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Reliable, but doesn't last forever.

My Dodge Avenger is such a nice car, but lately, I've been running into a lot of problems. The timing belt was replaced a couple years ago and it already needs a new one. Also, every pulley in the car needs to be replaced. The sounds it makes is awful. I keep getting an engine light that's telling me I have a random misfire. I need to jump my car almost daily due to electrical issues. My vehicle has been taken care of very well, but I guess no matter how well you take care of a car, it's going to have issues at some point.

- Sloan C

Dodge Avenger is the perfect car who just wants a practical well rounded vehicle.

I love my 2009 Dodge Avenger! It is a 4 cylinder and gets pretty good mileage. I’d guess around 30-35 mpg. It is top speed According to my speedometer is 118 mph. It is a 4 door with plenty of legroom for everyone. The trunk is massive and one of the back seats folds down. I am a fisherman so it works perfect to fold the seat down and put my rods in the trunk and over the folded seat. It is lights are so good I hardly ever use my brights. I hit a pheasant and it didn't do any damage at all.

- Riley N

Great car for new drivers, will last a long time.

The quality cloth seats are comfortable and offer enough support for long trips. The backseat is surprisingly spacious. The only thing I didn't like was the typical four cylinder attributes of shaking when going 60+ mph and the lack of acceleration I desire. Breaking is great, and it held up rather well over the years. There is a slight problem with the tire pressure gauge and if your gas cap is lose, it will cause the 'check engine' light to stay on.

- Amanda H

Like the way vehicle looks, sporty and good on gas.

Bought it used with original 28,000 miles. Has 33,000 miles now. Runs good, very economical. Good on gas. Not as big inside, would like it bigger. Looks sporty from the outside. Heated seats we enjoy, tinted windows are wonderful. Wish backseat was bigger for kids but very good on gas, always running kids around for school activities. A lot better in gas wise than SUV, sucked gas up... Car looks sporty, like that, wish it had more power to it.

- J B

It is my precious. Regarding the car in general, it drives so smooth.

I bought my car used, and from a private dealer. I love how my car has important safety features for a car before 2010. The doors will automatically lock once the car accelerates past 10mph. The trunk will not open, if the car is on, and it is not in park. I don't have to worry about accidentally pushing the trunk button while I am driving. Performance is very great, except for the fact that it only has about a 25 highway mpg rate.

- Savannah S

It has power windows doors and locks and it is equipped with remote starter.

I have had my Dodge Avenger for 10 years I bought it new all I have had to do is normal stuff change oil brakes fluids and keep gas there's nothing major happened to it I love it I get my fluids flushed once a year I change the oil every 3000 miles it has 77534 miles it is also the r/t package with heated leather seats all power and works it is been paid off for 6 years and like I said all I have done to it is normal maintenance.

- Misty T

Dodge Avenger: great family car.

My Dodge Avenger has very nice acceleration and is definitely a good car for you if you like the look of a sports car without it being completely outrageous in price. The gas mileage is also great as well, averaging 23 city 32 highway usually. Filling up the tank can be costly but it pays off in the long run when not having to fill up very frequently. The car also drives great and has little road noise within the car.

- Gabby L

It look a sporty but it has enough room for five.

The dodge avenger is a good performing car we haven't had any problems with the way it performs. We rely on it a lot we are a one car family. How to talk about comfort it I have rode in more comfortable I don't like that I don't have enough room for my feet. I also don't like that it is a little low for me. I find that I can't get in out with some difficulty. Over it is a decent car.

- Susan H

Throttle body and trunk seal issues.

It is a large car with many blind spots so you'll be challenged in backing up and parallel parking because you cannot see behind you. There’s a constant problem with the throttle body, hub caps fly off, hazard lights do not work, and a battery connection problem. There’s also a problem with the seal of the trunk. But it is my first car and it better than nothing, easy to handle.

- Megan J

I like that the car had 6 disc CD player.

