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One of many or how I learned to live with a sunroof.

I own this because it is functional. I intend to put 20 thousand more mile on it{has 100 thou}. It has lifter issues and grv issues{light is on} I cannot remove the unit because it has welded itself to the block and I believe too much torque on it would snap the bolt off and I am screwed. I take the accessible half of the grv, steel brush it and reattach; last about a week and light returns. Corrosion builds on negative battery terminal, causing battery to drain from non contact. Seems to be a Chrysler problem, . Two of my friends have Chryslers about same year, same problem. Ford, no problem. My Chevy truck, no problem. Van is'07, truck is'03. I. Bought the van because it had sunroof. Used to have ragtops, 6, found there is less effort associated with sunroof. I really enjoy my 6 + 1 CD player. I like my music- oldies. I have vending route so van is necessary. The rest is 4 wheels and something to steer with.

- Nik D

2007 Chrysler town and country.

I bought my 2007 van used in 2014. At first I was very excited to have more space for my kids, but about 6 months into owning it we had to replace many things. Including the engine which was still under 100,000 miles. The drivers window stopped rolling down as well as the drivers side passenger door will not open automatically. After we have poured a lot of money into fixing these problems the van runs decent, though I always wonder what will be next to break. Though I do have to say that I enjoy the space in the van and the fact that the seats fold down into the floorboard. We have been able to fit dressers, beds and so much more inside the van to move.

- Tiffany D

Almost maintenance free. Close to 200, 000 miles and very little fixing needs.

I love my Minivan. We researched a lot before deciding on which vehicle to buy and know and love the brand. We bought it used but from only 1 owner, an elderly couple so know that it was well cared for. We have had minimal maintenance to do on it and the cost to repair something on a domestic vehicle is much better than a foreign vehicle. It drives well, has a ton of features for the money including heated seats, leather, auto seats, windows, a 6 CD changer and a DVD player for the kids. Love the stow away for travel and all our purposes with the kids and transporting large items. When we buy again, it will be the same brand!

- Audra S

Great vehicle for families

Our van is over ten years old and has been very reliable. It has over 150,000 miles and is just now starting to have some issues. Here are some of our favorite features: When we purchased our van we had small children'the DVD entertainment system was a lifesaver on long car rides. I am short while my husband is tall'the adjustable pedals are great. The leather interior looks very classy and the heated seats were a dream in Wisconsin winters. Our dislikes: I wish the van had automatic headlights. The rear air conditioning went out a few years ago and we were told that sometimes happens.

- Shannon M

2007 Chrysler town and country, blue in color, and has cosmetic defaults.

I love my Chrysler town and country. We bought it used from a private owner and it has cosmetic damage, but we have 4 kids and are not investing in a nice vehicle until the children are older. My favorite feature about the Chrysler is the stow and go with the seats and how they fold into the floors and really give that extra room. My least favorite feature about the brand is the check engine light that comes on often and the radiator problems we've had with it. All vehicles have their issues, but the van is pretty reliable and smooth on the road.

- Sarah C

It's a reliable mom van, but has had many problems since i've got it.

I love the stow and go seats and the built in dvd player. I did love the automatic doors too, but they've recently gone out. There are a lot of electrical issues with it. It drives very smooth. I've had to change the alternator in it and there are still some problems with the motor i'm trying to get figured out, but it's been fairly reliable. My kids love the extra room to bring friends or things to keep them entertained and I love that they're not all piled in and have room to stretch out.

- brittney l

I have no issues with my second vehicle.

I have noticed my car is losing its paint. It is red and the top and part of the sides are losing the paint glossy. Plus I don't get a lot of miles per gallon of gas. Being a small car I thought being a small car I would get more than 19 mpg. I even took the third seat out to get more mileage. And I think I have a oil problem. I smell oil burning when I shut off the car. I have to put oil in engine a lot. That shouldn't happen as often as it does even though it is 11 years old.

- Melissa S

What a wonderful vehicle!

I absolutely love the storage space my Chrysler town and country touring edition provides myself and 4 children! The built in DVD player and 6 disk changer makes traveling with the children much easier and more enjoyable! My 16 year old enjoys the factory stereo system and speakers. I get approximately 22 mpg which is great for such a large vehicle! When well maintained, this minivan will last for years to come! I have zero complaints about my vehicle!

- Amber W

It is reliable and has plenty of storage space and room for a family.

Some parts of the van are cheaply made (i.e. the plastic pieces holding up the seat backs. The ceiling cloth started separating and has to replace it. The electrical system has also needed some repairs. But generally it has been easy to maintain - just oil changes and tune ups. I love the stow and go storage space. The bucket seats and bench back seat provide all the room and seating we need. It is very comfortable and reliable.

- En N

Great family car - even after the kids are grown.

No problems. I love the heated seats and entertainment system. I use the stow and go all the time. I do not have to choose whether to carry passengers or gear. I can carry a 4x8 sheet of plywood with no problem. The grown kids make cracks about it being a minivan, but they are always borrowing it. The GPS is expensive to update, in excess of $250. I use a Garmin (which has lifetime map upgrade) or google (on my phone) instead.

- Mary H

Great family vehicle and very reliable

It handles very well. We have taken it to PA and it performed well on the trip in the mountains and the very hilly roads. It does have quite a bit of rust on the body and the side doors have become difficult to open because they don't respond to the electronic buttons anymore. We do love the trunk space and the stow and go feature. Has pretty good gas mileage but does burn oil. Overall we've been very satisfied with it.

- Amanda M

Stow and go seating was a life saver.

I bought this vehicle used with almost 100,000 miles. It was in amazing condition when I bought it. I have driven it all over the country and it has held up very well with little maintenance. I would absolutely buy this vehicle again if I had the opportunity. I especially have lived the stow and go seating. All the seats in the back can fold almost completely flat. I have even spent some time camping in my van.

