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If you have children and need more space, a 2002 Dodge caravan is what you need!

I have owned my vehicle just under a year now. So far, I haven't had any problems. The performance of the van is surprising. When you see a van, you wouldn't think that it has the power to get up and go, but it does. It has been a very reliable vehicle. If you have children like myself, you would love the space it has. Your children can travel sitting together or if they are not getting along, you can separate them. One of the features makes that possible. In the second row, there are two bucket seats that you can remove, if needed. The third row has a full 3 person seat that you can also remove, if needed. All power windows and locks. A/c and heater. Nice sound system.

- Jessica R

Very reliable 2002 Dodge Caravan

My car is very comfortable in the front seat and super comfortable to drive. Love being higher up without it being a very tall vehicle. The back seat is less comfortable but my kids don't seem to feel that way about it. I can move the rows of seats forward and back and love that feature. Car seats fit great in it and both back seats have latch systems. Back rows are easy to lay down or remove when necessary. No problems other than a few annoying noises it makes but the noises aren't actually problematic. Good ac but definitely wish there was vents in the rear seats. Great trunk space

- Rebecca L

Best Used Minivan We Ever Bought

I had researched used car sales in 2014 when we were going to buy a vehicle. I knew what dealerships I wanted to look at. First one we went to had 3 different minivans that I had seen online. Looked & decided to test drive the Caravan. Very clean, drove good, only 72,000 miles on it & our price range. Bought it for $5000. Routine maintenance on it & new tires is all we've done to it. Needs a new headliner now but no major problems at all. We would buy a newer one next time we are shipping for a used vehicle.

- Pamela E

It's a very nice car I had it 0 miles and now I have 124000.

Its a v 4 so it's good on gas. Room for 4 kids. Fabric is gray so its good with kids I had to do some have work on it trans work bud is week rust is very easy to catch and I did muffler work and some matter work the ceiling was falling off I had to do tune up and change hid casket I have to put something have in the trunk in winter because in the winter it's very slippery I had to get titanite window because I felt like there was no privet in that car.

- Mohamed A

Family caravan for everything.

Great for our family of 4. The versatility of space and seat adjustment has helped us load and unload many things and huge items. The ac works great, the back doesn't have a light switch control. That is needed for the kiddos. I feel with the safety features and I have no problem with my newborn in his rear facing car seat either. Storage to the back of front seats was added for the many items we have to bring along for the kiddos.

- Betty V

My love for Dodge Caravans

I love how much room the dodge caravan has. It has 2 rows of bench seats that are removable so you are able to have more room if needed. It has 2 sliding side doors which makes it easier for passengers to get in and out. It rides smooth and has great handling. It has back wing windows that you control on the driver side panel. The front seats are bucket seats. Holds up to 7 passengers which is convenient when dealing with kids.

- Kama N

Best affordable van for moms!

Our 2002 Dodge caravan drives very smoothly! The seats are comfortable. There are three rows and the back row folds down for tons of extra space! The middle rows have two captain chairs that make walking back to the third row easy for children and much easier to install any car seats! The well placed cup holders throughout (bottom of captain chairs, and two in the back!) Are a lifesaver for moms toting kids around!

- Daisy K

Maroon dodge sport caravan

The car performs well! It's drive ability is good, a nice family caravan, it seats 7 people, the seats are real comfortable, it has drink carriers mounted in the sides and back seats areas of the car, good heating, and air conditioning vents, the only problem is the ignition key gets stuck, and you have to hit with a light tap of a screwdriver for it to turn on! But otherwise it's a good car

- Danielle J

Dodge caravans are the best family car.

The Dodge caravan is a easy family vehicle. It has third row seating with plenty of legroom. It has lots of cubby holes and drink holders. All the windows open for fresh air. The seats are easily accessible to clean underneath. The floor is carpet so a vacuum will clean the messy floor right up. The driver and passenger seats both have arm rests. It is also equipped with air conditioning.

- Makayla G

Nice comfortable ride! Great for families and road trips! Good buy!

Very reliable. Does great on long road trips. Not many problems besides normal wear and tear. TVs keep us entertained. Rides nice and smooth. Have had a few problems with tires but that's normal. The Bluetooth is very nice and helpful. Good on gas. It is also very comfortable. Also have had a few problems with brakes. But we do drive it quite a bit. It is very reliable!