My seniors to the fan is going out. So then my seniors that tells me my car is overheating is always ding when there is antifreeze in the car. Then there the battery. It's in the fender wheel. The worst spot to put a battery. Cause if a cable gets loose or you have to replace the battery you have to remove the tire first. So a ten minute job can take a lot longer cause if that.

- Heather H

Dodge Avenger 2009 lover forever.

My vehicle is comfortable and very reliable. I take it too and from college a couple times a month. The only problems I have had with it is when the fan is on it makes a weird noise but it is bearable. Plus sometimes the air pressure in the tires go down often. And the emergency brake light comes on when the break is not on. But other than that I love this car.

- Ashley B

Reliable enough to get the job done

My vehicle has had an assortment of problems since I purchased it 6 years ago, but none of them seem to be related or have needed to be replaced repeatedly. I love how big the backseat and trunk are of the vehicle; I can lay the backseat down and fit larger items through the trunk. It also allows adults to fit in the backseat with more space and comfort.

- Megan M

Love the power and size, great family car.

My car has needed a lot of repairs since I purchased it last year. I have spent over $3, 000 in repairs. It has needed a new battery, tie rods, tires, throttle body and other things. I like my cars size and power however I live in a state that snows a lot and it being front wheel drive is not very convenient when it comes to driving in the snow.

- Brenda R

Dodge, one of the all time great vehicles!

Dodge Avenger is a very reliable vehicle! Comfy and very smooth driving! Speakers are amazing and the sunroof and extra details they put into the vehicle really make it a car that is desired! Great handling and it gives you a breakdown in detail of your vehicle's tire pressure, oil and general maintenance. Very happy with the Dodge Avenger!

- Bryan E

I love the end of my car, it is stylish and does not make me feel nice.

I adore my 2009 Dodge SXT, the interior is soft and not too harsh. The features are up to date such as an aux, it is reliable. However I often spend around $100 per week for gas. This is due to the fact that I work much father so I guess that is what is the factor. However I have noticed that the mileage does not increase as quickly.

- Sahara M

This vehicle is not for me

This vehicle was gifted to me with 140,000 miles with no more car payment because I got into a car accident and my previous car was totaled. I'm not a huge fan of this vehicle because it just seems to always have problems. It could be due to it being a vehicle and that's what happens or because it's not a good name brand car.

- Mandy G

Dodge Avenger: Reliable & Smooth

My catalytic converter has had a large amount of problems causing my car to get poor gas mileage. Aside from that and everyday maintenance; oil changes, brakes, wheel bearing, battery, and alternator, it has been amazing. It is a 10 year old car and has been through northern winters that kind of maintenance is to be expected.

- Rose F

My sat is very fast. The output is very good. Who ever had it before me did good.

It's not a muscle car. I still would prefer a challenger over any other Dodge make. Still in great condition. I thought it would not be reliable in the winter but it did pretty well. I don't have leather seats and that's a plus for me. I wish Dodge put more colors in for the interior so we can have a bigger selection.

- Rick N

Dodge Avenger 2009 Sport car

It's a good car it's just too small for a family. I'm a family of five and maybe growing of a family of six and it does not fit all of us. Runs awesome Last very long time my cars over 200,000 miles and still going strong. Only problem is the air-conditioner which I'm sure I can get it fixed by any Mechanic

- Darlene W

There are a bunch of upgrades in car such as a built in cooler and drink warmer.

The car has run well. I have had a leak in the exhaust manifold, but it has not affected the performance. It just keeps the check engine light on, which makes it so my remote start does not work. There's a cooler in the car, but it does not get cold. I have had many issues with the car since I bought it.

- Elizabeth H

Comfortable and amazing to drive, its perfect.

I love my vehicle because have everything I need it drive smoothly and it really helps for me, it is not fancy but you got everything you want. It runs really nice and comfortable. I don't want let it go, the only problem I got is I need to change the seat cove but other than that it runs good.

- Dally L

Good condition for the age.