- Jessica S

A minivan with all capabilities I need, the fold away seats are awesome.

The vehicle has lasted so long and is my all time favorite. I love the stow-and-go, and the seats that fold down to make more room for things like wood and anything you need to haul. The only problems are as a result of old age, but I've gone 260, 000 and she's still going! The power steering has something wrong so I'll have to get that checked out but it drives fine and gets me where I need to go.

- Olivia R

Great things to say for the Town and country.

This van has the ability to be able to transport 7 people in seat belts which is very nice. There is stow and go seating in the back row and the middle captains chairs, which impressed me very much! The gas mileage could be better as I only get about 17 miles to the gallon and I do a lot of driving but collectively, I feel safe in this vehicle, which is extremely important to me.

- Kristen A

Stow and go rocks, and the bench seating folds down in two separate pieces.

Right now my van needs breaks, the air does not work and the heat is either really hot or barely there. I love that it is stow and go, the extra room is great for traveling with my three kids and my husband. It drives and handles well, the stereo is great. I would like if it had built in entertainment for the kids, but it is a bit older so that explains why that is not an option.

- Kate L

It's so convenient and lasts for a really long time. It's very durable!

I love having so much cargo space. Being able to flip down the seats and fit whole mattresses in the back then flipping them up and giving my kids a ride rocks. I also love all the adjustments the driver's seat makes to adjust between my 6'5 husband and me 5'7. I also love the temperature controls are separate from the back and the front. It's also old and still running amazing!

- Rachael T

Vehicle dependability. Keep your car maintenance.

I have enjoyed the van. The doors are not automatic for opening. There is a manual dash of lights and gas. The seats have to be removed because they are not stow and go seating. Not as comfortable if you have a tall family. I keep my car well maintained so the upkeep has not been expensive. After 6 years, I just had to replace my muffler from the Michigan salt in the winter.

- Essence W

Classy and Classic Town & Country Van

Comfortable on long trips and short jaunts. Holds a lot of luggage/real estate signs/equipment especially when the back seats are collapsed into the floor wells. The automatic side and rear cargo doors are a blessing when grocery shopping for ease of opening. Easy to handle in traffic and the height of the van makes it easy to see the road ahead and behind while driving.

- Judi R

My vehicle is a maroon Chrysler town and country! It has packed 4 kids lol.

The only problem I had with my van was the air conditioner was messed up and then the heads cracked. I got the heads fixed for 700 dollars. But this little van has been all over the place and is always dependable. I bought it used so that is why it came with problems. I put money in it and it is great! I really enjoy preening a Chrysler town and country. Lots of room!

- Danielle L

Used town & country family van.

I bought my van from my mother in law and it was in great condition, it just needs a few minor cosmetic fixes. It drives pretty smooth and fits my husband and I, and our 4 kids plus 1 very comfortably. It also has a DVD player and automatic doors for handicap purposes. The color is white and the interior is a tan leather. So far I am pretty pleased with my purchase.

- Kali K

6 disc DVD player, am/FM radio, tape and CD player. It keeps the kids busy

We've had this van for 10 years and kept up regular maintenance, it has enough room 7 people, it came with a DVD player, CD and tape player. The back seats fold down for more room if needed. The spare tire goes under the van. We do have to put oil in a few times a month, and we've had to replace the egr sensor a few times. It really is a good family vehicle

- Jolie F

I would recommend as a great family vehicle.

The automatic doors stopped working within months of purchasing the vehicle. Overall though we've had minimal problems with the car. It is 11 years old and has about 150, 000 miles. We did have to replace the radiator as it had a crack in it but that is the biggest issue we've experienced. We change the oil every three months and replace tires as needed.

- Becky C

A great van to use for getting around with all the bells and whistles.

Very practical, second row of seats can be hidden in the floor when not using, plenty of cup holders, place for your glasses, electrical buttons to open window and doors, remote control unlocks and locks doors, plenty of room to put whatever, and the air can be adjusted for the back of the car in the middle ceiling. Also the rear side windows open.

- Rae S

Chrysler town and country van.

The main problem is that it older and needs lots of repairs. We have to travel 500+ miles for repairs because it had alterations for handicap access. When it was new, it was an excellent choice for vehicles. It was sturdy and comfortable. It has heated seats and independent heat control. The doors and back hatch are automated it has a lot of room.

- Janice B

Stow-and-go seats are awesome! Aside from being able to flatten the back to resemble a cargo van, the compartments under the floorboards are great for added space when packing for a road trip with a family.

We have had a lot of trouble with the automatic sliding doors and locks breaking. But I really like the push-button tail lift. Also, if I ever buy another minivan I would probably look into one with rear windows that open all the way. It's almost impossible to sit in a parked minivan in the summer unless the AC is running or the doors are open.

- Rebecca G

Stow-and-go will change your life! Going somewhere and needing extra space? Putting those seats in the floor and out of the way will change your stinkin' life!

Overall I've been a fan of our Town and Country. It has been a reliable vehicle. A few things that I haven't liked is how compact the front feels. I wish there was more room in the back seat as well, fitting three carseats back there is IMPOSSIBLE. We ended up having to move some of our kids to booster seats because of the limited space.

- Stephanie T

It is runs and runs, as long as you are willing to put the work into it.

My vehicle is fairly reliable, but everything is now breaking down at the same time. My vehicle has hit the 120k mark and we have taken very good care of it, unfortunately there have been some large bills to replace different parts about every 9 months. The most recently was the timing chain, which should never have to be replaced.

- Amy M

Older van holding up to 5 kids and running a 2 1/2 hours drive every day.

It is been a good vehicle. I have ran it to death and it is still kicking. Has had a few maintenance type issues like the electric side doors no longer work. Windows will not roll up once they are down. I have replaced the top half of the motor. Which was due to the leaking radiator. After several years it is having the same issue.

