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Chrysler town/country: safe, family friendly, reliable, and convenient.

My van has been amazing since we bought it in 2013. The initial price of the brand new van vs. The Toyota, Honda, etc versions was huge and worth looking in to. We had two teenagers and one toddler, so the features of the van were perfect for what we needed. My teens would sit in the back row and watch their own age appropriate movie, and/or listen to their own preferred radio station when they wanted to. My toddler was able to sit in the middle row and watch her own age appropriate movies, which made a huge difference when we traveled long distances especially. The automatic headlights and high beam light feature is really convenient and I have had zero issues with them so far. The auto sensing wipers is probably my only negative observation, since it tends to go at a slow rate when it is pouring outside, and then when it is barely sprinkling it tends to go super fast. So it is pretty much inconsistent, but really not too big a deal since I could use the wiper controls to fix it to the proper speed. The ability to listen to bluetooth devices, CDs, etc is a worthwhile feature in this high tech world we live in as well. Uconnect phone calls in/out have been really helpful and easy to use on the road, which is great since it is a safer alternative to having to mess with your phone while driving. . The navigation system works like a dream! We had to travel from Texas to florida multiple times and it was extremely helpful and accurate. We also had to travel from Texas to new york, and new york to virginia and the navigation system was perfect for what we needed when we traveled. The leather interior has been easy to clean and maintain with 3 kids, however the carpet has been more difficult to clean. The ability to put the middle and back row seats down is one of my favorite features because it makes so much more room when we've needed to move big things like bookshelves, desks, etc... The trunk space is perfect for traveling, camping, or simple grocery shopping. Being able to use the key fob to open/close the back seat doors and cargo/trunk door works wonders, especially when your hands are full. The back up camera feature is probably my most favorite part of the van since it provides a very clear image of the important areas behind the van, which helps improve its safety features. The warning indicator in the back that goes off when you get too close to something or when something is approaching from behind/near you is super helpful as well. Reversing in a busy parking lot, like walmart, can be frustrating since there tends to be a lot of other people going to/from the store. These features truly do help prevent needless injuries/deaths. Overall, great van! The lower price range for the features available compared to other competitors is huge and we enjoy everything about the van.

- At T

Smooth driving space loaded family ride.

With my Chrysler town and country it's the best thing that's happened to me as an asset to my family's lives. We have the reliability craftsmanship, and space a van should be. Chrysler knocked it out the park with this one. The captain chairs in the middle are perfect for smaller kids getting in and out with car seats. The back seat for folding down and having extra space is perfect. I throw a cover over my chairs folded down just to protect the fabric and carpet. I do recommend getting a maxliner/weathertech mat system for those with kids and pets it will save you a lot of time and money. Time cleaning carpets is a lot. With mat systems vacuum or sweep out done. You can take out to do a deep clean and factory carpet is factory fresh underneath. The entertainment system is great and space for the wireless linked headphones are great. Or you could use for DVD storage. I got some hooks they work perfect to hang on back of the headrest so the kids are able to reach while driving I found that reaching for the headphones in the compartments was hard and had fussy little ones. So use that space for DVDs (just make sure DVD in before you leave ) so you gain some space for the DVD win/win. I do love that option for the kids to be able to watch a movie and I don't have to listen to there stuff. I can be free to stream and listen to podcast on outings. Makes the drives more pleasurable than a dreaded one. Driving this vehicle is smooth . It's not like some vans that are like a box of nails going over a bump. It's just a clean smooth driving van almost forget your driving it yourself . Wish I had upgraded to a heated seats but maybe next time if I ever let this one go.

- Brandy B

In love with a van-room for all, and memories that last a lifetime.

I own a Chrysler town and country minivan. I love my van. It currently has over 100,000 miles on it. I drive it over 60 miles a day. The leather seats add comfort to my drive. My seat is adjustable to fit my needs. I especially like the support for my lower back that I am able to adjust at the touch of a button. The steering is great. I always feel in control of the vehicle. The hands free controls on the steering wheel allow me to keep my hands on the wheel while managing music, vehicle info, volume, and,cruise control. The DVD player with a pull down screen for passengers in the back is great. Especially with 4 kiddos I transport everyday. The DVD player with wireless headphone was very helpful on our 14 hour drive one summer. The van is spacious and if needed you can even store items in the store and go parts of the van which again very helpful when you're traveling with a family of six. The set latches for car seats makes it easy to install and I sure child safety. I also really enjoy the option to lock the windows and put on child safety locks. The trunk space is amazing for hauling groceries, sporting equipment, luggage etc. The middle counsel between the two front seats opens up for more storage space. The automatic sliding doors are great especially when your loading a car and your hands are full trying to keep kids safe and carry you purchases. I love my van. I even told my husband when the time comes I want the exact same van!

- Michelle A

Still loving this van purchase!

My stow and go has been very reliable. I am 900 miles shy of 100,000 miles. I drive a lot and have never had a problem. It is not loaded to the max but a very nice vehicle and extremely comfortable for both myself and my husband. We are very oversized adults. We took a three hour trip with six full size plus adults and it was comfortable for the two in the third seat. I travel often with three medium to large size dogs and the stop and go works perfectly for this. It is amazing how many boxes the cargo space can hold when the seats are stowed. The cup holders and the charring stations are a huge plus. We traveled almost non stop for a 20 hour trip and were very pleased with the comfort of this vehicle. The dual climate control is great for us and then the back climate control keeps my four legged girl comfortable. The defrost system works well for this humid climate I live in. And the Bluetooth lets me listen to my favorite audiobooks when I travel. And keeps my phone calls complaint. I wish it had a navigation system so I could watch my GPS on the screen. Did I mention I can now barrel park the backup camera! We can get the grandson car seat on the third row, I believe there is only one anchor spot on the third row for it. I average normally 26 mpg per trip. When I have cruise Ann lots of interstate travel I can get close to 30 mpg. I would purchase this van all over again!

- Julie C

The perfect and reliable family car.

I love my car because it is very spacious. I like the outside and the inside of the car. It's elegant, comfortable, and convenient for long trips. It includes a small TV, which is perfect for our trips to Disney World. I have never had any issues with it and it functions like brand new, which makes me very happy because I've saved on any type of repairs. I do keep its maintenance schedule and try to use the dealer whenever I have to do an oil change or any type of upkeep. My car is perfect to carry children around because it is very reliable and safe. The outside color of the car is midnight blue and the inside is black and gray. It is perfect for a large family or to accommodate 7-8 passengers comfortably. It has a very nice stereo system and a rear view camera, which is perfect when backing out of a parking space or anywhere. I would recommend to everyone my car for their next purchase. Even though it uses a lot of gas, all its features and benefits make it worth it.

- Maria I

Chrysler town & country, a reliable and comfortable family vehicle.

Our Chrysler town & country has been extremely reliable so far. We bought our van used and have had it for two and a half years. We have had no major issues with the van even though it is the vehicle we drive most often. We took our family of five on vacation and the van was extremely comfortable. Each family member had plenty of room. I have been impressed with the trunk space which is larger than our other van. There have been no issues fitting luggage or groceries into the trunk area. The stow and go areas provide even more storage and are great to use for things you like to have in your vehicle but do not need to reach often for example, first aid kits or jumper cables. I drive the van all over with 3 children and have never had worries of breaking down. We've also been satisfied with the gas mileage. The van handles snowy, icy or wet roads well. I have no complaints with my van at this time and would make the purchase again.

- Lisa E

Amazing features makes everyday life easier.

The vehicle is comfortable to drive. It handles well on the road. it's smooth and maneuvers easily. The large windows and vehicle shape allow for good visibility of other vehicles and the road. The reverse camera makes reversing a breeze. The navigation system is a supportive feature to have on road trips. The radio is capable of supporting a satellite subscription. This makes road trips and sitting in morning traffic more exciting. The DVD player helps keep children content on long rides. The electric doors have buttons within easy reach of the driver to make for smooth drop off and pick up of our little passengers quick and seamless. The access in the back can be locked to prevent doors from being opened prematurely by little fingers ( or toes ). The two middle row seats can be stowed away making moving or transporting large items possible. I have moved twice with my van and not sure what I would have done without it!

- Fiona K

Wonderful family getaway vehicle.

I love our car! It is comfortable and the ride is so smooth. We have a lot of bells and whistles such as an entertainment system, heated seats, leather seats, and the stow 'n go. This is because we spend a lot of time in our car. Since we have 4 kids, the extra room provided by the two rows of seats in the back is a life saver. The leather seats provide a quick spill clean up feature that I never thought about until I had kids. Also, the stow and go gives us extra room if we need, or extra storage space when we go on longer trips and need to bring a lot of stuff. The entertainment system has two screens so there is no kids in the back who cannot see. In the winter, the auto start also turns on the seat warmers and the steering wheel warmer, which makes getting into a cold car so much better. The ride is very smooth, the engine provides a pretty decent acceleration, though it could stand to be a bit more responsive.

- Sarah L

Mega space in my mega minivan.

We love our Chrysler town & country minivan! I love the option of the seats all folding down into the floor and having a huge cargo area! The DVD option is a big bonus for my kiddos! I am a huge advocate for the heated seats and the back 2 captains chairs have heated seats as well! This is my first car having the backup camera and it has been a great convenience. I love the safety indicators in my side mirrors when another car is in my blind spot. I really have no complaints about my minivan! Also another big bonus is how many cup holders we have! The console in the middle of the front seats actually slides back so the passengers in the back seats can use them as well. One complaint I do have is that in the 3rd bench row there is only an option for 1 car seat to be anchored down. I wish there were at least 2 sets of anchors for booster seats in the back bench.

- Brooke C

Great for families who travel and need a great daily driver!

