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Like owning a muscle car without the price.

My car is a v6 it is fairly fast and quick to respond. It feels very substantial, not boxy. Mileage is not great, but not terrible . Better for longer trips. Around town it is only around 19 mpg I like the shape of it and get compliments all the time on it. The interior is black and red, and looks very nice. Seats are not bucket, so easy to get in and out. Very comfortable. Roomy in the back. I have had little work to do to it, besides replace the ac. I do put snow tires on it in winter because it does not handle well on snow. The original low profile wheels look very good. If I could I would never buy a different car. It has been the best car I have owned. Over trucks, SUV's, and other sedans. Overall, it is like having a muscle car, without the price.

- Julia K

Great gas mileage from my 2011 Dodge Avenger

I do like my 2011 Dodge Avenger. I did not pick it out, but it has been a great car for me for the past 5 years. The ride is good and smooth and gets great gas mileage. I also enjoy the electric seat and windows. Another highlight is the heated seats. The trunk is very roomy and there is plenty of riding space in the front and back. One thing I think that would make it better would for me personally is if the seats were leather and the heated seat went further up the back. Also a steering wheel and pedals that moved out in and would be a bonus too. Overall I like my 2011 Dodge Avenger.

- Tiffany B

Summarizing my 2011 Dodge Avenger.

There is not really any major issues I have with my car if there are issues it is because I do not keep up the maintenance how I should, I have had my car of 2 years and only problems I have had with the car is the engine which the dealership got fixed because I didn't have the car more than 60 days before the engine started to mess up but every since it is been fixed I haven't had major issues with my car, just regular maintenance issues, windshield wipers replaced every now and then, tune up, oil change just the basic needs of a car.

- Kim L

I am not satisfied with this vehicle.

I feel that the car interior is not large enough to accommodate slim fitting car seats, which is a very important thing for me. Also, it is starting to display some issues with chugging when going up hills, along with electrical issues. It is comfortable if you are sitting in the front seat but again the backseat is a little small if the front seats are in the middle setting for how far back they are. Also, the trunk has stopped popping which is very inconvenient for grocery shopping as well as trying to get our stroller around.

- Ashley C

My 2011 dodge avenger lux.

After having it for a year, my car for the most part is in good condition. I am just now experiencing tire issues. I love that the vehicle came with nice shiny rims, a sunroof, Bluetooth/ hands free. The inside is all black and classic. There are lots of places to plug up USB for charging or anything, there is a CD player, FM/AM radio, Sirius radio available, you can upload music and photos to the screen on dashboard. There lots of back seat space, heated seats up front. And buttons to connect to the garage! Love my car!!

- Mariah K

The mechanical up keep to keep it running smoothly is not worth it.

I really enjoy the ride of the car. The sound system works well and makes for an enjoyable ride. There has, however, been several mechanical problems. The air conditioning has been broken on three different occasions. The interior of the car is nice and stylish. I enjoy the spacious trunk space! Like most Dodge vehicles it has a fast and powerful engine. I am not the biggest fan of the style of the exterior of the car. Overall it gets me from one destination to the next and has only given me a few troubles.

- Conner T

Car mart is our liars and frauds.

My Avenger has many problems but of course that is expected with buying from car mart. The trunk leaks every time it rains, its slow at taking fuel in (takes 20 min just to fill it all the way up), radio does not work, a speaker is busted, and the engine sounds like a dying animal. Car mart also had done nothing to try and help out either. Everytime we call we just get the run around and never get to actually speak to someone who knows something.

- Kayla Y

Overall outlook of the car should go in-line with the charger and challenger

I like the fact that it's small and a little compact. It fits easily in small spaces.I wish the speed would get up a little bit more though, or maybe it's just my car due to the fact I have a oil leak. The parts aren't that expensive, but the labor for the repairs cost a nice penny. Also if the car came with some factory issued chrome rims it would add to the appeal of the car, and maybe throw a few more coats of gloss on the paint job

- Will K

My new used car buying experience.

The car is family new to me. I bought it used from a local family ran used car dealership. When I bought the car I knew it had front alignment issues. I made sure that the dealership knew that I would take this car with its issues. They fixed the problem and I have been happy ever since. I really like to take my car out in the desert and just let her go. She is quite fast. I also like the satellite radio that it came with.

- Sonja M

When you are young at heart and know what's best in life.

The comfort and response time of the vehicle is great. The control is tight without being overly so and I have experienced the brakes saving me from more than one bad driver on the road. The only issues I have had is the overhead lights manual switch going out leaving them running. This is my favorite car, 4 doors so no bother friends getting in. Balanced between youthful power and mature responsibility.

