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Very reliable and comfortable van.

I love my town and country. It is allot older and does not have a lot of bells and whistles. The van handles very smoothly. I love the high seating. The van has seating for 7 very comfortably. My kids boosters and car seats fit very well in the middle row but the car seat is a little hard to install in the back row. . The stow away seating is very convenient. I use the storage area when the seats are not stored away. Storing away the seats can be a little tricky and I usually need a second set of hands for help. There's a lot of room in the back /'hatch'. I can for two kids bikes in there without putting the bench down. Putting the bench seating down is very simple and can easily be done by one person. The seats are all comfortable but certainly not luxury. The van has drop downs to install DVD players. And there's a drop down storage for sunglasses in front. There's a center console with a lot of space and room six drinks, along with one on both of the two front doors. There are 2 good sized glove boxes, one is somewhat concealed. . We've have very little problem with this van. It is been very reliable. The only serious problem is that one of the sliding doors is jammed causing us to use only one side. My husband thinks it is something electrical. We've had the van for about 3 1/2 years, we bought it used and have never regretted the purchase.

- Jennifer H

Good and Comfortable Traveling Van, Good Sound System

Smooth ride, reliable starts. A little difficult in getting to spare tire because center console has to be pushed back. Windows are very large for a great view. Swivel captains chairs in second row are a bonus for multiple passengers. However, removing the chairs is cumbersome and then there is the problem of where to store them until they are put back inside the van. Replacing the chairs is also cumbersome. However if someone doesn't plan on needing the large cargo area, then removing the seats is not an issue. There is plenty of room in the comfortable seats and for hauling furniture. There are 3 DVD or CD storage compartments overhead, which is great if you actually are going to use a DVD system. However, it would be a better option for semi-closed storage for sunglasses, books, bug spray, etc. if the compartments were not as open, because things fall out when you open them. This is a great vehicle for traveling long distances as it is comfortable. There are easy lumbar pillows built into the front seats that adjust to your liking simply with a handle on the side of the seat. The seat upholstery cleans up easily with car upholstery cleaner. I don't like that I cannot manually open the back lift door from the inside.

- Christine D

The Chrysler town and country. Even the used one is great.

My Chrysler town and country is a 2010 I inherited it from my parents. It is equipped with a handicap scooters lyft. The vehicle rides really nice. It is extra roomie. I have used the vehicle for an uber vehicle, it qualifies as an UberX. Which is nice because it boosts your income. Living in Las Vegas you better have a good air-conditioner in your vehicle. The Chrysler town and country has got great air-conditioning. It has dual controls front and rear and I have never had anyone complain about the air-conditioning in the back. The vehicle has a lot of different configurations that you can have with your seats because they stow away into the floor. This came in very handy when I was picking up people at the airport every day. Other than replacing the tires, and replacing a broken wheel moment. I haven't had any trouble with the vehicle whatsoever. My only complaint would be that I do not get the gas mileage than the newest vehicles are getting. I really think that the Chrysler town and country is a very reliable vehicle. It is also a very comfortable vehicle. And I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

- Carol H

It is possible to stow one, or all, of the backseats into the floor.

I was looking for a minivan to replace my current one- a Ford freestar. I needed something with enough seats to carry my kids and their friends. I considered another Ford because I liked the feature of the rear seats stowing into the floor for times when I needed to move large objects. While searching, I came across the Chrysler, where all of the rear seats stowed into the floor. After that, I was sold. The van is very comfortable with plenty of legroom and also very smooth driving. I also love the electric door features, even though I wasn't sure I would even use them at first. Now it will be hard to purchase another vehicle without that option. My dislikes are the air conditioner has already had to be replaced. An expensive problem that my mechanic has informed me all models like mine have the same problem. It seems like Chrysler would fix this quirk if they care about their customers. All in all, I love my minivan and when the time comes to purchase another vehicle, I will probably look for something similar.

- Kathie M

Chrysler minivans! Dependable, reliable, comfortable!

I have owned Chrysler /Dodge mini vans since 1992. I attempted to change and buy something different, but always came back to either the Chrysler town and country or the Dodge grand caravan. I have always felt safe and comfortable driving these vans, breakdowns just do not happen, I have never been stranded somewhere because my van broke and I have always driven them until they are well used, usually around 250, 000 miles then it is time to sell and replace. The seats in the vans are my love, I have always found them to be very comfortable even on very long trips. And speaking of trips, they are very roomy with lots of nooks and crannies to put stuff when taking the family on summer vacations. My currant van has lots of electronic gadgets to open doors, hatches, windows move seats, mirrors the heater operates from multiple locations etc. love it! And we have never had issues with the gadgets breaking or just quitting like I have seen happen in other brands of minivans. .

- Nita S

2010 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Edition

I absolutely love my 2010 Chrysler town and country touring! It has everything a family needs including loads of space for items to be out of sight, stow-n-go seating allowing us to rearrange how the seats are, 2 TVs for the kids and connections to where they can watch or play different things and so many more positives I can't explain it all! We had an older version before getting the 2010 and it rides so much smoother I feel like we're riding in luxury for an affordable price. I would highly recommend families to do their research on all vehicles but add this one to your must list. I am very particular in making big decisions on our vehicles so look it up and see for yourself how amazing this van is. I promise it's worth it and honestly doesn't feel like a van but more of a luxurious suv.

- Hannah M

Great Van with Great Amenities

Overall the van is a great purchase. We have had issues with the transmission having to be rebuilt at 75000 miles and it has a persistent issue where you turn the key it clicks and after a couple of tries it works. We have had this looked at multiple times but no error codes or diagnosis. I will add a second negative battery cable as I believe corrosion is the culprit with the ground wire for the car. It is very comfortable and has great acceleration for the 4.0 V6. The leather interior is comfortable and seat warmers are great when its cold. AC blows cold quickly and makes the cabin comfortable. Has the window shades which are great to keep the sun out. Stow and Go seating is priceless. Overall I would give the car a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Engine is real strong and reliable to date.

- Neil B

The pro's and con's of owning a Chrysler town and country touring edition

I have a 2010 Chrysler town and country touring edition. It comes with 3 roll seating and 4 captain chair's and the back seat can fold back to make a bed. The seats all so can be tucked away in the floor for cargo space. The van also has power windows and power doors and push button hatch in back for easy loading and unloading grocery bags and ect... It and get 9 miles to the gallon in the city and 15 miles to the gallon on highway. It also has features like moon lighting when it dark and heating and air buttons in the back. The only problem is when your buttons go out on your heating and air on your dash well it not a fuse you have to take out the hole control panel and replace it with new one. Which can running anywhere from 350.00 to 650.00.

- Cristy F

Reliable Family-Friendly Vehicle

My van is almost 10 years old, and has only had to have the starter replaced and one window roller-downer replaced. It has over 100,000 miles on it and drives like a champ. I LOVE the stow-and-go feature because I can easily reconfigure the seating for various situations such as hauling items or lots of children. The vehicle performs well and still feels like a high-end minivan, even though it is an older vehicle. I have no complaints at all with my van. The leather interior is holding up nicely, and I have not had any other hardware issues to the interior or exterior. I just love it all around, and although Chrysler no longer makes the Town and Country, I will be looking into getting the similar Pacifica when the time finally comes.

- Alison D

Great gas mileage, plenty of room for a family of 5. Solid running engine.

My 2010 Chrysler town and country is a good car, plenty of room in it for 3 kids and 2 adults to take on long road trips. The heated seats are nice for cold days and the 110 power outlet in the back is great for the kids to charge all their electronics. The engine runs smooth and we haven't had really any issues with it except for a 3 way split connector on the heater core hose keeps leaking, I think because its plastic. The only other issue had been having to change the breaks a lot more often than I would like. It's a good chance I may buy the same car again just a little newer and next one will definitely have a DVD player in it.

- Robert S

Chrysler Town & Country has great storage and even my kids love the dvd feature.

I own a 2010 Chrysler Town & Country. It seats 7 people with captains chairs in the middle. It had 2 dvd players, one for each row of passengers. 3 of the 5 back passenger seats have latch systems for car seats. One of my favorite features is all of the storage space. The two captains chairs have the stow and go feature which leaves the floor compartment empty and available for more storage when the seats are in use. I have had no issues with this vehicle so far. When I got this vehicle I was not a minivan person, but after having it for over a year I am looking at the new Chrysler Pacifica(T&C no longer available) to upgrade to.

- Samantha F

The best part of this vehicle is the extra room for storage throughout the van.

My vehicle is very roomy. The cool thing about it is you can actually put the back seats down into the floor of the van, giving you room to haul large items in case your moving large items like a Christmas tree or furniture etc. It has two doors that slide open for passengers. If you have small kids you can lock the back buttons from being able to open the slide doors. The back cargo opens and closes by a push of a button. It does not have Bluetooth capabilities. The radio you can file your playlist. The back passengers windows also come down on the sliding doors. Leather seats that also have seat warmers. Drives fast for a van.

- Ella K

The stow and go is awesome for travel and it's very roomy for travel.

I love my van. But this is the second one I've had and they both have the same problem. Every time it rains the locks mess up and the windows mess up. The middle row windows on the sliding doors literally go all the down while driving down the road. And the driver window won't roll down at all. Once dried out they are fine but I can't find any mechanics or dealers that will even try to look at it or fix it. There was also a plastic piece that should never have been on one of the hose so it melted while driving down the road and it overheated and we had to replace with a metal piece. I love everything else about my van though!

- Jennifer Y

This vehicle is a comfortable and durable van for any family, big or small.

I really enjoy my Chrysler Town and Country minivan. I have three children and it seats them all comfortably when driving on long trips, or while driving around running errands. It so has plenty of room for them to have friends as well. Our van has been driving across many states and continues to be very low maintenance. Then only problems that we have is the timing belt. We have had to replace it on a couple of different occasions. It is a cheap fix so that makes it not so bad. Other than that small repair there has been little rust has ever had to be fixed. With routine maintenance this van has been amazing for my family.

- Angela A

Reliable Van that will hold up to 7 passengers

The 2010 Chrysler Town and Country I own had one issue... and that was a transmission issue. It was covered by the warranty but was worrisome nonetheless. Since than the van has been very reliable. The Town and Country has plenty of storage room. The Stow and Go seating allows for extra storage space. The Town and Country does have an issue with going through brake pads very quickly which can be a bit annoying. The gas mileage I would say is a little bit above average. Overall the Town and Country has been a very reliable vehicle and great for larger families as it allows seating for 7.

- Jeff F

Even though our minivan is pre-owned, has been rear-ended in a minor collision, and was hit by a large deer (resulting in a crushed front left quarter panel), it was driveable even before repairs! The Town & Country is built well and was made to last.

