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Chrysler town and country are dependable family vehicles.

Overall I like our Chrysler town and country. We had issues with it in the beginning and had to replace the battery twice but since then we haven't had any major issues with it. We used to live on a dirt road and that caused the automatic door feature to stop working on one side. My husband eventually had to take the door off and clean all the dirt out and the door started working again. On our recent trip to florida the high temperatures caused the locking mechanism in one of the sliding doors to malfunction. Once we got back home and out of the high heat index it started working once again. Overall it works good for us, it comfortably fits our 4 kids for now but we will have to upgrade to something bigger in the next couple of years.

- Tiffany B

Computer/electrical problems. Even the mechanic had told us these vans often have these problems.

We purchased our vehicle in 2015 from a certified dealership when it was only 4 years old. The entire time we have owned it it has given us constant problems such as: tire pressure light always coming on, check engine light always coming on, A/C controls automatically going to max blast over and over again, windows automatically rolling down, etc. we even purchased the warranty through the dealership, which lasted 3 years. A week after the warranty ended, our transmission went out with no warning beforehand therefore we had to pay the full price to fix it on top of the amount we still owe on the loan. In addition to all the above, this van does not have a lot of space when all m whole family is inside. (4 car seats, 2 adults).

- Samantha N

Family friendly town and country.

The town and country is very comfortable. I love how the seats fold down completely in the back for extra space if needed. The sliding doors and back lift gate are electronic so they can be opened hands free. The automatic door lock system when driving is a great safety feature for kids as well as the ability to lock the window controls. My model has compartments along the top of the vehicle inside all along the back end of the van for mini DVD players. I have had this model for a while and it is a bit older so I have had a few issues with the electrical system for the tail lights and the tire pressure system. Overall this vehicle is great for families, it rides smoothly, and it gets good gas mileage.

- Emily A

Great family vehicle! Lots of storage, fun features, and plenty of room to grow.

We love the space and storage of our t&c van. We are a family of 4, with both our children in car seats, so we really like the captain seats and the space we still get with the very back seats left up or put down. We have not used the stow away storage yet, but it is nice having the option. We've been able to get very large items in our van with the option to put some, or all seats down. The built-in DVD player is a must with kids. The only consistent problem we experience is a leaky a/c, which is no fun in the hot Minnesota summers. We've paid to have it fixed, and have done temporary fixes ourselves, but it keeps happening. Overall, we would definitely get a town & country van again.

- Marissa M

Check both sliding doors work properly.

The van is huge, it has tons of legroom for every seat. Seats the kids comfortably. Seemed to have more space than any other minivan we drove. Very nice details inside, lots of cup holders and storage. My favorite feature is the stow and go seating, love not having to take seats out of the van when we need more room. The back can fit everything we need as well. The one issue we have, is the passenger sliding door is off somehow. It will open, but will not latch, so it will close automatically. We drove 3 of this vans before we bought the one we have. 2 out of those 3 had this issue. Overall I would recommend this van to anyone looking for a good family minivan.

- Stephanie J

Overall comfortable, stylish and smooth ride.

The special features of the town and country are really nice. The leather seats are uncomfortable particularly in the summer when legs can stick to them. There is a flaw in the relay system causing the van to fail to start due to the computer not talking properly to the fuel pump. We found through research that this is a common problem in these vehicles. Overall it is a nice family vehicle, is nice to look at and for the most part (on my fourth year) reliable, comfortable and fun to drive.

- Candy J

An awesome vehicle that I definitely recommend!

We absolutely love our minivan. We bought it used with 45,000 miles on it and it now has 109,000 miles on it. The only problem is that we had to replace a computer module that controlled the ignition. We love everything about our Town & Country and would like to purchase another one. It is so comfortable to travel in, lots of storage, lots of cup holders! We are really hoping that we can find a 2016 (last year they were made) when we're ready to trade this one in.

- Jan B

The vehicle is a reliable transport with no problems noted.

The vehicle has been extremely dependable. We have had no problems at all. It is easy on the gas. It uses no oil. If we need to get somewhere, we can always depend on it to get us there. The seats are very comfortable and it has plenty of legroom. The seats move for ease of getting in and out. The seats also store inside the floor when you need to haul something. It has a backup camera to see what's behind you. It has electric windows. It has been a great vehicle.

- Johanna V

Wonderful minivan. Best car I've ever had!

It fits a lot of people, and it drives very smoothly! I adore the radio system. It sounds very clear and I love that I can change the volume and the channel from the steering wheel using the buttons on the back. It looks super sleek for a minivan, and is one of my favorite vehicles to ever exist. I also love the backup camera! One thing that makes it difficult is that it has a lot of blind spots. But, as long as you look around carefully, you're golden!

- Jewel J

Very affordable minivan with lots of options!

The Chrysler Town and Country is a great van to drive. It's comfortable, is roomy and gets good gas mileage. The things I love about it are the leather seats, which is a must for kids, heated driver, passenger and middle seats, remote start option (it came in very handy when bringing my daughter to school in the morning), the stow and go option (lots of storage!) and the built in window shades for the back windows. This is a great affordable minivan!

- Alison L

6 years of almost wonderful.

I have had my town and country for 6 years now and we have loved it! We are a family of 5 and when we travel we are all very comfortable. The kids have plenty of space to sprawl out without getting in each others space. With anything though it does have its share of shortfalls. Ours has the DVD system in the ceiling and though not always, it will sound loose or squeaky as we are traveling. The clear coat has begun to peel on the front of the car.

