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Resilience of the Town and Country

I have had this car for a little more than a year, as I had a 2015 Town and Country and I had to sell it to get the payment down by over $200 a month. This was a great decision, as I have had almost no problems with this vehicle. It had very low mileage when I purchased it. 70,000 miles in 10 years was hard to believe! I have the Town and Country with tailgating possibilities. My husband hit the buttons to turn the seat around for tailgating instead of the button to shut the gate. But when the seat hit resistance, instead of stopping or reversing, it continued on its path. So now that needs to be repaired so that I can regain the use of my 3rd row seats. Another feature of this Limited Version is a table that stows between the 1st and 2nd row. It is nice for the kids to play games or eat their lunch here. I can think of no other issues except that it will need some brake work done very soon.

- Mary B

Buyer beware of the starter.

My main complaint: There was a problem with the starter that was a recall problem. The starter was causing the vehicle to shut off during operation shortly after it was started. The first time this happened I was horrified. Chrysler replaced it for free as they were supposed to. The car still shuts off from time to time shortly after I start it. Luckily it has never happened when I was in a dangerous situation. So basically chrysler replaced the old faulty starter with a new faulty starter. The transmission works but it just feels very rough and I do not like that. Other than that I like the vehicle. I took the back seats out and turned it into a living space. It has some great features that makes it good to live from and great for large families.

- Julianne C

Roomy, Leisurely, and Perfect for the Family

The Chrysler Town and Country 2009 is a very comfortable traveling vehicle especially when you have kids. It is roomy and, depending on which model you have, may include stow n go seating that folds into the floor. The downside is it only gets 17 mpg in the city. The 25 mpg on the highway isn't so bad, but you might want to limit your in town traveling options during vacation if you have a tight budget. The TnC includes two video screens so that the two back rows can watch movies. The sound system has a quality sound with good base. The interior also allows for a light to be turned that emits a subtle green glow just bright enough for passengers to see around them inside but not too bright to distract the driver.

- Jeff P

Chrysler Town and Country Minivan Comfort on Wheels

This minivan has everything needed for comfortable travel whether just to the store or a longer trip. Even has a phone charger, built in car seat for a child. dvd player and headphones along with a table that stores underneath the seats. This is a perfect mini for a family or someone who travels a lot with ample room for suitcase or whatever you might be transporting. Also features the stow and go seats. I love it mechanically it run wonderfully and it will let you know when you need any maintenance from oil changes to more serious issues. I would highly recommend this brand to anyone who wants dependability and comfort rolled into one vehicle it's well worth the money!

- Michelle G

Town and Country is great except for Car Seat Anchors

I really do like my Town & Country. I love the stow and go seats in the back, it's very easy to use. The controls up front are also very easy to use. The worst part though are the car seat anchor tethers. If you have children (which I think most minivan users would), the lower anchor and rear tethers in the back bench are not placed in a good spot. There is only one set, and it is in the middle of the 2 seat bench, essentially reducing the number of seats in your car by one. This means car seats can only go in the 2 bucket seats, essentially. It's kind of annoying. But again, I really like everything else about the car.

- Kelly D

The roomy easy to use Chrysler town and country.

The Chrysler town and country touring has so much room for moving, traveling, car pooling and also for picking up big items from the store instead of trying to find a friend or relative with a truck or trailer. The fold and go seats are so simple to use and easy to put down or pull back up into position. Its smooth driving performance is also a big plus. Another cool feature is the trim line luminous lighting that runs along the ceiling compartments in the back of the van and also on the doors for the driver and passenger. There is plenty of storage space for all passengers to store their items. I love this van!!

- Rachel W

The storage is unbelievable. It holds so much stuff!

Great car. Love the storage room and ability to put seats up and down depending on what I'm carrying around and how many people are riding with me. Built in DVD players, headphones, a flashlight, and an electrical plus add to the luxuriousness. It has performed well with regular maintenance but has a recurring problem with the tire pressure management system. It's been in the shop for it 7 or 8 times and they've replaced everything they can think of but the system warning still goes off at least once a day. It goes away on its own but always comes back again. Mechanic says it's typical of the Town & Country.

