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Town & county - solid family car.

The nice features of the car is that it has keyless technology so that convenient when your hands are full and you do not need to reach into your purse to unlock the car. Many items are also automated - seats move at a touch of the button. Another feature we really like that the storage compartments that are below the floor. This is great for road trips. And the buttons to open and close the door are also convenient and easy for the kids to use. The kids also enjoy the middle and back seats as they are comfortable and have different plug outlets to plug in their portable entertainment. They also enjoy the built in DVD player as well. I like the ease of folding down the back row seats and setting them up again. I also like the feature of being to turn the back row seats into tailgating seats. The navigation system was great when we first bought the car but over the years, it has been somewhat unreliable even though we had purchased the software update. We've found the at the navigation app on our phone is much more accurate. So this is a feature they should improve or at least provide a built in phone charger so that the driver can use their phone navigation without it draining their phone battery. I found the features of the entertainment console not very user friendly. I haven't figured out how to download digital songs on it. Overall this is a very practical car for a family who is on the road a lot whether that means long road trips on just being in the car a lot to do errands and carpools.

- Jennifer Y

2012 Chrysler Town & Country. Safe and comfortable vehicle the whole family loves!

Our Town & Country is extremely comfortable. I like driving it. You sit up high enough to feel like you can see everything so well. We frequently change seating configurations and it is extremely easy to do quickly. It is helpful for traveling as we can Stowe the back row of seats to accommodate our luggage but once we arrive and unload our luggage we can pop the seats back up to accommodate our family that we are visiting to go together on outings. Our convertible car seat uses the latch system and I have noticed that works better in either of the middle captain chairs. If you want it in the back row it latches in the middle and takes up the whole row. The DVD player is a lifesaver. The controls, lights, and touchscreen up front are helpful and give me peace of mind that things are working as they should. We got a flat tire once while driving and the tire pressure popped up on the driver panel and showed it going down quickly. It also displays digital speed which is helpful. I love the rear view reverse camera and don't want to ever drive without one again! I sometimes feel that it's a bit shaky when driving which isn't terrible but is noticed. It also seems like outside noise is a bit loud specifically around the bottoms of the doors but it's not too bad. I love this car and feel safe and comfortable driving in it with my family!

- Colleen J

Comfortable, roomy and reliable with great gas mileage.

I am a realtor, so I spend a lot of time in my car. I need a big, comfortable, reliable car with good gas mileage, and it is. This is the 4th Dodge/Chrysler minivan I have owned since 1995. I just like the size when I have a crowd, the gas mileage, the reliability, handling, and comfort. It seats 7 comfortably. Clients are able to view the neighborhoods easily with all the windows all around when we are touring properties. The interior has comfortable seats and is easy to enter and exit with the side sliding doors. I get around 20 mpg and 26+ on the highway. And it is easy to parallel park. The rear view camera helps. It has plenty of storage area in the back. All the seats fold down into the floor to make a flat floor for moving large items. A 4'x8' sheet of plywood or drywall fits flat on the floor when the seats are down and you can still shut the back door with room to spare. The back door is over 3' high. The only thing I do not like is it is the first car I have ever had with black carpet and no matter what I do I can't keep the floor clean looking. I will probably buy another one when I replace this one.

- Dee S

Very reliable and comfortable.

I bought my car used with 50,000 miles on it. I have had it for three and half years. It is a town and country van 2012. I love this van. It has automatic doors. The seats fold down to convert to a cargo type van. It has room enough to take our whole family out to dinner. I love that it has both front and back adjustable climate controls. It even has different climate controls for driver and passenger which is great since I like it warmer than my husband. The gas mileage is average around 16 miles to the gallon. The seats are very comfortable for any long drives we have to take. We have only had it in the shop twice since we purchased it. Once to repair a problem with the switch for the passenger middle seat door which needed repair when we bought it. The second time for a light that on the dashboard which was due to a small leak in the ac line. It has been very reliable and does exactly what I need it to do. I only wish it had talk to text when it reads text messages when driving. I hear the newer models have that. This is my second town and country. I love them!

- Theresa S

Great family vacation vehicle smooth riding and driving.

Very comfortable, heated seats front and middle seats, love automatic dim lights, heated steering wheel, love the stow and go, great van for long trips, tire pressure sensor is very sensitive it will turn on if a tire is only 2 pounds of pressure off this is good and bad very annoying when it is winter and have to add that little of air for the warning light to go away, love the push button start however I do have to change the batteries in the remote even if the warning does not go off because it will start not wanting to start each time I thought something was really wrong with the push button when I had to restart it 5 times before it would actually turn on bit changed the battery in the remote and it is only not started right away one time since that but batteries had been changed only about 8 months before that, just glad it didn't have a major issue, overall I love everything about my van but it was definitely pricey to get all the bells and whistles not sure I would ever pay that much again for a vehicle no matter how much I love it.

- Tracy M

I love my Chrysler Town and Country SO MUCH!

I loved my Town and Country from the moment I drove it off lot, and I still love it just as much. I spend a lot of time in it, traveling up to three hours a day in it for family reasons. It is comfortable, dependable and highly functional for my and my entire family's needs. It rides like a regular sedan, but it has the loading capacity of a truck. Friends are always surprised at how much we can fit into the van when the seats are folded down. And, the seats fold down so easily. My van feels like a luxury vehicle with how responsive it is to my driving needs. There has really ever been only one issue with this make of vehicle that I would change- the heater and air conditioning are not consistent and even at all. It's either too hot or too cold: impossibility to find an even middle, somas to make it necessary to adjust the temperature controls more than what I'd prefer. That does not, however, take away from how much I love my vehicle.

- Patricia R

My vehicle offers, comfort, safety & convenience!

I love my Chrysler town & country minivan. I feel safe & secure driving my family in my vehicle, and it has an excellent safety rating. I have four children who are involved in extracurricular activities and sports. My vehicle fits everyone comfortably, even my children or other passengers sitting in the third row. In addition, the hatch in the very back offers a substantial amount of space for book bags, sports equipment, large grocery orders, etc. My driver seat is very comfortable. The drive shaft is located on the dashboard. I love that feature because it allows for more space up front for cup holders, my purse/wallet, etc. I love the rearview camera, I count on this while I am driving in reverse & parallel parking. I am able to charge my phone and hook up an aux cord easily on the front dash as well. One of my favorite features on my vehicle is the key fob that allows me to open & close the doors remotely!

- Jennifer J

Town and country: it will makes your life as a parent that much more simple!

Our town and country is one of our favorite purchases of all time. We paid a very reasonable price for all the bells and whistles (which is the basic for this minivan), compared to the Honda's and Toyota's that were similarly priced with tons of miles and bare basics (I. E. Power locks and windows). The vehicle has incredibly comfortable leather interior. The seats all fold down into the floorboards of the car which has proven to be incredibly helpful for hauling things. It is almost like the bed of a truck when all rows are folded down. My kids love the built in DVD player for the long commute to school and road trips. As a mother of almost 4 I love the lumbar support in my drivers seat. All in all I cannot think of a negative thing to say about this vehicle. It has been a life changer for our family! We have convinced multiple families to purchase the same vehicle.

- Kristin H

Keeping moms sane by doing the heavy work for you!

I absolutely love my town and country! Having three children it is the most convenient vehicle I have ever owned. With the click of a button I can open up the back doors, and trunk! This allows the kids to get in the car smoothly, and I never have to worry about them opening the door too far and hitting another vehicle. When I haul groceries into the van and out of the van the automatic opening and closing with the click of a button saves me the hassle of an extra trip. I also love that my keys will never get locked in my van! I have accidently forgot to grab them after I locked my van, and the locks immediately beep at you and unlock! This has saved me at least 10 calls to have a locksmith and a ton of money. Best investment ever, you should go for it!

- Cassandra B

LOVE my Town and Country!

My Town and Country van is great. The interior is luxurious with leather adjustable seats with built in heat on cold winter days. The steering wheel has a built in heater as well. The remote start is great for cold days as well. Love the stow away seats, perfect for when we have to move our college kids or help others move belongings. Great stereo system and DVD player (which we don't use, but nice to have in case we ever do want it). Interior lights are just the right brightness and are adjustable, the backup camera is a helpful feature as well. Love the exterior of the vehicle, mine is a dark navy and the chrome detailing is a great look. I've had 3 mini vans in the past but my Town and Country is by far my favorite.

- Dee J

Why you should own a Chrysler town and country as a mom.

As a mother of 4 kiddos, having a reliable, safe, and super functional vehicle is a must. My 2012 Chrysler town and country van, has all the bells and whistles. Black leather seats, and dark interior keeps from all my kids messages showing up. The second row windows also roll down, which is not common in vans. It also has a TV to keep the kids occupied during trips. Automatic sliding doors I can press a button and have everyone get out of the van fast if needed. And the stow and go seating is amazing. If I ever need to pick up a large item, I can fold all second and third row seats under floorboard and I practically have a covered truck! This van is extremely spacious and comfortable and rides so smooth. I love my van!

- Ashley P

Awesome convenient family vehicle.

Great for a family with four to five kids at one point we had three car seats and we still fit comfortably. The stow and go is a great feature when going out places. It came with bars to attach to the hood to attach a car topper. Great for going camping. Ours comes with DVD player with a screen in the back for the kids and if the car is in park the driver and passenger can also watch on another screen in front. This was a great choice for us for a family and as the kids are getting bigger they have room. The doors open with buttons on the key ring which is nice when you have your hands full and have little ones. I believe anyone who purchased this vehicle will absolutely love the convenience it will bring to them.

