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My vehicle has a lot of get up and go. It goes up a mountain good.

I love my minivan. It's good on gas. It has some things about it that surprised me. When I get on the road, the doors locked automatically. And when I get out of my van the lights in the back stay on for a few moments, then they go off. That's probably to see to get things out or for children to see. I really like that. Also when I have the radio on & turn the motor off, the radio stays on for a few minutes longer. The seats recline. And I really love that, because I have to wait on my daughter a lot or I am in really bad health, so comfort means a lot to me. In fact, I like this van more than any vehicle I have owned. Also my van always starts. Its size is just right. My grandchildren love it too. It drives really good & it rides really good. I hit a very large hole while driving at night, that I have to get fixed. It makes a crackling sound, but is still going strong. It has large door pockets that I love. And it has places to store things in the back of the seats. The seats are very comfortable. It even has a lit up temperature, time and direction light on it. It has a dial to change the headlights, and other lights. One of the doors shuts itself. It has cup holders that are adjustable. It has a really great sounding radio that has subwoofers. It has side mirrors that adjust with a dial or with a click. It has a little hidden TV & vcr for the backseat passengers. It has seats that come out. It beeps when a door is not shut or us not shut good. It has all kinds if lights that come on when things are not the way they're supposed to be. Its essentially a smart car, I'd say. Its all I ever wanted in a vehicle. It also turns very sharply, which is so important. My van is the first vehicle I have ever seen that gets immediately cool when I put the air conditioner on. I bet the heat will be the same way. The roof is sagging, but the Walmart guy said they have a glue that will work. So it has very little problems. Also, the air conditioner works with the motor off, when it is needed. Under the hood looks good too. The van amazes me.

- Rita L

The van that has plenty of space but loads of issues.

For starters, it's getting to be an old car so there are quite a few problems. We have owned it for 2 years now, and it's not very reliable. We can drive it out of town, for fear it might break down. The check engine light always goes on and there is a smell that happens after driving it. We have taken it in a few times and fixed things here and there, but can't afford to put too much into it and it's not worth that much anyways. It's paid off so that is why we still have it, but will most likely replace it this next year. I like that it has a built in DVD player that holds 5 DVD's. We like the automatic doors, however one door doesn't work and the back door doesn't work either, so it's pretty heavy to close, because the hydraulics are broken. The passenger window also doesn't go down and the door that does work automatically won't lock unless you do it manually. Although there are major and minor issues, it is a decent car. If we had a newer model with less issues, I think it's a good car. I also like that there is storage under the seats. We put a lot of things in them, and it's great because they are out of the way and not seen. I wish there was more than one anchor in the back seat. We have 3 children and have two car seats in the two middle captain seats, and one car seat in the back row. However, the anchor is in the middle seat and how it is placed, the car seat takes up almost two seats, so we only have one extra seat in the back row unfortunately.

- Summer H

It is reliably plugging along.

We bought our van used because it suited my needs at the time. I needed a vehicle I could get in and out of easily, and one that could be fitted with a wheel chair lift. The adjustable seats were also helpful with fitting things in for traveling, and allowing comfort for different people. Shortly after getting the van it started rusting on the bottoms of the back sliding doors. And over the years the bottom of the back hatch, and the front edge of the hood have also started significantly rusting. However, the van gets decent gas mileage, even when it is loaded down. And it is been used for about 8 years now as a drive around town van, and a long distance travel vehicle regularly. We've have to replace the tires several times, and minor things have needed fixed: rear driver side light, and the back hatch shocks. Other major things that require a mechanic have come up. And we currently have an antifreeze leak. But overall, the van has served as a reliable vehicle, considering all the conditions we've put it through. Probably within another two years we'll need to find a new vehicle, but the van is at 219,000+ miles, and it is still going.

- Katherine S

Wonderful and economical family vehicle.

The car has over 200, 000 miles on it and has never had a major repair. It has experienced two front end accidents and has remained reliable after body repairs. Car has been consistent on gas mileage and has been more efficient on long distant vacations. The only difficulty has been power to passenger side door remote. The door will not respond when activated by remote and has to be released manually, button pushed and then will retract. Was difficult, initially, when attempting to activate DVD system. Instruction manual was not clear in operation. Cargo space was incredible when lowering passenger seats into retaining pockets. Cargo space provided significant capacity for large items such as a sofa and loveseat in same load with all seat cushions and throw pillows.

- Victor M

Great longevity for the family!!

This car has been great for my family for many years with very few issues, great performance. Even if I have been off on maintenance, it has outperformed my expectations. Very little in the way of repairs. Didn't get a tune up for six years and she did great the whole time. Now in her older years, she has a couple electrical issues- turn signal light won't stay powered despite numerous bulb/fuse etc. A couple of random dash lights go on, but computer scan does not show any issue except computer! And- power steering fluid leaks and fix has not been found, so I go thru a bit. But the car is 13 years old! Completely reliable, has supported a family of 12 during this time. Now it is just us 2, and I have no complaints!! Love the space, the comfort, and the reliability.

- Lori S

Spacious family van all back doors can be opened or closed from the driver seat.

We have almost 100, 000 miles and no major problems. We have only had regular maintenance expenses. Very comfortable ride and very spacious the main drawback is the middle seats are very heavy and difficult to get out and back in. This feature would prevent us from buying another one as my husband cannot rotate seats without help. The third row seat folds down easily; however these seats are not as comfortable except for kids. We have the gold color so it barely shows any dirt on the outside and a taupe color inside which, again, shows very little dirt. Gas mileage has been pretty good for a van. Electric side doors open and also electric hatch - these can be opened by the driver very easily.

- Patti Z

Minor issues but overall pretty good.

I love that the seats fold all the way down with the stow and go, but the two seats in the second row are a bit difficult to get stowed. You have to move the front seats all the way forward and straight up. The floor board you have to lift is a bit heavy and the little plastic handles broke of pretty quickly. I haven't had any out of the ordinary maintenance problems with it. Although the front end makes a slight bang and lurch when the wheel is cranked all the way to either side. But this is a Chrysler problem. You can get the parts replaced and the sound will come back in a couple months. Beside that it is been a pretty good ride since I got it a couple years ago.

- Jennifer Y

Great family van. Great for traveling.

I received my vehicle as a birthday gift. It was used. Never had any problems with her. Drives great and has a decent engine. When you open the side doors my hazard lights blink. Which I think is cool. It lets people know to take caution because people are getting out. It is very reliable. My family and I drive everywhere in it. The seats are cloth and comfortable and it seats 7. Very spacious. The factory radio that it comes with is decent. You can program up to 10 radio stations. It has rear windshield wipers. It has enough drink holders in it for everyone.

- Gillian M

Best vehicle for large dog owners.

Almost 200,000 miles. Nothing other than routine maintenance, meaning no major problems. Best vehicle for large dog owners. In fact, that is the reason why I am looking into a new Chrysler Pacifica. Like I said, it is extremely reliable, just overdue for an update. Also, the stow and go seats are amazing. There hasn't been anything that I can think of that hasn't fit inside. I suppose I would like better mpg, but the new nine speed Pacifica should help with that. Again, there is no better car for bringing your large dog along with you. I love it.

- Sheila E

Awesome cargo space and leg room.

I love the stow and go seating. It really makes it simple to haul a lot of cargo on rainy days when needed. The van seems to be roomy enough for even the tallest people in my family to sit in the back. Issues we have encountered with this vehicle include automatic doors stop working and the fan blower for the front seems to have issues and quits intermittently and then starts again. The van is very responsive and will get up and go when needed and its so comfortable and easy dry in you have to watch your speed.

- Eva C

Love my town and country!

