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This is a very reliable vehicle.

I really love my car. I am in college and needed a reliable vehicle. Honestly, a minivan wasn't my first choice but it has been a great reliable vehicle for a college student. It can fit a lot of people in it which is very nice for when there are activities. This vehicle can fit seven people comfortable with no problems. The a/c and heat works very nicely and switches very quickly. I think this is a great feature. The surround system is wonderful as well. I haven't had any problems or difficulties with the van even though it is 15 years old. The only "problem" with this vehicle is that they tend to rust pretty easily on the outside bottom of the vehicle. It is not a huge deal if that type of thing does not bother you. It is a very spacious vehicle. There is a lot of legroom. The van has a very nice open trunk. There are lots of storage options as well. Such as the drawer underneath the passenger's seat. There are also lots of cup holders. It is great for traveling. I did have a problem with the window for a while. It would not roll down. The mechanic said it was probably a loose connection. However, one day it just sort of fixed itself and started working again.

- Hannah W

pros & cons of a 2003 Chrysler T&C

i bought it used and have very few problems , none of which were engine relate, but being 15 yrs old it has old parts that needed replacement, some were a little expensive ($100+) but way less than a newer car. these parts never stopped me in the middle of nowhere, but showed up in normal service trips. now about the convenience, I love the cargo space as I hate to pay these 'delivery' charges for items I buy because it doesn't fit in my car. well with the seats out I can fit almost anything. I have fit a 13 cubic stand up freezer; also a full size sofa and was able to close the hatch completely. I also fit a FULL 4'X8' sheet of plywood in between the wheel wells (no tilting to fit either) only drawback about seat removal of the back double 2 person seat , I needed help from a neighbor or friend to remove it (very heavy) ,the 2 center captains chairs needed a double click and tilt to remove fairly easy.. So I really love this car and hope I can keep it forever.

- roger c

I really love my minivan for it's sliding doors on both sides.

I really like the 3rd row seating. I love that I can open the doors with buttons from my drivers seat. I like that it has sliding doors on both sides. I love the area in the back where I can store things and transport my groceries. I like that I can charge my electronics with plugs that go to the battery (so can charge without key on ) or that are connected to the ignition and works when the car in running. The 2nd row seats are removable with gives me lots of different things I can do with my van. The front passenger seat has a drawer underneath for easy carrying of extra stuff. There are 2 cubby holes in the center console for me to keep lots of stuff in. There in a CD pop down case in the ceiling, which is so very convenient. There is also a green light that is directed to my radio console etc at night when the lights are on.

- Patty W

Great family van that seats 8 and you can take this seats out.

Hello my husband and I have a Chrysler town and country 2003 edition Alex. We had to have the computer replaced in the vehicle we also had to have are power steering replaced in the vehicle, the alternator replace along with the belt in that area due to the power steering fluid going out of the and eating the belt other than that just normal tire brakes that kind of stuff. We still love that vehicle for our family though and are looking to get a newer one soon.

- Courtney G

Electrical Mess But Spacious

Lot of electrical problems. Now the computer is bad on it, which has caused a lot of the stuff we already fixed to short out...again. this doesn't include the parts we didn't fix (power sliding doors stopped working, half the power locks dont work anymore, driver side power window doesn't work anymore, etc.). Otherwise, it's a good vehicle. Very spacious, maneuvers smoothly. Just beware of the electrical issues.

- Amber C

It is highly dependable, and I have received little to no problems .... * Knock On Wood *

I have a silver chrysler town and country van that I absolutely love. It has a sunroof, DVD player and amazing speakers for sound while either watching movies or listening to the radio. I have had little to no problems with this vehicle, and the only thing I would maybe change is the mileage per gallon. I find myself filling up my gas tank more than I would like, but I to be fair I also do a lot of traveling.

- lindsay g

Nice and roomy for large families. Good gas mileage for highway. Not so good with A/C repeatedly going out which costs too much to fix more than once.