- John S

My thoughts on a 2011 Dodge Avenger.

The car is very nice. The ride is smooth and the interior is roomy with seating for 5 with back seat console folded up. It has access to the trunk from the interior and the back seats fold down for room for larger packages. Only downside is the tires. The rims are 17 inch so replacement tires run on the high side, anywhere from 400 to 1000+ dollars to replace.

- Nancy I

Replacing the battery is bothersome.

The battery is hard to replace because you have to take the drivers side wheel off. It was a disappointing discovery. A lot of places or retailers that sell batteries will install the battery at no charge if you purchased from them but not with this car. Other than that, it has been a great car. I have had next to no issues with it in the last 7-8 years.

- Jami C

2011 Dodge Avenger main street.

I purchased this vehicle used last fall, and haven't had any major issues. I have traveled, moved, and use it for daily commutes. It handles easy and equipped with cruise control, makes traveling easier. There is an AUX port, and radio controls on the steering wheel. The sound of the factory speakers is really good. Overall I have really enjoyed it.

- Trina L

I do like my car overall! No many complaints.

This car is great for commuting, good on gas and reliable. But always has issues. Engines are jumpy. I heard there are always electrical problems which I haven't had. This car is super spacious and love the interior. Its black and red very sporty, but great for moms like me who need room in the back for kids in car seats. Great trunk space.

- Daniel S

Very good family car and very reliable. Good in the winter

I bought the car used with 70,000 miles on it. Only real issue was having to replace the transmission soon after buying it. I has been a great car. Lots of room for the family I have 2 children that fit in the backseat with no issues. The car has regular features (cd player, radio, power windows) no extra features. Very reliable car.

- Marcia L

The most important thing others should know is that it has a lifetime warranty, a rarity in a vehicle,

What I like about my vehicle is that it is peppy, rides smoothly and has the basic features that I expect from a vehicle (i.e. well-rounded.) What I dislike about my vehicle is that It's technology features are both lacking and out of date (no safety tech features such as cameras and no apps or audio streaming.)

- Nicole t

It�s reliable gets me where I need to it does need a bit more work done

Working on the problems and making sure everything is up to code. Parts of the car is breaking down it also needs four new tires and a reliable spare tire. It also needs a kit in case the car were to ever break down again. The interior needs a deep detailed cleaning. It also could use a fresh paint job.

- Alicia B

Red 2011 Dodge Avenger with 32gb hard drive.

My car has a damaged fender, and needs a new ball bearing but other than that it drives smoothly and is a very comfortable car to own. My car also has tinted back windows and if you add a monitor and the other Uconnect part you will be able to watch DVDs and use Bluetooth for your phone.

- Trisha T

To summarize I like the Dodge Avenger and I would consider purchasing another.

I bought the car used and have owned it for 3 years. So far it has not needed any repairs. The seats are comfortable and the trunk is big and wholes a lot. The back seat has lots of space. If there is one downside it is the placement of the battery. It is a little difficult to get at.

- Robert D

We have owned this vehicle for 7 years with very few issues.

We bought this vehicle when it was a year old. It has lasted us 7 years and we have put many miles on this car. We have had minimal issues. Just the regular maintenance that is needed, (oil change, tires, brakes, etc..). Runs great, looks great! Just a little small for our family.

- Katie H

It's a good family car or first car for a young driver.

It has great safety features. I haven't had major issues with it, and have put quite a few miles on it. It's comfortable, but does have paint starting to peel and get sun bleached from being outside, a problem I've not had with other vehicles, even with just as much sun exposure.

- lan b

Even though she's a four cylinder and older, she can still put in the work.

Dodge does not make the avenger anymore, if they did I would buy a newer one. I dislike that it does not have the bells and whistles that the newer cars do. It is amazing on gas and could probably survive the end of the world. But, I do go through the breaks pretty quickly.

- Sara T

My sound system is used every time we drive the car and still works great!

The Dodge Avenger runs great and is reliable for work and other event to attend. I recently just had the radiator hose bust on the vehicle, but besides that it is all around a good car. The ac still works great, the heat is toasty as well and sound system is still nice.

- Allie C

It is the perfect mesh of sports car and commuter car. It has adequate leg room and a sleek look. It also has great gas mileage.

I enjoy the power of the engine and the sleek design; However, I wish that my vehicle had more space. I do enjoy the look and feel of the car as it is very sporty. From time to time I do prefer sitting much higher than my car allows, but I look past this for the power.