I love my van it has all the options possible ac, TVs , leather seats electric everything. I have driven this van every week to and from work an average of 300 plus miles a week along with family vacations of 500 to 1000 miles in distance. I have kept up on the maintenance, oil changes and I have put new tires, breaks , and had the transmission service done. The only major thing I have had to do to it is the radiator lines from the radiator to the rear heaters had broke so I have had to have them replaced. We also had to have a couple sensors changed due to engine light coded but all in all she has been my favorite vehicle for hauling my family around in and driving back and forth to work for the last 5 years. I really wish they would have kept making them then I could purchase a new one when I have to finally retire this one

- Ellie W

The convenience and features offered in town and country van are undeniable!

I absolutely love my Chrysler town and country. It has so many convenience features, it makes everything easy. Just a few of my favorite features are: the backup camera, sliding doors, and the back hatch opens with a press of a button. My family of 5 has so much room, we love going down the road and/or long road trips. Another feature I love are the large windows. Not only does it make it easier to see out but it gives an even more open/spacious feel to the vehicle. The only con I have personally came across with this vehicle is that the spare tire is a bit tricky/difficult to access, as it is located under the center of the vehicle. When I rain over a nail and needs to put my spare tire on a 8 months pregnant, I found it impossible. Thank gosh for road assistance!

- Clair A

Great minivan for work and play.

The vehicle has required one major repair related to the transmission, but it was covered 100% by the lifetime warranty provided with it at no charge. The road noise is a good bit louder than our previous minivan. The seats are very comfortable, and the stow and go back seats have allowed us the transport almost anything for which we would require a truck. The storage capacity during travel is expanded by the roof rails and spaces below the middle seats (when upright). We did have an issue with the back video while still under warranty which was fixed after paying the $100 deductible. We are a family of 6 and my commute is about 100 miles per day, and this minivan has really stood up to the wear and tear with regular required maintenance.

- Crystal E

Love the features, but wish mechanics could fix the problems.

The wiring or computer has problems, but the dealership does not know how to fix it because they deal with cars and not computers. Everyone that looks at it says the same thing is the problem, but that's not the problem because we've had that fixed and it did not fix the problem. The air conditioner turns on and off at random. The back up camera stopped working. The check engine light is always on. Sometimes the traction control light comes on and causes the car not to be able to accelerate. Other than the problems, we love the rest of it. We like that the seats all fold down and we can hold an entire sheet of plywood in the car. We like the comfort and space.

- Ashley J

GREAT, roomy, easy to load family van. Lots of room for road trips and grocery runs.

I love the side doors and back opening with just a double click of a button. Makes is super easy to load young kids and groceries. I don't like the MPG it gets in city driving. I love the stow'n go compartments under the seats for storing emergency bags, blankets and even toys or a potty seat! I like the built in sun shades. I like that it has a video screen for entertainment, but I don't like that it blocks my view in the mirror when it is down. Seams a bit dangerous from a safety standpoint. All in all it is a great family van!

- Diana F

Easy with 4 kids and lots of extra that us moms appreciate on a daily basis.

I love the ease of the car with 4 kids in my house. The doors open with the push of a button. I don't have to worry about my little ones opening a door and hitting a car next to us. It is good on gas because I drive a ways to work. The air condition needs tending too. It has a humming about it when it is on that is quite annoying. I can't say that I will purchase another one after my kids are all able to buckle themselves in their own car seat. I love the functionality of the van but will move to a more stylish SUV next.

- Samantha R

I say one of the best features is the fact that it has a DVD player.

I bought the vehicle used for a low price and it runs great. I've had to get a few things taken care of which isn't surprising considering it was a brand new. It runs smooth I love the automatic sliding doors on both sides and it's extremely roomie on the inside. Have enough seats for all of my children and they all sit very comfortably. On longer trips is nice to have the availability of the DVD player for the children as well. It has pretty much everything you would need and I've been very pleased with it since day one.

- Anthony M

Happy mom of 2 who highly recommends this Minivan

My Town and Country has all electrical locks and windows, including an easy open rear. It has a small flashlight that is charged by the car that sits in the rear. I have plenty of cup holders for all rows. The seats are easy to put down or pull up. This particular vehicle has a dvd player which is nice for long road trips.As well as a backup cam. So far I have owned the vehicle for about 1.5 years and have noticed its has a pretty good gas mileage both for city and highway driving.

- Melody W

Van that is sure to make everyone in the family happy!

Awesome family van! Has a DVD player and amazing speaker system. Nice leather seats with heated seats and heated steering wheel. The captains chairs in back are also heated. The sliding doors are great. The trunk can be opened with a push of a button as well as the sliding doors. My car has over 100,000 miles on it and has only had a few issues which didn't cost much. Overall a great van. Airbags throughout for added safety and peace of mind. Would buy another in a heartbeat!

- Renee M

Good vehicle but trade at 3 years

This car was very reliable initially. It is very comfortable and has all the bells and whistles. The headspace is great for my growing boys who are over 6 feet tall. It drives smoothly. Recently however I have begun to have trouble with the AC and the transmission. Also, the coolant hose burst on the interstate and I had to be towed 3 hours to home. In spite of all this, I would buy another. It is important I think to keep up with recommended scheduled maintenance.

- Susan R

My Chrysler has it is plus and minuses. But, the pluses outweigh the minuses.

Lots of room. Comfortable. Hide away seats are extremely convenient. Travels well. Fits seven people. Good looking van. Fob stopped working. Automatic side door stopped working. Windows sometimes work. Wear on tires. It is a mini van and my kids do not want to be seen in it, nor do they want to drive it. That is, unless their group of friends plan a fun traveling adventure and we are the only ones that can fit enough people including bags and equipment. (:

- Christine M

Great car for large families.

This car is great for families. The sliding doors are ideal for transporting kids easily without worrying about them hitting other cars with the doors. There is so much storage space, it makes going on a trip much easier. There is enough space for everyone and plenty of room for comfort. The stow and go seats are great for when you need the space to transport a larger item. I wish the gas mileage was better, but honestly for a minivan it isn't too bad.

- Candy B

2013 Chrysler Town and country review

I have a 2013 Chrysler Town and country. It is very spacious and lots of room for family. I love the stow and go seats. I love that you can put all the seats down and use it like a truck. For you can have all the seats up and go on a family trip. All of the seats recline. The DVD player is nice. I like the chrome touches on the interior. I do wish the white car came with a tan interior versus a black interior. But that didn't keep me from buying it.

- Kayla R

When taken care of and maintained properly, the Chrysler minivans last.

I like that it can ride up to 7 people. However, with all 7 it is very crammed in the back seat. It is nice that we have a built-in GPS & DVD player. I am not too happy with low gas mileage the van gets on local roads. However, it gets pretty good gas mileage on long trips. Our air conditioning and heat both work great. We got a Chrysler lifetime warranty when we purchased the vehicle & already we have gotten our money's worth use of it.

- Chrystie H

Gets great gas mileage, great for the growing family with extra storage. Does not drive well in winter conditions.

I love how much space we have in our vehicle. I like the stow and go seating as well as the undercarriage storage space when we have the seats out. I love the safety features it has like the park assist (even though I do find it hard to follow at times) but I like the safety features installed on the side view mirrors to show me if someone is in my blind spot. It fits our family well with space to even bring along extra friends.

- Stephanie S

A great all-around family vehicle.

This is a great family vehicle. I absolutely love the stow and go feature. As a family of seven, we need all the extra storage space we can get! We also love the DVD feature and the leather seats are so easy to clean. Also, I love that all of the rear seats can fold into the floor leaving a wide open space in the back for hauling large items or even helping with a move! This has just been the perfect car for our family.

- Amie M

Great family vehicle but with electrical issues

I love driving a minivan. Sliding doors, stow and go seating which turns it into a truck, basically, blind spot monitoring, DVD player, back up camera, leather interior for easy clean up. It is an awesome family vehicle and I don't see me driving anything other than a van while my kids are young. My only complaint is an electrical issue which cost over $1000 to fix, and I've heard this is not uncommon with Chrysler.

- Kelly F

This minivan makes any trip or errand convenient with quick and easy stow and go seating as well as a built in entertainment system to keep your little ones occupied!

My vehicle is a Chrysler Town & Country Minivan. I love how convenient the various features like stow & go seating and built in entertainment system make trips and day to day use. I don't have to worry about pulling heavy seats out of the car to make room for cargo. The built in entertainment system makes it so that my kids aren't bored on any length of trip. I do wish that my minivan got better gas mileage.

- Sarah M

Chrysler brakes are notoriously of poor quality.

I love owning a minivan. Space, storage and comfort. The seats easily fold down and allow for almost a pick-up truck like space. However, I am not impressed with Chrysler. The brakes have repeatedly needed work as well as the venting system. It often beeps a warning signal but does not inform you what the warning is for. I will definitely purchase another minivan but I will most likely opt for a Honda.

- Heather S

I love all of the added features and especially the cherry red color.

I love the added features included, like the heated seats, the lift button that raises the seat to be level with the visor mirrors and the comfort of the seats is wonderful. I can drive for long periods of time without back pain. The radio is another favorite feature, as it draws in quite a few stations and it also displays the artist and song title so that I can find the songs to play again at home.

- Sarah K

My mother of all modified minivans...

My vehicle is a 2013 Chrysler town and country. It has been modified for a disabled person. My nephew. It has a wheelchair ramp/lift and only one back seat. It has modified floor height and suspension to handle the added weight of a power chair. As a result it handles fairly average but you feel every little bump you drive over. It otherwise, handles and drives like designed and made from factory.

- Michael H

The amount of storage space is great.

If you think minivans are just for soccer mom's then you have never driven one. . You are raised up as if driving a sports utility vehicle and there is so much storage space. Not just in the rear like most cars but the stow and go seating gives you even more room. The DVD player is an excellent addition, especially for those long car trips with the kids and it is a great vehicle to take camping.

