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Reliable yet sometimes possessed.

I have had my avenger for a good number of years. When I first got it, I felt like I was driving the batmobile. There's plenty of space for me and my family, and we're big people. The ride is smooth, generally. It has had it is share of mechanical issues. The shifter assembly went out/melted in the heat. The passenger door stopped locking and now will not open from the inside. The same side window motor went out. The radio antenna tends to change the station on its own. There was a thermostat leak, transmission failure, fuel pump malfunction, but a lot of that could be due to age. I do not like the fact that the car battery is behind the front fender and I have to take it to a shop to change the battery (which is something I could do myself if it was in a better spot). Overall, this car has been good to me. I plan on keeping it as long as it still has life in it.

- Crystal S

Battery is located behind driver side wheel, not under hood.

Dodge Avenger has a large gas tank, but it uses a lot of gas in a short amount of time. It's a fairly comfortable car, roomy, with decent internal storage, but no pockets on back of front seats. I like the cup holders that come down from the middle of the back seat. The trunk fits quite a bit. I hate where the battery is located, making it difficult to access by having to remove a tire. Parts are unfairly expensive, making the monthly insurance on it very high and it is not even fully covered. The car is shaky when it drives over 50 mph, even after putting new tires on, but it is over 100, 000 miles. The passenger airbag light has been on for a while, not sure if the sensor is broke or the actual airbag. Overall the car does its job, get me to and from work and my kids school. Just hope no major parts break anytime soon.

- Tamara L

Review of the 2008 Dodge Avenger.

I absolutely love the look of my car. I come from previously only owning Chevrolet vehicles so it was a surprise to me when the engine had to be replaced after 200, 000 miles, considering Chevys run for a very long time. I do not believe that I would purchase another Dodge vehicle, however, my Avenger has done a decent job at getting my family from point A to point B for the past couple years. As far as the comfortability and features, the Avenger is very large with an extremely roomy trunk. The back seat has sufficient legroom for passengers and the leather seats hold up well to any potential damage (in my case, dog nails potentially cutting into leather). The GPS screen is helpful and easy to maneuver quickly so there is not much distraction from driving.

- Lacy P

Handles poorly in bad weather

For the most part my avenger has been a very reliable vehicle. It gets me where I need to go, and it's just gotten over 180,000 miles on it. Gas mileage is usually about 23 or 24 mpg, so it could be better. Car is starting to squeak a lot in the rear suspension, and there's some unknown error code coming in right now that I can't figure out. But I've been mostly able to do all my own repairs, and it's a comfortable ride. Overall I like the car, though I probably wouldn't buy another avenger.

- Brent W

Comfortable, reliable Avenger that will take you places.

Our Dodge Avenger has been a very reliable car. The only problems we have had are with the rotors. They have been replaced a couple times. It is fairly comfortable and easy to drive. The engine is fast. Our model has your basic radio system with some nice door speakers. I really like how there is an extra compartment above the glove compartment that blends in so it is hard to notice. We are very thankful to have this car. It has made several long trips over the years.

- Kelley T

It has experienced off and on mechanical issues the entire time I have owned it.

Bought the car used. Have had engine issues pretty much from the start. I have had it to numerous garages, but it is so intermittent that no one can seem to pinpoint the issue. Have owned it over 5 years. Other than some mechanical issues, the only other complaint is the outside body is experiencing rust issues. The car was treated for this when I purchased it, but evidently it didn't get a good seal. Great trunk space and very roomy on the inside.

- DeDe P

Prone to rust at bottoms of doors, remove two plastic tape pieces covering drain holes near inside bottom of doors to avoid this issue. Replace both low beam and high beam lights with HIR 9011 high beams for better night vision.

Reliable vehicle, low maintenance. Unusual repairs at higher mileage typically include the air intake manifold to resolve stalling/hesitation and replacement of alternator due to pulley wear (squealing noise, 900000 mile item). Low oil will cause the rod bearings to fail, check monthly and change to 10w30 after 150000 miles to avoid this costly repair. Very reliable in all other regards so long as owner follows basic maintenance. Would recommend.


Dodge is the best car as I think.

Actually I like Dodge product especially Dodge challenger is my favorite car. Next to it I like Dodge Avenger and I like my car too. They are many reason why I like. My car the first thing is it saves diesel more. Than my friends car which is not Dodge. The second thing is I can get every spare part for my car if I wanna change it. There are access of spare parts and also they are affordable for every body. They are not expensive as other cars.

- J A

Worn Out and Needs Replaced

Car has been dependable for most of the time we have owned it. Purchased Nov 2017 as a demo. Husband commuted in it. He got a new truck a few years ago and I took over the car because we got a better deal trading off my car at the time. Since taking over the car it has had multiple repairs valuing far more than the car is worth. It has around 245k on it. It's worn out and needs replaced. It was a cheap car that to get us by.

- Samantha W

Problems with dodge avenger.

