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Mean green machine: Its forest green with light rust, makes it more camouflage.

It's got rust along the bottom. The driver side sliding door belt is broken and you have to be careful opening and closing the door. The passenger side window works when you want it to about 63% of the time. The fabric material above your head is starting to detach itself from the rest of the vehicle. All four tires need to be replaced. Back brakes need to be replaced. Due for an oil change. Transmission is starting to go and I need to drive it in '3' otherwise it brakes weird. I need to eventually buy a replacement piece to fix the hose that connects to my power steering pump. But I just replaced my radiator and fan so I shouldn't have to worry about it overheating every time I drive it. And the inside is decently clean. I removed the two pilots seats in the middle and replaced them with a little area rug.


2001 Chrysler town & country: reliable family car.

Overall, my vehicle is very reliable. As for problems, it is high mileage so that comes with many problems on its own. The main problems of my van are rust and an oil leak. One of the best features of my van though is the comfort level. It is so special and absolutely perfect as a family vehicle. The seating is great, not too close together. Everyone has a decent amount of room, which is great for longer trips. I feel like I have so much storage compared to other cars I see. In terms of gas, it would take about $45-50 to fill up and my van is not too great on gas. But at the end of the day, I am a big fan of the Chrysler town and country, 2001.

- Kay W

Spacious & comfortable, it is great for multiple people, trips, & major shopping!

It is a great family vehicle. Lots of room for the family and groceries. DVD player is a must for kids. The sound for the car (DVD, music, radio) is mostly in the back where the kids normally sit so you cannot have the volume past 12. If you try to speak to people whom are seated back there, they might not hear you while the volume is up. Also the fuse box is a bit on the loose side after driving a while so after a while of driving, just tighten it back up and you'll be good to go again!

- Jesse E

Perfect Van. 200k miles and still going strong!

I have had a lot of problems with the air conditioner in my car. When I bought it, the air did not work. I bought a compressor and had it replaced and had air for one day before the air went out. There was a leak. I replaced the leaking hose and now the air works fine. I have never had any problems with this van besides the automatic doors do not all work anymore. But, I really cannot complain since it really is an old van with a lot of miles on it.

- Kelly S

No other model will do for me.

I like the comfort of the seats. They heated in the winter. The seats are adjustable for comfort. I like vans, it the seats are easily adjusted and I am a short person and can see out without any problems at all. Have not had any engine problems for a 17 year old car that is a plus. 2001 Year make model. When I am ready for another car I want a newer model just like this one. I wouldn't be happy with anything else.

- Jenny L

My Chrysler town & country: why I love it.

My Chrysler town and country is a very reliable vehicle. It is economical to operate, comfortable to drive, and very roomy. We rescue dogs, so the removable third row seat is very convenient. We use the vehicle for errands around town as well as traveling across the state to visit relatives. I am very satisfied with this vehicle and would not hesitate to replace it with another like it when the time comes.

- Mary N

Stow and go seating offers high quality experiences in Chrysler Minivan

I love the stow and go compartments. That right there was the biggest luxury option in any minivan. You get a compartment that can store your seats so it's like a covered bed of a truck. Also, if you need to use the seat the compartments work great for storing wet clothes from the beach or food for a road trip of whatever you need. Stow and go seating is a must in every vehicle!

- Meghan M

Reliable, comfortable family vehicle

It's a great minivan for a family. I love how I can open the doors with the key. It's been a reliable vehicle for us; we're approaching 200,000 miles. The pull-down screens are a fun feature we haven't used yet for the kids, but once they aren't rear-facing anymore, I'm sure they'll love being able to watch movies on road trips. Overall, a comfortable, reliable vehicle.

- Bethany E

Reliable family vehicle. Great for families.

I am happy with my Chrysler town and country. I bought it used but its been reliable. I've had it for 4 years. I had to replace the alternator and the muffler but other than that it's been routine maintenance. It's a little old and little by little things are starting to break down so I hope to get a new car but until then this one is getting me from point A to point B.

- Karen B

Nice for long Journeys and windy roads. Also nice to camp in.

She’s just old with a few thousand miles on her. Parts are just old and need to be replaced. The spark plugs need to be changed, sometimes the battery dies if the door is left open for more than hour. The automatic doors sometimes do not work. I do not know if it is due to the battery system or what. But the doors sometimes open or will not close and vice versa.

