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Chrysler Sebring convertible: decade of service, pleasure and carefree motoring.

In ten years I have had very few major problems. Covered under the extended warranty was an air conditioning problem and a convertible top motor problem. Otherwise general maintenance and tires kept the car happy and performing well for a decade. The car has always afforded comfort on long trips and dependability. It is a convertible with electric mirrors windows seats top that goes inside the trunk and it is an attractive automobile. It gets great mileage and I would get another Chrysler Sebring convertible if the need arises. It has a CD cassette player and radio. My only pet peeve with the car is that the antenna has been stolen three times. Twice in new jersey and once in Florida. I am tired of replacing it. however the radio still works perfectly.

- Rosalyn W

Great overall vehicle! More pros than cons that is for sure.

My car is pretty comfortable during long road trips. It also gets amazing gas mileage for being a bigger sedan. I also love that it has all the volume and track skip buttons available right there on my steering wheel so I can focus on the road and not having to be messing around trying to adjust the volume on my stereo, so great safety feature there as well as its just super convenient the car is super durable and feels very secure when you are driving or riding along. The only thing that I can complain about is that my window cords broke on both windows a week after purchasing. And this I know to be a common trait with these cars, it was not just my bad luck. So that part is unfortunate.

- Christina C

great vehicle that is fun to drive but also very practical with costs.

The car runs good, gets good gas mileage, is fun to drive, has been very good on maintenance repairs and costs, does not wear down tires very hard, looks great, has been extremely reliable, the engine stays tuned, the parts have had a long life, is well made, looks like a more expensive car, came in a sporty convertible model with great colors, has a lot of extra space in the truck for carrying items, has a great interior with extra rooms for four people, a reliable air conditioner, a good sound system, lots of options for the interior material and add-ons and of course, good insurance costs.

- Ronald M

Great car for safety and reliability.

The Chrysler Sebring has really been amazing. It withstood being backed into, having a tire gal off, and having a deer run into it. While driving home late one night, my dad had a deer literally run into the side of the car. While the back door needed to be replaced, the rest of the car was just fine. Same with the other two accidents, only small parts needed to be fixed while the rest of the car held up. A complaint though is the switch for the a/c and heat. It broke some time ago and we have yet to find a switch to fix. We have heard this is a common problem with the Sebring.

- Emily M

Chrysler sebring 2010: 2/5.

The interior of my car is pretty nice, black leather seats so it is easy to clean and the station system is decent. My car has had many problems in the short amount of time that we have had it. The transmission went out at about 50,000 miles which is pretty ridiculous. There have been quite a few shorts in the wiring which cost a decent amount of money to fix and the emergency brake does not work. There has just been a lot to fix on the car and it does not seem very reliable, I would not recommend for future purchases.

- Hannah M

My First Baby, Great On Gas!

This is my first car, saves up for, Paid in Full! I love my car it's really great on gas, I can fill it up and make the five hour drive from Maryland to North Carolina and still have a half tank full. I really don't have any vehicle problems and if I do it's cause I hit a deer. Baby hasn't driven right since but it just needs a little more fixing on it. I have three kids so I am not able to drop 2000 to get everything fixed all at once. Other than that I love my car!

- Queen R

It is pretty Roomy inside for a sedan, yet fairly compact in overall size.

I really like the "classy" look of Chryslers with the black and silver interior. I like that for a sedan the backseat is very roomy. I like the overall appearance of my year/make/model, and if the appearance didn't change on the newer model (aka the 200) I would probably upgrade to the new one. I like that it runs well still and haven't had any issues with it. The only dislike I'd say is I would prefer having radio co trolls on the steering wheel.

- Renee R

2010 Sebring Convertible Touring

I have a Sebring Convertible Touring. It was a natural choice after starting driving years ago with a LeBaron. It's pretty comfortable, haven't had any engine issues. Its roomy for a convertible. Big back seat and big trunk if you are not using the top. Top doesn't always go down so well, but I haven't been stuck with it yet. Top is just now, in 2019, starting to show signs of wear on the driver's side. (Car was purchased in Feb 2011)

- Josephine S

Great car, good gas mileage, lets you know the temp outside.