I have had quite a few problems with my dodge avenger. I bought it new in 2008. I have always maintained my car very well, such as keeping the oil changed, alignment, etc. I few years ago the intake manifold cracked and was really pricey to fix. This year the engine blew. I wonder why because I change the oil about every 3 to 4 months. Anyway other than these things, which are really big things, I have enjoyed my car.

- Lisa O

Reliability, dependability, excellent gas mileage.

I have not had any problems with my car. The performance is great. It is very reliable. The seats are comfortable. There is ample trunk space, as well as back seat space. This is my first Dodge and I assure you that my next vehicle will be a Dodge as well. I never knew how affordable the Dodge Charger was until recently. I have always heard nothing but good things about Dodge cars and trucks.

- Julie M

Wonderful comfort vehicle for long trips.

This vehicle gets amazing gas mileage as well as having a very fast working a/c and heat and super comfy seats makes driving more enjoyable. The width of the car makes it more comfortable to make long trips as well so you won't feel as cramped. The only problem we have had so far is the engine revving up to 2000 rpm up on starting the car but after a few seconds it goes back down to normal.

- Hope R

Hung in there through it all.

My car has really held up. I am not the best driver and have put my car through a lot, but she still runs great and has only ever needed normal adjustments such as oil changes and new tires, etc.. Anything that has ever gone wrong with my car has been 100 percent my fault. The fact that in the past two years I have put over 100, 000 miles on it and it has not just blown up yet is amazing.

- Samantha S

Excellent and dependable car.

Very reliable for time we have had it very comfortable hard for older people to get in and out of, comes with a CD player and am FM radio I would say it is dependable we drive it about twenty five miles one way to church and so far no problems. We bought it new and now have ninety seven thousand miles on it with the original motor. We have always had good luck with Dodge products.

- Sheila M

Love the shape of the car and size.

Likes are you can title steering and seat can be set to fit me good being only 5"3 that a plus it has front wheel steering which is great in snow it has a lot of cup holders so if or in front or back u have a place for your drinks. Dislikes is if you are short the sun gets in your eyes flap just is not big enough and the car goes through breaks more than other cars I have had.

- Laura M

It always starts up every time I have to do somewhere.

My Dodge, Avenger has been the most reliable source of transportation and it does not use oil, and it gets great mileage. It's been dependable I have never been late, I have not missed a day of work. I love my Dodge Avenger. I stay relaxed and happy. I have had one problem and a mechanic said it was a transfer sender. It just shuts off by itself. But it always starts back up.

- Carl E

Not too shabby for a 10 year old car.

It has been reliable so far I have had it since my parents split and my dad had paid off the car for my mom. But this past year I have spent over $1, 000 in repairs so far which has really sucked but in return it is a 10 year old car so it has needed some things done to it in order to keep it running. The interior still looks nice and only minor rough spots on the outside.

- Sara C

My car is reliable, it's good on gas, doesn't need a lot of repairs and the repairs are not expensive.

I like that I've had this car for a long time (7 years) and (knock on wood) no major repairs yet. It's reliable and dependable. Some small repairs have started to become necessary, I will likely purchase something new soon. I don't like that since the car is 10 years old it's missing a lot of the interior looks and technology the newer cars have (backup cameras, etc).

- Mandy H

Great Avenger perfect ride.

Flex fuel vehicle. Gets better gas mileage with very little flex fuel and more regular octane. Rides smooth. Bucket seats could be a little more cushioned for a more comfortable ride but otherwise an all around great vehicle. Perfect first car for a teenager or a college student. A lot of trunk space and the seats fold down as well for more space I'd needed.

- Jane W

Just a beautiful car and get compliments all the time,

We bought it used but it works well and drives really nice I just wish the Bluetooth connect worked in the car. The trunk has a lot of space and so do the backseats. I love that the back of the middle seat has a pull down cup holder. The car is good for people that have a small family but if you have more than 5 five I don't recommend it.

- Victoria A

The Dodge Avenger ride of 2018.

My car great on gas save a lot mileage good love my car. I bought it used but its a good car. I travel all the time save gas. I would recommend this car to other people to buy. I been driving this car for about 1 year and a half now. The seats are very comfortable insides is very nice and comfort. I have satellite radio and phone access.

- Tara F

It is sporty looking, luxury feeling, economic and efficient!

Love my car for 10 years. All I did was routine maintenance. On the 8th year I had to replace the throttle or the gear changing mechanism. . On the 11th year the brake light on the dashboard appears briefly, then goes away. Had the brakes checked but nothing wrong was found with the breaks. My car runs great and still looks great!!

- Annette M

Like the sporty look of my vehicle. The back seat is comfortable.

My vehicle is very comfortable. The mpg is good, 28 mile per gallon. This car has had very few problems, mainly on the brakes. The only problem I have is the blind spot, when I look behind me for cars, the bar in the middle between the side front and back windows blocks my vision. Overall, the car has been faithful and dependable.

