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My surprising reaction to the Dodge Caravan!!

I received my van as a gift. I would not have necessarily purchased a Dodge caravan on my own, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I feel this car is safe and reliable. I have 4 small children and they all fit comfortably, especially for long road trips. My main priority is to have them in a safe vehicle, and I feel the caravan provides that. My only gripe is that I'm not thrilled with the gas mileage. I feel that especially in the summer when the air conditioning is going, my gas light is constantly clicking on. I do tend to run it to the highest level, and start my car early to let it cool down, but I can easily fill the tank 3-4 times a week when I'm only driving local. I would not let that deter me from buying this vehicle BC I feel it's only a small price to pay for just a few months out of the year. All in all, I'd give it a great review!

- Tracy D

My vehicle has 500k miles and is still going!!

It's a pretty good vehicle. My ex husband bought it for me last year and had some work done to it so that it would be reliable in the cold months. It has almost 500K miles and came from out of state and looks in almost perfect condition. I must admit that with 4 children, I do hate the bench middle seat. It makes it so hard for my older kids to get in the back so that the babies can go in the middle seat. And the other thing is, if the back row is up, there is NO trunk space. I did love my Mercury Villager a whole lot more specifically because of the trunk room and the captains chairs for the middle row. It was so much more spacious, too. If I ever buy another vehicle, which I'm sure I will eventually, it will be another Villager!

- Sheena G

I would recommend my van to every.

I love my van. I have never had a problem because I take very good care of my van. I would recommend my van to anyone but I brag about it. People who ask me about my van because it looks like I just bought it. I do not use the TV screen but my friend's like to sit in the back seat so they can watch videos. I like that when I was looking for a new vehicle the gentlemen I used listened and I ordered my van just the way I wanted. I didn't want the screen because I couldn't figure it out. I was able to pick my color for the van and I was also able to pick the color for the inside and then I was able to pick out the instrument panel. So I would recommend my van to everyone who asks me about it.

- Margaret L

More than a soccer mom van.

I love my van. Minivans are for everyone, not just soccer moms. Dodge grand caravans are super roomy making road trips a breeze. You can lay down the third row seat to make more space for luggage. It also makes good space for umbrellas and beach chairs you need to take to the beach. My van has been super reliable and have had no major mechanical issues. Just make sure you keep the oil changed regularly. My favorite activities to use my van for is grocery shopping, drive in movies, and trips with my family. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone wanting to purchase a new roomy vehicle.

- Amanda S

Personal details of a caravan.

The Dodge caravan that I drive is reliable for the most part as long as all the parts are working properly. The starter recently went out so I had to get a new one but now it is working in great shape considering the year it was made. One of the biggest downsides is that it does not have very good gas mileage. Though it does not have the best gas mileage it is an extremely safe car and great if you have a family. I do not have a family but it helps to haul furniture and lots of groceries. It would also help with moving to a new house. I can fit my pets in there or loads of boxes.

- Claire M

Best investment ever! HIGHLY recommend this vehicle!!!

This van is SO comfortable for trips (short & long)! Great gas mileage! The automatic side door openers is a HUGE plus, especially for loading and unloading kids and groceries. The hideaway seats is another HUGE plus when we need extra room for transporting large items, or going on a long trip. Our rear window wiper motor just burned out, but other than that, we really have no complaints, This van has been a HUGE blessing to our family!

- Sharon K

We love our Caravan even though she uses more gas.

We love our Caravan! It gets us where we are going and is very reliable. The only reasons I gave 4 stars is because it uses a lot more gas than our previous 2003 Caravan. The second reason is because I have noticed rust seems to form much quicker. We live in WI and they use salt on the roads. However, it seems to be rusting faster. I do enjoy the chip key feature as Caravans are the number 1 most stolen vehicle in our area.

- Anna G

I feel safe in this car. This is SO important to me since I transport my children and their friends.

I like that my vehicle is large enough to fit the whole family comfortably and we have room for a couple friends. I love that the back row seats can fold right down to transport large items. Part of the plastic on the driver's side seat broke off and I just don't see the point in fixing it as this was the same piece that was broken when I bought the car. I love this car and would definitely buy again.

- tammy G

No major complaints, very dependable with room for my family to ride comfortably.