- Amanda P

Ride in style and loving it

I have the Chrysler town and country which I love. This van is great for big or small families, I have 4 grandbabies, the automatic doors are a lifesaver. Enough room for everyone fits seven comfortable. Has a big trunk area for all my work stuff. It's a upscale van not like a regular minivan. Heated seats omg, rides so smooth, good gas mileage, also have stow away seats which are also very handy. I could go on and on love this van.

- Rhonda B

It is a great car for families, pets and traveling.

I like that the seats fold down, that the doors and trunk open and close with a button, the power outlet in the middle seat section, the amount of space, the color, etc... I don't like that it's a minivan that has an uncool reputation, that it dings forever if the passenger doesn't wear a seatbelt, and dings forever if the key is in the ignition and the door is open. I also think the auto headlight function could be improved.

- Maria v

Love my minivan, it's the best.

I love my Chrysler town & country. It is so versatile. The sto and go seats are great. I can fit so much in my van. It's the go to vehicle all the time. It seats 7 easily. It holds all the stuff moving kids into and out of college. When you need a sheet of plywood or drywall it easily fits putting all the seats down. Even if you need a hot water tank or other large appliance it easily fits.

- Virginia P

Great amount of space inside

We've had to replace the alternator (2x), television console, the fans, the battery (5x already), and the radio. The automatic doors have made it easy for school drop off and pick up. The legroom is awesome but that's the only things I've enjoyed. We have had bad luck with it being a reliable car as the battery light comes on within 5 minutes of driving and no one can figure out the reason.

- Barbie C

Great van with one major issue.

I like my vehicle's storage space and third row seating. Its is a comfortable ride, but the rear hatch is a bit of a problem. It only opens via the automatic open button and within a short time of purchasing the car it began having difficulty opening this way. The rear hatch now takes 3 to 4 tries to open nearly every time and the arm that opens it has broken twice and had to be repaired.

- Colt D

Roomy, but with many issues

The tires need to be replaced more often than it should. I have always had transmission problems as well. However, it is quite roomy and great if you have 3 or more children. I do love the automatic doors in all seasons expect winter-they freeze if the temperature is under 30' F. We have also had problems with the automatic locks-one of the sliding doors will not lock at all.

- Shannon D

Plenty of storage space. A lot of room.

Due to being an older model car, there are occasional issues with the car. The engine light going on and the car battery dying every so often. Despite this, the performance of the car is as good as it was when the car was released. The car is capable of holding everyone in the family, with enough storage in the back for long trips, without needing to attach an overhead carry-on.

- Amanda W

It has stowaway seats in the back. It has two drop down TVs the kids love.

Good size for our family. It is very comfortable and reliable. We like the accessories it has on it. Get good gas mileage. Our kids like it too. Love the electronics provided and the space to travel. Love how the seats can be stored. It has a sunroof and is loaded. It does have a rattle in the sunroof that cannot be fixed. Do not like that about it. Got a good deal on it too.

- Brandy S

Chrysler Town & Country Van modified for wheelchair disability use.

My vehicle is used as a wheelchair van. It has a ramp that comes down and the back end of the van "kneels" to get the ramp lower when it meets the street. I bought this vehicle used in 2016. It was five years old and drove like it was new. I have had no problems other than with the adaptations that were made to make it accessible. I'd purchase another one without hesitation.

- Carmela H

I love my Town and Country!

Performance is wonderful - I never worry about it not being reliable. The leather seats are easy to maintain and the warming feature is perfect for any cold mornings. The middle and back seats are so easy to manage when I need to use all of the available space for bringing home bags of mulch or pieces of furniture. I would absolutely purchase this minivan again!

- Crystal H

It's a great family car! Getting kids in and out of a van is impossible to replicate.

We love how easy it is to get the kids in and out of the car. It is so nice to have the stow and go option. I love the tailgate feature and am sad that they have taken that away in newer models. I'm nervous about its longevity. There has been a noise that we don't know what it is yet. The gas mileage could be better, but really isn't bad for a larger vehicle.

- Libby K

Comfortable and reliable family car.

Our van suites our family of 5 very well. We travel quite a bit for vacations and visiting family in other states. It has been very reliable for us. My favorite feature is the back-up camera because I am not the best a parallel parking and it helps me a great deal. The ride is very comfortable but, there is a lot of road noise, especially on the interstate.

- Teena R

I do like the automatic doors and back hatch. Makes life easier with kids.

My Town and country has been reliable since we purchased it, little to no issues with performance. It is the most comfortable vehicle I've ever had. I really like the fold down seats throughout the van makes for storage and easy cleaning. The only downside there is, the windows barely open in the rear and I would like the till down option for the back.

- Danielle S

Chrysler town and country minivan.

I love this van stow and go seating and full flex fuel. The only drawback is the reverse camera went out easy and was fixed and broke again so that's not great. Also the doors motor function gets stuck and just clicks often. Also even though it's full flex fuel. Using it has made check engine light come on. Regular gasoline and this doesn't happen.

- Pablo V

The interior of the car is amazing and the exterior is also great

My vehicle has many positive and negative traits about it. Some positive things about it are the seats, radio, and comfort of the car. Some negative things about it are the breaks having lots of problems as well as the seat heaters having problems too. I enjoy my vehicle very much and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a vehicle.

- Jonah N

Other than transmission problems the vehicle does its job otherwise.

Only issue I've had with this car is the transmission. I bought it used with low miles (60k). The transmission dropped 1 month after buying it and had to get a new one. Another smaller issue is the automatic trunk door no longer works. Using the eco button seems to put a lot of strain on the transmission as well so I don't even use that.

