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2004 Sebring convertible reviewed by a second time owner.

I have the Sebring convertible touring model, which is a really great vehicle for the speed, and performance. However, as a v6, it really seems like a gas guzzler in comparison to some of the other v6 engines I have had. A major "con" to this model is where the battery is located. Anyone who's ever had a vehicle knows eventually you'll need to replace the battery. No big deal, since it is visible right where you can swap it yourself on most vehicles. On the Sebring, you'll need to practically remove the whole side of the car to get to the battery because it is located in a really awkward place. You can take it to a repair shop, but you will always spend more to have the battery changed because of the work and time involved in getting to it. If you do end up changing the battery, change the alternator too. Otherwise, it is a hassle to get to later on. Overall, I really enjoy the convertible style, because it has a roomy interior, a very roomy trunk for the year/model I drive. It is my second Sebring conv., so overall, it is a really fun vehicle to drive. The insurance is not too bad, because it is not a super performance car like the mustangs or Camaros I'd absolutely recommend it for a vehicle, with the caution that they do tend to leak. Both of mine have had issues with water getting in, so that is a bit of a hassle.

- Chris G

My vehicle. It has an amazing sound system.

My vehicle is very comfortable to ride in. It has heated seats in the front for comfortable winter trips. And the heating works great, it will almost run you out of the car it is so efficient. I love the sunroof. It has a cover that you can close during the winter time which keeps the car warmer. The side mirrors are automatic which helps whey on trips. It has lots of room for four adults to ride comfortably. It also has a great sound system to listen to music or audiobooks when you are on those long trips.

- Billie B

A long Journey in an older vehicle.

This is a reliable car for the amount of miles that are on it. Have kept up with normal maintenance and haven't had that many out of the ordinary repairs. Though the headlights have a foggy look on them now. It is a decent vehicle for driving in snow or rain. It handles well in both situations. The pickup on the car is good except if the air conditioning is on. Then it is a bit sluggish.

- Kate P

It has held up as a pretty reliable car for a long time.

It's an older car, so it does have some problems with it. The brake fluid leaks some and my Dad has been unable to find where it's leaking from. My Mom bought my car new in 2004. When she got a new car, she traded my car in and I kept hers. It has held up for 14 years with few problems. It has gotten me to where I need to go for a long time. The body is in good condition as well.

- Deidre K

it gives good gas mileage especially on the highway

it is midsize convertible, seating 5, sleek, sturdy, good on gas, comfortable, roomy trunk, roomy back seat and roomy section behind the back seat where the top goes when you put it down. the engine should be placed for more convenient access. Although the regular fill-up tanks are convenient, to do any other engine work is very difficult, even just to change the battery

- Miriam N

Looks smart, love the convertible top down on a nice sunny day!

I love the Sebring convertible! It is my second one! It looks good and rides smooth! I have not really had many problems with it at all! For a 2004 model it still looks and runs fantastic! It is comfortable, reliable, and runs very smooth! I did have to have the computer changed in it years ago, but it still runs just like it did the day I bought it!

- Michelle H

My Chrysler sebring convertible is old and still in great shape.

I drive a 2004 Chrysler sebring convertible. It is very reliable I haven't had any problems with it. My only complaint would be driving a convertible is very loud and hard to hear your radio when you do not have the top down. I have replaced the battery three times otherwise it is just had general tires replaced and rotated, oil changes and washes.

- Pat P

Chrysler Sebring ; My Electrical Nightmare

Tons of electrical problems, something's been drawing power of the battery while the cars not even running...can't figure out what though for almost a year now I haven't been able to rely on it. Caused the alternator to fry and the battery, still never fails to have a dead battery the next morning, no matter what Ive had done to it so far.

- Pauline D

Good performance but cheap trim.

Car does perform well, is roomy and comfortable but has only one keyed entry on the driver's side door, control panel on the driver's side door are awkward and collapsed into the door armrest. I have gotten excessive wear on my front brakes causing the front aluminum alloy wheels To get covered with brake dust constantly.

- Mark P

A smooth comfortable ride low maintenance and you look good driving it!

Minor issues with problems just basically your routine maintenance. The only main issue I have is the roof of the car deteriorating. Which then causes the back window to be loose and so therefore I do have issues with moisture in the car. Other than that I absolutely love this car and highly recommend it.

- Amanda P

Chrysler Sebring 2004-great work -home car.

It rides super smooth, has a great sized trunk and is lower to the ground. The front seat does not fit me (a small woman) very well, I do not feel as if I can see what I want to. Other than that the car is great on gas and a good work to home vehicle. I use it for school to home and for groceries.

- Samantha G

04 Sebring review for other users.

So far a good car, no real issues that have been terrible. I keep up with the oil changes and it runs fairly well. The only thing that has really happened was a small oil leak, other than that nothing to serious. Transmission is starting to slip but with a vehicle this age that is to be expected.