Only have had problems with power window motors going out and tpm on 2 wheels. Runs really well and no other major problems. Has maintained its looks as far as paint. Recently had headliner at back window come down. Tires are expensive for this car. Paint is chipping in front.

- Donna J

Gets really good gas mileage, is zippy, but has small engine. I love how it looks too.

I like the interior, it's heavy duty but easy to clean, which is important because I have kids, only thing I don't like is I've had to use three car seats from January until June, and we couldn't fit them all so I'd been driving an ugly minivan instead. I love the mpg for gas.

- Michelle O

A red fireball V6 engine , that's a great car to take around town

love the vehicles performance with V6 engine, rides quite nice. I dislike the loudness when you hit bumps, the trunk is very heavy hard to open with kids, when car is too hot it stalls electrical panel said mechanic. Right now I'm at 82,000 miles and it's still riding well.

- Cindy S

Sporty, clean, fun to drive, and easy to take care of

Great gas mileage, good riding, sporty fun all round car, peppy roomy best car I've ever had fun to drive, the only thing I don't like is it don't have keyless start the trunk is huge roomy back I'd recommend this car seat great stereo it's easy to get in and out of

- Melissa B

It has a chill zone that keeps drinks cold I think that�s a cool feature

I like that my car is very roomy. Plenty of space for everything and big trunk. The doors are really heavy and tend to want to close when you are trying to keep them open but that isn't a major deal. I like the way the car looks and that the windows are tinted.

- Shawnee C

Sensitive sensor, but very dependable.

Engine light on, wheel pressure light comes on and off. Drives great, very reliable. Gets me to and from work 4 days out the week with no issue. Plenty of space. Great air conditioning. Very tough dependable vehicle. I would highly recommend it for people.

- Elizabeth E

Why I would choose a dodge avenger.

Great car, very reliable and love the features. Had it for years keeping the maintenance up on it. Lasted long time without any major problems. The performance is overall well and love the outside look of the car. Would recommend this car to anyone.

- Jessica B

My car is in decent condition for it's age, but there are several minor problems that need to be fixed at 100,000 miles.

My Dodge Avenger has been a reliable car. It hasn't had any very serious problem in the past 2 and a half years since I've owned it. One problem I have had is with the tire gauge saying that I have a low tire every time I get in the car.

- Jarrod I

Love this car. Fits 5 comfortably, accelerates with ease. Great car.

I have had my car for 4 years, so far no issues with it besides my engine burns oil a lot faster than other cars. I end up needed to get oil changes more frequently and keep oil in my trunk to fill it up since it gets low faster.

- Erica F

My Avenger is fuel efficient and has a great ride.

I love my Dodge Avenger. It has a very nice ride and the price tag was great. My only complaint is that after it rains I get water in the trunk lid. I know a couple of other Avenger owners and they have the same issue.

- Dawn R

Best car on the market for the money.

Runs great. Very reliable. Great for family or single persons. With four doors it is very roomy. Easy to drive and smooth on the highway. No major issues with engine. Does well in all weather conditions.

- Sarah D

Not a fan of Dodge and would not buy this car again due to the major repairs that were needed.

It has had a lot of things that have needed to be repaired which has cost a lot of money out of pocket. I like how much room is in it and the way it drives is nice. I am ready for a new car though.

- Krystal J

The Avengers seem to have an issue with the a/c working properly

My Avenger has been a wonderful car. The only issue I have with it is the a/c stopped working a couple years ago. It is a very stylish vehicle with a sunroof for those nice summer nights

- Lea F

It is American made! Buy American! I feel proud of it.

I love my dodge avenger. It still looks brand new and stylish to me. It drives well. I haven't had any major issues. It make me feel safe. And, best of all, it was made in America!

- Susan B

It has been very dependable. I have had only one engine issue (replaced the intake manifold).

I ordered this vehicle from the dealer with all the features that I wanted. This was my lifetime dream car and I love it. I always wanted a sunroof and heated seats. I got both.

