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Personal experience with Chrysler town and country 2002

Problems with my vehicle is it uses gas too fast. Performance is great, drives smooth, not as many problems. Head gasket is the only problem that continues to repeat. Comfort wise it is leather seating. Two bucket seats and 3rd row seating. Has a DVD player for video in which we use when doing a road trip. It has a vent system for the front , middle and back. It also has automatic doors which make it easy to get in the van and out the van especially with kids. I have toddlers so I use the bucket seats for them in the booster seats. They enjoy the van and always want to push the electronic door buttons when needed. Has a great speedometer and van drives comfortably. When driving, you barely feel the bumps. Its smooth sailing and also my favorite part besides having electronic doors is that you have a radio that plays all stations with a great antenna. Also has power a.c unit. When driving this vehicle it will be a relaxing drive.

- Elizabeth C

My 2002 Chrysler Town & Country is spacious for myself and my two young children

My 2002 Chrysler Town & Country is very roomy and spacious for my me, my two young children, and there's still open seats for friends and family. I don't believe my vehicle is good on gas and the miles per gallon is lower than that of newer models. With routine maintenance, my vehicle is perfect. However if routine maintenance is lightly managed, this vehicle is a hassle. I maintain routine maintenance but breakdowns and roadside assistance has been necessary. Recently my float in my gas tank went out and it will cost an arm and a leg to fix; due to location of the float, cost of parts, and the time needed to fix the float. My AC has also gone out and ended up being a high bill! Test after test to see what the issue was, I eventually went broke and live with the windows down on hot days! If given the option, I would not purchase this particular vehicle but a newer model perhaps.

- Jane R

Versatile, reliable, and economical!

We love our town and country. It is reliable, comfortable, and easy to clean. It has space for 6 passengers and the driver. It is great for going camping with a girl scout troop. However, it is tight with all of our supplies, but the girls usually hold their pillows and/or sleeping bags. The windows are tinted so vision is great during the day and also at night when vehicles are behind you--no glare. It is great for going on vacation to Disney world and myrtle beach. The rear portion can be used like a truck at times. It holds quite few cases of girl scout cookies. It can also haul furniture. All in all, it is a great versatile vehicle.

- Denise G

Awesome unit for price. Made well with tough parts. Total trustworthy machine.

Transfer intake power module is the only thing I have had a major problem with. The tip. Heat quit working several years ago( air conditioning compressor) too expensive to fix. But I only drive it in warm weather. So it is not a problem. This vehicle is a die hard vehicle. I love my minivan! Inherited it. Mother loved too. Brought to move my daughter to penn state for college. Served it purpose and then some. Trips all over America! Mother loved gambling. She tried to hit every casino in USA. All round awesome buy in a vehicle. 100% recommended.

- Eva G

Proud to be "rocking" the mommy mobile.

Great vehicle. Plenty of room. Seats up to 7 people. Chronic coolant system issues. The struts to the hatchback wore out and expensive to fix. Also driver side rocker arm sticks and when it does, it is very difficult to turn steering wheel to left, which rubs against driver side front wheel wearing down the tread at a faster rate. Other than that the vehicle sliding doors work still work very well and the middle and back seats are easy to remove and put back in. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

- Angela T

My van has a lot of room for passengers, as well as a lot of room for cargo.

My chrysler town and country van and I have been joined at the hip for 15 years.I have the oil changed regularly and have made repairs as necessary, 'she' has never let me down. I have put in a water pump and replaced a tie rod, and a few minor things. Nothing major, just brakes, batteries and tires. I actually refer to those things as maintenance, The driver's seat has lumbar support that I enjoy. Of course, with her age she does not have as many of the electronics as cars have today,

- Judith B

It gets the job done and is important to smoothly taking care of my family and chores. I'm not about impressing others with vehicles. I would completely recommend this type of vehicle to anyone juggling kids or families, for the ease of managing both people and normal shopping.

The seats are comfortable with heated option when I want. The drive is comfortable and smooth also, and surprising for being so old. I can use it for anything, from driving several people on a small trip to grocery shopping with ease and no worries about fitting in the van. I like the automatic doors and the hatch to protect me from rain while I load the back at the store. If I were replacing this vehicle, it would be with the same type or with some of those similar features.