The first thing that I love about our Chrysler Town & Country is that, thanks to the stow-and-go storage features, I can fit everything I need for my booth when I do juried arts shows. That includes tables and chairs, display pieces, and my handmade jewelry and traditional Japanese Temari, plus bins containing bags, boxes, tissue paper, brochures, and, of course, the cash box! The van also is very comfortable to travel for short or long distances (except that the air conditioning just went out). Handling the vehicle also is very easy, as it responds well and has good visibility.

- Cynthia F

Perfect for long distance travel

I absolutely love my Town and Country. The in floor storage is amazing. It makes grocery shopping so much easier! It has the DVD player for the back two rows. That helps so much on trips with our 3 year old. He loves being able to watch TV while we are driving. The 3rd row could have a little more leg room, but other than that I am extremely happy with the interior of my van. The exterior looks good also. I don't really have any complaints about it. The check engine light has come on and it has been an O2 sensor but that has been the only problem.

- beth S

Love the Chrysler town and country for a family.

I love the heated seats. You really get good luxury for the money with a minivan, but it will still look like a minivan. It is really nice for a family and long road trips. There are 3 screens that can view DVDs (2 while the car is in drive) and the variability to view 2 different DVDs. The vehicle is great in winter. I feel very safe with my kids in the snow. There are 3 separate environment control areas. I have a family of 4 and we already have more than enough room for luggage, toys, extra air mattresses, pack and play and any food or snacks.

- Roberta P

Comfort, convenience and luxury!

I love so many features of my Chrysler town & country! Dual screens for playing DVDs, stow-and-go seating, power sliding back doors just to name a few. I have driven it on three 4000 mile round-trip vacations comfortably. We were able to hook up the kid's gaming system for the ride via the rca jacks! I was also comfortable in my seat for the long ride. I also love the heated seats for the cold Iowa winters! The back-up camera is also a great feature. I don't even really need a minivan anymore, but I am keeping it because I love it so much!

- Brandy R

Overall, a mommy van worth buying.

I love having a minivan. I have had my vehicle for seven years and the automatic doors are still my favorite feature. It just makes life a little bit easier. My issue with the van is that the interior was made with cheap materials. Things break easily, such as the window buttons or the emblem on the steering wheel. This is a Chrysler, it should be the best of the best. Overall, I am very happy with the roominess of the vehicle and its ease of use. Honestly, I love my mommy van. I just wish they had put a little more care into building it.

- Lisa S

Great vehicle, great for kids, smooth ride awesome features

Overall love this vehicle, smooth ride, convenient push button opens and closes sliding doors and hatch, stow and go give you so many options for seating and carrying cargo, with all seats up gives you extra storage in the floor, or fold one of the captains chairs in the floor giving you easy access to back row seat to buckle in kids, or fold down back row seat to fit a big grocery haul and shopping trip, fold down all seats, you can haul more than a pick up. Overhead video entertainment system play dvds to keep kids busy on long trips

- Jodie B

Enjoy my minivan. Great for families. Great to drive.

What I like most of my van is that it has a lot of room, it has 3 DVD screens, the button to open the back our is awesome. I like the light blue in the inside of the van when is night because is enough to see my kids but not bright enough to be a distraction. The only two things I don't like is that when I turn the wheels to one side it makes this sound and the other thing is that when is cold the wheels sensor say they are low in air but as soon as I drive it for a while it goes from 32 to 36 but still is very aggravating.

- Mary S

Perfect for a growing family

I love that this vehicle fits my family of four and all our things as we run around town. Groceries fit well since the rear seats stow. They are easy to pop up by myself if we need to pick up a friend for school. The automatic doors and rear hatch are my favorite feature! My kids don't need help opening and closing doors and I can load the car without putting anything down! We've had some problems with our air conditioning, but the vehicle is nearly ten years old. Aside from that, we've had a great experience with this van!

- Anna L

The comfort of the mom mobile.

I love the comfort the van has to offer. It does have some bad blind spots, but the blind spot check system in the mirrors helps with this problem. I would never go back to a car without a backup camera after having the one in this van for years. The only thing better is the backup cameras that are more recent and have colored guidelines. The swivel and go is great for kids, as long as they do not have car sickness problems as riding backwards can make people with motion sickness vomit quickly ( I speak from experience).

- Mo R

Town and country van good and bad points.

Love the fold in seats for large space to carry stuff, love the remote open doors which really help when carrying items that I do not want to set down to open a van door, love that the van can hold a lot of music in the memory bank - no need to have CDs in van after downloading the music to the van's memory bank. It has a large gas tank, so of course it costs a lot to fill the van tank up, but it is good on gas mileage long trips, but not so well in town. Being a large van sometimes it is hard to find a parking space.

- Renee P

The Chrysler town and country van is very reliable and nice.

We've had our town and country for about 4 years now. We've had some problems with it such as the brakes but you get that with vehicle. Air conditioner went around the second year we got it but it was quickly fixed. It rides pretty well and holds good in any type of weather. There's barely any rust on it except maybe in the back. The seats are nice and comfy, kinda wish they were heated for winter time but we make do. The DVD player for never worked, even when we first got it so it is never really been used.

- Sine S

2010 Chrysler town & country minivan.

It has a lot of room for 6 people. I love the 2 sliding doors & how the seats can fold in the floor. You can carry big items. The engine is good. I like having the dealership service the van. It will last longer. We also have 4 heated seats. Everyone that rides in it loves it. Both the heat & air conditioner work very well. I love the heated electric seats also. We have had for over 6 years. They replaced this with the pacifica. Not sure how that one is. But we love our Chrysler town and country.

- Steve Z

Great vehicle with some small flaws.

It is a great van for a family. We love the DVD player, though that only works if you have DVD's lol. It runs great all year round and handles very well, tight turns, smooth steering and it has a nice punch when you want it. The bad side is that it is terrible on fuel. Can't seem to keep gas in it for very long, just drinks it up. If you do not have to worry about spending everything on fuel or maybe you do not drive around as much as I do, this is a great vehicle at a great price.

- Dan P

Small issues, but reliable and comfy.

I have a base model, so it does not have any bells or whistles. Sometimes the passenger sliding door is difficult to open. We have also had some exhaust issues that continually make the engine light come on. I find this car really comfortable and I think my kids do too. I like that it has stow and go so that I can use the space in the van as needed. It has been reliable for us for over a year now. The CD player has messed up, which is more an inconvenience than a big issue.

- Elise G

The ins and outs of my car.

I like the stow and go seats. I don't like there are no extra features. I like the way it handles. I don't like the way it seems to get warm faster in the summer. I love the way the back windows roll down. That is the reason I bought that car and the fact it has stow n go seats. I use that feature. I hate the fact it does not have a tow package like my other one did. That was my mistake when buying it. I forgot to look for that feature. It does get good gas mileage.

- Joann W

Perfect for families!

I love my Town & Country because it is her convenient to use with all of our small children! They love that they can control the doors with a push of a button and easily get in their seats. The stowaway option for the seating is amazing for traveling or when transporting things, including our dog. It runs smoothly and is easy to drive. The seats are comfortable even on our 12 hour road trips to see family! With the double DVD player everyone is happy! Love my van!

- Lillie W

Family van that can.. And has!

We have had our van for 6 years and have had a very good experience. We love the push button doors and all the under carriage storage. As far as maintenance goes it is been really good to us. Normal things like needing new tires and brakes and oil/fluid changes. Just recently is it starting to sound like it is aging. We have close to 120, 000 miles on it. Another great thing is how easy it is to maneuver the seats to fold down for storage or vacuuming.

- A M

Reliable on the road, especially in bad weather.

I love that my vehicle has stow and go compartments under the seats! That it allows for all the back seats to store under in the compartments so that the back of the car will be completely flat allowing for us to transport our furniture for our business and also to haul wood to the shop.. What I do not like, is that the back window does not open to allow for extra footage in the car. Also that I feel like a lot of the electrical mechanics die quickly..

- Kristen B

The Chrysler town & country - it is comfortable and has great amenities.

My family has owned our Chrysler town & country for 8 years now, and I love it just as much now as I ever have. The turnable seats and table you can set up in the back are great for long rides, there's lots of storage space, and the seats are comfortable and easy to clean. My favorite features are probably the heated seats and the ability to sync photos and music from your phone via USB cord. Definitely would buy this make and/or model again.

- Kaitlyn B

The Campaign Minivan, Chrysler Town and Country: Really reliable car.

Chrysler Town and Country has been a great can I do a lot of taking people place and the van is very roomy it seats 7 , 6 adults comfortably. I started having trouble first water heat found out it was my thermostat. That seems the only issue I keep having with the van. I love the bucket sets as well as my passengers, grandkids love it because in their car seats they are about to see clearly out of the windows vs the GMC Terrain.

- Denise W

The stow and go feature is awesome!

I was convinced I'd never own a minivan, but I absolutely love it. I love Chrysler stow and go feature. I also love that the backseat splits in half and you can fold half or all of it down. The only downside is that one of the side doors is broken and it is kind of pricey to fix. I've heard it's a common problem with our model. however, we're over a hundred thousand miles and have only had to do minor maintenance.


It is a reliable, comfortable, and convenient vehicle.

I love the stow and go feature it allows me to haul so much more without having to take out any seats. The back windows roll down which is a plus as well as the vents for the side windows. Also love all the cup holders in this vehicle no matter where you sit you can find at least one. I have had very little problems out of it since I purchased it 2 years ago. It has been very reliable, comfortable, and convenient.

- Pearl M

Flexible and long-lasting

I have had some random minor issues with my car, however, I LOVE having a minivan. The stowaway seats make traveling so easy with room for all our stuff, but there are enough seats to be constantly bringing friends with us as well. The Town and Country has had decent gas mileage for a minivan, and has been generally inexpensive to repair when needed. My car currently has 204,000 miles on it and is still running!

- erika h

We have owned Chrysler minivans for over 20 years. this is the first Town and Country. When it comes time for a new minivan we will stick with the functionality of Chrysler.

Love the room and the storage space, especially when the seats are stowed. What I don't like is the fact that vehicle is noisy because of the stow and go seats taking up room where there would normally be soundproofing. Also do not like the blind spot system because it has malfunctioned so that it now always has the caution triangle on and it would take thousands of dollars to fix so we've learned to ignore it.

- pat t

It's fairly clean and it's definitely low mileage.

Like most of it - only problems have been ignition switch - replaced twice under warranty, and battery life - have had to replace it twice. I guess I like the power back doors - they're handy to open with the remote. I'm not too proud of the remote, though. It's too bulky to carry in a pocket like one would a key - have to carry it exposed on a belt clip. But, I guess I'll keep the van a little longer.

- L A s

Great vehicle for traveling sports families!