I like the room it has but I don't like the traditional van style. We have three kids so it's been good when we take long trips which we like to do but in the just driving in the city not so much. I don't know a whole lot about vehicles but ours hasn't had to many problems other than an A/C issue repeatedly. It drives really well so that's nice. Gas mileage is ok for the most part.

- Dawn S

It has Comfortable seating, heated seats, heated mirrors. Easy operation

Like the minivan itself, but there are few problems. Gas gauge is not always accurate showing 1/4 reading off. Tank can be full on fuel and reads only 3/4 or can say empty when gas is still pretty full. Sometimes the gauge moves up or down while driving. Also trouble with the blower motor going out on ac/heater a few times. In talking with few others, they've have the same issues

- Margie T

My Town & country. Its grey & black with a television installed

My car was reliable, but as the mileage increased it started to burn gas faster. It also seems to have steering issues, it could be the wear & tear of New York city, but the front axle has cracked twice in the 3 years I have owned it. I Also seem to be changing the brakes every 2 months. It's still a comfortable ride for the kids after I installed the TV.

- Damon L

Great roomy car for everyone.

My town and country is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. It is easy to drive. Has loads of room for cargo. Back seats remove and install easily. It rides very well. Has room for six people plus moderate cargo. The four front seats are very easy to get in and out of. This is a good car for elderly people because of the ease of getting in and out.

- Laura P

Convenient first time mom van

We got our minivan used, and have been driving it regularly for about a year and a half. We've noticed the heater only works while actively driving/accelerating and gets cold while in park, but hope that will be an easy fix at the shop. It's nice and spacious though and makes loading our little one way easier than it was in our previous sedan.

- Laura K

Convenient, but could be better!

It is a convenient vehicle, but it often has problems. One of the recurring problems is that the car takes a while to heat up. Also the a/c stopped working so my only option in the summer is to have the window down. Other then that, it gets me where I need to be and it has a really big trunk, which I like a lot when I go grocery shopping.

- Maria A

Fantastic vehicle for a family.

Nice and spacious, yet skinny enough that I don't feel like I'm taking up the whole road. Mine is at 180,000+ miles and only has a few things that have gone wrong, most of which are purely cosmetic and don't impact the drivability, (radio broke, driver side window doesn't roll up sometimes, and it makes boat noises when I turn.)

- Rosanna B

The town and country Chrysler mini specialize van.

It is a modify van for wheelchair user and I bought it in 2011. It had electrical problems at times and the doors sometime does not work well on it. But it does drive well around town and long trips. As the van as it gets old there is more repairs to the electrical area and the doors and windows. Be sure to check these roughly.

- Todd N

Cheaply made vehicle that is unreliable

This vehicle has needed more repairs than I care to admit. I know it's old but considering the number of miles it should not have the problems it does. I've had to repair tie rod ends, radiator, transmission and many other things on it t In the past couple of years. I would not choose this vehicle again if given a choice.

- Danielle B

Roomy and comfortable vehicle.

Emission problems are a pain but in general the vehicle is reliable. The van has a lot of room and seats seven people. I also like having rear ac and heat. The vehicle does get pretty good gas mileage and does drive smooth. I do wish that the passenger door windows moved up and down but they are stationary.

- Paula B

My old car is great. It gets me where I want to go in comfort.

The only problem that I have is a slow leak with power steering fluid. The car starts as soon as I engage the key and responses to every command I employ. (accelerator, brakes, all electrical systems and the original sound system works, including the cassette playeršŸ˜) good gas mileage and fluid usage.

- Jesse S

My Chrysler town and country.

My car is 15 years old. The body is rusted at the bottom and there is rust underneath. It still runs pretty well but the undercarriage shakes a lot probably due to the rust and deteriorating. It also has over 150000 miles on it. Sometimes when stopped at a light the car acts like it is going to shut off.