- Katherine M


My 2002 Chrysler Town and Country gets excellent fuel mileage is very comfortable to drive. There are sensors that cause faulty error codes such as Service Tire system soon, the traction control will go off, it will also alert me to service the system but yet the system is not due to be serviced yet. Occasionally the automatic doors on the vehicle does not properly function. But it's been very reliable and you're able to haul a lot of stuff in it.

- Sherry K

I guess the one thing that you should really know about my car is that it's been a great vehicle and held up for almost 250,000 miles with very little maintenance

I am very happy with how well my vehicle has held up, I have almost 250,000 miles on it and I've done very little work to keep it running.. it is very comfortable and a great car for someone with a family or even someone who just likes to travel because it's comfortable and easy to ride in long distances. The only thing I wish would be a little different is that it would get better gas mileage, but it does get very good mileage for being a minivan.

- Wayne J

Still reliable 2002 Chrysler town & country.

My vehicle is old so it does have few problems with leaks and I was told to get a new catalytic converter. I think that it is a good performing van and it has always gotten me from point a to point b. I would call it very reliable despite its age. It is extremely comfortable and roomy and it has a good shock system. It is a very smooth ride that just glides over bumps without that rickety feeling that other vehicles might have.

- Kimberly T

It is paid off therefore we will keep it.

We had to replace the transmission. The heater only works on full blast. The window on the driver's side door will not roll up or down when it is really cold. It is paid off. One of the back passenger seats is stuck and cannot be removed. We have kept it because it is paid off and it has a lot of room. The paint has started peeling and is rusting in place. We will keep it for another year then by another car.

- Cathy N

That it's roomy and versatile. It is very comfortable and has enough seating for several adults and children. We use it one vacations, for travel back and forth to work and for running errands

I like that it is big enough for all 4 adults and one teenager I live with. We use it more than any of the other vehicles because of its size it has a dvd payer for long trips and the back two rows are removable so I have lots of room to haul stuff as well. The only thing I don't like is that the middle windows don't open and there are blind spots on the sides.

- Bethy C

Town and country chrysler is the perfect family van

This car was perfect for my growing family. With three children in carseats we are able to safely travel around and not feel so crammed. What's great is that I can take seats completely out of my car when package large items inside. The build in tv has been a lifesaver for children on long car rides. It really is the perfect car for this stage in our lives!

- Sabrina B

Summer time travels in my 02 Town and country

It's a wonderful family travel vehicle. It gives u about 20 Mpg on the highway and about 10 in the city. The models with the TV DVD built-in is great when you have young children. It has front and side airbags which I appreciate since I have to babies under the age of 4. The only thing I could ask for in my vehicle would be more storage space.

- Vicki C

It is a nice roomy design.

It smokes for no apparent reason, and the automatic doors do not work correctly. I love all the room in it, and it's a general comfortable ride. It gets good gas mileage, and makes for a smooth ride. It does seem to have other slight issues. It is transmission leaks, the hatch falls, but overall it is dependable, and a decent vehicle.

- Naomi W

' Chrysler's need to reassess their transmissions.

The is the 3rd Chrysler that I've owned and I've had nothing but problems with it. The transmission has had problems in all three which leads me to believe that Chrysler's have transmission issues. Also, it is bad on gas in town. I've also noticed when I have one mechanical issue multiple other things break down at the same time

- Sandra T

The multiple uses of a town & country van.

No really big problems at all. . . Husband has routine problems taken care of with no difficulty. After my husband removed the third row of seats, my van can accommodate my wheelchair/scooter lift so that my lifestyle can continue without problems. We also use my car to take the three large dogs to the vet without any problems.

- Terri S

2002 Chrysler town & country.

The 2002 Chrysler town and country is an excellent, comfortable, and spacey vehicle for the family. It is very reliable and easy to maintain. The seats are adjustable for comfort/sizing needs and all seats can be removable and stored elsewhere to make room if you ever decide to move and need to use the van for transportation.

- Marissa P

This is a great family vehicle for a great price. A great vehicle buy.

We bought the van used. It was very rusty but mechanically sound. It is very comfortable to ride in. It seats up to 6 people. There is little room in the back four seats so it would be better for children than adults. Our van came equipped with rear defrost, CD and cassette player, am/FM radio, and a vhs player.