It is a great car overall. Good gas mileage. But bad for someone who is handicap to get in and out of. Had leather heated seats, very comfortable to ride in. I would recommend to anyone who is not handicap/ disabled. One thing I like is that you can sync your cell phone up to the car radio so you can be hands free. All you do is just push a button to answer your phone. Plus it has a small clock that is not digital or in with the radio.

- Paula G

Royal blue 2010 Chrysler Sebring touring, which I love so much.

Being that my car is a little older I do have to get it maintenance quite often. Other than that it is comfortable while traveling it is also really great on gas it is a touring so its made for the highway. The color is what I consider an older persons color so it's a car that blends in with others fairly well. There are several different lights that will come in when needed it also has Sirius built in which I love.

- Diana A

Great family car and low maintain excellent cost! Great current on maintenance.

Fluid leakage great gas mileage durable tires are pretty worn easily. Feels like a plastic car when on rural roads the interior is durable stains a lot decent traveling car. Cargo space is limited compact. Sits pretty low to ground check tire pressure frequently and engine fluids. Reliability is legit if everything is up to date and running smoothly. Stay on top of maintenance or engine becomes affected.

- Kim P

I would summarize this car as basic and middle class.

2010 Chrysler Sebring Touring. It's a 4 cylinder so doesn't have much power. In addition, the blower on the AC/heater is not very strong. I have also had issues with the blend door actuator malfunctioning. As far as comfort goes, it is a fairly nice car inside and out. Only a few cosmetic issues with some rust spots on the paint. I think this was due to previous owner lack of care.

- Austin W

My 2010 Chrysler Sebring has heated and cooled drink holders

I have recently bought a 2010 Chrysler Sebring Limited, I have had to repair the front brake rotors and the headlights. The cars features are perfect. I have automatic seat, cooling and heated drink holders, Heated seats, UConnect and many more features. The performance of the car is amazing, She runs great and when she wants to go she will! Highly Recommend a Chrysler!

- Justice F

Reliable and Comfortable 2010 Chrysler Sebring

The 2010 Chrysler Sebring is an extremely reliable car! This car has taken me across the country and back without problems and with great gas mileage. The cloth interior is great for living in a climate where leather seats could get too hot or too cold depending on the time of the year. I really love this car and have been driving it for almost 6 years now!

- Mara J

Red 2010 Chrysler Sebring.

The main problem I have had with my Sebring is with the transmission. After having the car for about 6 years, I had to completely rebuild the transmission. I have heard this is a common issue with Sebrings. However, I love the size and appearance of the car. Cosmetically, it is still in excellent shape after 8 years. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Hayley H

Beautiful car but maybe not mechanically tough?

I love the sleek look of my car. I love the rag top and how it slides into the trunk. My main complaint is after my extended warranty was up (the car was about 8 years old) it started needing expensive repairs. The heater core, a part on the mechanics of the rag top, and most recently my check engine light came on and it may be a fuel injector.

- Suzanne H

2010 Chrysler Sebring. Leather seats, sunroof, heated seats, automated seats.

It is not as reliable has I wish it would be, it drives smooth and I have been the owner for the past year, but I am looking for something that I can rely on more. It has leather interior, automated seating, sunroof and heated seats which is nice. It is kind of ugly but it gets be from point A to point B which is the most important thing.

- Sara F

Clyster Sebring issues with breaking system, air conditioning water inside.

AC goes out after taking it through the car wash. Doors and fill with water after it rains. The car is very small and feels cramped while driving. Dash is made of cheap plastic. Not many features. Sounds system is decent. Very few mechanical issues. Issue with the brake light randomly coming on and in issue with ABS system going out.

- Joseph D

The car is great, but for whatever reason it's susceptible to strange problems

I have had a lot of tire issues with the car. Over the past six months, I've probably poured over $1,500 into the car which really hurt my wallet during college. That being said, this winter was a bit of an anomaly. I've only had the car for two years, so it's understandable that something bizarre could happen.

- Anthony W

Great vehicle that will withstand all kinds of weather

It handles very well in the snow. Great gas mileage, rides smooth, durable. I got a good deal on it, was nervous being a car in northeast weather, but it holds up very well. I'm now doing maintenance on it. I would definitely buy another one. The interior holds up well also with my dog always being in it

- Diana B

Surprised me and I love it!

