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The Dodge Avenger is a very reliable car for the money.

My Dodge Avenger was bought used with only 40, 000 miles on it. I love driving it, as it is just my size and I feel like I am driving a sports car (without paying the sports car price!??). I love almost everything about the car— the automatic seats, the Sirius radio, the heated seats, the sunroof, and the leather seats. It drives very well too, has a lot of pick up and go! The only thing that I absolutely 100% do not like about the vehicle is that to change the battery, you cannot just pop the hood and change it. . No, instead you have to actually have the vehicle hoisted up at a service center in order to even have access to the battery. Thus, I am forced to take it to a service center anytime the battery needs to be changed/checked. It seems like they (Chrysler) would have made it easier for the average everyday person to change the battery themselves. Other than that I am thoroughly happy with my Dodge Avenger and will drive it until it completely cannot drive anymore!

- Kelley S

The Dodge Avenger is a great car for someone who is looking for a great sedan and feels that a charger may be "too much power" or "too much car" for them

The car is comfortable to drive. great features. has great pickup for a 4 cylinder car. I have had issues with electrical in the vehicle and other dodges in my family have had the same. I have had to rewire the seats in the car so that the airbags would work and I frequently have issues with the automatic windows and doors. The chronometer in the clock is awful. it never keeps correct time. if you rest it it loses about 1 min every 2-3 weeks.

- Kevin S

I highly recommended the Dodge Avenger! It is reliable and runs good.

When I first got my vehicle everything was fine! As time goes on however, I am experiencing slight problems with my air conditioning system, and my catalytic converter. Easy fixes for both for the most part though. Really easy on oil and reliable for long trips! I have put almost 60, 000 miles on it since I bought it a year and a half ago and besides the minor problems I mentioned earlier there have been no other major problems!

- Kali B

Looks like a sedan, packs cargo like an SUV.

This is a very comfortable and reliable car. I've put almost 200,000 miles on it, mostly highway driving. The back seats fold down to open up cargo space with the trunk area. This is great for trips to the hardware store! I've packed this car with 8-foot poles for week-long camping trips. Outstanding, couldn't ask for a better sedan. My only quibble with it is that the sound system is not high quality, and the ac/heat is slow.

- Becky N

Great gas mileage/family friendly.

I have been driving this car for almost 7 years now. I have not had any problems with it! It is taken us on multiple family road trips. The gas mileage is great! In high school I drove 50 miles per day, I only had to fill up once every 2 weeks! Saved me a ton of money. This car now is occupied by me and my 1 year old daughter. There is still enough room to store groceries in the back even with a bulky car seat back there!

- Jade C

My experience with the dodge avenger.

Great car to drive, when I first leased this car, it ran very well and was a great daily driver. After about six years of using it, there are problems with the brake pads and the engine so it needs to be checked regularly. Fortunately I have a trusted mechanic that I can go to regularly, but once this car reach about 130,000-135,000 miles, it is time is about up. My car is now at 141,000.

- Cece G

This vehicle is really good on gas! A very reliable car to get you where you need to go!

I have a 2010 Dodge Avenger with a lot of great features. A few of my favorite features are the power seats, heated front seats, Sirius radio, and the touch screen radio. For the most part the vehicle hasn't given me any major problems and it's good on gas. It can comfortably sit 5 people but I wouldn't suggest a long road trip for 5 people as the car isn't very large.

- Kelaura R

Reliable car, not major repairs.

I have no major issues with my car. I have needed to repair basic things like brakes, rotors, and tires. The only thing big thing I have needed to repair was my drive shift cable. Overall I think it is a very reliable car. It fits all my kids in it good. It good in the snow. And that's very good to me because the fact I don't like driving in the snow.

- Diana C

The car drives very well at any speed and handles curves well.

On cold days it is nice to have heated seats and the heater warms car quickly also air conditioner cools car down quickly. It gets good gas mileage which is good as gas prices are on the rise. I enjoy the sun roof which opens all the way or you can just raise the back up if you want to circulate air it does not blow your hair all around.

- Rhonda W

Very nice, comfortable car, spacious.