- David T

That it runs good and gets the job done

I like that it's a nice running sporty little car and that it's pretty good on gas I just dislike that it has a few miles on it and I wish it looked a little better than it does

- Jennifer c

It gets really good gas mileage.

I like the space and storage room for a car. I like the sporty look and feel. I dislike how rain can leak into the trunk through the spoiler. I have had many issues with this.

- Nicholas R

Others must know to keep an eye on electrical housing in the engine bay and that it does not fray

The vehicle has a very minimal amount of problems, most of which are electrical and easy to fix. performs well for the engine size, very reliable and comfortable

- jarred e

It is great on gas and it is cheap and easy to fix.

I most like the gas mileage it gets. The few things I don't like about it is that it feels like the interior is made cheap. There is just to much plastic.

- Tyler C

Car handles well in rain and snow and is a solid ride to and from work. Paint has chipped in a few places but car still looks good

The dodge avenger has issues with fuel pumps and have needed to be replaced twice. The vehicle does not get the gas mileage expected

- Robbie W

It has a 10 year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

I like the gas mileage I get with this vehicle. I like the size. I dislike the common issue that this model has with certain parts.

- Kara D

It is a very comfortable vehicle and a reliable car to travel in.

Very comfortable and reliable. Very bad blind spots in both the front and back of vehicle. Other than that it is a great car

- Mackenzie E

It looks like a fast car but it drives slow. Perfect for people who don't like to speed.

I love the way it handles and the look of the car. I don't like that some of the car parts seem cheap and break easily

- Kevin L

The Engine is very good you should buy a Dodge Avenger They work Very good for a lot of driving

My Car is very good it works I mean i don't know what else to say it's a good vehicle. The vehicle works very good.

- Robert P

It is a perfect vehicle. .

It is a really reliable vehicle which gets me to one place to another. It really performs well and speed is great.

- Marten A

Nothing the car runs really great and I've never have had a problem with it

Great car the gas is great. I really recommend this car to anyone. I have never had a problem with the car either.

- Nicole S

That it is a very good and dependable car.

I love my vehicle because it gets me to works and it gets me home. I love anything Dodge. And it is good on gas.

- Leslie B

No longer produce it. Hard to get trade in value.

Power, comfort. Not fuel efficient. Needs work. Insurance to high. To many warnings or dash reminders to reset.

- Steven W

The cover of the gas cap has started to deteriorate quickly.

I love the nav system that is installed on the car. It drives very well and hasn't had many maintenance issues.

- Tyler C

It starts to malfunction at about 120,000, lights come on such as the airbag light.

I like the roominess of the vehicle. I like the power that the car has. I dislike the location of the battery.

- Tina R

It is the best make and model of car, that I have ever owned.

They quit making this model. It is a great car. It gets great gas mileage. The power window keeps going out.

- Nicki B

Smooth ride and good gas mileage.

I like how spacious this car is. It is simple, yet has all the bells and whistles. The gas mileage is good.

- Linda M

It takes off fast, very reliable, have had it for about 4 years now.

The intake manifold went out after 60, 000 miles was told that is normal. Over $1000. 00 to get it fixed.

- Sierra W

It is a great car! Gas mileage is wonderful in an economy where gas is so expensive.

I like the gas mileage of my car. The safety factor is also a plus. Wish the trunk was a little bigger.

- Nikishia W

Keep up with maintenance it helps greatly.

My car is sporty. My car is reliable. My car is roomy. It is getting older and needs things fixed up.

- Stephanie B

My car gets me where we need to go

I like that it's fast. It's roomy enough for everyone. In the summer I hate that it's black

- Vicki B




Color, console are good. I hate there are no daytime running lights though! And I love the shifter placement

It's a Dependable car that's cute and sporty - nice for a small family.

- Brooke Z

It is reliable. Never has any big problems. Gets decent gas mileage

It's a nice car. It gets decent gas mileage. It barely ever breaks.

- Nicole M

It has lasted me much longer than I thought it would

Likes: very reliable, looks good, Dislikes: 4 cylinder

- Jason R