- Alex A

2001 Chrysler town & country.

The vehicle has 149, 000 miles and has required little service, mostly on the brakes. All accessories still work and vehicle is in great condition. The vehicles all wheel drive is a great feature when driving in the snow and I have never been stuck or slid due to snow or ice. The only thing I would change about it is the color, I do not like silver vehicles.

- Susan E

It isn't safe to have car seats in the far back of the car, those seats are made for ages 12 and over.

I like having seven seats so my whole family can fit in one trip together. I like how easy it is to drive, it's smooth on the road. I dislike the seats in the far back because they aren't good for car seats, and car seat safety is important to me. The gas is average I would say, not too bad for being a van, but still uses more than a small car.

- Jessica A

Best van choice for a big family or just someone who needs lots of room.

Very reliable and fits our family. We love our van and will get another one like it again. I would recommend this many van to anyone. Very roomy and easy to move anything. The seats come out and go back in easily. We got the van used but it runs like brand new. It has been a great vehicle. Looking forward to using this van for a very long time.

- Ryan J

I enjoy being able to call people from my vehicle handsfree.

My car does not really have any problems. I appreciate how it is basically a tank in the winter so that I do not go sliding all over the road. I find the maneuvering really easy, unlike other cars I have driven. For some reason, the gas gauge kicks the bucket and then I am forced to guess how much I have, but that is not too big of a deal.

- Haley S

It's a regular minivan it's not the newest so it has no great features about it.

It's great on mileage but over time it's started to have problem after problem and I can no longer afford it. Outside of that it is a very good car Especially for families or ppl who like to go on road trips. Also it's pretty good on gas as well, it takes about 45 to 50 dollars to fill it up but it's worth it because its lasts for a while.

- Alexia H

My van’s name is Vanessa!

My van is very reliable I have been driving it for a year now and my dad drove it for several years before me. It is starting to have mechanical problem but it is getting old. The transmission went out a few years back and we got it replaced. The oil leaks a bit but not too bad. Overall she’s very reliable and great for long car rides.

- Kelli G

2001 Town and Country pulses

Really love my Chrysler Town and Country. It has ample seating, an aftermarket rear cargo organizer, removable center console, a space between the front passenger seats for an organizer, and a drawer under the passenger front seat. The seats are comfortable and it drives smoothly. I have done basic work on it but little major work.

- Nikki G

2001 Chrysler town and country

I love the space in my van but that is about it. The abs went out and is very expensive to fix. The sliding power door does not work. Van gets okay gas mileage and the seats are very comfortable. Pulling the seats out is a very easy process of you need the extra space. Window motors went bad but again it is an older van

- Natasha K

My van it is an ok vehicle but it is not like it used to be after it was wreck.

It is an ok vehicle. It was involved in a wreck and does not drive like it should anymore and is messing up. The ac is messed up. The heater is not working. It does not drive like it should. It has enough seating for everybody but it does not have anything good anymore since it got hit. The brakes give off a smell.

- Brittany M

Tape player, fm and am radio options only.

I like the amount of space I have in my car. I like that it is an easy car to handle. I do not like that it does not have an automatic button key to unlock the car without putting the key in physically. I would prefer for it to have a CD and aux cord option to greater increase ways of listening to my music.

- Emma H

Not too bad at all, I am satisfied.

I bought my vehicle used about 3 years ago and for the most part the only trouble I've really had was the passenger window motor, and I just recently had to replace the thermostat, of course I had to replace the tires, but for the most part it had been reliable and it gets pretty good gas mileage also.

- Marys S

2001 Chrysler Town & Country

It has been a reliable vehicle. Unfortunately the heat and air conditioning do not work. It has been decent on gas mileage. It has over 200,000 miles on it and if we take care of the maintenance on this vehicle it should last a lot longer. I hope to have the heat fixed before the winter months.

- Susan R

Town and country is comfortable for a family of 4.

Has taken us on vacation and back for years! Plenty of room and comfortable for a family of 4. I have a daughter and a son and have been going on vacation with them in this van for years. It is always the favorite vehicle to take on vacation due to the roominess and comfortableness it provides.

- Susan D

My Town and Country like a tardis: it's bigger on the inside!