- Catherine W

It sucks! It is uncomfortable and is designed to serve itself it seems. It is very not user friendly.

I hate this vehicle! I like nothing about it. It was made for someone who is anal. It is too long to park and lumbers like a school bus. It guzzles gas and constantly breaks down and also gets alot of flats. The inside is very uncomfortable and if you drop something on the floor , it disappears forever!

- gaetano c

It�s an 2002 Chrysler town & country

I like my van a lot because it's got automatic doors and windows. The seats in the back come out easy! But I do have some power steering problems. Like I have a leak and then car seat covers don't fit because the arms fold out. It always starts and I never have a problem fitting everyone in comfortably.

- Sarah H

Still running on original transmission with 165,000 miles

A lot of little things that have added up. The car has been very reliable over the years and has been used for all sorts of things. Comfort is ok considering the year it was made. Nice features based on year as well. The space between driver and passenger makes a nice place to store work bags.

- Kyle F

It's great if you need a bigger car for driving around your family or hauling things.

I really like the space of the vehicle and that it can fit up to 7 people. That is the main reason I bought it for the space. I dislike that sometimes the front air conditioner would go out, but my husband fixed it with a new blower motor. Also I dislike that the headliner has started to fall.

- Amanda J

It�s one of the best vehicles like ever and it�s very comfortable to ride in

I absolutely love my Chrysler town and country minivan I have had zero problems with it and I've had it for four years it's a 2002 is just fantastic I can't speak highly enough about the Chrysler town and country. It rides smoothly the gas mileage is fantastic I couldn't ask for a better vehicle

- Victoria L

It has a built in DVD player and it had been so helpful with kids in the car.

I really like my town and country. It is very reliable. It is comfortable for my family of 5. I like the stow and go seats. It is a great and helpful feature. The overall performance of the town and country is good. This is the fourth Chrysler I have bought. I will continue to buy Chrysler’s.

- Karen S

The most important thing about my car is that it's an all-wheel drive vehicle. I would want to point that out because many van are not. Also, that it's a great car for kids and/or pets. The gas mileage isn't too bad either.

I love that my vehicle is all-wheel drive. It does great in the snow. I also love how roomy it is and it's low enough to the ground that my dogs can easily get in and out. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's old and doesn't have some of the features that newer cars have.

- Julie D

Great car runs fast and smooth never will give up on you just as a good.

It has always been good to us and we really enjoy taking the kids in it to Gatlinburg and other cool places and states but we can't go underwater but I recommend it to anyone and would do for this vehicle anything and I still haven't gotten enough sounds on this in this cracking noise.

- hunter T

All around great family vehicle.

Absolutely reliable vehicle. Gets good gas mileage for the size and is comfortable to drive and ride in. Parts are easy to get when you do need something. Removable seats are easy to use and gives a large cargo space. Roof racks are nice for large cargo. The van is great in snow.

- Ken A

Very spacious family vehicle.

No major issues, air doesn't work but it's an easy fix just needs to be charged, heat works while driving. It has stow and go seats which helps with space on major shopping days. The trunk is pretty spacious as well. It seats 7 very helpful for me considering I have five children,

- Rachel H

It doesn't have any air vents in the back.

There are no air vents in the back seat for kids, the sliding doors stopped working, not enough room, I like bigger SUVs, my ac compressor had to be replaced along with some other mechanical problems and it is getting way too expensive. It does however have 192, 000 miles on it.

- Christy F

Highlights of the. Town and country. Good riding, comfortable, smooth riding.

Air conditioning does not work. Had it fixed but stop shortly after fixed. Trim sticks up and makes noise. Other then that it has been a good operating vehicle, good gas mileage. Comfortable riding. Love the backup camera, very reliable. Would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Stephen G

I would highly recommend this vehicle to everyone.

Our town and country is great, we bought it used and had held up wonderfully. The only major problem is the motor for the front passenger window. It is starting to go out, so we have a bit of trouble closing it. Other than that we haven't had any major issues with our vehicle.

- Cathleen W

My vehicle is good and interesting peace of car that I liked very much to drive.

I never any problems with vehicle and its very reliable car to have it and comfortable and have good features to considered good quality car have power window power steering good brake I recommended to have one have good mileage as well good tires nice sound to listen radio.

- Timothy B

Great family vehicle that is great on gas!

