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Reliable and comfortable.

Purchased brand new in 2006. No significant problems with the vehicle. One recall issued and corrected on the vehicle. Very comfortable and reliable vehicle. Have had some problems in the last year with the a/c. Dash lights went out a few years ago, but have not replaced. Only a problem during the winter months when driving at night. Has been used to make multiple long distance trips. Two sets of tires since purchase. About to get third set of new tires. Have enjoyed this vehicle and would purchase a Chrysler again.

- L C

Drives like a sports car. Looks like a luxury car.

The Chrysler Sebring convertible has a style of no other care. Sleek and classy whether the top is up or down. And the 2. 7 liter engine has plenty of pep. I accelerate rapidly up a freeway on-ramp and pass other cars easily. I did have to replace the pcm at 150, 000 miles, but except for normal maintenance and the usual parts needing replacement, the car has been relatively free of problems. A pleasure to drive.

- Warren A

Chrysler Sebring is the title. The radio is a great highlight of my car.

My car is a silver Chrysler Sebring. It has four doors and is very spacious. I love my car because it can fit a family of five in it very comfortable. It has an extremely large and long trunk. The radio has a CD player in it which also the speakers are very good. The quality sound of the radio is very excellent. This model does not have an AUX cord, but other than that I love my car.

- A W

That my car is a wonderful convertible to drive. Great feeling of freedom when I have the top down on the highway.

I love driving my convertible, especially in Florida where I can have the top down for most of the year. My major complaint is the car horn. It is very difficult to press on the steering wheel to activate the horn. There is also a large panel near the back windows that makes it VERY difficult to see other vehicles when I'm backing up.

- Erma M

Fun convertible for Florida living.

Dependable, comfortable. I like the sporty feel. Having a convertible is fun. The car rides nicely. I get a lot of compliments on my car. The color is silver. It looks sporty yet sophisticated. Has a nice radio and CD player. The interior is tan. It has good pickup. The mileage is not too bad. It is a 6 cylinder vehicle.

- Susan W

There's a reason they do not make these anymore.

Most issues have been a classic problem with the Sebring when I googled them. It is cool to have a convertible but it is not cool when your horn starts honking erratically for no reason as you are driving down on the road, something small like that can lead to serious safety issues on the road.

- Dee S

It's the most freeing and wonderful car I've ever ridden in. Absolutely love it, despite its many flaws. Nothing is perfect.

It's a wonderful car and having the top down is so freeing. The car does have some issues though. It's burning like crazy all of a sudden and it had some bad brake problems. Also the airbag light comes on due to a loose connection and it happens with pretty much every car of that make.

- Shaelyn K

Best smooth riding car with nice interior and sporty.

Nice smooth ride. It's very sporty and good on gas. I love the leather seats and the stereo is wonderful. Best riding car I've ever had. haven't had any major problems. Just the normal wear and tear. I would like to find one that is a convertible. I would certainly buy another one.

- Sara W

My little red convertible.

It is hard to find affordable parts. It is a good car very reliable and fun to drive. It is a little red convertible. I love it. Just hard to find affordable parts and labor. It is my dream car and the maintenance is easy. The parts are expensive if something goes out or breaks.

- Kimberly S

They are comfortable as well as dependable.They are always ahead of other cars in their class with convenient & extra services.

I am a long term Chrysler/Dodge owner(30 years) & have always found them to be dependable & reliable.Drive trains,transmissions,chassis very sturdy & tough.I have always gotten over 200,000 miles from everyone I have driven with minimum repair or replacement problems

- jimmy h

Chrysler Sebring review- dark blue.

The car has excellent performance. It has never had any major problems. It has lots of trunk space. A small problem with the car is that the driver side door does not unlock with the key fob. The air conditioning and heat works amazingly. Overall, it is a great car.

- Christy T

One of the car doors does not work.

My vehicle barely works. I am glad it still has life but it is always breaking down. There is always something wrong with it. Usually It's the censors that are messing with everything. It overheats and I cannot turn on the ac without risking my car just to turn off.

- Sue B

Very dependable have no complaints.

There has only been the issue of the front two wheel bearings, normal back maintenance but a good solid reliable car, basic maintenance is all that's needed, other than that no major repairs, has over a hundred thousand miles on it and still runs out very fine.

- Barry F

May not be top class, but reliable.

It is reliable and does not have too many problems. The brakes sometimes have to be pressed quite hard to stop. There are also sometimes problems with the engine where the car stops and has to be restarted. Good heating and air system. Reliable radio system.

- Haley R

It is a convertible and it is really nice.

I really like my car because it is a convertible and it can be used in many different areas. It really does have a very small back seat. But the truck is spacious and very helpful. It is also a nice look and very comfortable to ride for a long time in.

- Hadlee C

Great running vehicle, convertible white in color.

The top is coming undone need a new top, the back window has completely unattached from the top of the car so it spends the rainy days in the garage. Mechanically there is nothing wrong with my car I really like my car and everyone really likes my car.