- Stephanie O

Overall great family vehicle. Looking for comfort and storage then this is it.

I drive a used 2007 Chrysler Town and Country. I purchased this vehicle after having two brand new leased vehicles. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of going back to a used vehicle. This by far was the best decision I have made. This is a great family vehicle. Lots of room to ride comfortably and be able to store all our stuff.

- Jenna P

Perfect cross country car.

For the most part the car is really good but some of the electric doors have problems locking there are really not other issues we have entered with this car we love taking it on long cross country road trips when we get the chance to it have lots of room for storage under the seats and in the back lots of leg room also.

- amy S

Good gas mileage and is comfortable.

My vehicle has had many parts replaced and is working very well despite being 11 years old and having 145000 miles on it. It gets me where I want to go and is pretty good on gas mileage. I plan to continue driving it as long as possible. It is comfortable for my husband who has difficulty getting in and out of cars.

- Christine B

Long lasting, durable vehicle that lasts years and years -- and over 200,000 miles

The vehicle is very old, but it has held up well. It has over 200,000 miles on it but still runs. It's not very fancy and is showing some wear both inside and out, but it gets us where we need to go just fine. At this point, we are just going to keep using it until it dies rather than put any more money into it.

- Brian J

Good gas mileage. Even though mine is adapted it can hold 6 passengers. If it had a middle seat probably 8.

I love this vehicle. It has been adapted to an wheelchair accessible vehicle. It performs well, some of the accessible features are starting to not work as properly the first time you push the button on the key fob. All the normal care features work wonderfully still. It gets good mileage and does long trips well.

- Kristin B

The seats have storage under them or can fold flat to haul large items.

Solid ride for the price. The seating set up in great! All the back seats fold flat for moving large things. It is a little underpowered for the size. Has had a bunch of issues with electrical, I.E. The dash would light up, power locks and doors on sometimes work, and the CD player and radio would cut in and out.

- Chris W

Roomy and ease of maintenance.

It is a comfortable vehicle with plenty of room. Even more room if you fold down the other seats in the van. Have not had many problems with this van in the 3 years I have had it. Good gas mileage, easy to reach fluid ports for easy maintenance. Runs quiet. Can safely seat up to 7 passengers, including driver.

- David C

Seats are removable to provide extra room for storage.

Runs forever. It is very comfortable. Reliable. I have replaced window motor. Fuel pump. Runs well. As long as you keep it up it will last forever. Motor is great. Transmission is great. Perfect for the family. Great for long distance drives. I have had mine for two years and I am very happy with the results.

- Christina C

Great running minivan 11 years and still going strong.

Only owned it for about 3 months bought it used on eBay got a very good deal it seems to drive and ride like a newer car it has 120000 miles and is great. Would buy it again just very happy with it. The minivan has no rust, pretty much everything still works it is 11 years old it has a fair amount of options.

- Dennis O

Town and country family van.

This has been a great van for us. It has a lot of features we like, including sunroof, 5 disc DVD player, and power sliding doors. We've had to fix the air conditioning twice. That is a design flaw in the manufacturing. One of the sliding doors does not work reliably even though we spent over $600 to fix it.

- Sandra B

Great family vehicle for any size family.

It is very spacious. It is having electrical issues which causes the back air/heat not to work, and my doors will not open automatically. Amazing vehicle for families of different sizes. I love that all the back seats behind passenger and driver all go down. The gas mileage is ok not bad but could be better.

- Taya D

Town and country keeps on ticking.

This car has been very reliable. We have no engine problems. We have replaced a variety of parts. The brakes and rotors have been the main issues. The transmission has worked extremely well. All the power equipment like ac, windows, stereo all work great. We do have some rust bear the bottom of the doors.

- David S

The ultimate family vacation minivan.

I have had only one problem. The radiator leaks and overflows sometimes. It had great gas mileage for a van. We have taken it across country and it never broke down. Very room with lots of space for storage. Great family car. We live the leather seats and the seat warmers on the cold winter's days.

- Jessica J

The best family vehicle out on the road!

The navigation system doesn't necessarily work. The check engine light comes on once in awhile. Egr valve is screwy. Alternator makes noises. Was a good price. Love that it has heated seats and DVD player for family. It is spacious enough to hold family of 6. Has 6 CD changer and satellite radio.

- Heather W

It is a very reliable car.

Has a lot of miles on it but not had any major repairs. Has some rust. I love the adjustable seats that can disappear if you need a larger space (stow and go feature) I still get between 21 and 25 miles to a gallon of gas, which I think is pretty good considering I don't long distances anymore.

- Sandra R

Minivans rule for their versatility and dependability!

I love the versatility of my minivan. I can transport up to seven people and the ride is comfortable. I also have no trouble hauling full sheets of plywood when I put the seats down. Thank god for stow and go! This is my third mopar minivan and I really cannot see myself driving anything else!

- Sandra S

Runs and runs and long as it is taken care of.

Very reliable vehicle. At 100k miles we have had to lots of minor repairs to most systems to keep it running smooth. We take it in about once a year and have to spend $600-$1000. I would have preferred trade it in by now not to deal with repairs, but is still cheaper than another car payment.

- Amy M

They won't be sorry they buy it is great.

My car has not given me any problems in 10 yrs. I recently had to change the radiator, starter and just minor things oil changes new tires, the usual wear and tear stuff otherwise the car has been great to me and I would recommend this type of car to anyone who wants reliable transportation.

- Valerie D

Love my car

I am not complaining about my vehicle love it. People should buy American cars. I am very happy I been telling people about my car and also I will buy another Chrysler in the feature people should search more about American cars so you do not have to spend money and they are good quality.

- Butler M

The push buttons for the side doors are really nice.

