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2011 Dodge Caliber Heat: Possibly the Hatchback of the Decade

It is a very sleek design for such a reasonably priced car. A very simple engine bay makes repairs and maintenance a breeze. The gas mileage is 24 combined mpg which is reasonable. It comes with extensive safety features, quality A/C air flow, up to date radio/display with Sirius XM capability. The only downsides are the get up and go, which could be expected from a 4 cylinder 2.0L engine, and the trunk size is a little hard to work with. For a family with up to 3 children it is a great commuter car, especially in cities where the streets are small, as the vehicle is very compact. Overall a great vehicle, especially for the money.

- Kyle L

Nice stylish station wagon..with all the bells and whistles if need be.

The 2011 Dodge Caliber is a great running car. Mine is a mainstream and has several options, satellite radio, which is Siri. Its equipped with a 2.0L 14 DOHC 16 VALVE DUAL vvt mines got 70 000 miles on her and I gave 10 000 for her 3 years ago. Mine was equipped with dual air bags all the way around the car, nice alloy rims and tinted windows.it's a car for grandma or grandpa.don't get me wrong if you push the pedal it will go. But it reminds me of a new Age Station wagon.equipped with automatic or manual transmission I have had a recall on passenger front seat belt

- Chad S

Pros and cons for a 2011 Dodge caliber.

It is not a bad vehicle however if you are tall and have little ones there is not check legroom in front and almost no back seat room. When I bought the vehicle I didn't at that time have two grandchildren but now I am finding it very difficult to get them in the backseat with their car seats yes. I do like that the back seats drop down for added space if you need to haul or transfer something a little bit larger but as far as room goes there's not much of it. If you are needing something with a lot of get up and go I do not recommend this vehicle either.

- Janet K

2011 dodge caliber with 126,000 miles.

My car is a 2011 dodge caliber. I bought it last year not realizing that it only has two seatbelts in the back.. Yet I have 3 children. It is had an electrical issue since I got it too, where just about every time I use my turn signal, the power to my radio cuts in and out. It is a small car but not uncomfortable and the gas mileage is good. The hatch on the back opens if you lift up really hard. It needs new springs. I like that the radio has built in Bluetooth for music and phone calls. It is not a bad car. I just know I need a better one.

- Kayla W

A no nonsense type of car.

My dodge caliber has been a very reliable car. It is very stock, with not a lot of whistles. It has taken me on trips, and back and forth to work with no problems. It does have some quirks. It clicks when I turn on the air, and the passenger side windshield fluid spout gets clogged. The seats are comfortable.m, and I like the fact that you can fold down the rear seats for more storage. The suspension isn't the greatest, it likes to groan sometimes going over bumps. And the depreciation value had me very disappointed.

- Katy M

Decent car, not so decent transmission.

This car has a great sound system, Siriusxm satellite and is an all around simple car. There are not a lot of fancy buttons and lights which is easy on the eyes for night driving. The rearview mirror dims at night so the car lights behind you are not blinding. The transmission is a continuous shift transmission which I do not like. The car does not have the get up and go that I prefer. Other than the transmission, it is not a bad car. The backseat is a little claustrophobic due to the headspace. It is an ok car.

- Becky A

I love the color of blackberry. In the sun it changes color to blue glitter.

It is American made, looks like a small SUV but it is actually a car. It is blackberry in color which in the sun it actually looks like blue glitter. I have had it 8 years and never have had a problem with it. I have approximately 110,000 miles on it and it is still performing perfectly. I have taking it to Florida and back to Connecticut approximately 10 times with no problems. I do oil changes regularly and brakes 2 times since I have the car. I check all fluids and keep it well taken care of. I love my car.

- Carmen R

The dodge caliber: car for a lifetime.

My car is great, the only complaint I have is that it is a car that has been discontinued so purchasing parts for it can be on the expensive side. That being said it is a great car! My car comes with a sunroof which I love! It is considered a 'mini SUV' which I again love! It sits at a perfect height and is not too big or too small! There is enough room for anyone with kids or people who travel with stuff frequently.