- Paul G

Chrysler Town and Country Money Pit

Van is not what I was hoping for. We are always having electrical issues or something is breaking on it. Check engine light always comes on, so I cannot always use the automatic start. It is very roomy and has many great amenities like three TVs and seat warmers in the 4 captain seats. But for me the bad are outweighing the good.

- Rachel G

Comfortable for family of 6, but lots of malfunctions.

Pros: Fits our family of 6 comfortably. Navigation and DVD player screens in both middle and back row are great features. Cons: Van sticks in Park a lot. Display screen/audio/video is malfunctioning - will randomly turn off while driving and is hard to get back on. DVD screens will often be blank even when movie audio is heard.

- Heather L

Comfort & convenience of this vehicle is hard to beat!

Fuel pump relay went out $500 dollar fix at the dealer? Smooth ride everything works for each passenger in the vehicle. The most comfortable vehicle ever. The controls are easily accessible to control temperature for front and back of van. Seating is great holds 7, 6 adults comfortable or store the seats for flat cargo surface.

- Kelly B

Got the Job done and works for a family car

I've a few maintenance issues with my van since I've had and they haven't been cheap ones to fix. Aside from the couple of major maintenance issues I've had it's been a good van that's served its purpose. The major issues I had with it was when the main electrical board went out and I had to get it replaced, that was expensive.

- Jessica I

Home away from home when I'm not home traveling or going anywhere

My van is attractive to look at, it is practical for all of my needs, dependable, affordable on gas mileage and very roomy to drive my grandkids here and there where they need to go. The seats are attractive as well as comfortable for long or short trips. It's roomy so everyone isn't sandwiched together. It has good visibility.

- Darlene H

It's perfect for families that are always on the go or that travel a lot.

I love the touch screen, underglow interior, the additional storage under the floor, and how sleek it looks. I wish it had the built-in dvd player or tv that can be plugged in because the spaces for dvd players is so small, it doesn't fit a store-bought one. I wish the fuel economy was better, but I love it otherwise.

- Amanda B

Chrysler Van, comfy, reliable.

Our car is a used van, so it isn't perfect. It has some electrical problems, the side doors only open with the key fob, not physically. It doesn't want to go up hills. The comfort is pretty good, the seats are comfy. I like the overall van, it's easy to drive, though I do have problems parking it as it is pretty bulky.

- Ashley C

It has sensors on the turning lights which advise you that you have a car beside you.

I love how spacious the van is my kids love it too. I like that all the back seats can be folded down and we can make a bed for my kids to sleep. I like that it has a camera and sensors on the the turning lights for my blind spots. The only thing i disliked was that it did not have a screen in the back to watch movies.

- Paula C

The perfect vehicle for a mom on the go.

I love my town and country. The stow away seats are super convenient as I am able to stow a seat fit 3 car seats and 2 large dogs comfortably in the van. The TV screens are awesome for long car rides. The rear cargo area is very spacious. I love my heated seats and heated steering wheel for the cold months here in WI.

- Allison H

I love the push button side and rear door open and close feature.

This 2011 town and country is dependable and it is ride is acceptable, but it is very noisy to ride in. It gets good gas mileage and is easy to maintain. The performance of this vehicle is great it has oodles of power, and it fairly comfortable, the driver's seat should give you more room than it does. But all of the.

- Donald R

Great minivan for traveling families.

The 2011 town and country is a great minivan. The seats are very easy to move and the stow and go is convenient. The ability to connect to Sirius makes listening to music easy. It also has a CD player and media imports for other ways to entertain you and your passengers. The backup camera is a great safety feature.

- Sara B

It's a very reliable and family friendly van which meets the needs of the entire family.

The vehicle that I currently have rides very comfortably. One of the best features is the built in DVD play that my child loves to use. The only thing I don't really like about it is the automatic door locks. They are starting to freeze up, but that's probably due to age. Other than that, I enjoy this vehicle.

- Edward S

It's spacious and stores a lot. Great for fitting a sheet of plywood in it. It's like having a truck for all we can carry on it.

I like how it has great storage space. We use it for towing our boat. The seats fold down flat. I don't like the breaks design as the brakes wear out fast. The van is gett8ng older now and there at little things that are breaking like the flap things on the back seats. Role off. But really i like my van a lot

- Gin S

Very roomy...holds lots of cargo and people at same time.

Very reliable only replaced normal routine items like an alternator and power brake booster since the 4 yrs I own it. I love the roominess..holds 7 adults in comfort. Good power and smooth ride although the mileage could be better, only 17 city..24 hwy..it always starts and runs well. I would purchase again.

- Mary D

A comparison of 2011 vs 1997

I love the space and comfort as well as the entertainment package available for my van. I have had trouble with the serpentine belt system. I have had to replace the AC compressor, power steering pump, belt and tensioner. It has more bells and whistles than my previous 1997 T&C but lacks the dependability.

- Tammy M

The vehicle runs like a complete dream.

I do not like the third row seat of this vehicle. It is impossible to properly install most car seats making it unsafe for children. I do love the stow and go feature and how smooth the car drives. The seats are very comfortable. I love the sliding doors as my children can not hit the vehicles next to us.

- Laura S

Love the heated seats. They keep me warm.

Great vehicle. Some issues with cylinder head, but was covered under warranty. Love all the room. Like that it sits up high. Love the features. Stow and go seats. Lighting, leather heated seats. Love having seat heaters. Great family vehicle for road trips. Lots of room and comfy to drive and ride in.