Not only is my town and country extremely roomy but it is comfortable. Very easy to get my 2 young children in and out of. Very roomy for someone who is very tall. The built in DVD player is a definitely plus with car pooling children around. Smooth ride. Downfall is seems to have some electrical problems here and there with the hatch and the automatic door as well as the automatic locks but overall I love my town and country minivan and without a doubt want another one for my next vehicle!

- Jeanette H

Lots of space, storage, personal heat/ac controls, and heated seats.

We have 2 boys and 2 dogs and we love camping so the space is amazing. Plus the middle and back seats are all stow away seats which give us options or storage/more space. It has working ac, heat, radio. Seat heaters for both front seats. Also, back passenger, front passenger and driver controlled heating and ac so everyone can be at a comfortable temperature all year which is fantastic. The only negative thing is that my back window wiper does not work properly so it is essentially useless.

- Monica A

2006 Chrysler town and country gets the job done right.

It is a 2006 Chrysler town and country. Exterior is like a lighter navy blue and the interior is I do not know what. Performance-wise it run pretty well despite being almost 13 years old and having over 120000 miles on it. The brakes are definitely an issue; very often they get worn out and squeaky and have to be replaced. It has standard features for a car of its time, like CD and DVD players. It is actually fairly comfortable, with the ac ranging from 60 to 85.

- Nathan J

Reliable mini camper van, limited issues and boundless adventures!

I was able to convert my van into a camper by building a bed and making a foam cushion bed. It is reliable and has gotten me across the country. My windshield wipers have some issues but they are easily fixed by tightening the bolts every so often. The tire pressure light will not go out as the gauge is broken, and sometimes the oil light will appear. It does have some misfirings with the 6th cylinder but overall it is a good and reliable car that is easy to fix.

- Delilah K

A very comfortable vehicle with a few quirks

A problem that we have with the minivan is electrical. The electrical doors sometimes fail, the dashboard sometimes flickers, the battery seems to die more frequently and the turning signal fails every three months. However, the ride of the van is very comfortable. The mileage is generally better than other cars I owned. I truly love the stow and go seating. It makes moving things so handy. We will continue to buy this model in the future.

- Elizabeth B

This vehicle has very weak horsepower, but excellent stow away seating.

I like the radio settings, climate controls . The fold down, stow away seating and the space of the vehicle. I like that it can play dvds. The thermostat and feature that tells you your tires are low on air are also another favorite and the sliding door buttons. What i don't like is the horsepower, it's very weak. And while i like all the computerized parts of the van it also poses a big problem when the car's computer breaks or malfunctions.

- Audrey R

This van is a must have for a growing family.

I never wanted a van. However, it is the most user friendly car for a family. I love the doors I can open with my key pad. I love the seats that can be removed when needed for loading something in the back. My driver and passenger seats are heated which is a dream in cold indiana winters. The car has been reliable and easy to repair most things. My husband has repaired most things on the van but also solicits a mechanics help when necessary.

- Angela P

The stow and go seating is so much easier and less back breaking than the original seats that you have to lug in and out of the car.

There are a few problems. One is the rust on the bottom of the car. Tried to fix it, but it's coming back. Another is the electronics in the side doors. They are all mixed up. When I push a button for 1 door sometimes, they both open. Sometimes the buttons don't work to close the doors. Otherwise, everything else I love about the car. It is big enough for our family. Love the stow and go seats. Works every time. Very reliable.

- Erin J

I would recommend this type car for anyone with children or that has pets and pet carriers to transport.

I bought my car used with 80,000 miles on it, everything worked great but at 95000 miles the catalytic converter went out and shortly thereafter started having electrical problems with the windows. Is very comfortable to drive and ride in even for extended hours, and I get good gas mileage for the size of the vehicle. Around 18 city and 25 highway. Now with 135,000 miles it is still dependable but almost time for a new/newer again.

- Mark T

Decent vehicle until you hit 100,000 miles

The van was ok when I first purchased it with 87,000 miles. Once it crossed over 100,000 miles, things started falling apart. Now it has 163,000 miles. The air conditioner doesn't work, the ABS light is on, there is severe rust damage, the tire sensor blinks, half of the dash lights don't work... I paid almost $10,000 for it 4 years ago. I'd be lucky to get $1000 for it now. So I'm stuck with this hunk of junk with no A/C in florida!

- Jamie H

Van with many problems but also some good qualities.

I have had many problems with my van. There is almost always some warning light on. Check engine, gas cap, tire pressure, oil, or something else. My mechanic says none of the issues are really necessary to fix and are things that don't need to be fixed. I feel like someday it is just going to die for no reason other than it likes to be difficult. It is noisy on the road. I do like the amount of space it has and the fold down seats.

- Stephanie E

If it can handle triplets, from newborn to teenagers, it can handle anything!!

I have had the van for 13 years and really have no complaints. The van was purchased after having triplets. With a minor modification, thanks to my handy husband, we were able to fit the triplets across the middle seat, thus eliminating having to climb into the back to unload a child while the others waited outside the van for to long. It has been a very good van and I would definitely purchase this same van again if I needed to.

- Judy S

It has stow and go seating.

I have owned the car myself for about 2 years. Before then, my dad had bought it or our family around 11 years ago in 2007. The abs and check engine lights have been coming on even with no problem found. I can travel 250-350 miles on one tank of gas which holds about 17 gallons. The air conditioner does not work, but that is probably because I need to fix that. It has heated seats and the heat works as well.

- Anthony J

Very reliable runs well great family vehicle.

I love my minivan, very few issues with it. The electric doors, seats, & hatch are my biggest problem. Both electric doors stopped working, passenger seat got stuck, hatch sticks sometimes. Electric doors, seats could be better they may have already corrected this issue in the newer models. Overall my van runs good. The headliner also fell down but maybe not a brand thing but something that just happens.

- Beth R

I love how I can put away the seats to make more space.

I love that my vehicle rides smoothly. When I drive it I feel comfortable with my seat and how I can easily adjust it if and when I am uncomfortable. I can fit 6 passengers in my vehicle comfortably. I love the amount of storage space it has. I love how the seats can be hidden whenever I need extra space. What I do not like is that it didn't come with a DVD player built in but its not too bad.

- Sara R

Love this van! Good for families to cart around a lot of stuff.

This van is pretty great. We have had maintenance issues, but it is still going at 163000 miles. I love that it came with a 6 disc DVD system and that my kids can watch a movie and I can listen to the radio. The spare tire is located in a rather inconvenient spot, under the passenger section and is a giant pain to retrieve. The paint is starting to peel and rust, but it an older vehicle.

- Rebecca W

Great family vehicle with lots of storage.

Lots of storage capacity. The seats fold down into the floorboards easily and are easy to raise back up. The area in the rear is recessed into the floor so that hauling a large cooler in the back makes it easy and can reach into it with ease. Rides smoothly. Gets fair gas mileage. Would be nice if it had a center console between the front seats though. Glove box is too small.

- Cathy D

A car with the most comfortable seats I have ever driven.

I am not so sure I like the electronic doors. They quit working and are slower than if I close the door on my own. I love the way the seats support my back better than any car I have ever had. This is the first car I have ever had with seat warmers. Not only do they keep me warm, but they also help my sore back. This car does drive a little heavier than my last minivan.

- Michelle B

My favorite feature is the fold down seats.

My vehicle has been extremely reliable over the years. I take care of it and it takes care of me. I love the fold down seats and all the power doors. You can still open or close the windows for a minute or two after the key is removed from ignition. There are radio controls on the steering wheel. The gas and brake pedals are automatic adjustable like the seats.

- Tanya S

Reliable, smooth ride, convenient stow and go seats.

Smooth ride. 3. 8 l. Engine. We like the feature of stow and go seats. It has been a reliable used vehicle for us for over 2 years now. We like that there is a warning light for low air in the tires. We also like that there is heating and cooling in the rear of the cabin. We have made a repair to a leak in the radiator and have replaced the rack and pinion.

