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Plenty of storage, if you are the type that needs the storage in a car.

Our Dodge Caliber has an extra compartment on top of the dashboard and two compartments in the center console. The glove box also has extra compartment for like your cds or anything you don't want to mix say with your important papers. There are extra cup holders for the back seat, these are great for my grandkids or other backseat passengers. I'm the kind of person that loves storage and when there is plenty of storage things can go in its place without having to mix things up. The seats are very comfortable, adjustable, and roomy. We can have 3 people in the back seat, comfortably and all with seat belts. Or we can have 3 grandkids with still a lot of room all with seatbelts or 4, with the oldest not wearing a seatbelt. The hatch is also very roomy and the spare tire hidden. And if we need even more room, we can put the back seat down and have plenty of room. As for the ride, the car runs smoothly and comfortably. Sometimes, you can even tell the speed you're going if you're not watching it. We love to take trips in it. My in-laws live three hours away and I think this car is the most comfortable for our trips than any we've had, except for the vans we've had. Maybe someday, we will upgrade. Still used and affordable.

- Alice P

It's an SUV, capable of seating 6 people and still have decent space at the boot

The best way to save for a car you will keep for years is to buy one of the last models on the lot. I bought a top of the line Dodge Caliber and after financing (60 months)still paid well below sticker. The Caliber itself is proven reliability with low cost repair bill for the long term; also, the upgrades in 17 inch wheels and traction control will help in the snow; however, the car is heavy and the 4 cylinder doesn't even the performance of my previous small cars (PT Cruiser, ZX3 Focus)

- Jackson B

The surprisingly durable and affordable dodge caliber.

It's a great all weather vehicle. It does not require much maintenance other than tune up and regular oil changes. Great on gas and gets good miles to the gallon. It was affordable and has a great factory and transmission warranty. Its four door and easily accessible. The interior is spacious and the ride is smooth and comfortable. The shocks and struts are durable. It is excellent in the snow and bad weather.

- Michael V

2012 dodge caliber, light red, beautiful finish.

Around the 72,000 mile mark it ran into a gas cap issue involving sensors. Check engine light likes popping on and off in an occasional manner. No visible leaks at all. It is a very reliable car, okay on gas, runs smoothly - but has a noisy engine when you are speeding up or slowing down. If you do not mind a bit of road noise, there's nothing to be concerned about. It is the perfect size.

- Marissa T

A very convenient car, really love it.

We have not had any problems with our car. It had ran perfect.ly fine and has continued to have the same quality as the day we first got it. You just have to remember to keep up your oil changes and get everything checked when driving an older car. It is the perfect. Size for us and we love it. Two people are learning how to drive on it now. It is easy to drive and manage.

- Kayla D

Do not be fooled it looks good but runs bad.

The Dodge caliber is not a woman's car. It feels like it should be a man's work car. It is noisy inside and drives rough. It uses a lot of gas and the brake wear out really fast. I would not recommend it for anyone wanting an economical vehicle. It thought that it would be good because of the size of the car.

- Sherry W

to keep the oil change and the maintenance up on it.

I love the fact that it doesn't take much to fill my car up. I only use 25 to 28 dollars a week. The maintenance on my care is cheap and the oil change is cheap. It only take 20 dollars for a oil change. If there's work to do on my car the labor is reasonable. My car is very economical.

- Regina R

Feel Good Car That Looks More Expensive

The Dodge Caliber is comfortable to ride in or drive. The automatic in the floor is easy to execute. It is nice looking, having a classic but modern small sedan look to it. I like the radio keeps playing after you turn the ignition off until you push the knob in, cool.

- Kathy H

2012 Dodge caliber. Good on gas.

This vehicle is very reliable. I have not had to do any major repairs. Oil changes, tires, brakes, tune up are the only repairs I had to do. The only downside to this car is it is more noisy inside the car at highway speeds than most other cars I have driven.

- John C

22 cal. 22 caliber. It gets the job done.

Good vehicle glove box. Is a little off mechanically, paint is holding up engine is holding up strong for a larger 4 cylinder. Roomy in seating area, load area is sufficient. Vision quality is also sufficient. Some trim on lower passenger body has come loose.

- Logan T

A well designed car for getting groceries, getting about town, or going on a long distance drive.

I like the style and shape of the vehicle. It gets good gas mileage. Good latent sound system. I like the amount of storage space. I wish there were a few more bells and whistles, like a back-up camera, a USB port, and so forth, but those are rather minor.

- Daniel E

Great for the everyday necessities.

It gives comfort for short drives in the city and good for gas and mileage. Easy for my children to move around as well. There is more than enough room in the trunk for storage for when there is time for trips. I feel comfortable to be in a dodge.

- Chris S

It would be much better choice overall

boasting an innovative, space-efficient hatchback body and unique features like flip-down tailgate speakers and a dedicated iPod holder. Unfortunately, those good ideas were spoiled by sloppy execution.

- Dean C

As great a car as it is, the gas mileage is terrible for such a small car.

My Caliber is great vehicle. Actually, I'm shocked it is as well made as it is. It is a hatchback, but rides like a SUV. The seats sit high, making it a pleasure to see and drive. I love my car!