- Jamie G

It's expensive to fix anything on the car and the tires aren't exactly the easiest size to find

The car was given to me, I am not a dodge fan. I dislike the interior. I dislike the reflective material near the shifter knob as it blinds me when it's sunny and I'm driving. I do like the roominess of the inside of the vehicle and the trunk as well. It has 4 wheels and gets me to and from work so that is also a positive

- Melissa C

Why you should buy a Dodge Avenger.

I just got the car so I cannot say much. It drives great, the seats are comfortable. The a/c works terrific. The heat is second to none. It looks good, kinda reminds me of a Charger. I drove my car from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Paducah, Kentucky without any problems. Has great gas mileage, only cost me $40 for that trip.

- Matthew B

A great black beauty the holds up very well with age.

My dodge avenger is a great car. I have had it since 2008, and I haven't had any major issues at all. I have about 127,000 miles on it. Everything still works well. I do have a slight issue with the trunk. I have to actually let it drop to close on its own. If I try to close it, the latch will not connect to lock it.

- NaTasha L

Nice car but has paint issues

My Dodge Avenger has lasted 11 years. The only issues I'm having now are electrical things are starting to show out the window lifter has broken twice in the clear coat on the paint has started to come off. Also, the oil burns out very quickly it doesn't leak but it does burnout other than that the car is wonderful

- Megan S

Beginners car and winter ready.

On the 2008 Avenger the hazard light button is not in the best spot I hit it at the worst times. Other than that it is a very good reliable car. Had a steering pump issue but that was taken care of, good on icy and snow packed roads. Handles well, was an easy care to learn how to drive in. Great for beginners.

- Katherine S

Great starter car and fuel efficient.

My car is very gas efficient. It also runs very well and is very comfortable. Fits 3-4 people in the back comfortably. This car wonderful if you are looking for a great starter car. The only problems I've had with it was the oil change light kept coming on but other than that everything about my car is great.

- Jacqueline R

Nothing really interesting. Only mode of transportation now. Want a newer car.

Problem with dashboard sensor. When it rains heavily all lights on dashboard light up. There is a constant knocking sound on passenger side of car near glove compartment when starting the car and when reversing. Had to put a lot of money in repairs. Alternator issues also. Just changed about 2 months ago.

- Joel C

My vehicle is silver four door car. Non-leather seats. Fits five people.

My car is currently down. The engine went out. Someone said the small engines in average go out soon. Everything else is good. Drives great. Had one previous owner before me. Currently has only 135 000 miles on it. When I first purchased it there was only 68 000 miles on it and I had the car since 2015.

- Alexis A

The CD player pops out of nowhere and there's a cooling compartment for goodies.

My car is not very good on gas. It costs about 45-50 dollars to fill up and I have to refill the gas tank every other day or so. It accelerates pretty slowly. In general, it is a good car; I like it a lot. Haven't had any issues with it, I just wish it had a sunroof and leather seats instead of fabric.

- Celia A

Very nice car. It is very reliable and I have had no issues.

I absolutely love this car. I received from my parents when I was 16 and I still drive it now as a senior in college. I have never had any issues with this car and it does well in the Ohio weather. The seats are a little bit stiff but that is okay. The stereo system is nice that the car comes with.

- Meg M

Great for commuting on highway, easily adjustable seats.

I love my Avenger, it has cloth seats that are adjustable by buttons. The backseat is very spacious as well as the trunk. Although I have had a few problems with power in the radio system. Sometimes the lights do not work or they just flicker. This is a great card for highway traffic as well.

- China W

Great performance and smooth ride!

It is a great car and the overall ride is smooth. The power windows seem to be an issue with these models but it is performance is worth it. The power steering cannot be beat with all the other vehicles I have previously owned and I would definitely purchase the same one again in the future.

- Cassandra C

Smooth-driving machine! Great gas mileage.

I have had my car since June 2011. I routinely service my vehicle (oil change, tire rotation, tire replacement, transmission flush, etc.). Therefore my car has not given me any problems. It drives great and has excellent gas mileage. The life of your car is in the oil change and upkeep.

- Ayana W

The 32 mpg is amazing and it is a great family car. Very spacious.

I love the sharp edge look of the Dodge Avenger. The interior is really nice and includes a cooler built into the dash. Drives very well. The only issue I have has with this vehicle is the tie rod ends and the thermostat housing. Other than that I have no complaints. I still get 32 mpg.

- Cheyenne K

It's a great car and I highly recommend it for a starter car for any teen.

The only issue I have is the leak of my coolant. It drives well and I have over 180,000 miles. It is comfortable and can fit all my junk in it. The upkeep is not expensive and it looks new. I have power windows and it is an automatic. I recommend this car because its cheap and reliable.

- Kala H

Decent car, would recommend to friends and family.

Overall a decent car. I bought it used so any problems I have had I feel like has come with age. Just do regular tune ups. I. E. Oil changes, tires, breaks. I do think the struts go out quickly. I also seem to have had battery issues. That turned out to be an interstate problem though.

- Whitney G

My vehicle is very reliable.

My car is great and stylish. Very reliable car to have. Some issues during winter due to the snow and cold weather but that fairly normal. Always stay updated with oil change and car repairs. Haven't had a tune up since I had it. Sometimes the car can jerk when stopping at cross roads.