- Lynne W

My Opinion Over The Older Town and Country Van

My Town and Country is having problems with the air conditioner, the brakes go bad quite often. But, the car is an older vehicle and overall it is still in a good condition. I like how the windows in the back push out, but I would like it even more if the windows in the middle of the van rolled down.

- Lynn K

Nice car in general of you have a big family I would recommend this car

nice speakers, comfortable seats, small trunk space, able to fit all my family, nice ac for the driver, passenger and back five seats, good color, nice price for gas, tells you how many miles you have, good blinker, nice trunk, nice sliding doors, cool rugs, nice windshield wipers in front and back

- Key M

We love the Chrysler town and country.

It is has been a very dependable vehicle. We've rarely had any issues out of it, besides the normal wear and tear from it being an older vehicle. We've had this car for a few years and it is still going good. If and when I need a new car, I will be searching for another Chrysler town and country.

- Tracey N

Sunroof, air, 6 disc CD changer,

I love my van. It has a DVD player sunroof and 6 disc CD changer. It does have a door locking mechanism in the rear drivers sliding door and needs a new fuel pump. Its maroon and has remote start I absolutely love it. It rides smooth and air works great, the back opens with a click of a button.

- Sara R

The DVD player has served us well on long trips. Keeps the kids occupied

it has been pretty reliable for its age. No major problems, has served us well. Had modern conveniences at the time of its release, such as seat warmers and a DVD player for backseat viewing. Spacious, seating up to 7 people which has come in very handy for our family of 5 and a couple guests.

- Tracy C

Family vehicle and very spacious

The vehicle is very spacious while still providing a certain sense of style. Gas mileage is reasonable for a minivan but I would not recommend taking it on a very long trip unless you have factored in the cost of gas effectively. It is a great family vehicle and has helped carpool many events.

- Brittany M

I love the organizer in the back. The seats easily remove for more space.

The only complaint I have is the air conditioner. We have had Freon put in it several times. The mechanic said he could not find anything wrong with the air. It will not cool the van. We live in Georgia and in the heat of the day you will sweat with the air on high. Everything else is great!

- Linda M

Would definitely buy this type of vehicle again!

I really enjoy the comfort that my vehicle offers. Plenty of legroom. Seats are easy to stow away. Stereo system is splendid. Mileage is pretty good. Air conditioning and heater work well. Bonus feature is that the driver can adjust their temperature without affecting any other passengers.

- Michelle B

The van is an excellent family car, room for the entire family and extra cargo.

It's a reliable van, but only the front windows go down. Not a problem if there is only 2 people in it, other than this we have had no problems with it. This vehicle provides seating for the whole family of 5, just uncomfortable for the passengers on hot days, since the air is restricted. .

- Dorothy M

It is a great family car it is a great car if you have big animals that you take.

Cars really spacious and great on gas I use this car mainly for road trips and traveling with multiple people and it is amazing I also like that you can completely remove the seats I have used this car to move several different people from different states and it has worked out superb.

- Ashley F

Great, dependable automobile

I bought it second hand. I think it's a pretty dependable vehicle. I have owned it about 3 years and have not had any major issues with it, very dependable and reliable van. I've always like the Chrysler company, especially the Town and Country. Would recommend it in a heartbeat.

- Chris S

The truth about how to fix and judge the comfort and issues for town and country.

I have no issues with my vehicle, it's a comfortable ride and performance is great, any problems I've had has been very easily resolved and fast to fix, parts are very cheap and easy to find, I have fixed it all myself very quickly, only issue is finding time being a family man.

- Scott T

It's amazingly spacious and great on gas. It's the ride of a lifetime

I love my van nothing wrong with it. The ac is amazing an the heater works good to. Its smooth riding. The seats are automatic which I like. And it is very spacious. The back seats call all be removed as they are super light. An my doors can be opened with the touch of a button

- Leslie W

My vehicle is a Chrysler town and country and it is very affordable to drive.