- Alexander H

Mostly a Good Family Van, Could Be a Little Cooler

I wish the tech in the car would be automatically upgraded, or at done for free. The ride could be a little smoother. It could also look a little more cool. I love the dashboard display and all the capabilities. I wish there were shortcuts for using Bluetooth. Occasionally the Bluetooth cuts out for no reason or the automatic drive won't turn on, but mostly it's been pretty reliable.

- Tricia R

It is very comfortable and spacious. Every seat in the van reclines.

This vehicle is very comfortable. I love the automatic sliding doors and stow and go seats. The electric seat controls are nice, but the console is falling off which means it cheaply made. This is overall a great family vehicle. Having three children under ten, this car makes traveling a breeze and gives everyone more than enough to stretch out without being on top of each other.

- Angelica T

Good car bad transmission.

The Town and Country is very room and has the stow and go feature which is wonderful. There is a DVD system--handy for long drives with children. We do NOT like this car because of its transmission issues. A few months after purchase we experienced weird shifting problems. Mechanic diagnosed as bad transmission. Put a new one on still having minor shifting issues presently.

- lillie s

Sliding doors and fold away seating make it very versatile for active families.

I love the stow and go options for the seats. However, the set up for the latch safety system leaves something to be desired. This vehicle seats 7, but only allows for 3 car seats to use a latch system, one of which makes 2 passengers uncomfortable in the back row because it is very off center. The seating set up really needs some rethinking as it is a family vehicle.

- Kali S

Awesome vehicle great features.

There is no problems, it runs and drives good. I like the satellite radio and the built in backup camera. It also comes with a TV. It rides smooth and does not have any noises coming from it. I just bought it a few months ago and haven't had any problems with it yet. The seats are very comfortable and go down into the floor which calls for extra space when traveling.

- Hayley C

Comfortable seats front and back.

The passenger side door does not always open properly. This was an issue in our trade-in also. Electronics are hard to deal with. Really like the comfort of the seats. Like being able to completely hide the 3rd row for more hauling space. Being able to put the second row down works really good when purchasing something large and not paying a delivery charge.

- Janet J

Perfect for young families

This van is great! It drives well, fuel economy is comparable to any similar vehicle. The interior is spacious and comfortable. The best feature is the fold down seats in the second and third rows. The DVD players for both back rows are very useful for families. Car seats and strollers fit great inside. Have not had any issues with this vehicle. I love it!

- Brittany D

Comfortable, reliable minivan with a few issues

It has been a great family vehicle. We had a huge transmission issue within the first year of ownership which involved a total rebuild of transmission. Ever since then, my husband comments continually about jus dislike of the shifting he feels. We also have issues with the air conditioner and needing to charge it every summer. Besides that, I love my van.

- Andrea P

DVD and stow and go seating. Comfortable for everyone

The town and country is a great family vehicle. This car is so comfortable for all of us to fit. We love the stow and go seating and the DVD player. The back seats are comfortable enough for adults. The trunk gives us enough space for all our adventures. Driving the car is quiet and smooth. The gas mileage is phenomenal compared to other cars it's size.

- Samantha J

Keyless start! This feature is freaking awesome!

For the time that I've had my van I've had no issues with it. I maintain regular maintenance on it and it's been reliable thus far. I have heated leather seats, a VES with 3 screens, keyless start, and stow and go which comes in extremely helpful when moving large items, and it offers plenty of room for my family of 2 adults, 4 kids, 3 dogs, and 3 cats.

- Michelle T

This is a very reliable vehicle with lots of space for all the people and things you need.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. It is a perfect fit for my family of 4, 3 children and myself. There is lots of room for all the things we need. I love the stow and go seats in the second row. The only thing I would change with this vehicle is that I would like a second screen for the DVD player so the third row can see the movie better.

- Chelsea V

It has a amazing space for family and transport without feeling like a tank.

I love that my Town and Country has the space I need for my family. I also love the store and go option of "under floor" storage. It get reasonable gas mileage for a minivan. The onboard navigator is a huge bonus as well as the dvd player. I've been very happy with the vehicle. My only complaint is there is a definite blind spot in the front.

- Amanda S

It is the vehicle to get your family where they need to go comfortably while not feeling like a large vehicle to drive like other minivans.

I love that my vehicle is very easy to drive and comfortably fits my family of 5 especially on long distance trips. My vehicle has an excellent turn radius and maneuverability which helps in getting to all the places I need to go. I honestly have no complaints with my vehicle. It serves all my needs and wants at this time in the life of my family.

- Regina W

The town and country it a pretty good vehicle to own for a family of 5 to 7 people and also very spacious when seats are folded down into the floor.

I love the fold-down seat which allows for more space to put things in the van, it has just the right amount of seats to fit my family in it, and I really like that the doors are remotely controlled which is great when have one's arms full. On the downside, it is sometimes hard to park since it's so Big and it costs a lot to fill up the gas tank.

- Renee P

It is a must for families with kids.

Lots of space for a family of 5, the ceiling fold down DVD player is the greatest thing ever. Have had to have the alternator replaced twice in a year, the check engine light comes on a lot, even when nothing is wrong. I like how I can adjust the seat so I can sit up high, I am short. The heated seats and heating steering wheel is very nice.

- Kelly B

Safe and convenient car for families with any age children!

I love my minivan because it has automatic doors, stow and go back seats, a DVD player, separate heat/AC controls for the front and back, blue tooth and it's so easy to drive. The only things I'd love to see are better gas mileage, some sort of rain protection for the side doors when putting kids in and taking them out and a in-car vacuum.

- Shannon P

If you like convenience and a lot of space this vehicle is for you!

I love that the town and country minivan has some features that the Dodge grand caravan does not include. Standard features in the Chrysler town and country minivan include leather seats and entertainment system. I did not give it five stars because I feel as though somethings are hard to see with the amount of mirrors and windows spaces.

- Jenny B

Reliable transportation. Good all around vehicle.

I really like this vehicle for the most part. Gas mileage is very good and the ride is comfortable. However since I am 6 feet 4 inches tall the driver's seat is a little bit cramped for me even with the seat in maximum extensions. Overall this has been a very reliable vehicle. Has never been in the shop and is close to 50,000 miles now.

- Bill S

Durable and accommodating

We are a family of five, three kids included. We also play sports. The town and country came equipped for the family with a DVD player, screen for backing up and warning, sliding doors. However, the screen for the DVD in the back of the van does not work anymore and we are yet to go get it fixed. Overall, the Van has been good to us.

- Linda O

It's dependable, convenient, kid friendly, spacious, comfortable and looks great.

Our family LOVES this van. Seats fold into the floor, DVD for the kids, side and back doors powered. Only 2 issues we've had are not that big of a deal. 1. Every once in a while the cruise won't turn on. 2. Every once in a while the media center will freeze, including the volume requiring us to turn off the vehicle and restart it.

- Ryan K

Love my van! Big and comfortable!

I really like my minivan. It comfortably seats my entire family and drives well. There are lights on the dash that won't turn off at the moment but I assume that comes with age. I feel like I've had to replace the brakes more than I should for only owning for a few years. Overall I've been pleased and the kids like it as well.

- Ellen H

Town and country = perfect family vehicle.

This van is great for traveling with kids. There are many features that benefit both front and rear passengers. Many cup holders, storage spaces, and people room. The sliding doors on both sides makes it great to get kids in and out, especially if they are in car seats. Three temperature zones that can be adjusted individually.

- Amy K

2013 Chrysler Town and Country is a Smooth Ride

I can't stand the location of the cup holders. When open you cannot easily reach the charging ports. And the charging ports are way too low. The handles are not where I like them. We use floor mats and you cannot push back the console fully when they are in place. Runs nicely, no issues. One recall. Decent gas mileage.

- Jennifer S

Great vehicle for a family of 6.

Love that I have the stow and go! Trunk is spacious. I really enjoy using the phone feature, that way I am hands free. I feel like there is multiple locations to store items. The kids love the fact that it has a DVD player for both rows. My daughter loves that she is sitting in the second row and is able to have a seat warmer.

- Julie P

Large on space packed full of entertainment.

It is very comfortable to drive with everything easily accessible, it has leather seats that helps with the childrens messes and gives enough space to enable the children not to be on top of each other. Performance is great very responsive, and smooth. Mine has a DVD player which keeps everyone amused while on long journeys.

- Helen S

General Impressions of a Chrysler Town and Country

My Town and Country has served me well for many years. I have traveled many a mile in it and it has not given me many mechanical problems. Its entertainment systems are excellent ranging from a radio with satellite and phone compatible to a DVD player for both the front and back seats, Overall I could easy buy another one.

- Russell S

I really expected better gas mileage. This van gets less city mpg than, and around the same highway as, our older 4x4 Suburban!!!

I love the buttons on the key fob to open doors. Gas mileage is lower than I would like. the sunroof leaked twice within 2 weeks of purchasing the van brand new, and again just as my warranty was running out but we were told it was wear and tear, not a defect, so it wasn't covered anyway. It has room for us with 3 kids.

- donna c

The seats folding into the floor is super easy and makes the van very versatile.

Awesome family vehicle. Seats fold into floor, DVD system for the back, side and back doors are electric. Best vehicle we've ever owned. Dependable. Drives great. Ours had a few electrical glitches. . . Radio sometimes freezes requiring a car restart and sometimes the cruise does not come on. Other than that. . . Awesome.

- Ryan N

Great vehicle! Enjoy it!!

Overall, a great vehicle! Our family has enjoyed it with no problems so far. During road trips the TV comes in handy and saves unnecessary stops. Terrific sound system and loaded with features! The only thing we do not like is the trunk space. We understand it is fitted for the stow and go but it is a very small trunk.

