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The sound system. It is so good, and it just came that way.

Some good things: the car, even besides its faults, has been reliable. It has an amazing sound system (so good I have been pulled over for it- my town doesn't even have noise or dances) lots of customizability, and it warms up quick. Very open, the blind spot it very small. Its comfy and sweet, perfect for anyone just usually making commutes in it. Definitely a city/town car. Some bad things: definitely a city/town car, and I live in the country. You cannot put a tough tire on these that can withstand a dirt road, I have replaced all my tires this year alone 6 times! I have learned when they get past the 5 yr. mark they gently fall apart, I've had to put more into this vehicle than I think it's worth, but I am also not the best at keeping up maintenance to an extreme regular, and that's what it needs. If you enjoy taking your car in every three or four months to make sure its ok and never drive down a dirt road, this will be a good car to you. But take care of it! Or it will fail you!

- Zoe E

My Chrysler lemon been wrecked twice. Doesn't look all that pretty

The Chrysler Sebring is a midsize sedan that is roomy and has general features runs well easy on gas very dependable comfortable fun to drive. Mine has front end damage but still runs great. A/C works good and built in Boss stereo system sunroof cruise control and large trunk 15' aluminum wheels auto windows and door locks wiper delay push button trunk release tilt wheel center console storage electric seat adjusters driver and passenger airbags. Automatic mirror adjusters digital dash

- Peggy P

I love my vehicle, but it is needing work with age.

My vehicle is a good vehicle it is just had a lot of issues with hoses bursting and needing replacement, overheating has been an issue and it is always something different. Just replaced the water pump after getting the thermostat replaced for the same reason, overheating and now the airbag light has come on... All problems coming down back to back, which I assume is the way it is when vehicles start to get old, but I honestly enjoy my vehicle aside from that.

- Tiffany G

Best beater I've ever had. Old and beat down but still running like a champ.

175000 miles still starts right up. Never left me stranded, takes me everywhere. I am having brake problems and a slight oil leak (surely from negligence) the radio clicks off and on and goes to static ( I think I need a new head unit) all in all a very good car I mean I've run that car down with little maintenance and like I said starts right up. Battery died its stuffed in the bumper in front of the driver side wheel (never seen that before.

- Robert T

The 2007 model of the sebring was designed to look like a luxury car.

The underlying reason I bought this car is because it is was a beautiful model of the sebring and also because it had good gas mileage. The problems I encountered with this vehicle is that the thermostat went out. I live in the mountains so that was probably caused by the continuous driving up and down the mountain side. The other issue that I continued to have problems with is the transmission sliding and the gears not changing properly.

- Megan M

My first car and I love it.

This light car really gets around on great gas mileage. Living in a larger city, having the cruise control feature has been such a blessing. The comfort is decent. The seat is just the right height for me as I am a shorter person. Lights are automatic so you never have to worry about forgetting to turn them on in the dark, nice smaller modern car for anyone just learning how to drive or for anyone budget-efficient.

- Tea C

That it has great gas mileage. This helps to save trips and money at the pump.

It's a Chrysler Sebring with a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder motor. I like that the car gets good gas mileage and runs well or its age. The best thing I enjoy is that my car has the cigarette lighter ports (don't know the proper name)that allows for my charger to work when my car isnt running. Most newer cars have done away with this. I hate that the car is the base model so it has no navigation.

- Shaundrelle D

I had to put new brakes on my car and made sure it was running good.

I brought my car used so I think that was my first mistake there. When I brought I had to put new brakes on it and had to make sure everything was running properly. Which cost me even more money. But beside all of that my car has been pretty reliable. It does not have much features to it but I didn't want too many features. As long as it has and auxiliary cord in it I am fine.

- Beautiful W

I like that it take e85 gas because it is usually the cheapest.

Pretty much needs new tires but the wheel bearing is awful. When you turn the wheel it makes a terrible sound and becomes very hard to turn. It does take e85 gas which is a plus because it is usually cheaper. It is not a car that I would purchase living in a place like south Dakota because it just does not do well in the snow. Even when it had new tires.

- L T

Sebring is an average but reliable car.