- Kristina M

Pro and cons of dodge caravan

I like the dodge caravan for one handling easy to drive .2. The look nice lines color rims eye catcher 3. Comfort seats are nice and comfortable and like the cloth better than leather. The downside is it is to high height wise if you are impaired with leg issues you will have issues. Entering the vehicle. Otherwise I have no further issues about this van. I have owned 2

- Dwight A

Dependable and resilient.

Passenger door doesn't latch properly and flies open while driving sometimes. If it's raining and you get your power steering belt wet, your power steering goes out for a minute or two. The a/c doesn't get cold even after a recharge. Brakes need work. It's full of rust. The gas gauge is not 100% accurate. It is a reliable vehicle and does the job we need it to do.

- Amanda S

Perfect family car. I love that the side doors opens with a touch of the key.

It's perfect for my large family, it's comfortable, It works great and has limited issues. Most issues haven't been too pricey to fix. the biggest issue is that the windows in front won't roll up so we keep them shut. I love that the side door opens with the keys. I just wish both side doors did, but I love it anyway. It's a perfect family car.

- apryl c

Lots of room and very reliable.

It is a very reliable vehicle. It is old and still going strong. I use it for work and I can always count on it. I am looking for a 2nd vehicle and I'll be looking for the same make and model. It is spacious and comfortable and perfect for our family. I'd recommend this make and model to anyone. Nothing but good things to say about it.

- Sheri H

Easy to drive and enjoyable to ride in.

Good running, not many repairs, n fair gas mileage. It's smooth running. It's got lots of room. Color and paint job holds up and looks good. Cup holders are adjustable and holds almost any size cup. Heater keeps you warm in the winter. It can carry between 7 and 10 passengers. There is plenty of head and leg room in

- Donald A

2002 Dodge van and still under 200. 000 miles really glad I bought this van.

Good van runs really good strong running motor I have had it everywhere and have not had to do anything to it at all. You would think it had a v8 it has that much power have had it 3 years one the best cars I have ever had has a v6 engine I have owned 2 Dodges and both have been wonderful cars. It has lots of legroom.

- Jessie J

It's not great to look at but she's a great van, fast reliable great van.

Vans are great and very convenient, I even stay in it often, sleep eat and relax with friends. It gets fairly good mileage in gas. I am very impressed with the Dodge caravan. Been reliable wheels for me. Id pick the Dodge caravan over any other minivan. My first choice if asked. I hope to get another van very soon.

- Erika O

Satisfaction with current vehicle.

This caravan has been a delight to own. I have had no serious problems these 17 years I have driven it. The engine still starts right up and it handles very well, which is why I still have it. I would buy it again. I have maintained it and had it serviced as recommended, which is why it still runs well.

- Chester L

Tranny slipping on my 2002 grand caravan.

I have been driving around my 2002 grand caravan for the past year. When I first purchased the van the tranny was slipping when switching to 3rd and 4th gear. The problem has actually improved the past year after carefully working the accelerator. Overall comfy, good on gas, and dependable vehicle.

- Joe H

Manufacturers do not really care about safety and visibility.

The number one fault with this vehicle is visibility. No matter which direction I look, my view is impeded by something: seat back, strut, poor size of windows. I do not remember them all now, but when I took possession of the car I listed nine things that I liked and 35 things that were terrible.

- Jane A

Runs good for a 2002 vehicle excellent engine.

Right now it is running good an excellent engine for a 2002 vehicle not good on gas for full tank about $40 dollars to fill its roomy rides better than these newer models of cars paying about $7000 now 1 year paying will be finished next year put used all year around tires on it very well kept.

- Carol J

It drives comfortably, holds a lot in back, and holds six people comfortably.

This vehicle says it holds seven persons which it true, but to be comfortable six is more like it. We have had a lot of issues with the air conditioner, but other than that pretty reliable. I don't like the placement of steering wheel, as it makes your arms sore if driving for long distances.

- Sonya C

I love the heated seats and I love the TV for entertainment.

The huge problem with vans is rust. Unfortunately once there's a lot of rust it's hard to get inspected. It drives pretty good. The sway bar needs to be fixed. I like how spacious vans are. We have a TV which is great to keep the kids occupied. I really recommend vans for family of 4 or more

- Megan B

Dodge caravan: a reliable vehicle.

It is a pretty old car but has been very reliable through the years. It fits seven people total, and the seats can be taken out, so there is a lot of storage. I recommend it for people that need to transport a lot of objects or give a lot of people rides. It is a very convenient vehicle.