- Danielle L

That all Chryslers are known for their bad transmission.

The vehicle is amazing and has been reliable for a very long time and still runs. The bad thing is that it is lights tend to blow out very fast and have to change them a lot. The transmission sometimes slips as well which is know for Chryslers.

- Andrew G

It's incredibly difficult to fix things under the hood, because of how tightly compacted everything is in the engine compartment.

I love having a convertible. Even though I'm not really having one, I like to call it my midlife crisis car. I dislike that it's older and starting to have problems. As much as I enjoy the convertible, my next vehicle will likely be a jeep.

- Nicholas K

The convertible top requires more care than you would think it needs if you've never owned a convertible before.

I like driving the car since it is fun and sporty. It is a different car than any other I've had since it's a convertible. I don't like the lack of antilock brakes and the fact that it leaks sometimes when it rains. It also rusted easily.


06 Sebring convertible with 2.7 liter.

Owned for 2 years and have had no major problems. The 2.7 liter engine is reported to be a unreliable engine but I have had no problems with mine. It had 53000 miles when I bought it and has 112000 miles now. I drive 120 miles a day.

- Richard B

My car is very fuel effective and has good mileage.

I like my vehicle because I have had only minor repairs so far. It is easy to get someone to work on it and do not have to take to dealer. I dislike it because it is low to the ground and it is hard for me to get in and out of.

- Betty B

It is very sturdy, smooth, and comfortable to drive. It is also beautiful and appealing to the eye.

I love my Sebring convertible. It drives very well, the seats are comfortable, and I rarely have any issues. The doors are very heavy though, which is one problem I wish could be fixed. Overall, I still give it five stars!

- Elizabeth D

After it's a few years old, it becomes a money pit.

What I like about the car is that it's great on gas, and has a smooth ride. What I dislike about the car is that the battery is in a very inconvenient place and the body is made of plastic so it takes damage very easily.

- Rayna B

Love the convertible - but there are issues

battery issues from day 1 - replaced 8 times - transmission problems as well - the transmission has been looked at over 10 times and no issue has been found - the car still shifts stuffly

- john m

Comfortable and gets great gas mileage. Leather seats are so comfortable. Nice engine runs great.

I like that it has power seats, power windows and power locks. I like the leather seats. I enjoy driving my sebring It's comfortable and It's a nice ride. Great model and great on gas.

- stephanie b

It does not break down that often and it is good on gas.

When it was newer it ran good. I didn't have any problems whatsoever. As long as you keep up with having the oil changed every 3,000 miles and a tune up , the care will last a long time.

- Katie D

This car is a manual car, so it takes time to learn how to drive.

We are constantly having to replace the same parts on my car. We have had problems with the alternator since I got the car. The car is difficult to work on. The engine is backwards.

- Misty A

I do not know its a nice thing.

Its dependable but it is starting to get older with a few more miles on it. Its 12 years old now. Not had any complaints with it and drives wonderfully. The body still looks good.

- Tammy E

Safe and great for first time drivers.

I loved the space inside of the car and the trunk. Good on gas mileage. It is a headache when multiple things go wrong with the car such as electrical problems and transmission.

- Jessica P

The dipstick for checking your oil level is really easy to break so you may have to use a stick and a cloth to check for oil levels.

I like the car but it seems to have outlived Its usefulness. It has lasted almost 150,000 miles but it has a coolant issue and has always had a bad dipstick for checking oil.

- Zachary W

It does well on long trips.

I love that it runs well for the most part. I hate that it takes so much gas. I also hate that the transmission is weird sometimes. I also hate how low it sits to the ground.

- Beverly W

It is small and is suitable for driving short distances.

I like how the car rides. It does not give me any problems when I am riding in my car. What I dislike is the drop top. Its makes too much noise when folding inwards.

- Patrick D

It's fun to drive. It's a low car to ride in so you may want to be flexible and also be easy to bend :) LOL

I've owned my car for 8 years and I love it. It's comfortable, roomy, very few problems I've had with it. It's a fun car and it even has a good size trunk. :)

- Stacy H

Sturdy reliable car. Smooth ride. Electrical system glitches.

Nice car. Smooth drive and very few mechanical problems through the years. I have had ongoing problem with the electric windows and electrical system though.

- Anne L

Just that it is very dependable and runs like a new car 12 years later.

Bought my car new in 2006. Have only done basic maintenance work on it. Only has 80000 miles on it. Has been the most dependable vehicle I have ever known.

- Tammy E

Its a 4 door vehicle but one of the doors does not work.

I am glad I am able to drive it but there's always something wrong with it. The sensors are always messing up and cause something else to messed up.

- Sally S

My car is automatic and 4 doors, it sits low so someone with long legs would have trouble getting in to car.

I like my Sebring because it fits me it doesn't have a lot of miles so it will last me more years. I am comfortable driving in it toi.