The van we have is very important because we have three kids and two dogs it's really easy to load and go and the push button doors and back lift gate are really nice. It an automatic has night lights so you can see without turning on a spot light at night while the driver is driving.

- Michael B

Why I love my 11 year old van.

Really like the automatic doors and tailgate. Also enjoy the roominess for cargo space and comfortable seating. Like how the third bench seat in the back can go down. However I wish it has 4 wheel drive. It is not good in the snow so I am going to try studded tires this winter.

- Linda R

My vehicle is a van that I absolutely love.

The van runs good and honestly does what it needs to. I enjoy the stow and go options as well as the trunk options to face the seats the other way. It whines but I am not sure why. Gas is not too bad so I am thankful for that. Great van for a family that will last for years.

- Jennifer W

It isn't for everyone, but I really like it. I'm a "get you from here to there" car person but this is a great vehicle for me.

We bought it used a couple years ago to replace our 2002 Dodge Caravan. It is a very comfortable vehicle and we were able to pay cash for it. I wish it got better gas mileage and the windshield wipers (the actual functioning wipers, not the replaceable blades) are not great.

- shelly g

A family friendly vehicle.

Good gas mileage. Plenty of interior space. Back seats fold down so you have plenty of space for hauling things. One downside is when you accelerate the van kind of lunges. Easy steering and braking. Excellent handling except when the wind blows it dances all over the road.

- Amanda S

Amazing town and country.

It's nice van has lots of luxury. Had a table that you can use while driving and the captain seat in the back turn completely around. It has a built DVD player and has XM radio. Has multiple place you can charge your phone and other devices. Comes with Bluetooth headphones.

- Melissa F

Good gas mileage and the heater works good.

Needs some body work the air conditioning in my back of the van leaks it needs a liniment and runs good the seats all hind away both doors Boone with a button and it meant need tires the heater works great and good gas mileage it has a DVD player in it and it do not work.

- Marline M

Great for road trips and adventures outdoors

Nothing is wrong with the car. It runs really smooth and is great for vacations. It's very comfortable for long trips. It has a DVD player which really helps with small children on long trips. There is plenty of room to make a bed on the floor. Just put the seats down.

- Jacqueline B

Just an awfully bad van. With bad break line.

It is a gas hog. It is more trouble than what it is worth. I wish vans had better gas mileage. I want to trade it in for a better car. The battery is weak. Break line is awful. It has 10,000 other problems. I wish Chrysler made a better van. You get what you pay for.

- Adam E

Awesome for both family outings and hauling those larger items without fear of what the weather may do.

Great for traveling with the family whether it be a quick trip to the store or a road trip or vacation. They option to stow any unneeded seat away to haul item is a nice feature as well. Wish that it would get better gas mileage but overall a great family vehicle.

- Dale K

It is great if you have children.

I love it since I have 2 kids. I love that you can just walk into the back. I love the sliding doors and storage underneath. And the seats can easily fold down. It is getting old though and I have been having a lot of problems lately. It had 120,000 miles on it.

- Dawn C

Chrysler is the best family van to own.

Chrysler vans were (are in my opinion) built to last a lifetime of raising a family of multiple children. All I have had to do is have the oil changed when required. The only other costs have been for brake pads (our town has hills like san Francisco) and tires.

- Richard B

Great family vehicle with tv/DVD player that entertains the kids!

Very good family vehicle. Has to/DVD player that helps keep the kids entertained. It is also very spacious which is good with 4 kids. It has very high mileage and still runs great. Stow and go seats give plenty of extra room. Very comfortable. Love the sunroof!

- Krista B

This is why I like my minivan.

I like the minivan because I can remove the back seats and I can haul a lot of stuff inside and out of the weather unlike a pickup truck. With the seats in the van I can transport 7 passengers and with the v6 engine it does not lose any power when fully loaded.

- Bill C

Affordable, quality family vehicle.

Our car is relatively reliable for an eleven year old vehicle. We recently had to replace the wiring and a while back replaced the brakes, but overall we appreciate comfort of the seating. It has cloth seats and no DVD player so it is not particularly special.

- Emily S

It has been very dependable, it has 186,000 miles on it

This van has been very dependable. I enjoy driving it very much. I like the flexibility of seats being in or out. The only negatives are the whining noise from the power steering and the window regulators quit working. So now I can't roll the windows down.

- Millie B

A nice shade of gray. Very family friendly. Big and spacious for family.

There are no problems with my car. The car gets me where I need to go. It is very spacious for my big family. It is great on gas. The doors automatically close which is a plus. I do think that the windows should be better tinted. No mechanical problems at all.

- Leslie A

Our town and country minivan.

It has been a very reliable vehicle for one hundred sixty thousand miles. Most repair problems have been very minor. The biggest expense was new axles at about one hundred twenty thousand miles. This van is comfortable to ride in as well as driving it.

- John F

Great family vehicle for active families.

Chrysler has made a solid mini van in the Chrysler town and country. The 2007 model is spacious and come fully equipped with CD player and power windows. With a towing capacity of 3200 pounds, this vehicle is a great option for active growing families.

- Aaron P

It's affordable and reliable, gets reasonable mileage, but it's very basic.

It's been a very reliable vehicle and affordable to maintain. It accelerates and brakes well too. The sliding doors are a little creaky and rattle a bit, but I'm otherwise happy with my car. It's features are very basic, no bells or whistles.

- Lauren M

The stow and go feature. You can haul a lot of big things and it is not as high as a truck to lift into

I like that my car is a minivan, because I can haul my kids and their friends around. I love the stow and go feature also because I can haul big items. I don't like the rust on it or that my electric slide doors broke down too early

- Sara M

Reliable, smooth ride. great stereo. And can haul a lot of stuff like a truck.

I enjoy my Town and Country because I can haul a lot of things that I need. The ride is usually smooth. The stereo has a great sound. I really haven't had too many issues with it. But it is rusting out in certain parts by the doors.