- Camille M

As a college student, this minivan gets me anywhere safely.

I am a college student. My parents owned the car for 6 years before it became my vehicle. My van gets me home and back from college. No matter the weather this vehicle has been more than reliable. The removable bucket seats made moving a breeze and makes road trips easier and more fun.

- Anita P

This is a great car to drive. Plenty of room to take lots of things and just go.

This car is great when you have kids and they bring their friends along. It is very roomy for so many different things like, caring g kids around, going camping, fishing having family picnics and need a bigger car to carry all of this stuff. It is a great car to have and drives nice.

- Sue O

ITs reliable always there

We bought new and has been very reliable even in long distance drives. Easy fixes and maintenances. comfortable for the whole family. We have taken camping, to the beach and lots of family outings. Used to move from one residence to another over a number of years. We love it

- roberta C

Spacious reliable gas saver.

Really haven't had no issues till now our fuel pump went out but not sure if its wat causing the van not to turn on n tires r in real good condition love our van since we have 6 children n have space for all of them another thing we live is we save a lot of gas with our van.

- Julia R

A mini-van for trailer trash.

Front end is knocking and eating tread on front tires. Bought about 6 months with 115k on it, and it was running great. But within the last month, the front end needs an alignment and something has come loose in the front end and is causing the tire tread to deplete quickly.

- Nikki C

Low maintenance dependable dodge.

It is dependable. Would have no problem jumping in it and going anywhere. I have not taken the best care of it but it has taken care of me. It is roomy and can carry a lot of stuff. The gas mileage is 20 and can go a long way on it. I would never give up my car for anything.

- Roberta W

My caravan was an excellent buy and dependable transportation.

My caravan was bought used. It seems dependable transportation, couple indicators/sensors light up. I would like the mpg to be better (16 to 18 mpg) the gas indicator (needle) was fluctuating (jumping up and down) now it seems to not register at all (stays on empty).

- Richard N

Very well driving minivan.

Nice hard working minivan comfortable runs great nice features. Very reliable. Its a silver minivan has lots of room and seats. I would buy another one. Very nice. Runs great. You should buy one and go to the store and buy lots of groceries and fill it up with them.

- Robert T

Comfortable ride for a big family.

It has issues with the radiator at this time. But other than that it rides really well with short or long distance drives. It has plenty of room for passengers. The seats slide out easily and I am able to load it up with groceries or move large items when needed.

- Michele J

Smooth ride and overall good car. Definitely get you from a to b

My baby has been with me for 16 years and i love her. I live the way she drives, so smooth, and she has never let me down. What i dislike is that after so many years, she starts to have consistent problems with hoses and radiator constantly needing replacement

- Sally H

It is a great, reliable car. It doesn't need to be fancy, with a thousand extra features. It gets the job done, it's safe, and it has lasted me many, many good years. I would buy this type of car forever if I had the money for it.

I love my car because it has lasted forever. It is over 15 years old with 200,000+ miles, but it stills runs and I trust it. It is extremely roomy, tons of space, comfortable with armrests and a very easy to use radio. I dislike that it rusts fairly easily.

- Demi G

I can normally only take 1 rider because I usually have the back seats out to haul my beach stuff.

I like that I has 3 seats that I can also remove to make room for cargo. I love that it has a reminder system to let me know things like my blinker is still one, my lights aren't on, my seatbelt is not on, etc. I love how easy it is to get in and out of.

- Theresa T

It provides lots of room for big families.

It is an overall good vehicle. The cruise does not work but everything else works great. The back hatch is bent in a little so it makes a noise when you open it and one of the sliding doors does not lock/unlock when you push button on key fob.

- Stephanie C

It gets great gas mileage.

Love the room and capabilities the caravan has. It is a workhorse, hauling both kids and then loads of firewood. The only problem is it needs to be more fuel efficient and there is a belt that squeals when the heater/ac are turned one.

- Debi F

For it's time it was a very good van but it is very old now. Better to upgrade

The car was great when we first got it. We had a big family and it suited our needs. Very comfortable, all.power, no problems until we got into an accident. Someone backed into us and we began to have many problems from there.

- Robin M

It has been a very dependable vehicle for our family.

I like that it is dependable, has enough room for our family, and is nice to drive. I don't really dislike anything about it though I do like that some of the newer Minivans have deeper area in back for more storage.