- Lisa P

not best for comfort .car has a lot of speed ..and is very reliable

car runs great,small not much room .really low to ground .took on lots of long round trips .never had no big expenses.has 160.000 miles

- marc b

Sebring touring was the last made by Chrysler

Comfortable vehicle High mileage but still runs good need brake and a tune up.hate they stopped making the sebring cause it looks good

- Merle H

You have to keep the convertible top in good condition.

It is a good reliable car with 135000 miles that I got for only 2k I have had it for about 4 months now and it is running great.

- Jackson B

the top of the car leaks and so the seats get soaked

i don't like that It's a convertible due to the leaking. I don't like the size of the car. I don't like the size inside the car

- Suzan M

Great reliable car with no needs other than regular maintenance.

Has 120k miles to date and only maintenance needs so far . 25-28 miles to gallon. Spacious, easy to drive, comfortable.

- Annie H

It has a very nice body style and is so reliable.

I really like that my car is dependable and easy to drive. It has a nice body style too. I wish it were new and modern.

- Jenny G

It is literally a death trap.

Old needs a lot replaced. It's like a rolling death trip now. But it was my first car and she's lasted me 4 good years.

- Alexandra H

It has good gas mileage on it.

It is a convertible. I like how it looks. It is a fun car to drive. This car is easy to maintain and cheap to repair.

- Kimberly S

It is a convertible, so it is fun to drive in the summer.

It is a convertible, it is classy looking & comfortable! I love it. I do not like that it is to close to the ground.

- Kim K

It's a nice summer car. And not super expensive

I love that It's really good on gas. I really like that it is a convertible. It's easy to work on and fun to drive.

- Sean s

I love the style of the car and that it drives very smooth

I love that it drives smooth, it has a sunroof and the navigation system. It's really easy to drive and drive fast

- LaQuille K

I like it I think it fits me

It's a small town car which is my preference. It's gas efficient and hasn't given me many problems despite Its age

- Aaron N

My car has very good mpg.

I like everything about it. It is fuel efficient. It is stylish. It is fun to drive. I have nothing more to say.

- Leonard K

White Chrysler Sebring 2006

My car doesn't really have anything wrong with it. It just needs a tune up. I drive it back and forth every day

- Zoe K

It is falling apart but gets me where I need to go.

It is a good car but it is falling apart and giving me all kinds of trouble. It does get me where I need to go.

- Stacie A

It is very low to the ground. So if you're not very agile, or have a hard time with functionality this may not be the car for you.

I love that I'm not walking. I enjoy how free I feel in a convertible. Mostly, I enjoy the freedom of the road.

- Breeanne C

I wouldn't recommend this vehicle for long distance rides in the hot summer.

It rides smoothly. Good suspension. Has bad gas mileage. A/C with full freon doesn't blow cold enough ever.

- Alvarez F

I very seldom have to take it to mechanic for maintenance. I can change the oil myself although it has 150000 miles it is low maintenance

Although the year of the car is 2006 it run smoothly and is very low maintenance and i feel secure driving it

- lisa J

It still runs great with some regular maintenance and of course love having the top down

I love that it is a convertible. It's comfortable to ride in. I don't like the wind noise when the top is up.

- Angela V

It is very safe good on gas have all of the safety features.

Prefer SUVs or trucks. Cars sit too low. Prefer the larger SUVs or trucks. They suit my lifestyle better.

- Kim N

Check the gas fluids in the front.

Like everything about my car. I like the gas mileage. I like the drop top. I like the whole car in total.

- Tatiana F

Seats are compatible with all sizes and the rear is good for baby seats

Great ride. Comfortable and economical. Great on gas and has plenty of legroom. This is my second sebring

- Joanne H

It is a sporty car with pep that doesn't come with sports car insurance.

I love my vehicle because it is a convertible. It gets really good mileage. Relatively cheap to fix.

- Steve P

They should know that it's a great car.

I love that it's a convertible. I dislike that I can't go to a car wash. I love that the car is mine.

- Juanita S

It's a convertible. Lots of fun to run with the top down.

The soft top is an issue. It's getting older and starting to leak. Also, the transmission is weak.

- JL H

It runs like it's brand new.

It's a 6 cylinder which So I can go up mountains and I live Florida so the convertible is great.

- kurk B

It is sporty, it hugs the road, it is fun to drive. It does not look like other cars.

Is a Convertible. The ride is smooth. Is a nice color, Dark Grey. It is pretty easy on gas.

- Pat H



- Barbara E

This car is Great on gas mileage. It is also very reliable.

I love that my car is a convertible. It is good on gas mileage. It is reliable.

- Tyler A

take care of the car get it maintained when needed, and it will take care of you

it's a red convertible it's dependable it gives good mileage

- marje b

it is fun to drive. quick turning not advised.

fun driving car. needed many repairs. doesn't corner well.

- michael B