- Alice F

The sat Avenger is an all around great vehicle.

This car is very reliable, it always starts for me and it is very safe. I live in a region which we have very extremely cold winters and its hard on cars and this vehicle always stands up. It handles well in the rain and snow, I would buy another Avenger if I ever needed another car.

- Matt R

I enjoy having the option of using an alternative to fossil fuel to run the car.

The car runs amazing and warms up super fast in the winter. Had very little to no issues with it, minus routine check up and maintenance. I enjoy the hands free talking that was installed and having the controls for volume behind the steering wheel where your fingers lay against.

- Amanda F

Fun, reliable & sporty. While it is a sedan it drives & feels like a coupe.

It is an r/t & fun to drive, handles well, corners well, it has a lot of pick-up & having the auto-stick makes it even more enjoyable to drive. I have 77, 000 miles & outside of normal maintenance I have only had to replace the alternator. I would definitely purchase another one.

- Eric L

Good car that is good for college students.

I like my car. I have owned it for 10 years and it has been pretty reliable thus far. It has had a lot of engine problems though. I have spent $800 plus on car repairs just in the past few months which as not been good but overall it is a fairly nice car with the basic features.

- Air F

Sleek and sporty! I cannot wait to repaint it and tint the windows.

For the most part it has been very reliable, great on gas and smooth when driving. The only thing is sometime it makes a noise in the back like something is loose and the vibration from the car makes it kind of rattle I guess you could say. Other than that I have no complaints.

- Terri T

Dodge avenger sxt 2008 great cruise control system.

Hello my 2008 dodge avenger sxt has been very reliable for me for years now no problems the only issue has been the ac broke and had to pay a grip 2 get it fix but other than that she works like a pro would definitely recommend it to anyone in need of a good reliable vehicle.

- Jeffrey Maxwell R

An interesting detail is that the car looks beautiful outside like a high end car.

It worked really well until recently it broke down for a few seconds. It was a pretty good car till now it started making weird sounds as well. But for the time it lasted it was amazing. But obviously all things do get messed up an so was this car. But it was a very good car.

- Ali A

I really like the cooler for pop.

The wiper fluid squirts very low barely hitting windshield. Trunk is the right size. Comfortable for everyday use. But not for long distance. Really like the cooler for cans of pop. Seats are comfortable. Back seat roomy and comfortable. Perfect amount of cup holders.

- Kirsten R

Fun, reliable, family sports car.

It is really fun to drive, handles corners well & in all weather. It is a sedan but feels more like a sports car, other than the normal maintenance the only thing I had to replace is the alternator. Like all newer engines, it burns a little oil so, check it monthly.

- Eric T

2008 Dodge Avenger - great car.

I purchased my 08 Dodge Avenger in 2009. It was used with 15000 miles. The purchase price was $14, 999. It has been a great car. Basic upkeep and maintenance has keep the car like new. Good on gas. Also has the option of e85 fuel, but that tends to burn faster.

- Lynn G

The Avenger has great pick up and go so press lightly on the accelerator.

I love the features which include heated cup holder and refrigerator glove compartment. It's sporty and a four door which is easier to get in and out of. I like the Dodge brand and we've had Dodges for years. It's a good vehicle for my teens to practice driving.

- Carrie G

It is a costly car and it requires a lot of a lot of attention.

I like that it is beautiful.. It runs smooth.. I hate the it requires lot of work.. I hate that I had to buy a new en engine because the last one went out I did that the alternator goes out and has to be replaced it is really a love-hate relationship with my car.

- Leslie N

It is loud when I drive that is just how the car is & interior stains very easily.

I like that it can catch speed pretty well but is not easy to speed without knowing. The biggest dislike is that it does not do well in bad weather (rain/snow/wind). The gas mileage is also not good, I use at least a quarter tank just from driving maybe 20 miles.

- Madison W

Dependable, low maintenance family vehicle.

I have had it for many years and have had no real issues with it. Besides breaks, and new tires I haven't had to repair anything. Rides nice. Dependable. Still going strong. The interior is not fantastic but it is nice. Plenty of trunk room. Good family vehicle.

- Michael M

The battery is under the wheel well. That I didn't know. That is frustrating. And impossible

Apparently the check engine light is on and No one can figure out why. It starts trying to sputter and tries to go slow even when the gas pedal is to the floor. It does this ever once in awhile. Kinda frustrating. But Love dodge. They last with a high mileage..

- Lisa W

Typical Dodge rusting underneath the paint.

You can use e85 in it. Where the battery is placed makes it hard to get to. It has the sports package which includes 18 in wheels that are expensive. The tire things that tell the pressure break a lot. It's a typical Dodge it is rusting underneath the paint.

- Myron R

Reliable with decent gas mileage.

I have close to 240, 000 miles on this car and have had minimal problems. Gets fairly good gas mileage. Looks a little sporty. Good family car when children are younger but not a ton of leg room in the back seat for adults. Paint is fading is some spots.