It had been extremely reliable. No major problems. I have had the breaks done, purchased new tires and kept up with oil changes since purchasing it in 2013. Inside the back does not have much trunk space unless you remove the back seat and use all the space. Mind is driven I a very cold climate where the roads are salted though winter and it had rusted a lot. It is not stored in a garage either.

- Tiffany L

It has over 300, 000 miles and still gets me here and there.

It has been a great van, I have moved from Chattanooga to GA And it has kept me going back and forward to work. I live now in Hogansville, GA But I work in Newnan and in Douglasville and Austell, GA It now has over 300, 000 miles on it. I just had the brakes done. So I am hoping it will last until I can get another Dodge caravan because it is good to me and my family.

- Mark X

Silver go to van for all your families needs. From cruising to vacation.

Lots of room inside with comfortable seating heated seats. Automatic windows. Great radio. Drives great and the air conditioners and heat work amazing. There have been no problems with our vehicle. Like that the van sits up higher. The van is a easy vehicle to drive. Wish it had side vent windows. Love the color silver. Headlights could be brighter.

- Pam C

Getting a used vehicle can be either a good or bad experience.

I am unable to drive at this. Point but the van rides smoothly. I like the room that is available. There is a nice amount of room on the back deck for both my walker and large amounts of groceries. The vehicle. We have is very basic with no extras. The good thing is that we can buy whatever. We may want to add to the interior of the vehicle.

- Muriel M

A great vehicle for everyday use and wonderful to travel in. Great on gas..

This van is very reliable, plenty of room with 3 full seats. Also very well kept as maintenance and good a gas. If you have a small family or just running a small business this van is a must have. Only issue is paint needs to be touched up but as far as a dependable van it's never gave any problems. Up to date on tune up and fairly new tires.

- Jerri C

Smooth clean driving van, easy to maintain, gas saver

Drives great gas saver, low mileage, I enjoy the manufacture stereo, I love the fact that it has a lot of room, good for my big family.low maintenances.fast, smooth,very comfortable. Clean drive, winter it drives great. Easy to keep it clean, easy to fill up. Never gives me problems driving in the snow, drives great on the highway

- Amanda L

Well taken care of good van to get around and easy to drive.

It gets you where you need to go move room has a front and back seat can recline your seat enough space to get around. Engine runs good no problems I have with this van. Maintenance is easy to follow. Has a owner manual easy steps to go through I don't know what else I can think of that all I have to say about this.

- Melissa A

A piece of junk that still runs.

My vehicle has many issues. The front driver side window has fallen off the track, the starter isn't working to well, it is not firing on all cylinders, and the gas gauge doesn't work. But other than that it's perfectly drivable. I use it to drive my wife too and from work every day and to run errands around town.

- Jesse S

Dodge caravan goes the distance!

My vehicle has been reliable for years. It is very roomy and functional. I wish that it got better gas mileage. I would definitely buy another Dodge caravan. The vehicle has over 160, 000 miles in it. I recently drove it from Florida to Colorado and back and it did great for being a car that is 14 years old!

- Tracy H

Dodge caravan needs to be replaced

It's old and it's time for a new one. It makes weird rumbling sounds and we are always getting the brakes and engine fixed. It was great at first but it's that type of car that definitely after a while needs to be gotten rid of. The interior isn't cool at all, it's very dull and not good choice in color

- Irma C

I love all of the automatic doors opening with the push of a button.

The van has a smooth feel to it. It's great to travel in. In the beginning it had great gas mileage. I don't make a lot of money so keeping up maintenance is hard, which has caused the gas mileage to get bad. Even now where I have done all the required work, it still doesn't go far without needing gas.

- Patricia D

This vehicle is definitely a cross country vehicle.

Lots of miles, coolant leak, lots of rust. It gets decent gas mileage, has tons of storage, working DVD player. This vehicle runs well just needs patience. Could use a new idler belt, water pump, and possibly a new fuel pump. Color is silver, some dents and scratches from accidents that are unrelated

- Aubrey V

My Dodge caravan has been and continues to be a delight to drive.