- Maryann S

It has room enough to haul up too seven people with comfort and they can get out of the vehicle with ease

this vehicle is very versatile,and comfortable, i am able to travel with up to seven people, and when I need to haul cargo I can hid the seats down and have plenty of room to haul the cargo and keep it dry unlike a pick up truck

- Bret A

2007 Chrysler Town and Country

I like the electronic seats feature. I've had trouble with the handle of the stow and go seats breaking as well as the front reading lights which has been a pain. Overall not a bad vehicle with being close to 200k miles on it.

- Jessica T

It's very comfortable for long road trips yet it's still efficient for running errands.

It gets decent gas mileage. I can take 7 people (including driver) and still have room. Seats stow for hauling cargo. I don't like the image of "soccer mom", and parking can be a little more challenging than with a compact car.

- Amelia G

It eats a lot of gas, but has a ton of room for a large family or cargo in the back.

IT has a lot of electrical issues. It should have doors that can open and close with the press of a button and they don't. The DVD player broke and I couldn't get it fixed at all. I am also not a big fan or rustlers or minivans.

- Erica B

That it has great gas mileage and is low maintenance.

I don't like that the front doors don't open wider. I love all the room in the back and the way the seats can be stored away for large cargo. Also love the amount of seating in the vehicle. Great gas mileage. Very comfortable.

- David C

I believe this vehicle will last the owner a long time.

The only complaint is low gas mileage. We love comfort, seat adjustments, passenger capacity, gps navigation, and temperature control. It handles easily and has adjustable seating to accommodate large loads when necessary .

- Maryann H

Reliable, trustworthy, with few problems.

Wonderful, reliable vehicle for the most part, especially if you have kids. 7 seats, 4 of which can fold into the floor so you've got lots of storage space. A tv in the back that comes with headphones. Great stock speakers.

- Khalia S

It barely works, but it passed inspection and that's the most we can hope for.

The A/C is broken, the doors don't unlock automatically or even open some of the time. It has plenty of room, however, and it's better than having no car at all. It was used, so we knew we weren't getting a perfect car.

- Dawne M

Very dependable, good size for a family

I don't care for the front wheel drive But we have had this vehicle for almost 10 years with no major problems. The defrost went out on the rear window and was sort of a pain to replace. But overall its very reliable.

- Kristina C

The Chrysler Town and Country is a great vehicle for families!

I have had my car for about 3 years after buying it used. I have had some very minor problems with the airflow system, but other than that, this car is amazing. It runs well, is dependable, and fits my whole family.

- James D

That it is a handicap vehicle and needs a little more parking space when not in a handicap space.

It's a handicap vehicle with a fold down ramp. I love it's roomy interior, but I wish it didn't have such a steep incline. I also wish it had a more modern mirror with built-in bluetooth; I miss having that.

- Mark F

A lot of room and seats go into the floor, color is grey

I bought my van used with very few miles on it. Never really had to fix anything on it just the general, tune ups and oil changes. I mostly will buy a never of this make and model when my old in goes out.

- Jessica W

The most important thing to know is that it has dual individual temperature controls. It also has heated front seats. But it has low gas mileage.

Chrysler Town and Country minivan...love the heated seat. I also love being able to adjust the temperature on my side of the vehicle. I hate that it does not get better gas mileage when driving in town.


This is a great family van!

I really love this van! I love how you can put all the back seats down and use it as a truck almost. I love all the room it has seat wise for the kids. But I do have issues with the struts and the ac.

- Chris L

Personal Space is Key! Chrysler Town & Country good for big families.

I love my minivan in that it is big enough to haul my family and all of our stuff. I appreciate that it can hold up to 7 people, but also lets the family members spread out and have their own space.

- Katharine G

Nothing special but I like it. It's reliable and gets me where I need to be.

I and my hubby like sitting higher. Some cars we wouldn't be able to get in or out of. Like toe fold down seats! It gets good mileage No complaints here. It has a tape player AND CD player.

- Mary H

Pretty much no rust on the body. I also wish that the sliding door buttons would still be working.

I like that it has the doors on both sides. I like that we don't have to have much upkeep. The back doors and button to sliding doors don't always work and the arm on the back window sticks

- Marie B

Lots of storage space throughout vehicle!

Awesome stow and go seats! Lots of additional overhead storage compartments! Trunk storage is deeper than most!! I don't like the fact there is not.a dipstick to check transmission fluid!!!

- KCb M

Take care of your vehicle and you will get your money back from it.

It has rust on the lower side of the van. Other than that it has 187,700 miles on it. It is wired to use to tow. This is a replacement vehicle of anther town and country with 140,000 miles

- Joe W

Great family van with a lot of space.

My vehicle is a great family vehicle. It is very reliable and has enough space to haul everything I need it to. It is very comfortable and so far I have not had any mechanical problems.

- Samantha K

The most important thing about the van is its very spacious.

i love the legroom and the seating in the back. I love that all of the seats fold down and i can fill the van with cargo/groceries. the automatic doors and trunk are wonderful as well

- Michael C

Low maintenance vehicle and ease of handling

Love my Town & Country. 2nd one I've owned. The only problem is the high rust. Love the stew and go seats. Motor has over 180k and needed only regular wear and tear maintenance.

- Anne B

It's very easy to drive as the car doesn't have a lot of 'interior' but windows are very large.

Spacious, transparent (easy to see out of all windows), family friendly, utilizes all space for storage. Folding seats to allow for transportation of large items such as furniture.

- Leah F

Runs great, has good mileage but the comfort really needed some help

My car has NO bells and whistles. Bought used and the things you take for granted (like a key lock on the passenger side) my car does not have. The interior design is uncomfortable

- Debra B

Good on gas and is very good on the highway.

