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Easy to get in and out of. There were 2 prerequisites that I told the salesman I needed, other than a reliable vehicle of course. 1) I needed the seats to be at butt level, making it easy to slide in and out of. 2) I didn't want a threshold that I had to raise my legs over to get in and out. This was perfect on both ends.

I just purchased this vehicle 4 months ago and LOVE it! It purrs like a kitten... standing outside when the mechanic was done, it was so quiet, I didn't even hear it running. It drives very smoothly, and I LOVE the sliding side doors on BOTH sides. I did have an issue with the back hatch not wanting to stay open when I purchased it, with it immediately closing as soon as it was opened, and once it even slammed shut by itself... which was very scary. The fuse allowing the door locks to work has had to be removed for a minute and re-inserted in order for the locks to work, 3 times so far. The ABS Brakes quit working and was told it's extremely expensive to repair. The mechanic explained its purpose, and since I live down south, I decided it wasn't really necessary, so I removed the fuse and the have to deal with the ABS and Brake lights on all the time. There's a slow leak in the A/C system, which the mechanic put some dye in to determine the path of where it's coming from and going to. I previously bought a GM minivan which rode like a truck... very rough and no driver side back door, and definitely no slider door on the passenger side. My favorite car has always been a Lincoln, mostly due to it feeling like I was riding on a cloud. This Chrysler Town & Country is very comparable to my previously Lincolns. However, I now have medical issues and it's too hard to get into a low-riding car. The Chrysler T&C seats are situated so I can just slide right in and out of it, and I love the fact that it doesn't have the threshold to need to raise my legs over, as my legs are my main medical issue. My passengers don't like the fact that it doesn't have a grab bar to assist getting in and out with. But, overall, I love the van and would love to buy a new one the next time if I could afford it.

- Debbi C

A Perfectly Acceptable Vehicle

This vehicle is very old, so some problems are due to age rather than manufacturing. Those problems will not be the focus. The ongoing issues, not related to age include frequent brake problems. A variety of mechanics have tried to install and properly adjust brakes but they always wear very quickly. That is the only mechanical issue that reaches back to the day I got it. All others have occurred after 150,000 miles. These include air conditioning failure, and some interesting electrical failures, such as the rear door opening then immediately shutting itself, which made loading and unloading difficult if not dangerous. The heating/cooling fan developed a loud screaming noise that may or may not stop while the vehicle is in operation. Performance is as expected of any lower end model, which is adequate. Reliability has been fantastic. As far as comfort, it has the same issues that all vehicles have, which are seats that bend driver and other occupants into an unnatural hunched-over position. This is extremely uncomfortable, especially on long trips. Let's go back to seats that allow people to remain in proper posture, please. It's a standard low end model, but features are adequate. The van was built for soccer moms who don't move anything but their kids' teams and sports equipment. The ability to secure anything else is limited. For the cargo I had to move, I needed better tie down features on floors and interior walls. It's great, though, to have a vehicle in which seats can be dropped into the floor with no fuss. All in all it was an adequate vehicle for my purposes.

- Rebecca H

The most amazing minivan ever.

My vehicle overall is pretty good. Since moving to a state where the weather is primarily hot, it has been overheating and having a lot of problems that are expensive to fix. For example; the radiator is shot, the cooling fans are down, and I need a new temperature gauge, and if I keep driving it eventually the engine will give out and I will not be able to drive it or sell it. But, if living in a place with not too hot weather, it does very well and it is a smooth driving car that I love, a lot. It has leather seats, so again when it is hot it is not fun. I have driven it for long hours for many road trips and it can carry a lot of heavy stuff like; wood, tents, ice, etc. It is a comfortable car as far as traveling long distance goes. Honestly, I think about selling it sometimes, but then I remember all of that stuff and the fact that it has so many great features. It has seat warmers, amplified sound in the back speakers, it is an automatic so stalling would not be an issue, there is a TV screen so kids can watch movies if they get too bored, and there are multiple compartments to keep valuable stuff. When the air conditioning is working and on, it keeps the car completely cooled off and it is a nice, smooth, comfortable environment. All around grading, without all the recent problems, I would give it a b+.

- Haley P

It is very family friendly.

There is plenty of room for a family to fit very comfortably. There is extra storage beneath the middle seats feet which can be very handy in some circumstances. The seats can be adjusted to fit many needs from reclining and being lied down for easy hauling of bigger objects. Sliding doors have are very nice if you have full hands and just have to press a button on your keypad. But when they have a glitch and stop functioning they are very hard to open and close. Starts in cold weather typically in the negatives without a block heater. When it is to cold the speedometer will freeze up on occasion so you don't know what speed your going. My specific rides low to the ground which causes a lot of underneath catching entering and exiting parking lots. Running board are a waste of money also. Tire air pressure sensor is way to sensitive. Love the leather interior as far as being easier to clean. But cloth material is warmer in the winter and seems to hold up longer to wear and tear. The heated seat feature in the front seats are also a nice feature. I don't feel the whole van stays warm enough and circulates as well as it could compared to other vans in winter weather.

- Lisa K

Interesting detail of car is the brakes seem to wear out faster than others.

My vehicle has lasted me almost 14 years with mileage of 144,000. In the beginning I had problems with the brakes a lot, kept wearing uneven. It stills seems like I have to get new brakes more than I should. The reliability of this car has been consistent really only having to be in the shop for routine maintenance or the occasional replacing of a part. The inside of the van is still in decent shape, one complaint I have is that I wish the middle seat and back seat was easier to take out and put back in. The seats often get caught on the hooks to take out/ put in and you have to work at it to release the seats. The driver seat has remained in good shape and still is comfortable to sit in. The features are good, no deluxe features, but for what I have they have kept. I do wish the cup holders that were under the middle seat were made a little sturdier, they gave out not soon after getting the car.

- Diane L

My 2005 Chrysler town and country stow and go is a very reliable van.

I have a 2005 Chrysler town and country it is very reliable for me. The only time it has been in the garage is to change the oil, filters. Check all the things that have to be checked and changed. It has seats for seven people. The seats fold down and you can haul sheets of plywood or any thing else that is big as the floor is level. I love the performance and the looks of it. As for any maintenance done on it like I said before is oil changes, filter changes and air filters is done every three thousand miles. The seats are comfortable as they adjust to your liking. My vehicle has power seats and running boards on it also. If and when I will need a new vehicle I would want another one like it. I get good mileage about twenty four miles per gallon. I have had work done on it like tires changed, oil changed. And other things for general maintenance. No big things have been needed.

- Grace P

That the drum breaks could completely lock up while driving down the road.

The town and country we own is a very nice van, it runs smoothly most of the time, even though it has over 200, 000 miles on it. We bought this vehicle used and the back brakes locked up on us shortly after. We had to have it towed home and fixed a our house. The cloth interior on the ceiling has been fixed by us, and is falling down yet again, our drivers side window has come off track, and the keepers for the plastic pieces on the interior of the door has also broken and the bulb behind the gas light is out. Also, our headlights have all gone out though I believe it is because of regular use and it is more time to replace. It's not a luxury vehicle and has no special features, but the radio and CD player work well, all of the controls for the locks and windows work fine and overall seems to be reliable.

- Alexia B

A very roomy fantastic investment!

I really love the space that I have when I fold all the seats down, there is more room for my dog, lots of room if you need to move a piece of furniture or go grocery shopping, or you can use it to sleep in while camping. The DVD feature is great entertainment for the kids, and it is got a decent speaker system for music lovers. I also love the automatic open and close of the sliding doors and rear door by remote or by 1 push of the button. I think if you do regular maintenance, transmission and motor should last a while. The only thing I can think that I do not like is that there is not much clearance from the ground so you have to be careful parking in front of curbs, other than that, it is a great buy!

- Sarah P

Oldies but goodies. Why I still drive my 2005 Town & Country

2005 Chrysler town and country minivan. My wife and I purchased this when our three girls were small because we needed the room and access of sliding doors for third row seating. Plus it had cargo storage in the rear that was accessible through the rear lift door. The seats all fold completely flat into the floors this would act like a truck to haul somewhat larger household or garage items. Tables, chairs and plywood. The gas mileage was always very good averaging in the lower twenty's around town and there were never any major repairs. Over 195,000 miles and only tune-ups, tires, wipers, brakes, and one set of rotors.

- Randy N

Space, comfort, & convenience.

I love the passenger space in my Chrysler town & country. I can easily haul the kids where they need to go, get little ones in and out of car seats, and still have plenty of room for groceries or anything else I need to transport. The stow and go seats are really great when needing to transport large items and I love that I have the option of making space that can be accessed by either the side or rear doors. The automatic door features make life so much easier, especially when you can open the rear access from the driver's seat with the touch of a button. Overall I think this is a great family vehicle.

- Pamela D

It fits 7 adult passengers and has three anchor seats for child car seats.

I love my town and country! It is fully loaded with Bluetooth, 2 monitors and a DVD player. I have three car seats for my children. Although, in the beginning I did wish it had a bench seat instead of bucket seats in the middle row I am sure glad it does not so I can fit and get my children in and out as needs. The trunk space is also neat. And it does have a little flashlight on the side wall of the trunk which comes out and it can be hand held. overall I love my van and never in a million years would thing that I was going to be the mom with the van! And loving it a that!

- Gloria M

2005 mini van is amazing for family of four on trips and towing/hauling things

Mini Van. holds 7 people. tow package. love it, so much more comfortable then a car. hauled 4'x8' plywood with it. long distance trips are amazing in it. remote open doors are fantastic with young children. tailgate button is helpful. has always driven easily and not many problems. tailgate only lifts by button now, and does not like to stay up in cold. occasionally, the side doors wont open by button, but typically it will after shutting off and back on. AC core is shot. it is a 2005, so for the age and miles I feel it has done amazingly well.

- Diane C

I would recommend this van overall.