- Jeremy H

It is like the Timex watch it keeps on tickin.

My car gives me great gas mileage about 28 mpg. One of problems was my computer panel malfunction. Had to be replaced. The power window motors on driver and passenger side had to be replaced. I have never had any oil leaks. Overall for being 14 years old it has been pretty reliable.

- Ronald C

Hard to work on. Under the hood is very difficult to find where I need to work.

Have to take front driver's side tire off and fender well off just to change the battery. I really need a truck since I have trailers to pull, etc. Alternator went out! It is a difficult vehicle to do mechanic work on. The design is horrible. Can't see out the back to back up.

- Blondie B

04 Chrysler Sebring sedan it is fully loaded CD changer alarm system.

It has a rpm problem. It revs up to high when you get up around 50. And I have had to replace a few sensors in it. But It is real comfortable. It drives really smooth. And it fits me just right. When we drive a long distance the driver and the passenger both are comfortable.

- Rusty H

I really like the way my car looks.

I like how my car handles and drives. It feels fairly safe on the highway as I am not lots shorter than other cars. It looks almost brand new interior and exterior. I would like a few of the newer options that are available in newer vehicles. Such as heated mirrors and seats.

- Eileen H

Power window issues and a c issues.

Car drives well, no major problem besides some front end wear and tear. Needs a high speed front end alignment. Steering isn't as loose as newer vehicles and brakes are a little bit more fussy. Have had issues with the window engines going out and the air springing a leak.

- Ray L

Reliable family car and spacious.

Loses a qt of oil every 1000 miles. Not bad for the year of the car. Drives great. Love how it handles. Plenty of room for a mid size car. Cold a/c. And heats well. Have 167890 miles on it and still going strong. It is the best family car ever. And it is reliable too.

- Kimberly M

My car has a aftermarket radio that I had professionally installed.

I like my car and it runs good and has very low maintenance. It has a sunroof and electric doors with a trunk and hood lever with a trunk and vehicle door unlock remote. When on the freeway I use the cruise control and driving is as easy as hands free driving.

- Carnell P

It doesn't get great gas mileage when the AC is running, but does okay otherwise.

Often when I get out after driving and try to open the back door, it is still locked, which I dislike. It runs well for a 14-year-old car. I wish it had automatic lights. I don't care for the style of radio presets because I can never remember how to set them.

- Evan M

2 door 6 cylinder pearl sebring coupe

This sebring has been trouble free. The only drawback is that it sits so low. It is often difficult to get in and out of. The trunk size is wonderful. The back seat is difficult to access. It you have children in car seats this 2 door coupe is not for you.

- Vicki B

Expenses are relative to age.

Love gas mileage about 23 in city. Figure about 2000 per year in repairs. Struts, computer, not including oil changes and tires. Great around town car. Not bad on highway. computers seem to be an issue. But if you shop wisely you can get one for about 210.

- Helen M

Touchy Gas Pedal (But That's About It)

I bought my car used almost a year ago. Compared to other cars, my gas pedal is very sensitive, but I personally don't mind it. I think that any problems I do have with my car is because of the previous owner. Otherwise, I can't complain, really.

- Jaela R

My vehicle experience and opinion.

I purchased my vehicle with 43000 miles on it and it was in perfect running condition. The exterior could use a paint job. But overall no major issues. I would recommend this vehicle for anyone starting out. The maintenance upkeep is affordable.

- Niya S

It's a super cute style and color! I like it a lot.

I like that it is a convertible and it is low to the ground and I do not like how old it is nor how many things do not work now such as the air conditioning and the button that pulls the top back up. I also do not like that it is a two door.

- Julia S

After 100,000 miles, it is still one of the better cars that I have owned.

What I like about it is its size. The mileage is not as good as I expected for this type of car. In the past year, I have been having problems with the electrical system. The battery loses its charge even though it has been replaced twice.

- rudolph p

Chrysler the brand that keeps going.

The Chrysler Sebring sedan is a very reliable car. We have had ours for two years and have had very minor problems with it. The worst issue I can think of is the electrical wiring is starting to wear and we will need to have that done.

- Jennifer G

I would say that it is a very reliable car and I haven't had any real problems with it.

My Chrysler Sebring is red. It is a nice car and is comfortable to ride in. I dislike that there are areas on it that are starting to rust I like the size of my car. I also like that I haven't any major mechanical problems with it.

- Paul Q

Partial auto, except seat adjustment. A/c heater, radio. Trunk opening button.

Problem too short headroom at door getting in. Comfortable ride. Has auto trunk open. Auto door locks when driving a/c heater radio child lock window control adjustable steering wheel. Seat adjustment is manual, rest is electric.