I like my vehicle because its spacious and fits my family. I have a 2 car seats and 2 booster seats that have to be installed so I think it works for us. Also its not bad on gas. I can fill my tank and it lasts almost the whole week. It is also good on highway miles as well.

- Ebony H

2002 Chrysler town & country.

My 2002 Chrysler town & country minivan is the perfect vehicle for a family. It is very spacious and the leather seats are very comfortable. It is a very sturdy vehicle but it does use a lot of gas which is expected for a vehicle of its size. I highly recommend this minivan.

- David Z

Heated seats are nice, but the AC doesn't work.

Bought it brand new, recalls from Day 1 on brakes wearing out fast. Chugs gas, it is comfortable and does have heated seats. You have to change the breaks at least 5 times a year, due to its recall problem but the company would t allow a trade in or anything of the sort.

- Mike C

My 1st van and my last van

This is the 1st van I have owned. I Don't think I will be buying another one. I Don't like that there really isn't any room in the back for groceries and that the whole back seat had to come out instead of folding into floor. I haven't had any mechanical issues

- Susan l N

Drives smooth and comfortable.

My (far) back seat was removed in order to have a lift installed for my electric scooter. There are still enough seats to have 5 passengers. Overall, this has been a good car for me because there are not many trips to a mechanic. Just the normal upkeep..

- Terri S

Very reliable van indeed!

Love my van. Very minimal problems. Love that it has 3rd row seating. Good gas mileage. Heat/air vents throughout the whole van. I live in Montana. We had - 40 degrees for 3 weeks, van started everyday! Have only had minor problems, easy fixes with it.

- Dawn H

The gas mileage is great and the durability of the van cannot be beat.

I like that I'm able to carry my whole family in one car and that they all have sufficient leg room. I also like the easy open button click slide doors and hatch. I dislike how heavy the middle seats are when lifting them for people to get in back.

- Ruth S

Spacious, plenty of leg room. Adjustable thermostat for rear seats

We bought ours from a friend who was moving out of the state. As an avid hiking, camping and fishing couple, we really appreciated the removable seats, and extra room. It drives beautifully, not like what I expected from a minivan at all.

- Shannon V

The trunk space is very small.

We have had issues with the air conditioning system, as well as the in-car DVD system (which stopped working). However, it is an old car so it has served us well. The automatic door openers have been one of my favorite features.

- Ashley D

Best minivan ever! Reliable comfortable and it's great in all whether conditions

I have had my van for over 4 years now with no problems I can fit my whole family inside with comfort! And if I need I can take all my seats out Like if I owned a truck for moving almost anything I need love love love my van

- Starla P

2002 T&C: Meeting Our Needs

Our Chrysler Town & Country is reliable, comfortable and safe. Its fuel efficiency is adequate, although below that of some newer vehicles. We have chosen not to get a newer car so long as this continues to meet our needs.

- Tom W

Good fuel efficient family vehicle

The power doors are very helpful for getting people and cargo in and out of the vehicle. The cloth interior is easy to clean and comfy. It gets an average of twenty five miles per gallon city. It is a good family vehicle

- Elizabeth C

My van has a DVD player which made long trips better.

My van has been a life saver. My grandsons were on traveling basketball teams and help to have it was a real joy. Never broke down only went in for normal checkups. runs a little ruff now. but she still get around.

- Carolyn S

It is a handicapped van to travel to and from school or doctor appointments.

I like having the ramp and the hydraulics to be able to get in and out. The interior of the car is nice and looks good for as old of a car . One complaint I have is that the ramp makes lots of noise when driving.

- Caleb w

I love that I sit up higher in the driver's seat.

I love my van. Knock on wood I have not had any issues with my car. The only problem I have is I wish I would have bought captain chairs for my middle row seat. The bench seat is the most uncomfortable seat ever.

- Mary Ann E


Lately the tail lights have been going out of nowhere. But the vehicle itself is very good it has heated seats which come in handy in the winter. It rarely ever gets a flat tire the tires on it are super strong.

- Jonathon S

Money saving Chrysler. Very little money put out for repairs since I've had my van.

I've had very few problems with my Town & Country. It still has a high trade in value. I bought it used and it had 92,000 miles on it then and now it has 135,000 miles on it. I really like it.