I have had this car for 14 years. It has been reliable and what I needed to transport two children to band and other school activities. It was useful for driving long trips. We bought this vehicle brand new and decided on a 6 cylinder engine to better support power features such as air conditioning.

- Patricia P

Help me a lot. And the family.

This is like a family member. B, because it helps me and my family carry us every where we're going to. And that is why I really care about this baby. And also this baby take me to work every day. If it wasn't for this car I'll be struggle. To do things so I care about this one every day of my life.

- Primo S

The dodge caravan has plenty of room.

We love the caravan. It has two side doors that easily open and close. The side doors make loading children, groceries and luggage a breeze. The seats fold down easily making transporting large items easier. I love the side window vents too. The interior is roomy and easily fits any size human.

- Rose G

Great long lasting vehicle.

This van is comfortable and durable. We have had several long trips that we were grateful we had this vehicle! Seats come in and out easy and all electronics still work. For an older vehicle it has been wonderfully reliable and sound. Would definitely recommend purchasing a Dodge caravan.

- Natalie M

Dodge caravan a good vehicle.

My dodge caravan is a very reliable car. The gas mileage is outstanding. I have had to replace the muffler recently because it was rusted and leaking. Other than that it handles great rides smoothly and is overall a great vehicle. I would recommend this car to anyone and everyone.

- Mary W

My vehicle is very comfortable and has lasted a long time.

I really like this car, it is great for a family. Very roomy and has plenty of seats for my kids and their friends. The seats are very comfortable and there is plenty of legroom. It also has a movie player that is great for long rides. Fixing the car is also not that expensive.

- Nicole A

It is 14 years old with a 171,000 miles on it.

it is too low down to the ground. I would prefer a van or car that is higher up off the road. It is also pretty old - 14 years - would prefer a newer one but cannot afford it. Also air conditioning does not work and it is too expensive to fix as it is van and has 2 systems.

- Connie K

It is a Dodge, as far as I am concerned it does not get any better.

It drives nice lots of room for passengers or cargo. Plenty of power, cruise control is real handy for interstates, it has two sliding doors, three seats with the back two removable, tinted windows, front seats are comfortable with the right armrest can lift out of your way.

- Edward B

My vehicle is a silver dodge caravan that is very reliable.

My vehicle works fantastically. We had a problem with the window getting stuck in the slot but we had it fixed. It has enough room for all of my family to fit in and has never given us any other troubles. My favorite feature is the extra storage under the middle seats.

- Marisa M

Spacious. It also has go And stow seats.4 of them. You can haul anything. There are controls for AC/heat controls for all 3 rows of seats.

I Love my Dodge Caravan!It has electric seats Buttons to open back door and trunk. Has 6 cup holders and a lot of cabbie holes to keep things in. 2. Glove compartments. The 2 middle Windows roll down. Electronics galore AM/FM. CD player and IPOD holder. It is too ??.

- Cyndy S

These vehicles are great for hauling furniture.

This vehicle has been one of the best possible cars I have ever owned. Mechanically sound and runs like a champ. I think that it has a few minor problems but for being a sixteen year old vehicle that's to be expected. Take my word you would not regret owning a dodge.

- Doris M

There are no highlights wish I never had it but I got it so it is nothing I can.

It is a nice running car that gets me where I me to go I wouldn't buy another though but I am glad I have it would trade it if someone wanted it need another car soon hate having to you so much gas should come equipped better knees moon roof and better sounds.

- Arthur T

Dodge minivan, it can seat up to seven people. Great for big families. Low maintenance

My van is very low maintenance, the ac has not been working all summer.the front end is messed up from a deer running into it. There is plenty of room in the van. Many kids plus a van is great. No one is crammed. It has a DVD player which is another plus.

- Stephanie M

Buying a dodge minivan pros and cons

I love the set up of the vehicle, however I have had multiple problems with the car. First of all I bought the car used instead of new so it already had some problems to begin with. I have had trouble with the brakes, the fuel intake, and the engine.

- Amy W

Good for families. Bad for salt.

Where we live the salt in the winter rusts the car to pieces by the time it is as old as our van. Plus one door fell off we had to strap it on and the back hatch will not open but it is still the best car I have ever driven especially with kids.

- Sarah F

That if you have a big family like I do then u. Need comfortable seating.