- Luis R

The minivan for people who don't like minivans.

It gets great gas mileage. The seats are roomy and comfortable. The stow & go seats are very convenient, especially having a child with very long legs. I'm able to get a lot of groceries in the back of the van. We're a big family, so the ability to store a lot of groceries or luggage in the back was important. There are two screens for movie viewing and they can play different movies at the same time. We have enough wireless headphones for all of the kids. There are plenty of charging ports and cup holders available. The rain sensing wipers are nice to have and the headlights turn on with the wipers as well. The van also has blind spot detection and a rearview camera.

- Tiffany M

My opinions of my 2012 Chrysler town and country.

I really enjoy this vehicle. The drop down back seats make it like a covered truck. Love the duel side sliding door in the back. Makes getting things and load things into it a lot easier. No real serious issues even though we bought it used and have owned it for 3 years now. Comfortable ride even on long trips. We make a 7 hour trip a few times a year to visit relatives. My favorite feature is probably the dual zone climate control front and back. No more complaining about some people up front freezing while the people in the back are melting away. All in all I would definitely suggest this vehicle to any friends or family that are looking to buy a van or truck. 9/10.

- Chris M

The car is probably the most comfortable vehicle I've ever driven, from sitting, to actually driving on different roads and at different speeds.

Treating the car properly and keeping it in a good condition, make the car entirely comfortable. The leather seats aren't super hard, they're nice and comfy, the driver seat moves in cool ways with the newer seat adjusting gauge as compared to the old lever on the side and underneath to slide forward and back. It's got a nice interface/radio, with the stock speakers putting out more than enough of whatever you want (more bass, or treble, choose your preference). Only thing that's gets me about it is the pedal is sensitive as compared to other vehicles I've driven, but the more you drive it the more you adjust so it's a personal thing.

- Izaiah B

Amazing gas mileage and storage space!

I absolutely love this vehicle. Seats 7 and has the stow and go package that gives me lots of room for storage. Great gas mileage. I am very comfortable in this vehicle and feel safe when I am driving not only my teenagers but also my grandchildren! I love the bluetooth capability for making phone calls, It also has satellite radio option and navigation as well as a backup camera which I absolutely LOVE! Bonus! The number of cupholders that are in this vehicle is amazing. When traveling I can make a stop and get multiple drinks and have plenty of space for everyone to store their drinks!

- Jessica K

Overall awesome car with children!

It does not get the greatest city gas mileage but with 100, 00 miles I feel like it is going good with minimal things ever. I love that the doors all open up with my keychain and the kids being able to push the button to close it on their way out is awesome. There is no more door slamming! All the features in it work well the black leather and carpet keep it looking nearer than it really is. It rides smooth and my kids can easily take road trips in it. The stow and go under seat storage is also an amazing feature to have. I overall love it!

- Jamie P

Best purchase yet! Must check out all the bells and whistles.

The Chrysler Town and Country has it all! We love the DVD player and keyless start the most! We purchased our TC roughly 2 years ago and have only had to do routine maintenance. The Stow N Go seats are so convenient, when the seats are up they provide more storage in the floor, how neat! We are a family of 6, and we still have plenty of room in the Van despite so many of us here. Oh and did I mention the heated seats, back up camera, and plenty of charging ports for all of your electronic devices.

- Shannon W

It truly is a mother's dream, even if you say you'd never drive one! I said that and here I am driving a minivan! It is just too practical for the cost.

I love all the space for carrying stuff on a daily basis easier, especially when the need to carry large stuff when shopping or traveling. I love the automatic sliding doors for my kids. It makes drop-off & pick-up at school super easy. I love the video screen for the kids! I also love all the leg space it allows. I sometimes hate how big the minivan is when trying to park in small spaces, such as at the school parking lot when at a busy event with limited parking, since a smaller car/SUV would be better.

- Amanda T

Very happy with my town and country. Do not know what I'd do without it.

Love the way it drives, camera for reverse, very spacious, stereo that gives you all ways to listen to music. You are able to listen to Sirius, Pandora, am/FM, or even your own music you've downloaded. The entertainment center for the rear is great for long trips with my kids so they watch movies. All leather interior is great so you can just wipe down your seats. Stow away for seats to fold away or use for storage, like a soccer ball, football or whatever you want. Absolutely happy with my purchase.

- Beth S

Made for a family! Convenient with options. Parents ride with peace.

This van has been great over the years. Super for a family with small kids we have 4! Movie screens are great and wireless headphones are awesome. . Quite riding for parents. Heater seats and the easy flipping down of seats is great for when are hauling stuff. It is not as functional as the kids have gotten older but have started flipping one seat down to allow more to get in and out. We had no issues with this van other than normal maintenance! Electric things are holding up nice on this van.

- Valerie F

This vehicle is amazing for families.

Stow and go is amazing for hauling bigger things. There is plenty of legroom so adults can sit comfortably in the front, middle, or back. It drives very smooth. It is taller so it does pick up the wind a little bit more when it is windy outside. The entertainment system is amazing for kids. It allows for wireless headphones. The movie can be seen from middle and back row seats. The chairs are comfortable to sit in. All of the controls for the car are easy to reach from the driver's seat.

- Amber F

A big car for a big family.

My car is a good car. If you have a large family like myself, it's really nice for long rides because everyone has their own space. Because it is almost eight years old though there are some startup issues. Sometimes the battery and the engine have difficulties. We cannot really take the car up high in mountains because it cannot make the climb. This issues have more to do with how old the car is and not the model of the car though. All in all it's a great minivan for a big family.

- Alison A

It is awesome and safe and very convenient when you have children.

I love my vehicle. The automatic sliding power doors are amazing. The power open hatch is great and the seats fold down in both rows which is awesome. I love the seats they are comfortable and so is the steering wheel with all of the power control buttons. I love my touch screen and the memory hard drive that it has, nice to save songs. The DVD player is great when you have kids. The illumination I love and the automatic headlights are wonderful!

- Penelope C

Love my van! Safe and convenient.

Overall, I love my minivan. Having that third row is amazing! The automatic sliding doors and hatch makes life so much easier with our three kiddos. The DVD player is nice, too! The only real drawback I can think of, is that the engine is pretty whippy. It takes more than I would think for it to just get over 60mph on the highway. But it does and I am so thankful for the safety and convenience of my town and country.

- Kim G

The automatic sliding doors are life changing when it comes to kids!!

I love the automatic sliding doors because my kids can climb in and out easier without dinging any cars next to us in a parking lot. I love the DVD player, the back up camera and the stow and go which gives us so much more cargo space. I dislike how the ride isn't as smooth as other minivans I've driven. Another thing I don't love is that you can only use the LATCH system to anchor in one car seat on the back row.

- Carissa J

Chrysler town and country club is a very reliable vehicle.

Overall I am very satisfied with my vehicle. It has been very reliable. I purchased it certified pre-owned with 35, 000 miles, it now has almost 93, 000 miles and we have never had to pay for any major repairs. It has also never broken down and left we stuck anywhere. The only downsides are that the vehicle does not seem to have very good gas mileage and in the summer the leather like upholstery can get very hot.

- Susan C

Automatic doors and vehicle entertainment system.

The performance is okay, it can go a decent speed. It also has automatically opening back doors. There's a display, but for me it does not do anything. I am not sure why but the vest does not work. The audio is very good, and it can get loud/bossy. It has a really good amount of space. The middle and back seats can come out and be stored in the floor of the van seamlessly. All in all, this car is an 8/10 to me.

- Jim E

Great value for what you get- comfort, plenty of options, and plenty of different configurations to meet your needs for work and play.

The Chrysler T&C is excellent for hauling people; use the stow and go to haul cargo. The seats are comfy & supportive, Sound system is good, Radio/Satellite/Nav is good. DVD available for entertainment if needed. Easy to drive and Awesome visibility out all the windows, backup camera, looks nice, heat and air throughout the vehicle. Gas mileage is reasonable, too. Plus, I can pull a small camper or jet ski!

- Tanya W

Overall Review: Drive, and performance

It can be a tad bumpy. I don't like the amount of carpet in the car. The van has been very reliable. It drives well on the interstate. The Bluetooth is very impressive. The DVD player is nice but the Bluetooth headphones were not very durable, they did not last too long. Love all the extra space I can get by laying down the seat easily. Love that the open and close doors are located above and easy to access.

- Justin H

Very comfortable minivan. Good gas mileage.

My Chrysler town & country is very comfortable to drive. I like all the features. I love the stow and go seating. Also like the dual screens. I wish it had onboard navigation. The back up camera is awesome. I wish the warning lights when a car is next to you wasn't so sensitive. Driving on the highway the alarms sound and lights go off when someone is going by in the next lane. So we turned that off.

- Marie Z

Reliably. starts first time in hot or freezing weather.

I love the room with 3 rolls of seats. The air-conditioner keeps the inside at the preset temp, with back seats having their own control. I have had the van for 4 years and not any repairs needed. I don't like the digital display when backing up. It shows the green, yellow and red lines but no warning sound if getting too close to another vehicle when backing up. Otherwise it is a great vehicle.

- Jerry S

Town and Country Van Love

I have all options on my van! It is wonderful for my family of 5. 3 kids in car seats. The stow and go seats make everything easy. The only thing I don't have is heated seats. The foot pedals move, leather seats, entertainment package, remote start, and good gas mileage on my long trips I average around 25 miles to the gallon. I never thought I would ever have a van but I absolutely love it!

- Elise G

Very smooth ride, super comfortable inside!