Super comfortable. Drives nice. Not super loud. Spacious. Looks nice. Nice interior. Easy to work on. Reliable. Performance is good. Comfortably sits 5 people. Big trunk. Big back seat. Lots of room in the front. Nice steering wheel. Easy to access blinkers and windshield wipers. Button to pop open the trunk.

- Sadie C

It drives good and is a reliable car over the road when traveling.

The car was bought used so I somewhat inherited the problems of the previous owner. Electrical problems with the wipers. Wheel problems and stripped out brake bolts. The car seem to have been a great car at some point in time. It drives well and besides having to replace the alternator and battery it has been reliable.

- Lorenzo H

It is a lovely car, it sits 4 comfortably. It drives really smooth.

It is a really nice vehicle. It rides smooth and is great on gas, but I have had many problems with since I got it. Seems like every 2 weeks another light pops up. My husband does well when it come to taking care of cars, but this one has had problems with the radiator, the alternator, axles, and many other areas.

- Kim S

The Dodge Avenger is what I like to call "pocket rocket" not to big or too small.

2010 Dodge Avenger. Miles:140, 000. With gas prices fluctuating it is still consistent and inexpensive. Great gas mileage for all areas of travel. No major mechanical issue outside of regular maintenance. In today's times the Dodge Avenger in my personal opinion is a great investment as well as inexpensive.

- Arthur W

Detailed 2010 Dodge Avenger summary inside and outside.

Performance wise, it is very dependable. Its is good on gas and had the right amount of power. Small issues involve electrical. The windows and the windshield wipers can short circuit from time to time. Not regularly but occasionally. Battery placement is in an inconvenient spot but still has easy access.

- Aaron M

Smooth ride, always a joy to drive.

My 2010 Dodge Avenger is a great vehicle. It has great pick-up and turns on a dime. The gas mileage is very good. I have no problems getting in and out is it despite my severe arthritic knees and hips. The driver’s seat is fully adjustable as is the back, making it very comfortable over long drives.

- Patricia P

Great value and very comfortable!

I got my car in 2012. I have yet to have any major issues but the windshield does have an internal crack. I can live with that. It is a great vehicle. The backseat is comfortable, the trunk is huge. It has a sporty look and gets good gas mileage. If you want a sedan, I highly recommend Dodge Avenger.

- Cindi H

Overall I have no main complaints, I enjoy it.

No issues, well maintained, gas saver, reliable to and from work. It is great for road trips. Maintenance on it is easy to take care of. It's somewhat comfortable. I am a big guy and I can still fit if I put the seat all the way back. The only issue is to fill up the tank cost like fifty bucks.

- Alex S

Dodge Avenger: a dependable vehicle.

This car is very dependable. It was given to me by my dad, who bought it in 2010. He works an hour away one way from our home and up until this summer he drove it there and back everyday. It has a lot of miles on it but it still runs perfectly. It also has a comfortable, nice looking interior.

- Madison B

Good on gas on highway but not city. Fit family comfortably for short trips.

Not good on gas and heating system does not work well. It is roomy and helped get to and from but performs well enough to get to and from. The gas mileage is not good in the city but better on the highway. We were able take several trips in vehicle with family with plenty of room for luggage.

- April G

Good bass, bad handling in weather conditions.

I love the sound system and the reliability but I hate how light the car is--awful for driving in high winds or snow. The bass is really nice in the speakers though, and the car has had very little problems. It's just that it's really light and I wish it handled better in snow and whatnot.

- Morgan R

I love this car and literally would not trade it for anything!

I have had my Dodge Avenger since 2012. It has only had one previous owner and no major issues outside of the normal wear and tear like replacement brakes and tires and I travel a lot for long periods of time. I am very satisfied with my purchase and will continue to be a doge customer.

- Sierra R

A decent size decently reliable sedan.

Its pretty comfortable has a decent amount of space for a sedan. It's been pretty reliable with some minor issues with sensors. I use this vehicle everyday to transport my 10 month old and feel safe doing so. His car seat fits fine in the back seat. The trunk also has a lot of space.

- Amanda M

It is a comfortable ride.