Its convenient as I have 5 children so everyone seats comfortably especially on long trips. I haven't had very many problems with it except I've had to replace the alternator belt and few other things. Normal maintenance its overall a great ride.

- Tabby D

My car is still running but so outdated.

My van has been a good car, I have just had it way too long! The clear coat is coming off, I have a cracked windshield, my drivers side window is messed up and the headliner inside is falling down. So I am in need of a better car.

- Linda C

Even bought used my Caravan has been able to withstand my family and it's needs...which is saying A LOT because I have 4 kids that are 4 and younger.

I've always liked Dodge vehicles. I've had my Caravan for about 6 years now and it has been very reliable. Other than a tire change and the basic annual maintenance my vehicle does not have any other problems that I know about.

- Marci S

Dodge caravan great for families

Love it all besides the fact the automatic doors don't always work. Great for mims or any family period. Great for elderly and great protection and safety. Is recommend this vehicle or brand to anyone.

- Laura B

Like it that I can utilize it like a truck and still have comfort!

Have had my van for 12 years and would never go back to a car! I aren't had many problems with it and like the idea that I can carry a lot of "stuff" in it as well as drive it to church!

- Carol S




That it's versatile and can do many things very well, from carrying people to hauling many things.

My Caravan is great, it's comfortable, rides nice and can carry a lot. It's good in town and on the road for long trips. It's been very dependable, only needing regular maintenance.

- Jeff B

Good mileage. Love color of the vehicle.

Nice ride. But to low to the ground. Good on gas. Lots of space for luggage or groceries. Oil does not burn quickly. Lets you no when keys are still in car. Stereo is very good.

- William M

I have a very roomy van. It drives smooth and has a good storage

My Van drives very easy and smooth but it does not have great gas mileage. It makes a noise while going down the road. It does have plenty of room for transporting people.

- Tricia W

Safe!! People think a van as soccer mom but it's not truly safe and roomy

I like the room of that van, don't like the trunk need more space. I hate the middle row the windows don't open just in the front and a little vent in the last row.

- Samantha D

It is a good car that does its job.

It has been dependable and has not required large investments in repairs. It is roomy. Unfortunately, it has begun to rest, and it is not very fuel efficient.

- Michael P

I have had no major repairs on this van. Normal servicing and new tires making this a great purchase.

Love the room for seating. It is very good on gas. Very easy maintenance and upkeep. The removable seats make it great for hauling large items. No complaint.

- Jason J

Dependable and family friendly

It works well with my children and it gets decent gas mileage. It's getting old and is starting to rust on the outside. has been pretty reliable overall

- shelby b

It very reliable you can count on it starting every time. The tires are in good condition. The inside it is very clean.

I bought the van in 2012. I did not know the side door does not work right you have to do it by hand But it is very dependable.

- carol T

We have enough seats for everyone.

I like that there's enough seats for my whole family. I don't like that it's always heating up. And right now it's starting to look outdated.

- Brenda T

Always starts no matter the weather.

Love the space. Doors everywhere. Sitting up high to drive. Comfort on long drives. Always starts. Lots of windows. My 4th one I have owned.

- Kathy J

It is very reliable and a very good car.

I love my vehicle; it is big and roomy. I dislike having to keep up the repair work, having to pay a writ repairman to consulate fix on it.

- Mr. R

Very good mileage per gallon and also has automatic sliding doors on both the drivers side and passengers side.

I really like this van. It comfortably seats seven people and also has storage space for either stuff you're hauling or hide your seats.

- Denise M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it's great for long trips

I like that it gets good mileage and has a lot of room for long trips. But I don't like the fact that the windows are not tinted enough

- Jamie T

It does drive really well when you have to take long distance trips.

I like this vehicle okay. It drives nicely and takes bumps well. However, It's very fragile seeming and likes to break down frequently.

- Chris F

Handicap accessible good on gas.

Rides low difficulty going over speed bumps but otherwise love it reliable and comfortable a blessing because it is a wheelchair van.

- Stephanie W

That its a safe car to drive. It runs smooth and stops good.

Like the color, body style and the soft interior. I also like the way it runs. I don't like that the front doors don't open wider.

- Susan A

Dependable and room to haul my grandkids in.