Light inside on ceiling of the car never worked since purchase, may be a fuse problem but have not checked. Is an all around good car. Drives very smooth, ac works amazing and has lots of storage. Ours is a used vehicle but I would recommend this brand and plan to purchase another in the near future.

- Samantha H

No MAJOR problems, just a lot of little annoying ones

I have many problems with my tires, maybe because of the state I live in but I'm constantly getting new ones. My battery is not in a 'normal' spot so they have difficulties getting to it when I need a new one. The latches are cheap, the for latch and trunk latch went out soon after I bought the car.

- Kathie C

Not only does it get great gas mileage, it is a great vehicle to take on any trip. Very roomy and lots of storage!

I honestly love the way my car runs, it hasn't given me any mechanical problems whatsoever, I have stock EVERYTHING and it all fits my needs. It is super roomy and the trunk is very large. I own my own cleaning company so my car is a huge necessity. It gets me to where I need to be and then some!

- Kelsi R

Overall: reliable vehicle.

As long as you keep up maintenance every season and take care of it, its very reliable. Comfort is great. However I wish it had a sunroof, Bluetooth connectivity, and better gas mileage. It is a 2010, and has 160, 000 miles, and have had no major mechanical issues at all. Good reliable vehicle.

- Callie F

Overall, not bad. Some manufacturer issues.

Malfunction of air bags at around 140k miles. The headrests of the front seats have been pushed out, which would typically happen in an accident to soften the heads impact with the headrest. The car has been in no accidents, and the airbags have never gone off. They just popped out one day.

- Jacob R

A good car to have and drive, and good on gas.

It is gets me place and it is good on gas and I no major problem but base tune ups and that's about it. I got some all weather tires put on it and some window wipers put on it because the old one's was no good and needed to be replaced but other than that it is a good car to buy and have.

- Kimberly M

Sporty look and feel along with quiet interior.

The gas mileage and the size of the fuel tank are great. The engine has power and performs well in all circumstances. The interior is comfortable and spacious. The trunk is large for a small sedan. It has a sporty look and feel. Lots of room in the back passenger area including head room.

- Lynn B

great vehicle, reliable smooth ride great gas mileage

great on gas miles lots of legroom going on road trips is very comfortable don't feel cramp in vehicle passengers say the same easy to drive have not had many problems with it breaking down or having too many troubles have 110,000 miles and still feel like it has much longer life value

- Darlene S

8 years running for my 2010 Chrysler Sebring.

My car is very comfortable to drive. It has lasted me a long time with minimal problems. The only downfall to my car is just the known facts that Chrysler cars end up having electrical problems. I have noticed a few here and there. So just riding out my car until those become an issue.

- Jordan S

I've had title laminate once I paid it off

It has been very reliable never had any issues for the 6 years I've owned it I would buy another one. Just think it's time for a new car. After having the car for so long and seeing other with better features and better gas mileage just think it's about that time or add things to mine.

- Matthew J

Chrysler Sebring 2010 white sedan, sucks.

I bought my car used and it is been having a lot of engine issues and has horrible gas mileage. The tank fills with over 40 and is gone in a week. I don't want to go into full detail on why I don't like it, I just need a new car with better gas mileage, this is way too much.

- Laura C

Chrysler sebring. Great car.

No problems. Fun to drive. Great on gas. Only routine maintenance. Nothing major has gone wrong.Also, very smooth ride. I would definitely be in the market for another Chrysler product in the future and would recommend one to others to purchase as well. Very satisfied.

- William K

My first and best car, where I learned to drive.

I learned to drive in this car. I've had it since I was 16. It's comfortable with plenty of trunk space. The brakes are not to sensitive but not too hard to engage. I love my cloth seats. The steering wheel is good for proper hand placement. It does go fast though.

- Cheyenne D

Its a 4 door car... lots of people thinks is just a 2 door car.

This car have a problem with the linkage and the gear shifter. It's very good with gasoline. It have a very good air conditioning system. And it's the four door vehicle. Other than that I have no problem with this vehicle. I recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- L A

Good in snow. Solid as a rock.

