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2004 Sebring convertible reviewed by a second time owner.

I have the Sebring convertible touring model, which is a really great vehicle for the speed, and performance. However, as a v6, it really seems like a gas guzzler in comparison to some of the other v6 engines I have had. A major "con" to this model is where the battery is located. Anyone who's ever had a vehicle knows eventually you'll need to replace the battery. No big deal, since it is visible right where you can swap it yourself on most vehicles. On the Sebring, you'll need to practically remove the whole side of the car to get to the battery because it is located in a really awkward place. You can take it to a repair shop, but you will always spend more to have the battery changed because of the work and time involved in getting to it. If you do end up changing the battery, change the alternator too. Otherwise, it is a hassle to get to later on. Overall, I really enjoy the convertible style, because it has a roomy interior, a very roomy trunk for the year/model I drive. It is my second Sebring conv., so overall, it is a really fun vehicle to drive. The insurance is not too bad, because it is not a super performance car like the mustangs or Camaros I'd absolutely recommend it for a vehicle, with the caution that they do tend to leak. Both of mine have had issues with water getting in, so that is a bit of a hassle.

- Chris G

A long Journey in an older vehicle.

This is a reliable car for the amount of miles that are on it. Have kept up with normal maintenance and haven't had that many out of the ordinary repairs. Though the headlights have a foggy look on them now. It is a decent vehicle for driving in snow or rain. It handles well in both situations. The pickup on the car is good except if the air conditioning is on. Then it is a bit sluggish.

- Kate P

It has held up as a pretty reliable car for a long time.

It's an older car, so it does have some problems with it. The brake fluid leaks some and my Dad has been unable to find where it's leaking from. My Mom bought my car new in 2004. When she got a new car, she traded my car in and I kept hers. It has held up for 14 years with few problems. It has gotten me to where I need to go for a long time. The body is in good condition as well.

- Deidre K