Sebring it is a limited edition made in the year 2001 it has a brand new paint job painted candy apple red it is a 5-speed it goes up to a hundred and 20 miles an hour everywhere I go people stop and stare it is the coolest car ever I love racing by red Chrysler Sebring and I have gotten a lot of boyfriends by driving my car up into the gas station and they offered to pay for my gas I called my car candy because of her candy apple red color it is fun to drive and I hardly ever had any mechanical problems thank you Chrysler for my beautiful red Sebring.

- Gloria R

Fun vehicle with issues to follow.

My vehicle is a reliable car and it gets me from point A to point B. It is comfortable to ride in and has nice leg room. On the other hand it takes a second to start up, the convertible roof is shrinking so it leaks when it rains and the back windows are broken, they no longer roll up or down with the buttons I have to physically put them up or down. Also, it does not drive smooth, you feel every bump and if you hit a pothole it feels like your car is going to fall apart.

- Haley T

Chrysler Sebring perfect ride with plenty of comforts.

I love my Chrysler Sebring coupe. Of a light gold with a gold interior. It is a 2001 with only 102300 miles which is low mileage. 6 cylinder engine. I press the throttle to the floor and she takes off giving me a nice smooth ride. There’s room in the backseat for two passengers. Large trunk that will hold several cases of pop and water plus numerous bags.

- Gail A

2001 Chrysler Sebring leather fully loaded great ride great price.

Low miles, luxury sedan, everything works, cold ac, Corinthian leather, light blue, alloy wheels, tinted windows, clean inside and out very well maintained garage kept one owner luxury drive front wheel drive, Bose stereo system with CD player, never been in an accident for being a 2001 and only has 70,000 miles on it dry is great must see it to believe it.

- Laura L

It's easy to drive an has no blind spots for us short folks.

My car gets decent gas mileage. Maintenance cost aren't sky high. It has a roomy back seat with cup holders and it's got a big trunk. Only complaint is my blower is temperamental only blows half as hard as it should or doesn't work I believe it's a short.in a wire because sometimes if.u tap under the glove box it will work

- Amanda C

The 2001 Sebring convertible is a reliable car.

The Chrysler Sebring convertible is an amazing car. Made in 2001, not bad on gas, mileage, however since this make of vehicle is a 2001, there have been issues with upkeep on the car. The speedometer is broken and does not work, and to change the cars main battery, its located under the front wheels of the vehicle.

- Ashley H

The convertible top will need to be replaced and the motors refurbished before 150,000 miles is reached.

I enjoy the 6 cylinder power and that it is a convertible, however, the convertible motor is not strong enough to lift the top, the seams on the top are disintegrating, as are the leather seats, the windshield washer fluid pump doesn't work, and the automatic transmission has trouble engaging when cold.

- Marks S

Convertible top is so easy to operate and looks brand new.

It is awesome! Drives smoothly, good gas mileage, fantastic with top down, feels so comfortable with luxurious interior space. Easy to maintain, no service issues. Has good struts and glides down the road comfortably. Have people thinking it is a new car. Classic styling and so glad it is mine.

- Ginger F

Sebring me once in a while.

It is a nice fun car for the summer months but not so good for winter. It drives nice in the snow but the inside windows ice up. In the summer if it is really hot I wouldn't recommend the top down the summer just beats down in you. It always has been a great running car.

- Michael C

My car keeps falling apart.

It keeps falling apart. I have to replace shocks and struts every year. The alternator caught fire. The battery is behind the front tire. The power steering keeps leaking. The door lock on the driver door stopped working. It has some power when you hit the gas.

- Ernie W

Great little car. Would drive one again.

My convertible Sebring, was my favorite car for many years, I loved the way it handled highway and country. With proper tires it also did great in the winter. I also found it to be of great benefit to haul large items, by simply putting the roof down.

- Pam M

My convertible. Interesting feature is lots of interior lights.

Car runs well. Only issues I have is it does seem to use oil. For the most part the ride is smooth and comfortable. I would prefer not to have power windows and locks but have not had any issues with them.

- Ed H

It's great work truck and it hauls lot of weight.

Its a vehicle. There's not a lot of great things about it but not a lot of bad things either. It gets me from point a to point b as a vehicle should, although I do have to frequently air up the tires.

- Timothy M

It's a convertible that is cherry red with a black top and tan interior. I bought it as a midlife toy. It has over all been a good car for fun but not everyday especially in the winter.

It's a convertible. It's hard to see out of when backing up it's a great highway car. Outside of regular maintenance I've had to replace the rear struts that became loose and began rattling.

- Michael C

They should know that it is safe and runs well.

I dislike that it is only a two door, the color, and that it is older. Sometimes the conditioner does not work and there’s a certain light that has to be turned off or the engine dies.

- Jessica L

Car battery is located under one of the front wheels, instead of under the hood.

Love that the Chrysler Sebring is a convertible for the summer months. Repairs are often times difficult to make on this type of vehicle, car battery among other things.

- Ashley H

The One Thing About My Car Is It Is Fun To Drive.

I Like The Color And The Fact That It Is A Convertible. I Like The Way It Handles And Drives. I Don't Like The Small Rear Window. Or The Blocked View Due To The Top.

- michael B

it's in pretty good shape for It's age. even though it's over 100k for total miles, it's still low mileage overall.

mostly fine. pretty good fit and finish. surprisingly good gas mileage. cloth top seems premium to other convertibles. transmission has had issues a couple of times.

- max M

The car is quite loud with the convertible top but great to have.

My vehicle has a cover table top that I love. I do not love how loud it is though because of the roof. I like the room that it has, I do not like the cloth seats.

- Taylor C

Overall it is a good running car with the added perk of the fun in having an convertible

Car is comfortable and easy to drive. Only problem is it seems to use a lot of oil. I do not care for all the power accessories however they all seem to work ok.

- Edgar H

Flashy Comfortable dependable ride with low mileage

6 cylinder 3.0 engine. Good performance, decent gas mileage, very comfortable in front seats. Has seats in the back. Large trunk. No complaints from me

- Gail T

Very reliable with decent mileage. It is also very good at fuel consumption.

It is an older car, but it has been very reliable. Only a few problems throughout the years. But being old it does have its quirks, like a leaky engine.

- M V

Long list of electrical issues associated with this year model.

Mid size car with spacious interior and a sporty exterior. Great gas mileage averaging 30 mpg. Long list of recalls for electrical issues though.

- Gina H

Good on gas. Reliable and to low to the ground though.

To low the ground. It's a convertible, so it leaks. It is good on gas compared to others I've had. Pretty reliable. Paint has faded a lot.

- Virginia G

I like it and I will keep driving it until it breaks down.

It's old but still in good condition. It will probably still last at least through winter. It was given to me by my parents.

- Tammy M

Nice looking automobile. No problems in the ten years that I owned.

I really enjoyed the way the car handled and the comfort. Had a sunroof that I really enjoyed. Nice looking vehicle.

- Bill B

Keep an eye on the fluid levels. It leaks very small amounts of antifreeze and oil.

It's been very reliable. Starts in the coldest weather. Haven't spent a lot of money fixing problems.

- Scott S

It is fun to drive and very sporty and extremely comfortable

It is a convertible. I love it for the summer. I would prefer a V8 and manual transmission

- Ken S

It's been a reliable car for a long time. Until recently I never had an issue with it starting up and going.

My car is just too old and it's needing more repairs than I would like to do on it.

- Tammy M

One of the toughest cars to work on due to cramped space between parts

old but reliable, like the style & performance but DIY takes more effort

- Wayne F