- Edward T

Their is definitely a lot of room for my big family

So there are a lot of motor related problems with my van and it just recently broke down due to something wrong with the motor again also the van was overheating a lot when we first bought it

- Destiny T

It is reliable. It is also very comfortable to make a long trip in. I have driven many times from Georgia to New Hampshire.

I have loved everything about it. I tend to drive my cars until they just won't drive anymore. The only drawback to the Town & Country, is the wind noise. But I just turn the radio up louder.

- Susan M

This van has an engine that will last forever if you take of it.

This van has been very durable. It is large enough to use as a convenient means to transport people AND large objects. The engine is a wonder, but I wish it got a little better gas mileage.


If something goes wrong, I have it fixed and do not drive it with problems.

It is a very reliable car. It's old, like me, and has some dings, but like me, it's still going. It has a remote starter installed, which is wonderful for both hot and cold weather.

- Sharon B

It's the perfect size to fit all my 5 kids and my significant other. In winter I don't mind driving it but in summer It's an oven.

It's an older vehicle that had transmission issues. It has no air conditioning. The lining on the roof has fallen in a couple of areas and I can't always see completely behind me.

- Alejandra r

Take care of it, keep an eye on the pulleys, and don't let it rust

I think it's a decent vehicle. It gets me from point A to point B. It does require occasional replacement parts due to the age, but it has held up surprisingly well.

- Austin S

It does not have heat for the winter months. Very cold to drive.

I just drive it when I have to. It does not have heat in it for the winter. Nor does it have ac for the summer. I don't like driving it but it has great gas mileage.

- Lillian F

The Town and Country drives well and has lots of room; however, it uses a lot of gas.

I like all the features the van offers. I like that there is a lot of storage space. The gas mileage is not very good. I do not like that repairs can be expensive.

- Margaret G

Blower motor complaint but satisfied

Regular maintenance can be done easily, accepting a badly engineered fan blower motor, meaning way too d difficult to access. Has been made better in newer models.

- Mark E

No oomph. It is small. It does have the wireless capability.

Quality of materials are inferior. Mechanical issues and rust. Potential safety issues with sliding doors and trunk failing to open..... Comfortable ride..

- Val N

That it gets very poor gas mileage. Gas prices are only going up.

It is starting to fall apart,but the air conditioning still works and it runs smoothly. But the seats are uncomfortable and it gets very poor gas mileage.

- Jana T

Great van for a family. Also if you move things it's great.

I love the room inside and size of the van. it also great on the highway. Keep kids away from each other. I had it for over 5 years motor went out once

- Chevon C

Dependable and spacious. I have 3 car seats and they fit with no problem.

Its overall great vehicle. Very dependable and spacious and fits my family. I have taken more family trips since I have gotten the town and country.

- Ebony H

It has removable seats and lots of space

I like that the van is large enough for my family. I do not like that it uses a lot more gas than I would like and I would prefer to have a truck.

- Heather A

It's easy to drive and comfortable

I like the size of the vehicle and easy of driving. What I don't like is that the cloth on the roof is starting to come loose. I do like the space

- Randy H

That it still runs great. Has had little to no problems.

I like my vehicle because it gets me where I need to go. It's great for carrying a lot of people. It also still runs great after all these years.

- Shelly S

I feel very safe in this car.

I like that there's lots of room, and everything about it, except that a couple of the door locks and the tailgate do not work with the remote.

- Tina H

It is currently getting a new motor.

I feel safe and I can see clearly in all directions. I like the space for people and carrying groceries. I love all the automatic features.

- Lois P

It's a great family car and is very safe and reliable.

It's convenient to get kids in and out. There's lots of space in the back for groceries or luggage. It drives well and is very reliable.

- Bre R

That it is a good family vehicle

I like how much room it has. It is a very smooth ride. I don't like that some of the electronic features have worn out since It's older

- Shannon B

It's getting older and transmission is slipping.

I like that it is a van easy to get in and out. Lots of room to carry things. Can see the traffic better because you are up higher.

- Richard L

That my car can be comfy. It can have a lot space. The car also has cheap gas mileage on it making it a very great car.

It has plenty of room. It drives smooth and it is cheap on gas. The vehicle can also be very comfortable and used for long trips.

- Chris T

The Chrysler Town and Country is great for the whole family!