It has stood up very well over the years. No major issues even with how old it is. It runs well, the only issue is it uses gas quicker than your typical vehicle. It is a very spacious vehicle and all the back seats can fold into compartments to maximize space which is awesome. I have used it for moving multiple times and it has been very useful. I also ran into a wall with it and there was zero damage so it is a very sturdy van. Fits all my kids, I just wish it had 6 back seats instead of 5. But it has its pros and cons either way.

- Esther A

Great vehicle to drive and ride.

I have had no problems with this. Bought it use quite a few years ago with 76, 000 miles on it. Now have 236, 000 miles. Gas usage is 22. 3 mpg. Very comfortable front seats and I have had back surgery and knee replacement. Drives very good. One thing that helps is regular maintenance. Have replaced brakes which happens. Does not use or lose oil. Great visual. No blind spots. Paint has held up and no problems with it. Look forward to getting at least 300, 000 miles out of this vehicle. It rides better than my 2015 town & country.

- James W

Chrysler Town and Country Well Worth It!

We love our vehicle it has gotten us through many trying times it is perfect for our family of 5 the girls love the TV and we love how comfortable the van is heated seats for the winter months is great. We have had issues with the AC it has stopped working and we need to fix the rear compressor but can't afford it at this time. The spare tire as well we cannot get back on there is something wrong with the part to put it back on and no one is able to fix it. Other than a few minor issues which everyone has we love the vehicle.

- Tammy P

Despite the amount of repairs it is needed, not one has ever cost over $200.

The engine is solid. Good gas mileage for the type of car, and it is very easy and fun to drive. That said, there are a million and one mechanical problems. Everything that can leak will, and it is all expensive to fix. The amount of repairs you'll need means a lot of time opening the hood. Unfortunately, the hood is not well made either and will eventually stop closing all the way. Any mechanic knows how to work on it, though, so if you have the cash to put into it it'll last forever without engine or transmission problems.

- Angela D

It has a bad track record of transmission failures.

I really like the stow and go seating because of the extra room it makes easily accessible. I dislike the fact that I have had a lot of problems with the tire pressure sensors in this vehicle, and the fact that there are several cheap, poor quality made parts interior wise that have broken and are not easily replaced. One other thing I dislike is one part in particular that consistently breaks is the flashing under the windshield. I have replaced this 3 times only for it to crack again within months.

- terra l

Leather heated seats, power windows, it�s got a sunroof!

Well it's supposed to have a DVD player and things but it messed up and it has the power doors but only one works! It's got a sunroof automatic driver window! The back windows crack!! It needs some work done to it I think it's about to go that's why we bought another vehicle to drive I love it but it's harder on gas than a car! It does get me to where I need to go it's got the computer up top telling you how many miles you have till empty and things on it! It's blue in color! Leather heated seats

- Kelsey G

Spacious and comfortable minivan.

I love how comfortable this van is. It is very spacious. My children bob the DVD player that comes installed in the van. This van is ideal for long trips or even trips to the grocery store. The seats flip down very easy and make it comfortable 2 transport large items. With living in Wisconsin these fans do have a tendency of rusting. Also the power steering pump gets clogged fairly easy. Other than photos few minor things, my family and I absolutely love our Chrysler town & country minivan.

- Gina V

It drives great and has family friendly features.

For the most part, I love my van. I love the dvd player, which is a lifesaver for trips with the kids. I also love the stow and go seats. I don't like that the automatic door doesn't work on the passenger side, and I wish the back door had a handle to open it manually instead of only with a button. It would also be nice if we had less rust areas on the outside and if the heater/air conditioner vents worked better. In the back it only works as on or off, there's no inbetween.

- Carrie F

Really nice car, so much towing capacity!

One of the automatic doors does not close reliably. This minivan sips gas on highways, which is really nice. We do not have a ton of problems with it as far as how well it functions. We have had it for about a year and a half and got ours used. We can carry a lot of stuff in this car. There was one time that we carried a treadle sewing machine, and clothes, and boxes of other stuff. It rode like there was nothing wrong. My husband and I really like this car.

- Renee B

It comes with stereo useful button on the back of steering wheel.

My van is a smooth driver. The interior is a light tan color. The seats are made with a pleather time feeling or known as a soft material. It runs with 16s size tires. The bad thing about it there is not spare. My ban sits 2 passengers in the from 3 in the middle seat and 2 in the rear seat. It has a lot of space for carrying larger items. The seats can fold into a stow and go' this means the seats are flush with the floor when they are put away.

- Rachel M

Chrysler 2005 town & country minivan.

My 2005 Chrysler town & country is the most functional and Versatile minivan on the market, primarily because of the “stow-and-go” feature, which allows all seating behind the two front seats, to be easily and conveniently stowed in any combination chosen below floor level. This allows loading and transport of large items that would not fit inside other minivans. The seating can be independently arranged in any combination chosen.

- Ken W

My town and country minivan.

Right now I need to put new struts in it and a set of new headlights on it. The headlights do not seem to be lighting up very well anymore. Other than that it has been a great minivan to haul around kids to activities as well as hauling around daughter to work and taking care of the grand kids. Mileage seems to do fairly well though it could be a bit better. Possible tune up might help that. It has over 250000 miles on the odometer.

- Crystal W

The Town & Country is a versatile, economic, all-around, reliable family vehicle.

There is room enough to carry all my family at one time. The seats fold away inside the van if I need to make room to carry large items. It gets good gas mileage. It is easy to get in and out of. My only complaint is that it is getting older and Chrysler no longer makes the Town & Country; they've gone to the Pacifica now and it is not the same configuration. I will have to find another kind of vehicle to replace it with.

- Heather O

Pros and cons of the 2005 Chrysler town and country touring edition.

Suspension and rust have been an issue. Also the vehicle seems to burn through a lot of oil. Also seems to be that most have radiator issues as well as bearing issues in the wheels. Overall though with a small amount of money put into the vehicle over time it have been a seemingly reliable car I also forgot to mention the issues with the fuel level. It will say you have 100 miles left on the tank and you will run out of fuel.

- Tyler F

It runs but needs ton of work done on it and it will cost a lot to fix probably.

My vehicle has low gas mileage, it is rusted, belt squeaks, heat only works when sitting still, air does not work unless driving, passenger side front window is off track, and oil is leaking around the head gasket. It feels like the transmission is slipping at times. The side door on drivers side does not lock when you lock other doors, you have to push it down with your hand. Basically it needs to be sold to the junkyard.

- Leann B

Reliability and stow and go!

I particularly like the "stow n go" seats. I like to be able to both pick up people and things like a truck. I like the automatic doors. I have never had any problems with it starting. It is also good in the snow. I bought it used and even it is a later model, it has always been reliable. I am presently in the market for a new minivan due to an accident. It is my intention to get another Chrysler town and country.

- Joann K

Chrysler town & country in my opinion is a vehicle that is great for a family.

I bought this car brand new and I have never had any problems with this vehicle except the rusting out around the bottom other than that this vehicle has provided me with excellent transportation I can fold all the seats down and haul most anything in the roomy cabin and as far as a road trip this is the best riding vehicle I have had if I was to buy another vehicle it would be another town & country by Chrysler.

- Diana K

My 2005 Chrysler town and country.

I have had this van, my second one for ten yrs. And have had nothing but total comfort and reliability with it I had a five yr. period where I was in a wheelchair and still drove the chair fit right behind the passenger seat and always stayed in place. I play live music and haul my bands gear in it and the seats 3 of them move in and out of the van very easy. Like I said this is my second one and I love it!

- John O

Issues with fan motor is a common problem.

Good vehicle overall, roomy for my family of 5. Lots of storage, good gas mileage, runs smooth Current issues are with the fan motor for the air- only works when on high and makes a loud squealing noise, passenger sliding door doesn't lock or unlock sometimes. Most recent is the seal for my passenger break cover come apart and my tail light cover fell off, looks like the drivers side might do the same.

- Rachel R

It's a car that is dependable and strong. My main mechanic visits are for oil changes!

My only problem is the dealer I bought it from did not tell me it was in a flood. I have had no real mechanical issues, mainly rust problems. I love the roominess, the reliability. It moved me and what I could pack from NY to Fl. It's still going strong. It had helped family with moving and fits lots of us for trips to the beach. I have had it over 5 years, and I am hoping to have it much longer.

- Dawn G

In summary, I think minivans are beneficial in many ways

My Chrysler town and country minivan is perfect for my family. I have a sister who is disabled and this van is extremely easy for her to get in and out of. She can even put her walker in by herself which gives her greater freedom. It gets good gas mileage so we can plan out of town trips more often. In this case the used car dealer was most helpful. I would definitely buy another Chrysler minivan.

- Rhonda A

Great van for hauling family or household materials.

2005 hide away seats. Nice van. 227, 000 miles. 6 cylinder 3. 8. Great ride. Comfortable. Lots of cup holders. Charging areas. Sears can be up or down or all flat and you can carry 4x8 sheets of plywood. I put a couch in mine and closed the hatch. This is the best family car I have ever owned and still going strong. You can camp/sleep in this van if you had too. Good gas mileage about 22 mpg.

- Sherry A

Town and country lx 3. 8L touring length.

This vehicle has been reliable. Sits seven, and the grandkids love the video screen to watch CD movies. Long distance drives are comfortable due to the adjustable leather seats. My only disappointment is the rear passenger side window do no open. Stuck viewing out the dark tinted windows. The radio and speakers are great. Dashboard controls are easy to access while driving.

- Ann M

Touring has all the features! Power doors, stow and go, DVD player and sunroof!

I absolutely love my town and country! It is a very smooth ride never have had any mechanical problems whatsoever. It has power doors and hatch plus the stow and go to hide seats in order to haul large items. My model also has a DVD player which is amazing for the kids and it has a sunroof as well which is an added perk! I'll be loving my town and country for years to come!

- Elizabeth V

Excellent family vehicle and stylish.