- Beth K

This van has awesome power doors the buttons are above my head within easy reach.

Had to put a new radiator in. Had to replace the ac. Has a grinding noise in the belt that no one can find. Other than that it's a good van. It is very roomy and has automatic doors that will open at the push of a button. It drives very nice and smooth. I have had this van for a few years and as long as you keep up the maintenance it just keeps on going.

- Kristina B

To me the extra room is the most important as well as gas mileage.

This vehicle has three rows of seats which a the back 2 fold down for extra space. I have only one major problem since having it which was the air conditioning compressor. Everything else is still original parts. It is very good on gas I fill up 2 to 3 times a month. I think it gets about 30 miles a gallon. Which to me is really good for a minivan.

- David S

It takes longer than most vehicles to slow down or stop.

I absolutely love my minivan! It has over 100k miles and I have had very little problems with it. I love all the room it has for my children and me, as well as room for friends and family. It is easy to keep clean, comfortable for everyone and has all the extras we need. It is very slow to stop and I have had two fender benders due to this.

- Keeley F

For an older vehicle, my van runs great! I love that I can pull both bench seats out when it's time for a deep clean of the carpet!

I love this van! It is great for juggling kids around. There is a good amount of legroom and still space in the back to fit a double stroller. The locks on the sliding doors are no longer automatic, but once you get used to it, it doesn't really bother me. My van is older and pretty basic, but it gets us where we need to go and runs great!

- Melanie D

Love all the seats and the removable seats.

My town n. Country minivan has been super reliable with minimum maintenance at this point. I have had it for 5 years now and I use it for pleasure and work. It is comfortable and rides nice enough for me. It is easy to take care of and the interior is roomy enough for me. Overall I would recommend this vehicle as a great family car.

- Jamie A

The Town And Country has been reliable and I have never been stranded for a mechanical issue.

Vehicle has close to 200,000 miles of usage. I have driven the Town and Country on long vacations as well as daily usage for work four days a week averaging between 40 and 60 miles and have never experienced a mechanical issue. The only complaint concerns the opening motor on side door and faulty pressure on rear windshield wiper.

- Victor M

It has all the room you need for a growing family.

It has been a very dependable vehicle, giving us few problems. I love all the space and it has been great for moving, road trips, hauling my kids and their friends, and belongings around town. However it is not very economical on gas and we will probably replace it with something with better fuel efficiency in the next year or two.

- Karun R

The "extras" do not hold up. I understand the car is 13 years old, but the extra features were not built to last.

I love that it has sliding doors with the push of a button. I hate the fact that they have both broken. The trunk also opens with the touch of a button, but has also broken. I wish the radio had a place for an aux cord. I like that I can control the radio with buttons on the steering wheel, but it only works part of the time.

- Geri A

Automatic side door open and hatchback opens automatic.

Love that you can fold the seats down into the car. Without lifting them out of the car. Great economical dependable car. My model has DVD player so that the children can watch a movie. The downfall is the audio goes over the whole car speakers my model also has automatic door opens and the hatchback by a press of a button opens.

- Sandy W

Great van with lots of seating.

The 2006 Chrysler Town and Country may not be the newest, but it is a very reliable vehicle. This van seats 5 passengers in back plus the driver and front passenger. I cargo all the time! I just love how spacious this van is. I have a middle bench, though I do wish I had 2 captain's chairs instead. But they can be switched out.

- Mikayla K

Very reliable vehicle, and you can always depend on space.

Overall very good vehicle. With age and mileage though it definitely is showing wear, and tear, plus the van is starting to need a little more repair work then it used to. It is very roomy, but it would be better if it had a bench seat in the middle as well as the back just to make getting in, and out of the van a lot easier.

- Nina M

Works for what we need and use it for.

No heat, tranny going, gets good gas mileage, defroster with a/c only, headliner stapled on, radio volume knob hard to use, good highway gas mileage, parts are not very expensive compared to other vehicles, mechanics do not mind working on this car. . . Parts easy to get to. . . Goes thru driver's side window switches. . .

- Dorothy H

Okay extra vehicle, nice for traveling distances with the stow and go.

The body of this van really rusts out. I like the stow and go under the seats and the DVD player. Overall we have had issues with coolant, door locks, and the sounds the van makes. I think it is an average vehicle but I feel there are better options out there considering the cost of these vans and the issues we have had.

- Teresa E

Plenty of seating and room for the entire family.

Removable third row of seats. Stow and go middle seats. Power locks, back doors and hatch. Only drawbacks is the spare is located under the van and is hard to get down and impossible to put back up. Had a minor electrical issue. Decent gas mileage for a 6 cylinder mini van. Comfortable driver and front passenger seats.

- Kelly M

The pros and cons of my vehicle.

These are the few problems I am having. Automatic doors do not always work and sunroof drain keeps getting clogged. Other than that, it runs good and has tons of room. I can put all the kids bikes, scooters, and stroller in the back. Love the underneath storage. The chairs folding all the way done is a plus too.

- Melissa K

Going strong at 200, 000 miles!

My 2006 Chrysler town country has held up well mechanically, but not so much cosmetically. I have never had to do anything to it other than normal regular maintenance like oil and filter changes, tires, and brakes although the starter is going to need replacing soon. Overall, it is been a nice reliable minivan.

- Betty S

Riding with my touring is just fine!

This vehicle is a very strong vehicle. The only problems we have are tire pressure issues holding up. The vehicle is very roomy for travel and the cooling and heating system works wonderfully, the system always comes on quickly. The heating of the seats are added feature, especially nice in the winter months.

- Elizabeth C

It is convenient for a busy parent on the go with small children, but don't expect it to last long.

One thing after another seems to fall apart. The overall design is great! I never thought that I would ever enjoy having a minivan, but with 4 small children it has been wonderful, but I'll be happy to be rid of it. It is falling apart and the quality is just not there like is was in my previous vehicle.

- Jennifer M

The good, the bad and the ugly!

Reliable, drives well in snow, lots of room, has built in video screen, unfortunately the body is rotting near the side doors. They were repaired in a shop and are rusting out again, plus other little spots are rusting. The sunroof leaks lots of water now and the air valve monitors do not seem to work well.

- Bruce H

Town & Country rides great but has lots of mechanical issues

My Town & Country handles great, but in the three years we've had it, we've had to make a lot of expensive repairs, including the air conditioner and the fuel tank. We currently have a problem that the mechanic has not been able to pinpoint in which the engine dies if I go through a deep puddle in the rain.

- Catherine P

My experience with a 2006 Chrysler town and country.

I bought this used for my mother who is in a wheelchair. This vehicle has a wheelchair ramp which makes it easy to transport my mother. I have had very little trouble with this van. Just normal wear and tear. The only thing I really need to get fixed is the exhaust system. Van runs well with no problems.

- Eunice F

If you buy an older one like I did make sure to get the extended warranty. You will get your money back in no time.

I've had a lot of work done to it the most expensive being a rebuild of the front end. I bought a good extended warranty so the repairs don't cost me much. It is very comfortable to drive so it's great for long trips. Has a huge cargo area one the stow and go seats are put down. 7 ft x 48 x 48 inches

- Marilyn R

Almost as much space in the back as a pick-up

I love almost everything about this vehicle. It has been reliable and it is very flexible with it's seating arrangement. My main issue with it is that there are not two or more sets of child safety seat latches in the back seat so it is next to impossible to install more than one safety seat in the back

- Faith G

Chrysler town and country!

I really like my minivan. It is spacious in the front and back. I have never had any mechanical issues. It gets decent gas mileage. It has the stow and go for extra space to haul large items. The two back captain chairs are not very comfortable. It has cruise control with am fm radio and CD player.