- Antoinette D

Drink cooler in the glove box!

Drives well through the snow. Has great gas mileage. I can get to and from work (15 min to 1/2 hr drive each way) on a tank of gas. Love the spot in my glove box for drinks! We use it for trips to keep the drinks cool and our snacks from melting. It's a comfortable ride. Has plenty of trunk space and with the back seats folded down can haul plenty. I even fit a twin sized mattress and could close the hatch.

- Faith C

Good family car without moving into a van style vehicle.

Recently developed an issue with crankshaft sensor. (relatively quick fix and part wasn't expensive- $15) runs and drives great. Came with Bluetooth tech, but the only downfall is the 2 second delay when broadcasting music from an outside source. Roomy vehicle and love that the back seats fold down flat for extra storage or a place to stretch and take a nap on longer trips.

- Rebecca C

Eight years and no major problems

It's lasted almost 8 years without any major issues. There has never been a recall on my vehicle (unlike other Dodge models). There is plenty of room for just the two of us. I like the fact that the radio isn't a touch screen & I can actually maneuver my way around the radio while driving without having to look down at the screen & become distracted.

- Angela M

It is cute and spunky, it is a silver color and I named it snowberry. LoL.

It was purchased used, and we drove it for about 3 months and then we had a problem with the alternator. We had a reliable mechanic put in a new one and ever since then it had been running well. The only minor thing now is we have to fix the electric window lever on the drivers side. I like the reliability of it and it is pretty good for the gas mileage.

- Julie J

White medium size car, cup holders light up.

It drives well but it needs new struts, it makes noise whenever I drive on rough roads. I haven't had the car for long I got it used but it seems reliable. I like that the cup holders by the front seat light up at night time. I didn't expect that from a 2011 model. I also like the overall look of the car I would like it way more if I got it brand new.

- Alia T

It�s a cozy miniature version of an SUV!

This car runs beautifully, has a lot of space, and is user friendly. However, going over speed bumps is a bit noisy and you can feel everything! The AC sometimes doesn't kick on right away but it is an older car so I don't think about that too much. If I could change anything, I'd like to have a Bluetooth touch screen instead of the standard stereo.

- Meghan G

Voice systems for the hands free.

Very little maintenance but expensive when needed. Wheel bearing. Brake shoes and radiator but it performances is ok. It is easy to handle. But wouldn't buy another one. Cost of that car should be under 10, 000. 00. The features with the hands free radio does not work unless buy some kind of adapter cord. And change the time is job.

- Underwood L

For size of vehicle, great space! Comfortable.

I absolutely love my vehicle. For it being a smaller SUV it has so much space! I have no trouble fitting bikes, couches, etc. In the car. It gets great gas mileage which is awesome as I travel a lot. My car is 7 years old and has little to no issues. The rear lights however somehow get water on the inside. That is the only issue.

- Amanda M

It is a front wheel drive which is good when it snows and rains.

I bought a used car a couple weeks ago. a first it seemed like a good car, no check engine lights on or anything, but now it is making a loud noise when I drive and the check engine light came on a couple days ago. Other than that the car is very comfortable. Big enough for me and my three babies and one other person.

- Shelly S

The vehicle is to spacious but it gets the job done for whatever you need it for

It's drives very well when you're not even touching the gas pedal much. The gas tank is really huge as well. The headlights are perfect light plus the high beams are not super bright so other cars can still drive even if you have yours on. Usually the brakes have some trouble but you can always replace them

- Louis D

Small car with a huge trunk.

I love my dodge caliber. It is reliable and we have never really had any problems with it. The only thing we have ever had to change is the alternator. The only thing we don't like is it is not meant for a family. It is a very small car and the back seat it not meant for anyone bigger than a small child.

- Rebekah W

Dodge caliber express 5 speed.