- Amy G

Functional vehicle for a family.

The town and country is a reliable vehicle with a lot of characteristics beneficial to parents: automatic sliding doors and rear door, hide away compartments and seats for extra storage, and DVD player. Gas mileage is about 22 mph and the vehicle has some get up and go in comparison to a Chevy Equinox.

- Betsy M

Overall I give it a 4 of. 5 stars

I like the car overall just had a big problem with the dealership.. The engine is. Plenty powerful enough to move the very spacious van. It hauls my 5 kids and wife comfortably. And the. Two t.v's allows the kids to watch or listen to what they want, while I can listen to my favorite XM radio station

- Gene S

My car review for people with kids.

Old but good dependable car with lots of room and comfortable for any type of trips I enjoy the TV in the car and can play videos for the kids to watch on longer drives. I would buy another car like this if I needed this much room again would recommend it to anyone with kids who do sports as well.

- Lydia B

Great vehicle but has kinks to work out.

For the most part I love my vehicle. How ever we have had problems with the computer ends of the vehicle. It causes the battery to not work sometime which has been frustrating. It doesn't happen all the time. Other than that it's perfect for my large family and all the sports and school stuff.

- Nicole P

Like that the seats fold in. You don't have to fully remove the seat

Temperature thermometer out but insurance only covered the sensor. Electronic issues. Took it in 3 times and could not find problem until I had to tow it in because the entire electric went out. Could not even get key out of ignition. Buttons for back for latch broke. Seat heater broke.


My vehicle has stow and go seating! You do not need to remove any seats to create more room for hauling. Everything stows away easily.

I love the automatic doors, that you push a button on the key fob and the doors will slide open. I also love the dual DVD player for the kids. I do not like that it doesn't have the bluetooth capabilities to hook up my phone. I wish it did. I like the heated seats in the winter time.

- April l

Awesome van until year 6.

This van needed lots of repairs around year 6. Wheel bearing had to be replaced, fan to air conditioner had to be replaced & starter had to be replaced. The van still does not start correctly. Sometimes takes 10-15 times to start. It was great until year 6. It is been downhill since.

- Abbie P

This vehicle is packed with storage and passenger space.

The stow and go is perfect for families, and is easy to use. The sliding doors male out way for entering, exciting and loading. It feels open and large even when the van is full of passengers. There is a slight blind spot at the way back. Huge storage space at the back of the vehicle.

- Jennifer W

It's a great van for families with multiple children.

I love everything about it! Only wish it came with a backup camera. Also we are having issues with the EGR valve and so it doesn't get very good gas mileage. The third row is supposed to be able to sit three people, only two sit comfortably. But other than that, we LOVE this minivan

- Emily F

It has 132,000 miles on it. Overall, no major issues yet.

I like the space, and sliding doors. I like the stow/go seats. I haven't loved how it's held up. There is a plastic piece that has been broken on the drivers side seat for a long time. The "trunk" lining has come loose. And the transmission has been weird since the day we bought it.

- Christi h

Town and country Chrysler van

None have done really well since I had it and runs like new. Great car to have would love another one. No problems with it just needed tires and oil changed but really a good vehicle to buy. Go out and get you one great for the whole family and got space for storage and everything.

- Cc L

It is a great van for a family. It works well for a family that likes to travel.

I love the interior capacity,to carry all my kids and our vacation stuff. I don't like that it is starting to show its age and that the back windshield wiper does not work. It has a few bumps on it . I wish i could get s new one. i love the heated seats and heated steering wheel.

- annette e

It is extremely comfortable for small and large families, with many seating/storage options.

I love the ease and convenience of this family friendly vehicle. The sliding doors, entertainment package, stow and go seats, and the many seating options make it easy for our busy family to travel. Our vehicle has been very reliable with minimal repairs needed through the years.

- Sarah M

Two DVD players, lots of room to haul things.

Extremely comfortable, reliable, no big problems. Love how much room we have to haul items, groceries, and two strollers. The backup camera helps tremendously when trying to parallel park. I love the DVD players for the two kids. And I love how many people we can bring with us.

- Samantha B

Reliable van for transport and busy life

No performance issues in the 4 years owning it engine wise. Brakes and calipers get replaced every 2 years. No transmission issues. Vehicle runs great. Have done regular oil changes and have followed company guidelines for maintenance. Have not had to change any lights.

- Aaron F

The driver's seat is very comfortable and easy to adjust

It was great when the kids were little, I could fit them, a lot of their stuff, and their friends. We didn't use the flip down tv a lot but it was good for long trips. I like the back up camera. I would love to have a kayak rack on it, but then it won't fit in our garage

- Kerri G

comfortable, gas mileage good,

love the car, comfortable, gas mileage is fair, I have had this car since 2011 with no real big issues. Roomy interior, color not faded. Ride is smooth. Leather seats, and factory rims. Kids enjoy riding in it. Electric windows and locks, back opens at the push of a button.

- pat B

Our family can do it all and go anywhere together in our Town and Country.

I love all the features from the door buttons to the large back up camera. I love the stow and go seating I just wish the middle captains chairs were easier to fold and unfold while holding up the "floor". I also wish there were 2 car seat latch systems in the back row.

- Sarah N

Stow away seats and two DVDs.

I love the automatic doors and back. I hate how long it takes for doors to open. I have Sirius radio. I like fold down seat. It is hard to clean between the seats. I like the two DVD but with in first week one stopped working dealership said two thousand dollars to fix.