Overall, my Sebring is a good reliable car. Mine has a convertible top but I rarely use it. I have had a few issues with the convertible top malfunctioning. The heat does not work well. I have had to have it fixed several times. It does not get very good mileage. I wish it had heated seats. I like the way it drives though. It is always a smooth ride.

- Heather M

2007 Chrysler Sebring will last and last.

It has been a great car no major repairs. Just put tires on the car. I drives very well. The back seat is a little tight for long legged people but no terrible either. We purchased the car it was a program car with about 25000 mile on it. Wall we have done is the basic maintenance and put a thermostat on it last year not bad for a 10 year old car.

- Martha C

Great car for back and forth to work.

It is a very smooth ride. This car has a lot of room, plenty of legroom front and back. Its a 4 door easy to get in and out of. I love the size of the trunk, it is very large, holds a large amount of luggage and packages. It has seat warmers on both driver and passenger, so nice on those cold winter mornings. I love the Sirius radio.

- Jeanne P

It's old and may shut off on you, but it'll be okay.

I like how large my car is since it is a sedan not a convertible. There are a lot of problems with it though. It will shut off on me randomly and no one can figure out why. Also the dashboard light recently went out, so I can't see any of my gages at night. Other than that though it's a beautiful car.

- April B

Very reliable vehicle that will keep you on the road.

I really like my vehicle. It has been very reliable. I have had very little upkeep and very minor expenses. The Chrysler Sebring has kept me on the road and it is give me no major issues. I really love my car and would recommend to anyone that is a very reliable purchase and you will not regret it.

- Meagan P

No problems with it! Very good gas mileage! Love the interior and exterior.

Haven't had any problems except when I bought it the past owners tried putting in new parts under the hood and the hoses weren't connected properly. I had a broken windshield but the car lot people fixed it for free. Some of the doors are rusting. Love this car and plan to have it for a long time.

- Alexis M

An interesting detail about this car. The trunk is huge. There is so much room.

I love the Sebring. It is very reliable. If taken care of and proper maintenance it will last a very long time. Mine just hit 200 thousand miles. Very roomy. Very good on gas. Mine has factory radio. And I love it. Has really good bass. It is also very comfortable in on long 4 or 5 hour drives.

- Jennifer S

It is a really sporty looking car.

It is a nice 4 door compact car. Truck good size pretty roomy. It tends to want to go fast. Rides real smooth so easy to speed. I think the car looks sporty. Cheap on gas. Great car. It had all the basics cruise control. Automatic has a sunroof. It a 6 cylinder car so it does have the power.

- Michelle M

The goods and not so goods.

I love that it is a four door but the leg room on this car is not very much. Anyone over 5 foot would have trouble being in the back seat. It is great on gas. Wish it had better stereo because the stereo system it came with is not very good have to turn it all the way at up to even hear it.

- Veronica D

Drives great and has no problems.

Sebring's are an amazing car. I have been driving mine daily for over 10 years. With 175, 000 miles, I have only had to replace the battery and gear shift. I change the oil regularly and she runs great. I have zero complaints with my vehicle. It is roomy and perfect for a family of 4.

- Megan J

Car has tinted windows so we're lit.

Ever since I bought my car I haven't had any problems with it besides my check engine light coming on because of my gas cap, but that was a pretty quick and easy fix so since then I have had no problems. It's an all around good car and gets me from point A to point B.

- Dominic H

Sleek beautiful silver gray model.

I have a 2007 Chrysler sebring 4 door sedan. It is a beautiful grayish silver when clean. The seats are gray leather and fabric. Interior is light gray and silver. The windows are automatic and you can pop the trunk from inside. It has an easy to use heater and ac.

- Tracy S

Sebring is a decent car to own.

Reliable car, has good gas mileage, has some blind spots while driving, sun visor is too long, roof is too low for comfort, unable to tow larger items, car is lower than I would like it to be, has automatic start feature, automatic car, with automatic windows.

- Katherine P

Get a Toyota. You can do better.

Maintenance is too much. I hate the analog clock. Replace alternator. It cuts off while idling when it is raining. No one knows why. I have taken it to 5 shops. Battery is in awkward place. Oil pan is leaking and labor alone to get it fixed is outrageous.