It is easy on gas, better with highway miles, drives comfortably, seats up to 7 passengers and it's easy to handle, have not had much trouble with it at all, keep up maintenance on it change the oil every 3000 miles make sure you keep it tuned up and everything will be good.

- Angela A

Runs great & very dependable

Nice overall vehicle, small problems with minor things like electric windows coming off Track, issues with dash display mileage, park reverse neutral drive. No mechanical issues as of this time, have been satisfied with purchase & would purchase another when time comes.

- Barbara W

Chrysler town and country

It is a reliable vehicle, not fancy, but gets ke wherever I want/need to go. It gets good gas mileage, and carry all my family as well as our luggage. We have had issues with the wheel bearings, however I believe that is due to the brand of bearings, not the actual van.

- Gara I

Town and Country Van 2003

I like the Town and Country, the only problem with it was the transmission. But other than that it runs smooth. It's been a very reliable van. My children like it and don't fight with each other because they have space for just them. It's a very nice driving van.

- Stevie S

Multi- featured 7 passenger minivan

My vehicle is pretty nice. It is has automatic windows, adjustable seats, heated seats, automatic doors and trunk. It seats 7 and has captains chairs in the middle row. The only problem we've seen with this model is the interior on the ceiling starts to detach.

- McKenzie B

Broken door but no other issues.

Plenty of room for many people. I used to love the electric sliding door feature but it no longer works. My kids have s difficult time getting the doors open. In general the vehicle has been very reliable. It is comfortable and the middle row seats do recline.

- Rebecca L

What I enjoy mostly about the van is the space for the children.

The engine light is on and it won't pass emissions. We're trying to narrow down the problem one by one. We had several diagnostic test done. And a few things fixed. It runs well. It just keeps cutting off. It's a nice car considering the year of the car.

- Kim B

If you take care of it and keep up with regular maintenance and oil changes, it is a reliable car.

I like my Town and country because it is a spacious minivan and I am able to drive my young family around with car seats without it being crowded. It has had issues with various things breaking down but it is an old model with a lot of miles on it.

- Renie G

With regular maintenance, this car is great and can last a very long time.

Solid vehicle overall and very reliable engine, alternator, transmission, and power steering. As with any older car, there are some weak points including failure of electro-mechanical parts, sensors, power windows, and issues with the power doors.

- Erik L

Town-Country Review: Acceptable

Even with some "rust spots," this vehicle has gotten me through everything. The A/C & heating is one of its best features. Comfy seats, and has lots of room for storage. For my age range, it's not my ideal car, but it's paid off so I'll take it.

- Sofia J

It fits a lot of people and is efficient.

I love the size and efficiency of the vehicle. The small tv in the back is a nice touch. The only thing I dislike about the car is sometimes the attachment to the roof of the car that typically holds the tv wobbles a lot and makes noise.

- Shannon S

Electronics like door opener fail to operate. Also inside roof covering is starting to come down . Need quality vehicle at lower price.

Computer brain had to be replaced at 50,000 miles. Only has 80,000 miles on it and needs electronic back hatch lock fixed. Was OK for having kids but will get rid of it soon. Prefer vehicle with less electronics that break.

- Rick B

The turn signals do not turn off on their own.

It definitely has its pros and cons. I like the it is spacious and has enough room for everyone. The complaint in have is that the cloth on the roof is coming off. This seems to be a common problem with this make and model.

- Mckenzie B

It's usually carrying very precious cargo! My three littles are usually in tow.

I like the storage space. We bought it used so I dislike a few things about it. The cruise control doesn't rarely works. The automatic doors don't always work. Rain water leaks in the passenger side front floor board area.

- Morgan f

It is roomy inside with a lot of space for kids.

A lot of mechanical problems. Windshield wipers do not work unless you plug in a fuse relay. Clicking noises that come from the front end when you hit a bump. Doors never wanna open all the time. Automatic doors broke.