I would never give up my mini van. I have a town and country with stow and go seating. I travel a lot this ride is smooth and comfortable. The captain chairs are like being in a easy chair. The back passengers can watch a movie. I moved more stuff in it then I ever did with a pick up truck. It has a better towing capacity then a lot of mid size SUVs. The gas mileage is about 20-24 mgs.

- Erin B

My vehicle has been reliable and trustworthy. I would recommend Chrysler.

My van is very comfortable to drive and sit in. It has been a great vehicle for my family. It performs well and has been very reliable. I drive a lot so I have a lot of miles on this van. I would recommend my van but since I have a lot of miles, I will be needing another vehicle. They do not make town and country anymore, but would definitely consider the Pacifica.

- Michelle M

Chrysler town & country - it lasts!

Town & country seats 7. Stow & go seating. We purchased it in almost new condition. It drives well. Have had some issues w/brakes, but it is 6+ yrs old. Had to replace caliper 2x in 2 yrs. Electrical issues with fuel pump relay and the side detection stopped working with a year of purchase. Comfort, style, Audio system & engine performance are all very good.

- Jackie H

Great vehicle to own for a family of 4+

I really enjoy the space for my family when we are traveling or even have family visiting. It is very convenient and offers what is needed to keep the family entertained (ex. TVs on headrest and Bluetooth/Siriusxm). It is also convenient when we do our grocery shopping. I also love that it has a backup camera that displays on the screen for easy reversals.

- Jessica R

Comfortable and good space, but not high quality

The Town and Country is a comfortable car, and I love the stow and go seats that make it really easy to make good use of both seating and cargo space for different purposes. I don't like that the tv in the back only works sporadically, or that the button to roll down the drivers window pops off... it just generally was not made with quality in the details.

- Anna E

Amazing vehicle for long family trips

Amazing vehicle for long trips with kids, the TV can be controlled with a remote, plenty of room for spreading out and sleeping. Under seat storage and all back seats fold flat into the floor for moving large items. One downfall I have experienced is the TV monitor has stopped working, from what I have read this is a common issue but is easily fixable.

- Sarah J

It has lots of space without the big expense in gas

The features of the mini van, such as stow & go, capacity of the vehicle, sliding doors, and gas mileage have been amazing. I love having a spacious car that is perfect for kids, without the high gas bill. On the other hand, I wish I would have not purchased a Chrysler. The transmission shifts hard at times, even after regular flushes and maintenance.

- Christina V

Plenty of room for the family!

I've never had a van before and we needed something for the kids, so we bought this one second hand and we love it. We haven't had any issues at all and have been driving it for over a year. We have taken it on long road trips and it rides very comfortably. I LOVE the stow and go seats! Very handy when you need to haul something but don't have a truck.

- Jessica R

I love that there is space for cargo!

I love that my van can carry my children and all of our stuff in comfort. It seems like it was made for families. It was an affordable option. It has had some problems. The heater on the passenger seat does not work, the air conditioner can have a horrible smell at times, and the sound proofing rubber above the passenger sliding door won't stay on.

- Angie L

This car is great for hauling kids around. It does a great job folding the seats down to haul "stuff" or dogs. It is very comfortable and full of amazing amenities.

We got this car because it had the "stow and go" seats, had the space we needed for our family, and the DVD player for the kids. We are very pleased with the car, however I would love to have a little better gas mileage. Right now, we drive about 80 miles every day, and that adds up to a trip to the gas station about twice or three times per week.

- Andrew B

Durability. I have 123K miles on my T&C. Still cruising along!

I've had Dodge Grand Caravans and Chrysler Town and Country's for 0ver 20 years. I've had 5 children and now 6 grandchildren and this vehicle has carried all of them comfortably and securely. My current T&C is loaded, dual videos are a must with that many kids. Love this car. Not too keen on the new Pacifica. Wish I could still get another T&C.

- Pat S

I like the I can take all my kids in it and there's plenty of room for them.

It has plenty of room in it for me and my family oh, it has pretty good gas mileage and it's a pretty good reliable car to get you from place to place safely. You can hook your phone into it through Bluetooth and connected to Pandora or whatever music you want to listen to and even have spots in it that you can put TVs for your kids in the back

- Jan M

The driver sits high enough in the seat to see what traffic is like ahead.

Easy to maneuver in traffic. The van is comfortable to ride in and carries all the things bought in weekly shopping and you can see all the windows for traffic along with the side view mirrors. This van is handicapped lift equipped and is very easy to operate and load the person in the van living room GB or other people to sit in the back.

- Anne L

I feel very safe and comfortable driving it which is a big deal if you're on the road a lot.

I like how smooth this vehicle drives. It's not too big or small. It gets decent in town and highway miles per gallon. I dislike that it's kinda complicated to watch movies and listen to radio. Also it only has one DVD holder. The built in GPS is poor quality too. But the other features like foldable sears and under storage make up for it.

- Tiff D

Stow and go is incredible for keeping your vehicle organized on long trips

What I really love about my Town and Country is the space. The stow and go feature is amazing, Especially with small children with packing for a vacation. Having all luggage go under the seats, Out of sight. The DVD player is my children's favorite feature. The factory speakers sound amazing. The touch screen deck makes it feel luxurious!

- Amber K

Comfortable and luxurious for a minivan!

I love that the car has automatic everything. The seats are heated and so is the steering wheel! The kids really enjoy the tv's. It is nice that there is one for each row. I am also a huge fan of the touch screen radio and built in navigation. It is also extremely helpful to have the trunk able to open and shut with the push of a button.

- Katie A

Our town and country has many features for family comfort and entertainment.

We have had this van for 2 years. So far we like it quite well. It has been reliable and love the comfort and family features. When we have family with us it is very roomy and we love the video features for the grandchildren to use. Love the remote start and heated mirrors and seats because we have had a lot of snow and cold this winter.

- Deb H

My Van is comfortable and reliable. It is great for traveling.

My vehicle is convenient in that I can transport up to 7 people and tons of stuff. It is not great on gas and is crap in the snow, but I haven't needed to put anything besides maintenance into it. The brake pads seem to go pretty quickly though. It has a bluetooth system and Dvd player. Cool blue running lights for the back cabin.

- Heather B

Town and country van 2012.

Excellent van with a lot of underneath storage. It has a DVD player inside. It has a back up camera, satellite radio, and more. It tells you when maintenance is due. The seats can be folded into the floor so you can haul large items, or if the seat is up there is storage underneath. Leather seats. Climate control. Very nice van.

- Jessica S

Chrysler pays attention to detail and has the customers comfort in mind.

I love the seat warming features and the ability to control the radio from the steering wheel. It alerts me if anything in or on the vehicle needs checked or fixed. Also, I love how the tint of the paint changes based on the type of lighting. The only option I would like it to have is to be able to start it from inside my home.

- Alicia I

Lots of room for all your things!

My 2012 Chrysler town and country van overall is a good buy. There are some things, such as heated seats and remote start that I thought should have been part of the standard package. Overall it is a comfortable vehicle with leather seats and hidden compartments in the floor for extra storage. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Gwen F

Life in my minivan filled with my kids.

As a mom of 4 and grandma of 1-i love my minivan!! I love the versatility, I can very easily stow and go the seats to load up big items. I have the ves in my van and it has been a life saver! It is the perfect vehicle for long road trips, it is roomy & there is space for everyone. It is nice to look at and fun to drive.

- Kim H

Best minivan made in the USA.

The town and country van is the most versatile car there is. It is comfortable and has loads of room. With 283 hp it has all the pick up you need. My van is a touring l which is loaded with option, like back up camera, side view mirrors have blind spot warning, power folding rear seats, DVD player, just among the few.

- Ld C

Electronic issues, but great features.

The TV screen randomly resets and becomes split. The main radio/control panel resets. Nothing looks wrong. The back-up cam is constantly flipping upside down and does not show up half of the time. I do love the DVD system and Uconnect phone. I also love the stow and go, it is a life saver for me with my craft shows.

- Rebecca W

My mom Life with a minivan.

It's a great family van, makes getting in and out easy with the touch button doors, I also love the stow-and- go, makes a minivan more of a covered truck for hauling large items, I also live the DVD player for long trips with kids keeps them distracted. It's a comfy smooth ride. We've had very few issues with it.

- Sara B

Town and Country makes a great vehicle for a family.

I love that the Town and Country is roomy enough for 4 car seats, but also has the stow and go seating, making storage with 4 kids easy as well. It drives well and is comfortable, even on long road trips. I love that the doors are automatic and operate with the push of a button, especially when my hands are full.

- Amy C

Great for families and lots of people

low gas mileage, seats are comfortable for hard to maintain, maintenance services are quite expensive, tires are so bad, has to be changed every 20000 miles, low gas mileage, seats are comfortable for hard to maintain, maintenance services are quite expensive, tires are so bad, has to be changed every 20000 miles

- Cameron M

Family Friendly, meets a medium to large family capacity!

We use our van for all of our travel purposes, from vacation to work! With three kids, it makes life easier to travel. Although it is 7 years old, we have had no mechanical issues, with over 100,000 miles, it shows no issues. Lots of storage for traveling; large trunk space and hidden compartments in the floor.

- Rachel J

That it has three rows of seats and is very comfortable.

I love how it drives and I feel it gets good gas mileage. It's great for road trips because it can comfortably seat up to 6 people and plenty of luggage. Also it is a very versatile car that I can carry a lot of things or big items or a lot of people. And it has a lot of modern day features like navigation.

- Allison S

All around great family vehicle.

I love the stow and go seating in the town and country. Additionally, there are a ton of smart storage options and classic looking details. . Performance and handling are good. I love how easily I can stow the seats and the amount of cargo room available when needed. It is an all around great family vehicle.