- Jennifer M

This Chrysler town & country is ghetto fabulous!

The only way to unlock it is on the drivers side. There is a leak in the power steering line and it would cost $1600. 00 to fix it. The motor on the power window on the driver side will not work and I have replaced it and it worked for maybe five months. It only has 58, 000 miles. Awful! I hate it.

- Susan W

Town and country is perfectly equipped for town or country driving.

I do like this vehicle. It has heated front seats, DVD, CD, and has ran well despite its age. It drives well and is easy to handle. The key pad has the door opener and lock, unlock features which is a huge help with kids. It also has been an easy car for my husband to do some repairs on himself.

- Angel P

The day our van was hit, the sun was shining.

Runs good, and a good comfortable ride, and easy on fuel, brand new tires all the way around, brakes and rotors are good, and all of the fluids are also good, I moved from erie pa 3 months ago and this minivan ran super all the way across the country, other than that nothing is wrong with it.

- Richard H

It is for sure American made.

I love my car/ I have had it 2 years and other than a new battery and an alternator last week it runs perfectly. It is just the right size for a woman not too big not too small. Being a SUV it has three seats and a cargo area. Great for hauling groceries and such. Good on gas. I love my t&c.

- Lois F

Fully equipped. My van was top of the line in 06. Now it's out of date.

Needs a quart of oil every thousand miles. Driver window does not go down. Front end is making a squeaking noise so I assume it is the shocks and struts. Has 140,000 miles on the engine. Get me to work every day. If Chrysler didn't stop making the town & country I would get another one.

- Don P

Up to the Standard, if Aging

Most of all, it accomplishes what you want it to: it's big and properly spacious. The features are all as advertised. We do have problems with the front sometimes, and that's probably the worst part of our experience. It's lasted without anything too heavy-duty, yet we've made many visits.

- Jenny H

Town and country; getting us from point A to B.

The exterior seems to rust more than previous vehicles I have owned. Also, the motors in the sliding doors seems to not always work. One side is hit or miss and the other never works. It would be nice to have a rear reverse camera. I enjoy the stow and go seating and the space in the back.

- Kiley H

Good car! Easy to drive and reliable.

I have never had any problems with the town and country. It is very reliable and comfortable to drive. It is older, but it is the only car I have owned and I'd always enjoyed driving it. There's a lot of room as well for people, moving big objects, etc. The gas mileage is not bad either.

- Allie M

My review is that I have not had to many repairs or problem with my car.

My vehicle has a good gas mileage when on highway also a good amount of space for bags and passage space the air and heat works great you can not lose with this car. Great radio and tape player good leg space just a great car to own take a good look I have not had to many repair with it.

- Gracie A

Want one of the best vehicles on the market.

Drives and runs great. Have had no problems in the 7 months I have had it. Definitely trust and recommend it to anyone looking to buy a safe and reliable vehicle for themselves and/ or their family. Also have locking seat belts perfect for anyone who may have children in car seats.

- Destiny G

It is a seven seater van that has cargo seats.

Too much maintenance. Rides nice but there are too many repairs to be done. It is rusting underneath both sliding doors. Some of the power buttons no longer work. The van is a seven seater that has stow away seats. It does ride quietly and has lots of room for all the passengers.

- Brenda C

The interior is all grey, with a royal blue car body. Tape deck, 7 seats, and removable seats, in case you need a way to transfer items using your van.

This vehicle is outstanding in my perspective. Performance is great, a lot of space, if you have a family, and great mileage! I currently have 125,000 miles, and my vehicle is still going strong. We have had it for 4 and a half years, and only had to ever replace our brakes once.

- Dylan L

Dangerous gears exposed on side doors.

Never any problems at all. Regular maintenance only. Very reliable, good on gas. Side doors are dangerous to children as gears are not covered w/ protective plastic cover. This allowed our granddaughter to get her long hair stuck terribly in the gear when she lost her footing.

- Barbara C

Review of a 2006 Chrysler town and country.

The passenger sliding door and lock do not work automatically anymore. We must operate now by hand. The tire sensor light is constantly on. The vehicle has been very reliable otherwise and some things, such as changing headlights and taillight bulbs are easy to do yourself.

- Steve M

The interesting features on this vehicle are the floor storages.

We bought this vehicle used. We haven't had any trouble. We love the ride and convenience that it provides for our family. We haven't had any problems with the vehicle. We recommend this type of vehicle to families who need a bigger vehicle. The gas mileage isn't too bad.

- Lisa A

It is easy to enter on the driver's side. The fact that it is heavy makes me feel safer when on the road

heavy and safe. easy to enter, it has a lot or room. I like the automatic doors (electrically operated. The seats fold into the floor therefore allowing much space for things. The fact that i can seats people is also nice. The gas mileage is very poor ( about 14 mpg :(:()

- george l

It is durable and dependable and I have had no major problems. For a 12 year old vehicle with over 200,000 miles, it is still going strong.

I love the Town & Country. This is my 2nd one. It is a durable minivan with a comfy ride. I love the stow & go. I don't have any complaints other than it is getting old and wearing out. I will probably replace it with another town & country. It is a great family vehicle.

- Nancy F

Chrysler holds its resale value very well if the maintenance is kept up.

The vehicle performs almost perfectly. New tires, good drivetrain, just inspected, good brakes, safety features all work. Maintenance has been kept up. All recalls have been executed. Oil changes every 3000 miles are kept up to date, Chrysler makes a very good product.

- Chuck L

My van and me. Well it's grey and it goes up and down the road nice.

I have had no problems with this van. I bought it used and drive it daily and it has never broke down once. It is great on gas and fits my entire family. The store and go seats are fantastic. I can put them down and really loud a lot of stuff into the back of the van.

- Scot C

Issues with self repair of vehicle.

Wire harness and computer issues are a hassle. Doing any repair work on your own is hard because of the way the engine is placed in the vehicle. While the vehicle is roomy and adequate for my family needs I would prefer to be able to do some of the maintenance myself.

- Andrea C

It seats 7 passengers at 1 time.

It's an ok vehicle. It gets me from point A to point B. It has over 183000 miles on it. . . Its giving me some problems right now. . . But like I said it gets me from point A to point B. . . Its gray in color. . . It has tinted windows. . . It seats 7 passengers. . .

- Jessica S

2006 Chrysler town and country minivan.

I love my van. I have trouble with the electric doors sometimes. It fits everyone and it drives nicely. I haven't had not any big issues with it at all. One of the best features is my heated seats. It not only is great for the winter but it helps with my back pain.

- Ashley B

The Good and Bad of a Chrysler Town and Country.

The van is a very comfortable ride, & a very smooth drive. As far as basic maintenance goes, everything in the engine bay is relatively easy to get to & to make repairs. The biggest downside is that there are a lot of electronics that do go bad & difficult to fix.

- John E

We have not been able to fix the groaning in the steering.

The blinker no longer clicks back to its position after turn is finished, auto sliding passenger door no longer works, locking motor is going, steering column makes a cracking sound, wiper fluid reservoir no longer holds the fluid, when I turn the wheel it groans.

- Melanie S

Good car and cheap to maintain. Will get you to A to B. Not the fastest auto.

The car has been a really good car. No liability problems. Performance is not up to par with other autos on the road. Had to replace the motor after 150, 000 miles. New motor in car, no problems since. Over all has been cheap to maintain compared to other autos.

- Bryant C

Great family vehicle, amazing ride!

It has a few issues right now but getting them fixed. It is great on gas mileage and a very smooth ride. Has four brand new tires as well. Up to date on all fluid changes. Might new a tune up. Needs a few new parts installed. Great family vehicle. Lots of room.

- Lucy M

I like the sliding doors.