I like it because good on gas and it is big enough for my most of my grandkids and the seat all hide away and you can't then haul a lot of things for moving or to the junkyard.

- Marilyn M

Handy vehicle! The minivan is underrated.

The van is a value entry-level model. It has provided mostly reliable transportation. The only thing I had to replace was an alternator in 12 years. Very versatile vehicle!

- Daniel H

This cat has run well with few major mechanical problems

I love the cargo capacity and the ability to stow and go. The car has held up well for 150,000 miles. The only dislike at the moment is the older model with less technology

- Karen S

Awesome town and country features.

Love the stow and go seats! Love the trunk storage space! All of the seats recline! Lots of above head storage cubbies perfect for kids stuff. Overall great family vehicle!

- Kc M

it's a comfortable ride and plenty of space for the kids

it has rust on the body; not as well made as the Dodge Caravan I used to own; the dvd player broke for no reason and last year the brakes went out while I was driving it

- Shannon W

If you treat it right it will last as long as you need it to!

I only wish my van had the button at the rear hatch to close it. I love everything else about it. I am the only owner of it and 250,000 + miles it is still going strong!

- Stacy B

I am glad I purchased this van.

It now over 100, 000 miles and still taking me to work. My job is 24 miles each way. This van has been very dependable. Great space I take my twin grandkids everywhere.

- Elizabeth K

Great for going on vacation as the seats fold into floor

It is for touring and is very comfortable the captain chairs fold into bottom of vehicle so does the rear seats then great for cargo space also great for vacations!!!!

- David H

Try driving one for a month and I promise you will want one for yourself.

I love everything about this van. It allows me to use it in multiple ways whether it be work, family or helping friends move. I can't say anything bad about this van.

- Kevin C

The number one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is super reliable and safe. I love my van!

My van is awesome. It has lasted for 10 years now. It is super dependable and is easily fixed if there is a mechanical problem. I never have to worry in my Chrysler.

- Mailelei P

My vehicle is fully loaded with many amenities including power and heated seats, a video system, remote control sliding doors and rear hatch. The only thing I wish it did have was remote start. Other than that we are happy with the vehicle.

It has plenty of amenities and would be a great vehicle for a big family as it seats seven. It also has power doors and power rear hatch all operated by the remote.

- Carolyn C

Hooked on the stow away seats!

Love the van because I can stow away all of the seats and haul furniture, a piece of plywood. Unfortunately, it has not been as reliable as my 1999 Dodge Caravan.

- Jane M

It has 14,000 miles on it

I like that it has store and go seats. Plenty of room for carrying cargo. I don't like that it has over 140,000 miles on it. I like the style. I like the comfort

- David R

The great gas mileage is the best part of the car.

I like that my vehicle has lot of storage space, because it is stow-n-go. It is in good condition with no major problems. It is a little rusty but it runs great.

- Samantha K

It functions. It is paid off and still drives us where we need to go.

It's not a bad car. It has some cosmetic issues. It also has an oil leak. It's not quite big enough for my needs right now. I need at least an additional seat.

- Tonia B

Do NOT buy!!! You will have problem after problem. The van is a money pit!

I like that I have plenty of room. I hate that it has sooo many electrical problems. I hate that there had been so many recalls and that it's horrible on gas.

- Jordan M

Love the heated seats in winter. .

Works. Not a lot maintenance so far. Easy to check systems. Warming. Did good on long road trip. Does good in town. Easy to check oil and other fluid levels.

- Cj M

Low Cost Maintenance, 100,000 miles with few repairs

We've travelled more than 100,000 miles in this vehicle and it has required very few repairs. Lots of room to carry whatever we might need. Easy to drive.

- karen h

Its reliable and a great family vehicle.

Love the fact its flex fuel, so it can take ethanol which is cheaper than gasoline. Love the interior and layout of the seats. Works great for a big family.

- Brandon C

It is a great family car with lots of seating and storage. It is perfect for road trips!

I like the room that it provides. I also like all of the storage and the stow and go seating. I don't have any complaints. I just wish I had a newer model!

- Ashley C

My van is 11 years old and is still a decent car that can carry 7 people. It's a fun vehicle to be in.

I like the space of the minivan. I like that it can hold 7 people. The model is old so the parts are a bit rusty and I'm not sure how long it will last.

- Jesse H

It's very family friendly and comfortable.

I love that It's reliable. It has plenty of family friendly features like power sliding doors. I don't have any complaints. It meets my needs just fine

- Carrie g

Minivans are great for families and gets decent gas mileage.

Like: Lots of room, 2 sliding doors, back door electric, runs smooth. Dislike: no lumbar, hard to get to spare, not enough cup holders in middle seat.

- Myrna E

It is a must have for a family of 5.

I like that there is room for my whole family. Room for any items we need to take with us without crowding everyone. It's easy to get in and out of.

- Tracy B

My minivan has heated front seats and dual temperature controls for the front passengers.

Has heated seats. Has dual temp control for front passengers. Has wheel pressure alerts on dash. Hate the low gas mileage. No complaints right now.


Beeps when object gets close

It is reliable, spacious and good on gas. I have had problems with the brakes multiple times. Also it was on recall once but it was a simple fix.

- Coral C

How spacious it is. There's room for the entire family.

I love how roomy and comfortable it is. It has tons of space to transport whatever I need. It drives smooth and easy like a small vehicle would.

- Caleb S

That it is very safe never had trouble finding parts does not break down.

I like the zone heating and air. I like the double sliding back doors. I do not like that it does not have an aux port. I wish it had Bluetooth.

- Sabrina B

It is extremely roomy in both passenger area and trunk.

Very great vehicle, lots of room for passengers and storage. comfortable drives well and easily. very reliable and would recommend for families.

- Andrew W

Plenty of room for passengers and storage. .