- Cora L

My American made convertible is FUN to drive...especially on a warm, sunny midwest day.

I enjoy my Chrysler Sebring for several reasons. It is a convertible and I will never not have a convertible, It is American made and I really really prefer American made cars, It fits in my single garage easily.

- Susie M

Low mileage for a 2004 and has no problems.

I love my car. It was like new when I bought it. Nothing was wrong it then or now. It was a 2004 model and it had less than 45, 000 miles on it. I have not had any problems with it and it runs great.

- Shelley M

The car is a Good value for the money I spent on it.

The Sebring is a reliable, very comfortable car. I've seen online that the 6 cylinder engine does have problems with sludge but so far I haven't had any issues. The car rides and drives very nicely.

- Holly H

It drives great with total sharp control on the road and is economical to run on gas.

I love that my car is a convertible and I love the color. I love the way it hugs the road on turns. I get good gas mileage which is very important to me. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Holly C

Chrysler Sebring still a reliable vehicle.

I love Chrysler Sebring, my preference was convertible. The car is older, however, comfortable, smooth drive, and reliable for the age. I have had problems with the ignition sticking.

- Lori J

It is a shiny, sleek, white car. The shape of it is kind of ovalish, but also kind of boxy looking.

We had the whole front end basically re-done. Costing us almost $1000! And then the brakes decided to go out. It is a very reliable car. We just didn't realize how many issues it had.

- Lorissa S

It will last forever if you take good care of it.

It runs well. Has lots of power. It is very comfortable in front and back seats. I dislike the cup holders! The passenger side wiper arm does not glide over the windshield evenly.

- Cynthia G

It's responsive, reliable, sexy, dependable, some issues with difficulty accessing the battery,

had always kinda wanted a convertible..I did a lot of searches about them, endurance, performance, sex appeal and finally ended up with this vehicle although not new

- Miriam N

It is a very reliable car.

It is a very reliable car for being 14 years old. However over time there have been electrical issues and headlight issues. My car is easy to maintain so I love that!

- Jennifer G

It is a very nice reliable car until, you drive it for awhile.

My car is very unreliable. The only thing I like about it is that, is that it is a convertible. It was good while it lasted, but I think it is time for a upgrade.

- Elaine Q

You can't beat the dependability and it is great on gas.

I have had very few mechanical issues with this car, aside from routine maintenance it is great for a daily driver and family vehicle. It is great on gas as well

- Nicholas D

Dependable, very few mechanical issues.

Dependable car, great on gas, has no issues that I have found so far. Would highly recommend as a family vehicle for anyone or just as a personal daily driver.

- Nick D

My car is dependable and gets me where I need to go.

I like the way it drives, feels like I have good control. It does not have a lot of miles on it for a car that old. I do wish it got better gas mileage though.

- Janson U

It is a reliable vehicle.

I like that the sound system is high quality. I like that I can fit a bunch in the car both in the cab and trunk. I dislike how big the vehicle is overall.

- Kandice my name isnt spelled wrong K

Most repairs require lots of time because most things are behind other things

Many problems with and I just purchased 7/5/17. Repairs r expensive. Repairs r hard to get at. Have to go to a repair shop seeing heavy equipment is needed

- Brenda B

The most important thing about my car is that it's easy to drive.

My vehicle is very reliable and easy to drive. I like the color of my car and how comfortable it is. I dislike that it is only a two door vehicle.

- Alexandra G

It is a small and very comfortable 4 door sedan. I recommend it for city driving.

The Sebring is a very nice driving small car. I get good mileage per gallon of gas. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't need to go on long trips.

- Trudy K

This is not a very durable car. It's not a car you can drive everyday.

It's in the shop constantly. It doesn't take much to breakdown. It's a very problematic car. I only enjoy letting the top down to feel the breeze.

- Shoundra S

The resale value might not be good.

It looks good ride good top down it almost like free flying to a good sound system reliable source of transport and it's a nice looking car.

- Daniel J

It's pretty heavy so I feel safe in it! It's an old car but only has 21,000 on it!

It's a convertible - love it. Engine not quite as powerful as I would like. No fancy electronic doo-dads. Just doors, windows and ragtop.

- Lynn M

I feel safe while driving this car.

I love my sebring because it provides a smooth ride, is very comfortable and it is a convertible. My only complaint: there is a blind spot.

- Janet B

My car runs great. My cars air condition works good. That is very important living in the desert.

I like my as I have had my car for 12 years. As long as I keep my car well maintained and up to date on all maintenance my car runs great.

- ronald A

It gets me where I need to go. I feel safe driving with my daughter in my car.

My car is good in small amounts of snow. The check engine light will come on and stay on when it rains. I like the size of the vehicle.

- Jaimi D

Keep up on maintenance or it will have other issues.