We have 2 kids one of whom plays sports all year. The Town & Country is great for taking kids to/from practices, loading up the back with gear, hiding packages or valuables in the stow & go compartments, and ours has 2 DVD players so the kids can watch 2 different movies if they'd like. It's also great for road trips since there is so much room for luggage while still leaving plenty of room to stretch out.

- Stacy B

A family-pleasing vehicle and sweet ride.

My van is wonderful for my family of 3. It is a very comfortable and convenient ride. It is great for those long grocery trips, or long vacations! It seats 7, and there are many bells and whistles to make passengers in the front and the back very comfortable. After purchasing this vehicle after starting my family I would definitely consider buying one again! Love my Chrysler town and country touring van.

- Breanna C

Comfortable and handy with the stow & go feature.

This vehicle takes the e-85 type gas. I like that due to the lower than average price but it seems like the fuel burns faster on the highway than regular gas. I had a problem with a radiator hose, some electrical (I think) because part of the heat/air controls do not light up always & my check engine light keeps going on & off (I think the mechanic said it has something to do with the emissions).

- Jennifer D

Pros and cons of a Chrysler Town and Country

We've had this car about 4 years. We bought it used. It has a lot of great qualities, such as roominess and comfort. We drove it from Michigan to Florida for a family trip and it was great. BUT the electrical goes in and out and we've had some problems with that. Speakers cut in and out, and warning lights come on when nothing is wrong. Also, the key has gotten stuck in the ignition twice.

- Lindsay M

Chrysler town and country 2010. Smooth ride, great safety features.

Bought used at 91,000 miles, had indistinguishable issues with stalling and engine shut off for months. Finally fixed after 7 months, warped flywheel didn't allow for the crankshaft position sensor to read correctly. Since then, it has been the smoothest ride I have owned yet. Back up cam, blind spot detection, park assist, and power front and side and rear windows allow for safe travel.

- Steven J

Delightfully spacious minivan

I love all the room my town & country has as well as the stow and go compartment. It's very comfortable and has a DVD player with 3 screens. You can load tons of music into the vans computer and listen to anything whenever you want with a touch of a button. It has a backup camera heated front and rear seating. Power everything and plenty of auxiliary, USB and 110 power hookups.

- Danielle H

Van for Large family with lots of comforts

I love my van because I have 3 kids and keep my niece and nephew so I have room for all of us. I also love the doors opening with a push of a button!! When u have a 1 yr old and 4 other kids getting in or need that ease of pushing a button help!! I don't like that my van does not turn very sharp, it so long trying to park it sometimes is a pain. And the backup camera is not much help!!

- Rose M

Chrysler Town and Country-worth it!

The car has third row seating, which easily folds down for traveling and shopping. The second row also folds completely flat, making a huge trunk! My van has 2 tv screens, power doors and heated seats. My only complaint is that my power trunk door doesn't open and close on its own anymore and it is too expensive to fix. It was a nice feature, but I just have to manually do it now.

- Christine M

I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone. I had heard the 2010 Town and country has had lots of problems with the alignment and tires.

It is nice for a van. We have had a lot of problems with the front alignment and tires running down too soon. We are at the point where we have to purchase tires once a year. The front driver side door is no longer locking on its own, we manually push it down and have to use the key to open the door. The passenger side back sliding door now sticks if you pull it all the way back.

- Nicole M

Great Van- lacking customer service

I love the features. The automatic doors, DVD player, under seat storage, and ability to fold all four back seats down are really helpful with a large family. We have had a few mechanical issues and even had the car shut off a couple times on the road. Chrysler refused to help even though this is a known problem where almost every other month in the same year as my van were recalled.

- Rachel W

Great, Reliable Family Vehicle

It is a great family vehicle. We've had to do some repairs on it since its an older vehicle, but otherwise it is reliable. It has a video system so my children can watch movies on long trips. It has a backup camera, automatic side doors, automatic hatch (although it needs repaired), CD player, radio, and Bluetooth. It doesn't have GPS. It also has the ability to have Sirius XM radio.

- Nathan H

It has had no major issues, easy to drive, and great for families.

We purchased the mini van in 2010 because we had two kids and the automatic sliding doors were very helpful. We still have it because it hasn't had any major problems, just minor normal wear and tear. We like that it seats 7. Each of our kids can invite a friend places and everyone seats comfortably. In the next two years we are looking to replace it since it will be 10 years old.

- Amanda R

Comfortable and practical for an active family of 5.

I love my stow and go cargo area. I can haul tons of stuff with my third row seats tucked away. There are plenty of charging ports, including a standard plug on for electronics. We bought this van used and it's perfect for our family of 5. We even drove it from il to NJ very comfortably. We love our town and country. Our next vehicle will likely be a newer model Chrysler minivan.

- Katie F

Sunroof. Stow and go. All the seats for the grandkids.

Love sunroof and heated seats, all my back seats stow and go, 6 cup holders in front then the kids have their own, sliding doors the windows go down, back windows are vents only, all baseball, football and cheer items fit right in the back of the van, all my groceries do not go all over. Room for all the grandkids. 2 DVD players for both rows of seating. Call my mom hands free.

- Jessie M

Great, Reliable Vehicle Sometimes

I love my vehicle. It's very comfortable and has many amenities. I love the TVs, heated seats, navigation. I don't like how the power steering keeps needing replacing. I also don't like how the Chrysler company can't diagnose problems unless it is happening when they test it. My vehicle just clicks sometimes and Chrysler can't seem to find the problem. I think its the starter.

- Sandra A

Automatic push button doors rear windows roll down

I like how my seats are the stow and go seats I have plenty of room to haul my kids with car seats and family. We have room in the back for our luggage and the only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't seem to have area for my kids portable DVD players without having to have the cords hanging down in other passengers way and the kids trip on them trying to get out of it

- Shanna F

Town and country is a good family car.

Great car for a family or when needing to transport large items. Never had any trouble with maintenance. Town and country gets good mileage for a van. Gas saver feature helps. Like the fact air and heat can be adjusted from front and back. Third seat is bench style and can hold 3 or nap for one. Second row has bucket seats that recline. Good for kids to keep from touching.

- Nancy K

From transporting the kiddos or a new piece of furniture, it gets the job done!

The vehicle does not have a very smooth ride but great for families with children. Plenty of room and seats can fold in the store and go area which is great when you need the extra space, especially at the drive in movies or when transporting a large item. Although the van has had a few minor mechanical issues it has over all been reliable for our family over the years.

- Angelica A

Love it for someone who swore they would never get a mom van.

I got this van after my second child was born I love the electric doors and gate the seats store under there is lots of room the gas mileage is not terrible. I now have three kids and there is more than about room for two kids under 10 and the baby and all their stuff. I am not worried if someone wants to have a friend over that we have to take two cars to go somewhere.

- Mary Anne S

Great car for the first four years

My car has been wonderful for a very long time, but started 'nickel and diming me to death' about 5 years ago with minor problems like a broken window drive and the necessity for shocks and spark plugs. The DVD player only lasted about 5 years, as well. We have two boys and have been ROUGH on the car and I still mostly love it, but will sadly be letting it go soon.

- Mary B

My beau mobile for me and my dog to travel cross country.

Very reliable, comfortable, can stow the seats and do not have to remove them, has extra features - 2 screens to watch movies, easy access for large dogs, plenty of room. Bought this for my large dog and called it the beau mobile. Easy to get into due to running boards, sound system very good as is a/c and heating units. 4 Seats are heated and a/c controls in back.

- Nancy K

I love that I do not have to worry about getting stuck in the snow.

For the most part the vehicle is great. It has everything I would ever need. I love the fact that you can download your own music into the system. The backup camera helps when you are in tight parking spaces. The engine is very powerful for only being a 4. 0 liter. Lots of storage spaces. Little to no blind spots. Very good in bad weather. Build like a truck.

- John A

The biggest feature I like is the go-and-stow seating.

Easy to handle, gives a smooth comfortable ride. Good visibility as vehicle sits up high. I feel as if the big trucks can see me easily. Roof racks are a big help. I love the go-and-stow seating. Seems I am always hauling something, and the availability of a long flat space is appreciated. Great on gas mileage. Very few mechanical issues. I would buy another.

- Robin M

Really great family van with many great features

We bought the vehicle used with 110,000 miles on it. We love the features of dual air control, DVD player, GPS, and backup camera. I wish it back up sensors. So far the remote starter has malfunctioned a lot. We also had problems with oil leaking. We wish driver seat had memory position. I love how easy the back row and fold down and be so roomy in the back.

- Nikita P

Good vehicle for the busy wife/husband taxiing several kids to many locations while trying to run errands at the same time.

It's an all around mini-van that is perfect for my family's needs. It has the space for all three of my kids, plus it's easy to install car seats for my little ones. It gets decent gas mileage considering the size and type of vehicle. It does have some random electrical issues, pedals not adjusting when using the switch and side doors opening at random times

- Peter d

2010 Chrysler Town & Country Base Model

It is an entry level minivan, perfect for our family. Very comfortable. Easy to drive. Love being able to turn the volume of the radio off for the back of the van. Only negative I can think of is the lack of spots for car seats (tether and latch). My hope was to do 3 across in the back row, but that is not possible due to lack of latch and tether spots.

- Laura P

Overall a decent vehicle that has lasted many years, but problems will arise.

Sunroof on car is great to have, especially in the summers. Vehicle is spacious and gives all passengers enough room. Yet, although seats are comfortable, automatic buttons sometimes won't open the doors. Starter breaks once in awhile, expensive to fix. Air conditioning lessens over the years meaning if I turn the air on high, it doesn't feel as so.

- Selena A

2010 town and Chrysler details.

The reason I love this vehicle is because it is easy all maintenance not that much he only thing about it is there's no DVD player which is no problem for me gives us more family quality time. If you buy this vehicle it is personally made for a family quality time get together go to the mountains go to waterfalls where you do not have a TV involved.

- Suzanne K

Chrysler town and country starter issues.

I have changed the routers twice I found that Chrysler town and country eat up the rotors also it does not start on occasion for no reason the dealership cannot tell me what is wrong because when I take it there it starts for them so I never know when I get in at whether or not it is going to start it is not a battery issue the battery is brand new.

- Michelle T

Small problems for our van.

I really do like my van, I just think that the side mirrors are situated wrong for the inside design of the vehicle. Also, there are a lot of little problems that seem to happen to this van, according to our mechanic. Like now there is a banging noise when we turn on the air or heat, and was told this is a normal thing that happens in this van.

- Mrs H

Chrysler town and country family review.

Plastic pieces break easy, electrical issues too many times, enjoy the space, great power, love the power tailgate, actually just as good as a pickup truck. Lots of room for hauling. I like the adjustable pedals for those of us that are short. It makes it easier so that you are not sitting up on the steering wheel. Goes through tires quickly.