- Kari D

2007 Chrysler Sebring. Awesome car for teens with a short ways to go.

Everything is automatic except for the seats. AUX input. Really nice heating and air. Drives smooth. Not good on gas mileage but I also drive a lot of miles in a day. Comfortable for me and I am 5 ft 7. Holds 5 people. Really nice interior. Fabric seats.

- Jessica M

The 2007 Chrysler Sebring has a built-in touchscreen radio -- setting it apart from other vehicles made in 2007.

The 2007 Chrysler Sebring is a vehicle that seems to be ahead of its time. With a built-in touch screen radio, ability to use Bluetooth, and its signature built-in clock, it is an inexpensive car for those looking for good technology for a 2007 vehicle.

- Austin D

Very good drive with the top down.

Is an economically good car. Good mileage and drive. Problem with convertible top and leakage. Very eye appealing. Console is normal with wood grain trim. Other than leakage from the convertible top would consider purchasing another Sebring convertible.

- Sandra B

2007 Chrysler Sebring, A very reliable car

A very reliable car, not too many issues. The only issues i've had with the car is that the Dashboard lights flicker on and off sometimes, once in a while the airbag light comes on but other than that not too many problems with the vehicle at all.

- Danny C

Repairs can end up being way more expensive than they should be.

It is ok overall, the reason I gave it a bad rating is that when I bought it used one of the headlights didn't work, which didn't seem like a big deal. Apparently Chrysler is fond of modules, so to fix that headlight cost me $900. Ridiculous.

- Tim M

It is reliable and very dependable.

In 4 years I just had to brake and tires my car is still running better than new cars. I been traveling a lot but I never got stuck on the side of the road. I went to the shop just twice in 4 years that is the best car I ever had.

- A Z

That Chrysler is are a good running car and you can always count on them

I have a 2007 Chrysler Sebring it is reliable it is nice it runs great no problems except for a couple minor things that happened throughout the years but although it is a good car I would like if it had a little bit more space

- Bubby B

The Chrysler Sebring is affordable luxury at its best.

Great mileage considering the year it was made. Heated seats and a rearview mirror that dim are a huge plus. The overall look of the car is great. Replacing battery is a hassle and costs extra due to the strange placement.

- Gene I

The 2007 Chrysler Sebring is a very reliable car. Easy on the gas mileage and keeps on running.

My vehicle has been wonderful to me. It has gotten me where I have needed to be and has broke down when the timing is right. She has a little cancer on the rocker panels, but she is still purring like a kitten.

- Cecelia S

Its my car, nobody else's, except my wife's.

I dislike the interior, the front bumper needs work, and the window came off its tracks. I like the engine, its never let me down, except for an electrical fault. I also like the fact it has a sunroof.

- John L

Anything that needs fixing is not easy because of the design

The interior lights do not work because of a fuse that needs to be replaced. However to replace the fuse would be several hundred dollars because they have to take the entire dashboard off.

- Janice S

On the highway, it seems the gas mileage actually decreases rather than increase.

The car is great. though gas mileage could be a little better. I'd also recommend the windshield being a bit less slanted as it can block view of taller people who drive this car.

- Jeff R

I would be aware of the car in winter weather. I put extra weight in the truck to help with slipping in the snow

It's the perfect size for my husband and I It's go on gas and mileage. We travel with our 3 grandchildren and as they are getting older, we are looking to get something larger

- Pat E

Brand new tires a kind of pricey.

I have loved this car since I purchased it 2 years ago. I haven't had and major issues with it. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a reliable 4 door.

- Monica C

There are some dents and scratches and the interior isn't perfect but it is a good car

I love my car, I just think the previous owner did not take care of the car as much as they should have so I have ended up spending a lot of money to do repairs.

- Hannah G

Overall, it is a good starter car. Relatively simple and easy to figure out.

It is a convertible and drives smoothly. I like having an Audio jack to play music from my iPod. I do not have great trunk space but it is doable for groceries.

- Heather M

One important thing about my car is it reliability.