I absolutely love my car. Easy on gas and maintenance hasn't been to bad. I have replaced struts only that's the only issue its had.

- Rachel M

A smooth ride in a maroon colored car

The mileage is not as good as I hoped, but solid reliable car. The ride is smooth and it is very responsive in all kinds of weather.

- Jack P

A convertible that will make you look cool.

It has problems with the radio draining its battery and rattles a lot. Also I hit a deer with it and that causes a lot of problems.

- Claire C

It only gets 22-24 miles to a gallon which is surprising for a car of this size.

It is in a good condition with 115,000 miles on it. There are new tires and and it had a tune-up and radiator flush six months ago.

- John P

I really like my Chrysler convertible

This car runs really great. My Chrysler also gets excellent gas mileage.This car rides as smooth has any car I have ever been in.

- John J

The fuel economy was actually slightly better than advertised.

It is a comfortable ride. Easy to maintain/service. The fuel mileage is good, which is great for long travel to and from work.

- Justin E

It sucks! The speakers also don't work half the time.

It is literally too much to list. As little as the camshaft failing non stop to issues with the engine. I hate that car 100%.

- Rebecca S

That its a Handicap Van and I am able to go places .

love the color, red, I like the comfortable ride it gives me. . It is hard to get into the back seat. . Seating is very low.

- Lori L

Good standard car and good gas mileage.

Drives nice in all weather.. Wish the air worked, and the oil didn't leak.. Reliable car, always gets me were I need to go.

- Danielle R

Size it can seat 7 passengers fairly comfortable but not for a long distance.

Great on gas. Always issues with the car. Have spent many thousands repairing it such as the rods struts springs. Computer.

- Helen M

It is clean and fresh for sure.

I do like everything and dislike nothing with the car. I would buy again for sure for my myself and my wife and my kids.

- Donovan Bennett F

The low cost maintenance.

I like the great gas mileage. I like the sound system. I dislike the small trunk space. I dislike the power windows.

- Ronald C

Well built for safety everything is on or on the underside of the steering wheel.

I have a Sebring convertible n I have no complaints it is well built with a lot of features for safety. I love it.

- Kathy W

They are not reliable and will break down quickly very short lifespan.

The best thing about my vehicle is that it was cheap but has had many problems. Possibly the worst car I have had.

- Allie H

I just did with my previous answer.

I don't have an issue with the vehicle. It is comfortable and reliable. Maintaining it is easy and cost effective.

- Mary C

Overall maintenance cheap.

Very inexpensive to maintain. Good gasoline mileage. Tires cheap. Oil change cheap. Overall maintenance cheap.

- Maureen M

It is a convertible that has an electric motor to raise and lower the top.

It is a convertible, it gets good gas mileage and still has a comfortable back seat and plenty of trunk space.

- Robert R

Nice looking car. Interior is roomy. Controls on the steering wheel.

Loud transmission, acts like it's not shifting. Heater not working. Gas Gage is broken. Runs, always starts.

- Sherry R

It is the third Chrysler Sebring convertible I have owned.

It is a special order convertible. I love the heated leathers seats and she’s just pretty. Drive is nice.

- Betty Jean K

The Chrysler beast family vehicle.

It's a wonderful car but I am going to be looking for another shortly. 4 new tires. No air conditioning.

- Camilla H

Great running car just needs shocks.

Love the body style, color, and overall appearance needs work on suspension. Shocks need to be replace.

- Craig S

It's old but still runs great, I plan on driving it until it doesn't run so great.

It gets me around and I have very few problems with it. I really don't dislike anything about it.

- Sylvia J

Cheaper on fuel and has great mileage. It is an awesome vehicle.

It's compact and easy on fuel. Have taken many trips to Virginia Beach and never had a problem.

- Mary H

It's durable and dependable . It's American made .

It's a great car . Love the convertible feature. Easy to drive and it's a good brand .

- Eva D

This particular vehicle is very comfortable to ride in.

I love my car. It has great gas mileage. And, I love the design and color too.

- Shunda H

Although it is old, it has had very few breakdowns

It is very dependable. It gets very good gas mileage. It has plenty of room.

- Phil P

It has low oil pressure, and the top leaks. The driver's seat is faulty.

I like a convertible. I dislike the top leaks. It has low oil pressure.

- Mick H

gets me from a to b and I can put top down and feel wind in my hair

i like that my car is a convertible that's stylish and functional

- natalie m

That it's a very dependable car

It is dependable. Gets good gas mileage. Fairly maintenance free.

- Phil C

it still runs good; I drive my car almost every day with no problems.

it's starting to rust. the color is starting to fade;

- Ben p

It is a good car. The air conditioning is good. It does not handling bumpy roads well.

The chrysler sebring has excellent air conditioning.

- amy r