- Kelley L

2009 Chrysler town & country.

I love that it can fit 7 people easily, and that you can stow the seats if you need that extra space. It is pretty decent for gas mileage and the kids love the built in DVD player. The down side is after our van hit the 100k mark everything started going out on it. Regular maintenance is to be expected but regular repair fees kind of stinks. Also, if you live in an environment where snow, freezing rain or below zero temperatures occur beware. The doors automatic doors love to freeze shut or just decide to stop working once the weather gets cold.

- Megan D

The Chrysler town and country is a great minivan to have just keep up on all the Maintenance and you should have no problems with the great vehicle.

I love my car. It's a 2009 Chrysler town and country. I love the hidden compartments underneath the seats for folding the chairs down underneath them. I think this is a really cool feature and it really came in handy when I had to help my sister move. I was really able to pack a lot of stuff in my van. A downside is I had to use my spare tire and it maybe a easy fix but i don't know how to Install back under my car where it was kept. Other then that it's a great van the best I had so far and I have had about 3 minivans.

- Shanna W

Starts and stops of a town and country

The car is great and has lots of useful features including lay down seats and extra storage. As well as the engine is very powerful and has a great 0 to 60. The car is great for a family or if u need to carry lots of items around. On the other hand, the starter is bad. It will occasionally give out and the power steering and brakes will go out. Also it occasionally will also not start. In conclusion, the car is nice but it has defects starting and cuts out that can make it not worth it.

- Peter C

Chrysler t&c 2009: my dream and nightmare of a used car.

Bad brake system, calipers, master cylinder, and. Now the transmission. Good space and videos in vehicle are nice for trips. The media system is a bit behind, but works for what i actually need. . Winter driving seems ok, but I know it has newer tires about a year old. . Seems to last over 100,000 miles, but not without lots of money and mechanic work!! We find it nice for bringing multiple people places. The feet room is good. I love the heated seats.

- Kim R

2009 town and country minivan.

I love my vehicle size and that the back flips down for added space when we are traveling or shopping for larger items. The back seats swivel for my children to have a fun ride for kids in the back. Some of the troubles include the heating and cooling system. My air conditioner is broken and barely used it. Now in the winter, the heat fogs my windshield. This is a costly repair and it sort of just stopped working. Otherwise, I love this vehicle!

- Susie K

Quite trip entertainment package Put the DVD in dropped screens

I love that you can change personal settings in the car such as changing how long lights remain on after car is turned off, the heated seats not only in front seats but also in second row seats as well. The radio also contains an optional Bluetooth feature as well as Sirius radio. She gets very good gas mileage both in town and highway, and for those long trips an entertainment package. I have two scenes that drop down for viewing and a remote

- Barbara D

Why I love my town & country!

This van has been very reliable with only minimum maintenance needed. My favorite feature is the stow and go seating! This is an older van so I cannot compare to newer models but it feels very solid in comparison to other vehicles that I have driven. We have driven our van across country at least four times, with our family of five, and had more than enough room for luggage and more importantly, it drove well and was a very comfortable ride.

- Lisa L

The front windows open with the vehicle off!!

The Chrysler town and country minivan is a very reliable vehicle. The seats are very comfortable. I love that the windows open if you push the unlock once and let go then push it a second time and the two front windows will open even when the vehicle is off. The back row is a little tight fitting. We had normal wear and tear problems with the van. All in all it's a pretty great and reliable vehicle.

- Tina L

Chrysler Town and Country Review!

We bought it used in 2016, only had 50k miles, and I was never a minivan kind of guy, but this thing is loaded. I mean loaded. Full stereo system with hard drive. Navigation, DVD with 2 rear screens. Power everything, switches everywhere. Windows, sliding doors, liftgate; heated seats in both front seats and both middle passenger seats! Stow and go seats on all rear seats for that extra space.

- Adam L

That is loaded and has all of the features one could ever want in a vehicle! Also, it is a very reliable van.

We just love our Town And Country! We made sure to get the 2009 model, so our back seat windows roll down as well as the front. We love everything about our Town And Country, dual DVD players, heated seats, moon/sun roof, back up cam...just to name a few! Seats 7 comfortably, is reliable and can't complain about automatic doors!! We love it and I was one who said I'd never drive a minivan!

- Robin S

Good vehicle, not comfortable.