It is older and has a few issues. It collects water in the tail lights and the power steering sounds terrible. The check engine light is on for emissions and there are no power seats or anything like that. There is also no center console so there is no storage.

- Lacey M

The seats fold into the floor.

Great vehicle for when you have multiple children, there is a lot of space and seats, good when traveling, no problems running or anything. It is a very reliable, runs very well. I have not had any problems with the way it runs. Very low maintenance on it.

- Rebecca C

Very good family car you could not get any better.

It's very roomy and comfy. Can seat more than 5 comfortably. It does not have a lot of problems uses quite bit of gas overall a good family car would highly recommend. Everyone should buy one of these. I would buy it again and again.It's very reliable.

- Tammy H

Keeps on running without any problems.

Town and country van with 200, 000 miles. Rear hatch is rusting but still drives well. I have replaced the air condition lines and some other light maintenance. There are fold down seats that slow extra room for large purchases or for a dog kennel. . .

- Jason J

Chrysler town and country.

I am happy with my Chrysler town and country. It is roomy with seating for 10, 6 in back, passenger and driver. The back bench seats can be folded down or removed for more space to haul things or use for a sleeper on outings. It gets good gas mileage.

- Jennifer S

Automatic doors are a great option.

I would highly recommend purchasing a Chrysler. It has automatic door openers for both side doors and trunk which do come in handy when carrying household items or groceries. Lots of room for family day road trips! Runs excellent, I love my Chrysler!

- Pam W

Great van, but has minor flaws

My vehicle get great gas mileage, but has a lot of problems with sensors and engine maintenance.It seems like there's always something going wrong with it, but it's not ever too expensive to fix, and it's never broken down to where it's undriveable.

- kayla h

I love the DVD player in my van.

I love my minivan. I have an entertainment system where my grandkids can watch movies when they come to visit. I have not had any major issues with my van as of yet. Beside oil changes, I only replaced the regulator on the drivers side window.

- Marie K

Under-hood accessibility for mechanical repairs is difficult.

Dislikes include doors that do not always function properly, electrical malfunctions, and low MPG's. I like the accessibility to seats when doors function properly, as well as the stow-away seats. Allows for ample cargo space when needed.

- Anita C

decent gas mileage and comfort. Also room for the grandchildren

I have mobility issues and my minivan is easy to get in and out of. I have room to take my grandkids on vacation road trips. The seats fold down so I can use it to haul things as well. AND It's very comfortable for long road trips.

- Bonita R

It gets me and my family from Point A to Point B without walking, and it is safe. That is what is important.

I like the room for everyone in our family, as well as the power doors and the fuel economy. The rear heating/cooling control is nice too. I do not like that the power doors are finicky, and that the tire sensors are kind of crappy.

- Paula G

The stow and go feature with the seats.

I love all the space I have in my car I also love that the stow and go feature of the seats I love that all the seats can fold down and give me such a large empty space in the car I do not like that the back windows do not go down.

- Michelle G

Great All Purpose Minivan

I bought the first year model with the rear sliding doors. It was so convenient when I had young children and all their gear, and I still love it even though they are adults now. Easy to drive, lots of room for all of our stuff.

- Diane H

Reliability, pick this vehicle if that's what you need.

This has been a very good, reliable vehicle and so far it has only had to have 1 repair, but did not strand me. It has excellent handling, and drives well. There's a lot of cargo space and you can remove seats if you need more.

- Juanelle C

The flexible seating and great storage make it wonderful for larger families.

My van suits our family's needs well. It is in good condition, has nice features, and is well maintained. I wish it got a bit better gas mileage. My favorite things about it are the flexible seating and the heated seats.

- Nicole H

Dependable and very roomy.

Great automobile especially for families. Lots of room and lots of storage. Back trunk area drops down. There is storage under the seats as well. I have had this car for 9 years and it is 12 years old. Still running great.

- Dianne B

It is a great family size vehicle.

I loved the vehicle when I first bought it, second hand. After 2 years of owning, the paint is now coming off and looks rusty. The a/c no longer works. Other than that, the vehicle drives good and fits my large family.

- Tara K

The most important thing about our car is that it is the perfect family vehicle. Comfort and space for travel.

I love the stow and go seating that we have helps for travel tremendously. My children love the automatic sliding doors as well. no complaints other than after years we have had to fix the automatic doors a few times.

- jessica k

Hard to drive, due to the blind spots, also it is horrible in the snow.

I have had no complaints so far. I purchased it used. It was a one owner with 60,000 miles on it. It is easy to drive, easy to get in and out of, and the four back seats go down making the back easy to haul stuff in.

- Ann H


My minivan is very well maintained with all repairs and replacements made. It's a nice color, rides well, is well waxed. It's versatile for cargo and seating. The one drawback is it's not very fuel efficient.

- Rob L

Stow and go seating, rear entertainment system

My favorite feature of my town and country is the stow and go seating. All the back seats fold completely into the floor. It also has rear heat and air and a rear entertainment system with a 6 disc DVD changer.

- Cindy T

Our car is a great car that all the back seats fold down to the floor for lots of cargo room if necessary.

I like how the seats fold down to the floor so there is lots of cargo room if needed. I like how the doors can open and close with a push of a button. I do not like how there is something wrong with the engine.

- Brenda R

The seats can get put into the floor for more space.

I like my vehicle because it is big enough for my whole family. I love to option to stow away the seats for more room. The only thing I do not like is that the slider doors do not have windows you can open.

- Stephanie S

Stow-n-go seats are the best invention ever and should be in every van!

I love how reliable it has been! We have had zero major issues and have 180000 miles. Love the stow-n-go seats!!! Nice too for deep cleaning that the center console will come out between the front seats.

- Rebecca A

It's very roomy so for large families its great.

Its roomy so it fits my whole family and in that way I really like the van. But I've had issues with it since day one, transmission slips, air conditioner problems, and others. But all in all I like it.

- Clint B

The power steering is finicky, the seats are comfortable though

I dislike that My vehicle had required a lot of work to be done on it, I dislike that the interior ceiling material is coming loose, I love that it gets me to and from, I love that it works right now.

- Lyndsey D

Town & Country is a Reliable Van

My van is okay at almost 170,000 miles, and it has been reliable. However, it needs work. The check engine light came on but we don't find anything wrong. It is a comfortable van and meets our needs.

- Carrie W

It's a safe, reliable family car to hold my family of 5

I dislike that it's getting old and doesn't have the fancy features that new vehicles have like back up camera, parallel parking, etc. I like that it's been reliable. It's roomy for our family of 5.

- Anna M

it's a very economically sound vehicle. Has not cost much for us to maintain

I like that my family fit in it comfortable. We already have a door that does not automatically open, so that is a hassle. It is not a gas guzzler. it has been a very low maintenance vehicle for us.

- Sharon T

The Chrysler Town and Country van has always been reliable..

I like how roomy my van is. I like the heated seats in the winter. The stow and go function is very useful on trips. My only complaint is that the DVD player and Navigation system no longer work.

- Elizabeth B

It is a great family vehicle that looks stylish and yet works hard.

My vehicle is very comfortable to ride in and drive. It maneuvers well and has a smooth ride. I love the room that it has for cargo or extra passengers. It looks great driving down the road.

- Vicki M

Amazing functionality, great for hauling things, great for lots of people.

My favorite things about my vehicle are the seats that fold down into the floor. The automatic sliding doors and back hatch are also very useful. The storage space is great for long trips.

- Sarah H

Versatile vehicle that meets our family needs.

The town and country has a lot of room for a variety of uses. Transporting family and friends comfortably. Plenty of room for luggage or camping. Seats that store for moving large items.

- Steven A

The car is old and has over 200,000 miles on it.

