2000 Dodge Avenger Owner Reviews & Problems


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It has more space then I realized.

Sadly I can not jump the car from another car. If I do I will damage the vehicle. I love how I can adjust the seat to fit my needs. It goes far enough Ford and can be raised high enough to see over the dashboard. It drives smooth and relaxing. The turn radius is not an issue and I have enough room to transport a few items.

- Katherine H

That it is a very reliable family car. Several family members have used our car.

I love the Dodge Avenger. It is a good reliable car. and I like the size mostly. It's not too big and not to small. I want to get a newer model with the more up to date amenities but I can't afford it right now. Its pretty good on gas to.

- Leah J

I think the main thing is to know that the air does not circulate well.

I love my car because it is so big on the inside and also it is very reliable. I also like that it is a dodge. The main thing I don't like is if you are riding in the back the air condition does not really reach and cool you off.

- Amy H

Being used, it has a fair amount of miles and has had new tires put on and the shocks and struts replaced.

A reliable Dodge Avenger, 2000 model. Runs well the only problems are the AC arm acticulateler is broken, casing a clicking sound.

- Daniel K

This car requires a lot of maintenance, keep the oil changed, and the tires aired up and rotated if not it stops driving smooth.

My major dislike is that there is a recall. I have had several issues over the years. AC had to be repaired many times.

- Loren T

it is important that i can be comfortable. i need to feel it is reliable for me. i need a car that starts every morning

this car has been reliable. it is not the best car for winters in reno. i like the comfort.

- chris m

Simple in appearance but reliable in performance!!

It is not the most luxurious vehicle around but it gets me from point A to point B

- David C