- Amber L

If you have kids, this car is for you! It has so much space!

I love that my car has so much room which is great for 2 adults, 3 kids and 2 dogs! We are very on-the-go and having the stow and go option for the seats is amazing. I do wish the AC/heat system was better in the rear of the car. My kids are always so hot in the summer.

- Jenilee T

Add on features of town and country van.

It is a reliable vehicle. Has backup camera which is very helpful. Has touch screen radio. Has Bluetooth capability. Came with smart wipers which helps when it's raining so you do not have to constantly adjust the speed of the wiper blades based on the amount of rain.

- Kim S

The stow and go seating is the easiest fold down seating I have ever used.

The trim has fallen off. There seems to be sensor issues and I think the transmission is starting to go. I also don't like how easily the doors "come off the track" if you touch them before they are fully open. I have 4 boys, they are touching them all the time.

- Alison G

Town and country cons and pros.

Uconnect stopped working after first year, tire pressure sensor does not work. Sound system is good. Smooth ride in front but back is bumpy. Stow n go seats not always functioning. Overall good vehicle. Just minor issues. Would buy another if needed in future.

- Renee V

My beautiful car is the highlight of my life.

My car there is really nothing wrong with my car and it is really running well. I cannot complain and I am very happy with my vehicle and there is really nothing else to say about the car. I am very satisfied. I am running out of words to say about my vehicle.

- Bena H

Awesome vehicle, low maintenance.

It is fantastic, the only thing bad that is happened is that the lane changing sensors broke, which we didn't need so we never fixed them. Has an internal hard drive that we put our own music on. Has a DVD player and stow and go. All doors open using buttons.

- Vanessa A

Car problems. It has a few problems here.

It sometimes has transmission problems because of the snow. It also has some battery and steering problems. The air conditioner is off and so is the heating a bit the last problem is the interior is kind of messed up from the roof and a little from the seats.

- Isabella V

Comfortable. We always have the space to go wherever we need to.

We have owned town and country vehicles for over 15 years and love them. They are reliable, roomy, comfortable and are wonderful for long road trips. Now that our kids are grown we continue to keep our town and country because grandkids love them as well.

- Suzanne K

Great minivan for every type of family.

The town and country is very stylish and comfortable. It is great for kids, shopping and sports gear. It gets decent fuel mileage. The dual DVD feature comes in very handy for road trips. The stow and go is a must for moving furniture of other large items.

- Tammy T

They should know that this vehicle does not get great mileage

I like the space available in this vehicle. It also has all the bells and whistles that we require. I dislike the fact we are lucky that we purchased warranty service on the vehicle as have had expensive problems and only had $100 deductible each time.

- jerry l

Stow and go holds so much stuff I love that I can fit so much!

Great comfort and reliability! The features in it are very nice. Stow and go is a great future. The ride is always smooth and you never get tired of reading. We take it on long trips with small kids. They are always pleasant and never really complain.

- Alice H

Automatic sliding doors and it has a backup camera for safety.

I like the back up camera feature. I like the stow and go seating. I like the automatic sliding doors. I do not like the issues that we are having with slow to start and a possible sensor issue with starting that the dealership cannot diagnose.

- Stephanie B

The stow and go is awesome! Great for more room inside the van and also great to store things in when the seat is up!

I love the room and stow and go of the van. There is a lot of room inside for everything we need. I also like the DVD player in it, it's not something I was originally looking for in a vehicle. I do not like the gas mileage that the van gets.

- Danielle C

It is worth getting over the "I don't want to drive a mom van" stance. It has so much room for people and stuff that I can't imagine having gone with another type of vehicle for our family car.

I love the roominess of our van, especially that the second row seats fold down into the floor. It leaves room for more storage and makes it easy to get into the backseat to buckle little ones. It seems to get decent gas mileage for a van.

- Hallie B

It has been very dependable.

I like that it has enough room for all 5 of my kids. I like the sliding doors. The push start is very convenient. I also love that the car will unlock itself when I get bear it with the keys and I don't have to dig in my purse.

- Mary D

The inside lights up when I'm traveling in the dark.

My vehicle gets where I need to go. I like it because the back seats fold into the floor board so I have room to haul stuff. The passenger seat reclines making it easier to transport my disabled spouse wherever he needs to go.

- Christina P

Mileage is great 36 mpg we can go on lots of trips /.

Love the physical car. Can 'turns off while on roads. I have to disconnect batteries to be able to restart. It has to be a computer error. Chrysler does not care if I get killed in the middle of the interstate highway.

- Esther S

It is been a great car for 12 years; I plan to keep.. It forever.

I love the room. Very spacious. All the nice details and quality on the inside. Do not like how it doesn't ride very nice. U feel everything. And I do not like the helicopter noise u hear when u roll back windows down.

- Devin E

it is very spacious and easy to stow and go the seats.

I really like the space and storage room! The doors are automatic as it the trunk! The seats are super comfortable and it has sensors that alert you if someone is in your blind spot when you turn your turn signal on

- Colleen W

So and go. This can has seats that actually told down even with the floor. This is such an asset to have for traveling. Also has an open storage across the back when the rear seats are up, so it can be used to put groceries or packages from shopping.

Our van has been and still is very dependable. It drives good and gets good gas mileage and has comfortable seats for long trips. The only reason we would consider to replace it, would be excessive mileage.

- Kay E

The fold and go storage is great.

My town and country has been very reliable. I have not had any maintenance issues on it yet. It is very comfortable for my family and easy to access all compartments and seats. I highly recommend this car.