This is the perfect family van. I enjoy the fact it has so much room. It is smooth to drive and great on gas. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone that needs more room for a bigger family or is just looking to upgrade into something more stylish. The interior is fantastic and durable enough for the occasional spill from kids. Great overall selection of van.

- Abigail H

It is a perfect vehicle for a family.

It is a vehicle that is reliable, I have not replace nothing on it beside tires and the basic stuff. I have no problems with it at all. It is the best vehicle I ever had in over 26 years. I have a great performance rate that I ever known for a van. It is comfortable in riding and seats are comfortable to seat on. I love the style of the vehicle in ever way.

- Scott S

Love having plenty of room for road trips.

I have had no issues with my van. It is been very reliable. Comfortable to easily fit myself and 5 passengers for road trips. Open space so you can ride with ease and relaxation. Plenty of legroom for long rides to sport games and practice. Storage space in the back plus stow and go space available. Would recommend highly if you travel frequently.

- Iva A

Chrysler town and country is great because it holds 7 passengers.

My vehicle has seen better days. I will eventually be looking for another but right now it's great to save on a monthly payment. I own a van for my family and it gets us where we need to go. It is showing its age with some rust, interior is quite faded and some cracks. The ac needs a tune up every summer but the heater works great in the winter.

- Amanda O

Wear and tear on town and country.

The van has been great, very reliable and seems to hold up well to wear and tear from young children. The radio/DVD player has issues and wont work and the turn signals are a little crazy at times. I am hard on my vehicles and even the family before had more kids and traveled a lot with the van. It has really held up well for family use.

- Ashley A

It has been the most reliable vehicle we have owned to date!

There is literally nothing I dislike about my van. We travel very long distances each week because we live in the country and we are always quite comfortable. It currently has 115,000 miles on it and going strong. The storage capacity is amazing. We installed a hitch to it and are able to tow hundreds of pounds of hay...it's a tank!

- Rachael S

It has not needed a lot of maintained for its age.

My 2005 town and country has a lot of nice features. There is a TV and DVD player for those long trips. It has a sunroof for good airflow. I have only had to change the brakes since I have bought it like four years ago. Nice running vehicle. The whole family cannot wait for trips knowing we have a comfortable ride to get there with.

- James H

Not for a traveling family.

I have had electrical issue after electrical issue, it has terrible gas mileage, definitely for a family that loves to travel. My ac and heater do not work, my dash lights flicker, my car surges a lot, even with new grounds, alternator and battery. I have put so much money in to the vehicle, if I could afford a new vehicle I would.

- Kaitlyn D

Chrysler town and country minivan is smooth that makes one smile with pride.

The van is in good condition. I have had to had the brakes and rotors redone. It has great gas mileage and is strong and steady. The van is very reliable. Other than the brakes I have had no other issues with it. I have upgraded the windshield wiper blades which makes it a plus. This is definitely the minivan you'd want to go with!

- Miki T

The storage space is the best part.

I love my town and country. It has plenty of space for kids, pets, traveling items. Whatever you need to put in it, you can. It gets fairly decent highway gas mileage but in the city is not so good. I have had no problems out of this car and when comes time for an upgrade I plan to get the same make and model, just a newer year.

- Victoria F

Dependable van. The van I own is reliable if regular maintenance performed.

I have had to make repairs that were somewhat intense, but that was after 12 years. I am very good at having the oil changed when needed as well as other regular maintenance. I love the heated seats in the winter, but also the seats are comfortable. The four automatic doors are very nice as well. I also love the color of my van.

- Judith F

Perfect for traveling with family.

This has been the best and most comfortable vehicle I've owned. It rides very smooth and perfect to have with kids. I have had no major problems with it, just your normal wear and tear on a vehicle. The DVD system in it has a six discs insert for movies. I wish just wish it had an auxiliary port. I love the stow n go feature.

- Ashley B

My van. Great mileage and plenty of legroom and storage.

My van is easy to get in and out. It has stow and go seats which allows for dropping the seats out of the way when you need the extra space. It has built in TV, great on long trips. I have not had any major problems with this van. I get somewhere between 25_30 miles on trips with 6 people and luggage for a week or two.

- Clark C

She is amazing. I love her so much. Wish I could have another one.

It keeps breaking down. The spark plugs are broken. The driver side window wont roll up. The driver side headlight is broken. Couldn't find fuel pump for it because it has stow and go and is too long. Had to fit a regular size one on. It is really annoying. Other than that it's a good car. She is a beauty. I love her.

- Savannah B

It has automatic sliding doors, and lots of storage.

It has automatic sliding doors on both sides that I love. Has an automatic truck, which I don't love because it malfunctions frequently. It has a DVD player as well, I bought the headphone for it, but those don't really work well either. Seats are comfortable and there plenty of room for all my kids and my groceries.

- Tiffany L

My experience with my minivan.

My car keeps needing work done to it all the time. I keep having to spend money on it just about every month. I've spent several hundred dollars, I'm ready to trade it in or something. I done had to put spark plugs in so many times. I feel like this car was a bad choice, I need to get another van for my 3 daughters.

- Crystal L

The radio is loud when it needs to be loud.

Good car drives well is a nice color that get me around in a safe way I like sitting up high and if I need to take things to the dump I can because of lots of room and the if there is a place that needs extra people to get there is lots of room to take them if that can not drive or afford a car to take themselves.

- Bob P

2005 Town and Country one of the best friends I have ever owned.

The 2005 town and country touring special. Is one of the greatest fans I have ever had. I have had two of them in a row and they have never gave up on me just needed some front-end work as it is getting worn out it is my daily driver to get everywhere I love this vehicle and would like to buy another newer one.

- Demi G

Great everyday family vehicle

Being as though it is an older vehicle the electronic liftgate works half of the time. I do wish there was a button to close the liftgate in the back. Other than that I think the vehicle is great & works wonderful for the needs of my family. I am looking forward to enjoying this vehicle for years to come.

- Sarah B

Like color and how it drives nice and smooth.

Like the size and all the space for traveling plenty of room for all drives nice and the kid love the DVD like the button on steering wheel turn down radio like the feature with temp and direction you going miles To empty tire pressure climate control nice like captain chairs lean back and seat come out easy.

- Stacy B

Lots of seating! Plenty of storage space when the seats are stowed.

I love this van! It has plenty of room and can fit 7 people rather comfortably. My only complaint would be that with all 3 rows of seats up there is not a lot of storage in the back. I have the stow and go seats so both the middle and 3rd rows fold flat into the floor, giving the van a lot of storage space.

- Kelly K

Reliable and worth the investment.

The vehicle is long-lasting, drives smoothly, and has been reliable through the years. It has many features that help in situations like moving, or driving around loads of people. Everything functions nicely, the radio, the speakers, the lights, and with proper maintenance it can be a very good investment.

- Rachel S

Try the Chrysler town and country! Truly a dependable vehicle!

I purchased this vehicle as the 2nd owner. I had no issues until about 7 month after purchase. The radiator has a leak, oil has small leak and the front end need repairs. It is a smooth ride, I love the stow and go feature. It helps greatly that it has a lot of room for traveling. I really like this car!

- Tina E

That it is a front-wheel drive vehicle, and it's not good in the snow

I have a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country minivan that is front-wheel drive. I find in the winter time I get stuck in my driveway, and going down gravel roads I get pulled off to the side. I do like the fact that it is a stow and go, which means the rear seats fold into the vehicle where they are hidden.

- Sherman H

Its reliable, dependable, great gas mileage.

It is 13 years old and has 200, 000 miles! It has normal wear and tear. We don't have to put much money into it other than regular oil changes and now it needs a gasket. The gas mileage is good and it has been very reliable. I love it so much! Its great and I highly recommend a Chrysler town & country!

- Jen L

It is roomy if you have children and have to haul groceries.

The outside body frame or whatever you call it, has rusted out all the way around, and I've seen it other models in the same place. The electrical system malfunctions even after putting in a brand new alternator it just gets worse. But I will have to say, for the mileage on it, it's doing fairly well.

- Crystal E

It may look like a soccer mom van but it's loaded with extras and comfortable as heck

It's old and starting to fall apart. It's been faithful though and I'm just trying to get one more year out of it because we will have some other bills paid off by then and it will feel okay to have a car payment again then. It served our family well but we are almost kid-free and ready for a sedan.

- Amy M

My van has seats for 7 people. It has lots of room for kids and car seats.

I like the stow and go seats it helps when traveling. The automatic doors are very helpful with kids and when shopping. I love the quick connects they help make changing car seats around easier. I wish it had another pocket behind the driver seat so I could put things in it for easy reach for kids.

- Emily H

2005 Chrysler town and country.

My car has some great features: cruise control, am/FM CD player, built in DVD and navigation system. The second and third row seats also fold down into the floor, providing spacious cargo space. Both sliding doors and hatch door are power operated. There is also a stock remote start with this van.

- Jennifer H

This special vehicle is wheelchair accessible. I can just get up and go.

My vehicle is great. It's a wheelchair accessible vehicle. It dependable and does not give me any problems. It is not to good on gas mileage but considering it is equipped with what I need I can deal with that. This car is a god sent. Its roomy and has a great air conditioning. I love my vehicle.

- Brenda B

All Chrysler vans leak oil. All Chrysler Town and Country vans have airbag sensor issues that are not covered by a recall.

I like that all of the seats behind the front driver and passenger seat, stow into the floor. I like the seat heaters for the winter. I don't like the oil leak that literally makes me run out of oil every 3 months, the faulty knee blocker airbag sensor, the "normal " knocking of the engine, etc.

- Erin M

Family van, perfect vehicle for the whole family, stow and go, awesome.

My 2005 Chrysler, town and country. Is very reliable, can easily seat seven people very comfortably. Very reliable and dependable. A great vehicle for short trips to the store, or a long car ride. Very spacious. With the ability to stow and go. Makes it easy to carry a lot of things in the back.