It was used when I bought it, but has been a great van. Only had to do some minor fixes. It runs great for being 16 years old.

- Tina M

It has been very dependable.

This has been a great automobile.I have had it 13 years now and have had minimal expense with it .It has been very dependable.

- tj A

T&C - the usual stuff needed for the 2002

Just the usual maintenance issues - replaced transmissions and have to repair the suspension components every couple of years.

- Steve J

I love my van. People should buy one.

The transmission is having issues but other than that it is a very reliable vehicle. I would recommend it for a individual.

- La Chawn W

It's a family car and it performs splendidly!

I love the size. I love my auto start. I love my powered doors and my heated seats. It does everything I need it to do.

- Patricia T

It's good if you have a lot of people it items to transport.

I like that it has a lot of room for storage. And it runs great given its age. Don't like the gas mileage that it gets.

- Brad F

Not too flashy but drives very well. Trustworthy van!

The van runs well. I have kept it up to date with maintenance. It drives very smoothly and has a lot of power to it.

- Jess L

Lots of room and can fit a lot of stuff in it.

This van has a lot of miles, and engine still runs great! Also has a lot of room and very little issues of repairs.

- Cindy S

Great mini-van from Chrysler

Very roomy for bikes inside, reasonable gas mileage in the 20's, reliable for 17 years now, comfortable seats.

- Rod D

Strong engine even with over 200,000 miles on it. It starts every time.

Strong engine, good point A to B vehicle, reliable, always starts. Compressor gave out, heater core gave out.

- Beau S

It is dependable and drives smoothly. There is a lot of legroom.

Very roomy and comfortable. Still going with almost 180,000 miles. Some angles are difficult to see around.

- Colleen S

Amazing, reliable Cheap Car

Very reliable. Nice, and comfortable drive. Amazing car even though it is a older car. Drive everyday to work

- Irvin G

It has gone through a lot, and taught me and all my siblings to drive

It has the work light on that never turns off. It tends to overheat. The air stops working most of the time

- Hannah D

Digital Radio Readout Includes Station Name, Song Title & Performer

Excellent vehicle. Traded for it for the interior room. Digital readout on the radio is a wonderful perk.

- Deb A

I would like others to know that I like my car a lot.

I am very happy in how my vehicle performs. I would like to keep it as long as I can. It is an used car,

- Rafael B

Easy to work with and drive, with plenty of seating and space in the back.

Fits everyone in the family but also gives us room. Problem is how easy it is to lose oil right now.

- Eric P

I like my van and even though it has it issues, my van gets me from A to B

Has vacuum leak. Needs water pump. Needs gas tank. I like that it starts Every Time. I like my van.

- Mega R

It runs well and rides great.

I really like how big it is. I also like that it is great for families. I feel like it rises well.

- Kelly W

Comfortable, easy to drive. Fits the whole family or a load of stuff.

Vehicle has lasted a long time. Love all the features. Unfortunately, starting to wear out.

- Dee R

It requires a lot of gas and it is a family vehicle.

I dislike that the second row of windows do not open. I like that the seats are removable.

- destiny c

it is a reliable car it will get you to where you need to go.

I Love my van it runs good ! . I have no complaints about my van. it has served me well.

- Johnny L

It's reliable, roomy inside, the power doors and liftgate is great, but could get better gas mileage.

I love the way it ride. Very comfortable inside. Like the way the new model looks.

- Marvin B

It's always been very reliable. I can count on it daily.

I love the size of the interior. I like the height of the vehicle from the ground.

- Brennen B

that it's a good car, it has a lot of storage space, and the front seats fold in for more space

I have enough space for all 5 of my kids and can fill my trunk with groceries

- rachelle H

I can fit my family and take us where we want to go comfortably.

I like the size. I like the ease of the drive. I like the safety features.

- Lauren C

That's it's a very good and very reliable vehicle.

I have no complaints. Has been a very good vehicle. I would buy another.

- thomas c

Love the all wheel drive. Love the amount of room it has. Love that it has never had any major issues. Dislike that it is silver colored.

It has all wheel drive which makes it great for all road conditions.

- Susie L

lots of room, lots of options, lots of storage within the vehicle. Its old & only needs basic maintenance still.

Free of issues and full of room and storage options.

- Dee W