- Lisa V

Chrysler is the one vehicle type my Dad was always proud to ride. I didn't understand it until I bought this car. There is nothing like a Chrysler!

I love the bells and whistles. The seat and steering wheel heaters are wonderful. It's very stylish and the leather seats are so comfortable. The only thing I dislike is the seats are hot in the summer.

- Linda H

The Chrysler minivan is spacious and pretty and reliable, and worth all the penny. very good for a family of four and more space for guests.

Our car has a TV. No problems in it at all. Me and my husband love it. Our kids enjoy traveling now more than ever, it is really spacious and bright. We love our minivan, best purchase we ever!

- Maria C

Drives great on expressways

I prefer minivans over cars. The van is 7 years old and continues to run very well. It is the best functioning vehicle on the expressway I have ever had. Comfortable ride. Nice styling.

- William B

Easy to travel with the family.

It is an older model so there are mechanical issues. It hesitates when speeding up. I like the automatic doors and the radio service. We are able to stow the seats in the floor of the car.

- Tracey C

that the automatic high beam mode is weird

I love my vehicle. I love the remote opening back hatch and side doors. I love the heated front and back seats. I love the stow away 2nd and 3rd row seats. I love pretty much everything.

- Andrea M

It's roomy and feels as though it's safe. My children love riding in it.

We love our van. It's comfortable and has just enough bells and whistles for us. The only other thing that we would like would be for it to have a sunroof. And maybe heated seats too.

- Debra R

It is a great vehicle for anyone that needs extra space, or has a big family.

It is a good vehicle overall. It gets decent gas mileage. It also has plenty of room inside, even more with the stow and go seats. It as over 100,000 miles on it and it is still going.

- Tiffany R

It is not that great on gas mileage.

I love the comfort and the spacious design of the town and country. I can easily fit my family of 5 in it comfortably. My children especially love to watch movies on longer trips!

- Holly N

That it is a great vehicle for a family. I would recommend the captains chairs and it gives you a lot of room. When traveling the extra room in the van is great!!

I love my Town & Country. I think it's a sharp looking vehicle and I have had no problem with it except the normal wear and tear. I would definitely consider buying another one.

- Karol K

It has a built in flashlight in the back

Does not get the gas mileage I was hoping for. The low tire light is always coming on even though you have just checked the tires. Sometimes the Cruise Control will not turn on.

- Sandra K

Its economical and meets my family needs as far as versatility and comfort.

I love the amount of room I have to transport kids and large items. I like the upgraded features with leather and sunroof. However, I do not like the fact that it's a minivan.

- Jen T

Roomy, comfortable family car

I love everything about my car except for the electrical issues. It's so roomy and comfortable; there's lots of room for my kids and all of our stuff to go in the cargo area.

- Cee R

Fully equipped and wrap around airbags.

Love the comfort and ease of loading and unloading wheelchair. Dislike - not having the ability to download saved music from the car radio hard drive to preserve the library.

- Linda S

Our vehicle seats 7 with lots of storage with the stow and go feature.

I love the space, the stow and go feature and reliability of the vehicle. we purchased the extended warranty which we used shortly before it was expired so that was helpful.

- Krys N

It's a very reliable van. Has always gotten us from A to B safely.

Very roomy for our family of six! Has been a sturdy little van for the past 2 years. I don't have any serious complaints with this vehicle. Has been reliable for our home.

- Emi F

This van is great for families on the go. It has excellent storage and space for the whole family.

I love the space and storage it provides. I like the built in technology like DVD player, navigation system, Satellite radio, and wireless headphones. A very smooth ride.

- Annette L

You can seat 7 people comfortably and you can get heated seat in 4 seats.

I love how many people can fit in the car. I also like all the extra options such as heated seats, navigation system, etc. I dislike how quickly things break on the car.

- Debbie M

It's a dependable vehicle, great for families with young kids

I love the space of a minivan. It is dependable and roomy. It does have a LOT of sensors. We've had to replace several for nothing but something small like tire pressure

- Heather B

It's great for large families, there is plenty of leg room, and storage for shopping or traveling.

I have a large family, space is important. The stow and go storage is spectacular! The brakes on all three of my town and country bans I have owned are a huge problem.

- Lisa C

Great vehicle for a larger family.

I love the storage available in the vehicle. Great gas mileage as well. The one downfall is the doors close funny sometimes and stick, especially if parked on a hill.

- Patricia F

Family friendly Van for no More than Three small children

Sensors for blind spot monitoring do not work. Entertainment system and heated seats are fantastic. Latch system for the car seats is on three of the optional seats.

- Heather G

I love the idea that the gas pedal and brake pedal move up.

I love all the storage space it has and all the options it offers. I love the comfort I feel when I drive it, it is a very good family car and it is good on gas.

- Suzanne H

Easy in and out with the sliding doors - perfect for families with small kids.

I like the stow and go and the automatic sliding doors. I do not like the number of repairs we've had to have done on a vehicle with less than 100k miles on it.

- Kim D

I recommend a town and country for a family that has children it comes with built in dvd player

I love my town and country it's fits my whole family comfortable. It has taken my family in wonderful road trips. It's very economic for a big family like ours.

- Janice O

Capacity, you can feet 7 people comfortable.

I love my minivan has a lot of capacity smooth ride, good mileage on gas. I do not like that do not have DVD player. And do not have more accurate ventilation.

- Natalia I

It provides a very comfortable ride, smooth driving.

I have no complaints. I love all the features, especially power doors. Garage door opener, power outlets and plush seats are among the features I most enjoy.