- Nathan K

Chrysler town and country: why and why nots.

Too cramped at times, doors automatically stay open if you begin to drive and they haven't fully closed yet. Drives well and smooth, highly sensitive gas pedal, decent gas mileage. Stow and go is a huge plus, but ours stopped functioning fully within 2 years of purchase (not do to misuse). Easily accessible wiper buttons.

- Riley W

Reliable and very comfortable.

No issues except transmission had a problem that cost me a lot. The van has many good qualities especially the holes in the floor that the seats go in and it makes a ton of room. It is like having a pickup truck instead of a van. It comes in great handy when we want to go on a trip we have enough seats and storage space.

- Mitchell B

Easy to Load People and Gear

The Town and Country is a roomy, comfortable people and gear mover. It is easy to drive around the city with plenty of pep for merging on the highway and cruising. So far I have had no reliability problems and only routine maintenance. Both side doors with automatic slide opening makes loading effortless and convenient.

- Elizabeth G

We fit like a dream and keeps my kids entertained!

When we bought it used from the dealership the tipm was bad but once we got that replaced it is like a dream come true. My children love the built in DVD player and it is nice to have a vehicle that can fit all of us comfortably. Backup cameras are a must in a vehicle that large and makes me feel much safer on the road.

- Mandy M

Do not buy a Chrysler, too many issues.

Continuous small problems with the car. The emissions sensor has failed repeatedly. The battery died when the car was 1 year old. Interior has not held up well compared to other vehicles I have owned. Driver heated seat failed 2nd year. It is annoying to have to keep going back to the dealership for a new car like that.

- Meg P

Spacious and roomy for family.

I love the stowaway seating. It allows for so much space for my family. The only problem I have had with the van is that the engine stalls occasionally. We have had it to the dealer but they say everything is ok. The van ran smoothly without this problem for 5 years. Even so, it is a wonderful, spacious family vehicle.

- Kelly R

The exterior paint job has a glittery black finish.

Safety features like rear view mirror lights up with cars nearby, large back cameras, multiple ways of opening and closing doors, lumbar back adjustment. Beeps if car comes too close on either side, and, all doors can be opened including the trunk in seconds as well as there is a DVD player with possible ear plugs.

- Helen R

Easy controls, family friendly, low maintenance.

Runs well, maintenance is pretty easy. The entertainment system is helpful on long trips. The control cluster on the steering wheel is very helpful. The E85 fuel ability is very helpful during high price gas Season. The back seat being able to be turned backwards also helps during picnic and drive in movie nights.

- Manny L

I love my Chrysler Town and Country!

I love my Town and Country. It has a large screened back up camera, which makes maneuvering a LOT easier. The seats fold all the way into the floor, which helps when I use it for moving furniture. I did have mechanical problems in the first year, but they were covered by warranty and fixed quickly by the dealership.

- Kinda D

Town & Country For The Win

My wife and I really our Town and Country. The extra features that are included (Sirius XM, Dual DVD players, cruise control and Bluetooth capabilities) really make traveling tons of fun. The Town and Country is super reliable and handles very well. To this date, we have not had any major problems with maintenance.

- Matt B

The power doors and back life gate is great. The controllers on steering wheel

I really enjoy my van. The power feature are very convenient with kids. Also the stow n go seats are great. The only issues I have had is there is a second oil filter. I have had to replace this a few times. The screws and springs. The car has a nice smooth ride. The DVD player has helped with long road trips

- Megan C

It has ran well and if taken care of my family. I bought it new and have not had major problems since owning it, other than natural wear and tear issues. It now has over 130,000 miles on it.

I like the entertainment system and all the options that come with it. What I dislike is the color and how the seats are cheap, and not real leather as advertised when I bought it, but I didn't discover this until the vehicle got old and began to crack. I dislike the light color interior and how easily it stains.

- Victor D

This van is a must with children

This van is perfect of you have children. I love that the doors are automatic and you can control them from the key. It also has a DVD player which is a must when traveling. This car has been reliable and has only needed basic maintenance. The ride is good and the backup camera makes parking much easier.

- Emily F

I can watch a DVD while I am in park.

I love my minivan. It has 2 DVD players, heated seats and steering wheel, rear view sensors and automatic start and doors. It fits my 2 children well. I wish it was a different color and a few years newer. It is very easy to put the seats down. The leather in my seat is very worn from the previous owner.

- Carrie M

Great for families - very spacious.

The only issue we have is tire pressure continually. Other than that, it is very reliable and great for families. It is very spacious, perfect for young kids. It has decent gas mileage: I love the automatic doors. I think my favorite part is the backup camera- it makes me feel much safer when backing up.

- Sarah L

I feel safe driving this vehicle and the backup camera is a great help for me because I have back troubles so it save me from twisting to much when backing up.

What I like about it is it has lots of room to carry things( dogs,grandkids and items). It has keyless entry and keyless start , also a backup camera. I feel very safe in it. What I don't like is small little things keep breaking. Like a vent fell from the ceiling the middle console won't shut right.

- Anne C

The folding seats and the storage spaces when the seats are up.

It is a minivan with folding seats in the middle and back and when the middle row is down the areas can be used for storage. There is an entertainment system and the engine has power. However the weight of the van with the engine power causes it to slip when it is just wet out on usual acceleration.

- Jacob D

2013 town and country perfect for any family.

I love the Uconnect feature on this van. It has been incredibly reliable, as well as great gas mileage. Road noise and comfort level inside are great. The Uconnect feature does not work as well when the windows are down due to wind noise. Stow and go is an added advantage for hauling bigger items.

- Jennifer G

Love the stow and go for storage and more space to get kids in and out.

My Chrysler town and country is amazing for me and my kids. Lots of space, seats can go in the stow and go for more space in the back. Trunk space is amazing. 2 DVD players for all kids to watch. Sirius XM radio, navigator and lots of features for moms to love. Power doors and windows amazing too.

- Lyndsey M

It drives and handles good on the road.

I have less than 60,000 miles on my van. No problems other than the front seat design is easily broken. It is a very poor design. I have had it replaced twice. Other than the seats both passenger and drivers seats, I love my van. I would suggest that Chrysler work out a new design in the future.

- Dorothy M

The large speedometers number. They are digital.

I love my car. It is so comfortable. I love the back up camera and big digital numbers of the speedometer so I can see how fast I'm going. The air conditioner is great and the phone system is so convenient.I like how the doors open with a touch of your hand. I like the seats stow and go system.

- Donna F

Amazing stow and go storage,

I really enjoy my van. We are a very big family with 6 children and it fits is great The stow and go feature is amazing while traveling, even in long trips that requires several large bags. Maintenance is affordable and we have had minimal problems from this vehicle since purchasing in 2015.

- Sarah N

Great Family Van with all the Bells and Whistles!

I love my van! It's the second Town and Country I've owned. It really has every feature I could need/want. I love the stow and go seating. I confess, I love being able to pick free stuff up from the side of the road. It's been very reliable and doesn't need more than the basic car care.

- Nadine K

Stow and go is a nice option.

When you extend the center counsel it rattles and is annoying. The black carpet shows all dirt and hair. It is nice to copy music to the hard drive so you can also watch a DVD at the same time. It is handy to have the stow and go feature. The back seats are a little uncomfortable to sit in.

- Julia F

Others should know about my car that it runs good it is roomy it has 8 seats.

I have plenty of more space, compared to my Ford explorer and my truck. We drove it to texas from indiana in it. It is very smooth. I can put almost anything in it, because I love the stow and go seats. My complaints are I wish I had a little bit more room in the truck. But not a big issue.

- Cherie H

Lots of good features on the town and country.

I really like some of the features in the car including the camera, the DVD players and the stow and go seating. The main complaint about my vehicle is the electronic doors are always messing up. I have had this looked at professionally several times and they can't seem to fix the problem.

- Carrie J

It has some great features but it also needs some improvements.

I like the features such as heated seats and fold and go seats but the volume for the different stereo features change between the aux, hdd, radio, and phone. I also wish I could use the gps on my phone with the cars speakers without it saying "phone call disconnected" after each direction

- Jenn A

The Bluetooth device is such an awesome feature to have and use.

It's a very comfortable vehicle I have had no problems with it except wear and tear. The back up camera is an awesome feature to have. Its my 3rd same vehicle and I've had no problems with them. Leather is much better than cloth. I've had both. I just need a bigger car for I have 6 kids.

- Jessica B

Reliable and practical family minivan.

It is a reliable vehicle. It is comfortable and has many features that my children love. They especially love the extra USB ports and DVD player. I love that it is very easy to flip the seats up and down in the middle and the back. The rearview camera is a must and I absolutely love it!

- Nicole L

A vehicle with room enough for the family.

Not a hood looking car takes too much gas and the brakes go out fast I really like how it has enough room for my whole entire family and it's a really spacious vehicle one thing I would change is the style of the van it needs to be a little bit more modern style keep up with the times.

- Mindy O

Great family vehicle with great safety features and modern technologies.

We love the stowaway seats. Tons of space and nice interior. However. I wish there was an option to move the middle seats together to make it easier to have two kids in the middle and one in the back. My children are young so I have to crawl over seat to buckle children up in the back.

- Liz M

Handicapped conversion for my daughter.

My van is converted to handicapped accessible for my daughter. I love the lift that comes out of the back for her wheelchair. It has two DVD players and she loves to watch DVDs on a trip. It has heated seats that are great in the winter time also. And air conditioning for the summer.

- Angela A

Chrysler Town and Country 2013. I really love the push button sliding doors.

My Chrysler Town and Country is reliable, comfortable and the kids love it. The best parts about the minivan is the push button doors and the DVD player. I haven't had any major issues. The only issue I have had is that the cruise control went out but we were able to get it fixed b

- Amy P

The perfect family vehicle.