I love how versatile my minivan is! We can take seats out to haul things, or add them in to take family trips together! At this point, my only complaint is that it's getting old and I'd kind of like something newer, but that's just me being vain! The van is 17 years old and works great!

- Lynn S

Completely worth the purchase.

This vehicle is worth purchasing. I hardly ever experience any problems in a duration of me driving this vehicle for so many years. Very much gas affordable my guess expense tends to be extremely low monthly. I have enough room for storage to travel back and forth with kids in tow.

- Ruby S

Every family should have a Chrysler town and country.

Chrysler town and country van is my favorite van of all times it drives good it is dependable and I love the room it has inside. You will have all room you need to take your kids and their friends anywhere they need to go. Once you drive a minivan you'll never drive a car again.

- Lori M

Very good running car, only 48.000 miles.

I only have 48,000 miles on my van. It has had minimum problems and I always take it to the same place for upkeep. New brakes recently and one window wouldn't go down... I had it fixed. It does very well with mileage/gas. No other problems. It has great 'get up and go'.

- Ellen C

Its has great pick up speed and I always feel comfortable in it.

I think is a good van I bought one that has a lot of miles but runs good it is spacious the seats are well my back is comfortable I would buy a newer my kids enjoy it a lot maybe putting a more cigarette outlets in the van for people in the back only thing I can think of.

- Christopher C

Chrysler town-country: a reliable, fun vehicle!

It does wear down on tires quite quickly- for 50, 000 mile tires I'd maybe get 30, 000- but it drives like a dream, and is very reliable. The gas mileage is pretty decent too, for a minivan! I guess I would like an AUX cord, but it does come with radio and a CD player.

- Abigail C

Picks up speed and the air is great

It's a good reliable vehicle it's a dark green color and it has a lot of miles on it. The door does get stuck though. But it's still a really nice vehicle. The speed is good and it's perfect for the winter. The heat and air conditioning works perfectly and I love it.

- Rae H

Awesome and dependable family car.

I have always loved Chrysler town and country minivans. No major problems with it other than rusting from the winter salt. It's very roomy with great storage. Very smooth ride. In fact, it's such a reliable car that I am just now looking to replace my 2001 vehicle.

- Nikki B

Town and country is acceptable.

There is lots of room inside the vehicle. The gas mileage is lacking. The interior color is acceptable. The tires are expensive. The exhaust is loud. The seats are comfortable. The displays are convenient. Need more AUX connections. The glove box is roomy.

- Melody W

It has store in the floor seats.

My town and country has a lot of space to store items, or has many seats for passengers. It is a nice gold color and it is a very smooth ride. The engine is not loud and it has not had many problems. For its age, it is in good condition, even in years of weather.

- Alan E

My very roomy van that's gold

Well our van is a pretty gold color, it runs really well! It does have a little bit of rust on the back above the tires, but that's no big concern to us as long as it gets us from point A to point B! It very roomy and has plenty of seating for family and friends!

- Tammy A

Chrysler Town & Country Lx perfect travel vehicle !

Barely had any issues. Has 190,000 miles still runs like it new. Like the back seat is removable for extra space. Armrest in front seats. Only issue is back air system has went out. Front air system is cold a/c and hot heat. Easy to maintenance and very roomy

- Sarah K

Town and country ready for travel.

My car has great air conditioner and heat it runs great love it for the highway and travels..It is a 2001 town and country van I would recommend for you to buy one or get one like it..Also has 7 row seating great for children and for large items thank you.

- Jill S

I really enjoy hope high up you sit in a van.

Seems to be a very reliable vehicle. I've only had it for a month. Just bought it for a winter driver. It is a very comfortable vehicle and great for a family. Lacks a little power and gas mileage, but overall good. I would recommend the vehicle to anyone.

- Rachael B

A reliable and trustworthy car

I've had my Chrysler town and country for quite a while, but it's lasted quite well. Although it's had its problems it has a good amount of space. It also has a lot of kick to it. It's a strong and sturdy car, and it is a great fit for many purposes.

- Eve B

The town and country love of my life.

My minivan is awesome! It has so many capabilities and incredible features. I have to put it in the shop to fix the transmission right now but it will be up and running again by next week. It is old but still kicking and getting me where I need to go.