It has a lot of undercarriage and quite a few recalls. Latest for emissions, then there's the airbag. Axles and wheel issues. Had to replace a 300 dollar sensor. It squeaks a lot and the ride is not smooth. Has a great sound system and air conditioner. And it gets fairly good gas mileage, around 24 mpg.

- Jennie M

Dodge caliber: worth a test drive for the thoughtful motorist.

My dodge caliber is a four-door hatchback that carries four adults comfortably. It gets average gas mileage and can load a large cargo with the back seat down. Even with the seat up, the hatch area can hold six large grocery bags. Front and back wipers keep the windows clear. Cruise control is great.

- Christopher B

Great reliable car can run forever if you take care of it.

My dodge caliber is a very reliable car. Rey few breakdowns. Good gas mileage soda cooler in the glove compartment. Only one USB port in the car standard for 2011. Interior is a little hard to clean so you should buy seat covers.165k miles and still running good. Air con still works good.

- Jeff G

2011 Dodge Caliber mainstreet.

It is actually a very good little car. I wish it set higher up though. I have the mainstream model with 60/40 split seats that holds a lot of stuff! It came with rain shields over the side windows. I do wish it had a sunroof. Gas mileage could be better, but it gets me where I need to be!

- Anne H

My car will not let me lock my keys in my car!

I like it. It's not my dream car but it runs well and I have only had to fix one tiny little issue. Decent gas mileage and reliable. So far It's one of the best cars I have had. Very comfortable! It does not accelerate as fast as I would like but Its not detrimental to the ownership.

- Crystal H

That it has given very few problems at over 150 thousand miles. Change tires, change oil -routine maintenance, but very cost efficient on repairs

Fuel efficient, good handling, good cargo space, smaller car that isn't cramped inside. The 4 cylinder is a little sluggish when you have to move into traffic on the freeway It is much more solid feeling than many of the smaller cars. Handles well on ice and snow, wet pavement

- Sue F

Nice car, good drive, the trunk has a lot of space.

It is very nice it has nice seats and the interior is a pretty color. I think it drives smoothly and has a lot of space and the seats fold down as well. The steering is not stiff and has a lot of movement. I like the car a lot and the maintenance is not too bad as well.

- Nicole P

Has great stock speakers!!

Really good car. No problems. Drives smoothly seat warms are amazing for the winter!! Fits 3 car seats pretty good. Wish it had a bigger trunk the!! Good little car for a small family! Has great bass to it also!! Have had it for 4 years now and it's still going strong.

- Juliana A

Dodge Caliber 2011 review.

Had to replace brakes multiple times throughout the year, but I was a delivery driver. Some engine problems. Mileage is good, comfortable seats, and there is a lot of room inside the car even though it looks kind of small outside. Overall good first car in my opinion.

- Austin V

Very spacious with convenient features but overheats easily.

I bought it used. But it has very bad break issues and the engine overheats easily. Otherwise I like how big the interior is. It has an outlet in it and that is very convenient to me. It has a lot of interesting features as well as Bluetooth. It still runs through.

- Morgan T

Ugh this car needs some TLC

Lots of issues with back end. Had to replace the starter and still doesn't seem to start right. This car type has been known for the issues that I have stated and had I done some research it may have not been my choice after the accident that I had. This car is ok

- Adam A

It is good on gas, seats up to 5 people comfortably, trunk space is semi limited.

This is so far the best car that I have owned. I have had a few issues with it since owning in 2016. I have had to get new wheel bearings, struts, and a few other things replaced. For the most part I would say this car is reliable and good on gasoline!

- Michelle B

Dodge Caliber 2011 Fun Car to Drive

It's a great car!! Fun to drive!! I wouldn't buy one if the mileage is 80,000 miles or more because you will start having problems with it. The gas mileage is ok, I have to fill up once a week About $ 20-25 fills the tank depending on the cost of gas.

- Dodge C

As long as do maintenance, it runs great.

