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This ole vehicle will serve you when new ones will not.

It is an American made vehicle, old enough to where repairs do not cost as much as a major overhaul. The parts are not computer chip related. The closest thing to electronic would be door locks which can be manually over rode with the key. Windows are crack up and down. Back windows are push in and out and lock into place.

- Brenda H

Stylish yet affordable to maintain.

I bought my vehicle brand new and I am very happy with how long it has lasted me. It is gas efficient and is comfortable to ride in. It is spacious and seats 7 people easily. I can remove a seat to transport large items. I have not had to spend much to keep it properly maintained. The vehicle is reliable and fun to drive.

- Joan N

I am happy that we were able to find a minivan when we were shopping for a car.

I have had my car for 4 years & never had a problem with it starting, even on the coldest day. We've had things fixed, like the rack & pinion & transmission, but that is normal on a used car that is older. It gets the most use out of our 2 cars. It also has some rust which was there when we bought the car.

- Barbara B

It is very low maintenance. The gas mileage is good.

My voyager has gave me excellent service. I have had it about 8 years. It has about 214,000 miles on it still runs like a new one. It has been very low maintenance. I really like it

- Tina C

To fellow vehicle buyers this vehicle is one I surely recommend to anyone in the market for a good vehicle.

Great running vehicle ,it's a gas eater,but has been an excellent vehicle and I recommend this vehicle ,to anyone in search of a good vehicle.

- Joseph H

my car, expenses and quality

well, my vehicle, is comfortable, it does spent many gas and it's not expensive, but sometimes I must to fix some sound disgusting

- David J

Good on gas. Rides very smooth.

For the vehicle to be 16 years old it runs fairly well but I am starting to experience issues. Otherwise a great vehicle.

- Antoinette B

I have room to take others with me as it seats seven

Good mpg, easy to drive, a lot of storage area, seats 7 passengers. Easy for me to get in and out of. No complaints

- Wynde H

spacious, great for having a big family and getting daily chores ran

this is a great van for having kids, i love the doors with automatic opening. drives very good too. no complaints

- milli m

This car is very good, it is never let me on road, just it need to checking every time it needs

The security that offer, I would never change the brand, if I would have to buy another car I will do it the same.

- luis V

The safety features are excellent, and it is easily converted into a camper van.

Safety. Gas mileage. Passenger/cargo space. No complaints. Previous similar vehicle saved my family in a crash.

- Angie H

I bought another one like it when I wrecked the first one.

I love the van because it's easy to drive. It gets me where I am going. It is very safe when your in a wreck.

- Lu B

That it's mine. It has remote start. It has manual windows, so they should always work.

It is just like the last van I drove. It's a 7 passenger vehicle. It's about the same color of the last van.

- Luann Z

great gas mileage on trips

does everything I want it to do. great on long trips. most comfortable seating. even use it like a truck

- lrk k

It drives through anything.

I like that it is a minivan. Drives great in any weather. Don't like how old it is.

- Caroline M

The car has never been in an accident.

It is getting quite old, vehicle wise. Under 100000 miles. Still in good shape.

- Carrie G

It drives smooth and makes you feel in control and protected.

It's big and safe. It drives well. It makes me feel protected.

- Gia m

Color, mileage, seats 4 wheel drive,size,type,I love everything

I like everything about my car.the seats, lights, color.

- Tasha B

It wonderful for long a long road trip.

I like the space and the gas mileage....

- Kendra R