- Melissa D

My car today, and how it drives!

When I bought the car it was used.. The vehicle drives great but the transmission has gone out and the front end was barely holding together. The vehicle is great on gas and is great from point A to B but I would not get one for a long distance driving.

- Josh R

The Dodge Avenger is a reliable and comfortable car.

So far I have had only one problem and that is my tire sensor fell off on my front passenger side. I haven't gotten it reached because that is not a big deal. The tire light is just comes on occasionally. The car drives great and is super comfortable.

- Rosemary J

It drives hard and loud. You will feel every bump in the road.

The biggest issue I have with the Dodge avenger is the stalling and revving of the engine when the car is a stop. If my foot is not on the brakes hard, the car tries to jump from under me. Other than that, it is been a pretty durable and reliable car.

- Hannah M

Fast and fun. This car is a blast to drive.

I have the r/t v6 model. Nice sporty little car with a little get up and go. I have installed a cold-air intake and that seemed to help a little with the poor gas mileage this car got. There are many ways to customize these cars to make them your own.

- Taylor A

Battery location could be a major issue.

Good performance, battery is located in a terrible place if you need to access it for any reason. Sleek, enjoyable car to drive. Love the sunroof options to keep open or to angle it up. Gas mileage is also decent for a in city car, hovers around 23.

- Doug B

Runs well has had no accident and it does not burn oil

The car rides smooth. The engine has held up well for the mileage but I have had problems with various codes and the power steering has a leak that can only be fixed by replacing the whole system butworls aslong as you check the fluid level weekly.

- James D

It drives great in the summer and winter. There are some major blind spots in when backing up. Otherwise minimal issues

It is very dependable. I haven't had any serious issues. My only complaint is that the battery is located outside the car under the driver's seat. It complicates changing my battery and it requires a stronger battery due to the cold winters in MN.

- Sarah C

It's a reliable car with more than just the bare minimum.

For what we can afford right now, it is perfect. It was well within our budget and had less miles on it that we had been expecting. It runs smoothly and gets decent gas mileage. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but covers all the basics.

- Heather P

Dependable vehicle with a lot of room.

I like the power the engine has. The trunk has a lot of room for things. Also the body style is sporty. The seats in the back gold down for more room. The car has run really great for the last 10 years. It's been dependable.

- Jenny R

The battery is in such an inconvenient spot. Is in the wheel well, a difficult spot to reach if you need to jump someone's car.

I like the car because it is fix. I bought the car for a good price. Bought the pieces I needed to make the car better. Replaced some cosmetic, brakes, piston. And it's brand new. I spent less than 500 to fix the car.

- John J

It is easy to fix and change parts yourself.

I like that it is roomy in the back. I hate that even though we have kept up with it that the same problems keep coming back. For example the seat belt light keeps going off and we've had it changed several times.

- Claire K

Driver side ac problems!!

My biggest issue is the ac. No mechanic is able to fix it. My drivers side ac doesn't blow cold air. I have had it serviced multiple times and thousands of dollars just to have one side of my car still hot.

- Angeline B

It is nice on the inside and outside. But lots of replacements with this vehicle.

Lots of little problems out of this vehicle. We have replaced the coil packs, spark plugs, and throttle body. Engine light seems to stay on after replacing all this, but it does run a lot better now b.

- Kayla M

It has great mileage for a midsize car.

LOve the mileage styling and it has been very dependable. It is not very good in snow, first gear seems to be to low causing vehicle to constantly spin tires when starting. Like the sirius radio also

- Tim K

If only one thing could be said it would be the heated seats.

This was my 1st almost new car ever. It's a little bigger than I like to drive but it spoiled me with being able to control the radio on the steering wheel. I am also very spoiled by the heated seats.

- Jeni S

I love that the Dodge Avenger has cruise control that's definitely a positive.

The Dodge Avenger is a reliable car for the most part it. But it had a bunch of miles on it since we bought it used already. But it drives really nice and it has a lot of space in it for a sedan.

- Victoria S

People should know that it is getting old so you will run into a problem.

It's a really sweet ride. Its nice and comfortable the performance has been great it is a reliable car. Yes It's getting a bit old so it has problems here and there but overall It's a nice car.

- Ona T

That it looks great and has great gas mileage.

I love the look of it, it's very attractive. The car is also amazing on gas mileage, which I wasn't expecting. I hate the defect with the windows, they all fall down at one point or another.

- Sarah T

It's reliable. Except for the warning lights. They're not very reliable.

I like how it looks, I like the size, and how it drives. A negative is that there are a lot of blind spots, and I've always had trouble with lights going off because the wiring is touchy.

- Brittany L

It's a very safe and reliable car.

I like the get up and go to the car I drive. I love the sunroof a lot. My car also has heated seats which is great when it's cold outside. I don't like the gas mileage that the car gets.

- Savannah B

2008 Dodge Avenger issues.

Has a wiring problem where I can not get the dome light to stay on or come on. The check engine light comes on over the littlest problems. Tire pressure sensor messes up really easily.

