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2000 grand voyager has held up well.

My car is a 2000 Plymouth grand voyager which wasn't on your list. I had to pick Chrysler . Anyhow, my car has some dents and about 160, 000 miles on it. I share this car with my daughter. It is comfortable and relatively easy to drive. The steering wheel has some issues. The car repair place had to put an usual fix in place because we couldn't afford the replacement that the car needed. So occasionally it is really hard to steer. It makes a bit of noise too especially when it is in reverse. However, we really like our car and will probably get a newer van when this one finally bites the dust. It is not on it is last legs yet, but it is headed there. We have no interest in selling this car. We're keeping it until it gives up the ghost.

- Tanya R

Chrysler minivan is reliable.

I purchased my Chrysler voyager as a 2 year old, one owner vehicle. It is now 18 years old. It is the basic model with mechanical roll-up windows. It has a 4 cylinder motor and is very easy on gas. It has a fast take off and runs great. I have been sure to do the maintenance when it was due. The last 2 years, I have had to replace a lot of parts due to the vehicle's age. I replaced the radiator, air conditioner, brakes, and a few other parts. I have had the headliner replaced. This has been the most reliable, inexpensive vehicle that I have ever owned. I would recommend Chrysler products based on this vehicle.

- Harriet S

Spacious, reliable, fuel efficient, comfortable...Well worth the investment.

This vehicle drives like a dream, very quiet engine and smaller turning radius than full-sized vans I have owned in the past. The sliding side doors make accessing passenger seating area, even in tight parking areas easy to do. The rear hatchback-styled door makes loading items from the back easy and is handy when setting up a shaded area while tailgating. The gas mileage is excellent both in the city and on the highway. The only design issue I would of preferred changed would of been the ability to have windows on the sliding doors that opened (even if they were not power windows like the rest of the vehicle).

- Carrie L

Grand voyager van performance.

Drives good, problems with windows not going down, air conditioner won't work, problems refilling it, radiator leaking, good gas mileage, power steering fluid leaking, very dependable though, good steering, heat works good most of the time, when there's water and antifreeze in the radiator, has cruise control, no oil leaks, brakes in good condition gets me to work and back home which is all I need.

- Cheryl F

2000 Chrysler minivan still running great.

This van is almost 19 years old and still runs really good. Have replaced the radiator, air conditioner, and painted it. Most of the other repairs like brakes, belts, etc. Were routine maintenance. A low cost auto. I have mechanical roll-down windows, a great radio and tape player. It is grey color. It has cloth seats.

- Harriet S

Great vehicle and drives great.

So it is real nice good reliable vehicle. Has 12009 mike's on it and still runs strong, I can go camping in it and has plenty of room nice exterior and drives like a dream. Has good brakes and turning rate and also just feels great. Got decent power it well get down the road just dine. Very comforting and safe vehicle.

- Chris R

Over the hill and gaining speed.

The ac/heat has one speed high. Cruise control is not working. Driver-side switch is trying to quit. CD player is not working., alignment is out of whack. Brakes are sometimes uncertain. I need a car of this size to carry my wife's power wheelchair. From place to place.

- Sherman D

2000 Chrysler voyager "ol' Bessie".

Runs and drives, needs brakes changed, oil change, catalytic converter clogged, and airbag lights are on, has 310882 miles on it, fabric interior, took out middle seat section, and still currently drive it as of right now, in which I am sitting in to take this survey.

- Benjamin D

When it's in good condition it runs like a dream and is very easy on gas.

Like the space and comfort in the vehicle. I don't like that there is no tv or activities for the kids. I dont like that the van needs a lot of work to stay operational.

- TJ S

This model has not had to have very many repairs until the last 3 years. Things wear out so it is normal that the car will need some repairs by this age. I would recommend Chrysler.

Easy to drive. It is a 4 cylinder so it is very easy on gas. Can haul everything I need to. I dislike that it only has 3 doors. Would like to have 4 doors.

- Harriet B

It is very important to me that it stays in great shape.

Very comfortable and easy to drive, I love the room it gives me. The gas mileage is excellent. When it needs repairs the price is much cheaper than most.

- Carol A

It is old. But still in great shape except for the squealing noise it makes.

I love my van but it is old and just do not have the funds to get it fixed. Ac Blows cold air. It runs pretty good considering it is age.

- Patty S

Nothing overly interesting about it. A normal minivan.

Runs well no problems ok mileage fairly comfortable but ride could be a little better. Needs a little work but is a good vehicle.

- David H

That it has lasted far longer than we ever would have anticipated.

It never quite in us even with high miles and wear and tear it is 18 years old and still very reliable. No complaints

- Lisa E

The wiring in the car doesn't work for very long before it starts shorting.

The wires in the car that make the automatic windows work keep shorting. The gas gauge has recently stopped working.

- Trisha M

They should know about how great it is and how well built it is.

It has lots of room. It is high off the ground. It is not good on gas. The seats come out so I can haul stuff.

- John O

It gets me where I need to go.

Eats a lot of gas. Its comfortable to drive. Its nice and roomy. I don't like the vehicle cause its to big.

- Lisa C

it takes my family where we need to go and have since 2013 so it is good for more miles

it is good on gas. i do not like when it messes up. when i bought it second hand it had a few issues

- latoya n

how to take care of your vehicle and drive safe with your vehicle

Has a lot of storage space in the back Did not have problems with the vehicle Got good gas mileage

- Marilyn G

My car has plenty of space to pick up friends or transport things.

Pretty standard, it works for me having only to travel locally for now. Gives me no problems.

- Emily C

It rusts underneath due to how it was manufactured.

It is rusting underneath. The AC quit working. It makes a clunking sound.

- Cat C

It's safe and comfortable and has a computer and is reliable.

It is comfortable. It is good on gas . It looks good. No complaints.

- john o