- Dennis G

A stylish vehicle for zipping around town of taking family trips.

This car was affordable while being good on gas, having the hatchback that I like for hauling large bags of pet food, looking stylish and just a nice car for the money at the time of purchase.

- Wendy V

That it gets great gas mileage and is good in all types of weather.

I love my car. It's not overly big and easy to drive. I find it to be very comfortable. It has plenty of space for my family four. It is great on gas. I love that the trunk is a hatchback.

- Sarah D

It is a reliable car that for the most part has not given me any issues.

I got the car from my mom and it has been a really good car so far. It for the most part does not have problems. However it just broke the other day and now my radio doesn't work either.

- Hannah M

Handles well in winter weather.

I like my vehicle in that it handles well in snow and doesn't get stuck. I like my car as it is efficient and looks nice. I dislike the heated seats feature as it has never worked well.

- Lisa H

it is a used car and has low mileage on it. really nice on the inside clean and comfortable.

i like the four doors because i used to own a volkswagen with 2 doors. i love the color which is black with racing stripe going down the middle. i love the smooth ride it has

- ruth b

Very comfortable and spacious

the only thing that I have done has been the revisions, change of tires and little else, consumes little, what if you have to be peeling of the oil but otherwise great

- Alesandro R

Gets you through rain or shine!

I like that is reliable. I like that the seats go down for more storage. I don't like that door locks, windows and other functions are not automatic.

- Bridget M

Good on gas. The A.C. works great and cools off the car quickly. Same with the heat. It doesn't take long to get warm.

The car itself is fine. It has all the features you need. To haul stuff It's not bad you just can't haul anything big. I'm used to driving an SUV.

- Janelle L

That is very gas friendly.

Love the size and ease of driving. Very good on gas. Handles real well on the road. The only bad thing is the AC does not get cold enough.

- Sara N

Very reliable and very good on gas.

My 2012 Dodge caliber has been very reliable. I have had no problems with this car. It performs to my expectations and is good on gas.

- John C

The blind spots take time to get used to.

I live that its a hatchback, so much useful space. Its size allows for good gas mileage. There are more blind spots than I am used to.

- Jan B

My car is extremely reliable.

Like the way it handles. Dislike the 2 accidents I have been in lately. I wish it was higher like an SUV. It handles well in winter.

- Michelle G

It runs smoothly, is good on gas and is reliable.

It is a super reliable car. The only issue I have had is with the computer and it seems to be something that most users experience.

- Kara S

There is a ton of storage space if you lay the backseat down.

There is not enough foot room in the back and it's hard to direct the vents. It's a loud and rough ride even with new tires.

- Angela B

They don't make them anymore and repairs are pricey.

I like my car, however it sounds like a bucket of bolts, there were many recalls on it, but it is a nice little compact car.

- Tammy M

it is just the right size for my family

It doesn't have the get up and go as most of my past cars. The sensor lights come on even if nothing is wrong with it.

- Christina D

Dependability and durability, plus it's stylish and fun to drive as well as comfortable in longer trips. The back seats get an A plus for space and comfort.

The compactness but lots of room. It fits my lifestyle. Outside of my '64 mustang this has been my favorite vehicle.

- Carole L

Gets really great gas mileage.

Great on gas, comfortable to drive. Very small. Hard to see out of the windows when backing up. Has satellite radio.

- Von S

It may not have great acceleration but it gets me where I'm going.

I like it as a commuter car. It gets good gas mileage. It's easy to find parts for and is fairly easy to work on.

- Greg A

I like the gas mileage. I liked the price. I don't like the white color. No complaints

It is a good reliable car. I have had no problems with it. My dealer is there to take care of any problems i have

- Linda H

Great economical vehicle for anyone transporting

Low power but lots of storage. Reliable, haven't had any issues so far. Comfortable drive, but not many features.

- Austin W

It is a good car but not so good on gas.

I like the body style but not the gas mileage it is an ok vehicle, I would definitely recommend it, it's good.

- Jennifer S

It's a great little car that's great for commuting.

It's good on gas. It's a nice like commuter car. The only dislike i have in the leg room in the back seat.

- Greg k

Easy to handle when on highway

Very good on gas mileage. Love the standard shift. Dependable. Good on bad roads. Good for small family.

- Sue L

Versatile use - love how we can use it for travel as well as everyday use

I love the compact yet roomy style. It's great for travel and around town use. We just love it.

- Cristine K

it is great on gas. it is fairly cheap and has satellite radio

it is an automatic. it has a cooler in the glove box. it is equipped with a wall outlet

- Nekia L

The speed of the car that I have been using for 6 years.

I like the design and it's speed. I dislike the amount of gas and how old the model is.

- Raymond C

It's been reliable. And it's pretty good on gas. It's held up pretty good

I really don't like my car. But it gets me from point A to point B

- Marie R

Never to ever buy this brand of car. It's a lemon no matter what

It is a piece of crap I hate that it breaks down all of the time

- Jennifer S

better oil change maintenance and overall dependability of the product.

the general upkeep of the vehicle is easier than other vehicles.

- Michael G

It is great for hauling. Be careful with the steering and it rides low

I like how small and compact it is. And it is very good on gas

- Nicole W