- Tanya B

Makes driving with children easier with the automatic features.

It's a family oriented vehicle, love the sliding door buttons so I can open kids doors. The built in sun visors on the windows are awesome too! Favorite feature is the heated steering wheel. One thing needing improved is the placement of the blind spot sensor that is in the bumper, it corroded within 2 years.

- Morgan W

The amount of compartments.

The van runs very smooth and comfortable, we took it on a trip out west driving in the mountains through every kind of weather, traveled great and put a bed in back and slept better than hotel beds. It is very spacious and can fit 7 comfortably. The only downfall is the seats are cloth and hold a lot of lint.

- Tara C

Considering all of the features that were included, I'd say that the price was right!

My Chrysler Town and Country fits my needs perfectly. I am married with 3 children and 2 dogs and I can fit everyone in without difficulty. The drive and handling are fantastic. I love the features from leather seats, that are easy to clean, to the dvd player, which keeps my kids entertained on long trips.

- Dea L

Safety and comfortable space.

My car has enough space, but brake and air conditioning system are not reliable. There is no Bluetooth, so it is not really modernized car, but it is comfortable to drive. Also it is good for winter because of safety. Even though my car is little old style, but there is no problem. So this is fine with me.

- Chris L

2012 Chrysler town & country awesome.

The only issues I have had while owning this vehicle for the past twenty nine months have been with rear air conditioning. It will frequently make some kind of grueling noise, but it has yet to cause a problem with the temp on the cabin, rear or front. Other than that, completely comfortable and reliable.

- Bill A

The Chrysler Town and Country is a great vehicle for families.

I love the stow and go seating in our Town and Country. It makes traveling easier as you can store things under the seats. It's also easy to put the seats down flat for transporting large items. The double screen DVD player is an amazing feature that keeps our children occupied on long road trips.

- Britney B

Old faithful. Requires very little work outside of routine maintenance.

I love my van because it only needs routine maintenance and doesn't break down often. The interior is starting to deteriorate and is leather finish. We like the TV option and TV remote. The gas mileage is good and it is dependable. I would buy a town and country again based on my experience.

- Melissa M

Spacious,, comfortable, runs smoothly

I absolutely love my Chrysler Town and Country! It has plenty of space for my family and lots of legroom. I love how the seats can fold down to give us more space for luggage when traveling. The DVD player is a very nice feature that helps time pass for my little ones when we go on road trips.

- Casey K

This van is very impressive!

I love how much room this van has! It is easy to maneuver, despite its size, and it has a rear camera that is very useful. The back row seats are super easy to fold which makes switching back and forth a breeze. I have not needed any repairs on my town and country in the 3 years I have had it.

- Emily P

Great vehicle for traveling!

This vehicle is great for long trips. The entertainment package is a plus for little ones. Satellite radio is amazing for those long trips too! Mileage is decent for age. The vehicle seats seven. Plenty of cup holders for everyone! Multiple charging adapters as well as a 120V AC outlet

- Troy W

Very good on gas, plenty of space and comfortable for traveling.

My van is amazing for traveling it's very comfortable and has plenty of space. When it comes to repairs it is a little pricey. The cheapest battery was over $200. It is also very good on gas. The only problem I had with it is the alternator. But I'm happy with it with 5 kids it's just perfect

- Amanda P

The most important thing would be the safety rating. The legality of the car, seat belts and airbags would also be ranked up there.

I love the stow and go option. Being able to fold the seats down is amazing. I have three children so the fold down DVD player is a great feature we well. The only thing i would change would be to have the fully loaded edition. A button for the back hatch and doors would also be a huge perk.

- Morgan M

Good purchase for the money.

Really love the comfort, style and conveniences. I like that it has armrest, sliding doors and lift back. Has lots of room. Very reliable and haven't had many problems with it even though it is a 2012 model. Love the under floor storage. Not ready to get another vehicle. Very good quality.

- Kelli S

It is very useful vehicle

At 126000 had coolant leak and needed to recharge air conditioner, performance has been great running 26 mpg on freeway and 18 to 20 in town. Been a great van, it is loaded with 2 DVDs for the kids to stay entertaining. If you have more than 1 kid you should check out a town and country

- Dere D

Maybe to stay away from the type of engine that is in our van.

I love the way it drives and all the bells and whistles on the van. We had engine trouble this summer and actually just had the engine replaced. The engine was replaced by Chrysler, so we didn't have to pay anything for that repair. We also had other repairs (O2 sensors) this summer.

- Lynn G

This is a great family car, that fits everyone and most of our stuff as well.

I like my vehicle but one of the things I don't like is the built in GPS. Even though I've updated the maps, it is always telling me crazy ways to go that make no sense. Other than that, I like the car, it handles well and I feel safe in it. The trunk is smaller than I'd hoped, however.

- Corrie S

Bad customer service from Chrysler

I love everything on the inside of my van, but hate everything under the hood. The year model of my van had a recall for engine failure, but the company said my van did not qualify - even though my new van experienced engine failure. Love the features, but will never buy Chrysler again.

- Tara H

Perfect for a family of 6 or bigger

My car is a Family Van Vehicle. It has Sufficient and Enough space. It's SAFE. Has Nice Features. Great space storage when seats are put away. It is comfortable and perfect to take for a road trip with the family. Has a rear view camera and Bluetooth. Nice DVD Feature for my children.

- Tania H

The stow and go seating is great because you can get the seats out of the way.

It is a good size for what we need. It has a lot of helpful features like a back up camera, stow and go seating, and automatic doors. The van has plenty of room for lots of people and things to take on trips. It is good for larger families who may need lots of aspects to the vehicle.

- Jim H

Great vehicle for families.

The sound on the radio is not as loud as when I listen to CDs. I love the stow and go option with the middle row. However I do wish there was a third seat in the middle row. I love the amount of space we have when we travel. As a family of five, comfort on road trips is essential.

- Lizzy S

Simply pressing a button to close doors makes a world of a difference.

Mom of 5 ages 9 to 11 months. Our van is spacious and has enough room for everyone to stretch and fit into their car seats (3 out of 5 are in car seats) I love the fact that you can put down seats for loading and unloading items and all the compartments available for a large family.

- Christina K

Kid friendly smooth ride!

Reliable and kid friendly vehicle. Travel friendly and compatible for entertainment devices. Rear view camera and eco friendly features. Seats fold down for maximum storage. 7 seater makes for a comfortable ride for kids and adults carpooling. Would highly recommend for road trips.

- Chris B

Hide your chair, but no air.

Our van has the stow-and-go seats, which are really convenient because they actually retract all the way into the floor, leaving a perfectly flat surface. They're also easy to remove. My only complaint is the lack of windows on the sliding doors - other vans have them these days.

- Dawn M

Family van for traveling and space.

Zero problems, been a great vehicle. Reliable, easy to drive and lots of space for family and travel. Heated seats, remote start, DVD, leather and affordable price. Bought brand new off the lot, silver color. Great family car. Replaced tires, otherwise no vehicle problems at all.

- Kristina M

Life saver car with little maintenance.

To be honest I have had the car for almost 8 years and this is the first time that I actually had to do any repairs to it and it was the flywheel had to be replaced. Has unbelievable storage capacity and I love that I control the doors so my kids do not ding other peoples cars.

- Krystal H

Family vehicle/ traveling vehicle.

The gear shift locks randomly even after replacing the sensor but luckily there is a button to push easily to make it work when needed. I love that all the seats fold down under the floor giving a lot of room and the auto doors are really handy. The DVD player has been great.

- Angel H

Maximum mom for magnificent family.

Folding seats smooth ride comfortable 7 seater. Nice color easy to clean interior . Easy to maneuver console lots of compartments. Good trunk space sliding doors space for portable DVD player surround music extra outlets arm rest extra lights handle for getting in and out.

- Sharon I

Great family car! Very reliable, great space, great for traveling.

I love my town and country. The performance has been very good. The only problem I had is the blind spot sensors have already broken and they say they are $3000 sensors, which is a ridiculous price to pay for sensors. It is very comfortable, lots of great space for storage.

- Katie H

One of the best vehicles well spent!

It is a much comfortable vehicle as it gives you plenty of space inside. It is much easier to drive, especially with an automatic. It has cruise control, windshield wipers in the back, folding seats in case you are putting stuff in the back and can go almost 140,000 miles.

- Derrick S

I can have three kids sitting comfortably in my car.

I like that it fits my children and their seats are able to install 3 car seats safely. I find it hard to put the kids in the third row. I find it hard to keep the temperature stable throughout the car. I feel like I am stuck with a minivan because of the age of my 3 kids.

- Nancy B

The stow and go feature allows for the 2nd and 3rd row seats to fold completely into the floor. This adds more space for moving big items. It can also be used as extra storage when the seats are in the up position.

I like that my minivan is spacious and has the stow away feature. It gets decent gas mileage at about 22 miles per gallon and has good handling. I dislike that I don't have a sun or moon roof due to the overhead lighting. I also wish the suspension was a little softer.

- Kandi A

Great looking car and performs great.

Very comfortable, love the heated seats and backup camera. Good gas mileage, performs well on the highway and easy to drive and handle. Good looking vehicle. I have never had any problems with the car and it has always been very reliable. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Joy M

My 2013 Chrysler Town and Country is a merit good vain with 14 down and

Will I love my van it gets me to work and when we goes out of town we drive it. We don't have any trouble out of it.we. Purchase new vehicle in 2015 and I haven't had any trouble. I had it to get a transmission done by the Chrysler company and I only paid $100 deductible.