I love the way it drives and the camera that shows you what's behind you when you are reversing. I also love all the storage available and the front and rear DVD player! I wish it had heated seats though and also a vacuum to keep everything clean. Overall it is an excellent vehicle!

- Joel M

Details about the 2014 Chrysler Town and Country

The car is very comfortable, and The car has a TV inside The car is very reliable and The car does not really have problems The seats in the car folds inside the ground so it has more room for suitcases in case you want to travel somewhere. The car can seat up to 7 people at a time

- Pamela J

Size and comfort for the whole family to enjoy!

No problems with this vehicle since I have owned it. The size is great to carry everything I need to ring home. Great to take on trips. All the room you need to store suitcases. Three rows of seats makes it easy to carry six adults in comfort. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Louise S

The vehicle tends to be a reliable vehicle, but the heat is not as good as it used to in earlier models. We have had issues with fuses blowing so there may be electrical issues.

I like the roominess of the vehicle. I don't like the stow and go. It is such a hassle to fold down the seats. You have to put the front seat all the way up to the front, then lift all the floor mats and then lift the floor somehow hold it up while you start to fold down the seat.

- Melissa M

It is a reliable and affordable family vehicle. It's the second of this model I've purchased and have enjoyed it.

It was affordable when we purchased. I miss my heated seats and automatic start although I believe those are features I could have had. I like the space available in the van and the flexibility of 4-7 passenger vehicle. It has been a very good vehicle with no major repairs needed.

- Danille C

Family minivan with automatic doors, DVD player(s), and plenty of cargo space!

This van is very reliable. I have had no issues thus far, except that when I hit the gas abruptly to speed up I can smell something that smells like burning and my car gets louder. I have been told my catalytic converter may need adjusting. Other than that, it drives wonderfully.

- Shirley A

Great van. High quality, function and style.

It performs nicely. Mostly comfortable. Rear passenger seat head rests could use some improving. I would like more access for charging electronics. Gas mileage is not the best. It has plenty of storage. I like the third row fold and pack seats. Easy to drive. Good safety ratings.

- Wendy M

Great car with a lot of space. Stow-a-way seats and leather upholstery.

Great car so far. Only basic maintenance has had to be performed. Brakes, oil, etc. Nice leather seats that are really comfortable (only issue is get hot in the sun, have seat covers for the summer). Great detailed stitching on the seats. Dashboard is easy to use and convenient.

- Chloe P

Comfortable to drive, great gas mileage,

The van is comfortable a pleasure to drive good sound system. Many safety features, also we like the DVD player for our granddaughter. The gas mileage is great. The van only had one problem the transmission went out at 98000 miles, and the new transmission tends to shift hard.

- Susan C

Outstanding family vehicle

We have had very few problems with our 2013 Chrysler Town and Country. It drives smooth and all of the special features such as backup camera and tv have worked great. The only problem we have encountered in 5 years is the wiring on one passenger door which we fixed ourselves.

- Amy D

Chrysler town and country, there are better choices out there.

Car doesn't run as well as foreign and imports. Acceleration is slow, gas mileage is not good. Power seats are poorly constructed. Touch screen buttons for radio and navigation display do not work properly. Not easy to learn and program navigation on touch screen, confusing.

- Gina W

Heated steering wheel. I love it I love it more than my heated seats

My car has had electrical issues almost from the beginning. I have had issues with the radio, cruise control and seat adjuster to name a few. I love not only the seat warmer but the heated steering wheel also. I also love that the back seat fold down by the push of a button


Can put the back row if seats flat with the floor.

We have an electronics problem. When you hit the button to open the left passenger door it goes back and forth. It does it couple times then quits for a month or so. We take it in and they claim they cannot find anything wrong. Was bought used from a Chrysler dealership.

- Janet J

Town and country is very reliable.

Very reliable vehicle, traveled many miles. Regular maintenance yearly and this vehicle will last a long time. Had some electrical problem with the radio system which had affected other systems. I don't have a radio in it now but may put one in if I intend on keeping it.

- Ruth M

My opinion of Chrysler Town and Country

I love the drivability of the Town and Country. It has great power and is efficient on fuel. The interior is not as comfortable as other vehicles that I have owned, however it is ok. I would recommend this vehicle for families that like to travel with smaller children

- Tomas T

It's a family convenience vehicle

I got our backup camera don't beep when it's supposed to. My engine light keeps coming on and the dealership charges too much money to just look at it. I do love the sto-n-go features and the kids love the movie option. We did get it used so we didn't pick features.

- Christina C

I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

My van is very reliable. I have never had one issue with it since I bought it used in 2015. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. The stow and go seating is awesome also. I can haul things that my husband cannot haul in his truck because I have no wheel wells.

- Angie L

Bad experience with Chrysler .

Electrical problems all the time. Automatic start randomly will not work. Has been to the dealership numerous times but they can not get the problem to replicate so it ends up being in the shop for a long time and never actually gets fixed. It is very frustrating.

- Megan P

Great vehicle. Changed my mind about owning a van.

We have had problem with the transmission. Other than that, it is great. Perfect for out family needs. Love the stow and go seating. Great for extra room when we are traveling and the kids love the DVD. Great gas mileage and dependability. I love the sound system.

- Tracy W

Roomy and comfortable minivan

We love our Town & Country! This best feature is that all of the seats fold into the floor... completely flat! We usually leave one of the bucket seats down which makes for more room for our three kids to get in and out of the back. Great space for a minivan!

- Kelly B

Great smooth great comfort gate great family car.

It is big for my family love the seating the drive is smooth the TV works great I wish we could sync movies from my phone to the TV radio stations stink just cause of my location so I wish XM radio was free for small town people the doors will act up on occasion.

- Jennifer B

Good on gas, roomy. I do not like the stow and go.

Some electric problems but otherwise good van. It fits every one and is good on gas. We have fun times. I do not like the stow and go. I can fit all my kids in it and groceries.I like the black color of the van. I was going to buy a Honda but crysler is cheaper.

- Gina H

Tan town and country with a DVD/ CD player. Seats 7 people. All seats fold down.

Do not have anything to say about my van. It gets me to where I need to go, and keeps kids entertained on trips with the DVD player. It has broke down on me three times. I would rather have an SUV. Vans are spacious but I am a SUV girl. Hoping to trade soon.

- Jessica R

All around amazing vehicle!

It has always been very reliable. We also really like the DVD player for the kids to watch. The stow and go is a huge help for everything. It allows for more room with groceries and also when we go places for the weekend. It also has fairly good gas mileage.

- Cassandra B

It is wonderful with young children

Silver town and country minivan. Love how practical it is with young children. Love the TV/DVD player and sliding doors. It has had some issues that needed repair. One of the sliding doors stopped working and a cylinder went bad but overall great vehicle.

- Madelaine D

A good, dependable vehicle.

This vehicle drives very well and is most comfortable. It has good miles per gallon of gas and only a few maintenance issues. The TPM sensors have been replaced as well as the rear brakes. There have been other minor issues that have been easily repaired.

- Bobbie W

Quality, comfortable, spacious, good sound system and great gas mileage.

The stow n go seats are by far the best feature. Going to the store finding a large unplanned purchase the seats allow for this with no planning ahead. Also on long family trips being able to arrange the seats maximum space and comfort is great with kids.

- Sean K

I love this van and my kids do too!

We love our van. It's just right if you have little kids. It's easy for them to get out of. It also has a lot of space. Is it make traveling easy too and the TV in the back helps too. The Stow and go is great too. There is lot of room for all your stuff.

- Amanda B

A van is much better than a car because it carries more people and because it's higher off the ground it's more comfortable.

I like that it's large enough to fit several people or carry large loads of groceries, etc. It's high off the ground so it's comfortable getting in and out of and you don't feel the bumps so much. You can see better since it's higher off the ground too.

- Amy H

Town & country comfort for all.

Great ride, lots of power options. Rust spots though. Lots of windows, backup camera, mirror, stow away seats. Lots of room. Easy for dog to get in and out. Remote start. Keyless operation if you choose. Power doors with options on key fob. DVD players.

- Max R

2013 Chrysler town and country van.

It has 88000 miles. Extremely reliable. Having a few problems but with how much I drove it no big deal. I was frustrated that the airbag sensor was activated. It was a sensor with the seatbelt at 600 each. Total 1200. Ouch. I love the stow and go seats.

- Mary H

Great spacious family vehicle.

Features: stow and go, DVD player, internal hard drive for music and pictures. For the most part it has been very reliable. I recently had to replace the transmission, and alternator, among other smaller things. It is very spacious for larger families.

- Shelly P

This van works great for our family. It has plenty of room for us and also has a DVD player for long trips. COMFORT!

We got a great deal on this used family van. It drives great. This is the best vehicle I have ever bought and we receive compliments on it. There are a few things that were damaged when we bought it, but other than that there are no dislikes.

- Andy M

I love the backup camera and DVD player.

It's hard to put the seats in their hide holes. The cover for over the seat holes get bens or broken pretty easily. I love my automatic doors and the hole in the trunk to keep things in so they don't slide out when door is opens even on a hill.

- Kristen H

It is a good family car with plenty of trunk space.

I like the automatic sliding doors, the automatic trunk. I do not like that the third row only has one spot with a top tether and that it is in the center of the back seat. It should have two spots with top tether, the right and left seat.

- Jessica B

Family friendly vehicle with lots of features

Like the features - stow and go Seating, outlet, navigation, Bluetooth, entertainment system and backup camera. Gas mileage is decent. I don't like how many issues we've had with the entertainment system; it's been replaced several times.

- Ashley W

It has great storage capabilities! Plenty of room for road trips.

I love that is has so many cup holders and they're all conveniently placed. The fact that all the seats in the back go in the floor was a HUGE selling feature for us. My only dislike would be the DVD player seems to give me some trouble.