I love my car. Its comfortable, gets great gas mileage. The repairs have been minimal and not too pricey. The glove compartment door broke and a plastic part on the door frame. Brakes always squeak even when brand new. But this has been a great car.

- Angela D

Overheating problems in the Dodge Caliber are a downfall for an overall good car.

The caliber is a nice little car for short or long distance journeys. It is great on gas mileage. Though I have had a few problems with the engine. There is also a problem with the car overheating in the summer months when the A/C is running.

- James B

My car is safe, reliable, family friendly, and comes stock with Bose speakers.

I love that my car is spacious, reliable, and does not make me feel like I am driving a mom mobile. . . Even when I am in the drop off line. If I could change something, I would say the acceleration rate is not the best.

- Alexandra R

That she is very reliable and is not a hog when it comes down to Gas

There's nothing I dislike about my car. It's comfy, it's spacious, it's economical, and fun to drive. I enjoy listening to music in my car when I am on the open road. And it makes grocery shopping very easy.

- Tamika W

Can stall when it overheats. When it's hot and you go over 70 miles.

I like the hatch back. Can put camping stuff and other bigger things in the back. Having problems when I go over 70 miles a hour when it's hot. Car will stall. Have to pull over because it overheats.

- Kimmie V

Reliable car, no mechanical issues, even with high mileage.

Plastic casing underneath came loose and is hanging down. Excellent car, went 145,000 miles before getting It's 90,000 check up and never had a problem. Comfortable, good mileage, looks great.

- Jill r

mechanically reliable car even at high mileage, transmission overheats on long, steep trips.

Great little car, transmission overheats driving up and down through the mountains on long trips, but for the most part an excellent car with no other mechanical issues, over 150k miles.

- Jill B

It is safe and dependable.

I like that it gets reason gas mileage. It also has a nice amount of space without being too big. Now that it is several years old I have minor service issues but not significant ones.

- Mary J

It has great gas mileage.

I like the great gas mileage. It is also easy to park because it is small. I also like the hatchback. The only thing I wish is that it was 4 wheel drive and higher off the ground.

- Jennifer M

Caliber a family friendly vehicle

I like the feel of a car but an suv type they run like a champ if you take care of them I don't like how little the back seat is and the trunk space has a few blind spots as well

- Autumm K

Great car overall, love that it's safe and reliable

Pros - heated seats, blind spot mirrors, Bluetooth, sunroof, seats in the back fold down, drives smoothly Cons - some trouble with turning right, seems the wheels skid a little

- Cara L

This vehicle is amazing due to comfort.

This car is amazing, I drive it everyday and it is so comfortable and easy to maintain and keep nice looking. I have had this car since it was new and it still looks like new.

- Kayla J

Not really enough room in it.

It is been a good vehicle so far. Good on gas. Just not enough room. The radio does not always work either, which is frustrating at times. Other than that it is a good car.

- Mary B

This is a large vehicle that is great on gas

This car is a good family car. It has a lot of space. Large trunk. The caliber is good on gas as well. The only thing i don't like about it is there are bad blind spots.

- Nichole W

Its a manual transmission and first gear sometimes pops out of place.

I like that its a manual transmission and has a great sound system. I like that it has a small refrigerator and is spacious. I don't like that it doesn't go very fast.

- Jessica I

They should know that it is a hatchback so you get a lot of space in the back if you need it

I like that my car drives smoothly and the interior is nice. It is red and black. The seats are not leather which I love because in the summer it can be VERY hot.

- Nicole G

Best transmission design of Its kind. Belt transmission.

Catalytic converter was plugged when I bought it and the air conditioner clicked for about 30 seconds every time I turned it on, but no issues other than that.

- Rhiannon B

That it is a cheap car, but it is not a bad quality car. It would make a fantastic first car for someone.

It gets me from point a to point b, it gets the job done! The check engine light is a light finicky, and its mpg isn't perfect, but its a cheap car.

- Jared K

the most important thing people should know about my car is that It's very durable.

I like my Dodge Caliber because It's very reliable and takes me from point A to point B. very comfortable seats and works well in the winter time.

