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Reliability and comfort at a reasonable price.

My Chrysler sebring is a very nice vehicle to drive, at a reasonable price. I thought the 4 cylinder engine would not be powerful enough for the highway driving that I do, but I was wrong. I rarely notice the 4 cylinder drag, unless I am in traffic driving uphill. This car runs at it is best when routine maintenance is kept up. The seats are made of a soft, comfortable, stain treated fabric. The only real downside is that it is a little lower to the ground than some cars, so higher priced, larger tires I recommend. All in all, I have been exceptionally pleased with my Chrysler sebring. Size, style and silver color all meet my needs, as I am sure they will yours.

- Christine S

Chrysler sebring unsatisfying.

Had to get a brand new transmission, on top of the car having other issues. Not as reliable as I would like but still reliable enough to get us where we need to go. The car is large and has a spacious trunk as well and interior, although the ceiling of the car is shorter than some. No sunroof, which is a minor disappointment. Does feature a CD player and tape player. Automatic windows, and I had an automatic start put it my car so that is available to add.

- Jordan D

The cruise control, open sunroof, and music creates a nice driving experience.

I love the car because it has a great engine life. It is compact and also is family friendly. Routine maintenance can take this vehicle a long way and may be suitable for handing down to a new driver. Turning is great, braking is excellent. The driver seat somehow got knocked off track but it wasn't an expensive fix. I drive the car to and from work everyday, five days a week and there haven't been any issues yet.

- Michael S

I keep it in tip top shape. Complimented on how beautiful "my new car looks".

Very few problems, stay on top of keeping it up on oil changes, tires, etc. Have not had any big issues with it despite the age of it. I have had the usual things go wrong, just had the a/c checked, added what it needed. Had a complete front to end check on it before I traveled from Louisiana to Tx. Changed all the little things you need done on a car that needs a total tune up. Runs excellent.

- Diane F

Wonderful Sebring brings me to life.

I have not really had any problems other than the oil pan leaking and it overheating. It is an old car and I did not expect anything more. It has lasted for a while. I love driving it with the top down and the music blaring. It was $20 to fill up and it has pretty good gas mileage. I got into a couple of accidents, and it held up wonderfully.

- Destiny C

It was nice. I liked riding with the top down going to the Beach.

It's didn't start. I had problems getting it to start after only two years. I was constantly getting it fixed. I had to replace the brakes, the ignition, battery and the radiator. The car was not a good car to have. I have to replace the brakes over 8 times I less than a year. I only had it for two years before I got rid of it.

- Rene C

Good for the long haul. I like keeping my car for years.

It is a good car. Even though it is not new. It still runs and drives good. The only complaint I have with this model is that it was designed for child safety and can only be opened with the key on the drivers side. It being older and I no longer have the key fob is a little inconvenient. Otherwise I am pleased with my car.

- Dorothy N

It's a 2002 with 107,000 miles on it! It's fun to ride in!

I love that my car is a convertible. We live in a state where it can be down often. I don't like that it's so close to the ground now that there are so many SUVs and trucks on the road. It's hard to see what's ahead. I also don't like that the paint was of poor quality so it's coming off the front and back bumpers.

- Lynne D

Car not reliable, not worth the money to fix.

Two door, car has to be jump started every time I start it, top does not latch all the way so it rattles and shakes, the tires have to be aired up once every week. Overall there is just a lot of issues that are not worth solving as the car only has about 170,000 miles on it and shouldn't be having these problems.

- kennedy S

Chrysler driver for 6 years

A lot of expensive maintenance, fix one thing and then all of a sudden something else breaks. The car is decent for an everyday driver if you have the money to sink into keeping it running. It has been more reliable than I thought but now it's at the point where it's just breaking me to keep fixing it.

- Stephanie J

Good sedan with a good amount of room, easy on the wallet when it comes to gas!

The car is comfortable to drive, even for long periods of time. It has a decent amount of space, even when you have children! The trunk size can hold a lot of groceries which is great if you have a big household! Keep up on maintenance though because these cars turning into money pits quickly.

- Nicole K

It is compact and great on gas.

It has a few dents and it's older. Love the way it fits me and my lifestyle. Great on gas, plenty of room for single people like me. Great features and holds up well. Good handle on the road. It has a nice trunk for storage. Like the fact that it has automatic windows and cruise control.

- Holly B

It makes a ok starter car.

The battery does not stay charged, the struts are entirely gone, rides very rough even before struts went out, very compact. If you are a tall person your head is always rubbing the top of the car. It sits so low to the ground that it is hard to even get out of the vehicle.

- Ashley H

4 wheels and a baby and a cat

It performs very well in every aspect. I have had no problems that I couldn't fit on my own. It gets great gas mileage and is sporty looking. It also drives similar to a sports car without being one. I love it. I will drive this vehicle until it uses its last gas fume.

- Christina M

02 Chrysler Sebring Reliable, powerful, and beautiful

For a 16 year old car she runs like a dream, sunroof perfect for all 4 seasons, the tan leather interior with black trim definitely compliments it's Chrysler stock red paint job, have had this car for 4yrs now and it's been nothing other than reliable. She's a keeper!

- Corey S

Love the car especially the sunroof

My sunroof is the best part of my vehicle. I love that doesn't take much gas wise is also great for road trips. It is a smaller car which is great for me and my family, yet there is enough room and space for what I need. For an older car it has held up great.

- Dan S

Its both automatic and standard. It is all electronic and it is a convertible.