Only problems is lights has to be changed often especially headlights. Other than general maintenance it is a dependable vehicle.

- Larry P

Dodge caravan for families

I really like the space. I would have loved to have a DVD player. The leg room in the third row is a little tight for an adult.

- Tara S

Runs great and it is cheap to fix.

It drives and takes me where I need to go. It does not break down often. It has great gas mileage and is very cheap to keep.

- Erik K

It's a great running van and has over 200000 miles on it.

I love my van. It gets me to where I want to go and it runs great. The only thing I don't like about it is it's a gas hog.

- Kasie S

It runs and it is paid for.

I don't like the color its tan and I want a darker color. I love the room and space inside. I wish the DVD player worked.

- Nina M

It's a good reliable family vehicle. It has many nice features including ac and heat that works well.

I like that it has enough room for my family of four. I like that it drives well and is reliable. No complaints about it.

- Ashley R

Reliable with plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

Very reliable. Still going strong after 14 years of continued use. Doesn't get great mileage to the gallon, but it's old.

- Michael P

Family friendly, perfect for multiple car seats and long drives

I love the vehicle but not the age. Ready to trade it in but don't have the money for a new one. Would love a newer model

- Leslie K

That it can be used for multiple things. I can haul a lot of things with it I couldn't do with a car.

I like how it handles when driven. The gas mileage is also pretty good. It has enough space for all of us to go places.

- Ruth L

The brakes aren't the best.

I like its gas mileage. The amount of space it has is perfect. And it hasn't let me down in the 10 years I've owned it.

- Robert E

Comfortable and roomy good for traveling or just a trip to the store.

Double sliding power doors seats 7 multi heat and air conditioning controls power everything cloth seats DVD player.

- Tammie M

car runs good on gas, it does not use much oil, good radio

first of all vehicle is too low to the ground. therefore every time you hit a bump in the road,the whole car shakes.

- bill m

Air conditioning and heat work great.

Drives like a car. Love how it is roomy yet not to big. Very reliable. Radio works great. Does not use a ton of gas.

- Heather E

It gets my kids to school. It gets me to the grocery store. It gets my kids to their doctor appointments.

I really like that it is in good shape and is spacious. I don't like that it has issues with the windshield wipers.

- Heather D

It is not a very good car at all. Would be though if it were new.

Its old and crappy. Hardly running. Very big pain to work with. Always new issues with the car due to years of use.

- Miranda W

There are a lot of people that drive the same van.

That the windows aren't tinted. I love how the seats can be put away. Great for people to take a nap if they want.

- L G

Great family/cargo vehicle.

Good family van. Also good cargo use. Great for long distance driving. It's also moved us across states.

- Jill C

All seats (other than driver & front passenger) fold down for hauling things.

What I like most is the space. What I dislike the most is that there are no middle row working windows.

- Crystal S

It is old and run down. It was not a car I chose.

There is no airflow to the back. There is no rear window defrost. There is not enough room.

- Julie M

It is a very reliable car that has not had many issues we couldn't fox.

I love that it has lasted over 300k miles. It is very reliable. Not many problems.

- Anita G

clean, comfortable, air conditioned, good heater,easy access

like automatic doors like automatic windows dislike side windows do not open

- Michael L

It is a safe car and you can see really good because you sit up high.

I love that it is big enough for my whole family and that it sits up high.

- Kim Z

It is easy to care for and it is pretty easy on gas.

It's pretty good on gas. Has a lot of room. Enough seating for our family.

- Audra C

It is roomy enough to fit entire family. Like the seats lay flat to carry large items. Dislike the back doors do not open from inside.

The back doors when working properly can be too easily opened by a child.

- Michelle W

I like the size. I like the automatic doors. I like the cruise control

It is convenient and roomy for a big family Love the automatic doors

- Gloria G

I have had my vehicle for about 10 or so years. I like it for the most part but it's starting to fall apart. I really can't complain about much since it hasn't needed any repairs until now . It's a good van from a good company.

2004 Dodge Caravan still gets great mileage in 2018

- Naomi M

Excellent car. Easy to drive. Comfortable. Great storage. Seats 7 easily

Excellent and dependable. Very little maintenance

- Cheryle C