- Judith B

The worst van ever. Do not buy

The absolute worst purchase i've ever made. The vehicle constantly breaks. Ac broke in the rear, the doors are always off track, sensors constantly breaking.

- Jiri V

These vans are very reliable. strong engine and transmission

I have owned 2 Chrysler town and country. a 2008 and a 2011. These are amazing vans, strong durable and look great. I haven't had any issues with either one

- kirsten w

When it works properly it is a great vehicle.

The engine has had several engine issues. The sensors for the tire pressure are faulty. I like the space and the way it drives when it is working properly.

- Kimberly S

Reliable, dependable and good on gas. Good family vehicle

we really like the town and country. Has everything we need for our family. We really love the DVD player and you can also plug in a video game system

- Melissa J

Drives well and spacious enough for our family of 5 to go on trips

I love the stop and go seating. Love the split second row. Love navigation and backup camera. Have had issues with the electrical parts of the van

- Denise S

Always broken down. Terrible van.

I've had nothing but problems since I bought it. Rear ac stopped working, sensors constantly breaking. Doors coming off track. Nothing but issues.

- Jerry V

There is enough room to haul 7 people and haul items without using a truck.

Very comfortable, can hall things in it, enough room for 7 passengers, lots of great features, I enjoy the radio, DVD, the multiple cup holders.

- Barbara O

Chrysler vans are a very reliable van to own and relatively free of problems.

I really like the van. I have had several vans over the years, just small problems. Nothing major over the years. I just prefer pickup trucks.

- Sherry B

It may not last as long as you want it to without being replaced.

I dislike that it rusts so easily. I like that I can fit my entire family in the vehicle. I dislike that it doesn't have a ball for towing.

- Christine B

It drives like a dream and it has the backup assist camera so I don't have to strain to look over my shoulder when backing up.

I love that it has heated seats. It has a tv and DVD player to entertain passengers. All the Windows are power Windows. I love this car

- Robin P

It is spacious and has lot of room. When you need to fold the second row of seats down the drivers and or passenger's seat needs to be all the way forward in order to do it.

I like the store and go seats. I like how it has all the room when all the seats are down. I like the automatic doors when they work.

- katie c

It seems to need work all the time

It's big enough for the family but the air conditioner keeps breaking, the brakes wear out quickly, constantly putting money into it.

- Alison B

Hide away storage and ease of moving seats up and down to make room.

Love the room and seating. Great DVD for entertaining kids. Easy to move seats around since you don't have to remove to make space.

- Julie R

It has a 5 star rating for safety

I like the way it drives and It's comfort I never have any problems with it and I like that all 5 grandchildren can fit comfortable.

- Carmella H

Great vehicle but having lots of problems at only 100, 000 miles.

O love my minivan. Very convenient with children. Just mine is starting to have a lot of problems as soon as it hit 100, 000 miles.

- Dawn C

Smooth ride and reliable, I love driving it and know their most likely won't be issues

Love reliability, but in winter it randomly won't start up, and this summer one time the battery died and needed to be jumped once.

- Renae V

Very family friendly vehicle for young and old. Roomy and comfortable!

Likes, stow'n go seating, power doors, adjustable steering wheel, entertainment center. Dislike no DVD player for back row viewing.

- Cynthia C

It is a family car and it is nice to drive and is in great condition.

It rides great, the air is cold, all of the family can ride together. The only things I don't like is it is black inside and out.

- Larry N

It is a good car and I would repurchase it.

I love the space in the car. I love the technology available. The seats have ripped and I don't know why or how to prevent this.

- Beth W

My silver 2011 Chrysler town and country handicapped minivan is very reliable even though it has 178000 miles on it.

My vehicle is a silver 2011 Chrysler town and country minivan that is handicapped accessible. It has about 178000 miles on it.

- Greg B

It holds my life. My children are my life and it is a great spacious car.

Comfortable and reliable. Has heated leather seats. Has a great sound system. Great daily driver. Gets terrible gas mileage.

- Alex K

The Chrysler Town and Country - Perfect Family Car

The Chrysler Town and Country minivan is perfect for a young family. I especially love the power doors with the little ones!

- Meggie V

Great for families with young kids. Spacious and roomy.

Only had it a few months now, but I love it. It's my first van. I love the space, love that the seats fold into the van.

- Tori D

It is very dependable and easy to operate. It responds very well.

I love my van. It sets up really well. It is comfortable to ride and drive. The extras it has on it work really well.

- Sandra S

Great car for young adult.

I like the minivan style, easy to transport pets and haul large items. I dislike the buttons for doors on the key fob.

- Karen H

It has been reliable for us.

I like the automatic doors and DVD player. I dislike the tire pressure gauges because they've been broken for years.

- Lauren S

There is so much room in the van. We can have three children and a dog and all their stuff. And still have room.

I love the fact I can fit my whole family in the van. I also love the DVD built in, makes long trips so much easier.

- Jess W

It gets excellent gas mileage, so I get close to 500 miles to the tank.

It fits our whole family. It drives well. It is spacious. I don't love the leather seats, but I don't hate them.

- Alissa D

Quality vehicle- safety features are perfect for a family

Love heated seats and navigation size and space Dislike a few features have stopped working early on in ownership

- Juli S

Entertainment system is good and love the heated seats

Has issues trying to start and leather is ripping. Gas mage is horrible. Other then that it is a pretty good car.

- Jennifer P

Spacious and luxurious. Room for everything and everyone.