- Kimberly S

It has tons of room for kids and it has storage under the seats.

I got my van in 2015 and I haven't had any issues with it. I love it has so much room in it for a family that keeps growing and the kids don't fight about not enough room. It is great on gas mileage. I would rate this vehicle one of my best I love it so much. It drives nice and can't tell it is even running when you are parked it so quiet.

- Ashley R

Great van with very few issues.

Has the power to get you where your going, good for long hauls, has transmission issues, we’re thankful that it starts every time we go to drive it and does not have any major issues and prayerfully will not. This van has all the features including rear entertainment, plugs for the kids and plenty of room for a bigger family as well.

- John P

Amazing van, features, and drives so smooth.

I feel in love with my van when I first got it. Spacious, so much storage, third row seating, deep trunk, analog dash clock instead of a digital. When you are up front you do not even feel like you are in a van but more like an SUV or escalade. Interiors wood lookalike features make it look elegant and pricey but not hard on the bank.

- Kayla C

Don't say never until you have driven one!

Has Bluetooth option but no software installed. Needs a sunroof. Love the stow n go feature of the seas. Performance as to be expected with an older vehicle. It works great in the winter snow and the entertainment package is great for road trips with our kids. There is enough room to bring our great Dane along on rides as well.

- Angie J

Loaded can with all the bells and whistles

It's loaded. Love the size. Love having two DVD players for the kids. Nice to have touch screen. Leather seats and dual air. The seats fold down for easy room. The middle seats also turn around and face the rear and I believe a table can be put up. Lots of storage. Lots of plug in for charging. Also has a regular plug in for devices

- Kate B

Overall great family car, especially for long road trips.

I love the stow and go seats. It gives us the ability to lay down on the floor during long road trips, which we take often. I love the bucket seats. My only complaint is the back seat is very uncomfortable. Also, we have had issues with the sliding doors. We have to give them a push to fully close. If not, they simply open back up.

- Lisa G

The hatch is awesome, we can fit tons of stuff in the back!

When we purchased the vehicle the whole air conditioning and heating system was flawed, there was built up pressure in the lines causing it to put out only hot air. Someone redid the lines at home and cost us almost 2,000 to fix. The brakes are also pretty bad and need replaced. Otherwise, it is a great vehicle and low maintenance.

- Dominique G

Great family van! Very comfortably seats 6-7. With extra space in back for gear.

I love my town and country. The stow and go seats are amazing. I can change how much storage I have available in minutes. I have moved two recliner chairs with extra space for more stuff. Very comfortable for driver. Lots of legroom for passengers. Extra outlets for accessories for back seats. Separate air controls for back seats.

- Wendy H

Where you can fit more than you think.

Love the comfortable seats and the TVs for the kids. Headsets help keep my sanity while the kids are in the vehicle. Bluetooth for the phone is nice so its handsfree. I have the stow away package which is very good for larger boxes or items. Hands Free sliding doors on both sides help when the kids are carrying book bags etc.

- Cory S

My reliable vehicle is one of a kind. I love driving it everywhere.

My vehicle is reliable. The performance of it is great. The gas mileage is not so good but it's roomy enough; for a family of 6 or 7. The comfort of the vehicle is great and the sliding push button doors are amazing. I had my vehicle for 9 years. I never had a breakdown or flat. This is one the best vehicle out on the market.

- Angela B

The minivan that will give you a headache.

Vehicle seems cheaply made. Trim pieces fall off just looking at them. First DVD player cuts on and off on its own. Ac vents in middle row hardly blow out any air. Latch system in 3rd row is not adequate for three car seats. Built in flashlight in cargo area will not recharge and you cannot remove cover to change batteries.

- Nathan O

Say no to the touring van.

I bought this van 2 weeks ago thinking it would be good for the kids. There are DVD players and heated seats but it drives terribly. When I go to accelerate it shudders over and over and even cut out on me. The doors are supposed to automatically open and one side almost smashed my daughter because it didn't latch properly.

- Stacey C

Chrysler, town and country

The car is really nice. A couple bumps in the road with transmission and what not. Usual here and there car problems. Very roomy. Lots of storage. The seats can be lowered to fit bigger items such as furniture. Pretty good sound system. Comfy seats. Plus there is a plug in outlet so you can charge things such as a laptop.

- Emily T

Wheelchair ramp minivan with auto ramp/doors.

My vehicle is a minivan that contains a motorized wheelchair ramp. Since two of us use motorized wheelchairs, the amount of space is really two small for our needs though better with the front seats out to allow more room. A cargo van would have been a better fit but was not suggested or available at time of purchase.

- Carol W

It a nice van just wish there was better storage compartments.

The bench seat in the back is not very comfortable and there is no leg room for adults, also as it is bucket seats not comfortable to sit on for long trips. I am on the taller side and have to have the driver seat all the way back which means my toddlers seats is all the way back and my child is still kicking my seat. .

- Golden C

2010 Chrysler town and country.

My van is great for my kids. It fits everyone comfortably and has plenty of legroom. The town and country gets great gas mileage. I have special needs children so it allows me to fit 2 strollers in the back comfortably, along with 3 car seats. The seats can fold completely flat if needed to fit bigger items in the van.

- Erin S

I like my van because is the seats easily fold down into the floor.

I love my van but it does have problems that it has had since I got it. I have never been able to connect my phone which is a feature that I like a lot. There is also something wrong with the transmission when you use the cruise control. I know that I cannot use it during certain places (up hills and mountains).

- Kathy W

It's reliable and affordable and will keep your kids entertained and safe.

I love my van because it helps me take my children wherever I need to go. I love the DVD features and the fact that there are three different places that a movie can play. The back seat folds down into a kind of bench under the trunk door which is great for soccer games. It's the best family vehicle I've ever had.

- Brooke S

2010 town & country mini van.

I love my town & country! The stow and go seating is great, it is so handy! The vehicle has plenty of room for our family. It also rides nice, and even the stow and go seating is comfortable. I also like the power side doors much more than I thought I would. Overall, I love my van and would recommend it to anyone!

- Jessica D

We were in a wreck in 2014 that was a Dodge Caravan which is basically the same thing as a Chrysler Town and Country. The wreck was a bad one where the van was totaled, but no one was majorly hurt. So I would say that they are very safe.

I love it that Chrysler has made a van that is so comfortable, roomy, and safe to drive. I can haul a lot in it if needed or just use it for people. I like the backup camera that I have so I can see if there is anything behind me that I do not see. I really can not think of any dislikes or complaints about it.

- Tammy K

repairs aren't cheap on it and that's going to a private mechanic not a dealership.

I like the room it has inside & stow & go. Dislike is leg room for the driver the seat needs to go back further, dislike the cheap plastics, dislike fuel mileage, extremely dislike how if the auto sliding doors have to be engaged or disengaged you can't use the buttons & manually do it has to be one or the other

- drew s

It's great for busy mom's and families!

I love my van. The only thing that I don't like is that it makes a lot of noise when driving it, there is a strut loose that the garage said is normal to happen on this vehicle. I love the sto and go seats. I love that I can put things in the floor. Tons of space but I can still reach my babies in the middle row.

- Samantha H

The stow and go is amazing.

I like My vehicle a lot but sadly my family is growing out of it. This is not ideal for a family with 3 very tall teenage boys. The back seats are not spaced far enough apart. We love the stow and go feature for vacation all of our luggage fits in the stow and go storage as a family of 7 this is a great feature.

- Christina S

My 2010 Chrysler town & country.

I really enjoy driving m6 town and country. I has been very reliable. It gets pretty good gas mileage and is a very comfortable ride. Its an older model but still a good van. We bought it used. It has cosmetic issues but nothing that bad. If I was to buy another minivan I would probably buy another just like it.

- Tracy C

It is easy to drive and very convenient for family life.

I love the spaciousness of the van. Plenty of room for the kids, cargo and dog. I love the fold down seats and how easy it is to put them up and down. The thing I dislike is not being able to see out of the reverse back-up camera well, it needed some kind of screen that allows you to see during the day better.

- Lilly W

I love my Stow and Go Town and Country

It is a very stable vehicle. It hasn't really had any issues. It is just over 110,000 miles and runs great. The only issue I have with it is that it has seemed difficult at times to find tires for it as the size is slightly abnormal. I love that it's a stow and go because we have three young boys in car seats.

- Justin H

Chrysler town and country.

I love the stow n go feature. We use it often on family vacations to carry extra stuff. I like that the seats store in the floor when extra hauling space is needed. The Chrysler town and country is a very comfortable vehicle for families. The DVD feature makes long car rides with children much more enjoyable.

- Carol L

I love the fold down seats. They stow away into the floor. I love the room.

I have minor problems with brakes sticking. But it has been fixed. While the brakes was stuck the rotors warped. But that has been fixed. Now my brakes squeal I think I need new brake pads now. Minor, that can be fixed. My side back doors squeaks while driving down the road. Not sure how to fix that problem.

- Heather C

This is a very reliable vehicle! I just wish I could upgrade.

My vehicle does not have any problems. If I keep up with basic maintenance (oil changes, tires, breaks) I have not had any issues. This is the most reliable vehicle I have owned. My van is currently 134, 440 miles and runnin great. I only give it 3 stars because I would love to upgrade to the new Pacifica!

- Samantha R

My vehicle has been amazing for road trips and everyday drives. It has plenty of cup holders and storage space for the kids toys or diapers and wipes.

It's great for kids. I can hit the door button on my clicker. You never have to worry about your kids dinging your car of someone else's. We all fit perfectly, comfortably. It's also great to be able to open the trunk from the clicker as well when you are walking up with a cart full of groceries and kids.

- Kayla S

Good and bad things about the van.

We have had some trouble with the electrical system. Everything went out in the van. Also a little trouble with the key fob. I love the automatic doors and trunk. I love the DVD system for the kids. It came with it is own headphones for the car. It has a lot of compartments to store things, even the seats.

- Thomas T

It not only is a great running car but it is also fun to drive. You could practically live in it

I bought the vehicle at a very reasonable price it had very low mileage and was in perfect running order. I have had it for a little over a year and it is still in perfect running order. It came equipped with power everything and Sirius XM Radio. Even the gas mileage is good for a as big of a car as it is

- Mark P

It has a lot of cargo space in the back, and the seats fold down into the floor, to provide just the right amount of cargo space to transport a number of items.

I love the van we have, we have used it many times when moving from one place to another. We use it as a taxi service, and we have been able to provide a lot of cargo space, to transport personal items for our passengers. It performs well, and it is very reliable and comfortable for riding long distances.

- Barbara S

I like the extras that come with the vehicle.