- Ed P

Town and country- perfect for a family.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. Now that it has 250, 000 miles there are some issues but I do not see this as anything abnormal. Keep up with the normal maintenance and it should last a while for you. I have recently had more frequent repairs but feel that is due to the age of the vehicle.

- Tammie B

If old faithful was a car.

My 2005 Chrysler town and county is extremely reliable and has taken me to 11 different states. It has hauled boxes and totes to various locations. It is generally comfortable when you sit in the front seat as the back benches can be a bit uncomfortable after an extended amount of sitting time.

- Kay P

Tv screens, seating lays flat.

Steering is acting up, makes loud sound, balance if off. Electrical past problems! It make a crazy loud sound when you are backing up. We didn't have any problems at first but then the engine light came on. We changed fuel cap and had it checked out but it just has one issues after the next.

- Natalia M

Smooth ride easy to maintain. Easy on gas, roomy.

Very reliable. Very comfortable when driving long distance. Love the stow and go seats. Can hold up to 7 people very comfortably. . It gets good gas mileage. No real problems other than some rust starting to form and headliner is coming loose. . It has separate control for fans in the back.

- Susan S

Nothing special about it. It's to drive my toddler, do shopping. Etc. Mom Life

It's our main vehicle to drive our child around. Our other car doesn't have back seats so we drive her in the van to fit her car seat inside. It's an old van, but it's reliable and works well.it's great for grocery shopping and fits her stroller I side. We removed the very last row of seats

- Kitty P

The Chrysler Town and Country with stow and go seats is very versatile.

I am a working artist, and I love camping. This van holds all my art when I go to shows, and has room enough to put a bed in the back for camping. The stow and go seats are a big plus! I can carry up to nine passengers, or fold the seats down and carry a four by eight foot sheet of plywood.

- Ingrid S

This Car is the Most Reliable Car We Own

I really love our Chrysler Town and Country. We bought it used when it was about five or six years old and we have not had any major problems with it. It's a long-lasting car that would be excellent for a family with two or more kids. It is the oldest, yet most reliable car our family owns.

- Shelby S

Everything you want or need in a vehicle.

I love my 2005 Chrysler town & country. It has stow and go. It was perfect for 3 boys playing sports, and perfect for go on long road trips. It has more than enough room to bring everything you could possibly need to go camping. It has over 300,000 miles on it and is still running good.

- Lisa B

Runs really well for a older van.

The van is very reliable until it starts to age that is where the problems come into place. But is very reliable in the beginning. I run this van on a regular basis. Doing all types of side jobs including hauling different things all around town and the surrounding cities where I am from.

- Rodney S

The right kind of driving.

Great gas mileage. Very reliable for traveling and getting around town. Does not take much to fill the tank. Spacious trunk and comfortable seating. Great additions inside such as extra compartments and air control for both front and back seats. Excellent power steering and drive control.

- Sara M

It is comfortable driving it and is very adjustable.

I like the size of our van. It is very adjustable between taking family along with room for 7, with the fold in seats it works great for hauling items which would otherwise be difficult to do. It handles well, it has a fair mileage system, comfortable and the dashboard is laid out well.

- Ann G

Ok, still gets me around... Barely.

Bad gas mileage. A/c needed repair, not good pick up speed... Other than that, not bad. Has a lot of physical issues like door locks, handles, power windows, and interior ceiling collapsed. Engine has been running loud and seems to have lost a lot of pickup. Radio and CD are way outdated.

- Glenn M

It is extremely versatile as far as the cargo area goes

I really love my van. The only problem is it's getting old and many of the accessories are wearing out. Things like the window motors the door Motors the hatch closing mechanism these types of things but it gets good mileage and it's very comfortable to ride in! The seating is very roomy

- Earl B

The perfect comfort van for those looking for simple and affordable.

My van is highly reliable, always starts and never shuts off on me. With proper maintenance I haven't had any problems. One problem which may be a simple fix, is the size of the rims and tires. The touring edition fits my family of five comfortably and all of its power features are nice.

- Sable P

Reliable, comfortable, and fuel efficient.

My vans performance is average. It drives well to my desired location, but it has issues picking up speed. For example I cannot go from 30 mph to 70mph instantly like newer models mine takes about a minute before it picks up speed. Other than that the inside is spacious and comfortable.

- Alma F

The living room on wheels

It's roomy, fits up to 8 people comfortably, is good on gas, travels far and well without any major issues. I like the convenience of the stow and go seating for when you need more space for cargo. The DVD option is also a plus if you have kids. All in all a really great family vehicle.

- Amanda R

Problems like any other vehicles.

Its older so it does have high miles on it, leaks oil, it is rusted on the running boards and back hatch. The tires are getting bad, I definitely need new ones, they don't hold air very good in them either. Other than the obvious problems it's good, gets me where I need to go everyday.

- Katie W

There are many little storage areas that I am still discovering.

I like the stow and go seating. The seats retract into the floor so I can carry multiple and large items. I am able to transport up to 7 people. The doors are automatic. The DVD player keeps children occupied. The air conditioning is controllable in the front seat as well as the rear.

- Joann K

My minivan and I are in the mood for a ride and a road trip.

I really love my town and country minivan. I have had wonderful luck with it the past five years and hope to have for a few more years after almost paying off. Been on a couple vacations too. I enjoy the spacious size and we are able to also take out the seats for hauling or whatnot.

- Alita M

It is a wonderful family vehicle. It is nice for traveling. We love the dvd player and the heated seats. It is also nice that it has temperature control for the heat and air.

It is a smooth ride. It has a lot of wonderful features like heated seats, power doors, dvd player, and stow and go storage. The only things that are difficult is that the driver side windows have a tendency to break down sometimes. We also have issues with our rear windshield wiper.

- Melissa H

Great vehicle, very reliable, great gas mileage.

reliable, great gas mileage, comfortable, affordable insurance, fully loaded features, has a lot of cargo room. Never had any mechanical issues, has all the modern features and added safety features that gets you a better insurance discount, these vehicles retain their resale value..

- Richard B

Tan van. CD and DVD players. Heated front seats.

it has heated front seats. Controls for air and heat for driver, passenger and back. Built in DVD player. Built in CD player. One plug behind front seats doesn't work anymore. It does have working ones though up front, and 2 on sides in the back. It has a tear in seat... Not too bad.

- Jennifer P

My mom van: space for me and entertainment for my kids.

I love the space and some of the amenities: heated seats, stow-and-go, DVD player for the kids. It is study and reliable. The issues I have are mostly due to the she is the vehicle. It has low gas mileage compared to newer models. The automatic doors do not always work properly.

- Margaret K

Chrysler town and country touring.

Is a great vehicle. Has store and go seating which comes in handy a great deal of the time. Has antilock brakes, air conditioning, automatic side doors. As well as an automatic tailgate. Very comfortable for long trips. Dual heating just really nice as well as the heated seats.

- Misty C

Great, handy van great for riding and hauling.

My van gets great gas mileage, fun to drive. It is handy for hauling things including many people will fit in it. It's easy to put the seats down to make room to haul larger things. I've had very few mechanical problems with the van, I've just had to v for regular maintenance.

- Tina W

You cannot fit 3 people in the back if you have two booster seats back there. Also, toddler car seats have to be buckled in almost in between two seats.

I love having the sliding doors so that kids don't open doors and hit other cars. I love how much room is in the trunk. I love the stow and go seats. I dislike the fact that the air goes out and it seems to always have a "something's wrong" light on even when nothing is wrong.

- Katie X

Has been a reliable vehicle, and holds my family comfortably.

I bought my minivan used, It has been a good vehicle. The only issues I have had is the driver window doesn't always work and the passenger automatic door doesn't always work. Sometimes you have to pull it open. I like that the heat and air conditioning both work in the back.

- Penny B

2005 Chrysler Town & Country Stow & Go..All rear seats fold down into van

It got 195000 miles runs good dependable. Stow and go so you can fold seats down and have plenty of room. 6 seating. Has had minor issues. Needs new tires. Air conditioner works great. New alternator and spark plugs, coil packs. Has been a commercial vehicle so very reliable

- Jennifer M

The best part of my van is the space.

I love my car. It has seat warmers, automatic doors, and is very spacious. I have over 150, 000 miles on it and I have never had a problem with the car. It does fairly good on gas, but it eats oil up pretty fast. It accelerates fairly fast, but does not go up hill very well.

- Abigail F

Like town & country van roomy.

It drives nice. Very few problems. It rusted bad at 100, 000 miles. Comfortable to ride in. Good on gas and oil. Cost right was used when I bought it. Like that it is not all electrical can open doors has child proof windows. Cruise control electric windows. Electric doors.

- Jill C

I think my vehicle is the best because you can fit a good much people in it.

I like my vehicle because it have Bluetooth and I can connect my phone to it and I can call people without using my phone on the road. My car can run very well and you do not need to go put gas everyday. My car is always clean and you don't even need to vacuum it that much

- malcolm J

It is a decent vehicle for the price we paid It runs and hasn't given us an issue

It hasn't had any reliability issues since we bought it, and we have owned it for about 2 years. It is comfortable. The check engine light has come on a few times, but turns off on its own. I have noticed that with my vehicle and others like it, the body has a lot of rust.

- Nikki W

For as old as it is it is in good shape.

Struts are bad needs tires tune up radiator. Has a loan against it. Dents in back of car. Vibrates while sitting at a light. The left side door does open. It does not perform right. Bits not reliable. It is ok comfortable has a CD radio in it plays good. Needs new wipers.

- Lorna S

Town and country is Versatile.

I love my town and country because the rows of seats can fold down into the floor. This makes it super convenient to haul around all sorts of stuff. The driver and passenger seats are really comfortable for traveling short or long distances, which is very important to me.

- Kelly B

Chrysler town and country mini vans.

The only problem my vehicle seems to have is the air conditioning condensers do not hold up for many years. They must be replaced after about 8 to 10 years. Other than that, they are comfortable, easy to drive and hold up well. I have owned several of them over the years.