- Joy S

It can not be driven over 2 hours, as I do not trust it going further then that.

I like the style of it. I like that it is black with black tinted windows. I dislike the problems that always occur in the front end. I feel as though my car is always in the shop.

- Spencer N

One important thing is that you must follow all oil change dates.

I love this car had it for two years. Very reliable. And very dependable. But now, it needs to be fixed. I love this car so I do not want to get rid of it. Just needs to be fixed.

- Ruth A

It's hard to get to things to repair, and labor is expensive

It is not very comfortable. I don't like when you turn on the turn signals the headlights go off. The battery is located under the wheel well. Everything is a pain to repair.

- No P

The one most important thing that people should know is that it is a 2008 model Avenger

I like that it has a nice design, as well as good fuel efficiency. My vehicle also gets me to where I need to be quickly. And my car also has issues with rough start ups.

- Scylor P

Not a fan of the battery being under the left front tire.

Multiple issues with electric in the past, but all around a nice vehicle. Drives well with leg room in both front and back. Heated seats and sunroof are a nice bonus.

- Karen S

It is the best car because of the sleek look and design, the comfortable feel, and the relatively good gas mileage.

I absolute love how my vehicle drives and feels. It has a sleek look. The only issue is that it is getting older and starting to have mechanical and cosmetic issues.

- Aubrey C

The design is quite complex. There are few mechanics who will touch the repairs.

I like the look of the car and the way it handles. I do not like how expensive it is to fix even the simple things. Nor do I like how complex it is to get fixed.

- Dora A

Gas mileage is great. It doesn't need repairs all the time.

My Dodge Avenger is the most reliable car that I've had other than a Toyota Camry. It has well over two hundred miles on it, and is still in very good condition.

- Dwight S

The throttle body has a known issue that fails often. When it fails it shuts down the car including in the middle of traveling at 65 mph in the center lane of a busy highway.

The car is not comfortable for long road trips and the back blind spots are nasty. The car is dependable other than the throttle body that should be recalled.

- Melissa h

Buy used - you get great value over a new car.

First off its a Dodge I am not a fan of Dodges but it is the only thing I could afFord right now. Second it's not fast enough. Third tires wear to quickly.

- Anthony D

It's confiable, comfortable and not too bad on gas considering the insanely high gas prices lately.

I love the vehicle! It hardly gives me problems and i have only had to invest in fixing it a few times in the 7 years I've owned it. Great sound to it too!

- Susana R

It is not very reliable but is still working

I like that it's small so I can park it anywhere. I hate that it's so old, and the paint is coming off. I also hate that I have problems with it sometimes.

- Sandra G

It drives as good as it looks and is fun to drive.

I love the roominess of the car. I like how it handles on the road. I wish it got better gas mileage. I like that's it's been a dependable and fun car.

- Jackie W

I love the comfort and style of my car

I absolutely love my car and the way it runs overall. It has been very reliable with commuting back and forth to school and for many road trip vacations.

- Selena R

sporty reliable vehicle that will get you where you need to go in style

it is a wonderful car did get it second hand so had some issues from former owner other then that it has been a great vehicle, reliable and comfortable

- sherri b

It is a great family vehicle that gets amazing gas mileage.

I love that it is a 4 door car. I love that it gets great gas mileage. I like that it has satellite radio. I really like all of the cabin space it has.

- Clysti M

It is very dependable and is of very good quality.

I like how it handles while driving. It is very comfortable to ride in. I have not had very many issues with the car, it has been very good to drive.

- keith D

Easy navigation instrument panel and it has heated seats.

I like the color of the interior and exterior. It gets good gas mileage. Heater and air conditioning always work. The seats are not very comfortable.

- Karin D

It's really easy on gas and has good mileage on it.

I like almost everything about it, I like the color white. But I do not like about it is not my height. And it is not that good in the winter time.

- Faye E

very good fuel mileage the engine lasts a long time as you would expect a dodge to it is a great car for the whole family

this car has over 170000 miles on it and still going. i like the engine and the looks of it. it has been a really good car i would recommend this

- wendy m

That even though it is old, it’ll still beat your car.

I wished it had more of the technology in the newer cars. I also wish the oil for the engine is not as expensive and hard to find then other oils.

- Alexis S


It has been an ok car. It has always had some kind of electrical issue. It now has an issue with the battery draining and we can't find the issue.

- Nicole B

This car gets great gas mileage you do not have to fill up at every stop

Not enough leg room. Performance is good gets great gas mileage. Air conditioning works sometimes stereo system is very good gets all channels

- Tom K

Its paid off and it runs.

My vehicle is safe and reliable, with barely any issues. It handles perfectly when taking sharp turns. Only downside is the need for new tires.

- Danielle F

Dodge Avenger- smaller than Charger, but better

Bought it used with low miles and is very dependable, comfortable, and smooth ride. Its fast, has dual exhaust, V8 engine, and sporty looking

- Chris O

Roomy and comfortable inside the car

I like my car because it has [plenty of room in it. Also it is a easy comfortable drive. There really is not anything I do not like about it.