It drives amazing, plenty of room for passengers and storage. Handles really easy and smooth definitely recommend for a great family vehicle.

- Andrew W

Lots of electrical issues with this vehicle.

I like the room but we have had lots of electrical issues with it. The automatic doors stopped working within 6 months of owning the vehicle.

- Becky M

Seats are not comfortable.

To large and there are not enough features no heat/ air vents in back seats are uncomfortable rusts out easily not very good on gas mileage.

- Crystal D

I have plenty of room should anyone need a ride. And room for all their stuff.

I am able to carry children and all their sports equipment with easy. Plenty of room and very comfortable for trips. Not too big or bulky.

- Brigid K

Great space without being oversized.

I like my vehicle because of cargo space and seven passengers, I dislike it because of gas usage, I love it because it bigger and upgraded.

- Kelly T

It is very reliable and simple to understand.

I enjoy the ease of driving and ability to transport all of my children and pets in one vehicle with plenty of space for them and storage.

- Katie P

It is a minivan so it offered incredible practicality with kids.

We decided to get a minivan since we had three small children at the time. It is a very practical vehicle to own with kids in the house.

- Justin A

There is no one most important thing. The combination of features that it offers, I like, except for the poor gas mileage.

Love the dependability, ride, comfort, but I hate the gas mileage. It also has 3 rows of seats, which is more comfortable for my kids.

- Robert M

2007 Chrysler town and country fan.

Dependable, comfortable to drive, great features. Plenty of room, convenient for all activities, appreciate the height of the vehicle.

- Walter C

Great family van. Fits 3 car seats comfortably. Keeps kids happy with the 6 disk DVD player

Is a great van. Lots of room. The only downfall is where the spare tire is. Other then that 6 disk DVD player. Both back windows vent

- Oceane M

Amazing disappearing seats!

I love that I can collapse the seats (other than the driver and passenger seats) into the floor! The air conditioner works very well.

- Dai N

The 2007 Chrysler town and country

My vehicle has rust numerous issues at the rear hatch door. The power steering pump has been changed. The stow and go is really nice.

- Jon S

Van's are the best! So much room!

I love my van. So much room and storage. Drives great. Never had any issues with it. I will be purchasing the same van in the future

- Haley C

Its a awesome van. I am due for a new one doe. .

It's a good vehicle. . I love it. Runs great has a lot of room. I love the way the seats in the middle go down underneath the van.

- Mons K

It is good for families with kids. There is room for everyone.

I like that my vehicle is paid for. I do not like that we have had to spend a lot of money replacing almost everything on the van.

- JAda K

Dependable and reliable vehicle.

Easy to get in and out of and had ample space for passengers and packages. Had for a long period of time and it had done me well.

- Chris B

Do not buy this van. You will have nothing but problems.

You have to put a lot of money in these van's. The need a lot of maintenance. As soon as u fix one thing another problem happens.

- Stephanie P

Till you find a the car you're looking for

Has a lot of miles and wear and tear. Needs tires, a starter. Was just a hand me down car in the process of getting a new one

- Alicia E

It is a good car in general. Does not give you so much problem.

Its reliable. The only thing is it's not very good in the winter do to bad tires. And it's not all wheel drive just front wheel.

- Donny M

It is very roomy for our family!

At First I loved it, but as it started aging, we began having problems with it even though it didn't have that many miles on it.

- Michelle R

It has great storage availability and seats up to 7 people including the driver.

I like that it has stow and go seating. The side and rear doors are automatic. I wish it had better mileage and a better stereo.

- Carol R

I love the fact that my van has room the hole family. I like that not old car.

Dislike has to many miles on it. I love the fact it has room for all the kids. It's a newer vehicle I've only owned older cars.

- Loretta K

Perfect family vehicle!!!

OMG! This vehicle is amazing! I love all the space! All the seats fold down for even more space. It's a perfect family vehicle!

- nikki l

A/c does not cool whole vehicle.

The third row seating never gets enough air conditioning. Besides that this is a reliable vehicle, I have enjoyed driving it.

- Penny L

Heavy rust thru all around the auto.

Like that it is easy to drive. Do not like that there is rust thru all around the car. Do not like air conditioning problems.

- Roy S

good suspension performance stability in gasoline the whole family we left together because it is very spacious

reliable very stable gasoline performance fails in air conditioned but of rest very comfortable familiar good capacity trunk

- Lucas g

My car holds a lot of people and can pack a lot of items.

I like the functionality of a minivan. The only thing I don't like is that it seems a bit light compared to a Ford Minivan.

- Tiffany S

The seats all fold down in the car so you don't have to the seats out.

I love that it rides smoothly. I love the seats all fold down in it . I dislike it's age and how much iit cost to fill up.

- Valerie M

So far it has been very dependable.

It has been very dependable. When purchased the vehicle came with a lifetime mechanical warranty. Mileage is acceptable.

- Dennis H

Love the stow and go feature

I love the automatic doors and hatch opening. I love the stow and go storage feature. It's been great to travel with.

- Jen C

Perfect for big families and long trips!. Great on gas super dependable.

It's a great vehicle. Would buy another Chrysler for my next purchase. It fit seven of us and I have three teenagers!

- Savannah G

Very roomy and reliable van.

Very roomy and reliable. The van is easy to work on which is a huge plus. The only issue is the panels rust easily.

- Heather C

It is perfect for a large family.

I haven't had to do repairs other than regular servicing. It is perfect size for my family. I love the smooth ride.

- Susan B

Open doors by push of a button!

I love the doors opening by a push of button. Great DVD player. Good size for family. Poor transmission, some rust,

- Stephanie C

Town and country minivan

It's great. Comfortable. Great gas mileage. It's dependable. However, costly to fix at times. Highly recommended it

- Melissa C

This and other years have issues with the moonroof which causing flooding.