- Kathryn B

The silver dodge that goes everywhere

The camrod has been replaced and it will stall if you switch gears too fast. I have had the break replaced and the ac makes a lot of noise. I have had to replace the windshield wipers multiple times and I have had to replace the ignition as well and the batteries

- Megan J

The avenger is sporty and easy on fuel which is great we travel quite a bit.

My car is fabulous. Great gas mileage, very comfortable for road trips. I have only had one problem with it since I have had it, a squealing sound which is a pulley, which is an easy fix, other than that, it is a great car. We use it mostly because of gas mileage.

- Penny G

Nothing is good about this car it sucks.

It has oil leak engine light will not turn off do it will not pass smog blew the engine once already brought it to dodge all they want to do is charge me more money to find out what is wrong with it. I would not buy this car ever again or recommend it to anyone.

- Patty D

It has a CD player so I don't use the radio much.

The car has been fine until about 6 months ago, now it has random dropouts in power and/or just quits for 1-3 seconds. So far I have been able to keep driving when this happens. The seats could be a little more comfortable, but other than that it is a good car.

- Dean A

It's very dependable and I have no worries with it.

It's an amazing car no problems with it. Really good on gas mileage and very dependable car. Its very trustworthy and great. Its a 2011 Dodge Avenger one of the best cars I've ever had since I've started driving. The best part about my car is the appearance.

- China R

2011 Dodge Avenger, great yet small first car.

Great on gas but not the best on leg & head room. I have owned mine for 8 months and haven't had any issues so far other than lack of comfort for my taller children. It also seems to be geared high, something I wasn't used to after driving a Kia for years.

- Holly B

Small problems and great details

Trunk is really heavy, have problems with lights on dashboard turning on saying something is wrong when it really isn't. Other than that love the car. Lots of room, good trunk space. Wish the car was Bluetooth, but the sound in the speakers is amazing.

- Gina L

The Avenger Heat is just that. It's total Awesomeness.

My car was bought second hand. Its had a couple recalls but since the quirks have been worked out, I would have to say that the overall performance is amazing. It handles very well on the road, it's great on gas, very economical.

- Angela S

It is reliable and safe. It is also easy to problem solve issues.

I love the space available in my vehicle. The tinted windows from the outside keep the neat things in my car well hidden. I enjoy the beautiful coat red that it is. I also enjoy the good gas mileage that it has.

- Madeline K

Dodge Quality Driven, dodge is known to last long and high mileage.

I like the size, style, make of my car. I don't like the fact it doesn't have good traction in the winter; I had to buy snow tires so I would have traction. It would be beneficial if it was all wheel drive.

- Teresa G

Dodge Avengers are Awesome

My Dodge Avenger is totally reliable. It's a fun vehicle to drive. It's very comfortable, I can adjust my seat to suit me perfectly. I really love the sunroof and my bluetooth radio. It's an awesome car.

- Michelle C

T I wish the ac would be more compatible with our AZ summer weather.

Paint is chipping off, ac is not at full capacity runs very slow and takes a while before changing speed. Do not get me wrong I would love my car a little more if these issues didn't exist.

- Dora Q

This car gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable on long trips

It is very comfortable gets great gas mileage looks great the only drawback is limited vision6 when backing up. The way the the back side windows are designed it has large blind spots

- Carmen P

That it handles really well and I feel confident it will last me a few more years.

I like my car because it drives very smooth, fairly good on gas and has not caused me any problems yet. The only complaint I have is that the air conditioning could be better.

- nonya B

It's durable and stylish. They really updated the dash of the car and it tells you how much gas you have left.

I like the touch screen radio and that everything lights up with led lights. I don't like that the back window is a little smaller to see out of. I love the gas prices

- Kimberly R

It works well for a commuter from the suburbs to the metro

I love my car - it's a great size and it's comfortable. But it requires a decent amount of maintenance, which is annoying. I wish it ran just a little bit better.

- jackie c

There seems to be quality control issues with this car. Others I know who own this car also have issues with it as well.

I've had a lot of electrical issues with this car. Including power windows not working, AUX port shorting out and ABS and cruise control has stopped working.

- Travis L

It is very dependable, and great on gas.

My car is good on gas. It is dependable. It looks nice. It was a great price. Complaints: the window motor keeps freezing. There was a recall on the airbag.

- Monic S

Dependable , good on slick roads and in snow good all around car

Love the car had it for a few years never any problems, took it on many trips always good to travel in god trunk space good on gas mileage on raid mileage,

- Connie S

It runs well, gas mileage is not terrible, it looks great & has served me well.

I like the design, comfort and style of the car. My car runs well and has only ever required routine maintenance. I dislike the lack of horsepower.

- Shelly A

It's a black 4 door with tan interior. Love the way it drives.