The car is very old and is beginning to fall apart. The air conditioning/heat went out. The seats are ripped and uses up gas quickly. Used to be a nice family car and now is very old.

- Hannah H

It is very nice and well cared for.

I like the fact that my vehicle is roomy. Plenty of room for traveling and taking our dogs and cat along. It has low miles and runs great! I love the built-in satellite radio also.

- Cathy M

Not too bad on gas mileage for it is size.

Like.. Enough room for work.. Sliding side doors.. Dislike.. No heat.. Radio volume control does not work.. Seats hard to take out.. Only two places to unlock door on whole vehicle.

- Dorothy H

The van has lots of rooms and seating for parents with kids and reliable.

I like my Town and Country Chrysler van because it is reliable and has lots of room inside. I never had any real problems with the van. It has good gas miles and drives smoothly.

- angie b

It is very roomy. My son is really tall enough room for him to be comfortable.

I love the van because I have 2 kids side doors open easy to get everyone in and out quickly. The back door opens so groceries can be loaded quickly. Time is very important to me.

- Lisa F

It runs good for as old as it is.

I like the van but it is getting old,. It runs well, and is comfortable. It has room to carry camping equipment. Some small things are starting to crop up, and it's got some rust.

- Rosemary F

This has been a very reliable van. Perfect conversion for s wheelchair.

This is a van that has been converted into a handicap equipped van for a wheelchair. It has over 130,000 miles and still runs great. We have had to only replace the shocks on it.

- Jen C

Durable and worth it for the price, but will need good maintenance

It's an average-size minivan that gets the job done. The sound system is fantastic. However, the brakes and oil go out more than I'd like, and the tire air sensor doesn't work.

- Nathan C

it has a lot of space and if affordable to dive.

i love how the all the doors are automatic including the trunk. it get pretty good mileage for the size. it has lots of space i would say more than enough even i really like it.

- lauren H

It rides comfortably and smoothly.

I love the room it has to fit my family of six. I love the hidden storage compartments. I do not like the gas mileage. I do not like the way the doors stick from time to time.

- Andrea E

Lots of storage and lots of room for the kids!!

I love this minivan it is so roomy lots of storage and I love that I can fold the seats down into the floor, I really like the seatbelts they don't pull and lock up on you.

- Janice D

It seats seven, and was purchased used.

I like this vehicle because it has the room to fit my large family. Also it has been relatively maintenance free. One thing I dislike is the seats are not stow and go.

- Matthew J

It's very dependable. It drives very smoothly. I have over 100, 000 miles and have had very few problems with it.

I like my van very much. The only things i don't like are its a base model. The stereo is not as modern as i would like, and the brakes aren't as good as i would like.

- Dan K

Chrysler Town & Country is reliable transportation

We have had this vehicle for 10 years. We have had many small problems with this van, but all in all, it has been good to us. We will keep it until it runs no longer!

- Nicki P

It's got lots of space to haul people and/or stuff.

I like the way it drives. I like that I can transport a lot of people and/or stuff because of the space of the minivan. I do wish it got better gas mileage, though.

- Enrique L

Dependable minivan. Good on gas comfortable ride. Feel secure while.

The brakes wear out really fast the van is reliable though. It is very gas wise also. haven't had to many problems with this van. I like Chrysler cars though. Plenty.

- Margaret S

It can hold a lot of packages. As well as a decent amount of people.

My Chrysler town and country is durable and reliable. It has lasted me almost 70000 miles within 3 years and it is 12 years old. I like it and it works for this guy.

- John Donne R

Town and Country seating.

This town and country is the second we have owned. I love the heated seats in the front, the ability to fold the seats into the floor, and the space to haul things.

- Constance B

It is long paid for. It is a great family vehicle.

My van is 12 years old and still going strong. I like that it is very comfy and fits my whole family and lots of luggage for trips. It has been a very reliable van.

- Kathryn P

Limited Town & Country Van

i bought it used, it is fully loaded, dvd, leather seats, seat warmers etc. great on gas. spacious room for vacation if i could get more time off to take vacation

- janet d

Very well worn and older.

Likes easy to drive, sliding doors for kids, stow and go seating, captain chairs, keyless entry, spacious. Dislikes: old, often needs repairs, no USB charger,

- Bonnie J

Strong, reliable. She does not give up too easy.

We have constant problems with the brakes. Our door is broke, I do not think it has anything to do with the car company but the dealership I am leasing from.

- Tamara R

Very reliable car, lasts a very long time and plenty of space inside.

I love that it is reliable and has had very little problems mechanical wise. I love that the seats fold down into the floor and that allows plenty of space.

- wendy m

good gas mileage also good for camping and trips

i like all the space I have to put stuff in it. It dependable during winter months. I wish I could move my back seats back and forth to make more leg room.

- Ryan S

The Stow and Go storage really does make it easy to change it from a passenger van to a hauling van.

I love the stow and go storage. I love that it is big enough to haul things. I hate that it is a minivan. I also wish it was newer and in better shape.

- Joel D

Reliable Family Vehicle for Driving Everywhere you want to go

The Chrysler Town and Country is very reliable. We bought it used and it has exceeded our expectations. It is fairly comfortable and sits up to 7 people.

- Brie S

It is very reliable, and it has great room especially off you have kids.

The vehicle has lots of room and has nice styling. Gas mileage is good & handles quite well during interstate driving. In short, I am glad I bought it!.

- Charles L

I love that it has a sunroof

I have had a lot of small problems with my vehicle. The transmission slips some, have had to replace the alternator a couple of times and it burns oil.

- Amy S

Long lasting, durable, few repairs. Lots of room for raising a family and taking trips.

Did not expect a Chrysler to last as long as ours has. We bought it new. Have had very little repairs over the 12 years we've had it. Very pleased.

- Shelley P

Very versatile. Folding seats that tuck away are great

Very comfortable car to drive. Love the seats that fold down. Can fit a lot of people in it, or use it for transporting my alpacas. Poor gas mileage

- Breanna C

Safety and lots of space.

I really like the space. I love that all the seats fold down. I like the push button for the doors to open or close. I dislike the shape of the van.

- Katie W

Our Chrysler Town and Country is well designed with active families in mind and provides features to enhance our lives.

Our Town and Country has been very reliable overall with standard maintenance. We travel quite a bit and we appreciate its comfort features as well.

- Christine T

Room for the children to sit.

Love the size and the room. Do not like that it is older and does not have some of the nicer features like Bluetooth. Also the power windows quit.

- Garrett O

the stow & go seating option is awesome!

The interior room with the stow & go seating is very nice. The engine though has an annoying tendency to throw an error code every 2 or 3 months.

- Bob W

I don't know how to park..

I love that it has a lot of space my passengers arell fit comfortably.i don't like that everything is on a sensor lights and dash are on and off

- Sandra L

That I am happy that I am a minivan mom. I love my minivan and wouldn't drive a regular car again.

I love the accessories. The heated seats, the heated side mirrors, the satellite radio. I also like that my van is very roomy and comfortable.

- Kellie N

It is very reliable. At 110,000 miles I have had no problems.

It is very reliable. It has about 110000 miles on it and it really has had no big problems. It's not the greatest or fastest car but I like it

- Mitch M

This T&C has been extremely reliable. Maintenance costs have been low.

This vehicle has been a great car for the 12 years we have owned it. We have had few major repairs although the car has 250000 miles on it.

- Maude A

Very nice convenience package and comfortable ride.

I like the room so my family can travel with me. I also like the convenience package included in the van. The ride is very comfortable also.

- Jeanine B

I have a 2006 Chrysler town and country and its great for me and my needs.

It is a very smooth ride. I have to get the brakes redone and maybe the rotors. But other than that its very great and gets the job done.

- Jerry R

It's a great vehicle, you wouldn't regret buying one. My wife and I love it.