- Shannon H

It is durable and long lasting and smooth to travel in.

I like the heated seats. I like the sliding doors shut with the key fob. I don't ever want one again where I have to slam the door shut by hand. I love the color of my vehicle. I love the passenger and driver sides can have different temperatures.

- Laura H

300,000 miles and still running good.

Only issue seem to have was electrical. I did have to replace alternator few times and the battery but again it came down to electrical issues. The motor is a good one its at 300, 000 miles and still running good.

- Amanda R

Seats come in and out easy. Will feet a whole sheet of plywood.

My vehicle is reliable and decent on fuel, but what I enjoy most about my vehicle is living in Minnesota means a lot of snow. So owning a van is like owning a pickup truck with a bed that won't kill you on gas.

- Mitchell M

Very smooth riding van and safe.

It rides very smooth but the O2 sensors go out a lot and are very hard to change. It's very great on gas and for families has lots of space. Also has all the safety features for kids which is a big hit for me.

- Kayla P

Spacious, comfortable for our family, reliable.

We have had great luck with our town and country. It has some wear and tear, but also is sitting at just over 250, 000 miles. Biggest issue I have had is the electric doors decide to randomly stop working.

- Amber J

It sucks and needs lot of attention to keep going properly. Buy something else.

I am not a minivan person but need it for the size of my family. This van has a lot of little problems with it such as the power steering, shock or strut issues, lots of little noises that irritate me.

- Jeff F

It's reliable and classy. All of the options that I could want are there.

It has just about everything I could want. The power sliding doors and power hatch in the rear are very nice when loading things like groceries. I imagine the doors would be good for children as well.

- Chris F

That it is very comfortable..especially the heated seats!

I like the color of my vehicle. I love the heated seats. I love the controls different for driver and passenger side.i love the locked spaces for valuables. The extra cup holders and leg space.

- Laura W

It is quite. Steers well. Seats are comfortable.

My vehicle is a van, so it has been very useful in the move. My vehicle has over 200,000 miles on it and it is still going strong! I can pack all of my friends into this vehicle and then some.

- Kim W

The doors tend to jam easily.

I love that the doors open with push button. I also love the stow and go seating and the quality of the stereo. One complaint that the middle windows do not vent open. Would love a moonroof.

- Crystal A

It's comfortable and reliable. Love that the kids have their own air vents.

I love that it is comfortable for our growing family. I like the bucket leather seats. I hate that it is white it's so hard to keep clean. The headliner is detaching and looks horrible.

- Rebecca C

It's pretty reliable and easy to work on. Knowledge and parts are easily accessible.

For its age it handles incredibly well. All vehicles need regular maintenance and the town and country is easy to perform most of that yourself. The parts are easily accessible.

- Bridgette G

It sometimes stops and won't start again without a jump.

Problem with the electrical system no one seems to be able to find. This has been going on ever since someone wrecked into me last year. Time for another car.

- Jana A

It is red and I like that color.

It runs and gets me where I have to go. Quite reliable. I like that it is a van and can hold a lot of stuff. Also good for vacations and taking dogs to vet.

- Theresa C

Holds a lot of people. Has hauled a lot of people.

Perfect for hauling special needs son and equipment he needs. Roomy. For its age still rides smooth. Does not have a cd player. Expensive to replace parts.

- Beverly R

That it will get u to where you need to go. It have space for your kids and any shopping needs

I love it cause it's easy to drive. Have room for my kids and to go grocery shopping. It don't use too much gas. It's just the size for me to drive.

- Keshonda G

This vehicle is very spacious and reliable for a cheap price.

I like the space offered. I also like the easy storage Jack. I dislike had efficiently. I also dislike the comfortability of seats in long drives.

- John D

The air conditioning has a leak so does not work. You would need to get a new unit.

It is a maroon color. It is about 17 years old with about 259,000 miles. It has had repairs to brakes, transmission, stabilizer and battery.

- Barbara P

It still drives and gets me where I need to go.

The minivan is getting pretty old and it make sounds that don't sound good. The paint job has gone bad and the kids have put dents in it.

- Elva f

It is great for family trips.

I dislike the age of my vehicle. I also dislike the constant repairs I need to get. The air conditioning does not work. I like the size.

- Merry K

Drives smoothly and has heated seats.