It has lots of room for passengers and cargo. The stow and go seating is great. I love the entertainment system.

- Jessica H

Family friendly minivan seats seven or four and their luggage.

Like the sliding doors and tailgate, like that they are remote activated. Dislike difficulty of folding seats.

- Dj N

I love driving my town and country but, my drivers seat is showing way too much wear and tear. The seat is torn and falling apart. The parts are falling off the side

It drives well and has been a solid family vehicle. The ability to stow and go the seats has been so helpful.

- Emily M

That it is a stow and go van.

My van can fit all 6 of my kids. I like that I can adjust the temp controls in the front and back of the van.

- Michelle M

The Eco boost is far more powerful than you would expect from such a small engine.

Like the accessories. Like the seats, do not like the brakes. Like that the seats fold down under the floor.

- Toni C

I like the space it provides. I dislike the electronic issue it has started to have.

Town and countrys are known for having electronic issues. Under 80,000 miles and having electronic issues.

- Jennifer P

It is a great value and has many safety features

I like the features such as track lighting, leather seats, surround sound and the two mini tvs for travel.

- Brian H

Great gas mileage in and out of town. Great on road trips

Roomy, Seats 7, great for long trips. Plays two movies at once. Nice Captain seats in front and middle.

- Erin K

Great on gas Lots of room for kids and their stuff

I like the all the room in the van. I also like all the storage it has. It is a pretty smooth drive.

- Jessica O

Family size with lots of room for everything you need

It is quite comfortable. Lots of legroom. Plenty of storage and even hidden compartments. Enjoy

- Karen C

My van gets great gas mileage for being a bigger vehicle

I have a big family so the van fits us comfortably. It rides like a car and gets great gas mileage

- Erin R

I own a dog, so there is dog hair. But there's room for 7!

I love the stow and go feature. This is the 3rd Town and Country for my family. We love this van.

- Heather P

It has a lot of room, the kids can watch movies.

There is a enough room for the 5 of us in our family, it drives well. The kids can watch movies.

- Mindy S

This has good mileage and ease of use on the road. Has very comfortable ride

The easy of steering , it has air condition and the dash is easy to use. the roomie interior

- Patricia S

I love my van. It has enough room for our three kids and the storage makes it our primary vehicle for when we travel on vacation.

Driving a van CAN BE COOL. It's super cool to have enough room for everyone and everything!

- Diana M

A lot of room for my kids and all their toys. Has navigation that helps a lot

I like the Stow and go Feature.Has a lot of room for my kids. Dislikes it is a gas guzzler

- Joe T

The one most important thing is it is safe and comfortable to drive

I love how it handles and the amount of cup holders. I do not like paying for maintenance

- Wade B

It's great if you have small children and a big family.

I love how spacious my van is. Everything is automatic. I also love the rear view camera.

- heather o

It drives well and gets real good gas mileage for a minivan...I can carry 6 passengers comfortably.

Adjustable steering column,power sliding doors, traction control.No complaints so far...

- david l

It is a great family car. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

It is comfortable and rides nice. There's is plenty of room. It's great for traveling.

- Gary A

There is a blind spot on the front left window have to look more than once when proceeding into a roundabout

Great vehicle lots of room 7 people fit in the van love the dvd player for grandkids

- Dora E

Great family car especially if you have a lot of stuff

Like it because it is spacious inside but dislike how it is not fuel efficient.

- Vunsin D

It is for a handicapped person. I depend on it to take me places and to do things I could not do without this type vehicle.

It's white. it is for handicapped me. It is well equipped. I depend on it.

- William C

I like that is family friendly

I like how easy it is to get my kid in and out but it's not fuel efficient

- Vun H

It's a great family car for most

I like that we can fit many people on it, but it's not very fuel efficient

- vun d

It's very reliable and lots of room. Very easy to stow the seats in the back to add more room for transporting stuff.

Like all the room and easy fold down chairs. Dislike the low ceiling.

- Trevor M

Has a lot of electrical electrical and mechanical problems

I like the comfort. It drives well. However breaks down frequently.

- denise W

It's roomy and comfortable. I love the features like the back up camera and the fold down seats for extra storage.

It's so comfortable! I love to drive it and it's got great features

- Liz J

It drives really nice and handles great love it very much

Love the stow and go. Love the backup camera. It handles great

- Rose M

My van must carry my mobility scooter and lift and this does. It includes a park assist package that is helpful with my range of motion affected disability. It is comfortable seating with a navigation system and cd/dvd player that add to comfort during longer drives.

That besides being beautiful and comfortable it is reliable.

- Sharon M

I love it's size. That it suits our family. It had worked quite well for us as a family of 5.

It's very family friendly and is perfect for a young family.

- Jessica R

plenty of room for everything we need with two kids in sports

it is roomy easy to drive lots of storage love stow and go

- Cad J

I love how roomy my Town and Country van is. I always tell people that it's like driving my living room around. The seats are very comfy and I love the upgrades like the DVD player and backup camera.

The most comfortable vehicle that I've ever had to date!

- Angela M

My vehicle is awesome. It is perfect for a family.

I love the TV, navigation, and the room and the storage.

- Christal T

I dislike that i sometimes accidentally open the doors without knowing. I love the heated steering wheel and all the room that it has!

A great car to drive and tons of space for the kids!

- dom l

Spacious with lots of room for kids Decent gas mileage for vehicle size Drives good Lots of hidden storage space

Great with kids. Lots of room. Extra storage space.

- Misty W




spacious and easy to drive

Mini Van, I love the space. No complain.

- Len P