- Emily W

It's comfortable, affordable, and worth the money.

Love the entertainment system, backup camera, the storage, and the seats that fold into the floor. The only thing I dislike is no lane changing sensors to let me know there's a car in the lane beside me, or the lane I'm changing into.

- Ash F

It has the fold down seats for easy hauling of stuff. The back seats are very easy to put down.

I like that all the seats can fold down and you can haul stuff in the back. It is really handy for the back seats to fold down and so easy to do it. It is a comfortable ride, too. The foot feed seems to be a little touchy sometimes.

- Linda K

I love my van. It's comfortable to drive and I feel safe in it.

I like the stow and go, the way it drives, the push button doors. I don't like that the doors freeze shut in the winter sometimes, crumbs and junk easily falls into stow and go space, the carpet is hard to get dog hair out of.

- Shaina H

I love the room and the features my van has to offer. I also love the convenience features like the automatic doors and the bluetooth features. I've had some issues with the van that I feel should not have occurred before I reached 100,000 miles that I had to repair like a coolant hose and an air conditioning issue.

It has a ton of room and allows us to fit the whole family as well as fit a ton if stuff in it when we're doing projects around the house. It functions as the family vehicle and also helps us move things around like a truck.

- Colleen L

Amazingly Organized Town & Country

I absolutely love my town and country! The backup camera, automatic sliding doors and trunk, many cup holders and storage compartments but best of all is the stow and go! Seats fold down so easily or you can store underneath!

- Claire A

Chrysler's Town and Country Seats Seven Comfortably.

My Town and Country is versatile. It is large enough to transport all my grandchildren as well as groceries for a large group. I like that the seats easily fold flat. The seat wells are handy for showing article used seldom.

- Barbara C

A lot of car at a great price. It is comfortable. It is almost 6 years old and the only problem I have had with it is the cruise control and blind spot going in and out.

The vehicle came fully loaded at a great price. The blind spot protection and the cruise control constantly go out. The gas mileage is terrible. With that being said it is a great fit for my family and it is comfortable.

- amber d

It's a great family car with lots of cargo space.

I love how much room it has. I like the look of it. I like the entertainment center to keep my kids occupied. I don't like that the side mirror electrical covers come off easily and have been lost for several years.

- Sharon W

I love how easy it is to put the different seats up and down. I also really like all the different ways that I can configure the seats - having options is fantastic. I wish there was a little more leg room for the two captains chairs in the back seat.

It is the perfect vehicle for a family, especially if they like to take road trips. It is nice to have the dvd player and other entertainment options for the kids and it is comfortable for everyone to ride in.

- Victoria H

That it can hold many kayaks on top, one inside, and still I can fit people inside

I've only had it for a week. It had only 25000 miles on it. It has running boards, which I am not a fan of. But the van works for my families active outdoor lifestyle as we have plenty of room for all our gear

- Leah P

It is very reliable and is great if you have kids!

I love my minivan! It is great for taking kids and their friends to sporting events and carpooling to and from school. The navigation and built in dvd and blu-ray player is great for vacations and long trips!

- Stephanie G

It's a good, safe family car. Lots of airbags, seating for plenty of people, leather seats.

I like the fact that it seats up to 7 people. It's also easy to drive and has a lot of safety features. I don't like how it's difficult to keep clean because of the type of fabric they use for the carpeting.

- Toni C

It's a great van and has a DVD player to entrain the child.

It is a great vehicle. It does have issues with the fuel pump running even when the van is off, because of this it kills the battery. The fuel pump relay has issues as well and needs to be replaced as well.

- Donna F

It has been a very reliable vehicle.

I like the stow and go seating. The spaciousness is great for traveling. The automatic doors are perfect for riding anywhere with kids. I do not love the cup holder size and placement for all seating areas.

- Kristen L

I feel it's safe and reliable, it gets good gas mileage.

I bought this van to replace an older T&C. I love the dual DVDs for road trips, to entertain my kids. I love the power doors. I will get a Pacifica to replace it (someday) since the T&C is no longer made.

- Lisa D

The town and country is a great vehicle and has a lot of technology that makes the drive entertaining for the family.

It is a great family vehicle. It has a ton of storage and it fits everything we need for our 3 children. It's good on fuel. I wish it had all wheel drive and would sacrifice some storage for it.

- William C

Van can act as a truck to haul things in.

Only complaint is that there is not enough leg room for tall people. That makes it hard to drive. Need to make the driver's seat more lengthy so you can adjust the seat to match your long legs.

- Tina G

This car looks like it would be good for a family, but it doesn't fit car seats well.

I don't like that the electrical on the sliding door is faulty. Seems to be a common issue with the car. I don't like the gas mileage. I like that it has a decent amount of space for a family.

- Amber O

That it has heated seats, and steering wheel.

I love the fact that it has 2 dvd players, I love the remote start. I love the backup camera, and also love the mirror sensors when there are objects beside me. I love how much space it has.

- Sarah D

I especially like the push button doors.

It is hard for me to get into because it is high off the ground. I like all the other features like the push button side and tailgate opening. Like the backup camera and side windows go down.

- Carole K

Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

I really like the Chrysler Town & Country. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room for wheelchair modifications. I purchased this vehicle in 2013 and haven't had any problems.

- Kim T

It's very roomy. Great for big families.

I like that there's a lot of room to give my children's Friends a ride. I also like that all of our bikes fit in the back if I put all the seats down. I dislike how much gas it uses.

- Hadiyah L

Very practical for families.

Transmissions seems to jump. Love the comfort and features for our family. Great additional storage under seats. Easy to put seats down for extra hauling. Large gas tank for trips.

- Lauren M

It's a great car for a family.

I love the stow and go option for travel. It has a spacious storage space. I like the option to watch a movie for the kids. I wish the entertainment system was more user friendly.

- Jon B

This is The Best Family Vehicle

My van is a life saver honestly. the kids love that they can watch tv while on the road. Both doors are automatic and the back windows roll down. I've had it for 2 1/2 years now.

- Jessica D

It gets pretty good gas mileage.

I like the number of seats and the DVD package. I do not like the interior quality. The mechanics of it didn't hold up to our family. I.E.. Broken seats, broken seat warmers etc.

- Shanna Z

the Safety of the car. It has been very trustworthy

for the most part we have no issues with it. The only flaw that comes to mind at the moment is if you have a dvd on the back screen, you can't have it play in the front as well

- Eli A

nothing-other people should have no business about my vehicle

I like the heated seats and steering wheel- back up camera-built in navigation-auto wipers and auto headlights- I do not like it has a issue when you hit about 45 with shifting

- Roger H

I is a very versatile car. great for families and work.

I like that it has stow and go seats. It's great for cargo space and very spacious. the only things I don't like is no 4 wheel drive and the spare is put in a horrible area.

- Mahmod M

It has really good features.

I really like the features on my vehicle, such as automatic start, automatic opening doors and trunk, DVD player, NAV system. I dislike that it doesn't get better gas mileage.

- Jordan T

Leather heated seats, style for days!

It is so comfy with it's leather seats, loaded with all kinds of extras and even better remote start! Stylish for a mini van nice sound system, DVD player, and heated seats.

- Cayla K

It is the perfect family car.

I like it because it is reliable and a very good family car. There is plenty of room for everyone. There is not anything I dislike about it and I do not have any complaints.

- Jennifer W

It is a great family vehicle because it has lots of room and is comfortable to drive.

I love that it has heated seats & steering wheel. I love all the storage. I don't really like that it is a van because of the stereotype that comes along with driving a van.

- Lacacia T

It has the stow-n-go feature which gives me the capability to hide things in the van.

I love the stow-n-go capability. The ability to fold all the seats down to make a completely flat surface is wonderful. I wish it had cloth seats instead of faux leather.

- Jim S

It runs reliably well and offers a host of features.

I love the following features: automatic doors, Uconnect phone, built-in garage door opener, and seats that collapse into the floor. I hate the touchy gas and brake pedals.

- Angie F

A great family vehicle that has excellent storage.

I love the stow and go seating, but sometimes it doesn't function correctly. I also feel like the back seat is really narrow, I wish we could fit bigger bodies back there.

- Holly R

People should know it has a large gas tank and gets pretty good gas mileage for a minivan.

I love all the space it has. I love the automatic doors. I love the amount of room between seats when they are all up. I dislike how the front bumper is lower than an SUV.

- Evelyn S

It does have lots of room, and a DVD player for the kiddos

I'm not to crazy about my van. I would rather have a suv. The way a van drives and the way it skids when it rains is very unnerving. I don't remember my suvs doing that.

- Jessica Y

Very reliable I have not had one problem with my van.

I like the ride and I like many features. I like the way it handles. I like the gas mileage it gets for a van. But I don't like the way wind affects the It's handling.

- Gary D

It is spacious and luxurious for the price with bells and whistles on even the base model.

My van is spacious and useful. I love the stow n go seats. My son loves the DVD player. I can't live without the backup camera. I dislike how cheap the seats are made.

- Jaclyn K

2013 Chrysler Town & Country

I love my Town & Country. It drives really well. I am able to get in and out of parking spots really well with the back up cameras. The stow and go seats are perfect.

- Rachelle G

Good car for a busy family.

It's been a great Your vehicle so far for our family. I am disappointed about how quickly the leather seat cracked and how somethings broke on the car fairly quickly.

- Solimar P

Chrysler Town and Country is not a good vehicle.

I bought my van new and have had lots of issues with it. Small to large. A window button that never worked, a light that never worked. Trans issues, different leaks.

- Amanda C

It's been reliable for me. Seems to be of good quality.

I love the stow n go. I love the TV For long trips. I use to love the backup camera but it doesn't work as well as several other broken things too much money to fix.