- kris H

I have heard that the sway bars are prone to cracking.

I like the compact size. It handles well in snow. Plenty of spacer inside. I don't like the fact that I can really feel every pothole that I hit.

- Steve B

There are certified service centers almost anywhere you go.

Great for around town. However, I have had issues in the transmission a few times and filter is hard to get to to clean off after long travel.

- Rob C

Small spacious car that is good for a small family and traveling.

Great car to get to and from places. I love the space it has for its size. It's very comfortable and I like that the back seat is adjustable.

- Teresa H

It gets me from point A to point B. And it is low maintenance for the most part.

I like that it is low maintenance so far. Good on gas. It has the hatchback so I can haul some items that are a bit usual for a sedan.

- Vanessa B

It is safe and will have no problems for you.

I love how smooth the engine runs, and the interior is really nice. I enjoy the legroom in the driver's seat, and the satellite radio.

- Amber M

A Small vehicle with a bunch of junk in the trunk for your pleasure

It runs well. Gets me to where I need to go. Lacks some punch to get going fast. Has enough room to pick up large items to haul home.

- Nick S

Compatible with unexpected road trips.

Good on gas. Dislike that it is a stick shift. Auxiliary compatible. Looks small on the outside but feels roomy. Family safe.

- Randall C

My vehicle is awesome and fun to drive

My vehicle gets me from point A to point B and that's all that matters. It's a nice reliable car and I'm grateful to have it.

- Michael R

Great car drives good. Dependable.

Caliber is black 4 doors am fm CD player. Cruise control new radiator and battery. Drives good great on taking long trips.

- Tanya M

It gets 30 miles to the gallon on the highway.

There is only one key lock on the entire vehicle. The fuel economy is terrible, and the vehicle does not have much power.

- Tony L

The smoothness of the car and the structure is reliable

I really like the caliber. It is very comfortable and smooth riding. It is very durable and affordable to have

- Cori M

It is reliable and easy to drive.

It drives well. Has good gas mileage. Is comfortable to drive. It is an easy car to drive to and from school.

- Marissa P

The car runs out of gas fast nice window tint and sporty feel

Dodge no problems with the care very comfortable to drive and i rely on my car everyday nice inside interior

- Ced K

Problems with air conditioner compressor.

The air conditioner compressor broke really fast. This is the main issue. The car space is not that much.

- Rafael R

Great reliable first or used car.

Had minimal problems. Regular maintenance. This car was a great buy for the money and also great on gas.

- Tonya H

It has a really nice engine that runs really good.

Really good car. Runs well nice amenities. Cheap and easy repairs. Very comfortable seats and seatbelts.

- John D

Car seats do not fit in the backseat.

I love that it sits up higher than a car. I love the hatchback. I don't like that it has no power.

- Meagan M

It has an ice chest in the glove compartment and there is an outlet to plug anything into

I love my car! It has a lot of space and gets great gas mileage. The stereo is amazing.

- Kimberly A

cupholders are amazing. you can fit so many drinks in this car!

it has nice cup holders. good speed and acceleration. I like the space in the interior.

- Jason D

That I only have to get gas about every 2 weeks and I drive it everyday

I love that it is easy on gas. It is comfortable to ride in. It is very spacious.

- Natalie W

My 2011 dodge caliber mainstreet has a lot of problems with the vehicle including problems with power steering,alternator,gas mileage and oil intake

Don't buy a dodge caliber mainstreet it's not worth the money or heartache

- Andrew J

my vehicle is dependable. i love my car. i love driving my car.

It's very clean and neat. it's great on gas. and it fits all my friends.

- jennifer d

It handles well. It has a great sound system. It has seat-warmers, that is nice in the winter. It has a great ride.

It rides like an automobile much bigger than its size.

- Gus P

this car is one of the best to drive it is one of the car to have it is safe I enjoy drive it very much

it is very safe to drive one of the best car to have

- cindy k