- Jackie M

It has almost 150k miles on it and it still runs great!

I love that my kids have the space they need in a minivan. I also love the stow and go option that it has. I don't love the look of it or that it is older, but I do love that everyone has enough space when we travel (even the dog) and that I don't have a car payment!!!

- Jamee E

Good 2005 Chrysler town and country. Has amazing storage

Absolutely no problems with it yet. It drives amazing, speeds up great, all the buttons and heat/ac works awesome. I love how much room there is in it. I can store my kids double stroller plus all the luggage no problem! I'd definitely recommend this vehicle for parents.

- Marina A

Nothing is interesting about a minivan.

It rust a lot around the door paneling but if you keep up the oil changes and maintenance it will run for years. The power locks stop working and the windows jump off track often. Its an old vehicle but I covered mostly everything about it. This a lot for thirty cents.

- Wendy B

Power everything. Power doors. Power seats. Remote start. Everything I need.

I love the room and it gets good gas mileage. I am able to put the whole family in plus luggage with no problem. The power push button side doors are great. Easy on upkeep not to much in the way of mechanical issues. I am definitely going to be getting a newer model.

- Travis B

My vehicle is great. It gets me from point A to point B no problems.

Motor mount cracked, windshield cracked, needs new passenger tire, needs new headlight assembly, the spark plugs and wires need to be replaced and it needs a new cup holder. I feel like it could use an alignment and new upper ball joints. Otherwise it runs just fine

- Steven W

Lots of seating capacity plus storage room with all the seats pulled up

Our vehicle was a bank repo. Got a good price. Good seating. Previous owners took all but 1 headrest. Don't like where the spare tire is located, under the van. Wish they made vehicles with automatic fluid sensors. I hate having to check fluids. I'm not a mechanic.

- Robert A

Chrysler town and country.

Check engine light is on; remote does not unlock passenger rear door; cracked radiator; comfy; light are not bright; dent on driver side of rear bumper; sometimes it is a gas hog; good radio; drives nice; middle and rear seat reclines; nice amount of space in back.

- Lori S

The starter and wheel alignment.

I love my van it is very helpful in moving and driving is good, gas mileage good, and the ok only problem is wheel alignment is bad, and I had to put a starter on it twice, the radiator is good, other than that everything is good, it is a very good van on the road.

- Richard H

Town and country had and nays.

I love that it seats 7 people. It is roomy and has decent gas mileage. The DVD play quit working and now it makes a loud noise every time I start the car. It also rust pretty badly. If it's windy out it does make the car sway. I like the automated doors and seats.

- Dawn P

I hate this vehicle so much I'd rather walk.

I hate this vehicle because all it does is give me mechanical problems. It's not cute to drive and has left me stranded many times. Unfortunately I need a large vehicle with 5 kids making us a family of 7. Its practical but not ideal. I am ready to get rid of it.

- Crystal K

Van issues and one good thing.

The rust on my car chips off and it rust within a year, and my transmission has already gone bad within the first half year of using it. Pros of the van is the stow and go. It runs and gets us from point A to point B nothing else to it. Gas mileage is okay on it.

- Brittany L

Stow-n-go seating and lots of room.

I like the room and space available in the vehicle. I like that it has stow-n-go seating so if I need more room I am able to lay the seats flat to put bigger items in my vehicle. I have had no issues with it mechanically. I feel that it is a great family vehicle.

- Stephanie M

Practically rust free, except the bottom panels.

It's a great van, runs great, no problems other than very minor ones with age. Rust in bottom door panels, starts every time, very reliable van, definitely would buy another. I would highly recommend this car if you are in the market for a good car, buy this one.

- Rodney D

I just do not like it! I have 3 kids so getting them in & out is so much easier.

Brakes need fixing. Needs new water pump. . I just do not like a minivan. It does not fit my personality at all. I am 23 not 72! I think it is for maybe family vacations. . Plus I am not comfortable driving something big. I am looking for a Honda or acura accord.

- Britt H

Great storage and reliable

I love my car. It has so much room for the family and their friends. It has been a great car and is reliable. It has room and comfort. We love the stow and go compartments to store items. I will ride it for as long as I can because it means so much to our family.

- Margaret G

Great space for our growing family

I love the room as we have a growing family. The things we need to get fixed after buying it used include: getting the air conditioner fixed, one of the door hinges, and the exhaust. However with buying used we are very happy it only has 117,000. miles on it!!

- Lora J

Chrysler town and country.

It has a quite a bit of issues with a tail light. I have also had some mechanical issues with a sensor. The car has terrible gas mileage. It is comfortable to ride in when taking long trips. Mine came with a DVD player which was very handy having small children.

- Danielle P

Very roomy! This car is perfect for families.

The seats are comfortable. I love the stow n go seats. That adds to the roominess. The trunk area is roomy, and it is sunken which is nice. There is plenty of legroom. It drives nice. I like that it has sliding doors on both sides. The visibility is really good.

- Kim B

Great family car. Worth the investment.

The car is very reliable. I have not had any major problems that were expensive since it was purchased in 2011. It is comfortable and travels very well on the highway. My family has stretching room and having a DVD player in it keeps those in the back occupied.

- April A

2005 Chrysler town and country touring edition. Has a 6 disc DVD player.

I have had almost no problems with this vehicle other then some issues with the electric doors. My van is 13 years old and has almost 200,000 miles on it. I have kept up to date with oil changes and service and have never ran into many problems. Very reliable.

- Jamie K

The space inside the vehicle is wonderful.

The features of this vehicle are very nice. The seats are very comfortable and relaxing. Long car trips are enjoyable and the sound system is wonderful. There’s a good amount of space for my son's wheelchair in the back since the seats fold all the way down.

- Rebekah B

Can't beat the versatility!

It's the magic bus! That poor van has done everything I've ever asked of it and has transported more stuff than the average full sized truck. Complaints? Rust. The rocker panels of these vehicles are a constant battle with rust. Otherwise, the magic bus rocks!

- Corinne V

The seats have heaters that helps my back. It is like a heating pad.

I like my van so much. The ride is smooth. I like the features that came with it. It is the right side for what my family needs to use it for. I like to shop and sometimes the items are big. A car will not do. I feel really independent because of my vehicle.

- Vivian G

Chrysler T&C Touring is Fantastic

The van only has one issue and that's that the air conditioning blend door thing is stuck so it's blowing hot air. But that's a fixable issue. I love the stow-n-go feature it has. The cloth seats are a plus as well. I haven't run into any issues with it yet.

- Gabrielle S

Town and country van are great.

On these vans they suffer from rust on the bottom of the vehicle. Other then that the van is great, good space for the whole family and it drives good. I feel as long as you give your vehicle tlc it can last for a very long time. I might add its good on gas.

- Yolanda H

2005 Chrysler town and country.

For a larger vehicle the mileage is very good. The seats are comfortable. The hideaway seats make it very easy to fit multiple things that you wouldn't be able to fit in other vehicles. The headlight switch can sometimes be an issue, but is easily fixable.

- Destiny S

Love my 2005 Chrysler t&c.

Always a problem with driver side power window. Paint clear coat peeling in several places. Too expensive to have repainted. Has a total of 146500 miles and still runs like new. It is a wp Chrysler touring model. Leather interior CD player and DVD video.

- Bart N

My Chrysler Town and Country; a most pleasant ride.

Is unexpectedly gas conservative unlike most minivans. Rarely breaks down if regular maintenance is performed, which isn't overpriced if you have a good mechanic. Comfortable seats, lots of storage room. The spare tire is a tad difficult when/if needed.

- Dominique P

Didn't think I would like a minivan but I love it. Comfortable and roomy,

My mini van drives very smoothly, seats up high enough to see a lot, haven't had any problems with it, although wish it better gas mileage. But overall I am very pleased with it, the seats are very comfortable, great for my grandchildren to have room.

- Cindy K

2005 Chrysler town & country.

I,ve been having my car for over 4 or 5 years. Currently, it has a few damages like the thermometer. It tends to heat a lot. There are other problems like some pipes. Additionally, sometimes the transmission changes fail to go and the car turns off..

- Jasmin G

Great family vehicle. Seats 7 and wonderful for transporting kids around.

I like how this vehicle works for our family. The only problems we have had are the wiper blades not working very efficiently and the gas gauge no longer reading appropriately. However, the electronic gas meter tells us when we need to fill up.

- Katie G

Great vehicle. Lots of space.

I like it. Comfortable. Fits everything. Love the sto and go seating. Bad things are the automatic door stopped working. It makes a loud rattling sound when going over any bumps. Catalytic converter went out but seems normal wear/tear.

- Suzi S

Our van has a automatic car starter, a DVD player, and stow and go seating.

My van works decently well. It has enough seating and storage capacity for all 5 of my family members, including 3 children in car seats. It has rust on the outside and has needed a decent amount of repairs in the year that we have owned it.

- Jamie S

Chrysler Town and Country 2005 - Old Reliable

Reliable vehicle. Radiator has been replaced, has a tendency to have electrical problems - one lock doesn't work & the front passenger window doesn't roll down. However, still runs with over 200k miles. Does have a slight hiccup when idling.

- Andrea H

This car is very reliable as long as you keep up with regular oil changes. It has been very good to us.

I love this minivan. It's been a reliable and safe vehicle for myself and my growing family. I absolutely love the third row seating and the automatic door. The only thing I wish this can has is an extra seat in the middle for an 8th person.

- Falynne B

it has good gas mileage and is roomy

I like that I can carry all my family when we go to the flea markets or to the beach. we fish a lot so I have room for all our fishing gear.I don't really have any complaints except the dash lights flicker and the sliding door doesnt work

- sherry n

that it gets good gas mileage and that it last a long time

what i like about it is the storage space it has in the stow and go part of the van and the part i don't like is that the windows do not come down in the back seat and the spare tire is under the car instead of being in the back of the car

- william b

It is a great vehicle for growing families.