Great vehicle for a family with children or a large family in general. Captains seats in the front and second row, 2 overhead, drop televisions to keep the kids busy while you drive. Satellite radio and plenty of space for comfortability. The g. Mpg is pretty good and definitely a lot of storage space.

- Jessica B

Good van with typical wear and tear issues.

The vehicle has had an entire air conditioning unit replacement at about the 8 year mark and the tire pressure monitors went bad around the nine year mark along with a valve stem issue. There seems to be a muffler issue currently also but this is all to be expected with the current age of the vehicle.

- Garrett C

A great car for big or small families.

This van has a lot of space to hold family, friends or even for hauling bigger items. It drives well and is great on gas, which makes it a great automobile for longer distance trips. The t&c has been very reliable with very few service issues over the years. A great car for a family big or small.

- Stacey K

Great vehicle even with high use!

My van is reliable and comfortable. I put on 3000 miles in less than 6 weeks. I wish it got better gas mileage because I average around 20 miles to the gallon. The carpet is pulling loose but this is a mechanically sound vehicle. I believe that the carpet issue is because of the high use of the van.

- Julie V

Perfect for the long haul.

Constantly getting low tires but rides well. Plenty of storage space and leg room. Has built in DVD player that needs replaced but we use a portable with adapter. The seats fold up with the option of stow and go. Gets good gas mileage and perfect for travel. Overall we're happy with this purchase.

- Brooke V

Vehicle is reliable and spacious

It has a lot of space and storage..kids are comfortable when traveling.. great miles drives very smooth. No problems with motor or transmission.. sound system is awesome, I love the rear door open electrically, and the side doors opening electronically. The buttons that control it are convenient

- Alejandra Z

The back bench seat can also be used as a tailgate seat

No issues out of engine or transmission. Very minimal cost for repairs at 200,000 miles. Has heated seats, power doors, seats, windows. Yeo separate DVD systems. Problems would be sunroof leaks and the sliding doors tend to stick. Huge plus the back bench seat is power fold and also tailgate seat

- Patricia S

Great investment when shopping for a van.

I love my van because it runs great the maintenance on it is very low. I keep my oil change it is well kept up. I am the second owner of my van I just love it. I love my van too because it is a stow and go lots of room. I love traveling in this van because of the space and it do not use much gas.

- Brenda B

Very dependable, versatile vehicle

I absolutely love our Town & Country. I never thought I'd like a minivan but it won me over with the overall storage size and the ability to fold the seats all the way into the floor. We've used it on multiple road trips and there's always been enough room for everything, including souvenirs.

- Ariene D

Love the built in TV system. It was great when my kids were smaller.

Car drives and functions as it suppose to over 150000 miles and still going strong. There have been a couple of small issues over the years but nothing that was out of the ordinary for an 8 year old car. Love this vehicle for trips and capacity of 7 people. Sometimes wish we could fit 8 though.

- James C

Chrysler 2010 Town and country

Has had some weird issues. I like the leather seating and the touch screen radio, movies. Seat warmers in front and back. Easy to take out seats or fold them down. Rear view camera could be nicer. Things have broken as car has gotten older. Brakes get fixed and then squeal again immediately.

- Sara B

Good performance and good on gas.

Fun to drive, good on gas, plenty of room. Great for hauling, seats 8, which is one of the best features. Has sliding side doors, performs great, good air and radio, easy to maintain, great seating, all fold down into the floor, when seat are up, plenty of storage space available in the floor.

- Dan D

Great overall family van. If you just need something simple.

I like that my town and country is stow and go. There is a lot of room for my family. Leg room in the back seat is great. Especially if you have tall kids. The only thing I wish it had was electric back windows. It only has manual makes it hard for an adult to get back and open or close them.

- Crystal C

I love the swivel middle row I am sorry they are such a great feature.

My only real issue with my van is the leather seats. The driver's seat has not held up very well and have been repaired a couple times at least. My other complaint is that the transmission fluid cap does not have a measuring device. I wish they had not discontinued the swivel middle row seats.

- Elizabeth F

Great for entering and exiting!

Minivans are great for us senior citizens. The seat height when entering or exiting the vehicle is perfect. You do not have to get down and crawl into the vehicle to enter it and you do not have to have help to get up out of it. You can heal almost anything in it once the seats are laid down.

- Judy F

The minivan that has climbed Mt. Washington 3 times!

With a family of 5, we enjoy the flexibility of this vehicle! It has over 170,000 miles, but it has been extremely reliable. One consistent problem is tires... they wear out quickly, and are expensive to replace. Our van has the electrical sliding doors and trunk, and the helpful stow-and-go.

- Mike S

A family van/ cargo van. It rides smooth and has tons of storage.

The Chrysler town and country is a great family vehicle. It seats 7. It has stow and go. The 2 middle seats fold down into the floor. The back bench seat also folds down. So not only is it a great family vehicle, it can also serve as a cargo van. The only bad thing is that it drinks the gas.

- Bridget H

It is very comfortable. I love that you sit up high and can adjust your seat higher and lower.

I love the comfort of it. I love the features (my children especially love the DVD player). I wish it had a back-up camera, but we bought it used so we didn't have the option to include that. I love the amount of storage for traveling. It has enough room for our children and all the luggage!

- Jo S

It is difficult to service, even simple tasks like checking fluid levels.

I like it as a minivan: I can easily get my children in and out, the seats fold into the car for easy storage when I need to transport large loads. I dislike the fact the manufacturer makes it difficult to do even simple maintenance, preferring customers to have it professionally serviced.

- Michelle O

Greer family vehicle. Happy owner

The only problem I have with my vehicle is the driver side back door won't open automatically but must be opened manually. The performance is good it gets me and my kids wear I want to go. It is a safe and reliable family car. I love how it has the stow and go seating makes life easier.

- Trina R

White lemon that drives like a Cadillac.

Replaced transmission twice..Lots of electronic issues..Dies in traffic..Replaced pins in engine..It's really been a lemon very smooth ride though very roomy and comfy! Lots of storage love the stow and go feature. Great take off speed and once it's on open road extremely smooth ride.

- Dave Z

Great vehicle to drive and very comfortable.

It has a very smooth ride, a lot of cargo room, very comfortable. Really no blind spot, love the individual heater settings. It has sliding doors on both sides making it easier to get children and groceries in and out. The third row seat makes it easier to take more people with you.

- Lynne H

Chrysler town and country.

Love the space and dependability! I have five children, and they never fight for space. Love the seat warmers and automatic sliding doors. We've taken quite a few family short and long distance trips. Very low car repairs in the year that we have is. It. Would recommend to everyone!

- Amanda H

The car handles very well for a vehicle that is higher off of the ground I have not had any issues with losing control of the vehicle.

I like that my vehicle has power windows, automatic side doors, and power steering steering. The main drawback to this vehicle is the bearings go bad quite quickly. I also dislike the fact that if the automatic seat breaks it cost almost as much as getting a new car to get it fixed.

- Teresa G

Spacious, comfortable, family vehicle.

Great car.. Only complaint is the defrost. I have had this car for a long time and I have been and continue to be very happy with it.. Smooth ride. Comfortable.. Perfect for me I cannot think of much more to say the color or the van is great.. It's held up just fine over the years.

- Jill L

Seat 6 with plenty of legroom.

Great minivan, looks good, drives good, easy handling, good on gas, more than enough room for hauling things, seats 6 with plenty of legroom! Easy driving in traffic, love the color and the interior, auto side door are great an easy to use! Would buy this minivan again at any time.

- Robert D

Good gas mileage, and get up and go.

2010 Chrysler town and country. Gets good gas mileage, fits seven people. Has remote sliding doors, and tailgate. Lots of trunk space. Good get up and go. Only costs $50 to fill it up. It also has stow away seating that makes it much bigger in the back for transporting large items.

- John F

Love the open road and space.

It is a great vehicle for traveling. It has lots of storage and cargo room. Great got families of more than five people. Easy to find everything under the hood. I love the sliding side doors. I love that I can put TVs or a DVD player in so my kids will not get bored on long trips.

- Denise D

I would recommend my van to, anyone wanting to get a new van.

Everything is great. I really, can't say anything bad about it. The seats are really comfy and the DVD players are in a great spot. It is very roomy and the kids have plenty of space and don't bother each other. Especially with the DVD players. Stow and go is great option as well.

- Karen S

Built for toddler moms on the go

I love the fact there's enough room, that when my toddlers don't get along I can separate them in the car. And all the storage helps with all the toddler equipment, the only thing I do not like is how it takes a lot of gas through the city. It does however get great highway miles

- Lois B

Enjoying Life and difficult to decide on buying a new car.

Very Comfortable. Speed and smooth is perfect. No Real problems. Regular checkups from the dealer and all problems have been taken care of, Decision on to renew month checkups is to be done.. Car is used for local and long trips with zero problems. Used daily and love the comfort

- Gary D

Good van - useful for all.

Overall a good car. Decent fuel mileage in city. Great on highway. Built well. Did have the rear spoiler on top of the back door get loose and come off. Love having the side windows able roll down. Nice to be able to have a seat then put it away if I need to. This is my 4th van.

- Dawn G

It drives really well and is very comfortable with lots of space inside

I like how comfortable it is, how well it drives and how much space it has in it. The seats folds down so you can have more hauling space and the trunk is a good size. I don't like how deep the trunk is since you have to lift something heavy out of it and that is a struggle.

- Terry S

I don't have anything to share on this.

The transmission did not last very long only to about 80000 miles. We have had more problems with this vehicle than any other vehicle. I would not buy it again. And would not recommend it to anyone else. Any other minivan would be better. I would prefer to get another vehicle.

- Ron P

Great vehicle for the whole family

I have had my car for around seven years now and we have not had any major issues with it at all. It was very reasonably priced and has lots of features like satellite radio and stow and go storage that our family enjoys. I find it to be very comfortable and easy to drive.

- Merissa C

The best car I ever had I highly recommend it

My car is the best very minimal issues just the regular brakes tires. It is a reliable car the drive is so smooth there is a lot of space for my family. I love the bucket seats. Everyone can control what they want to here and everyone can control the climate they love.

- Reyes M

Great family vehicle! One I would recommend to others. Spacious and practical.

The stow and go seats are so amazing. I can haul so many different things. The tv/dvd players have worked so well with our children and traveling. It does not have a smooth quiet feel to it when driving but this vehicle has held up well. Overall I am very pleased with it.

- Angela K

Already did that in the first one

I love my car. It has lots of room, the seats fold into the floor everyone fits comfortably! Lots of storage compartments. My favorite part about the car is that the doors open with the click of the buttons on my key fob. The stock radio is really good for being stock.

- Cheyenne N

It is a great family vehicle, perfect for traveling and shuffling kids around.