My car gets about 45 mpg. I need an alternator. My car turns back off after started about 5 seconds. Also will not switch gears do not know what that is. Maybe just the alternator. I need a tune up. I brought new thermostat and cap to my water reservoir.

- Joe S

It always has something wrong with it.

I like that it is easy to drive, is an automatic, is comfortable, has good gas mileage, and the speakers are good quality. I do not like that it is an older car, the stereo does not have Bluetooth or aux port, or that there is always an issue with it.

- Sydney O

Chrysler products some of the best cars on the road.

Has heated seats, good on fuel, convertible for summer, smooth ride looks nice. Always been reliable. General maintenance required, oil changes every 3000 miles. Just 46000 miles on it. Comfortable on long trips. 30 miles to the gallon on the road.

- Julie S

That it runs and has no problems.

What I most like about the vehicle is how it looks. I also like how it feels to drive it and how fast it goes. I like that it is a convertible so you can put the top down. I do not like that it uses a lot of gas. Also that it is kind of long.

- Tanya J

This car has great power and is a very smooth ride at all times.

This vehicle has been my life for the past 6 years and it has not failed me. It needed some work when I first got it but now it runs like a charm. It is pretty old but the car was a great first car from me.

- Alex R

Pros and Cons of Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Good looking vehicles. Even it is old car, the roof top can still functioning well. Good to have convertible cars especially in Iowa. However, the problem is the car usually have struts and frets problem.

- Muhammad A

Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Bought it new,always took good care of it. Pretty much like the way the car handles,like the ragtop. But over the years,have had alot of mechanical problems. Would never buy another Chrysler product.

- Robert W

I keep her pretty well maintenanced so she stays pretty reliable.

I love that it has low miles and gets pretty decent gas mileage. There's a lot of room so it's comfortable to ride in. I dislike that it's getting old. Everything seems to be going wrong with it now.

- Ashley F

Awesome space for family seating.

I like the look and color. It fits me. I like how it rides. Even the sound of the engine. Do not like how low the car is. It is very low to the ground. Also it could have had a better radio.

- Anthony F

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a convertible.

I got my vehicle about 2 years ago, and it has been a pretty good car. I enjoy that it is a convertible. It has broken down a couple of times, which is why I didn't give it five stars.

- Payton H

It runs and has been treated well and is current on all maintenance issues.

It is a convertible and handles great. Gets good mileage and just put on a new top. The a/c doesn't work but in the summer who cares with the top down. Super comfy and fun ride.

- Sean C

If pulley locks up you have to replace the air conditioning unit.

There is an issue with the air conditioner. Ours went out and locked up the pulley so we had to replace the entire unit. The air conditioner still does not work.

- Shannon R

It drives well. It's reliable.

The best thing about it is it used to be my grandmother's, so every time I drive it, I think of her. Other than that, it gets me where I need to go.

- Paul B

If you ever get a convertible and end up in a hail storm take cover because the hail will go through the top. It happened to us.

Like it because it's good on gas, it's a convertible and sporty looking. I dislike it because it sits too close to the ground and expensive to fix.

- Pam O

Computer issues, company does not replace.

Computer problems, car automatically cuts off in the middle of the road. It cost $2000 to replace it. I think the company should have replaced it.

- Elizabeth A

Silver, sunroof, two door

I got the car at about 115,000 miles and so far I haven't had any issues with it. It gets decent gas mileage and gets me where I need to go.

- Jake W

Good running nice looking older car!

It is old but very sporty. It has had to have new tires I don't care much for the low profile. It still runs good and is a little hot rod.

- Diana F

That it has a good system in it and good motor and transmission.

I like that it is paid for. It also is very good on gas. I do not like the fact that it is not big enough for my whole family.

- Kimberly M

It really is a great car for getting to and from places.

It is paid for. I know everything about my car. Good on gas. Plus I like the color of my car. Has a great radio in it also..

- Beverly C

reliable car with heated seat. excellent through any season

Struts problem. lower control arm problem. comfortable.use more gas. starter problem. making weird sound going long distance

- Syahirah N

Sebring, great gas mileage

It's a great car, runs great. Gets to A to B. It's a 4 door. Nothing really wrong with it. Great on gas, $20 fills it.

- Crystal D

My car is really old and that's the only reason for issues.

Drives well. Too small, old, electrical issues. Love the durability though. Just has a lot of issues due to being old.

- Jenny H

Great family car for your money.

Great vehicle. Very reliable and extremely comfortable. Would recommend to all. Great family car and cool colors.

- Sarah B

That i enjoy driving it. And it is good on gas.

I enjoy my driving my car because its sporty looking. I want get my windows tinted and a better stereo in it. .

- Deborah F

The safety cameras and automatic brake.

Compact fast sporty sunroof good on gas it was free when you need it goes now roomie trunk kids like it.

- Dusty R

Right now it is parked because when you drive it. It will shut off on you

Does Not start. New tires and new battery. Only the driver side seat heat. No air conditioning. Sun roof

- Cory M

It's very economical. It gets great fuel mileage. The car is roomy for passengers.

It gets very good gas mileage. It's easy maneuverable in tight spots. It has a good sound system.

- Alan F

It provides reliable transportation and has held up well for over 16 years.

It is comfortable to drive and I have had no major repairs. It does not do well in the snow.

- Laura H

I've had the car since I bought it new sometime in 2002.

Nothing specific about what I like or don't like comes to mind at the moment.

- Carol A

It was a good price, and is leather on the inside. It is just a pretty car

Good gas mileage , Beautiful car. But had to replace a few things

- Denise c

Still running at 130000 miles

Love the convertible, looks great, performs well

- Gerald B