I like the heated seats, DVD player, and sunroof. I also like the captain type seats in the second row and that it's got stow away seats.

- Kristin T

With service and maintenance my car running like new.

I like the room/space it provides and also sliding doors.. I dislike that it is a little older, and on the highway it is a little loud..

- Alison D

It's been very reliable requiring only minor repairs

I like the fact that it's loaded with power options, storable seats and a dvd system. I don't like the fact that the AC is not reliable

- Michael H

The most important thing others should know about my car is, it is very reliable.

Like that I have a 7 seat vehicle because I have 4 kids with 4 car seats. Dislike everything I am fixing already. Brakes, AC and tires.

- Savannah R

it has good gas mileage on the highway especially travelling distances longer than 30 minutes

Uses a lot of oil otherwise it is a very good vehicle, it fits 7 people comfortably, the stow and go feature is great for hauling stuff

- Jobina K

It does ride very nicely.

I have had suspension problems with this vehicle several times. Also, I have had electrical problems with this vehicle several times.

- Lisa R

Very easy to drive and roomy

Great on gas, all the grandkids fit comfortable, great for long trips and easy to maintain, I've had it 6 years with no major problem

- Deborah G

It is extremely convenient. I gets decent gas mileage but you can still haul things in it

It's a little rusty but it runs great. We got a good deal on it. The only complaint I have is that I wish it got better gas mileage

- Samantha K

It's designed for a family and it makes hauling around various items very easy.

I like the size of the vehicle and the fact that I can sit up high. I wish it had better gas mileage. I wish it had built in GPS.

- Beth E

Its well used. And I have kids in it a lot.

I like that it has enough room for my growing family. I do not like that it's an older car or the gas it requires to fill the tank.

- Ashley S

It has served my family well.

I like the room that is in it. I like the sliding doors. I like that I can put the seats down and have lots of room to carry stuff.

- Louise A

The vehicle is very spacious.

I like the fact that it's a very reliable vehicle. There isn't anything I dislike about it. I have no complaints about it, either.

- Alex M

The van is a gas hog but very comfortable. Lots of good storage.

I like the sunroof and ability to operate radio on steering wheel. Electronic doors. I don't like the middle windows not opening.

- Samantha M

Spacious and roomy. Folding seats make it worth it.

Great van that we have had for over 12 years. Serves its purpose but as it gets older, we have had to replace two transmissions.

- Beth A

Almost like driving a short bus.

My town and country is a 2006, standard. It has enough room to carry the kids, but not suitable for a bigger family like mine.

- Silvia D

Room is amazing with seats lowering into the floor.

I love the space. I would like the center console not go all the way to the floor. I would like windows that lower in the back

- Maria A

have owned for 11 yrs...keep it serviced and kept up in & out

ease of getting in & out remains stylish...have not gotten tired of it when traveling at high speeds, hear wind thru windows

- kerri m

It has enough space for everything.

I like the storage amount and electronic doors. It seems the exterior rusts easily and i wish there were reverse cameras.

- Kiley H

it has nearly 128,000 miles on it.

It's a van and sets up higher than cars and is easier to get into. We can haul the grandkids and dogs easily in the van.

- Ann U

It gets good gas mileage.

The van holds everyone good. But is starting to cost a lot in repairs. It seems like everything is going all at one time.

- Pamela S

I recommend this vehicle!

It's spacious, comfortable, and has never given me any problems. I bought my van almost 3 years ago and I really like it.

- Laurie S

Comfortable and convenient

It's comfortable and easy to accommodate a large family. I love the stow and go seating and DVD player for long trips.

- Jeni B

It is made as a family vehicle.

I like the space, the DVD player, and that it is kid oriented. I dislike the electrical issues it has, year and model.

- Sha M

It's easy when you have kids to get them in and out.

I like that it's convenient and drives well. I do not like that it's a minivan. It has fan issues that I do not like.

- Ashley L

Quality components for safety.

It's been a great van. comfortable to drive, easy on repairs. Love the stow and go seats. Wish it got better mileage.

- Michele C

It is very spacious on the inside for the family.

I like the space. And dislike the fact that the back windows do not go down, it is a older model so I do understand.

- Brittany H

The back doors don't open from the inside, so if you get in the back, someone will have to let you out.

I like how it handles. It's easy to maneuver around despite its size. I can also use it to transport large objects.

- Christopher C

it seats seven people comfortably, and has very comfortable front and middle seats. The back bench seat is a bit less comfortable.

It has been very reliable so far. Very few repairs. It now has almost 200000 miles and still working like a charm.

- Cathy B

The. Stow and go seating is wonderful and gets pretty good gas mileage.

Automatic doors are nothing but problems both back doors have broke? Besides that problem I do like it very much!

- Jessica M

It has been a very reliable car and has maintained Its mileage of 18 mpg in town.

Noisy, hard to carry on a conversation! Power steering leaks, gas gauge indicator in gas tank had to be replaced.

- Lowell S

I am the original owner and I am very happy with it.

I love the stow -n-go seats in the back. I hate the spare tire being under the vehicle. I love the smooth ride.

- Patricia R

It is very comfortable for long trips.

I like it's carrying capacity, both cargo and passengers. I don't like it's gas mileage, and non stow away seats

- Robert H

Very roomy van with lots of cargo space. Great for traveling.

I like my van. But i have replaced the radiator. I have replaced the thermostat twice. It's always overheating.

- Josh F

Body in good shape has not rusted since I have owned it.

Have no problems. Very reliable car. Smooth riding. Very affordable to run. Fuel affordable and clean burning.

- Bill B

Has a 6 disc DVD player and headphones for the kids.

It has been a great vehicle but my automatic side doors aren't automatic anymore. Very dependable. Runs great.

- Brooke T

That it is a safe car for your family and that it is a good car.

I wish the ac in the car was stronger. The door locks on the sliding doors don't work right. That's about it.

- Dan C

good vehicle that works well and gets decent gas mileage

it is a good van. it has worked well since purchase. i have liked it. about time for a new vehicle though.

- Dee G

Very comfortable and roomy inside.

I like the room it has. I like the comfort it offers. I do not like the electrical issues i have had with it.

- Ronald A

Room, seats fold down , DVD player

Love all the room, love that the seats fold down. My little girl loves the DVD player. The van is good on gas

- Amanda T

The most important thing is that it will seat seven.

It's size is key for my large family. It is easy to repair, but reliable. Wished it got better gas mileage.

- Matthew M

It's super important to properly maintain the safety aspects of a vehicle. Vans are heavy so pay special attention to the tire pressure.

It rides smooth and is very comfortable with added amenities,.....DVD player and game system. No complaints.

- Tara O

Great cargo space.Good on gas.

This is a great all purpose vehicle. Seats are removable for added cargo space. easy to drive. Great on gas.

- sue l

LOTS OF ROOM INSIDE! This minivan will hold 7 adults comfortably and all seats can be folded down to allow for the vehicle to become workhorse.

I like how much room there is in our van and how the interior can be changed to accommodate different tasks.

- Stephanie C

Runs great even at 190, 000 miles.

190, 000 miles without major issues. Nothing to dislike, just becoming outdated. Love the stow and go seats.

- Elaine C

It's ours and we love it. Its big and roomy.

There is nothing wrong we have a buyer and has heated seats sunroof. A. C. Works amazing great gas mileage.

- Sunshine S

It's mine I paid for it. I would like to drive a newer model.

I like the room my 3 rows of seating gives me. I hate that my vehicle is rusting and has many minor issues.

- Kimberly K

It's good on gas, and a good ride smooth driving.

Good running car that's gets you from A to B. Low mileage and comfortable ride. Great family van. Love it.

- Rachael B

Trip mileage and tells you how many miles to empty.