- Lucy R

It has good mileage, is very comfortable, and very reliable.

It has sliding side doors. The rear seats fold away flat to the floor for storage. It has a little too much road noise. Love the heated seats and steering wheel.

- Laurie K

The town and country van is a family friendly van.

Great car if you have kids. It is easy to get kids in and out, has many kid-friendly features like DVD, auto doors, stow and go storage, fold flat seats, and more.

- Kris G

Gets us where we need to go.

This can provides plenty of room for our family. Love the stow away seating. Some of the interior troops is coming apart and the leather driver seat is cracking.

- Jr M

Very spacious. Holds 7 passengers comfortably. Lots of cargo room.

Love the space and versatility of the seating. Hate the u-connect phone system. Not very user friendly. Rides loud. Got to turn radio up really loud to hear it.

- Janet D

The minivan is spacious and allows us to travel with our family of 6!

The Chrysler Town and country is a great minivan. It is very spacious and allows us to travel and bring everything we need. It fits our family of 6 comfortably.

- Jillian H

Most definitely the Car seat configuration! It's terrible.

I do not like the car seat configuration. I love the heated seating but wish it also had cooled seats. Heated steering wheel is a plus. Love the backup camera.

- Liz B

Great, user friendly, minivan

I really enjoy driving my van. The flexibility with the seating arrangements and the ease of changing them is nice. I rely on the entertainment features a lot.

- Laura H

The stow and go seats make this minivan very versatile.

The stow and go seats are awesome. It is versatile and comfortable. My only complaint is that I wish it had a memory for the seat position and side mirrors.

- Catherine G

It's supposed to be really safe. One of the reasons I bought it!

I like all the features-backup camera, automatic doors, liftgate, etc. Part of the plastic on the seat has broken off, so I'm not sure how long it will last.

- Bethany G

It is very functional. It gets us where we need to be in a safe manner.

It is a very reliable car. I dislike that it is big, but we need a large vehicle to transport our family. I wish it was newer and had things like bluetooth.

- Jen H

It is a great option for families because of the amount of storage and seating room the can has.

The leather seats are great for kids. We love the dvd player because it entertains the kids. We also love the amount of storage and cup holders the van has.

- Amy C

The car has a lot of space. It can hold seven people and haul a load when the seats are folded down

Its a solid car and all. It has a good amount of horsepower and nice engine. Only issue I have with it is a sensitive gas pedal, otherwise it's pretty good.

- Charles A

The most important thing about it is the fact that it is a safe vehicle.

It's the most luxurious vehicle I have ever owned. It drives smoothly. I feel safe driving it. I love the back-up camera, sound system, and leather seats.

- Cori s

The stow & go feature is terrific.

I love the stow & go feature.....use it all the time....back and forth to suit our travel requirements. It gets really good gas mileage and has lots of pep.

- Lynn M

My car has a lot of great features that work well for parents.

This is my second minivan and I love it. It comes with a lot of extra features like power sliding doors and a DVD player which come in handy with two kids.

- Renate B

The greatest minivan on the market for storage

I absolutely love the stew and go feature of my Chrysler town and country. It is so great to have all of the extra storage space especially when traveling.

- Laura R

Always update the navigation system on time or it just stops working.

Very reliable and kids love the comfort of having the DVD. Good on gas both highway and city. Having the automatic doors really help with the kids as well.

- Kim H

It is a must have if you have a bunch of kids. It's truly made our lives easier.

Really like stow and go seats and the DVD player included. It does drive a bit rough and doesn't have a great turning radius. But we've enjoyed using it.

- Matt Y

It is practical for a family.

It's a minivan but I have 3 kids so it is convenient. It makes me feel very basic. I do like how it simplifies my life and keeps everyone from touching.

- Leah F

It has been very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

Like the size, roominess and Comfort especially on long trips. Like the safety features especially blind spot detector. Also like the stow and go seats.

- Sandra S

It is safe and dependable.

I love all the storage and ease-of-use everything is. I do not like that it is not very old, good gas mileage and we've had a couple mechanical issues.

- Kim G

It's so convenient with a large family. My kids love the dual flip down screens in that it plays both DVDs and blu ray discs.

I love my van because of the space and dual push button sliding doors and push button hatch. I'm not really sure if I don't like anything about my van.

- Emily M

Family Vehicle that seats 7. Stow-n-go capacity. Good in all weather conditions.

I like the storage features of the van. I like that I can transport my whole family in one trip. I like that it runs well in all weather conditions.

- Dana T

Great Vehicle to drive in

There is no problems with the van. The van is very reliable and it is comfortable. It has a DVD player which is good for my child who sits in the back

- Dan W

The safety features are outstanding and help make the driver feel very safe.

I really don't have anything I dislike. I love the stow n go and my GPS. There is enough room to carry my dogs on crates while having decent mileage.

- Donna S

My family has had nothing but good experience with Chrysler vehicles.

I really love the room in the van it seats up to 7 people. Also is still roomy enough. Have had nothing but good reliable transportation with my van.

- Ashley E

Good mileage and great for road trips. Very dependable with great performance.

My vehicle has great features. Leather seats with the option for heated seats and lots of room. DVD player and satellite radio are great for the kids

- Misty C

The vehicle has good gas mileage, travels comfortably. I would buy it again.

My vehicle is very reliable and has not caused many problems. It has an issue with the passenger side air bag that has been repaired multiple times.

- Derrick B

Roomy with great mileage. Drive like a car hit big and roomy

Love the ride experience and amenities and space. Hate several design flaws such as wiring harness for blind spot that snaps off when snow comes

- Connie A

It is comfortable and responsive.

I like that it has a lot of storage space, is responsive and comfortable. I do not like that it does not have heated seats and has poor mileage.

- Linda B

The extended warranty doesn't cover as much as you think it does.

I love the roominess and the features, but I hate that it is starting to cause me problems which are not covered under the extended warranty.

- Tammy T

Good size interior space, would prefer leather instead of fabric upholstery.

I love the stow and go seats. I like the factory DVD player. The only improvement I would like is a little more space between rows of seats.

- Gail R

That it is very durable and is great for adventuring.

I like the automatic doors. I like all the room. I do not like that I didn't get the top of the line seats. My current seats are not heated.

- Diana W

My car is very spacious. I can run my cheerleading bus route very effectively with this car.

I honestly don't have any complaints about the vehicle. We have used it for 5 years and it still gets the job done. I really like this car.

- Jazmyn J

My vehicle is Very dependable. I have owned it for almost 5 years and have not had any problems with it

I do not like the black carpet. It shows all the food crumbs and dog hair. Also very hard to get everything out of carpet when vacuuming.

- Linda C

It is a van that is comfortable enough for our family of 5

I like the space it offers my family. I like the automatic doors. I like the built in navigation but I wish it updated itself regularly

- Mandy A

It's a great family vehicle. Great gas mileage and a very comfortable ride for longer trips.

I love the size and comfort of our van. The fold and go seating is awesome for transporting kids and stuff. The van also feels very safe!

- Crystal C

Our town and country has always been reliable. It is decent on gas.

Our town and country has always been reliable and comfortable. It is very versatile with being able to take out any and all of the seats.

- Jason R

It has a lot of power controls in it.

My only complaint is low gas mileage.I like that it has automatic doors and rear door. I like that the seats fold down into the floor.

- Susan D

Louis of good storage. Hannity with our purchase.

Overall love it. It has enough room for our family. Love the seat storage to pop up and down easily. The dvd player is a life sander

- Kolissa M

an acceptable option for families

the vehicle is spacious and comfortable, with features like removable seats, integrated navigation, and multiple screens for the kids.

- rachelle d

It is appealing for those who have a family.

I like the convenience of the style of this vehicle. I enjoy the space available. I do not like the average appearance of the vehicle.

- Samara R

There's enough room for everything. I've never had any problems fitting all the stuff I need.

It has so much room for everything. I love the stow & go seating. Plenty of room for my daughter's thing. I dislike the transmission.

- Stephanie P

Comfortable ride; you sit higher than a regular car.

Keyless entry. Back-up camera. Individual temperature control. Heated & power seats. Wish we had driver memory for seat position.

- Deana D

It is a mom car. Very roomy for vacations and sports good for families of five.

Stood and go seats are hard to put away. Love that it is been reliable. Hate the gas mileage. Love the dual DVD entertainment system.

- Sally M

The most important this is that it is big enough to carry all our equipment.

I like the size of the van. I also like that it sits higher than sedans. I do not like that the interior pieces seem to be cracking.

- J Z

It fits more than two car seats easily, with space to work around them and still fit a full stroller in the back and diaper bags, a huge plus for moms.

I like the space and the captain chairs, and the DVD player. I hate the way it handles in snow and the lack of power and clearance.

- Jessica P

Roll down seats for added storage helps with extra storage and long legged passengers.

Large size for teenage boys when we travel as a family. Good on gas. Comfortable for long trips and good storage for store trips.

- Mallory T

The gas mileage is great considering it is a van and a v6.

I love how comfortable it is, the middle seat fold down for more space and back seat also fold down for extra storage in the back.

- Stacey D

There is plenty of room for not only a family but for traveling with luggage or the family dog.

I love the fold down seats. There is plenty of room for my entire family. I would like there to be more air vents for the back.

- Martha C

That it is a rebuilt wrecked van and has a salvage title

I love the room that it has in it for me and my family. The only thing I don't like is that my rear windshield wiper don't work

- Paula N

All of the safety equipment that comes with the vehicle

I love the backup assist system in it. Also, the DVD players in middle and back. A lot of safety equipment is in the vehicle.

- J B

Stow away seats that do not take up any room.

Style, room, luxuries, comfort and ease of driving. Just a pleasure to drive. Fits so much stuff and the dog can get in easily.