- Alicia W

It has a far better safety rating than similar models. I owned a version of this van before I bought this one. I was in a bad accident and the car was totaled but the inside of the car remained in tact and no one was injured from the impact.

It has an excellent safety rating. It has 4 doors, so it's easy to enter. The back seat is very accessible. The cargo hold is large and can be expanded when the back seat is not in use by folding the back down.

- Roberta m

There's room for my growing family. There's room for everyone's electronic devices.

It has plenty of room for myself and 4 children. Back seats come out and it's great for a quick camping trip. I also love that it has plenty of charging outlets. Great on gas even though it's an older model.

- Jenny D

Reliable Comfortable Family Vehicle that I would buy again

The town and country is a comfortable and reliable vehicle. We have had few mechanical problems. I would not hesitate to buy another one. We bought our 2003 used in 2011 and in 2018 it is still doing well.

- Lynn P

That it has a wheel chair lift.

It is a dependable vehicle. I do not like minivans. It is a soccer mom vehicles. I am more of a sports car person. I cannot be picky however. The only complaint is that I do not own it. It is my mother's.

- Lewis W

Reliable transportation for families.

Reliable transportation. Be aware that you'll need to have the oil filter hand tightened as machine tightening will crack the seal. Comfortable seats that are easy to remove to utilize the storage space.

- Kris A

It's a safe vehicle for all of the family to drive in. You don't have to worry.

I love that my vehicle fits my whole family. It's also decent on gas. Great for traveling or for in town. MY only complaint is the back doors, it always seems to be a issue when a power door is involved.

- Andrea W

It a good vehicle when you have kids in toe.

It is good on gas. The back windows do not open in the second row. The walk path between seats is narrow. There is not enough lighting in the back for kids at night.

- Christy H

Love the size of the minivan for transporting things.

Have an engine light on that will not go out. Have spent a lot of money & time to get it fixed & its still not fixed. Have had to replace my tires more than usual.

- Veronica M

Van with third row seating that can seat at least 7 people.

I like that it is a van and has a lot of room, i have the option of putting in a third row seat. I do wish it had air conditioning but otherwise runs good still.

- Courtney P

This is a very reliable vehicle. I have put 160,000 miles on it and have only had one real problem, the transmission needed to be replaced once.

This has been a very reliable vehicle.comfortable and easy to drive. I also enjoy that I feel high enough to see things but not so large as to be hard to drive.

- Tim M

It is very easy to see out of,

This is the best minivan I have ever owned. The seats are very comfortable and adjust in so many ways. It is very easy to see out of . It is also very roomy.

- Lora D

My van, my love, my best car ever.

Best minivan I have owned. Great on gas. Low maintenance. Roomy, comfortable ride. Handles great in snow storms. Great on long trips. Comfortable seats.

- Debra G

It's very convenient and comfortable. There is lots of room in it.

I like how much room there is and how many passengers it can carry. It's very comfortable. I feel safer in this vehicle than in smaller ones.

- Denise B

Rusty Trusty Reliable Minivan

My vehicle is old and reliable. It's got wear and tear, but it's paid for and I love it! I love the size and it's not too bad on gas mileage.

- Heather S

It was worth the money spent. It has served me well.

Like the safety. Good cargo space. Comfortable. Dislike that it is so old and does not have modern features such as navigation and Bluetooth

- Michele Z

great family car but not much room for teenagers

great vehicle for family with several children but not the best for older children as there is not much leg room in the back seating area

- Shenane W

The vehicle is a family car. It can fit up to 8 people at once.

The van has had many problems. The ac compressor seized the serpentine belt. The engine blew 2 months prior due to not changing the oil.

- State B

It's ideal for families with a lot of children and road trips

It's roomy,super comfortable,and convenient. I love my minivan. Plus it has front steering and the car petals move for short people.

- Adrianna P

It's definitely a family car.