- Suz E

that it's going to break down any day now. it's a smooth ride and I love it even tho it's a van

it's gold. very roomy. and I love that it has built in five point harness on both of the center seats. over 200k miles on it. decent on gas mileage. head gasket is going out in it and burns through oil and coolant

- Samantha W

It's one of the better vehicles built for families.... and is long lasting.

I love the caravan... it was bought used and was well worth the little bit it cost me. Sure they are problems but it is 16 years old and i expect problems from time to time. I has served us well in the long run.

- jennifer L

It can hold up to 8 people. It has plenty of room for multiple people, whether you have a large family or you travel with friends.

It's a van, so it has plenty of room. I find that a dodge caravan is not a good choice, though, bc it tends to break down a lot. I've had to replace the transmission, engine and cooling system. Waste of money.

- Alycia C

Great car for families. Lots of seating and storage.

It's a great vehicle, but has had its issues. We have had to replace the transmission and air conditioning compressor, as well as various minor repairs. The back hatch malfunctions and will not stay open.

- Stefanie G

This is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. The seats are perfect for me. And I can direct the air vents wherever I need them to be.

I bought a caravan because I needed lots of seats for my daughters and their friends, and lots of room for all their 'stuff'. This car delivered it all. I also liked the movable armrests.

- Kae D

It is very dependable car that provides excellent transportation for me and my family

My caravan gives me the ability to take up to seven people when going out. I can also take out seats and use it for hauling. Finally, it provides me with a very nice, comfortable ride

- tim G

Very roomy for large families

I like that I have a van for my big family. For the most art the van has help up very well. We are coming to a point that we are starting to have to replace a lot of things

- Amy M

It's clean and handy for lots of room. Whether its for people or running errands.

First of all, it gets me to all my places i need to go. It's big enough where everyone in the family could fit perfect. However, it does break down a lot because it's old.

- Crystal C

A good family vehicle. Loads a lot of stuff.

I love my vehicle. Bought it second hand. Few maintenance issues due to age but nothing serious. It drives very well. The mileage miles per gallon of gas is 17. 9 a mile.

- Linda V

weird seats in the back are slanted so they can become uncomfortable at times

It has been a stable car for several years, but currently is experiencing some issues, it is and had been quite reliable but has required maintenance the last few weeks

- Vicki W

It is a safe care to drive and has a lot of space.

It's getting old so it just isn't running like it used to. Slowly I'm having to replace one thing after another. I do like having the extra room in the vehicle though.

- Dawn H

I get 400 plus miles with every single fill up I get in this van.

This van has great gas mileage. Both highway and in town. I do think the paint could have better. The clear coat has bubbled and peeled in spots on the hood.

- Cassie C

That the dodge caravan is a reliable vehicle for larger families.

I love that there are so few problems with it even though it was bought used. The ride is still good after 16 years and the fuel economy is great. Love it.

- jennifer s

It is a reliable vehicle and gets me and my family where we need to go.

I like that it is very roomy. The built-in booster seats are great for my little ones. I dislike that it is so old and starting to have problems.

- Tammi W

it doesn't have air conditioner

It is starting to show its age. It uses way too much gas. The air conditioner quit working. And the radio quit working almost 3 years ago.

- Tandi V

The gas lasts almost a week for my family with a full tank.

I like my dodge its easy to drive good on gas and i haVe plenty of room for my children and all my things for church. We fit very comfortable

- Ramona C

It holds up to daily use.

Does not have great gas mileage. Good 4 wheel drive. Handles well in city and highway situations. Does not fail in moderate depths of water.

- Jeremy P

it has cruise control so if on the highway you can just cruise

I haven't had a problem with my van since I purchased it 3 years ago I have low miles amazing cold ac and all the room I need for my family

- tabatha s

It's falling apart after 240,000 miles It's starting to nickel & dime us!

The space & setup is my most liked feature! The big trunk & removable seats are great also! I don't like how long it is & my blind spots!

- Jessica F

Fun to drive anywhere anytime.

It is a nice ride comfortable seating great air conditioner. Easy to reach spare tire has lots of storage seats remove and install easily.

- Kathleen C

You have to check the fluids in the car every time you want to drive it.

The vehicle is old and run down. Something always has to get fixed on it. Some of the parts needed to fix the car, are very hard to find.

- Nina E

I've been told that you can get 300,000 miles out of a Dodge Caravan.

Our van has 165,000 miles on it and runs quite well. We have only had to do some minor repairs. I dislike the rattle in the front end.