My Town and Country is very reliable. It is handicap/wheelchair van. The seats are not very comfortable. The air vents are not in good positions. They either hit you in the chest or legs. The air conditioning and heat do cool or warm up quickly however. Gas mileage is fair but it does have a lot of extra weight with all the modifications for the wheelchair. Overall it does a good job.

- Annette K

Town and country van loaded.

I love my van!! It has heated leather seats, a backup camera, built in ves system, navigation, aid system. I handles so smoothly. I also love that I can love the pedals and the seat to accommodate my self because I am short. It allows me to be able to sit the right distance from the air bags. I absolutely love the power doors! Makes dropping the kids off at school quick and easy!

- Erica C

I love my car that I am the currently owner of.

The vehicle that I am currently the owner as well as the driver of is extremely reliable for my needs and where I wish to drive my current vehicle. My current vehicle is handicapped accessible with a power seat that moves under my steering vehicle so that I can drive comfortably after getting in my car in my wheelchair using the ramp that is on the side of my vehicle.

- Sue S

Dual climate controls for passenger and rear means everyone is comfortable.

We had trouble with the brakes squeaking a lot when we first got it. Also, the weather stripping on the sliding doors was always moving so we had to glue it down. . I love the space of the van and how easy it is to drive. We also have the dual climate for both the passenger and the back, and that is especially helpful when the whole van is full.

- Julie F

It is very versatile - easy to move the seats around to accommodate your needs.

I like my vehicle because it is very easy to drive and park with ease. It has a third row seat into DVD players which keep kids entertained. I also like that I can store things in the floor and there's plenty of space in the back when you put the seats down. I do not like the room legroom in the third row seat it is kind of tight and uncomfortable.

- Kathleen R

The minivan is very luxurious and has a lot of detail and tools for convenience.

It has had problems overheating. The car was steaming when the engine got hot. The entire minivan would get hot in the front. There has also been problems with shaking while braking. Even after getting brakes done the front would shake as it was stopping. It does seem a little bulky. It is a little oversize making blind sides even more blind.

- april T

A van with 2 video screens, heated seats throughout!

I have owned this vehicle for 11 years and it has been very reliable. It has an efficient amount of room for our family of 5 and a dog. We travel to visit my family 6-8 times a year which is about 300 miles round trip. I am ready for a change in vehicle type, though. I would like a sportier looking vehicle rather than a family friendly one!

- Angie S

Family Friendly and Adaptable

I love my T&C. We have two young sons that are hard on vehicles and it's been easy to clean up their messes. I ADORE the stow and go middle seats. We OFTEN have to stow seats, but it's really easy to pull them back out when we need to carry more people. This is my first time have a backup camera as well and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!


The town and country is a decent vehicle, but have had lots of repairs lately.

The van was great the first couple years but in the spring of 2017 and 2019 I have had up to $2000 in repairs both springs. I have had issues with the cooling system and with my steering. This last round of repairs involved my steering sensor. Because this was faulty, my car would break on me by itself. It was scary at times.

- Carolyn K

This car has amazing features!

The car is really amazing! It has two tv's in the back, you can turn the two seats in the middle and there is a place in the back to put in a table, you can adjust the seats in the very back with buttons on the side, you also have storage under the middle seats! The only bad thing that I have is that it is not good on gas.

- Sylvia S

That it works and gets me from point A to Point B. Doubt I'd ever buy a Chrysler product again though

Peeling leather, problems with coolant. Manufacturer uses a ridiculous plastic part that sits by the hottest part of the engine. Well we know plastic melts at high heat, and at least once a year the darned part fails, making coolant go all over engine and results in a repair. For them to use the same darned plastic part.

- Beejay I

Minivan with DVD & remote start.

I love having the DVD feature because I have a 6 yr old daughter and for long trips (and short ones as well). I also love the remote start because I live in MN and during the winter it is nice to get the van warm before getting in. I am shocked at the amount of time it took to warm up with or without the remote start.

- Katie B

Great all around family minivan!

I love my Chrysler town & country limited minivan. It has every option available. I love the heated seats, the back up camera with sensors that beep if you get too close to something. It is so easy that the seats fold into the floor with the push of a button. The minivan handles well in all types of weather.

- Laurie B

the amount of space it provides

I received the vehicle used and have had absolutely no issues with it that standard maintenance hasn't taken care of. I absolutely love it. I would highly recommend this vehicle. It is extremely spacious and had a very smooth ride. I am able to transport all four of my grandkids as well as all their belongs

- tracy W

Great van for everyday life.