- Kim s

We've never had any major issues. It has safely and smoothly taken us out of state many times

Very comfortable and fast. Driver seat can be adjusted to perfect comfort. Engine has been good. Has driven many miles with no major issues

- Marjorie D

It is old and unreliable. don't purchase such an old vehicle.

The air condition fan is loud, the oil is unreliable. I like the color which is black. I bought the car use so it came with issues unknown.

- Ashley D

It's a Full size Sedan, all black. Rides wonderfully. But gas on it isn't the best. People should know its a great performance car.

I like how it moves and overall it's a great car, but my issue is the fact that it's not an SUV. I also don't care for the fuel economy.

- Mariah M

It is a very good car for learning how to drive and very safe, it can uphold a lot.

The car is not getting older so now it's broken down. The AC doesn't work very well, the seats are torn and I have had many car wrecks.

- Ocean A

Dodge Avenger a powerful and sporty car.

This car has lasted for quite a while the engine is good as all Dodges are. Power windows and a CD player come with it. As well as a/c.

- Wendy M

It gets wonderful gas mileage and is a great family car.

I like the cruise control. I enjoy the satellite stereo. I like the trunk because its spacious. I love that it's great on gas mileage.

- Patrick M

The features of an 2008 car were very impressive; however, they do not easily compare to newer cars.

Overly, a really great car and I wished Dodge continued to make them. I've had very little problems overall minus routine maintenance.

- Sarah S

There was a recall on the spring in the year shifter. Make sure it is something that has been looked at and replaced BEFORE purchasing.

Very good vehicle to start a family with. It has decent gas mileage, American made. Difficult to get to certain parts in the engine.

- Kim C

We survived a wreck and fire in one so we purchased another because we felt it saved our lives.

Sturdy and reliable. We survived a wreck in one so got another. A pleasure to drive with a great sound system. Great family vehicle.

- Allison B

It is efficient and low maintenance.

My Avenger has been great. I purchased it new and have had little trouble with it over the past 10 years. It has been good to me.

- Steve B

It is a stylish, reliable vehicle that gets decent gas mileage

My car has been very reliable with no major mechanical issues or breakdowns. I have a trouble with thermostats and leaking coolant.

- Chris B

Safe and durable car.The safety view of points since long i have no major problems.

good car and safe for driving. the futures are good .The company service are also good. Company offer good deal for services

- nik s

It's a safe ride. Its dependable, and you get what you pay for.

The Dodge Avenger is a sporty, classic that can get up and go. Comfortable ride, distinct look, roomy interior, good on gas.

- Timothy Y

The size of the vehicle only seats 4-5. 4 being comfortable.

I like the style and roominess. It gets pretty good gas mileage. I wish it had a little more power and a better antenna.

- Erin M

Lifetime powertrain warranty is the best.

Good reliable vehicle. Does not get great gas mileage so that is not good. Lifetime warranty makes it hard to part with.

- Aaron B

This car has lot of blind spots.

Great on gas. Very comfortable. Large backseat. Large trunk. Great sound system. Nice radio. New tires and oil changes.

- Shane B

My car is a little shaky when the brake is pressed too hard too fast.

I like, the size of the car. Also like how easy it drives. I dislike the engine light comes on when its not suppose to.

- Karlie S

It is a heavy enough vehicle. I did rear end accident and I hardly felt the impact. I liked the distance between the front of the car and the driver seat.

There is not much to dislike. It is a very comfortable car to drive. Good gas mileage. Have had very few problems.

- Ray B

Great gas mileage for city driving. Sleek and good speed for a small engine.

Battery position is very awkward. Wheel must be removed and interior wheel well wall must be taken apart to change it.

- Mark B

Do not push it too far when the gaslight comes on.

Good gas mileage. Handles well. Good space. Simple controls. A bit of road noise but overall a good reliable vehicle.

- Tina M

I Just Love My Power Windows

Vehicle has automatic windows and power steering. All parts are pretty expensive. But they will last you a long time.

- Shaheed C

It has been really reliable even in cold weather.

Haven't had any issues so far. Good on gas, has been reliable, nice comfortable interior. It will sit 4 comfortably.

- William M

Other people should know that my car is a great, all around vehicle, with lots of options to optimize comfort.

I really like that my vehicle has a moonroof. I also enjoy the heated seats feature. It also has an amazing stereo.

- Josh T

It has good gas mileage and is comfortable.

I like the color, stereo system and gas mileage. I dislike how much it has rusted. I also dislike the brake issues.

- Julie B

Black with red interior and high beamed light

The car is black love everything about the car the seats are really comfy great gas saver goes when I press the gas

- Dominique G

It runs, but the check engine light does stay on..

Have had issues with sizes in tires, also had to recently get new spark plugs. My check engine light also stays on

- karlie t

It is a very dependable form of transportation however do wish the size was a little bigger

My vehicle is comfortable in seating and has a v8 engine gas mileage isn't that great however wish it was better.

- Jennifer B

It will get hot if driven to hard. One of the tires has a slow leak.