- Laine J

that I really can't stand it

the fact that it wasn't my decision to buy it for one. it's a piece of junk since it needs some work done on it yet again. it is roomy.

- Lynette W

Make sure you take good care of it.

I love the smooth ride, and the super comfy bucket seats, the roominess of it. It has lasted a long time.. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Jen C

Dodge caravan, a family story.

It is a awesome family van. It is definitely spacious for large families. It is good on gas. It hasn't had to many mechanical issues.

- Denise S

To be old as it is. It is a well put together vehicle.

My vehicle runs well. Whoever had before me keep it maintenance. It needs some new tires now and also a tune-up and oil change.

- Natasha C

Great Van that goes the distance

reliable, long lasting, easy to maintain. Roomy and comfortable. change oil every 3 months and transmission every 10,000 miles.

- Brian N

There's lots of room for many different people and things.

I can fit all my children in there with no issues. We can pack it up to travel and not have to rent a tow behind trailer.

- Nicole M

Stow and Go Seating Great Family Vehicle

I love the stow and go seating and the tv/dvd player for he kids.It handles great and has tons of storage for long trips

- Amanda S

Stow away seats and DVD player. Perfect family car.

Small gas tank, only 13 gallons. Other than that is a study van with stow away seats. DVD player and 5 disc changers.

- Joni S

It is economical cost long term is better than a newer car

I like the size It is an older car not to worry about dents or dings Could get better gas mileage and no miles at all

- wally a

It is a very great car that you should buy

This vehicle is very excellent i've had it for quite some time it is in very great condition and has great speed

- Epic J

It can carry lots of groceries more than ever. And you can camp in it.

I love my van because I can fit more passengers in it. I don't like that it does not have Wheels to go off road

- Steve G

Its has some problems but still gets down the road.

Runs when wants to uses tires broken window water pump leaks needs motor mount replace headliner hanging down.

- Lisa F

It is very reliable. It is good on gas. It barely has any problems.

It's a big van and it is good on gas. I do not have to make more than one trip to get everyone to one spot.

- Kimberly B

It starts to fall apart after about 180,000 miles.

It is starting to get old and need a lot of repairs. It seems like a lot of major things are breaking.

- Angela M

I love the ease of using my van. Having doors that are easy to open with a push button and easy to get in makes travel with kids much better. I also like the room in the van. I don't like that it is older and has some quirks. I wish it had stow and go.

It makes traveling with a family easy! There is enough room for the kids and all that goes with them.

- Amy L

It's great for kids because of the room it has and it's safe

It's roomy, it is durable, and only thing I don't like about it is it has a lot of blind spots

- Jennifer C

That it is very safe to drive and very comfortable

it drives wonderfully I like that it fits 7 people I don't like that the seats don't lean back

- Elizabeth B

It is very dependable and easy to drive even with high mileage.

A good sturdy van great for moving items. I like to drive it. Ignition switch is hard to turn.

- Geo p

I think the Dodge Caravan is reliable. I love that some of them have the push button doors. The vehicle is also spacious.

It's very reliable and you definitely will be able to get your money back from the car.

- Ash S

it has been well maintained

I like it is easy on gas and has ac. I dislike there is not much room in far back

- Darcy A

It is a SUV with two removable seats and it can hold 7 people

I like the it is reliable it has good handling and it works well after so long

- Hannan M

Plenty of room for grands,comfy seats and nice sound system.

It is very comfortable for long rides and lots of room for the grans.

- Teresa D

It is a safe vehicle which is easy to handle and has a very good safety record.

It's comfortable, easy to drive, it's easy to get in and out of.

- Linda W

do not buy this type of car, it is a safety hazard

It has too many issues that the factory warranty needs to cover

- nico h

It has a lot of room and is good on gas. The best thing is parts are easy to find.

I like the gas mileage. I wish i had working air conditioning.

- James T

Reliable for an older vehicle and still going. That says a lot about the maker.

Great handicapped vehicle. Would love to have a newer model.

- Cindy G

It's good for a big family there is plenty of seating.

It's falling apart. Window won't roll up. It's is overheating

- Cindy D

It is old, but it is reliable. I love driving it because it gets good gas mileage.

It has a lot of room. It still gets good gas mileage.

- Nancy T

safe it's a very safe and reliable piece of transportation that I feel safe putting the kids into

reliable great fuel economy I love it so much yes

- matt c