Key likes to get stuck, brakes need to be replaced often but overall it is a reliable car. It is a comfortable car and has lots of room. Gas mileage is average. It is a great van for the soccer mom and grocery shopping. Never had any major issues or costly repairs. Just make sure you do your maintenance.

- Julia P

By far my favorite vehicle ever!

Love my car. Only issue is the door lock actuator is going out. Also the automatic door broke which is on my husband for breaking it. Other than those 2 things it is been my favorite vehicle ever!! It is very easy to get to the third row, & there’s so much trunk space which is why we got this vehicle!!

- Morgan M

Is a good family vehicle with lots of space for children and groceries.

The space is nice but I have had so many problems with mine. Handles falling off the back slide doors, tailgate will not latch anymore, tire sensors went bad, hard on brakes, wheel bearings wear out quickly. Decent on gas but could be much better, plenty of room for a big family and lots of groceries.

- Mandy P

Great family vehicle, smooth ride.

Performance and reliability have been great! I find it comfortable, as do my children. so far there has only really been 2 problems. a cracked juncture in the antifreeze hose, (has been replaced twice) and the wires for the automatic side doors has come off the tracks and the casing has broken off.

- Brandy S

Small hiccup in winter but overall great.

Love the vehicle except that in the winter it has there is a hiccup when starting - it stalls and you have to use a certain method to start. You have to put the key in neutral, put it in drive, then back to park, turn the key off then start the car. It is a pain but the only real problem with it.

- Rach H

Great family car for the busy family.

Easy to start. Smooth ride. Love the remote. Automatic doors and liftgate opens at a touch. Easy to get in and out. Plenty of room. Kids love the sound system and DVD players. Make it nice there is a table and the middle seats rotate. Like the backup navigator. Extra glove compartment is great.

- Phyllis P

The Van That Just Keeps on Going.

I love my van. The back seats fold down into the floor and I can haul just about anything. It has over 150,000 miles on it and has had very few problems. The only complaint I have is where the spare tire is located. I have driven many long days in this van and it is very comfortable to drive.

- Lynda E

Great family vehicle with stow and go storage.

I love the van I drive. It has its pros and cons, some good things about it are that it gets me to and from work without problem, great to take to the drive in and overall great family vehicle. It has it is problems like currently there is antifreeze leak but I am getting it fixed soon.

- Tracy B

Perfect for a big family! Very spacious and seats fold down to haul stuff.

My Chrysler Town and Country does everything we need it to. It is very spacious and reliable. It is also a stow and go so it has a lot of room under the seats and is good for hauling stuff as well because all of the seats fold down. We have four kids so it is perfect to fit everyone!

- Kayla A

The reason why I love our vehicle.

My vehicle is perfect for my family because of the extra seating that it has for my family's size. And it is also great to travel in, extra space and leg room. So that when we travel everyone is very comfortable and they will not get irritable so fast from sitting from the long ride.

- Young S

My van and why I love the car.

The buttons on the keypad stopped working, the seats are very comfortable tons of storage and the air condition works great, . The power doors are great for getting in and out of the car. It has a tow hitch and it tows very smoothly. The storage under the seats are good for travel.

- Wendy J

Its over all good car for big families.

I like my car a lot but consumed lil more fuel. I have basic one so miss some luxuries. Like leather seat, sun roof, built in camera and screen Bluetooth system etc. The good thing is you can use it as mini truck. Besides very good car for big families. It's a good car overall.

- Sale S

Great car with little to no problems.

No problems so far only had it a few months. Very comfortable. Great air conditioning. Space for people and enough space for a new stereo. Good for dogs or kids. Seems reliable. Nice to look at and very blendable. Light interior does not get too hot. Easy to adjust seats.

- Jen L

Roomy smooth riding family vehicle with excellent storage capacity!

My town & country is roomy & has sufficient storage. It is a smooth driving minivan. The seats, especially the front seats, are not completely comfortable for long trips. It has good mileage. The rear struts are problematic. I have changed the brakes 4x's since 2009.

- Deborah G

The Town and Country has it all!