I love the looks and it gets me where I need to be but it drinks gas. If it was cheaper on gas I would love it.

- Mary J

Change the plugs when you are supposed to.

Intake manifold is made out of plastic with a baffle that has plastic gears. $500 just for the part it is self.

- Ray R

i love the color which is black and has mirror tint

my car runs good. it gets me to point a to point b and that is good enough for me. it's also a great gas saver.

- Ashley J

Spacious. Fits a lot of passengers. And items/luggage.

Fast, sporty. Almost paid off. Not wrecked. Nothing wrong with it. Older vehicle. Not enough modern technology.

- Miranda I

This car is very reliable as long as you take care of it.

I like it because it is reliable. I dislike the amount of miles I have on it and it doesn't have a sunroof.

- Derrick G

The A/C goes out constantly and the alternator was replaced a few days after owning it

Love how the car drives and it has a lot of great features but have had many problems occur over the years.

- madeline m

It's nice and a great color.

Its fast spacey comfortable seating heated seats sunroof CD player big true just right for a small family.

- Tiffany H

The car has good gas mileage.

It gets decent gas mileage. It is not too big or too small. I also like that my car is navy blue in color.

- Emily B

Hard to find used parts in my area but extremely easy to find someone who can maintenance

Great family car, have had it for over a year and keep up with maintenance little to no problems with it

- Noemi A

I would recommend this vehicle.

I purchased my Dodge Avenger in 2008. The performance, reliability, comfort and features are very good.

- Betty P

It's high mileage and costs too much for the level maintenance I've put into it

It continues to get a flat on the rear driver side. Thus causing extensive wear on the other rear tire

- Mike A

It gets you from point A to point B. It starts and does not die.

Four door blue dodge avenger. I hate it. Nothing but problems. Window regulator has gone out 3 times.

- Robin G

They are dependable and will last a good long time.

This vehicle has been very dependable for use. It gets very good gas mileage We would buy one again.

- Roger H

Keep an eye on speed, it will get you a ticket.

No issues, has 190000 miles on it and motor still sounds good. Handles good I on snow covered roads.

- Cindy S

The common mechanical issues and poor gas mileage.

Has had some mechanical issues. Good looking car with nice radio and space. Not great gas mileage.

- Mitchell M

My car looks great but now that it is 10 years old I am having some issue with sensors and other expensive repairs.

It has been very reliable for me and my family. I would recommend a Dodge to everyone I know.

- Katie B

It has lasted for 10 years.

It gets good gas mileage. It is big enough for the 5 of us. I wish the trunk was bigger.

- nina C

It has a built in auxiliary cord so whenever I'm going on a road trip I always have something to listen to.

Overall it runs smoothly and has very little problems. It's a great car and I love it.

- Ricardo G

It may not be a six cylinder, but it will get you where you need to go!

My Dodge avenger is low on maintenance. It has great gas mileage, and it is reliable.

- Tonja A

I bought this car used two years ago. I have only had to do normal maintenance on it. As far as I am concerned it was a very good buy,

It has proven to be very dependable with low maintenance. Couldn't be more pleased

- Wanda A

Reliability, stability, mileage was great. Price was amazing.

I had a hard time liking my car, but now that I have it it's becoming a good car.

- Jani D

It is a great small family car.

I love the huge trunk. I love how it's gas efficient. I hate how crammed it gets

- Tom Y

Large car makes me feel safe. Love the sunroof and gps. Does have a blind spot which makes it difficult to see when switching lanes. Good stereo system. Lots of room in the backseat. Love the seat warmers.

Does have a blind spot when switching lanes so make sure to use turn signal.

- Elaine H

The car has been very dependable and is very comfortable

Car has been very dependable. No major repairs just normal maintenance.

- Kate W

My Dodge Avenger is a very reliable car. It does not possess any fancy features, but it is useful in getting from point a to b.

This car will run forever. I am now at 130000 miles with no issues.

- Aaron B

The mileage is somewhat bad but horsepower is good. I love the design and stability. It can withstand more damage.

Perfect for long road trips and only needs to be filled up twice.

- Abigail Y

It runs great. Has good miles. Their is hardly any issues with the car ever

I like my car because it runs great and nothing is wrong with it

- Lily T

It's easy on fuel consumption, fast, and a smooth ride

It's a smooth reliable car. Haven't had any issues. Great on gas

- Donnel D

For being beaten up the last ten year my car has held up pretty nicely.

The gas mileage and the radio is what I like most about my car.

- Jessica B

It is a dependable car that I have been using to transport my family around for years

I like my vehicle. It is dependable while still being stylish.

- Lindsey M

drives great good gas mileage very dependable vehicle

no complaints about this vehicle at the moment. very nice car.

- camille k

last long time, it has been a great car

like very well, has had few problems, and is great on mpg

- tom B

That it looks like a race car. It has black stripes down the middle

I love this car. It is great on miles and long trips

- Angie S

i get about 17 miles per gallon.

not very great gas mileage. great music system

- Dee P