I like that it has a lot of space for my family, it's very good on gas for the size of it, very reliable and works well. I do not like that it has some exterior damage, and the AC needs to be fixed completely due to the age of the car.

- Sarra B

It gets us from point A to point B. It has really run well with no break downs, it is a consistent vehicle.

We have an adapted minivan for a wheelchair, so we like that it can accommodate the wheelchair. It is in good shape, and while we bought it used it had low miles. I wish it had more "bells and whistles" like automatic doors and such.

- Rebecca M

Reliable, in ten plus years of having this vehicle I have had to fix it one time. The water pump is in a difficult spot.

My van is the best vehicle I have owned. I am a big guy, when I drive I'm very comfortable. There is so much storage space with the stow and go opinion. I have put 5 alive Christmas trees and a California king in the van . I love it!

- Steven W

It can handle any job from hauling kids to moving furniture.

I have had very little problems with my van. It is very reliable and always has been. I love how much room it has (as we have 5 kids) and how multi-functional it is. I can go from running kids around to moving furniture if need be!!

- Casey F

Great vehicle that has provided our family many great road trips over the years, just wish it had a more solid body that wasn't rusting.

Vehicle itself has run smoothly however the body has had issues. The body has rusted all along the bottom parts along the frame and edges. The interior features has not had issues (i.e. the interior screens) and has held up well.

- maya s

Very reliable when you have a busy life with lot of room

Van , love the automatic doors, it's very roomy , great ride and adjustable seats. I love this van for trips and all my kids sports events. Have a grand baby and her car seat fits in well when we take her to stores or anywhere.

- Leec C

Gas mileage is wonderful on this car.

I love how it fits my family and that it has multiple charger ports along with a DVD player. I like how the seats fold down into floor to make more space. There really is not anything I dislike about it that I can think of...

- Patricia S

The best gas mileage ever.

I bought the vehicle used so it had wear and tear. It seems to go through fluids faster than other vehicles. My AC doesn't work and there is a weird electrical error that randomly occurs. It gets me where I need to go though.

- Kaitlyn D

In over all its a reliable van. i love the features.

I like that it's easy to drive, it has the feature to open doors and trunk with a key switch. But a lot of stuff break on this van. the trunk motor has been replaced three times, the battery has been changed three times too.

- Melissa R

It's been a very reliable vehicle and we will likely purchase a new on in the same make and model.

We love the cargo space it offers including the stow-n-go option. It runs great. We are having electrical issues with it right now and things are beginning to fall apart. We will be buying a new one within the next year.

- Kayla M

Very spacious fast reliable car gas Usage for 79 mile trip less than 1/2 a tank.

Up to now I have not had a problem with my vehicle. I have had it over a yr. and it was purchased as a used car. For all this time I have had it all I have had to fix on it has been the brakes and shocks that is about it.

- Marilyn C

That it is comfortable and has room...

I like my van because it is easy to drive, works great and makes it so convenient to carry passengers and the sliding doors makes for easy in and out. There isn't anything that I dislike about the vehicle, no complaints.

- phyllis K

The Reliable Family Van (with minor problems)

The vehicle is in good condition. Side door gets jammed every once in a while. Back door automatically opens but sometimes closes on its own. Has over a 100,000 miles in it already. Other than that it's well maintained.

- Michael L

Has taken long trips and keeps on ticking!! I bought it with 90,000 and I've put 39,000 in 5 1/2 years!! It just takes me anywhere and I feel comfortable. I do take it to have her looked at and oil changes.

I bought it used in 2012 after Sandy ruined my other van. This van is the best!! Only goes to the mechanic for inspection. It's showing its age yes but more on the outside. It's just a great minivan for being used!!

- Mary H

It is good for carrying seven people or folding down the seats and can hold a twin size mattress if needed.

I like that it has a lot of room to haul passengers and cargo. I like that the seats can fold down into the floorboard. I like that it has comfortable seats. I don't like that it always makes annoying engine sounds.

- Lori R

The car is very reliable. I have had no problems with the mechanics of the van

I like the push of a button and the doors and hatch open and close. This is convenient when you have small kids. I wish my radio was the upgraded one when I purchased the van with the bluetooth capability.

- vickie k

That there are children on board, so please drive safely.

I love that it has enough room for my 3 children and a couple of their friends. I also like that is rides very smoothly. The air conditioning and heat work great. I love that it does not eat up gasoline.

- Danielle K

It takes little damage when being forced to run over small animals on the highway.

I like the size of the car and the handling of it. I dislike that it was a model before stow and go became a thing and that the seats have to be fully taken out rather then folding into the car itself.

- mandy c

It is versatile, and very reliable.

My town and country has been the best vehicle that I have ever owned. It is so versatile! I️ can stow the seats and load it with boxes or even furniture or keeps the seat up and take a family trip.

- Bridget M

It's a very comfortable vehicle to ride in. Gas mileage isn't too awfully bad.

It is very comfortable for road trips. Doesn't use too awfully much Gasoline. The air-conditioner doesn't work. That's hard on me sometimes with COPD & Asthma but can't afford to fix it at this time.

- Sandi C

The fuel mileage and the comfort of the seats. Also the roominess.

I love the stow and go seats. . And the compartment that is in the back were the seats stow that I can use to keep items from moving around. The fuel mileage is. Good and the van operates very well.

- Gloria S

Can be difficult to park due to size.

I enjoy the layout and extra space of my town & country. It has run into engine problems a couple times, but has generally held up well for a car of its age. Overall, enjoyable and reliable vehicle.

- Samantha B

The Chrysler van is affordable comfortable vehicle. Great gas mileage and hands well

Awesome ride totally satisfied not much to complain about. Handles smoothly and is good on gas and comfortable and I'm happy with it . Others admire the ride and drives very good and comfortable.

- Stephanie P

That it is very good on gas and has lots of room.

I love my vehicle. It has tons of room for my family plus i can bring extra people with us. It has a DVD player in it so the kids can watch movies. I love that it has automatic doors on it also.

- Chelsea T

That it is dependable and versatile.

This has been a very dependable and versatile vehicle for me. It has a lot of rust on it, which I hate, but I don't want to replace it until I absolutely have to. The interior looks brand new.

- Kathy L

It is reliable. It has not needed to have any expensive repairs.

I love how the seats fold into the floor, the storage in the floor panels, the separate seats in the second row. The trunk is a little small and deep, kind of awkward for putting groceries in.

- Julie N

Reliable family car and has plenty of space.

I have the stow and go model and I love it. Easy to haul stuff in. I have had it for a year and I haven't had put any work into it other than regular maintenance. I highly recommend this van.

- Jessica R

Oldie but a goodie. Classic minivans still rock!

I really enjoy the space and stow away seats. Seating for 7 makes it easy to bring friends with the family on trips. For being an older model, 2005, it's really held up to the test of time.

- Jane B

Great older minivan that has life still left to it and could use some tlc.

Power steering needs replaced, the interior cloth and carpet needs to be replaced or deep cleaned, the exterior body is a bit rough and could use some tlc otherwise it's great for a family.

- Tiffany F

It gets great gas mileage for the V6 engine. I only wish that I haven't

It was easy to install a power Lift for a power chair/scooter in the interior of It compared to some other vehicles. It is also an ideal for for my large body frame,I'm 6'6" and 315lbs.

- Erik R

Reliability and comfort. .

Extremely reliable, runs great. . Only maintenance has been brakes, then radiator at 185, 000 miles. . No plans to get rid of it, and I push it pretty hard. . Do have ac issues, though.

- Dave S

I love the roominess of the van. We're able to fit myself, my son, our dogs, and at least one or two friends as well. I also love the automatic doors on the sides and the back hatch. When my son was a baby it made getting him into the car so much easier since I didn't have to have a hand ready for opening the door. The only thing I don't like about it right now is that the starter isn't working so I'm unable to use it!

It's definitely built to last. I've had it for 9 years now and other than this problem with my starter, it's served me well. I look forward to using it for many more years to come.

- Beth Y

This car does have a bit of issues. Service checks are needed a little more often than other cars.

This car has a built-in AC and heating system. The back seats can be moved and fold into the floor. There are also a bunch of cup-holders, a glove compartment, and a radio station.

- Heather S

That it has sow and go seats it makes it easy to haul things. It has quick connects for easy car seat installation.

I like the amount of room it has in it. I like the stow and go seats. I like that it has quick connects for car seats. I dislike the kubies in the back I wish they both had lids.

- Emily H

The Town and Country is a perfect family car, keeping all comfy.

The stow and go seats have been a lifesaver. There is plenty of legroom in every seat no matter how tall. The air, heat and music are able to get to each section of the car.

- rachel d

It is very reliable and spacious. It drives great.

I love the way it drives down the road. I love the space for my grandkids. I love the video player for my granddaughter. I do wish the seats were more comfortable though.

- Kathy P

Town and Country still going strong!

This car has about 130000 miles on it and still rides good. We have had to make a few repairs on it since it is 13 years old but it has carried us everywhere we needed to go.

- Charlotte B

It is great on gas, especially given it is a van and bigger.

I love the vehicle itself, it has a lot of room. The year of the vehicle is difficult in there have been a lot of repairs lately. I think I would love a newer version of it.

- Trish K

It's very reliable - no major repairs needed on over 140,000 miles

My minivan is strong and sturdy . With over 140,000 miles on it never has mechanical problems . Gets me and my family to where we want to be in a very comfortable interior .


the ease of making more room inside by just folding the seats into the floor

like the room it has inside the ease of making more room by just folding the seats into the floor.I dislike the fact that the rear power socket needs to be reset by a dealer

- Gregory M

Don't Buy This Van If you need a low maintenance vehicle, think of something else to buy

I hate my minivan, it is the worst vehicle I have had, ever. It is bad on snow and ice. I have had at least five expensive repair bills since I bought the van a year ago.

