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This is the best van I ever bought.

I bought this van about 7 yrs ago used I think and I have only had one major problem with it, my water pump. It is Avery dependable van with lots more years left to enjoy. It has never put me down and I have maintained it over the years pretty good. I have used it everyday for five months to drive to see my relative in the hospital about 45 minutes away and it would start up easily every time. Very dependable ride, I would easily purchase another Chrysler vehicle again.

- Flory S

It really is a low maintenance vehicle. I have regular oil changes. I have had some repairs but it is 16 years old.

I love my car. It handles well and cleans easily. It has been very reliable except for the a/c. The fan goes out at least once a year. Also, it does not get great gas mileage. It is comfortable and easily holds 7 people with plenty of legroom. Seats are easy to remove. All in all, a good family vehicle.

- martha j

Review of my 2002 minivan.

Has got 160000 miles on it and have put brakes on it 3 times and 4 sets of tires. Very reliable and always starts in the morning. Very comfortable and seat 8 people. Never had any problems with the transmission. Sometimes the door locks get jammed up. But still work good..

- James A

It works great on gas it is dependable but it is old and getting worn out.

I like my car because it still works no problems with except for maintenance but my car is old and it shows in the body and my undercarriage is rooting away.

- Melissa L

It has low miles for It's age. Has been reliable in the mechanical sense!

I inherited the vehicle. Great to see that it still runs. However , some the interior materials seem cheap and are not holding up. Especially the ceiling!

- Kevin W

It gets us where we need to go.

I like that it's still in good condition for the amount of years it's been around. I don't like that the air conditioner doesn't work and it's looking old

- Jeanette H

The gas mileage is actually a lot better than you would think.

The armrests are a little too low, I would prefer them to be higher. Other than that I really have no complaints, it is a great van.

- Joseph S

It has the 3.3L engine but it has never gotten very good mileage

A very reliable Van. Bought it used with 30k mile now it has 186K. No major problems. Routine maintenance. It drives nice too.

- James B

My vehicle is a white van and is roomy for my four children.

My vehicle has a power steering problem. It drives good and the air works perfectly. It is very hard to turn.

- Shanay P

Michigan car that has minimal rust great working condition family vehicle

it needs a new alternator, has a slight rust spot, has four doors, is an all wheel drive, has a rear hatch

- Steele P

Its old but it still runs with no issues.

Easy to drive. It is big but feels light. I like that there is plenty of room. I dislike that it is old.

- Beth H

Soccer Mom Van of the Century

No pr lens with this car. Have had it for 16 years and it still has most of all its original parts.

- Michele V

We love mini vans to haul things. It can haul people. And the seats can be taken out to haul items you buy.

Not much storage space. Gas mileage a bit high. Hard to get into back seating.

- Kathy S

It's a pretty good car. You should test it out. Give it a spin.

No. Not at all. It's cool. I like it. It's a good car.

- Tauren B