- Molly R

The vehicle has plenty of room for people and gear.

Comfortable on long trips. Able to transport a lot of stuff. Great for taking grandkids on trips. Too many mechanical problems.

- Tom D

Gutless wonder. It's good enough, but I wouldn't recommend.

doesn't have "guts", when you step on the gas it seems to take a second to kick in. the sto and go seats are not comfortable.

- Lorisa n

It is not a "soccer mom" van. It's more like a luxury vehicle, comfortable and nice to drive.

I love my Chrysler town and country. It drives smoothly, has lots of storage and I love the DVD player. Keeps the kids happy.

- Sarah S

Perfect vehicle for all of your family's needs.

Love it! Perfect for a family and all the "stuff" we need to tote around!! It is our second one and we are now brand loyal.

- Kristen O

Great For Families of all kinds

Not good in town mileage. Great highway! Love the features for the kid , like the DVD player. The walk through seating too

- Natalie C

It has been a fairly reliable car. It's gets me where I am going.

I like that it is roomy. It was very nice at first. It does not like the mountains. I probably wouldn't buy another one.

- Jennifer J

Stow and go, heels with storing things.

Nothing wrong at this time. Just bought it a month or so ago, so far liking it. Had no issues yet, stow and go is a plus.

- Crystal P

That it has TVs in there and that it is very good on gas

I love my vehicle I do not think there is anything wrong with it except for the fact that I do not have a lot of storage

- Ashley J

That it is dependable and safe to drive for long trips..

Very dependable and a lot of room for passengers.Good gas mileage.Room to haul groceries or other items. No complaints.

- Jim P

There is a heated steering wheel

Love my heated steering wheel & heated seats. Plus it has 2 DVD players. The dual power sliding doors are nice too!

- Melissa W

If you have kids the bucket seats a must! Easier for moving the kids around! There's lots of room for storage! A great family car

Love the room! Great gas mileage! The DVD player is a lifesaver for long trips! The seat fold into the floor we love!

- Kayla H

I don't feel safe I feel like it slips on country roads unlike suv

It's a great van I just want another SUV Van life just wasn't me ...but it drives really good and has lots of extras

- Jamie S

Roomy and comfortable ride!!

I like that it fits a lot of people and has plenty of room for everyone. Sometimes it feels like I am driving a bus.

- Diane L

It drives like an absolute dream!.

Love it, it is roomy, comfortable, lots of storage, stow and go. Can transport lots of people and their belongings.

- James C

Safety and amount of space.

I love the space and the easy in and out for my children. It is a smooth riding vehicle that I feel safe to drive.

- Nicole K

It feels more comfortable and luxurious than you would expect.

I love the sliding door and fold in seats. I love that I sit up high in my van. I wish it was more fuel efficient.

- Nicole C

It is very reliable car. It is a Toyota and Toyota means reliability.

I would rather sit higher and have a more of a mom SUV car than a van. I am not a van mom really. SUVs are better.

- Jessica Y

It has a high safety rating and lots of oh storage

I love the look and the way it drives. I've had little problems with it for the seven years that I have owned it.

- Cynthia V

Great features on mini van

love my van. the standard model comes loaded with features such as backup camera and dvd player for the kids.

- Larry k

It has all the things you could want on the inside.

Love the sliding doors and automatic buttons. There is not much I dislike about it besides it is a minivan!

- Joy P

Leather seats and DVD player

Love the leather seats but it has transmission issues. According to the mechanic it is a chrysler problem.

- Martina K

That I am able to store the seats in the floor.

I like my van. I wish that I could drive a smaller car. I really like that the seats store into the floor.

- Amanda M

Big enough for the whole family. Plenty of cargo space. Comfortable riding/ driving.

A lot of space, can fold all the seats to fit large objects, or keep seats up to fit 7 people comfortably.

- Lia T

Town & Country is good van

It's a very good van. Has Stow N Go seating that is very useful. Runs very good. Haven't had any problems.

- Derek C

It has been a great car so far.

It rides well. It has a DVD player. It has enough room for everyone. It is not built as well as my Honda.

- Tammie M

It is very reliable, convenient than my kids and I love it.

I love the space, convenience and dependability of my car. There is nothing that I dislike about my car.

- Kathy O

Love my minivan! Super reliable

Love my minivan! it's very reliable and runs like a champ. We love the sliding doors and all the room.

- Dawn W

It is safe, very roomy and easy to drive.

I love that there is plenty of room. I can uncomfortably fit 7 people. It is not amazing on gas though.

- Em P

It is important that it runs well.

I like to be safe. I like sliding doors. I like stow and go seats. I wish it could hold 8 rather than 7.

- M M

Stow n go seats are great as I can haul whatever I want without having to take seats out.

I love the stow n go seats, sirius radio and the height is right for me. No dislikes and no complaints

- Becky N

The stow and go is incredible. You can fold the seats up without taking them out for more room or you can store items under the seats in the compartments instead.

It's a stow and go and it's has a lot of room. Great for traveling with kids or storing a lot of items.

- Lisa C

Handicap accessible van review

No problems with it. It's been made handicap accessible with a ramp. We love it. Gas mileage is decent.

- Holly M

The minivan review for a family of 4

it's big and fits 7 people. Has plenty of room for kids and dogs. It does not get the best gas mileage

- vicki m

Good reliable family vehicle

No problems but back door. It beeps oddly when any door is unlocked. Was not covered under warranty.

- Kara Y

It's very versatile and roomy, seating can be arranged many ways

I like the room and the stow and go seating, i dislike that it only comes w 2 headsets for dvd player

- Crystal H

Great family car! The whole family enjoys it.

It so comfy for me and my 3 kids and the TV is a life saver for parent pick up lines and road trips!

- Sarah A

Hide away seating is wonderful

Very comfortable and has a very nicer ride. I have had several electrical issues costing thousands.

- Gene s

the most important thing to know about the car is that is reliable.

it is a great family van. I love the door features and makes it easy for my young kids to operate.

- Ashley R

The Town and Country is a great family vehicle with lots of room for people and more!

Love how much room it has. The stow-and-go seating makes transporting people and objects very easy.

- Andrew F

It is big enough and spacious for family

I like that it's big enough for my family It has extra compartment space Gas mileage is also good

- Angela Q

It is great for long trips. It is spacious, and it works great. I love it.

I like how spacious it is. I like how it is stow and go. I like that it has a dvd Player in it.

- Kamey V

This van is comfortable and easy to drive. We love the smooth ride and other features; like, GPS, hands free calls, links to our phone for music, and easy fold down seats.

Roomy and comfortable. GPS and satellite radio. Easy fold down seats. DVD player Smooth ride

- chris m

It's not brand new. I find this important because I think buying a brand new car is a bad investment.

I like the electric doors. I like the entertainment system. I like the reverse camera.

- Traci Z

I like that it has automatic sliding doors on both sides. I like being able to change the radio station from the steering wheel as we as the volume. I don't like the small gas mileage.

It has a lot of power equipment. The seats also fold all the way down into the floor.

- Susan C

It's nice to have with small children

It's a great vehicle with a lot of perks but i just don't like having a mom van

- Christine V

It has a lot of space. My kids love watching movies.

I love everything about it.I have no complaints.I'm looking to buy another one.

- Kimberly F

It's the perfect Mom car, who cares if your a soccer mom

Love the auto doors, heated seats and steering wheel. Don't love the color

- Carrie H



- Barbara F

Very reliable and has had very little mechanical issues.

Reliable and very good for my job. the kids love the TVs. Very Spacious

- Ernesto R

It has been a reliable vehicle. We love the versatility of the seating. The only issue we ever have is the seats are hard to take in and out.

The town and country is a reliable vehicle and is great for the family.

- Jason R

roomy and very user friendly. A van you can also use as a truck!

I love the fold down sets. It needs more grab bar when you get into it

- Tracy s

It's a minivan and it has very good value. Family friendly

Sliding doors Folding down seats Storage room DVD player Leather seats

- Matt H

Seats fold into the floor so it is easy to haul things

It hauls a lot. The seats fold down into the floor. It holds 7 people

- Karin R

Good gas mileage for size and town driving serves our needs well

Love the spaciousness of it. Has everything we need. Good gas mileage

- Kriss H

It's awesome, tons of features. The tv is great. Wish it has less miles and was a little newer.

It's a great family car. Totally worth upgrading to the luxury model.

- Aimee M

It has been very reliable and trouble free

After folding down the seats it offers a cargo van type space of 4x8

- Dwight D

I love the convenience of the minivan and the extra features it offers

Easy and convenient when loading kids. Easy to drive. Reliable

- Katie M

Stow and go van. We love all of the room it has for our family, and the built in DVD players. We also love how everything is push button, such as doors and trunk.

It is extremely practical for a family with small children.

- Ashley P

It is full of safety features like the rear view camera and the brakes

I like that it is very smooth riding and easy to navigate.

- Barbara B




Drives well and has minimal problems. Mainly cosmetic. Great van.

It drives really well and has a DVD player for the kids.

- Jessika K

It's definitely a family vehicle but it's done a great job so far.

I like the space. I love having a DVD player available.

- Whitney C

We love it. It is very comfortable for long trips. It is very reliable and economical

Roomy, well-equipped, good gas mileage, comfortable o

- Frec J

It offers a good amount of space ,seating and cargo area.

It is roomy,comfortable and has been very dependable.

- Barb W

versatility for hauling people or stuff

visibility and comfort are great transmission is poor

- Ed M

I bought this van because of the passenger size due to I have 5 grandkids, then fell in love with all the features like tv, sliding doors, remote start, stow n go storage, power everything just to name a few....

Smooth ride with luxury features at a great price!

- Michelle W

Comfortable and efficient. Has good acceleration.

- Jessica G

My van is both automatic & 4 speed.

- Carrie D