I like it because it's get me `to and fro . without having weight on other to bring me I have no dislike about it.

- Gracie C

It is a good size for a family of 5.

My minivan is old and beat up. Things are worn out and do not work, seat belts, locks the ceiling liner feel down.

- Kim D

Holds its value strong resale market.

Roomy,fuel efficiency,dependable, parts are easy to find and repairs are reasonable. Can use regular gas or e85.

- James S

It is very economical on fuel and maintenance.

It is great for long trips because it is comfortable and it is also great on gas. It also fits the whole family.

- Bill C

stow and go seating is a great feature

It is very roomy Has had water pump issues and ball joint issues love the stow and go seating Great gas mileage

- Kim P

It drives great and it looks nice.

I like the comfort.? Like size. I like the economy. I do not like the towing capacity. I like the way it looks.

- George L

It's mine gets me where I want to go. It has a little rust gives it character

The auto doors were great but have since quit working and make a horrible noise. other than that car is great

- Jenny K

It's Mine. The wife likes to drive it, it easy to load and unload, has folding seats that go into the floor

I like it 1 It's PAID FOR.2 Gets me where I want to go.# is easy to get in & out of. & I can haul stuff in it

- Thomas M

It can hold up to 6 people at one time.

I love that there is a lot of space. I love that I can fold my seats down. It drives great. I get good miles.

- Cheyenne R

Its reliable and family friendly. Tons of storage.

Really reliable, but its older so ive has to repair a few things. I love the price and the extras included.

- Amanda S

It's a great vehicle for families.

I love all the room inside. I love how it is on gas. It drives really well. There is not anything I dislike.

- Charity M

They are very comfortable and roomy. They are great for a family.

The only issue i've ever had is its now running hot but its coming up on 200k and never had a issue before.

- Jack J

Love the stow and go feature on it. Great for the kids.

Top is falling down on the inside. Runs well, but the air has problems with cooling. It's not great on gas.

- Taylor M

Great for transporting bicycles.

Stow away seats and size of vehicle are great. Very few maintenance issues. Gas mileage could be better.

- John P

The car run perfectly good. Always gets us where we need to go.

My car is amazing. It runs very good. The only thing i had to repair was the tires. Beautiful performance.

- James H

I like the power windows and doors and in floor seat storage. I don't like that the windows in the middle do not open. The van is getting older but it's still great on space and hauling things.

The storage under the floor is great when traveling, you can keep small items from rolling around the van.

- Andie W

It is fairly reliable, but not a car I would ever buy again.

It is getting old. It has quirky power doors. I like that it is dependable. It has a quiet, smooth ride.

- James A

It's very roomy and runs great even though it's old

It's 11 years old and still runs great. It has plenty of room. I don't have any complaints or dislikes.

- Stephanie T

Has plenty of room for your whole family and great for trips.

I like how it has lots of room. It gets decent gas mileage, and can carry my whole family comfortably.

- Misty B

The car gets great gas mileage on the freeway and is fun to drive.

It is perfect for shopping. My car gets great gas mileage. My car is comfortable on long drives.

- Faye s

It has a GPS and power windows. The seats are heated in the winter.

Like the power windows. The seats can get warm in the winter. It has a GPS which is very helpful.

- Gail E

It serves the purposes that I have for a vehicle.

It's a dependable vehicle. It's perfect for my needs. I just wish I could afford a newer model.

- Richard J

It has less than 100,000 miles on it and the cost to repair is very inexpensive

The car is roomy it has good fuel efficiency is reasonably insurable and very trustworthy

- James S

It is great car. It is 6th one we have owned scene 1996.

It is easy to get in and out of. It is very comfortable. It get reasonable gas mileage.

- Roger W

My van is old and rusty and will probably not last through the winter

I love the auto doors and liftgate. I wish it wasn't so old and rusty. I love the space

- Murphey S

Our Chrysler Town and Country has been reliable mostly even over 150,000 miles

It is not my dream car but it fits our family. It also gets us to where we need to go.

- M A

it's a good family car that has served us very well

It's getting older would like better mileage it's getting older it has served us well

- Ron F

It gets good gas mileage so it is good for road trips

It fits the whole family and it is good on gas. It is also comfortable on long trips

- Bill C

not worth the price, will definitely not purchase in future

sucks wish I didn't buy it, but I owe too much money on it to do anything about it

- sara h

I would say the reliability, it always starts, doesn't burn any oil, just a great all around vehicle.

I love this van, it's roomy, has ac, get good gas mileage and is very reliable.

- Beverly N

Its performance is exceptional and it is very dependable!!

Most dependable Van ever. Wish I had outside temperature in it. No complaints!!

- Richaard B

The car drives excellent. However I am not a skilled driver.

It is a great car and I love it. It's been so good to me and is my buddy.

- Miki H

The room and comfort. People would be surprised how much room there really is

Really like the room. The stow and go seating is great. very comfortable

- marvin r

It's very dependable and has been of great use to me

Nothing, this has been a great vehicle for me and my family to use

- Bob F

Has lots of space, has been reliable, the seats fold down easily. Sliders are wonderful.

Love sliders. Has been very reliable. Wish I had a sunroof.

- Loraine K

I like the child safety features. My children are special needs and having automatic doors that you can turn the buttons off is a lifesaver. It allows me to worry less about my children.

It is a family vehicle that is comfortable and affordable.

- Jennifer F

reliability, fuel economy and a large size for the whole family to travel in

Too weak an engine. Bad fuel economy. Outdated style.

- Ki K

Holds value and large cargo area

Fold down rear seats. Good gas mileage. Good styling.

- K T

Good family car, great engine in the vehicle

Great on gas but a big money pit. Always needs work

- Lloyd B

That is has Stow and go and can transport 7 people at once

Perfect family vehicle, practical and economic

- Hannah P