- Tammy H

So much space, lots of room for all!

Perfect for big families. Lots of space, and room for all. Can can be used as a truck when needed. Lots of storage space in the tuck away seating. Love the stow n go aspect. Great on long trips, plenty of room for everyone plus luggage! Husband loves driving the vehicle!

- Jessica H

Do not take me to town or country.

Love the stow and go seating, and the rear view seating. Have had issues with transmission and the engine since day 1 after buying it. Tire pressure sensor has been replaced and still is not working properly. It thinks I constantly have low tire pressure when I do not.

- Tawny F

Great family vehicle for traveling.

I love the stowaway seats that fold down flat. It drives great and a major plus to have automatic opening and closing doors. It is very comfortable and reliable to drive. Perfect vehicle for families and when traveling. Built in DVD player makes road trips more fun.

- Crystal B

Absolutely love my town and country.

Comfortable. Lots of attention to detail. The electric doors, storage capacity. Great gas mileage. I love that the back vented windows are electric and the middle doors also have electric windows. I do wish it had electric seat warmers and an automatic car starter.

- Dan D

Spacious and designed for a mom on the go! I wouldn't trade my van for anything!

I love my minivan. It helps with having young children and being able to open the sliding doors as well as an aisle between the middle seats. I also love it can be used like a cargo van when moving things. Lastly remote start and heated seats save me in the winter!

- Jennifer S

Stow and go seating is wonderful and easy to use.

I previously had a dodge van that was rear-ended. When I went to replace it, they had a great deal on the town and country. Great on gas and room. I love the stow and go seating. It gives me the room for passages and for hauling items that normally require a truck.

- Kay S

Split screen DVD. Row 2 can watch a different movie than row 3.

New van for us. Room. Functional. Runs well and runs smooth. Perfect for a family. Plenty of cup holders, stow and go seating. 3 screens to watch DVD. Back up camera and plenty of car outlets. Pull up screens for all back windows. Captains chairs in the second row.

- Kelly R

Town and country is my family car of choice.

Great vehicle. Very comfortable to travel in and great gas mileage. Vehicle is very reliable, have not had any mechanical issues since I purchased it. Love the TVs in the back seats for my kids, makes long trips much easier and a little more fun. Great family car.

- Sylvia A

Stow and go minivan - great for the whole family.

My minivan has leather seats that are automatically adjustable. You can set 2 different settings for the driver's seat. There is a lot of cargo room. The back seats all fold down into the floor of the minivan. It has cruise control and it also has a backup camera.

- Elaine W

Great size and features for a family

I love the space in this vehicle. I have three small children and it holds all my carseats and at the same time leaves me room to haul stuff. It drives very well. Turns radiance feels a lot like a car. The features like the DVD players and Bluetooth are also nice.


Love the steering wheel heater.

No issues so far. Love the van, I feel safe when driving my children around. The seats are comfy, the stowaways come in handy when needed. The steering wheel heater is amazing especially in the winter! I also have remote start with 4 kids it is definitely needed.

- Cecilia M

It is nice for a minivan.

It is nice for a van, drives terrible in snow, fuel system keeps giving me problems, engine light will not shut off because of a very small leak in the fuel system somewhere. Very comfortable to ride or sit in. There is a squeaking that comes from the back seats.

- Christopher S

It has folding seats that allow for a lot of storage and makes it easy to clean.

Extremely comfortable vehicle. I love that you can fold down all the seats for storage also. We were able to pack so much on our recent vacation and still have a comfortable drive. The only problems we have had have been with the battery life and the fuel pump.

- Autumn J

Roomy, comfortable and convenient for everyday family obligations and/or adventures!

My favorite features are the sliding doors and roominess for family and friends. There is a ton of storage space for travelling and toting kids around to sporting events. Smooth ride, no blind spots, easy to maneuver and park. All in all, I love my vehicle.

- Jennifer W

Update grade to a 2012 van from 2005 van.

driver's seat leather is known to crack bad. Love the power sliding doors with kids or hands full with carrying in things. Power rear hatch is also very handy. Do not care for the little light above the rear view mirror in the ceiling when driving in the dark.

- Jamie T

Sliding doors. Heating and cooling.

Been a low maintenance reliable car. Sliding doors have given us some issues with randomly closing after opening. It seems to take a long time to heat and cool. That could be just because of the dark interior and the overall size but could also use more vents.

- Angela W

The safety features are great and make backing up easier.

The safety features help me to be a better driver. The stow and go seats make it easier for me when I want to haul something large. If I have several children in need ow a ride, I can take 6 kids with me. I cannot think of anything I dislike about my minivan.

- Linda P

My car holds 7 people, has leather seats, fairly good mileage and a DVD player.

I love that our van automatically came with a lot of upgrades unlike other minivan companies. We have been driving this van for 3 years and have had to put a lot of money into the frame, struts, and brakes. I would purchase it again. Almost has 100,000 miles

- Jaimie G

Comfortable for travelling and family.

Gas mileage is too high and reliability is not excellent, but it is comfortable to drive. My car has full option except GPS system. It has screen to see the back access and heating system in the back areas. The paint quality of the hood is not good as well.

- Christina L

This minivan is perfect for families with young children!

I love all of the features that came with this minivan. It has great safety features like a backup camera and blind spot detection. The DVD player is handy for entertaining the kids on long trips. So far the can had proven to be reliable and fun to drive.

- Amanda V

Great van with plenty of room and very dependable.

My van performs very well. It has plenty of room to stow and go. It is very reliable and the comfort is absolutely perfect.it has seats that fold in to give the ultimate space for carrying items it has an awesome display radio and you can download songs.

- Carol B

Lots of safety features. Blind-spot feature, airbags, seat-belts, etc. And tons of storage and/or ease of seat storage.

About a year after I purchased it, long after my boys lost interest, I discovered it contain THREE separate DVD players. LOL I like all the safety features. Finally, I was lucky enough to be given a lifetime warranty even though I purchased it used.

- Sandy R

Its family friendly and has lots of storage.

I like that it has enough space for my entire family and all the things we need to haul around. I like that it has some modern technology in it. I dislike the look of it. I feel it looks outdated and it also has problems with the get up and go.

- Jennifer A

Safe comfortable car for the family!

Could not be happier with the T&C from Chrysler. Kids love all the DVD players, headsets and room inside. Great value, lots of power and "classy" chrome accents. If you have to grow up and have to buy "the family car" this is the one for you.

- Jacqueline F

Very easy convenient vehicle.

Love this van. Very comfortable and easy to drive. Loaded with leather seats, dual DVD players, park assist, rear camera, etc. . . Very nice for traveling as well as loading items. Seats fold down into floor so very easy to load large items.

- Ruth A

The Town and Country is roomy and seats are very comfortable especially when taking a long trip. Plenty of seats for 7 people also room for luggage.

I am partially disabled my van is large enough to hold my electric scooter and still have room for the family. I also like the room in the front seat to be able to stretch out my legs. It's easy to drive and comfortable on long trips.

- Becky L

Very comfortable and many safety features.

The Chrysler Town and Country has been the best vehicle that I have purchased. It seats my family comfortably and has many great features. Bluetooth keeps me driving safely. The DVD player keeps the children entertained on long trips.

- Dawn M

Perfect family vehicle, I feel safe driving it and feel safe with my kids in it.

I love my van because it is perfect for my family of five. It has stow and go seats for when we need to haul things, enough trunk space for groceries, plenty of storage and cup holders and dvd entertainment for the kids on long trips.

- Denise S

A nice van that helps to get from a-b while keeping my families safe and comfy.

The brake light malfunctions and always flips on even when I do not use the emergency brake. I love the automatic doors and back door. The backseat windows that roll down are very nice and the stow and go seats are super convenient.

- Alicia B

Do all the recommended maintenance it will last for 300,000 miles or more.

I love how much space there is within my minivan. I love that I can haul just about anything I need. I like being able to transport so many passengers. I like that I do not need maintenance as much as I did when I owned a venture.

- Tiffany R

It's an excellent family car and comfortable to travel with.

I like that it has seats for 7 people. That it also has a lot of storage area. In addition, that It's has good gas mileage. The only complaint I might have is that the carpet is a light gray color and the stains are noticeable

- angel C

Stow and go seating is awesome! It makes hauling things so much easier.

I Love the stow and go seating. The vehicle has surprising power, when accelerating. The room allows for comfortable travel. My only complaint is that I have already had to replace a wheel hub assembly and the brakes, twice.

- Skip S

It works for the family. It has bucket seats so the kids don't touch each other and it has the dvd player to keep them occupied!

It's red and it has the dvd player for the kids and leather seats. I enjoy it. I don't like the pick up, I think it could be a little faster and of course the gas isn't ideal but it works for a family of 5 with 3 little ones.

- Janet A

It is very roomy, great for whole family

I've been driving t&c's for 13 yrs, I love being able to travel with the whole family. I guess the only bad thing about them is you can only get about 134,000 miles out of them...which is still good for s luxury sports van!

- Linda W

It is family friendly! The stow and go seating is so convenient and I love that the middle row windows roll down. Automatic doors means I can shut them from the driver's seat even when my kids forget.

The gear shift is trimmed with chrome and on really hot days it can act as a branding iron. I wish it had more than two set of headphones for the DVD player as I have 4 Children. Other than those two items, I love it.

- Heather S

The automatic sliding doors are amazing and allow for more room in parking spaces as well as easy entry for kids.

I love having the ability to open doors with my key fob. The TV and navigation systems are also very helpful. I have the stow and go version which is nice but if all the seats are upright the trunk space can be awkward.