My car overheated the second time I drove it and was fixed by the dealer. 2 weeks ago. Then it started leaking water in the front passenger seat under the dash. I am taking it in to a mechanic tomorrow. Other than these problems, it is a comfortable ride and I gets good gas mileage.

- Patricia P

Ol' reliable has gotten me places without having to put much money into it.

Reliable car. Put 60,000 plus miles on it so far and just normal repair stuff needed, like oil changes, tires, brakes. Looks like a sports car without paying the high insurance. Nice, zippy little car. Small on the inside so not for large people. So far has been a good car to me.

- Britt B

Reliable dodge avenger sedan.

Overall it has been a good vehicles with no major mechanical problems. It is spacious and drives smoothly, gets average gas mileage. It does have pretty bad blind spots on both the driver and passenger side of the front side windows. It has been a really reliable car for me.

- Ed G


Price at the time of purchase/only problems just the basics/tires/brakes/oil change/mileage high on the vehicle and still going strong/very comfortable/great on the highway and curves/only let down was the CD player tends to get very hot when playing and does not work now.

- Mackey D

A very fast car, shape is perfect too.

The performance of my car is very good. Its very reliable and the comfort is really awesome. It has no problems as I've been using it for 3 years now. This is a car to buy because its strong, reliable and gets the job done. Comfortable and can fit a family as well.

- Joseph M

Vehicular highlights on Dodge Avenger.

As long as you keep up with the oil changes and other regular maintenance the vehicle runs strong and I have a 4 cylinder which is relatively great on gas. No issues with transmission or engine check lights coming on. Has no issues electronically either ever.

- Chelsea C

Its awesome family car but can also be bachelor car cruising around.

I like how it drives, i.E. Handles easily. Also, I like some of the amenities, for instance, the radio. The only complaint I have is that things that used to be easy to do, like changing a headlight, has been made more difficult for a person to do them self.

- Beth W

What I like and don't like about my Dodge.

I have not had any issues with my car other than the dash switches I either had full air or none. Normal things are needing to be replaced like breaks and serpentine belt. I love the body style and looks of the outside but the interior is a little cheap.

- Bobbie S

That it is a very safe and economical car.

Wish it had more power. Great gas mileage. I like that it has 4 doors. I like that it has a automatic transmission. Nice cold air. Rides very comfortable. Drives super great down the freeway. Seats could be a little bit bigger. Love the color of the car.

- Jennifer W

This car is very reliable and perfect for reaching your destination.

Gas is very expensive to fill a full tank but it lasts long, very comfortable seats, hydroplanes a little easier than most cars, full functioning radio and AUX extension, seat warmers for front two seats, picks up speed easily, rarely have car issues.

- Emily S

Very reliable, very smooth ride.

This has been a very reliable car. I have had to do no repairs to this car. It gets great gas mileage and rides very nicely. It has a cooler in the dashboard on the passenger side. I couldn't ask for a better car. It also drives very good in the snow.

- Kimberly K

Dodge Avenger: an underrated sedan.

Nice spacious interior and wonderful bright headlights. Huge amount of trunk space for a car that size! Only issue is when it has rained and you open the trunk, a bunch of water pours down. Also has somewhat large blind spots, but you get used to it.

- Heather G

It's a solid car and will work well for a good amount of time, but may require some repairs.

I like that it is relatively gas-efficient for being made in 2010. It's a smooth drive. I don't like that the front left wheel must be removed to access the battery. I don't like that the window raise/lower mechanism breaks easily (known issue).

- Yann M

It handles well and gets good gas mileage.

My vehicle has been a pretty reliable car except it has an electrical short . This makes the battery go out and I've had to replace it multiple times. It gets good gas mileage and is easy to drive, but the electrical shortage is an issue.

- Michele C

Dodge Avenger 2010: Pretty Good Car

My dodge avenger is a generally nice car. I bought it used, with 135,000 miles on it, so of course it's going to have problems by now. Its runs good, the model is nice, but it definitely starts having problems after the 100,000 mile mark.

- Kara S

It is made here in America. It gets good gas mileage. It makes you feel powerful but yet sophisticated.

I love my 2010 Dodge Avenger. The look it has with the spoiler fin on the back. It has a luxury look and feel with a muscle car look. I love the leather interior and the heated seats. I would like a newer one.