I love the "stow and go" seating in our Town and Country. we can haul large things if we want to. There is lots of room for a family of five. We even have room for some extra people, as it seats 7. It has great gas mileage, and is a great vehicle to take on vacation.

- Aubrey T

There are limited car seat placement options if you are getting this for a larger family. Also, the 3rd row is very slim seating.

I like that my van fits our lifestyle. It comfortably fits our family of 5 and our belongings on trips. I am not happy about the options for car seat placement. There are more updated features that I would prefer to have. I'm not crazy about the swivel and go seats.

- Caitlyn L

Chrysler Town and Country 2009

All metal on the vehicle is rusting, outside and inside. I have had to replace the wheel bearings twice on both sides front and back. It is not very good on gas. The hatch back does not work, it will go up and come right back down, it will not stay lifted.

- J G

Dodge Town and Country Review It has a smooth ride with adequate space for a family. It is a great asset if traveling and transporting several kids to activities. Good family vehicle.

Having a family, my town and country was the perfect size to travel comfortably. We did a lot of carpooling kids to different activities and it was comfortable for all. It was easy to maneuver around tight areas of parking. It has a very comfortable ride.

- Susan T

Perfect for families with kids

I love my minivan. I love all of the features. I love the backup camera, the DVD system, and how everything is automatic. Just the touch of a button and the doors opens and closes. My kids love it and there is so much space for everyone in my family.

- Kayla R

Family orientated car. With a smooth ride.

It is a good family car. Has a lot of space for comfort. It is a smooth ride. Some of the drawbacks are the automatic doors stop working had to get them replaced. They hatchback stopped working had to get that replaced. Other than that pretty good car.

- Tiffany N

Town & country ups and downs or how to utilize a vehicle for maximum efficiency.

Only problem is the door lock on drivers door malfunction making me have to reach over from passenger side to manually unlock drivers door. Otherwise it is a pleasure to drive and very safe. It also has comfortable seats and good cargo carrying space.

- Jim P

This vehicle is great for families and those needing room. It offers many luxuries such as DVD system, heated seats, etc.

I have a love/hate relationship with the sliding doors. This is the best feature when having children. However, I have had to have both sliding doors fixed more than once and 1 is broken again. The transmission is starting to slip causing me concern.

- Marcy N

That the engine will burn oil so you have to add oil between changes.

I do not like the aluminum wheels as the tires lose air and I have to buy air at stations to blow them up. Don"t like that my engine has begun to burn oil-have been told my engine(3.8) is known for this. Love all the room for transporting things.

- Sue P

It is extremely dependable. Reasonably quiet and very comfortable. A 1,300 mile trip to North Dakota was no problem.

The van is very reliable. It is quite comfortable and fairly quiet. Maintenance has been routine with no major malfunctions at over 156,000 miles. Brake replacement has been the biggest job I've had to do. Would definitely buy another if I could.

- David P

If you are a sports parent you gonna love the space for all your equipment needs

What i love is the store and go areas in the minnie van and the room you have from folding back seats down for more room . I dislike that at times when you shut van off it comes back on it self. As if o never turned it off. Its spooky to me

- Lake C

Reliable comfort and entertainment in a safe stable vehicle.

My car has had no issues with performance, reliability or comfort. My favorite luxury for this car is the electronic features. Two dvd screens, hard drive for songs and pictures, wireless headphones, etc, make this the best family car ever.

- April B

why i like my chrysler van.

good gas mileage. pretty nice riding vehicle.in need of very few repairs.easy handling.plenty of legroom for the taller person.comfortable when you take a longer trip.lots of room for luggage i like the nice smooth lines of the bodystyle.

- charles b

It is great for a family of 5!.

I like the amount of room and the easy accessibility to all areas for packing and ease of getting in and out. I like the leather heated seats and automatic start feature for the cold winter months. I do not like the look of the exterior.

- Angie S

It is a good family car. It has a lot of safety features which I like.

I like that it is room he has a lot of safety features. I also like the color. The dislikes are the sliding doors went out. Also the windows stopped working and the hatchback does not work anymore, but other than that a pretty good car.

- Tiffany R

Lots of room with the stow and go in the floor. Has plenty of places to put luggage and anything the kids need.