- Nicole W

I feel like it's easy to drive and is a safe vehicle.

I like that I sit up off the ground some and can see well when driving. I like the space available for seating and for packing items when traveling. I like the automatic door features. I wish my van had heated seats

- Cynthia G

The voice activated feature for my radio and phone is FABULOUS!

I love my van because it has sliding rear doors. They make it easy to get my kids in and out. I also love the store and go. The windows seem to have a lot of problems. They have fallen off the track several times.

- Alexis G

The size of the interior is extremely useful considering how big it is.

I'm a very big fan of this car. It's very comfortable which makes for very relaxing and enjoyable long car rides and the air works REALLY well which is a big deal for me. The back up camera is very useful as well.

- Holden S

Not expensive to maintain and drive.

Good performance, not anything major in car repairs, convenient for dog owners, can load and unload with ease and challenged adults, can handle a wheelchair and walkers and still have room for groceries and more.

- Sandy H

Bluetooth features and leather seats

I like the Bluetooth features along with the capability of hooking up several phones to the system. The seats and floors Clean-up easily but the leather is very dry and cracked. (We don't live in a dry climate)

- Jennifer D

Rear camera is helpful for backing up. Heater in the seats are great for cold days. Lots of room.

My family and I really like our Town & Country. I really like the rear camera, it's super helpful when backing up. The seat heaters are great for winter. My family of 4 people and 3 dogs can all fit in comfort.

- Greta K

Do not ever get a Chrysler.

I had my car paid off in maintenance before it was paid off. I should not have already had 3 alternators, my air is no longer working, and the car is only 6 years old. Plus several other things have gone wrong.

- Pam R

Chrysler details the inside items

I have a van with a dvd/cd player. I have a handicap ramp. I have a backup camera. I have two bucket seats and a three seat bench. The car has to motors underneath the floor. The van has two sliding doors.

- Marilyn D

The features are great in that because of my disability, I can manage the back and cargo area doors from the driver's seat.

I love the dependability of van, and it has a great reputation. Along with that, the features make my traveling experiences much better. Finally, the ability to get my van serviced easily is a great benefit.

- Renee E

Stow and Go Seats are a must

I love the side doors and easy open hatch. The cables that control locks and other items are located within the sliding doors and can get cut. Stow and go seats are great and make the vehicle very versatile.

- Krista E

It is a family friendly vehicle with a great amount of space.

I have a fully loaded minivan. I love the dual dvd system as well as the stow and go seating. The navigation system is a life saver and the van fits my families needs great. I don't have any complaints.

- Robyn L

Our car is a member of our family. I picked our van for the safety features it has to keep my children safe.

As a family of six we love the space our van provides. Also having the ability to watch movies on longer rides makes the drive a little less crazy. Wish I could get a van with four wheel drive though!

- Elizabeth D

It is awesome for transporting my children to and from school and their activities.

I like that it has satellite radio, reverse camera, and a dvd screen. I dislike that there is a weird knocking sound when hitting bumps. If given the chance to trade it in for another, I would do so.

- Sheadeen N

It is comfortable, roomy, and great for moving with the stow and go.

I love my van. Love the sunroof. It has great side view mirrors that light up when someone is next to me. GreAT to have a camera. Could have better pickup, but it is very smooth and comfortable.

- Gail B

So far reliability. I have not been left stranded.

I love that my vehicle has a DVD player inside. I also enjoy the Bluetooth compatibility which I didn't have on my previous car. I also enjoy the space cargo underneath the seats and in the trunk.

- Jessica P

It is roomy and comfortable. My whole family love its!

We have had this van for over five years and I love it! It rides nice, has lots of room. It has the stow and go storage for the rear seats which is really nice! I would definitely buy another one!

- Ann R

it is a great and safe car to drive my family around

What I like about my car is that the seats are really comfortable where I can nap if I like. I also like the foldable seats and the extra cargo space. The added DVD player is great for long trip.

- Brenda L

Great car, east to drive. I like the backup screen.

The only real problem with the car is that the cruise control does not always work. We did buy the car second hand but the car had been serviced when it should have been. Otherwise, love the car.

- Cathy C

Gotta keep it clean ALL the time, or it starts to rust on the undercarriage near the doors. Also, try not to use the auto door openers on the back passenger doors, the wiring harnesses can wear out easily. Husband has replaced it 3 times.

Love all the room. Wish it had the automatic back seat like the newer ones, but no biggy. Love stow and go!!! Love that it has the video screen feature for the kids! Very helpful on long trips!

- Kari B

Great, reliable van. Perfect for families!

My van is comfortable and reliable. I have had no major performance problems. The motor on the automatic sliding door went out shortly after we bought it, but that has been the only real issue.

- Keri L

Power doors and powered back hatch a must. Movie player easy to use and kids love it. Folding seats are great. Easy to move councils around.

It's a great car. Good gas mileage. We love how the seats fold down for more room. Easy for kids to get in and out. Wish we would of got the heated seats. Easy to move seats to tuck them under.

- Candy G

It has a DVD player for those long car rides with kids

I like how the seats fold down to make the cargo area bigger. I dislike the console cause it doesn't connect to the dash. The door on the passenger side rear sometimes doesn't close properly.

- Susan D

It has automatic doors and an automatic start witch is very helpful when u have young kids

It's a great van and has lots of really good features the only thing that sucks is the place I got it from didn't fix anything before selling and made it seem like it was in great condition

- Jenn F

AUTOMATIC EVERYTHING! It is great because it does everything for you.

It drives really well I like the fact that it has all sliding doors. They also seem to get a sneer and fart without very little trouble whatsoever love the fact that everything is automatic

- Whit C

It is very family friendly! Great for travel, and kids love It!

I love my minivan! I had a lot of room for all the kids and the automatic doors are amazing. What I don't like and complain the most about is that is is not push to start like my old car.

- Hannah S

The Bluetooth connection is amazing.

What I like about my vehicle is the easy to drive style. The Bluetooth connection is also something I love. It is easy on fuel and mileage. The thing I dislike is the automatic doors.

- Dee N

Great car for families. Plenty of room and easy to transport all the stuff you may have.

I love the town and country. It drive great, it is very roomy and comfortable. The stow and go seats are amazing if you need to carry something big without using a truck. Great car.

- Ellen M

2012 Chrysler town and country

It has lots of space with the stow and go. Has 3 TVs which are great for long trips if you have kids. The gas mileage is a lot better than people think it is, I get over 27 mpg. Yes

- Fred G

It does run nice or a 6 cylinder automatic the color of being white I didn't care to much

Has a lot of room, but I would have like it more if the gas mileage was better. The cost for repairs is also kind of high. It has a lot of features. DVD, cd, am, fm satellite radio.

- Ernie M

It has a backup camera that allows you to see when backing up.

I like the fact it's great on gas for its size. Also my storage and passenger capacity is extraordinary. I do not like that it didn't come with built in car starter or DVD players.

- Travis V

It is the most reliable car I have owned and it has intelligence built in.

Van is comfortable, reliable and paid for. It has a backup and blind spot warning which makes driving safer and thus makes driving easier on crowded highways and in parking lots.

- Ernie L

The most important thing about my van is the amount of space.

I love the amount of room, is fully equipped including TVs, & has lots of storage for travel. The captains chairs get a little uncomfortable during travel of more than an hour.

- Susan S

Love My Town and Country! Comfort and smooth riding!

I really like my van. The only problems I have had so far is the electric windows stopped working. It has plenty of space and the seats are easily moved to create more space.

- Christy L

It is our family vehicle.

I like the style and cargo space. There isn't enough room for my family in it anymore. It has also became a very expensive waste of money due to ongoing expensive repairs.

- Pamela S

Town and country is a flop.

My vehicle is pretty reliable. I did buy it used so I do not feel like I can give it the best judgment. I feel like the inside of the van is just ok. Nothing spectacular.

- Jennifer R

The Town and Country is a great vehicle for families.

Love the stow and go feature, especially with kids Love all of the storage features on the center console and cup holders in the back Good gas mileage, especially freeway

- Stacey J

Very dependable and has so many features! Also very roomy.

I love all the extras like heated seats etc. It gets good gas mileage and is roomy. I dislike that sometimes there are so many extras that I don't even know them all yet.

- Jennifer F

Perfect for a family for travel and local commutes.

Love the under floor storage. Good gas mileage for a van. Back hatch did have problem opening and also the blind spot detection needs fixed. Otherwise, love this van.

- Kelly l

That the van is very reliable. Have not had any issues with it and it is 6 years old with 100k miles on it.

dislike the gas mileage and the covering going around the driver's seat. Gas mileage stays around 20 mpg and covering around the driver seat was being held on by 1 clip.

- Cory W

Mileage, fuel efficiency and plenty of storage and safe.

I like it because it is roomy, has extra seats. Very comfortable, lots of keg room. It has surround sound and a DVD player along with navigation system, bluetooth also.

- Elisa G

Great for hauling stuff, and looks good.

It runs good most of the time. But has had some pretty pricey things go wrong with it. It gets decent gas mileage for a big vehicle. It is good for transporting stuff.

- marc B

Great van that looks like new for a six year old car

I would like a small car I have to use 2 stools to get into the van love the room in the van sometimes it has to be jumped started it is nice looking for a older car

- shirley b

Resale value, comfort, and fuel economy.

Like: it is comfortable to ride, more roomy to seat and get a better view for the driver to see.. Dislike: it have an electrical problems on dashboard and headlight..

- Ronald G

The Stow n go seating allows for flexible traveling.