- Mary S

It has amazing gas mileage.

I like that it has great gas mileage, and a cruise control, other than that I just do not like the way it looks. I wish that the bumper was a little more sports but it's alright. Overall it's an amazing car.

- Seth A

2010 dodge avenger sxt gold

I have had this car since 2011 and it has been very reliable. I have been in a couple smaller accidents and it has held up for me. Only issue i have had is a leak in the coolant hoses. Very dependable car

- Macy G

It is good on gas, and has decent get up and go.

It is decent on gas but have quite a few issues with it recently. The car is newer so not a lot of space under the hood to do repairs myself. Most repairs have cost me 500 plus. But it is a very nice ride.

- Donovan Y

It's tough! Minimal upkeep and still rides and drives perfectly

I like the gas mileage and the mid size of it. I don't like the amount of blind spot I have. I wish it was a bit bigger but it was perfect until we had grandkids! I wish it had sensors for the headlights.

- Stacia C

Amazing gas mileage and very reliable.

2010 Dodge avenger express that has a touchscreen Uconnect radio in it, heated seats, heated mirrors, drives amazing and 4 cylinder with the power of a V6. Love the vehicle and great gas mileage.

- Jesse M

It drives smoothly and is easy to drive.

My avenger drives smoothly, handles well, and is nice on the inside so I can drive people. The only problem I have encountered is the alternator, which we've had to replace twice.

- Erin R

It's reliable and pretty gas efficient. It is comfortable on a daily basis but maybe not on a longer trip. Road noise can be high.

I liked the space until we became grandparents. Now it's too small. The only thing I really wish it had was automatic headlights. It's been a very reliable vehicle over all.

- Stacia C

It gets great gas mileage.

I love everything about it for the most part. I do not like the radio/CD player though. It does not work always and is more complicated than it should be.

- De C

They do not hold their value if you plan to trade them in.

My vehicle gets great fuel mileage. It is sporty and has many extras to include leather and heated seats. It has good safety ratings and is affordable.

- Christine A

My Car is very reliable, dependable and meets all my needs.

I love my vehicle it has always been reliable. It gets really great gas mileage and very reliable. I am happy to say I have not have any problems

- Linda L

This car is a v6 engine 3.5 liter. It definitely does the job when it comes to performance

It has a sunroof and heated seats. It gets up to speed really fast. I love using the slapstick feature. Its overall an amazing car. No problems

- Jalissa W

I haven't had to do much work on the car, just regular maintenance.

My car has a smooth ride and has been very dependable. At first, it wasn't the car I wanted but took it due to price. It was a good decision

- Ramona H

4dr all white. Just enough room for me, and my daughter.

I have had my car for 7yrs now. The only big problem I had is when the alternator went out about a year ago. This is a great car in my eyes.

- Dana S

Reliable and dependable just like the last two I have owned.

I like the color and how it handles. I also like how well it is been maintained.... I dislike the seats though because they're too hard..

- Jane M

It gets me where I need to go.

I like it bc it gets me where I need to go. I do not like it bc I really need some work done to it. And it isn't the cutest thing ever.

- Alexis E

Reliable, sporty looking and dependable.

A very reliable car. No major repairs were necessary since it's purchase. Lifespan exceeded the time it took to pay it off completely.

- John L

Lived in car and traveled all over the west coast!

Always having something to repairs, and it is breaking apart! Bad on fuel economy, however I have lived in the car for months now.

- Jameson G

Easy to clean interior, exterior built well.

Break issues, calipers go bad often, replaced breaks often, does best with Mopar breaks, smooth ride, easy to clean interior.

- Katie S

Has run great for years before requiring any service.

Our car runs exceptionally well. We have owned it for about 3 years before we had to start replacing much of anything on it.

- Kimberly P

Easy to drive and good gas mileage.

I like everything about my vehicle nothing to dislike good on gas fast roomy nice seats has built in cooler sunroof rt 6 v.

- Felix S

Awesome vehicle, no problems with it.

It is in good condition, nothing is wrong with it. Drives smoothly, low gas consumption, lights works great and runs fast.