Very reliable and very comfortable vehicle. I drive 60 miles a day to work and back and this van makes it easy. It has plenty of room for my teenagers and all their friends. Love it. This is my second town and country I have owned

- Theresa H

Great for the family with the DVD and plenty of room.

We like our vehicle it provides the room we need for our family. However, I found the quality to be lacking we have several tears in seats and plastic molding cracked. We paid a lot for this vehicle and it's a little disappointing.

- Heather J

The back seats and third row completely fold down so that The entire back can be used as storage space .

I have a silver Limited edition 2009 Chrysler town and country minivan. I love how the seats fold down in the store and go and I'm able to use the entire backseat. I love the ability to open doors with remote control .

- Jennifer G

It shuts off on its own while I'm driving. Be careful.

I like the features like the DVD players, and the heated seats. I do not like that it shut offs on me all the time and I have to coast to the side of the road and shut my van off then restart it. It's very dangerous.

- Sam T

It's a very comfortable ride but not reliable i have had issues with it randomly not starting so i'm not comfortable traveling far from home

I like that there is a lot of cargo room and that you can lay the seats all the way down to transport stuff. i don't like all the problems i have had with the van including air conditioner and electrical problems

- lisa M

It is a very spacious car and very comfortable to drive in on long trips

I do really like the van. It was perfect for when my children were younger. There was plenty of space in the car for their friends and toys. I enjoy the space and the music system is perfect for children.

- Robin A

It has lots of room and it gets decent gas mileage

I love my town and country. There is so much room for costumes (community theater) and camping equipment. Plus it seats 7 people comfortably and we still have room for luggage or picnic coolers and grill


Review of repairs for Town and Country

Love my van but the repairs are very expensive! The track chain for the side door broke and is too expensive to repair. The tire pressure sensors go off whenever the weather cools and temperature cools.

- Tammy M

Great family vehicle. We all fit comfortable in it.

It's been a pretty good minivan but it had its problems. Bothe the front wheel bearing have failed with less than 100000 miles, also had problems with both the rear brake calipers locking up.

- Jeremy E

That the key system starts the car opens the back and side doors.

I like the back up camera. I like the phone system. I like the key system. I do not like the hesitation of car. Do not like the seats in back. Do not like that the back window broke out.

- Erin M

Roomy interior for scenic drives and tons of room for hauling almost anything.

I love that the seats fold down completely in both rows in the back. I can haul a lot of stuff. It has a smooth ride and a good view out the windows for my kids on long car trips.

- Ann P

It's reliable and spacious. you can fit all your passengers in it and not feel cramped.

I like that I can fit all my passengers and still have room to be comfortable. I also like the below floor storage. And that I can put my seats down and fit my kayaks in the back.

- samantha b

I like that you can have room for your kids to sit.

The radiator went out fast and the battery sometimes I hate this car. Only phrase daddy drives smooth now it be acting up sometimes the doors was acting up when we first got it.

- Tiffany T

The seats store down inside the floor when you need the space. You don't have to lift up and out of the van.

I love my van from performance, to storage, to gas mileage. I love that my seats stow down inside floor. I don't like the fact that some things inside the van are coming apart.

- Annette W

Great family car, would buy another one.

At 166k miles I had to replace my transmission. Small rust spot the size of a quarter. Other than that has been a great vehicle, roomy and comfortable. DVD system is great.

- Jessica W

It is durable and dependable.

There is tons of room. It is easy to handle. It has lots of storage space. It has outdated features. It needs to be upgraded with hands free & upgraded entertainment options.

- Christina H

It is a good reliable vehicle that provides a family a lot of room for traveling.

I like that it's big enough for my family of 5. I like that it has stow 'n go seats and storage under the middle seats. It is getting older and has a lot of miles on it.

- Kim D

It good one and it's got a lot of room in it.

It is a large vehicle both inside and out, as in lanes feel very small, and short people like myself have trouble finding a happy medium when adjusting the driver's seat.

- April V

Room to seat my kids and lots and lots of storage space

I love the space that the van offers and the stow and go seating is amazing. I don't like that there isn't a DVD player in our model but that's really my only complaint

- Kayla G

If you have a family of five, it is got just the right amount of space.

A decent vehicle, have to be careful when braking though. Always make sure to keep on top of oil changes, and keep in mind that the engine can overheat pretty easily.