I like the stow n go seating. I wish the back seats were more comfortable. I want better gas mileage. I wish the road noise was quieter. I want a better suspension.

- john k

It has room to seat 7, even if you have to use a car seat.

I love the stow and go seating. I love the backup camera. I love the automatic door openers. I do not like that there’s not very much room in the back cargo area.

- Michele L

Lots of room for travel. Seats are mostly comfortable.

Electronic throttle works unevenly. Give me the old school version. Turning radius is too wide. Low miles, yet major problems. Found to be from manufacture process.

- Cindy W

It's fairly reliable vehicle. We have 100K+ miles on it and not too much beyond routine maintenance.

I've really liked this van. The biggest annoyance is the "check engine" or "fuel cap loose" light. This light comes on ALL THE TIME even when it really shouldn't.

- Jenny K

This van has an extraordinary amount of storage with the stow and go system.

I love the how roomy it is. The ability to view movies has been a lifesaver when traveling with grandkids. And best of all, it still looks and run like brand new.

- Diana F

It's great for families and for trips to Ikea. I feel safe in it.

This car is great for hauling around kids or large items. I like the stow away seats, though I do wish to upgrade to a Pacifica with more features at some point.

- Meghann C

It can get expensive to completely fill up the car.

I like that it is reliable. I also like that I can fit many people or items in the car. I like that the car is not too big and not too small for my preference.

- Victoria C

Easy on gas lots of windows so I can see all around me when backing up.

Like big area in the back good for golf clubs.. Carry lots of passengers.. The ride is smooth.. Bottom front of car hits curbs and leaves scratches on paint..

- Marge G

Great vehicle for family year around.

Roomy, flexible, decent gas mileage, holds the family. Comfortable with lots of niceties like dvd player for the kids in the back, yet drives like a good SUV.

- Joe H

It is a family friendly vehicle.

I like the automatic doors. It is very family friendly! The back seat is a bit small and not a lot of legroom. I like the stow away compartments in the floor.

- Brittany Y

Family friendly vehicle with easy to use features

I love my Chrysler Town and Country, we haven't had any trouble at all. Love the rear heat and ac, dvd player, sliding doors and bucket seats in the middle.

- Patty G

my minivan has plenty of comfortable room for myself and my children

my minivan is big enough to cart all my childrens stuff around. i like that it has dual side sliding doors. i like that i can open the doors with the remote,

- christina c

It is a flex gas car. Its save me a lot of trips to the gas station. Love it.

It good to drive. I do not have complaints. It is good on gas. I love the size it is perfect for my family. It is very nice from the inside its color black.

- Margarita A

Town and Country- Pretty Good Car

This is a good car for a family. Not very powerful engine, but it gets the job done and has lasted a long time. Only have to service once every few months.

- Grace R

The van is very roomy and has lots of storage space for long trips.

My Chrysler Town and Country Van is the best family vehicle we have ever owned. There is plenty of room for my three children and they love the DVD player.

- Kerri G

Very reliable, regular maintenance keeps it running forever.

Reliable and comfortable. No transmission issue like older models. More passenger room and seats are stow and go. Cushy leather seats, modern technology.

- Jenny P

The van has many extras including fold and go seats for more room and storage. The dual dvd is also a great feature for families.

The van has heated seats, dual dvd, bucket seats and has extra storage under the floor. I love all the features. The transmission seems to jerk a lot.

- Kim L

Space for all the grandkids.

Love the room inside, love the video system. The vehicle has been fairly reliable, but the transmission went out six months ago and had to be replaced.

- Susan J

It has anti-skid system on it.

The van is comfortable. Drives easy and smooth. It has built in gps. It is good on gas mileage. Also it has a built in DVD player. Comfortable seats.

- Brent V

The one most important thing others should know about my van is, the ride is super smooth and comfy!!

I love the way my van drives and the space for my two children. I wish the seats were easier to stow away and the floor storage was easier to get to.

- Michele A

The spaciousness, the ability to make. More space, and the smooth driving.

I love the amenities and the space, also how I can fold the seats down to make more space for huge items, but I do not like that it's not a truck.

- Erin E

My 2012 town and country.

It's reliable but don't like the way the transmission changes gears. You can feel every shift. The car also seems to lack power when going uphill

- Gary P

That it keeps my large family safe. We travel a lot for sports and without this van we wouldn't be able too.

I love the convenience, the sliding doors. I love the stow and go. I love that I have high mileage. I don't like that it looks older than it is.

- Heather J

It is very roomy and great for large families or transporting large items.

it has awesome heated seats. It also runs smooth. there has not been many issues with it compared to other cars so it has been low cost for me.

- emma f

Great air conditioning with individual vents,and lots of cup holders!

Love the room given to all people in car. Great ride,with no roughness. I do miss the console being on the floor between driver and passenger.

- Ruth K

It has good quality and is versatile.

I like the capacity for hauling my items to craft shows. The video feature us good for grandkids. Seating is comfortable. Mileage is good.

- Jim g

It is super practical, with kids you cannot beat the sliding doors.

I love it. There is a lot of room for all of us. We can put down all of the seats which is amazing. The only issues we have hard are minor.

- Gretchen L

How much can get hauled in the back cab of the van.

It can haul a lot of things. It's great for traveling with friends. The leather seats sometimes fall apart. Wish it had higher gas mileage.

- bryce d

The stow and go seating creates lots of space for extra storage.

I love it fits all my kids. I hate that it takes so much money to fill up. I love that it has leather seats to make cleaning messes easier.

- Courtney W

It runs smooth and does not require a lot of car expertise to fix it

i love that It's quiet and low maintenance. the interior also looks really nice. It has heated seats too which are awesome in the winter.

- emma P

That it is a van with stow and go stating that gives a lot of space.

I like that my car is easy for me to get in and out of. I also like that it has many features. I like that it has lots of storage space.

- Steven T

Very dependable and it gets great mileage.

This van is a very reliable vehicle. I use it for everyday driving and it has enough room for a wheelchair. It also gets great mileage.

- Kathy Y

It's the most dependable vehicle I have personally ever owned.

I love my van and all Its amenities. It has over 200, 000 miles and still drives like a champ. Smooth ride and plenty of storage space.

- Frances D

It is a great family vehicle because it is safe, reliable, and comfortable.

I love being able to fit my family. The store and go is a huge help. I wish it would get a little better mpg, but it's fairly good.

- Danielle B

My car is very spacious. It rides smooth and is very good on gas.

I have no complaints about my vehicle, I love it. It is spacious. It has all the luxurious bells and whistles I need for my family.

- Kathryn B

The Town and Country is known to have transmission issues. We have already replaced our transmission once and the engine is going bad now.

I like all the extra features such as backup camera and dvd player. I like that it is fuel efficient. I wish it was a bit roomier.

- Adina B

Sporty family vehicle with lots of comfort

Love the sto n go seating. Comfortable and roomy also handles nicely. Live the dual tv screens and the dial air and heat controls

- John O

Good car for families or those needing extra seating. I like the layout of the seating.

I like that it has quick acceleration. I hate that it has rust developing already. I hate the spare tire It's in a stupid place

- Ty m

It has required absolutely NO service other than a recall and tire pressure errors, easily and quickly fixed, since we owned it.

It is by far the most comfortably seating vehicle we have found; previous year's models, too. Also, storage aboard is wonderful.

- Murray S

The price makes it a top choice if you have a large family.

I love that there is plenty of room for my family. The captain seats make the third row easily accessible. It is good on gas.

- Laura H




Good ride, nice extras, good family vehicle with stow and go

love the extras in the vehicle, however, there have been some problems, e.g., transmission went; engine check light is on.

- Helen F

Don't have to pay more to get more.

Love that the car came with everything standard IE: leather, bluetooth, television build in. There was no additional cost.

- Michelle G

Chrysler Town And Country

It spacious..Good on gas..Good trunk/back space. Good cd car stereo White, smooth running. Would buy the same model again

- Bernie S

Safety is my main concern for everyone

I love having the extra seats and the room to bring everything I need. I bought my van for my job since I run a daycare.

- Nancy W

Drives well, handles well, good mileage, nice looking, comfy.

I like the size and some of the features. Do not like it does not have updated radio features and not enough horsepower.

- Brenda S

It's a great family van. The seats fold under so the back can be used to haul things

It is a great van. We haven't really had any problems. Its big enough for our family and we love the stow and go seats.

- Marsha F

Car has 100000 miles on it with no mechanical problems,

Car is dependable and comfortable can be used for many purposes. Fold down seats allow for transporting large objects

- steve g

It is Hard to access spare tire and to put the spare back in to the undercarriage compartment.

Dislike the awkward access to the spare tire Like the size of hauling capacity Like the maneuverability while driving

- Malorie M

Love how comfortable you can accommodate 6 adults. Very roomy, plenty of storage.

No problems. Comfortable, drives great, and can accommodate grandkids. Love leather seats and movie screen for kids.

- Mike M

Good dependable vehicle that seats 7 and can be used to carry stuff.

A good dependable vehicle. The rear seats all fold down flat so you can carry bigger items. Very good for trips.

- Deb D

My car is very dependable and drives very smooth.

I love the DVD feature that my vehicle has. I love back up camera as well. It's easy to drive and well balanced.

- Mary S

How comfortable the interior is.

Nice van for the price, lots of extras and feels classy. It has been driven a lot but still is very dependable.

- Sheila H

T fits a lot of people good for my fam.

Its goo I like it the way it is I it fits cool stuff and my big family wouldn't change it so it's good for us.

- Rose G

It is safe and that is my favorite thing about it.