My van seats everyone comfortably and hasn't had any major issues. The only thing. I would change would be the color. . . Its gold.

- Emily M

I feel safe and protected in this vehicle.

I like how spacious it is. I do not like the repairs it needs occasionally. I do not like the tire pressure reading is always off.

- Kelsey B

Plenty of room for everyone. It is my favorite color.

Like Chrysler brand. Like that it is a minivan, plenty of room for my grandchildren. Like that it is red, my favorite color.

- Katherine G

This is a great family car.

I like how much room I have in it. I wish I had a newer one because things are starting to go wrong. My ac is not working.

- Emily M

That it sucks to drive it.

Its on its last leg needing just about a full overhaul. The radiator leaks the oil burns and the transmission is skipping.

- Christine N

It is a dependable car and cost-effective.

The car has been a great value. It is reliable until around 200, 000 miles, then it starts requiring expensive repairs.

- Courtney D

I would recommend to family's.

Easy to maintain, decent fuel economy. Handles well. Doesn't have a theatre system. Speakers give out pretty easily.

- Damien M

It's a great family vehicle and gets really good gas mileage.

I love the way it handles & that it seats 7 comfortably. I do not like that the center row Windows do not open.

- Virginia K

My 2003 Chrysler Town & Country has been very reliable.

Very reliable. Comfortable ride. A very versatile vehicle for hauling passengers or cargo. Low maintenance.

- John M

Plenty of legroom both front and back great smooth ride

Great on gas.comfy ride easy to drive great handling.will get another chrysler in futur always been good cars

- Deborah C

It is great for traveling.

I like the space. I like the automatic doors and DVD player. I dislike the color and wish it was sportier.

- Misty J

It keeps my child safe, and fits my family, and can haul some things.

It's a good van, my only complaint is that the Side doors stop working (opening and shutting) really fast.

- Jen B

it has been pretty dependable, even though we had a minor engine fire it still ran.

it has been pretty dependable. there has been problems with the cd player. it could have more technology.

- Tabitha S

Savings in gas. It is good on gas and roomy.

I rather own a car, it is hard to get in and out of for me. I like because its roomy and its a 6 seater.

- Peggy Martinez R

My van is blue and i love it

The tires are the worst they don't last otherwise my van is awesome drives really well for an older van

- Ashley D

It is a good family vehicle. It hauls people and equipment very well and lasts forever.

It's a minivan. Comfy, roomy but not too exciting. like the utility but I wish it had better mileage.

- Mikki C

Lots of room and storage with seats that are easily removed

Love the ride. Love that it is loaded with options. Disappointed it is wearing out in so many ways

- Amy J

The engine is fine with 80,000 miles on it

It served Its purpose as a modified handicapped vehicle. Has some fuel pump, transmission issues

- Nick B

It's still running after 15 years good engine but bad transmission

The van has only 78,000 miles on it. No engine trouble BUT transmission and fuel pump problems

- Nick M

It's safe...........................................

It's large, you don't get blown by semis. Very comfortable for long drives. Good gas mileage.

- Laurie N

My vehicle is reliable and dependable and will last many more miles

High mileage and still running very well. It is dependable. It needs work, mostly cosmetic.

- J S

I have been told my particular make and model sometimes has transfer case issues.

My vehicle is a good reliable vehicle. It has a few minor problems, but it runs!

- Darrell S

It is ADA with a ramp has to be manually put down

The ramp for my chair broke down. I don't like that it does not have auto lights

- Teressa k

it's a great van comfortable seats and lots of room and it drives really good.theres not alot of features.

there's lots of room and comfortable seats. theres not alot of features.

- melinda b

Runs good and it's a good car on miles and has a lot of room

I like it but the only thing it rust by tires at the rear on both side


this car can take more staff and goods. you can use it for sleeping

very good.drive very smooth and fast .it is very good on gas.

- ziko t

very dependable rides very well looks good

rides well very dependable good looking very well equipped

- don K