It drives smooth. Heated seats. Good gas mileages. Never had major problems with my vehicle. Enough seats to keep kids from fighting.

- Samantha R

It is a very comfortable vehicle that gets great gas mileage.

Love the comfort and smooth ride. I really have no complaints. I get great gas mileage and it is very comfortable on long road trips.

- Kris R

It is paid for and very easy to drive and see around vehicle when driving

Love that it has 3rd row seating. Love that passenger side door is electric. Love that has great visibility. Hate that it is white.

- madge D

It is a comfortable ride with many ways to make you comfortable.

I love the heated seats. I like the leg room. I like the comfort of taking a long road trip. The only complaint is some rust.

- Tom H

It has air bags and security system.

I like the room and comfort and the smoothness of driving the vehicle. I do not like the width or length or gas mileage.

- Katrina B

The good thing is it's very comfortable roomy nice to drive-in comfortable seats

It has a lot of problems. The gauges don't work the AC went out how to replace a tires 4 serpentine belt the water pump

- Amber C

Chrysler town and country loves to travel.

205000 miles so far. Very reliable strong roomy and comfortable I would recommend this brand time and time again.

- Jennifer S

I have had it for a long time it is a 2001 and we are in 2018 so it lasted.

It works good. But the engine is going bad. Doors are not working. Trunk is not working. a lot if space though.

- Ashley B

This van does not last forever!

The vehicle seems to need work more than the last van I had. I would not recommend it after 150,000 miles.

- Justin B

Town and Country minivans are much nicer than caravans!

I really like my minivan. It's in great shape for its age. It runs and drives good. It is nice and roomy.

- Amanda K

Our van gets us where we need to go and is not fancy.

The window controls don't work. I appreciate the ac still works. There seem to be many repairs needed.

- Heather H

It is been well maintained and it shows. It still runs great almost 20 years later.

It is starting to fall apart and need big repairs, but it is been a great vehicle. It is held up well.

- Brenda J

Great commuter and travel vehicle

A wiring harness periodically causes problems requiring system reset, sometimes it has to be rewired.

- Leona V

That it's a great dependable van to have to travel

It is a good dependable van that I can use to move anything, and help others with moving needs too.

- Martin S

It has a lot of space and it isn't too difficult to remove the seats if you need more cargo room.

It is a good minivan. I can fit a lot of gear or people in it. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- ken l

There is so much space in this van

It has a decent amount of mileage. It drives really smoothly. It can also carry a lot of things.

- ashley S

It has a lot of room for hauling or for a family. It is reliable.

I love my minivan. It is roomy and has lots of cargo room. The seats are easy to take out.

- Shane P

Runs and drives great, had room for up to 7 passengers.

It drives well. It has plenty of room. It gets decent gas mileage. Comfortable ride.

- John R

The most important thing is that you get the best bang for your bucks.

I love my van because it is spacious, has everything I want in a vehicle and comfortable.

- Rebecca R

It is old and I got it second hand from a family member.

I would love to get a new vehicle! My current vehicle is old and not in the best shape.

- M M

It's a gas saver and very economic on gas and it's a very reliable car

None it is a great vehicle it runs great never has it given me any problem

- Perla G

My vehicle Runs a lot better than it looks on the outside

I like it's dependability, but am not happy with It's current gas mileage

- Leyna K

roomy reliable nice color

don't have any complaints this far only owned it for like 3 months so far

- tracy B

It requires routine maintenance as it ages.

The gas mileage is poor. It is hard to park. It doesn't corner well.

- dana w

Lots of Room and Runs Great plus also has many great features such as ability to charge many portable devices.

Parts are failing such as sliding door motors and lift gate motor.

- Michael D


Third row seating Electric side door. Dislike the color is white

- Teddy M

When we're driving in it we usually have our toddler in there with us. People need to use turning signals

I love the interior and size. I wish the air and heat worked.

- Greta J

It's reliable and it can fit up to 7 people. Nice vehicle.

It is reliable. Although the gas mileage isn't the greatest!

- Erika P

I like the amount of room but I do not like the gas mileage. I bought it used from a friend of mine it drives pretty good.

I like that it has a lot of room but It uses a lot of gas

- Michelle M

It's got space for several passengers or for cargo

I like the cargo capability, for both people and items.

- Sandra K