- Connie B

It is comfortable and roomy can haul 5-6 grandchildren in it.

It is comfortable. I can haul a lot of things in it, roomy. Yes it is rusting out. The doors are getting hard to open. Would like it better if could put spare tire inside.

- Jill C

that i always drive with my children and it is more there van than mine.

i don't like how easily the arm control for the windows breaks. we have had to replace it twice now. however i love the fact that my kids are not crowded into a small car.

- Heather o

It has held up well. There has been very few problems and it drives well.

No complaints. Its rusting out in places. It has 212000 miles and keep going. It still drives well and has had few issues. We have taken it on long trips with no problems.

- Patricia A

That my car has room to fit my entire family.

I love that the back row is easy to fold down when I need extra cargo space. I love all the places to plug in devices to charge. I love that it has been a reliable car.

- Addie D

A workhorse of a vehicle for a busy family on the go.

It is a mini-van that has seen its share of boys in and out of it over the years. It is showing its age now, and having issues. It has been a good vehicle overall.

- stacey g

Its a vehicle that can get you to and from.

What I like about my vehicle there's lots of space. The second thing I like are the stow n go seats. What I don't like are is its having a somewhat engine problem.

- A W

Will never buy a Chrysler product again

It rusted real fast. The air conditioner went out in the first couple years. We had to replace a lot of different items. Would never by a Chrysler product again

- carol H

I really like the stow and go, and that it is reliable.

I love my town and country. I like riding high, visibility is great. The stow and go feature is really convenient. Plenty of cup holders. Sound system is nice.

- Kathy H

It has great get up and go, 6 cylinders means that I can dart in place faster

It has great get up and go. My family and all their stuff fit. I love almost everything about it, except that the spare tire is almost impossible to get to,

- Misty J

My van. She is sturdy and reliable. Not glamorous but mundane and stable.

I bought my van used. It's been very reliable. Have had to have repairs though. Replaced serpentine belt, one side of radiator fan, water pump and radiator.

- Carol W

Very versatile with the seats.

What I like is that the seats can fold down, giving lots of space, also the seats are super comfortable. I cannot think of anything that I dislike about it.

- Rochelle B

It is reliable and drives great. The ac is ice cold.

I like the room it gives me. I like that the seats fold down. I don't like how many miles are on it now. I don't like that there is some rust on the bumper.

- Tiffany W

Do NOT buy a vehicle with a mopar engine. EVER! They are a pain to work on and run like garbage.

Love the roominess and storage capacity. Can't stand the color. HATE working ok Mopar engines. Poor gas mileage. Will NEVER buy another Chrysler again.

- Heather H

My vehicle is easy to drive and fun to own. It is easy to maneuver and very flexible.

It's a reliable vehicle. It's very comfortable to drive. It has plenty of room. It has minor problems that are the result of age. It is starting to rust.

- Richard M

It is rusty in the same spots as other vehicles of this same make model and year.

Dislike the gas mileage and seems to have common issues like rust on vehicles of this year make and model. Like the space and reliability of the vehicle.

- Laura B

It gets great gas mileage and you the interior is really nice. It has stow a way seating which is exceptional

I like that it's a van and I can haul things or travel with a lot of people. I like that it has good gas mileage. I don't like the color of the vehicle.

- April W

It is a family car.It drives smoothly.

I want an update.Is getting old. Started to have some issues. I would like to get a smaller car but not necessarily a new one cause I can't afFord it.

- Luis C

It has plenty of room for my son and if I were to have another child I will have more space.

I like the size of it but we got it used and there are a lot of things we need to do to fix it and I don't want to spend that kind of money to fix it.

- Courtney L

Easy travel with kids. Love that both side doors open with the touch of button.

Easy to fit everyone inside. I have two grandchildren and three dogs that are regular passengers. It is comfortable and good for long-distance travel.

- Laura C

We got the van when my kids were babies and now they are teenagers. It has been a safe & reliable vehicle for our family.

Our minivan has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. It has been very reliable, very comfortable with a lot of wonderful memories. No complaints.

- Kim S

The doors don't open right,because the electrical system

It's a van and it has plenty of room.I like the stow and go.I really dislike all the electronic stuff that goes out and costs a ton of money to fix.

- Tina H

A great reliable car which will get you where you need to go!!

It is a good van that is able to hold our family. Our kids love the dvd player. As it gets older things are starting to break which is frustrating

- Lori G

Dependable transportation with plenty of room for a family + luggage / groceries.

I love the stow and go seating. I like the way it handles, it drives like a car, despite its size. I wish the paint job was better (rusts quickly).

- Joe S

it's been low maintenance and dependable. It has all the room we need to haul all of my disability supplies (scooter, walker).

It has been a great vehicle, love the stow and go seating. It is comfy. Wish it had sirius capability and a hook up for the phone charger though.

- DeeDee M

Chrysler town and country.

It was a used car when we bought it. Overall it runs well. A bit of a gas guzzler. Seats fold down into the car which is great if space is needed.

- Maria A

It has 200,000 miles on it!

My van is old! It has 200,000 miles on it but it's reliable. It doesn't have any fancy features compared to newer models but it's been good to me.

- Jen K

Brakes need to be replaced more than other cars so that can become expensive

I love this car it is reliable we have had problems with oil leakage but usually it is a quick fix brakes need to be replaced more than other cars

- Stacy S

how well it handles on the road even in winter driving

very comfortable ride good gas mileage plenty of room has always had a poor braking system enough room for hauling large items when seats are down

- ron c

It does really good on gas.

I like it cause it has 3rd row and DVD player for my kids. I don't like it because I would rather drive a SUV. But its gets me where I got to go.

- Katherine T




It is a beautiful well made car. Drives like a dream.

Its reliable and roomy its high end and came with all the bells and whistles. I love the color and the leather seats and adjustable gas pedal.

- Roberta P

It is old and still runs great.

I love Chrysler products, they are better made and run longer than any other brand I have had. If I buy another vehicle it will be a Chrysler.

- Martha H

Great for traveling and good fuel mileage.

This has been very dependable. The only thing I've had to do is buy tires for it. I was even able to install a wheelchair lift in the rear.

- Mark M

It is the best minivan, in my humble opinion, for the money.

It is very roomy. I like the Stow Go Seating. It is old and has some electrical problems. I would love to replace it with a newer model.

- Huck P

It's perfect for me as I do farmers markets and fairs and all of my equipment and product fits perfectly.

This vehicle is perfect for my business. It is great on gas and gives me plenty of room for all of my equipment and supplies and product.

- Debra M

It is a good reliable car with a lot of space. But it can become costly.

Like my car it has lasted for a long time. Many issues with It's leaking oil and tire pressure though, will probably not get another one.

- Rebecca M

It has lots of room and is a great family vehicle.

Minivans are great for families. It is easy to get kids in and out for activities. Lots of space to haul groceries and stuff for kids.

- Carmen J

It's reliable. I've only had one major issue and that was the radiator and other than that it's been great.

I like that I can fit all of my kids plus the kids that I Babysit. However it doesn't have air vents in the back and my kids get to hot

- Amanda S

Great running van, but issues with doors.

My minivan holds 7 passengers. I love how much space I have. Some issues I have are the doors no longer electronically open and close.

- kristen l

It runs good. It doesn't get very good gas mileage though.

It has been a reliable and good vehicle. However, it now has over 200,000 miles, and the right back sliding door will no longer open.

- dee M

A Dependable Family Van for Years

It has been reliable throughout middle and high school and is still reliable through college. I've only had minor maintenance issues.

- Mor W

reliable and comfortable to drive. dependable and able to get thru tough road conditions

it is very comfortable when driving. seems like it corners well and easy to keep on the road. it is big enough for the whole family

- Cheryl B

It's a great vehicle, that is build for the city and country.

Jeep does not have aux, or DVD. Jeep has all-wheel drive. Jeep succeeds all expectations. My Jeep is a used Jeep, but runs like new.

- Christina W

It's great for hauling kids and equipment. I would take the girls to color guard competitions or take their equipment over to another school for practice.

I've had it since my daughter was 1. We've had few problems until this year and it has 120,000 miles on it. It's been a great car!

- Kristine S

Great all round car - City streets, country roads even a bit of off roading

Stow and go seats are great Large enough to hold 4 adults and 2 great danes Can tow the Tab camper trailer easily Decent gas mileage

- babe k

Family friendly vehicle with comfort

Love it, have had no major issues. Very roomy , comfortable. Not great gas mileage. Would definitely recommend. Great for families

- Pam D

As mentioned before, it may need new brakes in the back.

I have a 2005 town and country with only 50, 000. Good condition, just need brakes. For a 13yr old car, it is basically brand new!

- Breanna M

Rusting could use $2000 worth of work.

It is old and I cannot afFord new one but has super legroom, plenty of space and carries luggage, and seats come out if need be.

- Roger M

Seats 7 people and had been a good reliable car. Kids of features.

Drives great. Occasionally the automatic doors malfunction. The passenger front seat doesn't lower. Overall it's a good vehicle.

- Brandi H

Roomy with lots of space to move things and for family.

There is some rust on the outside that I cannot get rid of. The headliner is falling out, but other that that it is a great car.

- Nick W

My van is big and black. I am not a little thing on the road.Please don't think push me out the way. But Other then that This van is great for families and road trips.

I would Love it was not leather seat. I not to happy My dvd player don't work. Then I can't say anything else I Love my van

- Veronica G

The most important thing thing that others should know about my car is that it dives really well.

I like that you can push a button and the doors open. I like how it drives. I love the nav system. I wish it wasn't so big

- Cortney M

It has been well maintained. It has been very reliable.

I like that it is big enough for my family. I don't like that I can't afford to replace it. I like that it still runs good.