- John M

It's been a good family car and it's really good on gas for trips.

I like the body style of the car. I also like the gas mileage. I would like a newer updated model with navigation inside.

- Amy M

It has plenty of power and excellent safety features.

I like the body style color and size. I also like the compartments it has. The seats are uncomfortable and it needs work.

- Stephanie J

Excellent safety rating, dependable vehicle.

Excellent dependability and gas mileage. Has driven hundreds of miles with only one major repair beside regular upkeep.

- Janea D

Good car but the paint with the sun came off the top part.

It is small the water pump busted and the wheels I always have to buy new ones I think it is just me more maintenance.

- Doris P

Even though it's a little older, it has all the nice features that new cars have.

I love the AC and smooth ride. I dislike how much space it has. Its very small inside. But its always been reliable.

- Lindsey C

It has good gas mileage and looks good.

It has plenty of space for passengers. The car is little more bulky than other cars. It has pretty good gas mileage.

- Chandler F

It's black, with neon lights

Does not start, and barely works half the time. It has battery problems, ignition problems, and who knows what else

- ryan n

Great looking, reliable car.

Very reliable, no major issues. Has 82, 000 miles. Only have had to replace battery, and brakes. Good gas mileage.

- Christina N

There’s nothing interesting about it.

The starter, the breaks are going out, electric issues. At the 160 mile range the starter acts up. Tune up also.

- Sierra N

It is an amazing car. My favorite.

Hardly have any problems with it. I love it. The quality of the car is good. And it takes me where I need to go.

- Amanda T

It may go fast but is safe and reliable.

I enjoy that it has a lot of room to be a small car. I also enjoy the built in Bluetooth. Oh and the big trunk.

- Sky E

Keep the maintenance up to keep a good running car.

Drives smooth and it's very comfortable to me. I have gotten use to it. I will keep the maintenance. Up on it.

- Adrian A

It's a very Dependable car. Had ran good for years and still good.

I love the power. The fact that it's a family car. And it's quality. I don't like the odd leaks the car has.

- Eric R

Fixing it does get expensive.

It seems to break down once a year. And every time it does it cost at least 350. 00. Guess its just old idk.

- Tera F

My car gets hurt gas mileage so if you have to travel for work it's perfect

It's been very reliable so I love that. It's 8 years old has a lot of miles and is showing the wear and tear

- Kim B

Nice vehicle I like it a lot

I Like its nice vehicle and nice color and cleaning and nice vehicle and I like it and I like the roof

- Jawad M

It's easy to drive but I feel like it needs an oil change more frequently.

I like the style of the car and the gas mileage but I do not like the cloth seats, it's hard to clean.

- Katie T

My Dodge Avenger has a very good engine and is very good on gas.

My car has air conditioning is not working and having electricity problems. I also need a oil change.

- Michelle D

I think every car should have heated seats, cloth or leather.

I love the heated cloth seats. It is one of the main reasons I am hesitant on buying a new car.

- Angela G

Great car for everyday use and perfect for your long get away.

My car is great to take on vacations. It is great on gas mileage. It is also very reliable.

- Stacey R

The 2.7l has a defect on camshaft chain tensioner it goes out fast and will tare up the cam chain

My car always has problems I have to fix like sensors and defects but overall it runs great

- James C

It gets good gas mileage.

It's very roomy and gets excellent gas mileage. It has a very sporty look to it as well.

- Courtney b

Like the color and look of it. Wish the trunk was a little bigger and better in the snow.

It has a roomy interior inside, very comfortable and plenty of legroom even in the back

- Laura S

My car is really fast so if you are into cars, the Avenger is the one for you

I love that it is very constable, very nice and I can only put 20 in gas a week

- Jeziel N

takes a lot of gas and need body work

It's a gas guzzler and I would rather have a newer model and different make

- Jason C

It drives really well. It's really comfortable to drive.

It gets good gas mileage. It has held up well to travel and is a good size.

- Courtney H

Compact nice gas saver. Easy to keep maintenance up

I like it. It's small compact just bigger enough for my family

- Candace M

good gas mileage, has been very dependable, low maintenance

It rides good, gets great gas mileage, no complaints really

- cindy z