I love that it is minivan. Both my kids fit without fighting each other. It has room for tons of stuff. My only complaints are my driver seat is a bit uncomfortable. Even with the lumbar support my back hurts. Also no bells and whistles, like rear view camera or gps.

- Lori E

7 Passenger white Town and Country Van

I have a white 2010 Chrysler Town and Country van that holds up to 7 passengers. Runs great. Just replaced the brakes and battery. Earlier in the front window was damaged and had that replaced. Extra storage space beneath the passenger seats is nice for travelling

- Eric R

Electric sliding door issues.

Problem with drivers sliding door. It shut one time and is now locked in place and will not open manually or with power. Extremely frustrating that this is happening with no clear way to get door opened so problem can be repaired so the door will operate as intended.

- Tim R

Chrysler town and country great for kids.

I love the space that it offers. I have two children and it suits our needs very well. It is easy to drive, good on gas mileage, and has so far been very dependable. My kids love the DVD player and I love how easy the seats are to fold with the stow and go feature.

- Charity W

Love the storage space it has.

Very reliable and has lots of storage space something other SUVs don't have. My family fits just fine. It takes me from point a to point b. Always keep up with my maintenance and have no trouble with it. I would recommend it 2 friend n family. Preformed just right.

- Ben N

great vehicle lasts a long time no exterior wear and tear

very good on gas mileage, can accommodate a family of four and their pets. The stow and go is a great feature, it adds additional storage and extra interior room. The sliding doors are an extra benefit. The rear cargo area is deep and able to fit a lot in it.

- katie W

Great van for the long haul.

Great van for a family that is on the go and has to bring along sport equipment and/or other bulky items. With the stow and go seats it makes it easy to adjust to any situation. Very reliable, have only had to do regular maintenance and I have over 150, 000 miles.

- Debra M

It has plenty of room for people and pets and lots of room for the driver.

I love the roominess of the vehicle. My van has the entertainment package which was a lifesaver when my son was younger. It also has heated seats, they are the best. The navigation system is not that easy to use and needs to be updated but it is too expensive.

- Jill T

It's perfect for families with small children ... so many wonderful features.

I love my minivan! I have small kids and the sliding doors and power liftgate are just what I need! Keeps my toddler from opening the door and slamming into the car next to us. And the DVD player keeps them entertained on trips around town and long road trips!

- Michelle K

It's great on gas. And it has a DVD player.

I really like my vehicle. It has very comfortable leather seats. It has extra storage in the floor. Also includes 2 DVD players so my kids are able to watch or set up their game system to play games or movies. It great on gas. I fill up about once a week.

- Tiffany P

Best Family Car - 2010 Town & Country

Love this Town 7 Country. Has two televisions for passengers in the back. Sleek black exterior. The car is great for camping, the back seats flip out of the trunk to make tailgating seats, and the back chairs rotate around a removable table! Great family car.

- Katie M

That it's a vehicle that gets good gas mileage & with stow n go seating can be used in many ways.

I like that my vehicle is reliable transportation. I like that it gets decent gas mileage. I do not like that it has weird airflow when back windows are down & I get "the helicopter effect". I love my stow n go seating, so that my van is multi-functional!

- Heather P

It is for a family, small or big.

It is a safe car/van. 4 power windows, which is nice for the kids, as to the old fashion rear windows. Over all a just good van for a family. The fold down seats are nice as well, when you need things that would req. A truck there is space that you can make.

- Dalton C

It comes with heated seats a rear view camera three TVs.

I love my 2010 town and country, it is very reliable, it to get me from destination to destination. It is great for traveling I have leather seats they are very comfortable I also heat it seats. It is great on gas. It also has a rear view camera three TVs.

- Amber S

Love my Chrysler Town and Country

I have had zero problems. No major or minor repairs besides one recall. It is comfortable, reliable, and safe to drive. Holds seven passengers. Love the auto opening side doors and back hatch. Seats fold down easily for a wide and deep area for loading.

- Jerry B

Always wanted a town & country.

Comfortable and pretty reliable. Seems to get good gas mileage. Seems to be rusting underneath. If I got another one I would want one there is an upper package, with more bells and whistles. The stow and go seating is the best. No major problems so far.

- Ron S

Chrysler Town and Country

We have a Town and Country, haven't had any issues. Very reliable, roomy, comfortable ride in long trips. Like that the seats go down for more added room. Will always stay with Chrysler as far as our family is concerned. Thank you and five stars!

- Stephanie W

Chrysler town and country video is great for kids.

Very good gas mileage, last long time only regular maintenance. Smooth ride, have to have front heat on to have back heat on. Do not like that. Automatic doors do not work properly. Lots of miles on it. Gets around good in winter with snow goes on it.

- A T

Like and dislike of our car.

We have problem with the far cap sensor not staying tight. This causes the engine light to stay on. Also being a front end cat we have to replace the brakes a lot. There is a lot of room for my family of five top take trips. It is a great family car.

- Jaime N

Spacious, reliable, and comfortable.

I love my Chrysler town and country minivan. It is spacious, reliable and comfortable. I like the availability of having five seats in the back for when I have my family or the ability to put them all away for when I need the space to move something.

- Amy M

It is a great family vehicle that is nice for luggage and road trips as well as city driving and brining friends and family with us.

I mostly like my van, but it does have some mechanical issues. I like the DVD players and the sunroof and the ease or driving. I feel like it could have better visibility. Overall it is nice to cart my kids around in. I love the stow and go seating.

- Janna A

It drives great and has a great amount of room for everyone. I like that I can lay down all of the seats and haul larger items for DIY projects, etc.

It has the stow & go seating, DVD player, heated seats, leather interior, auto sliding side doors and rear hatch, remote start. Dislike would only be that I have had to get some expensive repairs within a year of the purchase but I did buy it used.

- Loretta W

My van is versatile and can haul anything from kids, to drywall, to furniture. It has great storage options

I like my vehicle because it is versatile. i can use it to transport kids or drywall. It has a ton of storage, but doesn't break the bank with gas. The only part I dislike is that I have the basic package so i am missing some of the upgrades.

- Lee Anne S

Quality has Left Chrysler, my 2010 Chrysler Town & Country, will be my fourth and last Chrysler.

like: Power sliding doors, power liftgate, volume carrying capacity. Dislike: stupid coin holder, quality less than 1998 T&C, No Memory seats,mirrors, no AWD, No documentation, current Dealers are ALL crooks & Con Artists, Poor Quality Leather,

- anonymous p

Chrysler Town and Country great for kids

I really like the car, especially having two little ones. The automatic side doors make it really easy to get them in and out. I like having the DVD players as well. No maintenance issues yet, but I would just like a newer vehicle in general.

- Alex K

It has great space! And the automatic doors make it so easy with kids

I love the van. It has stow and go seating in the back which is perfect for carrying baby gear. I have 2 kids in car seats and the space is perfect. The gas mileage isn't great, but I mostly use it for running errands, etc so it's not too bad

- Clair W

It worked great until I got to 140,000 miles and only needed battery and brakes changes until then.

I love the stow and go. The space and the advanced features like gps, heated seats, backup camera. I dislike the fact that so many things break like the spitter hoses and the plastic clips and the seatbelts and the tire pressure sensor.

- Ruth P

The most important thing is how reliable its been for our family.

I love my Chrysler town and country. Its spacious for my family and I. It's been an excellent vehicle to travel in. There are several compartments to store luggage or what ever you may need to store. The perfect family vehicle for us.

- April B

That I care about my family. I want them to be safe and the car I drive does that.

I love my minivan. It is perfect for my family of four. The side doors perfect for my young children since they slide open. I never have to worry about them hitting cars parked next to us. It is always comfortable for long drives.

- beth n

It is a great brand and car there is nothing I regret about getting this car at all.

My vehicle is a Chrysler Town & Country minivan. I love my car it has taken me and my family across the country 3 times to California and many other places. It is such a good working car and brand would recommend to anyone to get one.

- Brittany G

It really cost more than it should have, even after rebates and special financing.

I like that it sits higher off the ground than most cars. I like that it has a rack on the roof to store cargo and luggage. I like that it has a lot of cup holders. I would have liked that it had come with protective floor trays.

- None O

The gas mileage is great. 22-25 avg per gallon. Mechanically sound at 150000

It's a minivan with a 3.3 litre engine 3rd row seating, white, runs great except the window control master switch went out do to rain coming on window and the front suspension needs replacing goes through new tires in 6 months

- Douglas K

Minivans are NOT just for old people or soccer moms.

It is the most comfortable vehicle I have owned. I am a tall person and need plenty of leg, head and elbow room in my vehicle. I do not like the feeling of being cramped up in a cockpit. I'm driving an automobile...not a jet.

- Kelly B

All the seats fold down in the back two rows- perfect for traveling with luggage, furniture, pets, and bikes!

I like the enormous amount of legroom in the front and second row. It has a great stereo. The seats fold down enabling me to move new pieces of furniture without having to rent a U-Haul. I like the Town & Country emblem.

- Bridget T

It is great for traveling with lots of cargo space and gas mileage is not very bad.

This car is great for traveling. It has a lot of cargo room. However I do not think the back seat is very comfortable.It is also a great vehicle for my Scentsy business. It holds all my inventory with room left over.

- Emma H

Other than the key not working properly, it has been a good car

I really like my van. I can play movies for my children. Overall it's been A good vehicle. I had a problem with the key not working. I had to take the batteries out because it was opening the doors on their own

- Dawn R

The amount of space and passengers it can accommodate is very useful and needed with a family!

I like the space and seating. Extra trunk space and seats can stow away in floor. That is an excellent feature when transporting any large items. I don't like that the AC keeps springing leaks and doesn't work!

- Meg D

It was made in America by union workers.

It is extremely roomy, with seating for 7 adults. It has a navigation system, and CD player. It is a nice color. It is built solidly, and drives smoothly. I do wish it got slightly better gas mileage. smoothly.

- Opa B

It is a roomy family van. It was plenty of room for all your needs. Even with 6 people, we hardly run out of room for everything we need to pack on a trip.

I like that it has room for all 4 of my kids and we have extra room and pack things or to put groceries, too. I don't like that it is getting older and has so many miles on it, but I can't afford a newer one.

- Kendra T

I think that one of the important things about Town and Country vans are that they are reliable.

I love my Town and Country van! I needed a van that would be able to carry a lot of grandchildren and this was a great find.Plus I like how all the seats fold into the floor for lots of room to haul stuff.

- Rita N

This car is great for people with families or who need extra room.

I like the size. There is a lot of room for people/extra items when going on trips or moving. Can be a bit difficult to park, but overall is easy to drive. Nice speakers and cruise control. Comfortable.