- Justin J

It is paid for and it is my main means of transporting kids to sports

I love the room, stow and go, and the way it handles. I don't like replacing the brakes and calipers constantly. The automatic doors do not work all the time either

- Monica T

My car is a hatchback and a sports car.

I love the in-floor storage of seats. This makes my van into a covered truck. I also love the remote rear lift gate. The van handles nicely, especially on curves.

- Judy T

The most important thing about my car is that the stow and go seats makes it easy to transport many big things.

I like how my vehicle has stow and go seats. I also like how it has a dvd player in it for long car rides. The only complaint is that I wish the trunk was bigger.

- Ashley G

The room it carries with the fold down seats and floor hideaway spaces.

I love the room the durability the style the automatic locks is great and the back windows that roll down as cars do. I don't like how the brake pedal is so high.

- Barbara B

It's a good reliable car. I have actually only owned it for about 2 months, so it's been good to me so far.

I love the look. I love the space inside of the can. I like the choice for automatic liftgate and sliding doors. I feel like the gas mileage could be better.

- Allyson P

Great family car! Lots of room and great entertainment!

It is a great family vehicle! It has plenty of room for lots and lots of kids. It has a great entertainment system with dual DvD screens so everyone can see.

- Sara D

It's reliable. It has gotten my family and I to and from several vacation spots.

It's been a great vehicle for us and has not had any major problems since we bought it. Only had to replace brakes and do a tune up to replace spark plugs.

- Kari G

The Town and Country rides comfortably on road trips.

I've always been pleased with the passenger space. It's great for a family of 5. Unfortunately, we are outgrowing this model, as our children are preteens.

- Amy A

It is reliable. plenty of room for kids and groceries.

the brakes and rotors are constantly needing changed. The transmission is going out. the timer has been replaced. and there's always some type of light on

- kelly g

That the latch system placement is not great for families with many small children

Do not like that it only has one latch system in the back seat that takes up two seat spots. I do like the power doors. I also like that it is flex fuel

- Rachel S

The one most important thing is that it is a reliable car.

I like that it runs well. I like its color. I also like that it fits my family of five comfortably. I don't like that it doesn't have automatic doors.

- Jenny G

that it's good for traveling when you have 7 people going

I love the fact that it has powered seats, heated seats and it has DVD players. Not really complaints just that it uses gas more than a smaller car

- stacey R

Is very easy to drive and very comfortable for long trips.

I very comfortable for my family of 6. The seats turn, something the kids love. I don't like that it consumes more gasoline than I would like.

- Germarie V

That it has flexible seating options.

I love my vehicle because we travel a lot and it is very roomy to travel in. I love all of the features that it has such as stow and go seats.

- Deborah A

This vehicle drives well and is very family friendly.

The vehicle is a minivan. I really like it for traveling and for taking grandchildren to activities. I like the amenities in this vehicle.

- Christine R

It's great for anyone who needs space with kids and or grandkids.

I love the space that I have in a van. It has been very reliable and same. On Wisconsin winter roads it handles great and starts awesome.

- Kathy l

It is very spacious and has been reliable.

Like leather, DVD, backup camera, lots of space, stow and go. Dislike unreliable CD player, makes grinding sound, not great gas mileage.

- Kate V

It runs and works well, and is considered a family vehicle.

I prefer sedans, but it is a dependable vehicle, has everything I feel I need, and spacious enough for my family to travel together.

- Justin J

The van has lots of cargo room allowing you to easily transport family & friends.

I love my van as it allows me to haul all my children and their friends. The only thing I don't like is the brakes wear out quickly.

- Stacy C

love the entertainment value of this vehicle

love the space the stow away seating gives mine has dvd tv upgrade which makes long travel a breeze it's been a very dependable car

- ashlea c

This minivan is comfortable to drive and reliable transportation.

Love sliding doors and heated seats. Drives very well in rain and snow. Not a huge fan of the process to stop captain chairs under.

- Rebecca P

It ha 123,900 miles and still running great!!!

We like it because we can get the whole family comfortably in to it. We love the entertainment system. It gets decent gas mileage.

- Randy M

It's great if you have kids. Lots of room and flexibility with the seats and whatnot.

Love the doors that open and close with the push of a button. I like how fast it cools down and heats up. Love the heated seats.