My car is very comfortable and gets great gas mileage. I've been very happy since I bought it. I'll probably drive it till there wheels fall off.

- Kevin A

Uconnect & DVD capabilities, 3. 6 liter engine, 4 door, keyless entry.

I absolutely love my car! He has been the best car I have ever had and other than normal maintenance I have never had any trouble with my car.

- Patricia T

Very stylish looking car. Handles nicely on the road.

I like the size and style. It drives nice. I also like the color. Dislike the blind spot when you are backing up. The trunk could be deeper.

- janie m

It's a sturdy, safe, and reliable sedan. You get what you're paying for.

I love the simplicity of it and the reliability (knocks on wood). I wish it had a bit more size and power without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

- Chris H

That it is a very reliable and trustworthy car.

I like that it is reliable and gets me from my pa home to work in NY. I dislike that it is not 4 wheel or all wheel drive since I travel.

- Nicole P

It is well worth the price. It runs great and has really provided me with reliability

Car is a great value for the price. Lags in power but makes up in gas mileage. The car has be extremely reliable except for water pump

- john P

That it gets great gas mileage and it's not an expensive car.

I like that it gets good gas mileage, and that my back seats come down. I don't like that it doesn't have seat heaters or auto start.

- Sarah D

My car is great on gas and looks sporty. It also has hands Free calling.

My Dodge is sporty looking and fast. I'd prefer a color other than silver,but it will due. I just wish it had a little more room.

- Sharon D

It's a decent car, but I wish it was made better. Pieces are falling off all the time

I like how it looks sporty. I also like how comfy it is. I dislike that it is very slow. I also dislike how poorly it is made.

- Francisco C

Its way better than I expected.

Its a 4 door with tons of trunk space and seat space. The outside of the car looks sporty with sharp details around the tires.

- Casey M

After 30,000 miles the quality goes down a lot

This vehicle is the worst I've ever had. I bought it used with only 30,000 miles on it. I always had problems with the vehicle

- Amber S

The dodge avenger has excellent pickup. It's pretty good on gas and it's got a sleek look to it.

I love the style.The pickup is excellent and I like the U connect that is offered. It's silver which is my favorite color car.

- Stella B

My car is a dependable car.

I love how my vehicle is safe. My vehicle is not good on gas. My vehicle is dependable. My vehicle sits to low to the ground.

- Tracey L

Great on gas, also a family friendly car.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle. Its reliable and great on gas. It gets me from location A to B easy peasy.

- Kirsten R

It has heated seats and I will not have another car that does not.

I have never had any real major problems with my Dodge. It is comfortable and reliable. I would buy it again.

- Stephanie P

It has been well maintained.

It is a sporty looking vehicle. It also has heated seats that I love. I wish it had more room for traveling.

- Stephanie P

My car has a sunroof. It has bluetooth and touchscreen radio

Currently my car needs a paint job from an accident. I am having AC problems which is minor. Need new brakes

- Shavonta T

Runs great starts every time little problems for 7 years.

Alternator replaced 4 times in the time I have owned the car and am/FM radio stopped working for no reason.

- Sherry M

That is its fun and looks good too.

Nothing to dislike love the car. It does have a ticking in the engine but I can live with that. Great car.

- Anthony B

No more Dodge Avenger for me

just not a good car, rides rough, electrical problems, engine rattle etc. it does get me to and from work

- gabby b

Nothing interesting. I have been happy with my Dodge from day one.

Vehicle performs very well, I have had it owned it now for 4 years and still haven't needed any repairs.

- Robert D

After 30,000 miles the performance goes down

This is the worst vehicle I have ever had. The performance sucks and something is always breaking

- Amber J

some road noise, issues with sensors, brakes needed to be replaced, smooth ride

small trunk, smooth ride, some road noise, brakes needed to be replaced due to locked piece

- Michelle L

that it is falling apart and not a good family car

it's a black sedan that is falling apart. the electrical is bad. we almost have it paid off

- kelly P

Good value. like I said it rides nice and looks good.

I like the smooth ride. I like the mileage. I like the look. No dislikes or complaints.

- bob d

One thing that everyone should know about my car is that it's very fast.

My car is spacious and comfortable but not too big. It is fast and rides smooth.

- Leydi A

It is very reliable. I rarely have any problems with its performance. It is just very small. I am almost 6 foot tall and I barely fit in it.

It is a reliable decent car that gets good gas mileage. It's just to small.

- Joe M

I love the pickup. It's comfortable and sporty.I wish they would update the Uconnect.

It's sporty and fast yet still feminine. Woman look good in the car too

- Jan B