- Caroline C

Stow and go is very space efficient and the car has been well for us while the kids were small

I like that is has been dependable and the ability of the stow and go I dislike the fact the kids have not a whole lot of room Now that they are growing up it's very uncomfortable for them in the back

- Jody P

This is a great car for people with kids.

The car is very comfortable to drive and to ride in. It can carry 6 passengers easily. It has sufficient cargo room. The doors are easy to get in and out of. I like the self opening and closing trunk.

- lynn A

This product is great for a large family, great storage and room for all.

We like all the space it provides. We also like the extra storage it offers while traveling. Dislike would be that it had the pockets for DVD players but would have had to purchase them separate.

- Shana M

It has plenty of room and you can haul a lot of items or it will hold 7 passengers.

I like that it has plenty of room, that it has stow away seats, that it sits up high and you can see in front of you really well. I dislike backing up in it as I feel like I can't see real well.

- Charlene W

Luxury for adults, Entertaining for kids.

Love the roominess and versatile seat configurations. Show and go is Amazing for trips with kids. Dual DVD players are also a plus for kiddos. Adults love the different climate control options.

- Daniell W

It is a great family vehicle.

I like that the van has sliding doors because I have four kids. I sometimes dislike how computerized everything is because some things will randomly stop working but I am not sure what's wrong.

- Michelle A

It gets decent gas mileage and rides and drives like a dream

I love the folding chairs, the storage compartments, and the ride. It is a pleasure to drive. It will be next car I buy if possible. I had the same type of vehicle before and loved it also.

- Lottie F

Good reliable van for a larger family

Really enjoy the van the automatic doors are very convenient when it's raining. All windows open. Only negative is remote is very touchy. I have came out of stores with one or all doors open.

- Andrea T

It seems like the motor is loud compared to other cars.

I like the space, and the automatic seats that fold down into the floor. I also like having the DVD player for the kids to watch on long trips. There is not anything I dislike about the van.

- Emily C

This vehicle is made for people with children. It has made my life of bringing my kids place 100% easier.

I love my van, it is a Cadillac for kids. My kids have a ton of space! They love the heated seats, the DVD player and the optional to choose their seat. The space for traveling is unreal!!!

- Sarah C

Perfect family car for most regular size families.

I like the stow and go seating, gas mileage, movie player and amount of passengers it can carry. I hate how the spare tire is placed underneath the van. I also like the color of the van.

- Julie M

It is a great family car.

I love the stow and go seating, the DVD players and screens, and the heated seats. I have had this van for about 5 years now, and it is one my favorite vehicles that I have ever owned!

- Christina C

It's so roomy and versatile!

I never thought I'd like a van, but I will never go back now. It's very roomy and versatile. It allows me to haul any number of things and several people outside my immediate family.

- Jessica W

I love that everyone can watch their own show on there own tv. Keeps the kids busy

I have 4 children and having the town and country is amazing!! They have seats to there own and TVs to watch their own shows. Movie theater lighting. It's the best car I have owned.

- Vicki S

It is known to have a lot of mechanical issues that cannot be resolved and Chrysler doesn't easily help with.

It is an older car and I tend to have a lot of issues with it that can often not be resolved easily. Also, I no longer want or need a minivan anymore and would like something new.

- Dawn D

Good value for the whole family

Good overall car with little problems a nice drive that has been a great family car. We feel safe in a car this size and also is used for different options ( moving things etc. )

- Michael M

Great ride, but bad air conditioning.

The ride is comfortably smooth, but the air conditioner does not work 100% of the time. It often needs time to catch up to itself, and makes a loud clunking noise while doing so.

- Courtney C

Automatic sliding doors are amazing

I have 3 kids do I love how much room it has. Love the stow and go seats. It is a bit long for my tastes, feels like I'm driving a bus sometimes. Next car will be a bit smaller.

- Paula B

It's a safe and comfortable vehicle.

It is very comfortable and easy for me to see.Like the capacity for passengers and stuff, I can put a lot in it. I don't like that my A/C died and it would be about $2000 to fix

- Sue R

It can be modified for the handicapped, providing room to ride comfortably.

Great car! Since I am handicapped, the vehicle has been modified for me to either ride or drive. Although it is an older model, it is what we can afford and it serves us well.

- Barbara V

The model rides well and is dependable and comfortable.

I love the van and all its features. The only thing I dislike about the van is the key fobs and automatic door opening system is awful. I have nothing but problems with them.

- Dawn M

Runs great and lots space and storage.

Like under storage, auto doors and back hatch, auto start. Hate how low ceiling is and the blind spot warning sensors have been replaced twice in the 3 years we've owned it!

- Kelly C

I love the stow and go seating. There's nothing better for camping and hauling things.

I'm not a fan of the minivan look, I really wanted an SUV. When I bought it used I didn't realize that there was a problem with the slider lock until it was out of warranty.

- Lori C

Seats 7 people comfortably

Seats 7 people; lots of legroom for 6ft tall people; seats fold down to carry sheets of plywood, large items or several boxes. Drives very well; easier to get in and out of.

- Joan c

This car saves you money on gas-it is very economical this way!.

Comfortable and easy to drive. Lots of room for a family. Engine has lots of get up and go and built in DVD player with rear seat screens keeps kids happy during road trips.

- Charles E

I feel it is very safe and dependable.

The room to travel in. It drives very good. The only thing I'm not to happy with is in the winter it is a little cold and I cannot reach the windshield- for cleaning it off.

- Sharon H

Our Chrysler has been very Reliable.

Our Town and Country has been very reliable. I'm thrilled with the way it runs. It has not been a problem, starts every time even though it's old and has a lot of miles.

- Carla M

Spacious ride for family travels and sit 6 comfortably.

I like that it has 3rd row seating and a decent amount of storage. I dislike that the doors seem to have a mind of their own and will open and close without being prompted

- Amber H

Town and Country is amazing, going strong with 120,000 miles on it.

I love my car since it is amazing. It has 120,000 miles and still going strong. We can take long trips and do it in comfort. No major problems for years, it is the best!

- Joyce A

It is very roomy inside, and able to carry and hold a lot at one time.

I love our van, we use it everyday for Uber and Lyft rides. It can hold a lot of things, when picking up from and to the Airport pickups. I have no complaints about it.

- Barbara W

It's a great family car and even better for traveling. Lots of space

I love my Town and Country, the size is great for families. We do a lot of traveling and the space provided in the back and the stow and go, it holds all of our "stuff"

- Megan C

Good family minivan - Town and Country

Our Town and Country was bought used a few years ago with around 60,000 miles on it. It is convenient for family of several kids. It's very good for longer road trips.

- Jenna L

All the seating it has! And the seats fold down for lots of room to haul things also...

I love this van...it is dependable and looks nice...this is the perfect vehicle for me as I needed all the seating for when I am hauling all my grandchildren around.

- Rita M

God gave it to us by giving us the exact price we were looking for and we are very grateful.

I love that we purchased it at such a great price. I love that doesn't have lots of features but that it's simple and easy to clean. I love that it fits all my kids.

- Ange B

Overall it is a good vehicle for a family of four to six members,

It feels like it drives unbalanced at times. It has electrical system problems at times. The gas efficiency is not really good. The tires are on the expensive side.

- john c

I love my minivan and would get another one.

We bought it used, but it is a great family car. Ours is Stow n go with DVD player and backup camera, gps and a lot more. It's a great ride and my children love it

- Jessica M

It makes hauling children easier and I have lots of space for their things.

I am not fond of a van but it is a necessary item for my family. It fits our needs and the needs of my children. It is convenient and I do like the sliding doors.

- Andrea M

Has electrical issues and can shut off while driving over 40 mph

It has electrical gremlins and will shut off in the middle of driving. Chrysler tells me that my vehicle does not match recall models yet is doing the same thing

- Rebecca C

Our Town & Country is Perfect

Our town and country is absolutely amazing. We have 4 children, so the amount of room it offers is perfect for us! We haven't had any issues with our van at all!

- Destiny H

It handles very good in town and on the interstate.

I like the heated seats, seats that fold down, and dual air control. I do not like that the windows on the back doors do not roll down. More space would be nice.

- Sarah W

It holds 6 people comfortably

t is roomy and has good storage space. It gets decent gas mileage. It has a number of luxuries-self closing doors, dvd player, heated seats. It is easy to drive

- kurt R

The ability to seat seven individuals comfortable in the van. There is plenty of room for luggage also.

We like the storage room and capacity to seat seven individuals. The features on the van help entertain people while traveling. The gas mileage is as promised.

- Don M

It has stow and go seats.

The interior is well designed. It has very comfortable seats. The van handles very nicely. This is an awesome van, I love it! Especially the stow and go seats.

- Jean K

The Town and Country is a great family car. It's taken us around the country

We love our van, we travel a lot, so it gives everyone in the family plenty of space. We also love the stow and go seating. It helps add a little extra storage

- Doug C

It is very roomy! Especially for someone with long legs.

Our town and country is a very reliable vehicle. We bought it for the amount of storage it has. A lot of room and it also includes a DVD system for our kids.

- Alexandra W

It has plenty of room to store everything you need, and space for luggage on vacation

I like that it has a DVD player for my children. I don't like that the stow and go compartments are tricky to get to, seats have to be in specific positions

- Amanda B

The car is a nice car that rides and hands smooth with a lot of space and cargo adaptability.

The navigation system costs a fortune to update. The seats can be difficult to move at times. The vehicle can drive clunky and heavy at time after storms.

- Patrick H

It has horrible gas mileage and once you hit 100,000 miles everything breaks.

It's easy to drive. It has a lot of great features that provide creature comforts we enjoy. But the payments are too much and it's having a lot of trouble.

- Allison M

2 tvs. Seating for 7. Tons of room.

Tons of room, reliable. Great for toting kids and sports equipment around. Good ride, plenty of power. Also good for trips with 2 screens to watch movies.

- joe S

Great family vehicle--good for traveling & plenty of storage

It's easy to drive and roomy. A great family vehicle. Some neat features. Would appreciate better gas mileage, but I understand you can't have everything.

- Kari S

Excellent for cargo, family, or long distance travel.

I have a problem with automatic window control buttons. Engine, transmission run perfectly never had any problems with it. We love this van it's awesome.

- Barbara S

Things will go wrong on this vehicle, but if you put in enough work/money it'll last a while.

While it has lasted this long, there always seems to be a new problem with it. The brakes feel weird and the locks don't work. I do like how roomy it is.

- Allie D

I would buy this same kind of van again if something happens to my current van.

I like that it has a backup camera, automatic doors, remote start, and Bluetooth. I dislike the fact that the air/fans whine when they are on full blast.

- Michelle H

Its very reliable and trustworthy vehicle I love my town and country.

I really don't have any complaints about my vehicle. It's very dependable and reliable. I've been from Texas to Florida, California, and Colorado in it.