I love the reliability of my car, it gets me everywhere. I love the color, it's my schools color. I love the comfort that it gives me when I feel alone

- Tessa b

The car is very old and I just don't like it.

I do not have any complaints about my vehicle all is very well it runs good on gas. The car has not broken down before so these are great qualities.

- Dave H

It is reliable, has a blind spot on the passenger side due to the design.

There is not a lot that I do not like about my car. It runs really good. It gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable to ride in as well.

- Michele R

It's a great car for me and I think it's a shame that most people don't give the brand a fair chance

It's fun to drive and very comfortable I hate that it is getting older and I need to replace it I wish it had more up to date electronics

- K S

It is large and hard to park.

I like my vehicle. I have had it for 8 years. It runs a little louder than other vehicles, but it has been safe and reliable for my family.

- Liz M

If you take care of your car's maintenance it will last a long time.

I like that it is very good on gas. My car is very spacious. I like that it is easy to keep clean and I have very few problems with it.

- RHonda E

It is over 10 years old and still gets good gas mileage

Has over 250,000 miles and runs very well. It is comfortable. Looks good for being over 11 years old. Gets good gas mileage.

- Kelly F

Comfortable seating and nice color.

I like the interior. I like the gas mileage. I like the seats. I dislike the clock. I dislike that it don't have a AUX cord.

- Dee D

Its difficult to work on!!

Too many mechanical issues from alternator to battery to brakes, don't ever buy this car, dodge products are absurdly bad.

- Jake N

It's a great car. Great family car. Good on trips.

There is no problems. I have kept it well kept. Drives nice and gets me were I am going. Couldn't ask for a better ride.

- Georgian K

lots of lumbar support. not adjustable for the passenger seat.

Nice, pretty car with a smooth ride. I personally wish that the lumbar controls were adjustable for the passenger seat.

- Dianne E

That it cost a lot of money for the maintenance of the car.

I like that the mileage is low.. I enjoy the air maintenance. I do not like the amount of money spent to fix the car..

- Sophie C

The placement of the battery is behind the front tire, something I did not know until I went to change it.

I like the radio system. I got it for a good price. I do not like the placement of the battery behind the front tire.

- Leslie R

It is a great car for beginner drivers.

Small car, reliable, good gas mileage, has some blind spots and the windshield wipers never seem to be good enough.

- Kate P

I would say that it's great on gas and has good mileage.

I like that it is good on gas. I dislike that its so small and doesn't have much room. I wish it was built better.

- Brandon O

Its reliable and good on gas.

I like my car its good on gas. It rides really nice and smooth, and its the touring go that make and model.

- Veronica R

The car is comfortable and has plenty of room both front and back seat.

Low maintenance cost, safe, good mileage, looks good, comfortable. Dislike scratches on car, getting old.

- Kathy R

Great gas saver. Good family car.

Our car air conditioning does not work. We can not figure out the problem. Our car is great on gas.

- Danielle D

The engine light will go on and the gas cap light will also go on. But no worries. I have found this to be a common annoyance with no problems.

It is dependable. It is good looking. It uses regular gas. It can run on E85 but I do not use it.

- Kevin C

It sits in the garage 75% of the time. Low mileage, easy to drive.

low miles used car, easy to drive. I rarely drive it however. Silver so easy to keep clean

- Pamela R

That for a 4 cylinder it has a lot of power

My vehicle is a great comfort ride. It is easy to drive. Also it is cheap on gas. I love it

- Morgan W

That Is very reliable and safe when driving and inspires confidence

I like it because I think it is a very comfortable and reliable car

- jhon s

Just a little car and could really use some extra space. Dislike the go go power of driving a 4 cylinder car and needing something new very soon.

Great fuel mileage when you drive long distance around the country.

- Kate B

Fun and easy to put the top down. Just be careful in the rain

It's okay. I don't like that it leaks. I like to put the top down

- Elizabeth C

That it is a convertible and that it is nice to be able to let the top down

I like that it is a convertible but I don't like that it leaks.

- Elizabeth C

never any mechanical issues

nice size easy to park remote start good on gas

- Darlene R