Solid car. Good condition. Body is awful though. Rusting problems to the extreme. Bottom is already rotting out. Gas hog also. Seems like I have an 8 cylinder instead of a 6. Step on the gas an watch the gauge go extremely down. Otherwise the car is reliable.

- Rachel S

It has never failed me. Highlights are in the winter I have heated seats.

I've had no problems with my 2010 Chrysler Sebring. It has been very reliable. To me I've had comfortable rides with no problems. The features are standard. I've had my car for 3 years. I love this car and would recommend it to family and friends and others.

- Tina D

Best car I've ever owned!

My Sebring is the closest to perfection I have ever seen out of any other car, make or model. It's very reliable and cheap on gas, even for the busiest of drivers. It's extremely comfortable and drives smoothly. The interior matches those of luxury brands.

- Maria F

It is convertible and fast.

The car is a high performance with lots of different features the only problem is the convertible at times interferes with closing of the doors the door not shutting at times. Otherwise the vehicle is great for cruising around with top down on a nice day.

- Desire V

Good everyday car for running around!

It has a lot of mechanical issues that continuously come up more than other cars. Also, for being a mid size car it only gets about 25 mpg and costs $40 plus to fill up the tank. Overall the inside interior is nice and has a decent amount of features.

- Mikayla W

versatility, and the roominess. I never feel cramped in there.

I really like the stow and go. I can store stuff from prying eyes in the compartments. I hate the tire release. You have to remove the console in front to crank the tire down. luckily flats don't happen that often.

- Jennifer E

It is a decent size and does well with driving around locally.

I love the whole look of my car. The seats are nice fabric but they scoop back in an awkward way. There are not a lot of extras which is practical and nice to not have to worry about a lot of things not working.

- Alexandra A

Great Gas mileage even though vehicle is now eight years old

My Chrysler Sebring is a very good economical vehicle. It meets my needs for transportation very well. I have had very few mechanical issues and still get very good gas mileage on a car that is 8 years old..

- Kathy C

The appearance fools people to think it's a higher quality car than it is

The oil pump is designed differently. It's located on the bottom as opposed to the side like most cars, therefore, the oil tends to clump faster so oil changes are required more often for longevity.

- Jonathon M

This is the 4th Chrysler Sebring that I have owned.

Only two problems since purchasing in 2011. Had an ignition sensor replaced and compressor that controls heat and a/c. This vehicle handles and rides well and is a perfect size for a single person.

- Cindy G

Others should know that my car is fun to drive and capable of going the distance.

As far as the appearance goes, the interior and exterior are sleek and pleasing to the eye. It runs very smoothly and has withstood lots of long trips and miles. It offers a stellar stereo system.

- Maleah C

It is very reliable and has features that most newer cars no longer have.

Like the space I have and having a 6 cylinder to get around. I love and hate the leather seats. I dislike that it is getting older and starting to have to put more money to maintain it.

- Lesley L

The Sebring is very reliable. I have had no major maintenance issues with it after owning it for 4 years.

My car is great. I wish it had some more modern features like keyless entry and remote start. I do like the amount of space I have and the option to fold down the rear seats.

- Jordan J

That it is safe and a reliable car. That it drives well.

I really like the way it drives and the fact it has a convertible top. I do not like that it is only two doors because if i am driving more than one person it is inconvenient.

- Rachel L

Be careful of the heat. It's a problem in a lot of sebrings

I like that is had leather seats and is roomy enough for my daughter and I . I hate that the sunroof stopped working and my wiper fluid has a leak and the heat doesn't work.

- Treshenna M

If you are expecting to get good gas mileage because it's a four cylinder you will be disappointed, it just lacks power.

It is a good car. It has been quite reliable for me. I wish it got better gas mileage than it does. The four cylinder isn't quite powerful enough for the weight of the car.

- Tim J

It seems to go out of alignment quickly and the plastic used for the seat handles cracks.

It rides nicely and handles the road well. Unfortunately they took out room for the rear seat in this model year. I also am not fond of the cloth seats, they stain easily.

- Susan N

Low tire lite always comes on. In the summer it's on. In the winter if u fill up the tank it goes off.