I like large space.. I dislike liability.. There is no good rate for my car.. Handle and ac have some problem.

- Christina L

It is very functional, it is perfect if you live in an area that snows.

No complaints! Comfortable, economic, drives easily, plenty of storage/cargo space. Roomy, adjustable seating.

- Carol K

That it is great for a single person who may have pets.

Car has a DVD player.. Love the sliding doors and push button hatch...... Dislike, not very good gas mileage.

- Brittany M

Good car would recommend to any family.

Has had lots of problems but nice car has plenty of room good mileage horrible radio air and heat works good.

- Natalie O

Dependable and comfortable ride.

Very good dependable good visibility. Comfortable ride fuel efficient for a car of its size, would buy again.

- Stephen G

It is awesome when you have multiple children or are disabled.

I love the power doors and the DVD player as well as the Bluetooth to hook my phone up. It is safe and roomy.

- DezaRae C

It it amazing for the price and even has automated doors.

We have never really had any problems with our car. The space and handling of the car has always been great.

- Larry S

It is very durable and great for travelling large distances

very reliable, very roomy has 3 places for baby seat, very fuel efficient and lovely, must use for a family

- Richard b

Good family car & is good when traveling. Kids watch movies as you travel.

This is a good size car with lots of space for traveling. It does cost a lot money to fill up the gas tank.

- j P

It is safe and reliable. I love it.

I love it just having minor problems with it at times. The door motor died and have no money to fix it now.

- Amy L

It is a great family car with a lot of space and is comfortable.

It is roomy. Very nice and comfortable for the whole family. The storage is great. The controls are great.

- Samantha P

Good gas mileage for a mid sized vehicle.

I love the color of it. I love how smooth it drives on and off the roads. I love everything about my car.

- Grace R

It has a dvd player 8n it

Roomy DVD player comfortable high tech i would recommend it. Lots of storage space golding seats awesome

- Ian g

Lots of space. There is plenty of room to configure the seats

Love everything about it. Wish o upgraded to navigation system and 2 dvds. Very happy with stow and go

- Chrissy C

It's a great family car! Plenty of room for all of your kids' sports gear!

I love my town and country! It's got a built-in nav. system, rear camera, dvd player for the back seats.

- Stephanie W

Great family car very roomy

Have not had a lot of problems. Ticking sound in engine. Cylinder head had to be replaced under warranty

- Timothy C

it's so family friendly and has been extremely reliable.

I don't love the color, it's black. I love It's easy to drive. I love the automatic doors for my kids.

- Eva R

Large Family dream vehicle

It's perfect for large families like mine! I love the sliding side doors and how big the back trunk is.

- Sabrina Q

Keep the car fixed. You will never know when the car will break down.

It is white a minivan. It is a good car to ride in. It has Its problem. My husband deals with this car.

- Ann W

It is a wonderful family vehicle

I love the stow and go feature. It is loaded with options that are great like a heated steering wheel.

- James l

Good vehicle for the money.

No complaints, like the room and sliding doors, nice size vehicle and has held up well with children.

- Kelly S

Good for those on the go! It's versatile. It's amazing how much you can fit in ti for trips.

I love my minivan. It fits me and my lifestyle well. This particular year does not accelerate well.

- Janey B

Lots of bells n whistles.

Reliable minivan has all the bells n whistles. And looks nice too. Also does good with fuel economy.

- David S

it has been reliable to get around in at 111,000 miles

I like the features. It drives well but kind of loud on the highway. I like being up in a minivan.

- Michelle L

Needed a new transmission at 100,000

I am not happy that it needed a new transmission around 100,000 miles otherwise like the vehicle.

- angela b

Stow & go give sooo much extra storage

I love the stow and go! So much extra storage for traveling with kids. Trunk has a ton of room too!

- Jennifer Q

It has a high safety rating and great features such as back up camera and blind spot detection.

The spaciousness and ease to drive it. It doesn't have. The Bluetooth doesn't have instant connect.

- Stephanie S

it has safety features. it has airbags. and rear backup monitor.

it gets good gas mileage. it is roomy. rides smoothly. can haul big objects with the stow and go.

- barb c

It has a lot of newer features that everyone in our family enjoys.

I love the stow and go seats. The back row could be a little roomier. I also like the rear camera.

- Tasha D

There is a lot of room for your family including leg room and height

I love the automatic doors. There is plenty of room for my family and dogs. it is decent on gas.

- Erin A

I love the stow and go seats and how much room it gives us.

I love the stow and go seats, love how comfortable it is. I don't really like the color black.

- Dee H

Love that the seats fold down into the van, so I can clear up space without taking seats out. Love the navigation system and backup camera. Don't like that there is only 1 set of latch hooks for car seats in the back, and it's in the center. Don't like the way the seat belts fit in the back, they hover in front of the shoulder, instead of resting on it. Not safe. Don't like how my phone bluetooth connects for a phone call, even if I don't choose to connect it.

Not the best for car seats, not great seat belts in the back. Comfortable and reliable, though.

- Madeline B

It's safe and it is very comfortable for my family of 5.

I like that it is big and roomy. It's a perfect fit for our family. The trunk is not too big.

- Nicole C

It's perfect for a family.

My minivan is silver. It's perfect for a family on the go. It gets terrible gas mileage.

- Melanie S

I like almost everything about my van. I don't like how hard it is to see when I'm backing up though. I have a camera, but I don't always trust it, there are too many blind spots.

It fits a lot of people, has lots of trunk space and even has the under floor storage.

- Samantha P

It is powerful but begins to lose power as it gets older.

It is big, with a lot of room. But it is also a boxy car, that can be hard to steer.

- Tyler J

Stow and go seating is my favorite feature in my town and country.

I like the room inside the T&C, stow and go seats, dashboard and slide and go doors.

- Renee B

I love my van! It has all the features and is perfect for our family. I wouldn't trade it for anything g

It has room. There's enough space for everyone. The stow and go is incredibly easy.

- Stephanie G

heated steering wheel, dvd player for the kids, stow and go seats

love my van, stow and go seats, color red with chrome. plenty of room for trips

- joyce g

The car has enough room to take the grandkids and still buy groceries

Love the stow and go seating. I love the room in the back to haul everything.

- Betty B

its older but very reliable, I would buy another one but they don't make them now

minivan great for everyday use , plenty of room for baby gear, groceries etc

- olivia p

I don't know what the most important thing would be.

I have no complaints. This car is one of the nicest cars I have ever owned.

- Alvin P

It's new and it's mine with full coverage insurance and it's red.

I just got it and it's pretty sweet. Great gas mileage and plenty of room.

- Raymond K

Roomy and easy to drive and okay on gas.

Van that I like as it is roomy. Has 4 doors so it easy to get in and out.

- Barb H

It's very reliable and versatile to meet many kinds of needs

I like the stow-and-go. It is reliable. It meets our needs very well.

- Lisa A

It's comfortable, easy to get in and out

I love it. I love the leather seats, I just wish the seats were heated

- Jackie K

Great Family Car, especially when you have kids in college and need to travel back and forth with all their stuff

Noise when in motion. Radio sometimes isn't that great Nothing else

- Beth F

the amazing stow and go is a wonderful feature of this vehicle

miles per gallon on gas would be only complaint, otherwise we love it

- jodi h

The transmission is awkward and it does not accelerate well at all

I like the space, seating and dvd. I hate the look and way it drives

- Andrea D

Safety features airbags in the door side doors and the front

I like the room and the comfort tons if storage a decent gas mileage

- Tiffany A

Largest interior space on market

Roomy, comfortable and well handles. Just wish it was 4 wheel drive.

- Ken F

The storage and comfort is amazing if you're traveling!

It drives like a dream. It fits all my stuff! I love the storage.

- Cheryl L

I like the room for my kids. I like the dvd system. I've had a lot of trouble with the transmission in the last 2 years tho.

It's actually really good on gas when you start with a full tank.

- Pattie S

I love my town and country because it is very comfortable for my kids, plenty of space for them on long road trips. It is easy to drive and adjust seats as I am very short. The trunk space is great when my dogs are in the car!

It is very safe on the road no matter the weather conditions.

- Melissa C

Seven passenger seats fold into floor uses lot of gas. Drives nice has backup cAmera lots of room for the kids. Has DVD player

Keyless entry keyless start button DVD player 7 passenger

- Rod B

it does a good job for a family has a lot of features

it does what i need of it it's been good for me im simple

- marion a

It's roomy Good features Runs good

Storage Hands free doors Stop and go Not great in winter

- Jennifer S

I love having a van. It's roomy, the seats fold flat when we need to haul stuff. The kids love the dvd player. i like how it drives. the things i don't love about it are that the cabin is loud. and if you are in the 3rd row, the ride is rough. also the black interior carpet is so hard to keep looking nice.

it's like a tuck, but a van! Hauling stuff and people!

- jessica s

It's well maintained with a few blemishes.

The minivan is roomy, well appointed, and comfortable.

- Jim S

I love my van's features- remote start, sliding power doors, key fob that opens doors. Our van has had lots of problems though. Alternator went out, problems with a fuse and thermostat.

It doesn't seat 7 people when car seats are involved.

- Chris G

I really like all of the room I have. I like the flip down DVD player but wish I had the second as well

It has a lot of room and the backseat can flip down

- Nancy U

It's convenient and really for family especially for kids

It is comfortable and easy to use. It's for family

- Angel E

The nav is great! It helps so much when traveling and it easy to use

I love my van. I love all the extra options on it

- Andrea W

Amazing family friendly vehicle for those always on the go!

- Alena M

Functional family must-have.

- Michelle H