- Jordan R

Comfort with room for everyone

Very roomy and comfortable. Have taken it on cross country trip with no problems. I love the stowaway seats leaving lots of room for luggage AND a nap.

- Bernadine J

It's not great for gas mileage, but you can fit lots in it!

When I open the drivers back door, it covers the gas cap and that's annoying. Also, glitchy electrical system. I do love the space and the stow and go.

- Dana F

Love my Van. Great family vehicle.

It's been a great vehicle. Very spacious. Really no problems except for one brake locking up a month or so ago. Have been really pleased with it.

- Angie K

Pretty darn reliable overall

The stow and go seating is very hard to use. it has been very reliable so far otherwise we have driven back and forth from Iowa to Colorado many times

- Allison B

Plenty of room for children and car seats

I need a vehicle that seats more than five, as I transport children regularly. This vehicle has plenty of room for car seats with extra room to spare.

- Julia B

Safety for my family and reliability for traveling.

It is the size I need for my family however it seems that when 1 thing goes wrong there is a domino effect and everything starts to fall apart on it.

- Kelly P

I love using it and will try to keep it in the best condition I can

I love how easy it is for my kids to get in and out of it and that it has built in radio/CD as well as DVD player. It's great for my growing family

- Miya H

It is wonderful for families!

I love how wonderful it is for my family. It is easy to drive and handle. Also love the automatic doors that I can open with the press of a button.

- Jess C

I have everything in my van that I might need on the road.

I like the fact that it has an automatic seat adjustment feature. The pedals can move back and forth. It's a great van! My complaint no bluetooth!

- jennifer R

It is roomy for road trips but is awful with gas as well

My vehicle has every upgrade that is possible as well as low mileage. The color is perfect aside from a few scratches. Wish it got better mileage.

- charlie R

Black Stow and Go Soccer Mom van

This has been a very reliable vehicle. I love the stow and go option and all of the space. The built in DVD player and TVs are great for the kids.

- Kelly D

Good for a family with small children or active ones

Great for families. Love the storage areas. Gas mileage is not great. All around not a bad vehicle. I wish it didn't have so many recalls on it

- Stacy R

Its reliable and a good vehicle for families. Good gas mileage for a van.

It's very reliable. Great on gas. I love the stow and go so the seats easy fold down. Automatic doors and heated seats are also a great feature

- Marco D

It is perfect for family trips with big families since it can fit a lot of people and luggage.

I like the stow n go seating. It's perfect for a family of seven like mine. I don't like the gas mileage. The two television screens are great.

- Shaun H

I love the seats that move into the floor.

Very big with the stow n go. Enough room for 5 kids a dog and 2 adults Has had problems with the engine but always minor. Great family vehicle

- Tiffany F

Roomy vehicle for seating entire family comfortably.

I love that I can customize the seating to allow for multiple loads sizes. It is a great family vehicle and gets us where we all need to be.

- Nathan F

It's perfect for anyone with kids who travels any distance. It holds TONS of stuff.

It has a ton of space, gets good gas mileage and is perfect for our family. We drive it daily and often fill it with teenagers for an event.

- Ramie M

Quality manufactured and very dependable with gas mileage as quoted.

We love our vehicle for the interior space and styling. The seating capacity of seven is perfect for our family. The storage space is ideal.

- Linda m

That it runs smooth and has been an excellent purchase, just difficult for anyone to do repairs other than a dealer.

I like the captain seats that are adjustable the rearview parking screen and that I can fit more than 4 people in it with a bit of storage.

- Elizabeth G

Great family vehicle ideal for small and growing families.

Solid vehicle, hard on brakes is the only negative. Great for families. Nice amount of space in the trunk area which is ideal for travel.

- Don M

The room to store things under the floor is great.

I love the Sto and Go to store things under the floor. I do dislike the rattle noise it makes that no one seems to know whats causing it,

- Amanda U

Very roomy, very friendly when it comes to hauling stuff.

Have noticed problems with the electrical system and automatic sliding doors. Parts of seat falling off trim falling off around windows.

- Kimberly S

Good for families comfortable for all.

Have had no mechanical problems. Runs smooth mileage pretty good. Comfortable seats. Remote sliding doors on each side. Remote tailgate.

- Helen R

We absolutely love our van

I love our van, it has plenty of room for our 4 children and it is very reliable, and we have not had any problems whatsoever out of it

- Amy N

It is comfortable for long trips.

I love the room it has. There are enough seats and space for us and our things. It also came with two TVs which is great for the kids.

- Daniel W

I like that it is easy to drive.

I like that it seats 7 people. I like that it is roomy. I don't like that it is white. I wish it had some of the more modern luxuries.

- Bridget H

Safe for their children to ride in when I take them home from activities.

I like the sliding doors, so my children don't hit other cars. I also like the entertainment system. I need to get the tailgate fixed.


It is fun to drive and the gas mileage is great.

The power windows went out in it and issues with the key.... Love how the seats fold in to make more room. We usually leave one down..

- Kelley C

It has been very reliable.

I love the stow away seats. It is been very reliable minivan. It has great storage. Lots of room for moving, transporting large item.

- Julie F

It's very comfortable and has a lot of storage. It has great interior.

I have no complaints at all. I love the way the vehicle drives. I love the look of the van. I love all the accessories in the van.

- Kerry W

interesting detail is the built in entertainment center

Car is great. It is very reliable. I have never have big problems. Little kinks here and there. It runs great- great car for a family

- Nicki S

Great used vehicle, would buy again.

Just bought it a few months ago and the only issue we have had is the driver side door lock does not work when locking and unlocking.

- Mike B

Nice roomie vehicle for families that have multiple kids.

I love the room it gives with having 4 kids. The back seats fold down if they are not needed, and you have plenty of storage space.

- janel k

It is very dependable family vehicle.

I like how dependable the vehicle is. I also love the heated leather seat and storage space. I also love the 2 TVs for my children.

- Heather H

Toyota Prius - low gas costs!

Love the stow and go seats on Chrysler town & country. Love the gas mileage on Toyota Prius. Like the dependability of Honda Civic.

- Susan J

Good gas mileage. Drives great. Great access for families getting in and out and car. And love the store and go.

Love all the bells and whistles to my van. Drives great! The only problem is now that it's over 7 years old I'm having lots issues.

- Carman L

The van is perfect for a busy family, and can move the seats down to make more room.

My van is perfect for taking my family places. It has plenty of room for groceries. The back seat can fold down to make more room.

- Becky B

You can haul a 4x8 sheet of plywood in back with seats down.

Like the extra room when the seats fold down. Like sitting high when driving for better view. Would like it to get better mileage.

- John B

Storage storage storage. It's great room is wonderful the seats fold away and make more room.

I love it, it has extra storage room. The seats are very easy to move and fold away. It's easy to load kids in and out. Great van

- Nicole d

It is easy for small kids to get in and out of by themselves.

It is comfortable, drives well, and fits my kids and all their things. I dislike that it needed many expensive repairs last year.

- Marianne W

Our vehicle is reliable, and comfortable. It has taken us on many vacations, driven my kids to school, and mothers to doctors appointments.

Our vehicle conforms to fit our needs. We can fold up the seats when we were to haul stuff. Our vehicle is also very reliable.

- Carla M

Gas hog, poor gas mileage, expensive to fill the tank

I got it cheap. It looks nice. It has a few things wrong with it, the seating is made for a taller person and is kind of awkward

- Stephanie D

It tows the kids well, serves as a great "mom-mobile"

Large enough for all the kids to be comfortable, stow and go storage makes toting stuff easier, drives/handles well on the road

- Stephanie E

Comfortable. Driving ease. Fuel economy.

Fuel economy. Comfort. Ease of drive. American made. The many standard features as well as the few upgrades that are installed.

- Elizabeth W

It rides nice and has lots of room.

I love my minivan because it's spacious. I love that I can put some or all of the seats down. I also love the big trunk space.

- Deena S

Great family van with the features your family needs.

The van uses oil. But as a very comfortable van for my family. I like the stow and go seats. Allows me to haul lots of things.

- Caleb M

Chrysler town and country

The van gets good gas mileage and the stow and go seating is awesome, however, the back seats get uncomfortable after a while

- John C

It is a very good van. And it is safe to drive. In bad weather.

I like my van I can fit 7 people in it. And I can put my lawn mower in the van. And it's good in bad weather. Like the snow.

- Kelly J

That is is very efficient and can drive well and has many good features

It works very well and is extremely clean and efficient. It is nice to use have the tv in the back to let people watch stuff

- Emi P

Chrysler T&C Pros & Cons.

Bad gas mileage. Loud. Like the stow & go along with the ability to put seats up and down.hate where the donut is stored.

- Nicole R

Very reliable with low coat.

I like that the back windows roll down. I wish it got better gas mileage. I like the color. I do like it is nice to drive.

- Joann W

Very practical for a family of four.

It is very practical. Very roomy. Very comfortable for the whole family. It is a great vehicle to take on long road trips.

- Tim S

It is safe and comfortable. The navigation system helps a lot.

I like the comfort, the navigation system, back up camera and space. I dislike the expense to fix when in need of repair.

- Scarlet T

It has great acceleration and drives more like a car than a van.

It is extremely roomy with stow and go seating. Great for long trips with the family. Provides 7 seats for lots of space

- Maggie J

Great for family, kids, handicapped. I am handicapped and a mom of 2 young children. This vehicle helped us adapt when I became wheelchair bound, with an already active family.

I like the electric doors & easy access buttons to open the doors. However, it has had overheating issues multiple times.

- Sherri B

It is a smooth, quiet ride.

I like the heated seats. I like the space for hauling kids. I like the automatic doors. I don't like. The center console.

- Elizabeth H




There is lots of room. And the stow and go seats are a plus.

I have no complaints. It is reliable. It is also comfortable. Perfect for travel. Our family is happy with our purchase.

- Stephanie H

Could stall out while driving but it holds a lot due to seats folding into floor.

Like the price & stow & go feature. Dislike that it stalls out while driving. Dislike how hard it is to push gas pedal.

- Carol S

It is roomy and can carry part of a soccer team or hay, feed and bedding to the fair for the animals

I love the stow and go seats I wish the steering wheel was heated for the winter I hat that it is starting to wear out.

- Terry B

The gas mileage. It's better than expected.

I like the room, seat configuration, control panel, DVD player, auto doors and hatch and start, and the stowaway seats.

- Kim G

The van is super comfy and it is convertible to do so many things. We have even hauled lumber in the van

I like everything about my van. Mostly for the comfort and the room! My air conditioner has never been powerful enough.

- Christine S

easy to drive gets thru traffic without a problem, steers great

great van, runs good, no problems, good on gas, comfortable to drive, plenty of cargo room, seats 8, always reliable.

- Dan D