The car is great on gas. It has one thing so far wrong with it. The low tire light always stays on in the summer, but in the winter if u fill up your tank it goes off.

- Peggy B

The vehicle has been in my life for years and has not broke down.

Completely enjoy the gas mileage and the convertible. Do not use it as often as it tens to get stuck, but it is fun. It has been reliable all these years.

- Terrence L

It's a very reliable car. So dependable.

My car is very dependable. Haven't had any major problems with it. Just keep the oil changed. I have over 185, 000 miles on it and it still runs very well.

- Robin D

The convertible feature makes the vehicle more luxurious.

The performance is really good. It is very comfortable with a lot of space in the backseat. It is really good for fitting 4 people with comfort and style.

- Pedro O

It was a great car the first 4 years.

It is been one problem after another, the power windows fall down and break, numerous tie rods, the undercarriage is rotting, the steering is horrible.

- Nikki F

It is a great family car, the back seat fits car seats and has extra space!

I like the leather seats and that they are heated. I don't like that there is no built in navigation. I like the spacious back seat and trunk.

- Kayla S

It is my truck and I love it.

I like that the car is dependable. I dislike the switch for the a/c and heater because it keeps breaking. I like the amount of space it has.

- Emily M

Chrysler is a great vehicle.

It works very well and gets quite good gas mileage. It looks nice and is easy to keep clean. It is also the right size for what we need.

- Jane M

It'd pretty fast, reliable, and good.

Its solid has a blown head gasket but it solid gets me to point A to point B. It's a simple sedan very nice a gift from my mother.

- Jeffery D

My car has a lot of trunk space and the heated seats feel good in cold weather.

I like how classy and sleek my car looks. I also love the leather seats in my car. I dislike how low my air blows in my car.

- Lisa M

It is a great car to buy!

I wish it had 4WD. I like the maneuverability and the fact that it is reliable. It is comfortable for myself and my family.

- Leslie K

It is very comfortable and smooth driving.

I love my Sebring. It is pristine and only has 23000 miles on the speedometer. It is easy to drive and gets good mileage.

- Lila K

Has decent acceleration, good gas mileage.

It is a great car. It is is very good on gas. The car is long lasting. The car is spacious and fits car seats well.

- Alexis L

it does not have automatic lights and has a small gas tank

Gets me to and from work and has great gas mileage, I wish it had a bigger engine as well as a a larger gas tank

- mary d

It is a convertible and I have always wanted one. My husband bought it for me as a gift. It drive like a dream.

Have had problems with the heater/air conditioning. It something that I found out that goes on this model

- cynthia b

Others should know that I try to take good care of my car.

I wish it had 4 wheel drive. I like the look and the reliability of the car. It is safe for my daughter.

- Leslie K

It is good on gas per mile.

I love my car. It is very reliable and I have not had to put much work or extra expense into running it.

- Megan E

It is a work beater at this point.

I like that it is decent on gas. It lacks in comfort on long trips. It sits too low to the ground.

- Michelle K

Smooth ride, gets great gas mileage and haven't had any problems with it in 7 years.

it gets good gas mileage. it rides smooth. haven't had any problems with it, had it for 7 years.

- Melissa P

It has held up for over 200,000 miles and gets me from point a to b with good gas mileage.

My vehicle gets good gas mileage, has held up well, and is comfortable and stylish as a car.

- Zachary W

chrysler seems to have taken a turn for the worse. not a fan of the brand after owning this car.

i have no heat. the battery is hard to get to. there isn't enough room for a lot of people

- stephanie b

They are worth the money and live up to expectations.

I love my sebring because it has a smooth ride, very comfortable seats and decent mpg.

- mary d

It rides so smooth it's hard to remember you are in a car.

I like the comfort and the space. I do not like the gas mileage or the leather seats.

- Roberta K

it's a fabulous convertible! Everyone should have one

it's a convertible. it doesn't need much maintenance. good on gas

- kris r

Last year Chrysler manufactured the Sebring - they don't make it anymore!

Convertible Good mileage Has needed some repairs Good deal

- clay h

It is a very fun car to drive

It is a convertible. I love to drive with the top down

- Sheila A