I love the stow and go seats, heated seats and back up alert. I also like all the cup holders and storage.

- Hayley D

It has 260,000miles on it.

A lot of miles due to frequent travel.. It is a reliable vehicle.. I wish it was a newer model and year..

- Yvonne F

don't buy a chrysler, they didn't have good engines.

i dislike how the engine has broken twice in the car, and how many little things are going wrong with it.

- bec m

It's a great car & I use it for everything! From hauling hay and animals to camping and taking trips.

Love the fold & go seats, versatility, stereo, good gas mileage. Hate that it's having mechanical issues.

- Lynn K

It is a good minivan and has run well for many years.

It is a good vehicle. It is older. It doesn't run as well. Getting ready to think about a new vehicle.

- KE K

It seats your passengers comfortably..It is good on gas driving on the street. The side doors give me a problem sometimes.

I like all the extras. I like the space it has for passengers. And how easy it is to fold the back seats.

- Sandra L

Has a lot of room, easy on gad.

I really enjoy driving my van. It is very roomy, enough room for all my grandchildren. Comfortable seats.

- Venila H

It is not for small families.

I like that it is spacious.... But I dislike the constant problem I have with the coolant every summer..

- Cate B

A versatile vehicle. Great storage with the folding seats and the luggage racks.

I particularly love how the seats fold into the floor. I just wish it had a little more "get up and go".

- Ryan A

The gas mileage is awesome. It can go a long time before I have to fill it up.

It is an older van but gets great gas mileage. Is Very dependable. We have used it many times to travel.

- tom b

If they choose to get into my car, they are riding with me and not the other way around.

I like having my own transportation. I dislike the fact that it needs work and I can't afford to fix it.

- Ione S

Awesome for big family. Love it

It is very comfortable. Heated seats, automatic windows. Seats go down into floor. Very nice family van

- Cory F

It holds 7 people, it has air, it has heat, new tires, seems to run good

I like how roomy it is and how you can remove the back seats. I dislike the fact it is not good on gas.

- Kimberly W

It is a great family car! It's very easy to put down the seats in the back to make extra space for luggage.It makes it easier to travel with small children especially with all of the gear it takes to travel with kids.

I love the automatic doors and trunk. I love the amount of space it has. There aren't many blind spots.

- Kathryn S

It isn't very fuel efficient. It may need to be tuned up.

I love the minivan model but mine is a mess. The headliner is falling down and other things are broken.

- Theresa C

The amount of stow and go containers is great. It's a minivan that seats 6

Love the stow and go capability. The only thing I would say I dislike is the lack of satellite radio


The body rusts quickly by the doors...there is a plug that can be removed that will help prevent this.

I love the room and optional 3rd row. I love the stow and go. I dislike how quickly it is rusting.

- Lisa g

I like the dodge, chrysler minivans for their features and fuel economy

Lots of seating for large a family. Good fuel economy on Highway. Lots of space to haul cargo.

- John S

It has had few problems and has lasted a long time

I really like my vehicle it's been good and has lasted. It's just now starting to rust all over.

- Janice H

The storage is amazing. With the stow and go feature it allows many storage option

I have very few complaints of our vehicle. One of which is how much we spend to up keep the car

- Alexandria M

That it is safe, dependable and will get you where you need to go.

The vehicle is safe. The space is convenient for my family. Fuel efficiency is satisfactory.

- Thomas H

Only has 1 top tether spot in the 3rd row so it makes car seat installation difficult.

Like the stow n go feature. Don't like that it's a difficult vehicle to install car seats in.

- Karl S

Great family vehicle. Very reliable.

I love that it is a family vehicle. Seats all my kids and their car seats. Very comfortable.

- Ashlie J

pretty inside,not so much outside. dings don't count engine is great

in 12 years have never had a major problem. still passes inspection. has been very reliable.

- suzanne k

We have a basic model which we inherited. There is no storage space in the hatch back area. The paint is coming off the van on the passenger side.

The air conditioner makes the van very cold. If you close a couple vents, it is still cold.

- Mary Z

It's looking rough, but is still running alright, vroom!

It's a fine vehicle, but it is old and looking it. It's also starting to be a rust bucket.

- Brad K

It's a minivan, I look like a soccer mom. But i rock it anyways people.

My vehicle is absolute trash. It has over 200,000 miles on it, and has died several times.

- drew h

It is nothing fancy but does the job.

My van is a 2006. It is paid for. It is comfy and is good with kids and for traveling.

- Kathryn C

I like my vehicle but it is getting very old and is beginning to look old. We have gotten very good service from this vehicle. It has almost all of the upgrades I like in a vehicle except a power driver's seat.

It has very low mileage for a 10 year old vehicle @ only a little over 83,000 miles.

- Linda P

Hasn't broken down very much

I like the seats. I like the ease of moving the rear seats. I like how roomy it is.

- Dallas B

It is a wonderful family van

This is a great van for families. I like the 6 disc DVD player and automatic doors.

- Amanda B

My vehicle is a typical minivan. I purchased it used and until recently have been happy with it. However, in the past year, there have been more and more things going wrong with it. I like the space it provides, but sometimes, would like something a little more sporty.

It's a beater with a heater. It needs rear brakes, a new radiator and new tires.

- Stephanie K

Its old but it gets me where i need to go. i like the space

I like that It rides smooth and has lots of space, i do not like the gas mileage

- Kimberly W

Stow and go seating! It's a lifesaver!

I like it because It's comfortable and drives nice. It's also great for my job!

- Angel S

That it is reliable and serviced regularly. That Kit is made in the United states by an american company helping keep jobs in america.

I dislike the fact it has a moonroof and it is the similar to my last vehicle.

- Kari T

can fit my whole family in it no problems, it's good on gas

its ok on gas. i like the doors. the back door is nice. it drives smooth.

- Alan p

engine and roomthiß vehicle islarge

nothing like or dislike this vehiclefits my usage I have no complaints

- Carrie M

Pretty reliable...I love minivans....Chrysler are not bad

I love it but I need a new car...I wish the middle windows went down

- Kate E

My Town and Country van is a smooth ride. I have back problems so it is very comfortable to me. It has room for seven people. All the seats will let down into the floor to give you more to move something, not drivers or front passengers seat. It is very easy on gas 21 miles per gallon. It has a dvd movie player for entertainment for the, (in my case grand-kids and husband). The back passenger doors slide open, they step in, and they push a button to close. The doors can also be opened manually. I have seats that slide at the touch of a button on the side of of drivers seat. I am short, I needed this for comfort in my features. It has an Am/Fm radio Cd player in it. Air condition/heat, front and rear. I have had to have a water pump put on it twice since I had it but the warranty covered it. Other than that Since I am still driving an 2006 Chrysler Town and Country and this is 2018 and it is still in good running condition and looks good.

It is very dependable and gets me where I want to go in comfort.

- Teresa V

Fold down middle and rear seats.

All purpose vehicle. Easy to drive. Can be re-configured inside.

- Mark C

it is a family van and very comfortable roomy and spacious

well i had a kia before his and it was loaded with a dvd player

- joe c

Very comfortable can get in East ,great gas miles too

Drive great . Easy to get in i Have a bad back. Good on gas.

- Virginia G

It's a good running van. Cheap to work on if u need to yourself

Good to have a lot of room for larger people. Low on gas.

- Tony S

That you can fit your whole family in and still have a good amount of room.

The van is quite old now and there are rust spots on it.

- Cassilyn C

It's reliable. I've had little problems with it, in all 4 seasons.

The handling is smooth even over a decade of usage.

- Ryan B

Even the large side doors are electric

Overall I think it is a very useful vehicle

- James C

Gets good gas mileage and rides smoothly

Air conditioning system doesn't always work

- Diane M