- Kim C

Cute red minivan, great family car

Spacious, love the DVD system for my child to watch on long trips. For a car seat comfortably. Does ok on gas, could be better.

- Victoria M

It is very reliable in all weather.

Main issue is the stock stereo freezes. Can not change volume or station when this happens. Warmer weather causes the freeze.

- Tara T

It is very comfortable for long drives.

I like the ease of getting in and out of a minivan. It has been very dependable and I have many vacation it has taken me on.

- Glen m

It's great for a big family and has a lot of room.

I like the size and roominess. I love the stow and go seats and the power doors. I had problems with the engine, though.

- Sarah B

Awesome and I love it! Highly recommend to big family's!

Nothing really it is a great van! It holds my whole family and carries everything that we need. Great for road trips.

- Jami G

Sto n go lots of room drives great

I love the sto n go seats, you can carry so much stuff. Their is plenty of room from the kids friends to go with us.

- Cindy M

It is has its kinks but overall it is a very good car.

I am very happy with this vehicle but my only complaint would be that in the winter it has a tendency to stall out.

- Rachel H

It has plenty of room and gets really great mileage I love that the seats are easy to put under

It is one of the best cars I have ever drive it gets great mileage and has plenty of room I would buy another one

- Theresa W

it's a minivan, and it is serviceable, but not glamorous

I don't like that there are no automatic doors. I also don't like the fold down seats. I do like the color of red.

- Jenny g

It's not as bad as you would think on gas mileage.

It is a nice comfortable ride. I can transport my spouse and dog on enjoyable trips. It meets my expectations.

- Anthony D

Excellent family vehicle!

It is so roomy. There is lots of storage space. It handles very nicely. Driver sits high. Great family vehicle.

- Christie H

That it fits 7 people and it is great for traveling too.

Drives nicely. Very roomy and uses to much gas. I really do not have any complaints. And it is a great car.

- Lori P

The van is really all about the kids.

I like the way it drives and the stow away storage. Do not like that the sliding doors have so many issues.

- Amanda M

It is a heavy car and it goes through brake pads very quickly

It has been very dependable. There is a lot of room for the entire family. We have really enjoyed this van

- David B

The stow and go seats are awesome and I wouldn't buy another car without them.

I like some of the features like the stow and go seats. I don't like that it is rusting all over already.

- Noel D

Plenty of cargo Space and storing area and sunshades on all back windows

Love it. Great family vehicle with all the bells and whistles. Love the stowing capacity and cargo area.

- Jen C

Town and country stow and go

I love the stow and go in my Town and Country. It has plenty of room for travel with my family of four.

- Monica K

Love the stow and go. Makes travel so much easier.

No issues since we purchased it. There is plenty of room for our larger family. Made with high quality.

- Kat H

Common egr valve replacement needs and electrical issues.

Egr valve low voltage on alternator and standard tuneup not performed on vehicle and time of purchase.

- Joanne F

The stow and go seating is very convenient and makes it easy to use the car for carrying cargo.

I like stow and go seating but the seats are not very comfortable and the ride is not the smoothest.

- Deborah B

It's spacious. Plenty of room for kids, or hauling stuff.

I love that it's great for the kids. Plenty of space. DVD player. But I don't like the gas mileage.

- Sara T

It's good enough for the price.

I like the room in it. It doesn't have any head room, though. And it doesn't do too well in gas.

- Orianne M

It is practical and convenient for moms and families.

Typical Mom van and has all features i need. I love the power doors to use with kids.

- Dianna M

Great for families with kids and pets, extremely versatile.

Great family car. Seems to have electric issues. Could get better gas mileage

- Steven W

How comfortable it is. The family loves it and it is great on trips

Comfortable for the whole family. Good gas mileage. Easy seat stow and go.

- Jan V

Roomy and I expense a good family minivan, reliable

It is big and runs well. There is a lot of space and the color is nice

- Karalyn R

Love the room is has, love the dash board, love all of the storage.

It may be a van but it checks all of the boxes for our busy family

- Tracy H

My 2009 Chrysler Town and Country has been a great vehicle for our family. It has been one of the most reliable that I have ever owned.

It's a great reliable family van. We really love and enjoy it.

- shannon w

It is roomy inside you can have 4 to more passengers and it is good for hauling equipment

I like the exterior i do not like how it runs

- Tonie E