- Amy J

Very family friendly and safe

Very roomy and drives great. Dual DVD players are the best for my kids. The stow and go is amazing and you can move stuff too

- Karen S

It's old, breaking and has way too many miles. but it's a car that's made it through some harsh times

it's got it's problems but works very well ant to top it all of i grew up with this car so it holds special memories for me

- Kanoa H

We've found that it has been a fairly reliable vehicle.

I like the room in the mini-van. I like the way that it handles and it has just the right amount of power when taking off.

- Jan H

My van has electric sliding doors that make it easy for a new mom

It is great but some rust on the wheel wells and a transmission problem but it is very roomy and works well for my family.

- Abagail C

Decent gas mileage, and had a cool dvd player before it broke

It continuously breaks down. Has issues transferring from drive to reverse. Motor went out in the automatic sliding doors

- Laura T

If you have lots of kids or have lots of luggage, go for it.

Too much of a soccer mom vehicle.. Heavy on gas usage.. Nice to be able to load everything in it when going on vacation..

- Albert P

Banged up, has leaks and ceiling is glued or tacked on.

It has served me well but finances do not allow me to replace it or I would, getting older stinks but beats alternatives.

- Roger M

It is extremely roomy and comfortable. The back seats fold down, which is perfect for storage. There is also storage underneath the middle seats.

I like how roomy my vehicle is. I dislike the gas mileage. My air conditioner no longer works, which is also a dislike.

- Anna K

Great van, would buy again.

No real problems, very reliable, great for trips, plenty of room and storage. Power everything, DVD, and heated seats.

- Bryan H

It gets decent gas mileage and is family friendly. The store and go makes it versatile.

It has plenty of room for my family. Love the store and go option to carry big items. Love the heated leather seats

- kae w

its runs great and overall it's worth your money you is going to spend.

it drives good it's spacious you get good mileage but you have to replace a lot of minor parts but it's well worth it

- yaung b

Small gas tank. Handles very nicely.

It is fuel efficient for family road trips.. Great ride and very spacious.. Economical repairs and easy maintenance..

- Lisa W

It was a reliable car when we first purchased it.

I am tired of driving a minivan. Interior is old. Want a SUV dive it all the time need something new and exciting.

- Kathy S

The space is the best thing.

Works fine for us and the kids. Only problem is the gas mileage. The kids and I love how spacious the vehicle is.

- Jeremy A

Well it can haul a lot of people which I like compared to a car

A lot of things are going out on it like the alternator and then ac and the brake light and the breaks and rotors

- Mckenzie G

It's being everywhere. Low cost to run.

Nothing special about it. Just a good vehicle. Good mileage. 1959030 miles on it. Nothing I do not like about it.

- Francis C

It really is a good family car.

I like how easy is to store the seats. It gets pretty good gas mileage. Sometimes the lift gate gives me trouble

- Laura V

a used car is just as good,as a new car. and same times cheaper.

I like the satellite roader. backup camera. I like the counter. I like the liability. i love the performance.

- jevetta h

It is sporty, great looking, and effective in all kinds of weather.

My van is big.. My is comfortable.. My van is the perfect shade of green.. My van is reliable.. My van is safe..

- Jacque W

It runs good and it is been. Kept up.

At first we used it for lots of stuff like moving and family get together but now we do not need such a big car.

- Linda M

The amount of storage is amazing and there is storage under the floor near seats and in trunk area

Issues is power steering and transmission slipping. Love the storage capacity and heated seats. Overall love it

- April B

It doesn't do so well on gas

The tires always need service, it gives a smooth ride and is very spacious perfect size for me and my family

- Amanda b

They last a very long time.

I do not have any complaints about my vehicle. It has taken my family and I on a lot of trips. I love this car.

- Rosalina M

My car is a fantastic car. Everyone should have a car like mine.

It's a fantastic vehicle. It has very good gas mileage. It's very versatile. It has very good safety features.

- Darryl M

Family friendly vehicle (i.e. Trunk space, space in back seats).

I love minivans! The storage capacity and the room for people to sit is great! I wish we had automatic doors.

- Jennifer H

Travels well in all kinds of weather.Very versatile. Can be used to transport people or objects.

I like the roominess. I can have up to 8 people in the van. I can haul things if needed. All around vehicle.

- Maryjo S

I enjoy having a van because of the extra room it provides. The van comes with a DVD player which has been very beneficial for a family. I also like that the drive is smooth and it looks nice. The van has stow n go which we use often and very convenient. We have had electrical issues with the vehicle which caused the automatic door behind the driver side to not work but it can be disabled. The battery seems to drain quickly which could also be from the electrical problem.

The Chrysler van is reliable and the features are great for a family. You can't go wrong with owning a van

- Susie R

Que es muy seguro, por eso se los recomiendo sobre todo al transportar niños en el mismo.

Ninguna queja, pero tal vez sugerir mejorar en el aire acondicionado y los parlantes para escuchar música

- Miguel B

stow and go, easy for traveling with kids. safe and easy.

i love the way it works for me and my kids. especially when they are 5 and under. we are on the go a lot.

- deidre z

It drives great and it is dependable.

No complaints. It is a dependable vehicle. It looks great. It drives smoothly. It comes in great colors.

- Doreen A

Drives great. Comfy seating.

Does everything by remote. Power everything stow away seats. Remote start. Great on gas. AC works great.

- Trisha F

It is insurance have alarm system and would not lock without the key.

My Chrysler has been very reliable. It has a lot of room, has moved us many times. Seats fold down easy.

- Laurie M

Do not buy this car and do not but from Chrysler in general

Terrible car. Drives slow, breaks down. Has more problems than any other car I've ever owned. Made cheap

- Tommy M

Parts are easy and affordable to come a ross.

I like the space for my family decent gas mileage. The sliding doors are hard to open from the inside.

- Sam B




Comfortable, fairly good mileage for size and carries good load.

Bought 2005 model and now has 68000 miles from original owner. Have had no problems. Seems reliable.

- Dora S

I bought this vehicle used and it has been an excellently running vehicle. It has started to get many rust spots now and I have noticed similar vehicles with the same problem.

I would recommend this vehicle for reliability but would recommend something be done about the rusting

- Leianne D

Its dependable l, drives well. Gets good gas mileage. Can stand the test of time

I like the reliability of my vehicle. I like the brand of my vehicle. I like the drive of my vehicle

- Christina L

They have soft seats and a third roll seat. And great tires.

Love cause roomy. And had DVD player for little girl watch movies. And has great ac. And good on gas.

- Carla W

That it is a good & very reliable vehicle. I would recommend it

I like that the seats are heated & has rear defrost. I dislike that it doesn't have electric starter

- jessica w

Decent gas mileage with lots of seating and room to haul big items

The Chrysler has seating for all my grandkids. Love that I can fold the seats down and haul "lots"

- K B

Nice for traveling with children or grandchildren.

The extra room in the floor. The stow and go seats for traveling, The smooth ride on the road.

- Debra W

automatic doors and stow and go are the best parts of the van

We love our stow and go it held up to 2 boys thru school and we take it to Lowe's like a truck

- Debbie T

It is dependable and comfortable. I like the removable seats.

The comfort, roominess and the smooth ride. I wish the EGR valve was designed to last longer.

- Harold A

It is safe and it has a big area to haul things. All you have to do is put the seats down.

I like the power windows and seats. I do not like that you cannot open windows in the back.

- Julie T

Great vehicle for a larger family. Brakes can be jerky. Gets decent gas mileage for a van

Hard to remove seats drives smoothly Brakes can't be jerky at times Can seat seven people

- April H

It's a reliable people hauler with plenty of space.

It gets the job done. It hauls all my people around quite well. It gets okay gas mileage.

- Kacie D

It is a minivan that suits my family's needs and works well for us.

It is a nice van that gets me to and from all the things I have to do in my daily life.

- Diana K

It is a great family vehicle.

It is fully loaded with options. It runs well. It is very comfortable. No dislikes.

- David W




It is the best car I have ever owned.

It is reliable. It gets very good gas mileage. It is large enough for our needs.

- Thomas W

That we got a really good price on it, thanks to a family member.

It gets decent mileage. It has stowable seats. And has lots of bells & whistles

- John M

This van was originally my parents and I believe they bought it relatively new. It was given to me 2 years ago and it has been very helpful. It no longer has air, and it has other issues too, seeing that it has 235000 miles on it. But it still works great!

It is 13 years old with 235000 miles and I still feel very safe when I drive.

- Sarah A




it's absolutely terrible on gas. constant malfunctions with the power doors and windows

my vehicle is terrible on gas. the only thing i like is that it seats seven.

- corisa w

It is versatile and has plenty of room, yet has comfortable seating

It fits my body, is easy to drive and has enough room to do anything I want

- Jacki M

It's a really reliable car and good for everyday use

Good overall car with plenty of room to use for garage sales shopping etc.

- Sylvester m

The Chrysler I own is not a very reliable vehicle for transportation. It constantly needs repairs and doesn't provide an enjoyable driving experience.

It is not worth purchasing. The repairs and uneasy ride are very obvious.

- Kayla R

It makes a loud noise when the doors lock and it so loud that it startles people

It is old .... I really wish I had a new car... mine is not dependable

- Regina Z

It's dependable and good on gas

I like it because it's big enough for my Family. I have no complaints

- Lisa S

They will love it. It runs very smooth. The room in the van is a lot. Both doors on the side open

It has a lot of room. I can fold the sits down.It runs very smooth.

- Linda C

It is dependable, it takes me where I want to go, and brings me home

Comfortable , good gas mileage, no major repairs. Plenty of room .

- Howard B

Gets really poor gas mileage but has lots of room for stuff and people

Stow and go seats Lots of room Poor gas mileage Easy to maintain

- Valerie J

It has very low miles and is great on trips. It drives very good

It has just enough space for all of us. I enjoy the stow and go

- Jennifer N

it is paid for, no need to make more payments

always been a bad build car. lots of things breakdown easily

- Carlos B

it is very dependable and only downfall is the suspension on it

I love that it has a dvd player in it. I hate the suspension

- Stephanie s